The Paris News from Paris, Texas on October 10, 1960 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1960
Page 3
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GIRL SCOUTING New Troop Organization Continues by Area Units THE PARIS HEWS, MONDAY, OCT. 10, 1MO Too Much Ardor Women's Federation Favors Soil Conservation Organization of Girl Scout irnops continues in Lamnr County. Last week the girts in tlie second grade at East Paris School met to organize two troops. Mrs. Jim McDowell, Ti^oop organizer, divided the girls and introduced Mrs. Fred Morphew, Jr., with Mrs. Chrisman Smith and Mrs. S a m Smith witli Mrs. Jainc.s Fowler, as leaders. The troops p'an to meet each Monday at the school. Mothers of the girls attended this meeting and the purpose of Girl Scouting, membership requirements and program activities were discussed. Thirty-one jiirl-s intended. In the Cunningham School Mrs. Shelby Kennedy, M r s. Claude O'Neal and Mrs. Eugene Norwood will reorganize an Intermediate Girl Sc o u t Troop this week. Survey slips have been issued lo. other girls in the school to see if another troop ne^ds to be organized. Anyone who is interested in working with the girls should contact Mrs. Claude 0'NeaI. Troop 2 The various badges 'we r e discussed by 14 Intermediate Girl Scouts of Troop 2 on Tuesday at East Paris. The troop decided lo work their major in the Health and Safety Field toward the First Class Hank. Leaders, Mrs. Ed Ilubner, Mrs. Fred lianke and Mrs. Don Mctaughlin, were present. Troop 92 Plans for a Court-of-Awards were completed by 10 Intermediate Girl Scouts of Troop 92 on Tuesday with (heir leader, .Mrs. N. 11. McKnight, attend- iu?. The event will be held Tuesday night October 11 from 7 to 9 o'clock at the Fourth •Ward School Auditorium. The week before the girls where Sister Maternus led the Troop on a tour of the hospital showing the various facilities which included the nursery. She gave instructions in bathing, dressing and feeding a baby. She showed how a birth certificate was filled out and gave each girl a small pamphlet telling of the various diseases of children and w h a t signs to look for. Each girl brought a safe toy she had made. These arc all requirements on the Child Crea badge. Troop 74 Intermediate Troop 74 started work on the Literature and Dramatic requirement for the Second Class Rank Wednesday at East Paris School. Fourteen girls with Mrs. \V. H. Ayres, Jr., and Mrs. Del Mtjr- gano attended. Eacli patrol was given a paper bag containing different articles. Five minutes was given each patrol to open its bag. think up a story to go with the articles, and cast parts. Each patrol presented a skit with Patrol I presenting Cind e re 11 a; Patrol 2, The Big Rush and Patrol 3. Gun Smoke. Cathey Evans and Morilou House served Cokes and the meeting adjourned. Troop 51 During the business meeting on Wednesday of intermediate Troop 31 the following officers were elected: Linda Brown, president: Andrea Buckman, vice-president; Shelly Storey, secretary, and Rrenda Kinnaird, treasurer. The yellow tic was selected by the troop. Reports were Riven on the seeds the girls had planted at their firsl meeting in September. With their leaders, Mrs. Elvis Kinnaird and Airs. Howard Holmes, the girls visited Cox Field where a representative showed colored pictures of cloud fo r m a t io n s. A d i s- cussion was j held on various types, the formation o f each, and the prediction of weather made by observing them. The five weather flass will he made later by the Troop and used in predicting weather forecasts. Troop 95 Plans to observe Juliette Low's birthday were discussed by eight Brownies of Troop 95 on Tuesday at the home (if their leader, Mrs. W. F. Jessce. During the business session, these officers were elected: Carolyn Moser, president; Nancy Jessee, vice-president; Mary Jackson, secretary; Sherry Fields, treasurer, and Margaret Van, scribe. The Troop p'ans to go on a hike at the next meeting. Troop 94 A representative of the Soil Conservat i o n Office, James Green, took nine Intermediate Girl Scouts and their leader, Mrs. J. W. McCoy, on a tour of the Southwest part of the county where soil erosion was studied. The various ways of correcting the erosion were discussed and pointed out in several places. The troop stopped at Hank's Dairy Bar where Janet Everett was hostess for refreshments. Troop 5 Ten Brownies of Troop 5 met Tuesday at Fourth Ward School with their leader, Mrs. James Mussctler. Visiting with the Troop were Teresa Allen, Deborah \Vynn and Harolyn Davlin. Brownie songs were sung and these officers elected: Linda Oats, president: Fredricka Craigo, vice-president; Marsha Thompson, secretary, and Ter- ry Diane Clark, treasurer. Cindy Mussetter served refreshments. Troop 85 The Red Rose Crest was selected by Intermediate Girl Scout Troop 85 on Tuesday. The Troop met at the home of their leader, Mrs. H. B. Marlowe, with Mrs. James Connally, co-leader, attending. Each patrol studied the Girl Scout laws and discussed naming their patrol at the next meeting. The troop hiked lo DairyeUe where .iamie Connally was hostess for refreshments. Afler reluming to Airs. Marlowe's the Troop was dismissed by forming the friendship circle and singing "Y.'hcn Make A Promise". E'er You Troop 83 Plans for a cook-out at the home of Carol Bryans for the next meeting were made by II Brownies of Troop 83 on Monday at East Paris School. Mrs. George 'Lacy and Mrs. Glenn Hobbs, leaders, met with the Troop. These officers were elected: Gay Hobbs, secretary, and Pamel Lacy, treasurer, with Becky Mascarro and and Susan Hiner serving as clean-up troopers. Apples were served by Susan Hiner. Reno Troop Tenderf o o t requirements were passed and the scraping of "Lemmi Sticks" was started by 16 gins of Reno Troop. The girls will use the sticks in playing the Lemmi Stick game throughout the year. Patrols were named Walnut Hill and Shady Lane with each girl -designing a sit-upon carrying out the name of her patrol. Mrs. L. A. Chick, Mrs. G. C. Johnson, and Mrs. Ted Latimer met with the Troop. Meeting closed with the Friendship Circle and "Taps". Eastern Star Celebrates Anniversary With Dinner Paris Chapter X'o. 5, Order of the Eastern Star, observed its 60th anniversary Frid a y evening with a covered ^ish dinner in George Wright Homes recreation center. Worthy Matron Mrs. AHi/ Smart and Worthy Patron Gene Golden welcomed the Sroup and D. R. Whitley gave the invocation. Pre-School Hears Talk On Children A discussion on the p r o b- lems of children was led last week by Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Bulls at a meeting of Ollie Moore Pre-School Association at the home of Mrs. W. H. Smith. Mrs. Smith, president, presided during the business session at which time Mrs. Ha>'- ry Fry was appointed chairman for the Christmas project committee. Members of her committee are Mr. and Mrs. Sam Skidmore, Mr. and Mrs. Bulls, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Traxlcr, Mrs. Mary Jo Philley and Mr. Fry. Announcement was made oy Mrs, A. B. Carter of the Halloween party for the children to be held at the George Wright recreation center. .Mrs. Sam • Bo.swell was elic- ted secretary-reporter lo replace Mrs. Phillcy who resigned. Nineteen members, two new members, Mr. and Mrs. Traxler and a guest, Mrs. • W. H. Thomas, were present. Following the dinner served buffet style, Whitley sang "Through the Years," accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Minor Beavis. Mrs. W. E. Ricketts c o n- ducted the program, emphas- izing''"What would you do in time of disaster?" She told the story of "The Ang el's Message." After a sing song the group played Forty-Two and Canasta. Mrs. Gertrude Bates cut the decorated birthday cake. Members of 'he decoration committee were Mrs. D. R. Whitley and Mrs. Fred demons. Sixty-f i v e persons w ere present. LAST TIMES TODAY 'Man in the Shadow' JEFF CHANDLER Hole in the Head FRANK SINATRA EDDIE HODGES TUESDAY — WEDNESDAY — THURSDAY that Coflens She ' s Th * Wck « desl Event On Th« Big-Thrill <•• Rodeo Circuit! : » BORN RECKLESS COME WIN A FREE TURKEY Free Turkey Given Away Every Night by Lucky Ticket Number DEAR ABBY: A young couple was married in uur church last Sunday. When it came ; time lo kiss, they held U so long the parson had to lap the groom on the shoulder and tell him to.break it up. . Everyone giggled and a holy sacrament was turned into a one-act comedy.- Should the parson have tapped the "room? Shouldn't Ihe bride have pulled away before it got that mushy? How could this have been avoided? WAS THERE DEAR WAS: .The parson should have advised the couple at (lie rchearsnl (hat too much ardor Is out of order at the altar. DEAR ABBY: Your viewpoint and that of other executives' wives on the subject of husbands taking their secretaries out to lunch would be appreciated. The claim that there's nothing "wrong" in it makes me bristle. 1 disapprove but am almost ashamed to say so because I am called absurd, insecure and just plain childish. I wonder what the silent league — the secretaries' husbands — have to say? 1 am married to an executive, and this is my problem. I was formerly a secretary (hot his) and never found "business" to be the topic of conversation when my boss invited me to lunch. NOBODY'S FOOL DEAR NOBODYY'S: Lun c li- ing with one's boss is not in itself morally wrong but the attendant gossip can do much harm. Circumstances differ, however, and one must consider (he boss, the secretary, the place where they lunch and the frequency of the lunch dates. DEAR ABBY: Recently my husband's aunt and uncle from Canada were overnight guests at out home. They brought their own bed linen, towels and wash cloths. This has never happened to us before. Is it a custom of that country? We expect to visit them next spring. Do you think we are expected to do the same thing? PERPLEXED UDC Elects State Officers LUBBOCK 'Wl — The Texas division of the United Daugh- 'ters of the Confederacy Thursday elected Mrs. Leonard Gittinger of San Antonio, president during the group's 64th annual convention. Other officers include Mrs. John Barton, Elgin, second vice president; Mrs. C. E. Kitchens, Texarkana, recorder-of-crosses and • Mrs. Nor- rrTbn S. D'Olive of Baytown, recording secretary. Mrs. A. L. Thomas of Ennis was named an honorary president. INTERSTATE! LAST TIMES TONY RANCAIL- FRAME VAUSWJ STARTS TUESDAY WARNER BROS.PRESENT ClNEMAScOP WARNERCOLOR -STEREOPHONIC SOUND ,i'Jf...y-P.? HONA NANCY JAMES RAYMOND TAB DOROTHY Aflf.'E AND AX EXQUISITE NEW JAPANESE STAR PAULOSEBSS r.r±L" ' DOORS OPEN 12:45 P.M. STARTS TUESDAY pYaulein LAST N1TE "It's "a honey/' LKUIIENCE tURVET. ^'"EXPRESSO A ftr.luienlil DuUiNing l"t. VICTOt GUY tO«RT | A COUIMII* ncnw MATURE • MADISON • PRESTON THE LAST FRONTIER DEAR PERPLEXED; This It not "Ihe custom" in Canada (or. anywhere else). Your relatives probably carry (heir own linen for personal reasons. Don't lake yours when you visit them, DEAR ABBY: I really got mad when I read Howard's letter calling girls ''deceitful" because they padded themselves a little. If a girl doesn't have-"naturally curly hair, is she "deceitful" to gel a permanent? And if a girl doesn't have naturally red lips, is she "deceitful" to use a little li- stick? A better example yet: Is a girl "deceitful" to take a bath and put on deodorant and pretend she doesn't per.spire? DECEITFUL WASHINGTON, D.C, —Mrs. E. Lee Ozbirn is preach i ng conservation to clubwomen and practicing il on her, rolling-acreage: in the Southwest. ' " The new president of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, "Katie" Ozbirn, is mobilizing her members— 5.5 million strong in .the U.S. for a crusade to save the soil and clean up the waters. Several Paris clubs are members of the National Federation, Her first big dale in this pursuit will be the National Conference on Water Pollution called by President Eisenhower, December 12-14, in Washington. She, along w i Hi the represenatives of 30 olh- Mrs. A. M. Aikin At Garden Meet Mrs. A. M. Aikin, Jr., member of the Garden Club of Paris, left Sunday for Brownsville where she will attend the 33rd annual meeting of The Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. Accompanying Mrs. A i k in is Mrs. Clarence Blair, D i strict 3 governor from Texarkana. • "Tropical Splendor" is this year's theme for the meeting which will be held October Ills. Leaders in gardening circles . from throughout the state are expected to attend the Brow nsville assembly. Headquarters will be the famous Fort Brown Memorial Center. District VI of Texas Garden Clubs will be host for the convention. For months valley area garden clubs have been laying plans under the leadership of Mrs. C. E. Blackburn, governor of District VI, w h o is chairman of the convention and her co-chairman, Mrs. T. .M.. Achard, also of Brownsville. All entertainment w a s scheduled with the idea of showing:the visitors present- day life and traditions of the valley. Morris W. Clint, Jr., of Brownsville will give an illustrated lecture on "Palms and Plants Grown as Palms" at the semi-formal dinner on Wednesday evening. At this dinner Mrs. Frank G. Harmon of Dallas, president of Texas Gnrden Clubs, and Mrs. Gross R. Scruggs of • Dallas, honorary life president will be honored. Business sessions of the convention will be lightened with such entertainment as a shopping tour of Matamoras, Mexico, on Tuesday, "F u n Night in Mexico" includes a 20 course'dinner, prepared before the diners' . eyes, with strolling musicians . and a water ballet from Monterrey. The culmination of the convention will be the beach party and shrimp boil by "Moonlight Waters" at Padre Island on Thursday afternoon and evening. er national organizations,' is 'currently working on arrangements. "The national water problem is rapidly approaching the crisis ^sta^e," Mrs. Ozbirn warns. "Soil is another basic resource that must be protected and improved. I have chosen as the purpose of my administration 'Respons iWe, Responsive Citizenship for Survival,' and full and wise use of our natural resources is a must for survival." The GFWC,.which pioneered ifor conservation before the (urn of the centry. now take new leadership under t h e guiding glove of Mrs. Ozbirh. As a starter, she is presenting to each of the 50 state conservation chairmen an autographed copy of Sen. Robert S. Kerr's new book on "Land, . Wopd & Water." The pioneer flavor of the Senator's writing especially appealed - to her. ''The book is written in a fascinating, absorbing style," Mrs. Ozbirn recently wrote to clubwomen. "It is the kind of reading you do. not put down until the end. The shrinking of the world .has brought the word 'survival' into our thinking. Too many of us think only in terms of physical survival. We need to see to it that: the resources essentialfor economic strength survive. Senator Kerr's book, brings home the neglect of this fundament-a 1 doctrine, and I hope that all clubwomen will use the. book in their programs." Mrs. Ozrin is a spunky, versatile grandmother, a litt 1 e woman with big ideas. Fashionable and outspoken, she effectively promotes-' conservation on the rostrum and in private conversation. The daughter of a Texas pioneer doctor, she appears .equally at home in gingham housedress and bonnet, inspecting her treasured farm land which is a laboratory for „ conservation. "It was from my pioneer father that I first learned to love'the soil," she recalls affectionately. Ke gradu ally brought all the acreage' .he could afford. He • would often say, 'Daughter, don't ever sell your land,' Now, I keep it'for my children ant! grandchildren, and tell them the same thing.". This Week MONDAY 8 p.m. Music Study Club o! Paris will meet with Mrs. Clarence, Murphy, 338-8th SE. , TUESDAY 2:30 p.m. Naioth Bible Club ' meets with Mrs. F. H. Dowdy, Pine. Mill Road. . 7 p.m. Four Leaf -Clover' Club will meet with-Mrs. R.H. Nelms, 725 E. Cherry. 7:30 p.m. Paris Police Auxiliary will meet with Mrs. Daniel McClouu, 251-25th-NW. 7:30 p.m. Theta Epsilon Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi will meet with Nancy McDaris, 3043 W. Houston. 7:30 p.m. Delta Kappa Gamma will meet in East Paris, School. 'Topic of the program'wilf be, "Extension of Adu 11 : . Educatioh.'' Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain N*w York, N. V. (Special) — For the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching, and relieve pain — without surgery. In case alter case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. ' so thorough that suft"er*r« nad« astonishing statements like "Pile* have ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne®)-d>5covery of a world-famous research institute. This substance is now available in suppository or ointment,form under the name Preparation H*. Most'amazingof all-results were At" all druc counters. IE DEBBAPM must I die?" Jhe frt/e'Jtoo r oft jf/rl on death row rrouti-num *r 'lASTMAN COLOR «H> TOTALSCOKf A FMAMOUNT 1ULLUC TH.foltenWcgc.nfof '41 give] you tht:iqmi winnisrg combination ol jize, room, goi •conomy ond' rfepend- abl« operation thai makei Falcon - America'! No. 1 camped. Plus locdspcct over icven (eel tong , . . and a budget-loving price! You never paid so Ijttte fora car that saves so much One Year Newer, One Year Better! Not even in the tremendously popular 1960 Falcon did you get so much value as you now can buy in the exciting, new Falcon '61! This freshly styled money- saver stretches nickels, dimes, dollars! Who would believe a car so roomy, so beautifully appointed with new luxuries ... so wonderfully comfortable for six grownups . , . would squeeze so many miles out of your gas dollar? But the new Falcon does! Up to 30 miles on every gallon of regular gas, and 4,000 miles between oil changes. And, with the new choice of power, you can pick the famous .Falcon Six, or the new 170 Special* for an extra dash of power. No other car giyes you the winning combination of luxury and economy that you get in the '61 Falcon ... sedan or wagon. The proof is atyonr Ford Dealer's, now! 'Optional at slight extra corf Falc«n Tudor Sedan gives you mart of what you buy a compact Tori • MM^JAMES WHITMORE • ANNE BANCROFT. »H» nuwtUCOlUNJ *" D falcon, (D/ ^V^nri, : ' . •.:••• C >Mfl Uniiii F«stu:« Syndics!", liw, NO OTHER COMPACT MEASURES UP TO THE FALCON-WOftU'S MOST SUCCESSFUL NEW CAIL NOW AT YOUR FORD DEALER'S! HOWERTON MOTOR CO., Inc. 222 ClarksviN* Paris, T«a» W«l SU 4-256« 1

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