The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 2, 1897 · Page 6
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 6

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 2, 1897
Page 6
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BAIL* diffcO*aejL& MABSfOXt, MICMIOA^, OCTOBttli #1807. *— HE DAILY CHRONICLE, OCTOB&B 2, 1801 Just now there is a spirit of unrest ifrtj wbfld. , or Is anticipating trouble Ift the • near future. Wa* of ftfl&OttMtf waf > i&vafiyjtuarte? of the globe. * are suspiciously Other's Hmvpmente. watching Saeh feat* is tfying to : .HoUrantafce. The 'long cherished %<tt%fit of the fatherhood of God, ^nd interest on ^ho bonds as IODR as th6 paid the hydrant rental due uacte* Its contract and by the further fact that the actual eoBt rf pumping the water used by the city under the contract woftld not wweedfl.OOO per year of 820,000 for the twettfcy year^, white thia saw to be thereto* by the city Wfctf hb6ttt f 88,000. tf the city dotes not purchase the wate* works and the s«l| v J«oW u . pending Bhall be decided Against it, tho city will be obliged to pay the whole sqm ol $85,000 with interest aiid costs and will W« nothing to show for its money when such 'payment is made and its citizens submit tot Mr. and Mrs. A.^hoop leave tomorrow for a visjt with their eon, Dr. I, Shoc-p, ^ and Mrs. Stenty Career have issued invitatione their ' daughter, At their residence id for the marriage of to Mr. Eobert the event" to occur on , <ctobe,r 12. yeata more to T>ay ifa^ priced tot' wftter,*9 the owijers the works chooIe-T^^enwiid. f "ll mfty charm in a and universal serHaablo coa* cfei6&B greed is corrupting and des-' , be helped? I emphatically ana Will it bet Will it be? I at»lil£ say I doti't "know ', We have trottbteiafShiite in our own v svhtoh .will likely toe all wo can * don't like .to b> Called n , for those who understand , sb««t, know thai, I am inclined to look c&i 4he bright side of life. Bnt I must COB. , jfosti, that I regard this as the darkest .h£Ur "in oui* nation's history. . 1 ktiow jthe criticism, that this will subject tao fto, but it is nonp the less true, and he t?ho believing as Jt do, fails to sound the „ Alarm, falls short of his ditty to Imfnan- *ity, Mtwdern, robbery,.and puicidc, are spf hourly occtyrencc. Mob law is rap'-, iidly gaining a prominent foothold in o«r jetfites, Law-abiding, unarmed, dofonse- lesrhtborere, peaceably marching^ along (a public highway, as th«y have a utwf ul jfight to do, ape _riiet by an official mob, bad without warrant of rightful attthori- tybrutally murdered, and this awful outrage is endorsed by- the monopolistic press of the country. And those cruel murderers will gtf unpunished here, but, «8 sure as thej?6 is, a God in heaven, they Swill have to answer for .the blood of their poor victims in this world' to como. • WeXold public meetings, make cori- iritions, lyjd indulge in long prayers for the Armenian's, -and pass resolutions Contended that the city cannot kw its suit, bni no oi?e will make 1 srtch an 5 as- seirtioa who has had any practical, experience With law fltt ts. On the other band* by ptfrcbaeittg the water works the city will place the «oQr trol of its water supply where It belongs, in the hands of those, who are compelled to use it and who will "use it for their own good and the good of the city ^ it will secure the present system of works for i), for by the Barao transac- re the payment °' &bout taxes, and by about tion we $4,000 of b thebalahceof the $50,000 in improvte- obtain a' better plant thari day - ?aek«o» Mtriotj If fou wantto kwow how de»d Mr. Bryan. and thfr ftitvet danse are. fast watfr utttU Mr. B*yaft Writer u$? on sortie topic fo? o th<& pttblie press and then w&teh the "tepublican patty fine up ite biggest teefi t4 *eply Runaways, ^ There were two runawayalast evening. Th« Brst oae occurred on State. Htrq0£ About *ix 6'oloek, thfe other on ManeSoTi street at abput nine o'clock. Aside from the smashing of ttfo buggied, *to particular damage WftS Mr. J.JR. Sfefctftti 1 . of Eettfotd, barn %a» destroyed by fire on W< day, toot only suffered the losa c structure, ,b«4 also that of l,ft»,bashelfl of whea%ihir ty boahels of clove*- setefl, a large ,4j&biint of hay, atsd a number of- ; Common Council. In council Bopfc. f?, 189t, Mayor Qraat presiding. Minutes of last regular meeting read and Approved. Kesigtta^Jftn of Afdv Ctfamef was received, and W Aid. tJreenfleld was ac cepted and ordered placed on file. Fire comttiittee by Aid, Ansoni Resolved, Thai tbe fire engine team be put 4 to work at twee ^tjttkliag State street. Adopted, Fire eoimttittee by Aid. Aftsoni Resoh'fa, That th& eifcy advertiae^ the fire engine team for sale. Loet. Condemning the cruelties of the While, in our own eonntry, we burn mon ,tt the stake, and punch their eyes olit With re.d hot iron's, and not one of fihe fjbrpetratorsof those barbarous outrages |re ever punished. • ' j Embezzlement, especially by a bptfkcr, "if the sum is only large onqiighfts treat>ad as a ."misfortune." iufitertfof a crime, j And; if people, otto of la 'is convicted, hirfif soon restored to citizenship, the late/Con! miners' strike,, a Sflway company^ could, without leave ^ br license, take whole train loads of coal, Sittd it waft/counted "shrqwd business", a I'ljood ip^e"; but, if a poor huiJKry 'strik- • isjr toot a loaf of" broad, that "didn't be- itmg to him, ho was at once branded as a ^liief, and punished jiccorduJKly. ; ;'. • /'\. The.constitutional rfehtof citizens to /•••- |>eaeeably aBseu»F>le, and diaouBB their B, and appeal to theit' felkHv- ijgjgin them; in their struggle for ~" denied TJy~ the the city "e( Albion built for the same money. -^ By purchasing"^ works the city will also terminate all further liability under tljeold contrac*°whreh, in ttejslf, is ]#orth ah least half the RUUJ paid for 'the plant. If the city should win its sutt^and build hew water works a considerably time would be required to connect consumers' water pipes thereto, but the- present plant has 150 consumers already connected from-whom-will be derived a revenue from the flrat day the plant is operated, almost sufficient to pay the running expenses. These consumers have spent an [average of about SJS each for connection with the present, plant all of which would be lost if a new plant is constructed to suporcodo the old. This.eity cannot afford to niakoapofher mistake about its water supply. The policy of the Wtiter'Coimiatiy forced it to fight in self defensojoiSd it has carrie.d on the fight uatU/ife adversaries- have been bankruptetfand their property sold taBali8fy~prtMEorsT"lt has now secured ftctnorableand advantageous terms of set- tleHient ami whenever such terras Jiro -offered it is rule to;accopt nthcnv- The Expounder. he absence of Gtofc he state. certafa doctitaentB requiring the jrotewor's signature have been signed wiln a rubber stnmp- Ttiejboard of state auditors have decided that a rubber stamp ia not the governor of Michigan and certain bills will be held utttil "Ping" returns. Chicago Record: Wherever postal savings banks are' in' operatioft women are among thqjpxost appreciative patrons of. the system." AB a *ule women are more careful of small sums than men, andTiiSBBi to have a more practical realization of the value of such accttjtm-, lations. In many families is only the foresight of the wife that leads to provision being made against a day of advej s sity. > The desire of wbmep more of men is for a pla . ^^ _____ Retained', That thfe «iervice« of Engineer Gawood S»»t. 30.l8f7. dispensed, Adopted. with after By Am, Joy the etreet cojamifctee Was inatrucntft to grade up the street at the corner of Sycamore and prospect street % Aid. Auson, Itfsoteed't That the city raxes of Tajmage be remitted* By Am. Noneman the ifesolatioti laid on tb& table for one week, was i. Biefeett the street repair north Gordon Many Tlme» Imi Bncceas C'ome* V fYotjj f he (fraud folhwiiVjZ incident "would tt# hand to b<hV«»if 5t had not orcvmvd right he-re Grand Bapid»,»4WHl investigation Uy our prtisenlapve lidEsblafbd It bi'ytrtid tfi6 reach of doubt. " Tfwse arc Hio 'f(«st? in fctidl: Mr. J.,ir.;W!iitc of Nt>. 25 HnM»ry % hfsstocen an inetrwctor in- puntrnn- fn different buftirtf^s cottcgcB for the fourteen yetm IFc%)rs.; *'Last October I was'suddenly taken ill 1 Hi a physician, who said' tho (jam '^savor stones-*, gt^utiitiHy g|aw ;i Tie pain was in my bnck and »1u(" -^, bae't swollotl upiQ»-gr£utridgte, aftd. t flBally grew sd'bad that I Waa takun to li«d< as ikclfilc^ a? a 'child. I pa^-d Mwd, t nTid%ii*(t.tlH» pftin wji3 nt Its «<Wit I ws« 1 Ifefl one tsr&t\f, Tlwi doctor uijccted Pleasant, Safe, ' — _ V Reliable - : ~ T, DR. LANE'S to> give wfe relief, but further than that. lw &»jd he .was powerless, J . wcrtiMHao rttcany, good Uut SicnS operation. I believe <n>v; flesh HteraHyVcooked in the attempffi to my aj^Hj ' Inte eafety^for their small nbso- rather than high rates Of interi ly they arc pa the stability whi Conse^nent- appreciattve of postal savings ByAl street, •^""^~ >a "^ " l '~" '" /Bill of-O. S. StiiniiHOn was referred to the finance committee, v*^,^^'?,?. G, (Shaddock, ?JO;*<3. HaWeyjglilSj el B. TescH, Jr., 4H8.48; G^JrWCkinger, $10; alt ., . , , $13.72; M.Weigh!, 318J8-, H. , . P. Howe, &4jBpar,tl.d6; 3, L. Bean. $2; J. tt. flamday, $1.85. Out of the Electric ^gafc fuadr Fitts Mfg, Co< t ratis, $7.60) fl. L. Day A Son, [arshai's time roll, $50.10. [jpurned for one week. /' ERNEST 6, SAWDY, Becojder. bank affotds-xProbably^ congress could da no «jfjhtir one thing that would BO it to the women of the country ner'would the estiiblishment of a postal savings bank system. " The Baby Show At thd county fair yesterday brought out' about fifty youngsters. .Tbe prizes were awarded as follows: Handsomest— Mrs'. James Beekwith.a diamond ring presented by C. H. Thompson; fall bonnet, Graham & Stotlo. Brightest' --Mrs. H. E. Francisco, gold SOLI COMPOUND everything was pfi»«(c«i,"tnifp<a«tine, hot cloths aiid -rtich things. I was in this condition, g? vcr, 'ip hy jHia doctof, and almost out .of njy mind-wfifieuffermg. 1 commenced 6ik5njf Ooatr's Kidmqr Pills, antl really I fettensit! n 20 minutes. After about two bourn 1 ind ft' passage of urinO, ahd passetl %lrt(«l tnd some'gravel.' stone* which grcnthv vlfoved me. I r,apidly improved. I In6>« .a all sis boxes, andlfeclto-daycnth-ely A-ctl, Mine haa I«JPH a wonderful case C feel Hurt I cannot fifty anything strong enough for iJonu'B Kidney PiYfe. My great wish is tliat. they may become well iuiowtu They will prove a uoon to maa-. kind. * , : • For sale by all dealers, price 'SO, cccts. " ' by Fostcr-Milbuftt-Ca, Buffalo, THE GREAT jrelief, htMlBteen; dtmied TlyT the couft» f for an alleged violation of the courts' iinjuuetion, men have beeuaent to prison, ihe sacred right of trial by jury being irefuaed. Political liberty, HO fur aa the laboring clasa is concerned, is gradually becoming » th,ing of the past. The 9 per j?ent of the familiw, who owu 71 per tjent ^ our 'country's wealth, rule the nation The righteojisnosw , of a catwe but little when pitted against BREVITIES. October 1. / • ;. '.--. Indian sunMrier, , '^. Council: proceedings today/ . < . Mrs. Mary Moore, of Jacksori, is in the city. ' '-' . '.'•'. •' •'...• Cotriplainta are toade of empty, cis-. Mrs.' P.\V. McReynolds has a now bicycle. ...-•.Read Watsoft & -Watsoa'o local rtd». ill this issue. Vote win favor of the city Owning the water works. Mrs. OB, Rowley is home from a lined silver cup given by J. 3. Whit^j, & Co., pair of Trilby shoes, John Butler. Fattest— Paulino. Van Voorhees. Largest -Mrs.. George Snyder, china cup, and saucer arid plate, John Wiseman"; material for white dimity dress, S. E. Cronin.' * . ,'•••..• Smallest—Mrs. Elmer. Bennett, brush and comb, A, t>. Hyde; pyramid cake, J. Raub&Son. '. .«•'•.' B«wt all-around baby— Mrs. Bert Harrington, sot of silver plated knives, and forks; W. E. Bosloy & Son; a gold niedal by the society. > ' Will Gray act.ed as superlnteodeijit and " Circuit" Court. The People vs. Oleo Davis, charged with burglary, came on for trial Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 21st. The whole jpanel of jurors, numbering twenty4hree, was exhausted and ufle taileman drawn from outside before attorneys for respondent and prosecution were satisfied. Thd case was hotly contested for three days; and on Thursday evening, after coming; in for instructions as to what constitutes an alibi, rendered a vardict of not guilty. This finished the celebrated hide cases. Ad will bo remembered, in the fall of '96 thfl slaughter house of QPO. Collins, of Marshall, was broketL into and hides stolen Soon after the second occur'anco Max Boyd, Blgio Sterns, and Jas. Harding were arrested, their implication being substanciated by-Stevens soiling hides to a Jackson dealer the morning after the burglary. Later, through the con fossion of Stevens, Cleo Davis' was arrested, examined, and bound over .to the Circuit court Elgin Stevens pkade/1 guilty in December, and is now serving tlttic in look*; In March Harding Was tried and convicted, and is also 'nerving time. Max Boyd is off on suspended sentence^nd, finally, Davis has been acquitted by'a jury. The next criminal case was that of Jas. Morton, Wm Crane, and five others, charged with larceny of satchels froni the Williams house in Battle Creek, Aug. Wth Crane, it sjppoars, is the §011 - -•-•*••• « -i TT AJT " NT. Y., solo agents for thctl. 8. Remember the-namc, JDoan's, and tuko no other. FOft THE HUMPHREYS' fETERIHARY SPECIFICS Tor Horsos,-CaUle, Sheep, Dogs, Eog% AND POULTRY. Dr. L. 3. Joy,"W.' H. Alexander Chaa. Gardanier were the judgea. , )3xis enorinotiB aggregation.of wealth in the fcantl» of a few. This almrbtibtt of irealtii,by a favored class, unless checked, jnll destroy tho republic. t Are these things uot Burtlcieut to @et J, thoughtful friends of humanity to Do I exaggerate whiaj I. say that this ia the moet serioUH and critical ^oar in the natioia's history ?, What i» the remedy for these «vila? t this; Lot all who iwt> God, e r and humapity, get together and Out whc^e the roonopplios aad truotay College year at the. Michigaq •aity commenced . today. „ Miss Myrtle Collins, of Battle. Creek, ia xiaiting Miss Ethel Freede. . Q There would-be a hot time ia the old town if a ftre should break' out. Mrs. W. B. Mead has returned from a three weeks' visit in Burlington. /( A union prayer meeting will tie held in the Ohriat^n church this evening. Mrs. J< Shaffer, of .HillfldaLe', is- the the jJeltoonts, , add the mem wh«j have ear* pied elections by baUdoztog, boodle, and fi#ud etaad: and theii gt-t on the other S»d# and organize a strike, not with Win- rrifleaor bludgeiius, hut with ft p ! B ballot, and ia this way poaggae phinery of govwrnuient.ajad mu it i the iutfefoat of all the people. Th« tpaunder. resi- gueat of Mr. and Mjs, Jacob Klaumbnfih, Now that the county fair is oveiwith the equJuoctial etoripa will b& weloooie. • ff \ Chicago decorator will the interior of F» A. 8toart'« new dWce on Green street- The - v ballooo '^ae^mcan drop this afteifnt'ton occured at about 4:20 and was a success. The ballooa jwcenfiioD yesterday was howling auAW^ovgiag folfie"partt : and There is much diasatiBfaction, that the special attractions at the coun|y fair do 'notocc.ur uiitil a law"nour."t?i tn.o ^artof" noon. This is particularly' annoying- to farmers, from tlve fact that^they are obliged to start for their homes as oarly as four or five o'clock at the latest. Last evening a great; many ^ ropa of the falivuiissed the balloon asceu- aion which was advertised aa a special attraction; The foot ball and base ball games did not occur until a late hone, of ap Ohio banker, an his attorney, .secured $200 bail for, him, and his case was continued until .next term. Ex-Pros. A tty. Clark, appointed by the Judge to defend the six who stood thai, made aa strong a, defense as possible in this Interesting trial of over tWo days, but 1 the jury returned a verdict of guiltv.' Tuesday the six 1 , were sentenced to Ionia for three years, and Galhoun and Kalamazoo counties aro thus rid of of a 'gang of organized toughs who, for several months, made it very interesting for:.tho - officers of these counties,' .It isno- ticablu that since this gang was gathered in Battle Creek and Knlamazon T?«-vcr«».t:onnrcittl«in».Tnflitmniatlo«. A.AflHpiiml iHonTuHllls, Milk Fever. B.ll.~Strnlnii, Jbnmcncim, KUcnmntlwn. g .<;.~lHwcmprr, Noi»«l lllnchargcB. .D.-~HOM or JjmbK, VVorniK. K.«,.-ro«irb(»*H patron, jPnPrtmonla. I'M'.— <;ollo or C.'ripdn, llellyacbe. (J.U.— IMlftcarrlaite, IlciiiorrhiKtcs. H.H."*lirlnary nnd Kidney J)i«ea«e». i.I.««Krj»pilv»I>l»pB!«CB < ManKc. J.K.— Dlscunes of l»itie»tioa* Parolysld. Single Bottle (over 50 dowsX -" ,-, .60- StBble Cn«e, -with Specjfl Vetorluttty Cure OH and JnrVcicrlnory Care Oil, rBnnhlii or •»!>» |W»?«M nrvMn**! <««» m receipt ol »rk». ' MID. CO., 1 11 * 1IB VnllUn, fit, , catot, 0?.OO • • 1MO Stomach,. Liver and Kidneys. Kola Compound Cures Dysj epsia and nil dp- rangernoutn of the Stompch. Kola Compourra Cures Sick Hoaflacbe, Torpid Liver and Biliousness. Kola Compound HOMEOPATHIC SPE6IFIC Np. f*ft fiO In UM 30 »6»« . ,. Nervous Debility );«>»WNtal wm«dyfo» Vita Weakness, i by LTUKHU, or mm pontwld on receipt ol pries. HEHPHBMS' BKD. Ca, 111 *Il» WUttua 8u,B.wV«ll. " Constipation. • .Is -a Brain and Nerve Tonic nnd Blood Purifier. Kola Compound is the peer of jxll other iriedicines. >. Cures Baoi^kacbo riey Troublee. and liid- and many people were obliged, to without vitueasing thei^. Jf thja very •material-drawback could in some remedied before the next Exhibition per. eooa who are in the habit of patronizing them would feel accordingly grateful. gat nay-B chute bec^uuiiHf untangled m a tree. By at the Bpet;ial election be. held »0#lf Thursday the vejuad works question will bo settled forever, The foot ball game between the Homer and jfarabftll higfe ficboola resulted in a .victory for the lattw by a scar** of Dftto.O. its Tkbrttdajr'g Buees. 2d 3d Billy O, ................. ,, 1 PolkaJOot,, ............ „.. 3 Auira C: .- 1. 3 i suffered as before from frequent hold-upfl and petty thieving. ; Saturday Judge Slmitb fentoflced/, Pat. Allows to three years in Ionia for Bur- glarising an Albion saloon; and William JNirapfc, for same offencw at Battle Creek, to three years in Ionia. So far this term there has been eleven convictions and one acquita! from tho criminal calendar; seven divorce decrees have bwea granted by the Judge; one civil case begun and settled; and the second civil case is- now pa trial." 1 In the mean time seven civil case* THE WBOIfO COUKSK.; So Often Pnriwed by SuJftrins Wwrneii, Thoueandu whose health is irretreiva- bly gone CJMJ eaaUy trace th)» gtaduaMa- chna as being the. result of following Ui& wrong course «f tr^at«»t>Bt, and fal»fi metboda of p?eWrU»ii»g fe>? t?o«We< that ' ' " * and common-, can to cured. ed drugs Into tbe .s&wnach. , , . | i impair and ruin |h* 4»«e8tive organs ' ____ __ Sister Oeo. Russell- . Piloteana. .a j '2 & voting upon the proposition to bond city of Ifarshall thejre ate several to foe considered besides the in- value of the w#terwor)^g plant- and experience aUko deiuaad and control of BO Iti»a article 9» water should 4 to intrusted to the tender .ftp water works are <istim*te<i' by judges to have c»^,t about . the eou* were able to |^F«IW $110,000b> jjaortgaging the works ~'~* ~iiU2&io^ their coutraok witlx t^Xo i security. The coat of the water i easily cxwoputed aud the dif- 8eh the Chicago wc#ther bureau has n»~er f&ypid&l so hot a 8t The their eoapJoyoB e«gaged io liaee from the Kalamaaoo river far purpojse of Btockiwg new hatcheries. Will thorn who are to ba in the can- 'The Mys(;ie MidgeUf*' please Btujet 'church, toowirow (Sat- T I 9 dr^?i3J»^^H' Farmer's Sunning race, E. Mittdock one half mite r^c«t time oi^e toi^ut*. through that dhaneel, eome of the many organs of wocaenl - injf *moo« wpmeja «nd they san easUy cured by a simple bume urday). Giria at "two o'clock; boys at such cost and the ut boodft ttyated indk^-tee that contract wi.tlj tube worth «65,ODO. That this fHf fcoitt correct is aitowo aocifity> «f church witt Bieet with Cawood on We«t State street Saturday aftemoou at 3 o'docJc lure requoftted to bring their BibJ&fc. Tto.base ball g»»e botwuea Battle Cxetok and Homer remitted in * .victory for th* latter hy » 8«wt> of e to of thw ci^y acted' an Aure J.bout the Ia addition to » forge amottnt ware including spoona/forka, knives, ca»- tera, etc., takea from Joua Fountain's retud^mcti Wednesday afternoon white fthe family wa« afaeent at tbe caunty air, the thieves poaaaeaed themselves . of a water «et, mantle dock, a net of ?*^°*i. i dishes and various articles of clothing. Tvfo men with a single hocae and spring platform wagou werfe seen*, near the tame at four o'clock ia th* ;after- »uaa with two dry gooda bo*ee in the the wagoa, aud thvy ar« euppoaed to bo requiring jnatuaifl or painful operations: "Head the following letter fwm a physician: €f«w<tew*#*.-^I faelgmteiul to yuu.foi furnuhing aia «with th» f«vr boxea -of MJWIMOI.I* Bwseo^ vriwoh have rawed my wif a from a bed of paw ana «Uf erujg aa4 restored her to hisilth and She wanted, to try BiMiWLU but I thoaght 1 could em^» her and per- h«r UHM»t it vain aod at last 1 uonseotedo to # few the parties who' took Ux» ^<»C|H. A» yet ibe ofljcers h»y* toei* uaftbie to tkem. " _____ _ " • .., ; Tht »«!« EiJtlWt «t ( jtL 8. Austin, of Eckford, ^>t te pnae i^wJwart; P, J.timxth, the best b«ah«l o( pota- p, P. phidiater of^ took tU« th* loudest for 009 atiauto took the T _ women from womb disease^, le^corrhaea, . tlrbubiee or any form of fewaak weaJtoeffl. IhaveuBttd it to great advantage is — practice, and ijfeaB alwayii keep it oaad. Yours, •- UK. S« Bigb Aek your druggi Uhedoe8iootlMMpit,t8ketK>otherj ee&d direct to tbe eoiapany for it. I * • * •* ' -« » l*»* tfVA~ fl _*1 f Price one-hall pound box aiw 60 cents. book. entit|l«d "A with circularB and aeotfrttebymaUtoa»y»ddri«a, Write W tjoA-m BKSD RjBiupov Co,, Soath Bend; In A All l^M*ra are op«n«4, read by woi»e». Wheels, STYLCSt Ladies', eeatlemen'sS Tandem. Lightest Runi*iBB WheeSa on Earth THEELDREDGE THE BELVID Coffee Ktrfa Gomp0und . IB natures remedy— potent yet harmless. It tones ami vitaliifes the, brain, uei-vea, • muedlos, heart and stomach, in brief 'rejuvenating and t>uildiug up tlie entire sys- tern, enriching the blood and imparting to the whole .body the freshness and vigor, ol t ^puth. , . Is coinposed of life giving, tissue building, Herbal and Vegetable \Extraets, -and , contains notmng injurious to the moat delicate cousti- tutioa. \ i Kola Compound man ^Jt • -M. KOLA "- It you tab i any derangemeut "Stomach, wver or from of the ISyltem, TRY A BOTTLE Of Dr. Iiane's Kola Compound. It will »o^ disap-. ppititi'tftt" J^ c . e . 50 cents and il per bottle. Ko|a Compound *t be obtained of Jhv e «Mt liia »f&e# Ju a»d Ke^ ejtreetia, wito will be pleased to furnish auy- outj with literature, tefiti- mauittlB. etc., rtigardiug this wonderful Or. tane been ejigBk'ed. «n the active practice of laedioiuo lor 35 yeard. ' The la&t ^ devoted largely to the study, treatment and cure of chronic dieea^es, and (H^eases of the uervous sy&tenj—ia both male and feuiaUi. Qousulta- tion and Wvice »t oflke FREE- A'liiHJ^dniuaber of «»U» in town and «ouaty - -*

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