The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 12, 1962 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 12, 1962
Page 7
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COUNTY - 12, 1U2 Police Report THE IRAZOSPORT PACTS Edlfc -£ 33511 Classified BE 3-26u PAGE 7 «I an Eflnt Fifth Street tavern. Officer* sold they obtained n Imlfe from the trunk of A par be- to A friend of Ward'*. The charge wan filed I=E off a • , belonging to Mnrvin of a public telephone mi n num iiriuiiKuig io Marvin* """in ui n )juum: icicpnone Sykes, and Hint Sykcs was follow- Wfls , rr ' x "' t0fl '° Fret-port police Ing. nl ' 1:2r > a.m. Tuesday. Officers An Officer who cnnlnrled Sykrs "",''' n ro( ' if ' v< ' r was cut loo« and nbmit the mnlter shortly afW- , , " tmm " P honp bo<"h «' ward state,, to^^.*^ on VH^ ^^|^^« «*- •« would be filed, however, since "'• i . . . I Sykes thought the people may. iHyKffl mougnt the people mavi A ». have taken the bout by mistake : ^ 1 ' rm>n °rt 'heft at n (opai! and ' " K° lrl ring wns reported lo police A second theft report from lhe eastern part of the county Involved a purse detaining $90- and a JffiO watch. Barbara of HIS ring, seven and Wanda me A who old, Nichols the Acreage Survey Forms Going Out Braxoria Postmaster Cecelia j Phillips announced today that jniral mall carriers will begin dis-, jfribtiting 1962 Acreage Survey i cards to patrons on their routes' „•• .,"",'j '" "'"""' M "" about Thursday. lice Investigated "cutting at the] Th P Pos , of ^ ce Department a*-1 Ham, V™ r f"'! 1 " £"• s "* s U - S - RA - fn ™ kl "K lhl * TnT Si • aho " 1 »"™y ««* >*"•• i*"" ^P 01 -"*. Mr, W.l^m ?M „/„ u i<1 "- p( ' t| y "™ '«™»". Bre Mrs. Williams told officers her ,„,.;„ ,^ „„,„,„, «,il., M isband cut her, and officers located the man In lhe neighborhood. After a brief stay In jail. basis for official estimates the lor Texas acreage of all crops harvested In 1962. Williams posted bond and w«, '„. ™ te «"« »» ^""'""V «• leased ' !WP " represented In the survey, Police reported that they wcr(1; P*tmasler Phillips Urges each Win called to the Williams home paron r ceMng . a . ™^ lo .?." " Mrs. Louise Ulllhrldgn reported 1'T, s " mpon<> iss of (he articles, about 10 a.m. y ™ hey reported Hi 2:50 a.m. Ttieic. day someone broke Into the home los Sunday, Deputy Sheriff Bill (Jrcen snld ^Ihcy had been left In a telephone W booth when Mrs. Ullibrldfje mnde a phone call. *" " mtr agnin called to the Williams home «t 1:10 p.m. Monday by another disturbance between the couple. No police action was noted. out and return It to his mailbox. The rural mail carrier working on this project is G. R. Davidson, Route 1, Brazoria. tVnni* uv . -,,~, „„ «, i A lhe " of electrical wire lead- report I ' ?L P '" e '" ln(t ( ° « hoU9e iTMfr wa « «l»rt- rponori w n * arr>nt>t*iri «•• & . « > — . . .. . r lhe P< " lce . B '"'' k of Wpsl p.m. Monday in the IM n tiuu^i; itniiLt wnn ICjH/H* to Freeport police by Marie, Rplfltlua Hipft nsharn Mond«v. Th. ^l™ «™. inBI <l«-l*» UIB5 Theft of a cigarnt mnchlne from, w , lrrt ..,„„ ,, Edstur's Drive In In Angleton lsl Tu ^™ Tof.rt of p w being Investigated by Ancleton | ",-ordlnB to n» ^i "Kri. a /jsrt« «* -"^ Hint the machine was •omellme Saturday night. Remsharp Monday. The wire wn» taken at « trailer park. Ned Brewington of 314 East In the.Eighth in Freeport was charged Freeman ] with shooting In a public place » was re-iand intoxication about 7:45 a.m. cut on I Monday when he was arrested h« A theft of two bicycles wa ... — ...,...,.MJ TTHITM PIC nan ninmi I"*™'afternoon. """" '" lhe ,^" epOrt P 0 " 0 ' 8nd place<1 •Ila Ward, treated and re- Officer* «aid the operator it a trceport clinic, told East Fifth Street tavern at 3:50 p.m. that Ward i Brewlngton wa* shooting a her on "•- -'-*-• -•----•• ' " In said Funeral serviced for Mrs. Lola! May Whipple, 82, mother of Mrs. i J. H. Fortenberry of Route 1, Freeport were handled by the Phillips - Uickey Funeral Home In Rockdale. Mrs. Whipple died in the Angle- Ion Hospital. A former resident of Hockdale, she had been In this area for about six months. The Anglelon Funeral Home DEPf.MGR. Bob Clarke hn* accepted a position an manager of the .!.('. IVn- iwy tnens and boys department, Manager T. C. Selman an- nnunm. Clarke began hl« diilli>s at the Fr«!port store recently after n year and n half ai man. ager of thn C. K. Anthony Btore In Freeport, coming to Hint \WM- tlcm from El Pa.w where lie w»s with the «amn store chain. He Is married and has two suns. Thn family rcsldmi at J5t» We*! Sixth In Frwpnrt. Enjoy SPECIAL Savings and Convenience with an HtLHSTfKQS ^©©E) [Fl Yow'M enjoy a wlxrfe new world of "specials," day after day, with an electric food freeeer. Special Economy. Save money by buying meats and vegetables in quantity . . . take advantage of low, in-season prices. Special Convenience. With an electric freeeer, a trip to the supermarket is never more than a few steps away. 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RYAN AP Special Comnpondent PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Haiti's government, like a -i' " ' i" ..." ,...-.-, .,..,<,....„ ..,., .,„„ ouujr, mie ui me lewuho millHn « n m»m>«» «„ spanked child, is threatening to f poorpst ' Nlnety P er rent are stable forces in the nation. arme? ilHt P ™te m^l ^~, kick Uncle Sam fn the shini !' llltcra((! - Opposition is berinnin.! ^ „ „ . |«™ed. _,ll,te«te.mob without a Uncle Sam, in effect, has de- to Krow am ™K <J prived him of his candy - and oan Papa Doc, according to responsi- A coffee republic wi tfe people who claim to have' The per-capita income equals: communications, repair services. .bitterness could explode In palace about $70 a year, making Haiti, iDuvalier's own policies impeded revolution or worse o^thTffw " ' a» lagrl- heard him say it, Intends toj 'bnng President Kennedy to hisi: erha P s , The 57-man U.S. naval mission sense of responsibility whose ae Cmt ««"?"» «- Haiti, but it is Just tivities couldTad t^c± The markmg time. army nas , ost ^^ over ]j( , r ^ strengthening ftmctlon.. "am, econom,c situation add, knees." | is a benevolent strongman. The Papa Doc is the name many of ; United Slates turned sour on Duhe four million Negroes in thir va " er not because he is a dictator ewor n democracy. i a(ler one of ]o , g jt can "OP 6 fWihim almost succeeded. -speaking nation apply to: no 3r. Francis Duvalier, their iron-j The organization resembles the to restlessness among the literate population. Duvalier persistently dreams up new taxes. Money _ - —. ~v^.,.,., U j, iitrr w_Aca. miJIHzy Nazi pattern. The inner core is | whirls with centrifugal force into his^prpsidcntial guard, tough, well-i the pockets of Duvalier support ' • ; ..... >•'* ""«<»•«, uicir i run- 1 . „ r isted dictator-presldent. His re- ment - He gime Is rapidly making progressi ' backward. He is asking for - -7" -------- group not responsmie to tne army. ,, 1 , '* ecks m use It holds the keys to the nation's i 0 ' dollar funds for various aid alOTnal y l ° ™ nano " ble and seems likely to get it. .*™l«n ThL, storm in the Caribbean, " nulng - 1 *: ™*y. only the old Point . ™l«na control program is con- takes but "*" l'"-a»m,illiat KUntU. IUL attempted to u se;armed> and well . tralnedi an eule n .ai aggrandize-1group not responsible to the army, gives li checks on iise 1 ™ i u. .^_ t ... .. . 6 Cuba gives important meaning Tne second power ring is the? ""«!:. MHI ««y. ">?» "escribe civi | ian militia now reputed to [number 8,000, outnumbering the ... — — -M™. ,n.,i. Mi , r , [iiuniuti u,vn/w, uuuiudiuti iiig ine i pn blowing up for months, is worn-! Duvalier reflects Haiti's history i army by 3,000. Its armed mcm-'f, some because Cuba is only 50 °' Political chaos. It was so dan-jbers have one mission: suppres- miles away. gcrous in 1915 that the United ! sion of opposition. It resembles 1 j U.S. economic aid was suspend- states scnt Marines to restore or-jthe Hitler storm troopers led when Washington despaired of de ^ They remained until 1934. I The outer ring of the structure' T "^"""IJ,^ finding logic in the Duvalier re- Duvalier became president in a'is the dreaded organization of gime. Military aid also has been 1957 election denounced as fraudu- j tontons macoutes (Creole for bo- halted. The regime, buzzing like lent by his opposition. The physi-jgey men). These wear plain an angry bee deprived of its nee- clan-politician, who had close ties j clothes. Their badges are .38 polar, rolls its eyes speculatively with Americans as a medical ilice special pistols. Their services *? . and %e Windward f hvee " ^ "J ^ „ h . cmis P hc . re s ,. Gibraltar o the ST"*^ ^T,'" « ^ Hispaniola. Republic ta thc was in charge of local arrange- —., .i/.in no eyes specuiauveiy " lul "'»eiu;<iii.i as a meaicaiince special pistols. Their service; toward Moscow. Rumors are campaigner against tropical dis-iare spying, violence and repres- , dropped in Washington, evidently eases, was supported by a mili- : sion. The agents can be as brutal by paid lobbyists, that the 55-year- ;la ry Junta, and declared president. |as Hitler's brown shirts were in old dictator has lost patience and Before long he, like many before!their time, ""ill punish the Americans. ^im, took on the trappings of a! Duvalier, trusting few around In reality, Duvalier fears thc dictator. "- ....... ... I him, has had five army chiefs of *" *"»<"j, L'uvdiier jears me <j"-"»twi. ,nim, nas naa nve army cniefs of Communists. Cautiously he grants j He remained loudly pro-Ameri-jstaff in five years. His militia is a little latitude to a few highly; ran, however, even to the extent'thus a sort of reinsurance, par— ..•.*.•., luitLuuc IU a iUW niEniy ; *-""> «>J«cv(;i , CVCJI l\J UlC CAlClH placed men with extreme leftist! 0 ' inviting the Marines to return leanings. But he remains nervous-1 a" 1 ' train his army. Most of the ly alert to any sign of overt Com- 1 nc! P was in the noncombatant mimi.t .rxit.j!,, field—medical services, transport, munist activity. Broadcasts berate the United States with brave, defiant-sound-, ing talk. One gets the impression i that Dr. Duvalier is a frightened! man. His sole ambition seems to! be to keep himself in power. Hej maintains a harsh gun rule, ai perpetual state of siege. j Most Haitians are too involved! with scratching out a living to! pay much attention to politics.' ticularly since Duvalier declared himself re-elected by a tricky plebiscite last year. But the militia setup hurts army morale. The Good Terms Again SALSOMAGGIORE, Italy (AP) Tunisia's President Habib Bour- guiba, vacationing here, moved formally Tuesday to resume diplomatic relations with France. They were disrupted last year in the dispute over the Bizerts naval base. Bourguiba sent credentials for the new Tunisian ambassador. Sadok-moka-dem, to present in Paris. \\ DRIVE-IN with SUPER CONVENIENCE " C 46 Tomato Juice by Sliced Beets Lb Cut Green Beans LlbDy Sweet Peas Ubby Spinach Ubby Peach Preserves B ' m * 2 I2J °;,49 C Heinz Catsup 2 303 2 303 C«m 2 303 Cam 2 303 C.n, Cucumber Discs Hiisn :.., 14 Oi. BoHU 15 Oi. J«r MARKET PRICES! FOLGER'S MOUNTAIN GROWN 1-Lb. Can Armour's Treet Cut-Rite Wax Paper Kotex _ Egg Shampoo Hel Beauty Noodles Am<r : c '_ Dog Food To ^ _ 6 C3 "39 C Metrecal _ 6 Paek 1.19 Instant Tea Llp< " L ' s ;?; 75 C 12 45 C 3V Curtii . ... $1.00 OQC _ Size 07 2 50 ,25 C CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS Lb. ARMOUR STAR BABY BEEF LIVER u ARMOUR STAR PURE PORK _ „„„,„„* .,« R r «« rw RR _ _ 49c SAUSAGE u. 3 9 ARMOUR STAR FRESH GROUND BEEF FRESH SIMLBONELESS PORK STEAKS GRADE "A" CAGED Medium EGGS 45< Motor Oil ot. 29 HAVOLINE r -SUPER MARKET 626 West 2nd. FWEEPORT, TEXAS SPECIALS GOOD FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, Sept. 13-14-15 OPEN 'TIL 7 P.M.

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