Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 26, 1947 · Page 10
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 10

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1947
Page 10
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Oilers Split Doubleheader With 3rd Slot Lamesa Loboes 4-3,9-4 GAME Pattipa's Oilers completed thrr hditte series last nigtit bi- splittin.,'; 6 flouble header, winning 4-3 nnd losing 9-4, with the Lnmesn Loboes •fofefore approximately inon fans. lefthander Al Johnston and the Leboes' Joe Lucio locked in n pitchers duel in the first tilt, with Johnston finally getting a close dcci • The ... WAY ii LOOKS to Bob Bray Enlh Kames l:i< night were well , . |shows dial, Oilers Ine. have striked Johnston manar-Td to ,:cat-ter , n ( , u , , 0( . nl .,. t;f) (n .. ,,,,.. ,,,,_,,.,,, seven Lobo sallies well ei -<- • keep out of trouble, while SECOND GAME In I ho .second OllT-Loho gnrtic l.'ift nir,h', right hanclor Chris Hr.s- kins allowed thr Oilers only six .•-faltered hit.;, while his teammates weir romping on Al Mntos for 10 nins off iihu' hits in four innings t,r v/o;k. HriFl-.ins struck out six men and waV : <c:l five. Tho Inbors scored in the first i'-ni- cys. S-"ond baseman Sam Mal'. '' i iffoiitvloc) out. second baseman. Page 10 Pnmpa News, Wednesday, June 25, 1947 and walking only on- Lucio, although he laddled ovt only eight hits, got, clipped tor foui i of them in the fifth ir.nitm. that were responsible for three Oiler run* and tho ball game The Oilers drew first lilood. Second baseman R. C. Ctey Ailor leadoff man, singled, rpnterfieldor Don Barclay, struck out, Otry stole second on substitute catcher Tony Fiarito and baseman Bub Bailey singled to let Otey honi". Third baseman Tony Range grounded out. Lucio to first ba:;eman George Sturdevant nnd righrfiela'-r Ray Bnuer flietl out to third baseman Eddie Ski-abac:-;. MaiioS'-r George Stunlcvunt.. currently leading leagu" batt'.'rs wiln with ^ tot!1 , (|f cnlv foui . c . 1TOr ,. ,,.,.,, . , - (n . ( , rvbo( i v ,.„. ; |hc ^ mcs a lot mon , ' } ' o;. to first baseman Bob .•i ml certeiii'.'lder Jack Wilon;; grounded out. third Kongo to Bailey. baseman First baseman Bob Bailey's flashy- Then eatehcr Tony Piarito stepped up and blasted one over the for tho run. Manager SHiidcvant Ilicd out to Ctey. hack-hancl catch of foul fly in the third frame of the opener was sharp. base;; off sub-catcher Tony Flarito. Mize. Cooper and Marshall drove in all the Giants' runs yesterday Th'_> Oilers evened the score in Ihc l'i.-;! of the first when Otey v.-iiikfj;!. c?ntcrl'iekler Don Barclay . _ , MI i:ck out. Bailey got an infield M" their 9-3 victory over the Cubs in la;., and Range singled to score Chicago. Each walloped a home Otey. Hinhtfi"ider Ray Bauer filed cut to Wilco.x and T. Johnston Mize. Cooper, Marshall Lead Oianis to 9-6 Win Over Cubs By The Associated Press Johnny Mizc, Walker Cooper and Willard Marshall, the Thumping Trio of the New York Giants have been slugging enemy pitchers at such p. terrific rate that veteran observers have begun to compare them with the famous old Murderers' Row of the New York Yankees. But even the Yankee wrecking crew of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Tony Lazzeri, despite its tremendous slugging prowess, could not accomplish what the 1947 Giant trio is heading for. At their current pace. Mi?.e. Cooper and Marshall may finish one, two. three in the National League home run and runs batted in championship race. No other trio ever achieved such a feat. Malvicn to Bailev. run. with Cooper knocking in four runs. Mize three and Marshall two. While the Giants hammered three The Loboes came back torrid to | Cub hurlers for 11 hits. Lefty Dave 01 e I'nnr runs in each the third i Koslo turned back the Bruins with fimrlh' f.-aincs. In the third, i ."even safeties for his seventh win. l.nbo second .sac!:or \vho was sub- bin:; lor Bob Johnston lasi. night. , ., „ , ;"' Ll ',r ,",','.": Fhtritu evidently mil tired of it for. \\« ssjsg ^..r,,:^: fejttr^rt,,;^;,^! fK Everything remained relatively I Bob .Johnston.-who most fans will placid until the liCth frame when ; m , all is M Johnston's uvin bnniier. the Oilers get their bats boomhi;; v . n , out recuperatm:; from an unklo end managed three run:,. Barckiy., injury he received in t.ln> p.vmu Moii- lirst up. flied out to ccnterficlcKT j t i n ' v ' n j<,ht Jack Wilcox, Bailey singled. Range, '' '" talked, but was en ugh!, oft I'i ret j it v, a s formerly announced at the lor tile .second out. Bauer singled j « c ,..,. ; j on i ;ls t. night that tin- game and T. Johnston doubled to score ! witp ' h Bor<>er on' Thursdav. July :i. Bailey. Then shortstop Tom O'Con- | wi! [ i je dedicated (o Joe Fortin. .Me nell doubled to score Bauer and T. j ;lnd lu - s pm-eiUs have v . fit ton and llaskins walked, Mnlviea flied out ' The win incved t.He Giaius a game , . Barclay, Wllcox doubled and Pia- away from the front running Boston ore Hask'ns and Braves and a half game back of the doubled to Stu tut walked a:id I second place Brooklyn Dodgers. Fowler :;ot first, on a fielder's choice Rookies Harry Taylor and Johnny v. lien Fiarito wa.s tagged out- fit. Jcrgenseii starred for the Dodgers hr-me. Pahn-.?r and Skrabacz singled who defeated the Pirates 0-2. in lo ;iiov.' in Slurdtrvnn'., inrl Fowler, j Pittsburgh for the 21st setback in In tli. 1 fourth. Hn ski us flied out. lei Fowler. Mnlviea got first on O'- the Bucs' last 20 games. Taylor B- •"- — -- limited the Pirates to seven hits in . Wilcox doubled, nnd gaining his fifth victory while doi- doubled to score Mnlviea i gensen drove home five runs witn Itllllu U'JUU ICJU LU .)UC..<1 I/ 1VAU1 \ ll-U ! fc,^""^'. "• ~ - ,111 1nt?f no Wilcox. Sturdevant Hied out to j a single, double and triple against BM'Uie Fiarito. f:ii:»lrri '.'.) -.core bowler. Buekel flied tut to O'Connell. Fo'.vler Palmer doubled walked. Johnston. Catcher etriick out. Bill Lewis Hardware Ekes Cluunbeis • indicated that, they will be here i the uame. Complete details v.ill be The Loboes rallied in the sixth, alm cuneecl later. but fell short. After catcher Tony j . Pifii'ito grounded out. A. Johnston to Bailey, Sturdevant '.inglcd. Fowler flied out to T. Johnston. Then Skrabaez singled, third baseman j, B. Palmer doubled to score both Sturdevant and iSkrabacx. BucKel struck out. Lnniesa— WIlc-iix,' cf" ..'.'.'.'. Kiarilo. r Sliirduviiiil, 11> .. Fowler. IV Ski-iiliuc-v.. rf .. AB R H PO A BuckH. Ijiiclu. p Tot.-Us Pampa— Otey. ^b I ii ii I I I to score! llis former male. Kirby Higbe. Skrnbacz Frank Shea, the Yankees' sensation rookie righthander spunt his third shutout of the season when lie The Oilers scored a run in the 1 limited the Cleveland Indians to airl two in the sixth. Otcv j three hits as the Yankees won J-u t;i-uundc\-l oul Palmer to Pturdcvant. | at night. Billy Johnson and Joe ilKrelay :.>:-ounde > :l out. Buckel to i DiMaggio. staging a merry r.icc t" 1 tHiirde'vant. Bailev doubled and " ' i^«t-««^- AB R H PO A . i i i :i L(KE THESE AOi OF DRU6 STORE THEY'VE COT A FIRST CLASJ PRESCRIPTION AND COME RIGHT OUT AND T\vo runs in (lie final iiinjnn gave (lie Lewis Hardware .Softball learn a L'-O victory over the Humble Oil Company in an Industrial Le.ifue Softball 'pame last night. Alter six .scoreless innings. Clay. Shcahan and Arnold sint'.iecl to tally two runs and avoid working over- lime. lewis Hardware's Gene Norton al- lowed four seal (creel hits. Humblc's .Smith allowed live hits. Lewis Hardware («)() 000 2-:Vt Mumble COO ODD 0-4-0 Europe does nnl neivi to fear lh;M. an Amcric:in pdRtwar eorrretivr re- | cession will degenerate intD a ilc- privsion. —- Winihrop W. Al'irich. president, International Chamber of Commerce. ... i o i n u . . . :: i :'. x .'! il " II I II •nllllrU, Ullrkrl. ItllllK ,| in liail.-y. Slunli-VMIII. T. .luliii- ( >'i'i tlinrl i. I'alim-r Ii. 'r\v,v-has\- Kaili.y. I'alliiri- i,( >'( 'c.lui,.|l. Ilcnili' St urclr \'a lit. Stcur-i bast's 'Mf>', in,-II. llailc-y. l.,i-n rni I-.-IM'> l.a- lii,-,-;a :,. I'aiiiiia T. I'.asrs ..h Imlls nt'V I.u.-it, :;. c.iT A. .Ic.hns'.c.u I. SU-lUc.-.niI:< -l.y I.uric, I. Icy A. .l.ihlisliill Ii. I III! 1 ,,1't' t.nrio. s h,r ! rnii^: in '' innili^s; i I'i' A. 7 VMI- " ruii.- llilll,- pilrllrl' A. .l'illU:-lr-ii. ()itrlt.-r [.uric,. I ' ull.ii K'inye siiv.^led to bring him home. Bauer 1'lird out to Palmer. In the ::ixth, T. Johnston singled, O'Connell struck out,- Chambers walked, but was forced out. Buckol to Malvica. and A! Johnston, who war- pinch hitting for relief pitcher Wick Hewitt, was given first on the Ote.y singled In score T. Johnston. Burr-lay was issued a free ticket to first. a:id A. Johnston came home on :>. wild pitch. AB R H PO A Knits Summary: KlTCJl'S ( >'( 'lllillr-n. ain-'l in-- Kiarilu r,, Urai'.ic-v. :',. i >lcy. 'l'\v is J. l-'iarttcc '.'., l-'civvl'-r. llaiU'V, (u^y. Iciini' run Kiaritu. Siuli'ii liasi—- l'"];iri- l>cinl>l<- !ilays--Uan^c'. tJ'Cunnc'll . ami naili'.v. ramp;' x. I'.as'-s i, .",: nff .\lah.s, :;• cni|:i liy IliiNkiii." Ili.\\ p iii L', Hies c runs iu 7 miiinj-'s iu I inuiuKx; nl'l rum- in ^ ini!iiif;s on ,\i halls off lluskliis, ol'i' i;an<,., I. Striki'- i:. liy .Mains L'. by \\'. ifi' llasliin.s, ii for -I ; oi ) ;,iali»H, III Tor '* \V. HcAViii, n fur n : c,rr fiance-, n I'm- n the runs batted in leadership. £™>c ed in the Yankee runs to delight a tremendous Yankee Stadium turnout of 60.090 cash customers who boosted the Yankee home attendance over the million mark—1.018.082—in 31 games. It was Shea's ninth win against two defeats. The win increased the Yankees first place lead in the American League to two and u half games. Scoring four runs in the last halt of the ninth, the Cincinnati Reels came from behind to nip the Phillies 9-8 in a thriller at Cincinnati. Hugh PC land, recently acquired from the Phils, climaxed the Red:;' winning rally with a pinch-hit single. Al Lakeman. who went to the Phils in the deal that brought Poland to the, Reds, slammed a two-run homer during a five-run Philadelphia uprising for a temporary lead. Detroit's slipping Tigers snapped a 10-game losing streak by scoring I a 4-2 victory over the second place ; Boston Red Sox, but reverted to their I losing ways as tiiu Sox took the second game of the double-header in Boston 4-3. Hal Newhouser. hard luck pitcher of tho majors, won the opener lo, the Bengals spacing nine hits for his seventh triumph against eight defeats. Dave Fevri.i outlasted Dizzy Trent in the nightcap. The third place Athletics turned Lack the St. Louis Browns in a night gamine at Philadelphia winning' 4•;',' I'owiV-r! i 2 .behind Dick Fowler. The former no-hit pitcher needed relief RUSK Christopher, however. Sanforci was the loser. Washington ancl Chicago in the American League and Boston ancl St. Louis in the National' were not scheduled. Sherman Ball Club Will Change Owners SHERMAN— (iP) — Stock-selling campaigns will open simultaneously today in Sherman twins baseball club at $55.000. Recently the Twins were purchased from the original owner and organizer. Art Willingham. by four local men who will transfer the club to a community corporation, if formed. Banker John Pec Perry of Sherman ancl auto dealer George Etratton of Denison will head the drives in the two communities. SWIFT STROKES V< LOS ANGELES — -"tfCLA breast stroker Gil Tuffli racked up his fifth victory of the year taking n 200-yard event. ForfWorlhCals Move to 2nd With Win Over Dallas (By the Associated Press) It's getting almost monotonous' this business of Fort Worth and Shreveport see-sawing on the second j place perch in the Texas League. Port Worth handed Dallas a 5-1 drubbing last night while San Antonio downed the Louisiana crew 5-2. And that means the Cats arc back-in second place behind Houston with the Sports fhoved to third spot. Four limes straight the two teams have traded the runner-up position in as tight an intra-loop battle as these parts have seen this year. In^ the only other league game last night, Tulsa swatted down seventh-place Oklahoma City, 2-0. The Houston-Beaumont affair was postponed because of wet grounds. A five-run rally in the seventh stanza gave Port Worth its victory over the visiting Dallas Rebels. The Cats put together a quartet of singles and three bases on balls for the uprising. Dallas scored its sole tally of the game in the first half of the seventh. Dwain Sloat went all the way for the Cats, giving out , eight hits in as many innings for his eighth win of the year. Shreveport. playing on San Antonio's home field, was behind all the way. the missions netting two runs in the opening inning. Mission hurler John Miller allowed only three hits—but one of them was a home run in the eighth by pinch hitter Ira Glass. Earl Dothager and Earl (Cotton) Hill, handling the mound work for the Sports, gave up 11 hits. The loss was a bitter one for Shrcvepqrt, not only because it got knocked from second place, but because It meant bowing before the Eircdor Prcdids ' Soaring Cortiesi Will Be Biggest Ever Held WICHITA FALLS—r/rv-Robert P. BInine, dirrctor oi' the fourteenth annual national ponrinp contest, checked the entries today ancl found that overy holder of nil American record except one would be here July 4 through July 20. Also competing will be last year's national champion ancl at least three nations champions for, years prior to 1946. Aho, the British champion, Charlie Wingficld. and the French champion, Eric Nesslen will accompany teams from their countries. "With so many champions competing, great rivalry is bound to develop," Blair.e said, "ancl with li- valry always being the stimulant to achievement, it is almost certain that nearly every American sailplane record will be broken. Probably 0110 or more new international team currently holding down the cellar position In the circuit. At Tulsa, the Oilers took a game away from the Oklahoma City Indians behind Mack Stewart's three- hit pitching. The first run came In the initial inning when Jay Haney ran all the way home from first base on a double knocked against the center field fence by Jack Richards. The second tally was in the fourth on two singles and a bunt. Tonight's schedule is the same as .yesterday's. FOR SALE 1940 Chevrolet 3-4 Ton Panel; good rubber all around, including spare. Motor recently overhauled. Complete $500.00. KENNEDY DISTRIBUTING CO. Phone 416 tWftt Mfetf . ' '" '••':•* TYLER-- (ff> —Entrants frotrt throughout the, -ffnitea States.- Afaska. Hawaii. "MfeStco a^l Canada are efcpecWd for the National AAU men's swimrning and diving championships opening Here July Sl.'JThe Tyler Junior Chamber of Commfer.ce, sponsor of the meet, .said. -2tl(W entry blanks had been nmilc'dii- The giant meteor which strtjek in Siberia in 1908 created an air waVe which blew the water froni rivers and lakes. records also will he established.' 1 . Elaine declared that there would bn more high-performance sailplane- pilots than ever before assembled in the United States, for the meet 'here. John Robitisovi of Millport, N. *f., is Ihe defending champion; he also holds the U. S. distance record, 290 miles, for one-place planes. J. Shelly Charles of Atlanta. Oa.. 6\vns the cne-place altitude title, 19,434 feet; Paul Tuntland of Los Angeles holds thet wo-place altitude mark of 18,* 770 feet; Richard Johnson of Burlingame, Calif., holds the two- place distance record of 314 miles, and Mrs. Virginia 'Bennia of Sanford, Fla., is woman's distance champ with 37 miles. Robinson also won the US championship, which is earned on otal points in a meet, in 1940 and 1941. FOR SALE! 3-Bedroom House At 620 Dwight St. , Immediate occupancy. 100% Loan for Vets. 80% Loan for Non-Vets. Hughes-Pitts Inc. 117 W. Kingsmill Phone 200 'ivssi-il linn---li'iariii). Winning lla.skins. hosiiin iiiu-la'i'-.\latus VriKUnr, Atkins. Timt— -1 :.",7. Shirkist, per can Keifoga s, per box Emperor, 2 cans EEiis, 2 ears ire, per can County Fair, No. 2 1 /2 can Red & White French Style, Sliced, 2 No. 2 coros . . . Red & White WhoSe Kernel Golden, 2 No. 2 cans Assorted, Eb. Red & White Giant Sweet, No. 2 can Brimful 2 No. 2 cons Delicious drink mix SPINACH Fancy, 2 No. 2 cans . . , Green leans and New Potatoes endcible 2 NT?. 2 cans Pure Gold, 7 Ibs. CANDY Fancy Hard Treats, Ib. box Fresh Long Green, Ib. POIIS O'Cedar, 12-oz. bottle Pick 0' Morn, Ib, pkg. Red & White or Iodized ROUND CAN White, 10 Ibs, These Prices Good at the Following Red & White Food Stores E & B, Grocery^ and Market 320 N, West, Pampa, Tex»» Cox Grocery & Market 1818 Alcock, Borger George Adamie Grocery PhUlip? Plf^t, Route 2 Lane Grocery §, ~

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