The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 4, 1952 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE 2- THE BAYTOWN SUN. WEDNESDAY. JUNE 4. _l_952_ Pilots Give Reasons For Biaaest Plaver By JACK FROST BOSTON, June 4 ttiV-What was behind baseball's biggest trade in five years? The managers gave their answers Wednesday. Red Rolle of the Tigers said he was after speed arid some home-run punch in the infieM Lou Boudreau of the Red Sox said he wanted a top third baseman and reserve strength, Tne Tigers got Fred Hatfield, Johnny Pesky, Walt Dropo, Dutch Lenhardt and Bill Wight. In return they gave up Goegre Kell, Hoot Evers, Johnny Lipon. and Dizzy Trout. Why? Let the managers explain, player by player: Hatfield: "He's faster than Kell, and he's younger, so he's my new ; regular third baseman," said i Rolfe. Boudreau said, "Hatfield ! was the hardest man of all for me to. give up, but I couldn't be sure la Porte Child's Death Is Mystery Scofs Balk At Yankee Bagpipers ABERDEEN^ Scotland, June 4 (ILR)—The city council, warned that it might be confronted by be- bopping chorus girls, has turned thumbs down on an offer by the girls' bagpipe band of Iowa State University to play here this summer. The offer was rejected by a vote "6f 20 to 8 after a member anything else." The whole Detroit O f the council said the band prob- ON THE Indians Take Lead Skk List In Tl, Buffs Tied For Second Place 'Take Two, Hit To Right 1 ..Bauer's See Cub Power Hitter Off To Best Major League Start I can't remember when I ever Sev- he could hit all season the way he's been hitting, lately (.333)." Pesky. "Speed again," said Rolfe. ""He's faster than Lipon." Dropo: "I got him for the long ball — the home run," Rolfe said. "We need more runs more than infield hit 22 home runs last season. Dropo hit 34 by himself in 1950, his best year. Lenhardt: "1 hope to play him every day," Rolfe said, 'but if I can't, I'll use him against left handed pitching, alternating with Fat Muiliri. Lenhardt's a pretty good hitter." Wight (obviously a throw-in on the deal): "I'll have to get a look at his pitching first," said Rolfe. Kell: ''He's probably the best third baseman in the league," ably comprised "half a dozen chorus girls with practically nothing on playing . . , be-bop or jazz tunes." But lowans needn't feel,.to badly about the snub. The council also rejected a similar offer from the Wicks Girls' Pipe Band, from the Scottish highlands. Instead the council stood by its original decision to rely on girl pipers from—of all places—England. With no girls' band of its own, Aberdeen invited the Dagen- _ ..„ said Boudreau. "He'll take care of ham, England, girls group to play a big hole for us." Rolfe said the and dance the highland dances only reason why he let Keli go was here this summer. beca use " I had to give something to get something." Evers: "I'll use him in left field," said Boudreau, "but, more than that, I can also use him to spell Dom DIMaggio. He has more speed than Lenhardt and is a SAN JACDCTO MEMORIAL Ann Thedford—409 South enth, . Linda Thedford—109 South Seventh. Kathleen Kaminsky—Houston. Guy W, Boyd —- 1105- -North Fourth. .James W. Shannon—1305 East Fayle. Lonnie J. Carroll—519 West Republic. Mrs. Eddie Reynolds—2306 Caroline. Mrs. Ernest D. Highway 146, -Msr. William R. McKinney road. John R. Bridges sippS. Mrs. George McKinstry—Del Monte Hotel. - _ - Albert Bynuni— 217 Hackberry. Alonroe Pryor—1423 Burbank. Mrs. Charles Tarver—112 Payle. Mrs. El wood Lemon—707 East Humble. Wilma. Armstrong—Crosby. b ad Sauer has ad h power since he broke'4, majors with ' By UNITED PRESS off Wednesday for'Hank Sauer and "I've tnea vo an •*>»*£. m Past Oklahoma City's Indians ruled indirectly for the surprising Chi- seasons but I found I^vas hitUng the roost by one percentage point cago Cubs. , v . 4 dow "S n j£L h t to rfeht fie'd in the Texas League Wednesday Sauer, a right handed power hit- watched others h it to :right fie.d p as they jumped from a-third-place ter, developed the ability to hit to ?ob Sama^ttO is tbe^bert ri^ht ^ ^ tie by abusing their welcome at r j g ht field to confound outfiem Beaumont 3 to 2. , shifts by the opposition. , Beaumont, meanwhile, was tied As a result, he is off to his best for second with Dallas and Houston. The Dallas Eagles climbed up with a 4 to 3 victory over Houston, years ago. Each season collected over 30 horn. But he was r ,-, ~: a \^ handed right clufi. of his eign hi * a tatting, runs batted Sauer a rangy White—3128 Barker—2702 -1504 Missis- LIVESTOCK (Continued From Page One) an autopsy on Robert. It was to be performed today. The father said that little V«P.l- ter had been in'the Old Pasadena Hospital_ since Sunday night. He was transferred to Jefferson Davis Hospital Tuesday night. Leach said that yesterday afternoon he went to the home of his brother, James O. Leach, 7348 Harrisburg, -where the brother and his wife were keeping Robert and 6-yeer-old Rebecca- Leech while the baby was in the hospital. Leach said he learned from his brother that Robert had developed the same symptoms as the baby,-and he imediately took him to Dr. P. G. Mock in La Porte, the doctor who had sent Walter to the hospital earlier. Dr. Mock sent- the father and Robert to the old Pasadena Hospital, but the litle boy was dead when they arrived. Deputy Sheriffs W. L. Ladiah and H.^A. Randio were investigating consistently better hitter." FORT WORTH, June 4 (UV-Livestock: Cattle 1,700. Most prices fully losses. Their percentage was .518, compared with the Indian's .519 on a 28-26 record. There was no change in the almost as tightly packed second division. The cellar dwelling Tulsa Oilers made it six straight 3 to 2 at the expense of the Shreveport Sports, Fort Worth's Cats got their second win from San Antonio 5 to 3 in the night's fourth close game. The Roughneck-Indian battle at Beaumont produced the most excitement, with three Oklahoma City homers making the difference. Manager Tommy Tatum rapped his second in as many nights, Joe Frazier got one in the second and Baich hit for the circuit in the sixth. Vernon Kennedy contributed has collected 11 home runs, too, tomed third place in the circuit and show every indication they may hold on to a first division berth. his htting all into left field, and his extra abuit to hit to r base blows have paid off with 47 he « s taWng his runs driven in, far league runner up. ahead of the Scientists County Confers With College Men Three expert* on polio are being pert, do not claim that Hie. are He has helped ing this year too found ability to co'veTSJ improve the defense fro field position. There , any fault with his arm" brought into the fight against the disease in Harris county. They are Dr. Charles Boyd of the Baylor University college of medicine, whose research has shown that flies carry polio virus, head of. the the cause of polio but only that they help to spread it. If a county-wide drive succeeds in reducing the fly population and if at the same time there is a decrease in polio cases, it may be a gretty good sign that flies are a Lipon: "He makes me an excel- d ' ^ ^ to 5^ _.^- ... i.?l ?4~.* **-»*-..-. Vm«-»n*i(?A V\n /^an ^vv 1 ****/ i WM _ . _ _ , can lent utility man because he play any infield position." Trout: "I'll probably use him in He's higher; good and choice slaughter steers and yearlings, 30-34.50; utility and commercial, 22-29; beef Calves 600. Good and choice slaughter calves, strong to 50c high- S^l'asf Sy£,?£S2£ stter yeariings. 2^33; stocker co»s, said. Kell was considered by many baseball men to be the key to the deal. Casey Stengel of the Yankees said, "He's not a long ball hitter, but he ought to get plenty of doubles and triples in that park up there." Pesky and Evers are both injured at the moment, and-won't crash the lineup for a few days, at least. Neither team showed .any results of the trade Tuesday night as both lost and Boston fell to second place. (Continued From Page One) without further delay," Harrison's note said. Brig. Gen. WHJiam P. Nuckols, chief Allied spokesman, said it had names of the 91 men because the UN command "does not wish to raise false hopes in the families of the men.' 7 All the men were believed cap- Dr. Asa Chandler, _ >r „ biology department at Rice Insti-' major contributing cause, tute and a nationally-known ex- The other difficulty has been some fine relief hurling to stop a pert on insects, and Dr. Wiliam broug ht to light. The tops on many thSe run Beaumont uorising in Spencer who is in charge of the garba ge cans do not fit properly three-run Beaumont "Prising in P r pital. Sfork Sfops tczema Quick, fasting relief—skin soothed and softened with Oil-rich* Resin oi Ol NTMENT— *Conf ains Lanolit ^WHITE Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D. White of 312S Highway 146 announce the birth of a daughter Tuesday at San Jactinto Memorial Hospital. TARVER Mr. and Mrs". Charles Tarver of er; other calves steady: good and tured before the exchange of pris- choice killers, 30-34.50; utility and commercial, 22-29.50; culls, 18-21; good and choice stocker calves, 32-37. Hogs 500. Most, choice' 180-240 Ibs., butchers about steady with Tuesday's average at 21.50; few late sales 25c to 50c lower at 21; light and heavier weights, 19-21; sows about steady at 14-18; mostly 15.50-17.50; feede'r pigs steady at 15-18. Grandfather Dies The Albert Kiber family was called to Port Arthur today to attend the funeral of D. R. Williams, 80-year-old grandfather of Mrs. Kiber. Williams died yesterday. With depreciated currency, American tourists in England enjoy bargains, rail travel costing less than two cents a mile, reserva- oner lists on Dec. 18 last Nuckols'-said 'they .were Americans with.,a "sprinkling" of British Commonwealth soldiers: They- are listed as- "missing in action." The names were obtained, Nuckols said, from Communist radio broadcasts. Red .publications, prisoner letters and "confidential" sources. .1 On Dec. 22 the-UN submitted an original list of unaccounted for prisoners containing 1,058 names. Four subsequent lists brought the total to 1,712. On Dec. 26 the Reds turned over a purported accounting for 726 prisoners, leaving 986 presently unaccounted for. f • After three days of comparative-' ly mild speeches, Nam Wednesday revived his lurid charges of alleged mistreatment of Red prison- the eighth inning after Starter Frank Raney and Reliefer Al Gerheauser were chased. At San Antonio, Fort Worth added three walks and three errors to five hits for its winning margin as loose play proved costly. -The Missions got eight hits off Bill Black and John Gibson, including Bud Heslet's ninth homer. Fort Worth's four-bagger was by Wayne Belardi. The Oilers had to come from be- Jefferson Davis hos- Decau se they have been banged out of s.hape. This has been blame'd on These experts were to get to- the garbage collectors but the resi- o-ether with county officials today dents are partly to blame because to discuss practical methods of they pack the garbage can so tight eliminating flies, what effect flies that j t can 't "b e emptied easily. may have on the polio rate and an educational program for the individual homeowner. It was pointed out that spraying of breeding places can not kill flies as fast as they breed and that the homeowner must do virus it may will in- alive. Shreveport opened the scor- . Househol f 1er ^ CQaunnthe0 ? g,^ ing with a pair of runs in the fifth, mg a small - a £ ou " t ° £T ^° Sae1 ^ bu g t Tulsa came back in the next ^£/£*g .^ "fSS^Se fr ja?k AVelenb^ger broke the ?£ house but to drive them out. SporS blk when" he 5oub?ed in If a fly is killed inside the house, Earl York with the winning run its carcass should. DC in the seventh. cause of the polio - Jose Santiago, Puerto Rican re- contain ^ OQC ,, rOB liefer nroved the Dallas Eagles County-wide measures were right In promoting him to a elude the use of ™^*™™ starting role. He set down the breeding places and the spraying Buffs with, five hits at Houston. of cattle trucks. „ hM ^In addition to his prowess on the County commissioner Hugh May mound, Santiago got the first Dal- said that the Baylor university ex- las hit, a triple, and scored two runs. Jerry Witte got his 12th homer, with one on in the eighth, to give Santiago his only real trouble. The visiting teams switch for games Wednesday. Dallas goes to DANCE TONIGHT Hi-HAT CLUB MUSIC BY EDDIE NOWACK Gold Star Recording Artisf EVERYONE WELCOME 1360 ON YOUR AM Dl^ 92.1 MG.ONYOURB] WKDXESDAY |j.ffash' 6:00— World ''News Round "$:1C—Stewart Htlpht 6;30—Ranse Riii'ii • 0:i5~Spart= Review 7:00—Harlem at Stvtn 7:57—Late Is'ews 8:00—U. S.-Navy Show 8:30—Fact* Forum 9:00_Moo(i Music 9:45—Musk In Th« Moraa v, 10:00—Night Kdltion Bayto*a £ 10:15—Dreamtime 11:00—Sign Oil for Today -THURSDAY . MOK.MV 6:00—P.evelU* Roundup 6:57—Lat« If ens 7:00—Trinity Valley Tucei S:0(>:—MorninK J)*svo:la!ii' 8:15—Watching The Clo'eit 8:30—Late N*v,-,s B:32—Watchins. Th» Clock 8:00—^V7orld News Romduj »:15—Clmrche.H oi Christ 9:30—Dick Kason 10:00—Warren Edwards Xt*<oj 10:OS— Rtarttalt 11:00—Late News 11:02—Mid Day ! THURSDAY ArTERXQOsi 12:00—World Ne-*a 12:1&—Stock: Quotations 12:20—Mid Day Matin** 1:00—To? Tunes 2:00—N'ewg Summary 2:05-.-Best On Wai 4:00—Warren Kdwards ? < :0r>—I.a Vor Mfxir.tna . ers. He mentioned ,Ko 3 e Island m- | Antonio, Fort Worth moves to 112 Fayle are the parents of a tions on the best trains 14 cents i cidents this week in,which he said Houston^Oklah'orna'' c'ity 'plays' at Alleg Ludlum and a full-course dinner less than rkr "» wie«naT. ••nmc- t-niarj. -^n^ njna - no • ... „ , ^ ~-. »n:_ r-u~i™~,-c Special To The Bayiown Sun Airway Elec daughter born yesterday at San. Jacinto Memorial Hospital. SL one prisoner -was wounded. killed and nine Shreveport and the Tulsa Oilers Allis-Chalmers .. try to make it seven straight American Repub t Beaumont. ""' The scores by innings: Dallas -001 030 000—4 T 1 Houston -100 000 020—3 5 0 Santiago and Avlward; Clear, Wild (8) and Landis. 50 54 A T end T 155% Amer Woolens *o sale Fort- Worth - • UO 001 011—5 5 0 San-Antonio 000 010 020—3 8 3 Mondorff and Bragan; Black, Gibson (8) and Johnson. Oklahoma City 130 Oil 010—7 9 1 Beaumont , 010 100 030—5 11 1 Raney, Gerheauser (8), Kennedy (8) and Baich; Patrick, Mitchell (2) and H. Smith. Tulsa 000 002 100—3 6 1 Shreveport 000 020 000—2 9 0 Cristante and Jarvis, Landrith (S); Price, Manville (8) and J. W; Jones. CALENDAR 43% . .114*1 . 49 7 7-16 ,. 876 >. 12 ^ .: 46 4-door, 6-passenger Special Sedan. Anaconda Copper Am. Cyanamide ...«••Beth Steel • Calvan Oil Calumet and Hec . Canada So Oil . .'• -• Celanese Celotex Cessna Chi Corp Chrysler Corp Columb Gas -...~ Creole Pet Crystal Oil Cities Service ...'. Davidson Chem • Dow Chem Du Pont Chem • Eastman Kodak .' El Paso Natural Gas 'Fairchild Eng Freeport Sulph ... Gen Electric Gen Motors 5 Gen Tire and Rub .. Gillette SaT Goodyear Tire ........ Greyhound Bus ..:..-. Gulf Oil Gulf Stat Util Houston Oil H~ L- and P. Co Humble Oil 22% GREGORY PECK '—PIXS— MacWURRAY — Cartoon — "The Merry Chase" Adults 35c — Children RE H ERE in the driveway is a Buick. It has just arrived. It belongs to this proud young couple. They Ve just "arrived" too. They've arrived at a discovery*—the discovery that owning a Buick instead of a "low-priced car'' isn 7 t so much a matter of money. It's a matter of knowing the facts of life. Buick prices are closer to the prices oi smaller, less powerful, less distinguished cars than most people think. N Why don T t you check into this? lfou'11 find you could pay $300 to $400 more — and still not match the horsepower of this nimble beauty. Y>u could pay hundreds of dollars more—and still not get any more interior room, or richer fabrics. But that's only part of the story. The big thing about any car is the way it goes. So you ought to find out how this car rides the road—the freedom from bobble and sway that cost a million real dollars to develop. YHI ought to sam pie the way Dynafiow Drive* feeds the power —with a steady swoop and unbroken smoothness in city traffic, on hills, or out on the open road. And you ought to know 7 how it feels to touch off that Fireball 8 Engine". With all its might, this h'igh-compression valve-in-head gets a lot of miles from a gallon of gas. I tell you this—because a lot of folks have told us this: No matter what car you're driving now—no matter what cars you've looked at— they'll "never seem the same after you try this one. Just give us a chance to prove it — and you'll have a lot of fun. Equipment, accessories, trim and models are subject to change wit boat notice* * Standard on Roadmaster, optional at extra cost on other Series. Thursday Lallie Jordan circle of Grace Methodist, church at 9:30 a.m. Beauceant f Goose Creek Masonic hall at 5 p.m. Katie Davis circle of Grace Methodist, church", at 9:30 aim. Bandage Rolling Group of American Cancer society, San Jacinto Memorial hospital at 9 a.m. Julie Lottie circle of Cedar Bayou Methodist, church at 10 a.m. Turner Sponsors Series On Civic Organizations The Buck -Turner Chevrolet Company will inaugurate a new- series of informative speeches by Penney's Inc the heads of the various service Phillips Pet organizatins and city departments in Baytown. TChese brief addresses are designed to inform the people Repub Steel ... of Baytown of the future plans of St, Regis Paper these organizations and depart- Sinclair Oil ... ments, and will be heard nightly on the Night Edition of the Baytown 1 Sun, at 10 p.m. on KREL. It is the belief of Turner that the best Baytown public is an informed Baytown public, and Turner is. donating this time to the various groups in order to give the , citizens of Baytown an idea' of ^^^ ^ [what is .forthcoming in Baytown. 4£Ss Ouif'pVod 1 First speaker on the series will Texas Gul£ Prod be Nelson McElroy. manager of role of the Baytown Chamber in making Baytown a better place in vrhich to live. •iOl 52 J( i 23 67 H 22 75 Kirby Pet Libby McN ....r.-y.. 7 1 Liggett and Myers .r^..-^..- 63' Loew's Inc La Land 45% Mack Trucks 13%. Mid Con Pet 67ri Mont-Dakota Util 24 Nat Dairy Prod 51"i Ohio Oil 56% Packard Motors ..,.. ;'..•'".4% Pancosbal Oil 3'£ Panhandle, P and R •••• S% 67'A 56% Pure Oil - 62% Richfield Oil 61%. 4114. DANGER SPOT OF THE EARLY WEST! L ADDED: "MOUSE COMES TO DINNER LATE :....... «% Socony-Vac 37% Sou Paclf 79% Stan Oil Calif Stan Oil Ind Satn Oil Ohio - 42 Stan Oil N. J. -~ 75% Sun Oil ."..- S2ft Sunray Oil 20% Texas Co '-.. 55%. Sure! true for'52 PAUL PRINCE BUICK CO. 2800 MARKET STREET BAYTOWN Civilian Soldiers Get Taste Of Real Thing Tex Gulf Sulph 104 Tidewater Corp (split) .... 22% Union Oil of Calif ...; 41% U. S. Steel 38% Woodley Pet - 65 li 2 July NO Cotton "......Up 63 Pts. Clinic Is Scheduled For Motor Mechanics NOW Thru THURSDAY SHE CRASHED A MAN'S WORLD. ..and Made Them Ufee Jfl ALLYSON sMitci KENNEDY $AVf MERRILL LAST TIME "RED SKIES OF MOSB "THE LIFE OF BT Box Of fif Show Starts — Admission Children i THURSDAY OKI] - DOUBLE FE —with--' B a y t o w n's civilian soldiers, members of Company B of the "... 143rd fnfantry regiment, are get-. A clinic at precision bushing Ung a taste of regular army life. £" ndin K_ f" d P 1 " £ lttm / WI " 4 J e ,The company, along tflth other neld at 7:30 p^n. Thursday at the elements of the 36th Division, Is Thed Pelton Ford Agen^ undergoing two weeks of summer The clinic is sponsored by tfie training at Fort Hood. Sunnen Products Co. of St Louis r Major General H. Miller Ains- ^o., and the Joseph F. Meyer Co. worth, division commander, began i" Houston in co-opejratlon with the two-week session by cracking the Felton agency, dowr. on discipline and military W. P. Best, field engineer for courtesy. Enlisted men are being *to« Sunnen firm, will conduct the required to salute officers in tradi- clinic. The latest factory approved tional military style. methods of tolerances, precision — — fittings and line bushing grinding The Army not only makes men - will be demonstrated and indivi- of its soldiers, but makes pthem dual problems of the shopman, will educated Tnen. During 1951, nearly be discussed. 44,000 certificates equivalent to AIL owners, service and parts high school diplomas were award- managers and mechanics have ed officers and enlisted men. been invited to attend. LAST SHOWING TODAY"TEMPO" A MODERN MARRIAGE STARTS THURSDAY EAST SIDE KIDS IN "Wild Horse Ambush" BIG HIT FORT: OSAGB | HU kOflBBW l&*Wte Cartoon A News A Serial 2nd TEA RO*

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