Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 25, 1935 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1935
Page 6
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~1 m am ^imHadttfi^^ tj^_^Afe^-h». g ajr_-^A«rt^ ,-ia .fjve&n i . .. Jiu. ~aT..."TSfc3. J^SgL^^^^"^^ .i__ Ca _ 1 ^v^^^^w^^ d c2-.,-K7 w ^^^^^ 1A ^^^^^^^ttM«^bMM^^^C*MttK^K^^fi^K£^Sfi^^^^«M^U^Htt^tttiiiittM£iS^^ffil^^K^ffii^£ii9 5- You Can Satisfy Your Needs From This B'-'Tfffl ";"-*--"-ff ^-^- ^ -.•.,.--....... .,-^^.^. ; ., r .. ^..u .!,-•.-.:.. .. ^...-.-.:. , rj .. ..->«••..... . .. .._.^. --j-j-^^jp-ft^-'-^..-^-^ T .-^.,. J .> | ^ ( . y ..,v. .^y___ ._' ^-^ ,:..... -.,_!,_. __._j---- - n -.- ' •"•••...'.'.I. :.••••• i-—- -•' .••'••— "-LL-^-ljl 4- ' : i'.'-' '-- ---•-^-^- ' — " "= -.-f-.;-.-^^-^. -^ --ffi --^--_ _-—--^-~- -•••- -:f •;.-.-— • ^a^ftfrfr^fra tT*mj>* D»llT NEWS raMttM th* I to tlatlUr »11 W»nta Adi miter .1 ..... . -tfinfg >n j (o MTlw or trablleatton «n» copr •rait b« «lt« .baton *atoi»d i •nor or «n oaUtHon ' nator* Th« D»llr n lB « bald llabla (or™ than th. unouM rt- f*»JSeh •d»«rtWn«. for .*»t two lua«. Pamp* Daily NEWS Sale FOR 'SALE—To be moved, 12x26 frame house In good condition. $225. 122 N. -Ballard. lc-147 FOR SAliE—Two room house and ''•lot oh pavement. $425 or will rent for $12.50 per'.month. W. T. Hollis, office 122 N. Ballard. lc-147 PQJR -SALE—A-l Delco IFghting Iplant. • <Cheap. .Can be seen at IJampa Brake and Armature Co. NOTICE—Pampa Feed Store now •'kpen for business. 510 S. Cuyler. Special threshed maize, $1.35 per Automotive USED CAR VALUES! 1934 Plymouth Deluxe Coach $475 1934 Fdrd V-8 Tudor 476 1933 Plymouth Coupe 325 1933 Chevrolet Coupe 35ft 1034 Chevrolet \timg WB thick 475 1934 Chevrolet Short WB track With grain body. 450 1931 Chevrolet Coupe 200 CULBER8ON- SMALLINQ CHEVROLET CO., Inc. GMM- PLAN AUTOMOBILE REPAIR work on the budget pay plan. Motor Inn, S6C-165 Hundred. 3p-148 B SALE—Kelly apartments, for rice and terms; Write 830 Crockett St., Amarlllo, Texas. v 6p-151 FOR SALE—Lot 22 in block 2 in '^Finley Banks addition. Write F. Chapman, box 901, Pampa. '' 3f~148 f Mrs. L. H. Anderson will call the office of the' Pampa Daily ews before 5 o'clock she will .receive a free ticket to see Wallace Beery in "O'Shaughnessy's Boy" sh'owlng at the LaNora Friday and Saturday. FOR SALE—Good bundle cane, 5c -'ibundle delivered ,in .Pampa. Cole's Hatchery. 828 W. Foster. Phone 1161. U 6C-151 FOR SALE—Eight room house on ^Maple St., colored part of town. Andrew Wood, Montgomery Ward. y ;• 6p-151 FOR SALE—1931 ChevroleT~sedan, ;good condition. Used only as laBles car. 500 E. Browning. . *. • •• 3c-147 fpR SALE—Two room house, 3 'miles north Skellytown, cheap. Extra Value In Good Used Cars! 1933 Pontiac Deluxe Sedan 1929 Graham-Paige Deluxe Sedan 1929 Ford Pickup 1931 Studebaker Deluxe Sedan 1930 Buick 4-Passenger Coupe 1929 Chevrolet Cabriolet Small Down Payment and Easy Terms G. M. A. C. Plan BEN WILLIAMS MOTOR CO. OLDSMOBILE 112 N. Somerville Phone 877 Loans Pay AU Bills WHh dli« Loint Personal lo*n»i no fnriotifett " " ,$S TO $50 Immtdlitt Mrvlcf—LoWMt SALARY LOAN CO. t. it. WARREN. Mftr. Pint National Bank Bnlldlnt Room * ' PliOiie HI |$ SALARY .LOANS W $5 TO $50 fo Carbon 'Black and Oil field Workers NO ENDORSERS; NO SECURITY All deallnm strictly .confidential. PAMPA FINANCE COMPANY 109H 8onH. Cnyler StrcM Ov«r SI lie fhtattr If Mrs." A. K~Douglass will call at the office of the Pampa Daily News before 5 o'clock she Will receive a free ticket to see Wallace Beery in "O'Shaughnessy's Boy" showing at the LaNora Friday and Saturday. Work Wanted WORK WANTED by experienced practical nurse. Mary June Lane. 125 W. Tuke. 2p-148 SITUATION WANTED by competent stenographer and bookkeeper. Phone 416-J. 3c-146 Beauty Parlors Write P. O. box 164. Pampa. 3p-147 SALE—Canning tomatoes, on "gathering 'days, Saturday, Monday and Thursday. Goodnight Farm, one mile south Mobeetle, Texas. •A -• I2p-155 FPR SALE—Three room modern >houae-to be moved. J. A. Boad- away, Rt. 2. White Deer, Texas. ... .-•."•- 6p-149 ~ JQHN L. MIKESELL " 5hone J66 Duncan Bldg. Drive in cafe with 2 lots on W. Foster. B,ulldlng, living quarters and equipmerit all go. Splendid proposl- tjpn to right party. Owner forced to sell on account of health, just gave lis a new low price. A two room house, dandy lot just off 33 highway in west part of city. •Eiis will not last. See it at once. $225, Full price. Beautiful building site in north part of city. $600. Other lots from $50 up. '- 6C-149 A FEW BARGAINS IN PAMPA REAL ESTATE 5 'Room modern house. Close In $2250.00 6 Room duplex, East Browning, 1 on pavement $1800.00 6 Room modern home, North :Wynne .;.... $2500.00 5 Room modern home, East -Browning with extra lot $2700.00 9 Room room .home with servants quarters, North fSpmerviUe $3150.00 OIL PERMANENTS Money back guaranteed that we will not burn your scalp or hair. Open any evening by appointment. Saturday evening until 9 o'clock. Plenty of operators and 7 dryers, no waiting. Eugene, Realistic, Artistic, Frederics and Shelton Permanents. Soft Water. Permanents $1.50 to $10.00. Phone 848 YATES BEAUTY SHOPPE 3 doors north Bank Mack and Paul Barber Shop on Balcony PERMANENT WAVES SPECIAL— $1.25 waves for $1.00 or 2 for $1.50 $2.50 oil waves, $2,00. $5.00 oil wave $2.75. All new supplies. Bertha Quails Stump. 442 N. Starkweather. Phone 1154. 6C-151 Guaranteed $5 Permanent Waves 11.50 Duart Permanents |1.95 Eugene Spiral or Reverse Spiral *5.W ZULA BROWN BEAUTY SHOPPE Hotel Adams Phone J« Permanent Waves $1.50 to $3.50 Finger Waves, wet 15c Eye dye and lash dye 35c MRS. HARRY DEAN 412'/6 N. Frost Phone 308 For Rent FOR RENT—Three room furnishec house; bills paid, no children. 82t W. Kingsmill. lp-147 FOR RENT—Two room furnished apartment. No children, bills' paid 417 N. Crest. lp-14 1 FOR RENT—Everything new; two room furnished cottage. Bills paid sink, Maytag washer. Inquire 411 S I Russell. lp-14' Vacant lot, N. Somerville Vacant Ipt, :B.' Browning $600.00 $400.00 Lots in Cook-Adams addition $250.00 to $700.00 JOHN I. BRADLEY 207 Combs-Worley Bldg. Telephone 672 ' JjPR SALE—Trailer house for sale; v'iWith or without furniture, also O garage. 500 E. Brunow. 'TOR SALE—One roan Durham ? -bull. Five years old, extra good. Tpm Eller. 5p-147 EOR BALE—Cash—8 room duplex, T to be moved. a,14 W. 4th, Amarlllo. 6C-147 TOR £ALJ! b,y ,Tohn W. Grout and ''.Bon, painting and paperhanglng. Office -phone 341, Johnson Hard- W re Pa 2J1 N. Purviance. 26-163 LOST—Two car keys on cl}p. Los,t Mmewhere in town. Return to office Hflmpa Rally News. 6f-151 Miscellaneous FOB RENT—Garage apartment Call after 6 o'clock. 700 N. Somerville. 3f-148 FOB BENT—Bedroom to gentlemen only. Close in. 609 N. Somerville 3p-148 FOB BENT—Three room furnished house, modern, to reliable person with reference. 1204 E. Francis. 2c-14' FOB BENT—Two room house; furnished. Must be seen to be appreciated. Also cabins. Maytag b; hour. Worley Cabins. lc-14 1 FOB BENT—One double and one single room, newly decorated. Fo girls only. Outside entrance. 315 Francis. 3c-14E FOB BENT—Furnished apartment 611 W. Foster. 3c-148 FOR, BENT—Small two room house furnished, bills paid. Priced to rent. 515 N. Zimmer St., Talley ad dition. Sp-14/ 7 FQB BENT—Two room house, fur nished or unfurnished. Bills paid 615 Dwlght St., Talley addition. ' 3p-14, FOB RE#I—B,y the hour, Mayta, washer. 1300 South Barnes. New WANT RESPONSIBLE party to ™rirtv» coupe to Los Angeles. Bef- , necessary. See Mr. Whitney. 1QQO. 430 W. Foster. Sc-149 Will fresh lo|«l of Gray coun- comlne in, efjch moj;n- Town Cabins. 6p-14 FOB BENT— Some 2 and 3 roo^j cabins; on bus route. Cabins. 4300 S. Barns. pr unfurnishe( Hew Tow 6p-U FOR RENT—Two room jfujnishe apartment. Frey Uot.el. FOB bedroon PQR .and stree^ apal ¥9V If Mrs. P. H. Paronto wilj call t the office of the Pampa Daily ews before 5 o'clock she will re- elve a free ticket to see Wallace eery in "O'Shaughnessy's Boy" lowing at the LaNora Friday and aturday.^ ._ VOBK~WANTED—Married man with family wants full time em- loyment with reliable firm. Ex- erienced bookkeeper, machine ookkeeper, typist and legal' work, an furnish good references. Phone 14, box 104, Canadian, Texas. 3p-146 Legal Notice per regulation, control and direction of the -.City Commission of said City, or of any city official to whom Such duties have been or may be delegated. Section 3—Streets to be Restored To Good Condition. The surface of any street, alley, highway, or public place disturbed by the Telephone Company In building, constructing, renewing or maintaining its telephone planl and system shall be .restored within a reasonable time after the completion of the work to as good a condition as before the commencement of the work and maintained to the satisfaction of the City Commission, or of any city official to whom such duties have been or may be delegated, for one year from the date the surface of said street, alley, highway, or public place Is broken for such construction or maintenance work, after which time responsibility for the maintenance shall become the duty of the City. No street, alley, highway or public place shall be encumbered for a longer period than shall be necessary to execute the work. Section 4—Operation and Maintenance of Telephone Plant. The Telephone Company shall maintain its system In reasonable operating conditions at all normal times during the continuance of this contract-agreement. An exception to this condition Is automatically in £ffect when service furnished by the Telephone Company Is interruped, impaired, or prevented by fires, strikes, riots or ther occurrences beyond the con- •ol of the Telephone Company, or y storms, floods, or other casual- ies, In any of which .events the 'elephone Company shall do all tilngs, reasonably within ,its power o do, to restore normal service. Wanted to Buy . 'ASH PAID for used tires. Joe Burrow Tire Company. 2c-163 Legal Notice ORDINANCE NO. 173 .N OBDINANCE WHEBEBY THE CITY OF PAMPA, TEXAS, AND THE • SOUTHWESTEBN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY AGBEE THAT THE TELEPHONE COMPANY. SHALL CONTINUE TO EBECT AND MAINTAIN ITS POLES, WIRES, ANCHORS CABLES, MANHOLES, CONDUITS, AND OTHEB PLANT CONSTRUCTION AND APPUR- TEANCES ALONG, ACBOSS ON, OVER, THROUGH, ABOVE AND UNDER ALL PUBLIC STREETS, AVENUES, ALLEYS PUBLIC GROUNDS AND PLACES IN SAID CITY, UNDEB CONDITIONS, REGULATIONS AND RESTRICTIONS, AND THAT THE CITY SHALL RECEIVE AN ANNUAL PAYMENT AND THE BIGHT TO USE CERTAIN FACILITIES OF THE TELEPHONE COMPANY, ALL AS HEREIN PROVIDED: WHEREAS, the Southwesteri Bell Telephone Company, hereinafter referred to as the "Telephone Company," is now and has beei mgaged in the telephone business n the State of Texas, and in fur- ;horance thereof, has erected and maintained certain items of its jlace construction in the City o: Pampa, Texas, hereinafter -re- 'erred to as the "City," for many years pursuant to such rights as lave been granted it by and under he laws of the State of Texas, ant subject to the exercises of such reasonable rights of regulation under the police power as have been also lawfully granted by and under said laws to said City: and WHEBEAS, it is to the mutua advantage of both said City anc said Telephone Company that i contract-agreement should be en .ered into between the Telephone Company and the City establish ng the conditions under which the Telephone Company shall operate ~.n said City: NOW, THEBEFORE, BE IT OB' PAINED BY THE CITY OF PAM. PA THAT: Section 1—Construction and Main- .enanee of Telephone Plant and Service. The poles, wires, anchors, cables manholes, conduits and other plan, construction and appurtenances used in or incident to the giving o telephone service and to the main tenance of a telephone busines and system by the Telephone Com jany In said City, shall remain 'as noiv constructed, subject to such changes as under the limitation and conditions herein prescribes may be considered necessary by the Cltjy in the exercise of its lawfu powers and by the Telephone-Com pany in the exercise of its bus lness of furnishining' telephon services: and said Telephone Com pany shall continue to exercise It right to place, remove construct and reconstruct, extend and main Sain Its said plant and appurten ances as the business and purpos for which It Is or may be incor porated may from time to time re quire along, across, on, over through, above ;ahd under .the .pub lie streets, .avenues,, alleys., .and pub He grounds and places within th. present limits of said City, an within said limits as the same from time to time may be extended, sub ject to the regulations, limitation and conditions herein .prescribed. Section 8—Supervision .by City o, location of Poles and Conduit. AH poles to be placed shall be o sound material and reasonabl straight, and be so set tha. they will not interfere with the flov of water in any gutter or drain and that the same will interfere a little as practicable with the ordi nary travel on the street or side walk. The location and route of a pples, stubs, guys, anchors, con jiults and cables to be placed an copstructed by the Telephone Com pa.ny in the construction and main Jtpnance of its telephone system ' (he city, and the location of a ' " tp b'e laid by tto Telephon within tfee limits, of. tt» ection 5 — Temporary Removal of Wires. The Telephone Company on the equest of any person shall remove r raise or lower its wires tem- orarily to permit the moving of ouses or other bulk structures. The xpense of such temporary removal, aising or lowering. of wires shall be aid by the benefited party or par- ies, and the Telephone Company may require such payment in ad- ance. The Telephone Company hall be given not less than forty- ight hours' advance notice to ar- ange for such temporary wire hanges. Section G — Tree Trimming The right, license, privilege and permission is hereby granted to the Telephone Company, its successors and assigns, to ' trim trees upon \nd overhanging the streets, alleys, idewalks and public places of the said City, so as to prevent the branches of such trees from com- ng in contact with the wires or cables of the Telephone Company all of said trimming to be done un- c'er the supervision ,and direction of the City Commission or of any City official to whom said duties lave been or may be delegated. Section 7 — Annual Cash Consideration to be Paid by the Telephone Company. To indemnify the City for any and a,ll possible damage .to Its streets, alleys and public grounds which mtty result from the placing and maintenance therein or thereon of he Telephone .Company's poles, conduits or other telephone equlpr nent or apparatus, and to compensate the City for Its superintendence of this contract-agreement, and as cash consideration for the same, the Telephone Company agrees to pay to 'the City annually a sum of money equal to one and one-half per cent •(!$%) of the = ross receipts for the preceding rear received by the Company frqm the rendition of local telephone exchange transmission service with- n the corporate limits , of 'the City. The first payment 'hereunder shall be made April' 1, 1936, and .shall' be equal in amount to one and one- hajf percent (1%%) of the said ;ross receipts received from , September 1, 1935 to December 31, 1935, inclusive; the second payment shall be made April 'L 1937 . & nd shall be equal Jn anjout to one flnd one-half per cent U%%) of .the said gross receipts for the year 1936; ;hereafter payments shall be ma^e annually on A'nrii'l, as herein .provided. The said sum of one and ") of .we shall be Legal Notice Section 9—Attachments Not Here Affected Nothing In this ordinance contained shall be construed to require or permit any electric light or power wire attachments by the City or for the City. If light and/or power attachments are desired by the City or for the City, then a further separate, non-contingent agreement shall be prerequisite to such attachments. Nothing herein contained shall obligate or restrict the Telephone Company In exrecislng its right to voluntarily enter Into pole attachment, pole usage, joint ownership, and other wire space and facilities agreements with light and power companies and with other wire using companies which may be privileged to operate within the City. Section 10—Pcrlot! of Time of This Ordinance—Termination The rights, licenses, privileges and permissions granted to and contracted for by the Telephone Company herein, its .successors and assigns, shall be for a full term and period of Twenty (ZO) Years from and after the time this agreement goes into effect. Section 11—No Exclusive Privileges Conferred by This Ordinance. Nothing herein contained shall be construed as giving to the Telephone Company any exclusive privileges. Section 12—Successors and Assigns. The rights, powers, limitations, duties and restrictions herein provided for shall inure to and be binding upon the parties hereto and upon their respective successors and assigns. Section 13—Partial Invalidity and Repeal Provisions. If any sections, sentence, clause or phrase of this ordinance Is for any reason held to be Illegal, ultra vires or unconstitutional, such Invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this ordinance. All ordinances and agreements and parts of ordinances and agreements in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. Section 14—Acceptance of Contract- ETHIOPIAN ARMY MARCHES quipped with two months' rations. The warriors were enrolled In the atlonal army from northern Ithiopia. In order to equip all able bodied Itlzens with firearms, Emperor ialle Selassie now is selling mod- rn rifles on the instalment plan o those who can afford to pay. Obsolete rifles gradually are being crapped. Serious ,-disputes appear to have risen between the Belgian government and 11 Belgian retired of- Agreemcnt The Telephone Company shall have thirty (30) days from and after Its passage and approval to file its written acceptance of this ordinance with the City Clerk, and upon such acceptance being filed, this ordinance shall effectuate and make binding the contract-agreement provided by the terms hereof APPROVED THIS September, 1935. 23rd day of W. A. BRATTON, Mayor Attest: . C. S. STINE, Acting City Secretary. Sept. 25-Oct. 2-9 one-half per cent gross receipts aforesaid paid aftd received in lieu of any tax, license, charge, fee, street or alley rental or other character of charge f<jr use and occupancy of the .streets, alleys and public places of the City attd Ueu of any o|her Imposition other than the usual general or special ad valorem taxes now or hereafter levied. Section. 8—Facilities to be Furnished City as Additional Consideration. In addition to the consideration set forth in Section 7, the Telephone Qompany shall reserve for and hold, subject to the use of the City, such wire space as may be required from time to time by the City upon the poles now owned or hereafter erected by the Telephone ,.---, Company In the City for the use pf Accountant! ' fire aar ~ ?e * * 0< l ountf W« Miami News MIAMI, Sept. 25.-Mlss Zell Stewart was the week-end guest of Miss Era. Belle Watklns of Canyon. Miss Allieth Elliston. who for the past three years has taught in the irammar school here, resigned las week to accept a similar position 11 Pampa.. nVIrsv T. V. Weaver and daughter, will leave this week for Stratford to join Mr. Weaver who Is stationed there :by the U. S. soil erosion con trol association. Miss Cordelia Wilson of Canyon was the guest of friends here ove the week-end. Wilbur Waggoner of Borger spen the week-end with friends and rela tives in Miami. He was accompan led home by Mrs. Waggoner wh( had been visiting her father, J. F Rasor, during the week. Mrs. Land, mother of Mrs. John R. White, was buried in Miam cemetery Monday -afternoon. Mrs Land had been in ill health fo sometime and passed to her rowan Sunday afternoon. Adrian Tolbert of Kansas City arrived in Miami Monday for visit ADDIS ABABA, Sept. 25. (/P) dvance of thousands of Ethiopian warriors toward the northeast fron- ier to guard against a surprise at- ,ack by Italian forces was reported oday from Aduwa. The warriors were said to be ficers whom the Ethiopian government plans to use as the nucleus of a special pblice force for the protection of Jegations .and foreigners. The Brussels government was reported to have demanded the Immediate repatriation of these officers, presumably under pressure by Italy, but the officers refused to leave, arguing that they are private citizens and ho longer connected with the Belgian army. American and other correspondents have enriched the emperor's war treasury to the extent of $150,000 by cable' toll's so far this month. Tills figure is nearly ten times greater than the entire revenues from the radio station In 1934. It was said that the government may purchase additional firearms with the revenues. no fault of his own he is ; riot Mltld for completion of his ;eMrolm6nt until after his .t^enty-nlmtj oftw- day, as he was within the profier age limits when he applied. Ifl oase the applicant Is within ft, weelt bf his seventeenth birthday but otherwise qualified, the application COLUMN 'Continued From Page 1) olatively more important than politics. AMENDING OR changing of the Constitution .Is of no intrinsic moment—it has been done In the >ast and .will be, done afgain. De- ending the Constitution as such means defending its provisions while hey exist, but without prejudice as o changing soine of them if the people desire. We have little pa- ,lehce with .those who think that 'defending the Constitution" means keeping It unchanged and un- amended. It was made to change; >rovl§lon was embodied in it for its amending. OUR FORM OF GOVERNMENT is what needs defense, •itudy, and understanding. We be- leve the Constitution is even now amply flexible to achieve the alms desired by the people. The anti,rust laws, for example, need to be restored and enforced. Under them many present evils can bo abol- shed. We have wandered far from ;he ideals of the Constitution as to 'the general welfare." irodUctlve machinery and incentive s best fitted to solve this question. ffe err inexcusably when we as- ume that capitalism—private own- rshlp, essentially—cannot solve the lueslions which its very success has ngendered. . . . We believe the de- Ire of Americans Is for a cqntinu- ,nce of individual opportunities, a: 'cst oration of home ownership, a urtailment of influences which are hanging this country Into a land f employes and of tenants, and a imited amount of self-governing collectivism in basic Industries. . . . And you cannot convince the writer hat ,lt is necessary to adopt some 3uropen«i system of government, adapted to the European mind, to achieve these ends. E BELIEVE that the capitalistic system—of private owner- w : ship, of extra rewards for extra service, or ambition and achievement, of liberty of action, thought, and worship—which has brought us the world's highest standard of living can be so regulated and controlled that It and the democracy which fostered it can continue to shed its 'benefits upon our people. We believe that the American people by their very spirit are unable arid unwilling to be regimented by any dictatorship, individual or collective. . . . We believe that the Constitution is an issue only in the sense that its spirit, its intent, and its provisions have been so disregarded that privilege, party, welfare, and sectional selfishness have nullified many of the blessings intended to be achieved under its freedom. We need more of the Constitution, not only in Washington but more of its philosophy in the several states. If the Constitutioi must be changed to set up a dif ferent form of government, it wil be because the people have los faith in :the states to which the; reserved so much authority and, in another sense, in their own ability to govern themselves. The phll psophy of the Constitution is .philosophy of self - government When we fall In local and stat< government, we will, truly, need i vastly changed Constitution, am one which .will set up a socialistl philosophy suited to a new people in a new age. But dp not be de celyed; a ,few great inventions d not make a new people. An un solved unemployment p r o b 1 e r might. rpHE "GENERAL welfare" of th * people may d e .inand an answe to technological unemployment. so, certainly capitalism with its vas CCC Age Limit Lowered to 17 Several changes have been made n the enrolment program for Clvll- an Conservation Corps camps, ef- 'ectlve October 1. The following message was received at local .relief icadquarters yesterday from the state office. According to a .telegram just received from Washington, the minimum age .limit has been reduced from 18 to 17. This change will permit the seelction of men during October -between the age of 17 and 28, Since both dates are inclusive, a man will be eligible from the date of his seventeenth birthday up to but .not including his 29th birthday. The date on which the applicant signs his application will govern his age. Thus a man signing his application et week or so prior to his twenty-ninth birthday will not lose his eligibility in the event that thru be filled out with the exception 6f his signature' which may be ; af fixed after he reaches seventeen up to the day of his call to go to the recruiting station. With the reduction of age limit to seventeen, it is requested that par- • tlcular attention be given to applicants who ate in school or .who have an opportunity to enter scno'ol. While there Is an educational program carried on in each .CCC camp, it will in most cases be advisable for the applicants to remain In school as long as possible and 6fp- ply for enrolment at a late* date. Regulations are also changed to permit the enrolment of men previously ineligible due to thirteen "or more months previous service. Henceforth a man hoonrable discharged and otherwise eligible may be reselected, provided that his previous service was not less than four (4) full months. The only exception to this provision Is granted 'to those men wlio were honorably discharged prior to October 21, 1633, Former members honorably discharged prior to October 21, 1933, if otherwise eligble, may be re- selected without regard to length of previous service. Mrs. Frances Phillips has enrolled in North Texas Teachers college at Denton for the fall term.. SEE US FOB GOOD USED TIRES AND .USED IBUCK PARTS PAMPA HARDWARE AND IMPLEMENT COMPANY Fast - Safe - Economical Govt. Approved FLY —BUSINESS —PLEASURE —EMERGENCY Reservations for' T. ,W. A. and Branlff Airlines PANHANDLE FRYING SERVICE Dec Graham, Mgr. PAMPA AIRPORT 9536 — Phones — 857 NEW BUSES! THRUSERViGE Pampa to Oklahoma City Via Shortest Route Leave Amarlllo, Tex., 11:00 A. M. Arrive Pampa, TC.X., 12:30 P. M. Leave Pampa, Tex., 12:40 P. M. 'Arrive Okla. City, Okla., 6:40 P. M. NO CHANGE OF BUSES Close Connections to All Eastern PolnU New Equipment. Reclining Chairs. Safe, Competent Drtverp Fastest Time to the East, Northeast and Southeast SAVE TIME! SAVE MONEY! RIDE PANHANDLE STAGES, Inc. PAMPA BUS TERMINAL 115 South Russell Phone 171 The Best IB EVERY BUSINESS Jr A JM * A. The Finest IB EVERY PROFESSION Accountants J. R. ROBY «2 Combs- Wortey, B. 980W, Attorneys PHILIP WOLFE 201 Combs-Worley Bids., Ph. 1249 Auditors the City's police .and fire alarm system'; provided that the required wire space shall not exceed the wire capacity of one cross-arm on any one .pple. The location pn the poles of this fire and police wire space shall 'be determined on specific applications for space, at the time the applications are received from the City, and will be allotted in accordance with the considera- tipns for electrical construction pf the United States pepartment of Commerce, Bureau of Standards. In its wire construction on the Telephone Company poles, the City will follow the suggestions and requirements laid down for w.lre con- struotl9n j(n ifae -R^les ; arid •Regulations ,•# the Bureau of £&a<ftrf5 of the: United states Department »°f Commerce, .and sjiph wives shall further be constructed, maintained and operated in such planner gs not to Interfere wltft nqr create un- Bakeries PAMFA BAKERY Fred SQhatfner, IJ5 W. JFoster, P Boi!e.r» J. M. JElEBKiSG BoUe , Works, 1006 S. Barnes, Phone Cafe, CANAP? « ANJRWJQH JiHOP 3 Poors East Res Theatre, Ph. Churches FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH • > P. E. Lancaster, Pastor. Pfcone * City Office* GRAY COUNT? BELIEF OJTY QF PAJMTPA Bd. ,CHy Dvppient, .City HL Ph. 384 City fleirfth flent, CWy HJ. .P.Ji. ,WP3 City Mgrs. Office, Oily HI. Ph. 1180 City Pump Stn, , Eire Station, 303 W. Foster, Ph. 60 Pjjlipe ^fttfpn, .Rfc 555 Ppm^ity Offices GRAY, COUNTY OF, CT. HOUSE Auditor & Treasurer, Ph. 1058 Con^ablp's Office Pl^on* 91 County Clerk, Phone 467 Cnty. Fm. Agt., Hm. Dmstr. Ph. Ut County Judge, Phone 837 District Clerk, Phone 785 Justice of Peace PI. No. 1, Tfc. 77 Justice of Peace No. Z, Phone 623 ShcritCs Office, Phone 245 Supt. Public Instruction, Ph. 1084 .Tax Assessor, Phone 1047 Tax Collector, Phone §)3 Sherman White, Phone JW3I Florist, CLAYTON FLORAL CO 410 E. foster, Phone if .freight Mo^or Hotels MARIE HOTEL 307H West Foster Ave. Phone .9526 Insurance M, P. DOWNS AGENCY Oombs-Wofley Bldg., Phone I3| Laundries - CJenners VOjnt MFNRBY * DRY QLNRS. W.1-.Q8 fi. Francis, Phone 67* Machine Shops JONES-EVERJRTT MCP- <?Q. Barnes & Freaerick Sts., Phone 849 MolPJT Freight ljn«* LEE WAY MOTOR FREIGHT 5,00 West »rowfl, Pbene 870 Plumbers DAVIS PLUJVIBING CO. 118 W. Foster .Phone 338 R. O. STORPY 538 South Cuyler Phone 359 Printing PAMPA DAILY NEWS Phone 666 School^ Baker E. Tuke Phone 931 OP, JP»op» ' High School 123 W. Horace Warn N, Junior High 126 W. Lamar, 301 Cuyler, Phone 9« Houston, §00 N,, 'fr^jt P.J».MJJ Roy McMUlen. Court Jfte, IT».6Sf Supt. ?ub. Sphls, J33 ' Transf e,r t & PaMPA TRANSFER * STG, fiQ, 500 West Brown, Phone 198? >* Bonded W*rehg««. • »

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