Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on October 31, 1961 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1961
Page 2
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PAMPA BAtLY NfcWS fUfeSDAY, OCfOfifefc 31, 84th YfcAlt Program* Channel 4 K6NC.TV, TUESDAY NBC 1:00 Continental C!»M- room T:flO Today Show 1:00 Cftpt. Kldd'n Cur- toons 9:00 Say \Vhtn 0:30 Pity ttmr Munch 10:00 f hfc Prlc« 1* Right 10:SO Concentration 11:00 truth Or Cons*. 11:30 It Could Bi Sou ll:55N«w» Channel J 10:30 Kiinz-A-Poppin 11:00 Th«-T«in.ti 11:80 I,ove That Bob 12:00 Cuinoflat* 12:30 Make A Kae* 1:00 Bay In Court ItSfr Mid-Day Import 1:30 Betty Mnc Show 2:00 Number Pleas* 12:00 N*ws 12:15 Weather 17:2S Woman'* WorM 1:00 Jan Murray Show 1:30 Tjorelta Yo«n* Show 1:00 Young; Doctor Ata> lone 5:30 Krom The.*e Roots .1 :00 Make Ttoom For S:3fl Here's Hollywood 3:55 News NBC 4:00 Cain Kidd'a Cur- toon* 8:15 Huntley -Brlnkloy 5:00 New* ii:is weather fi:25 Sport* 6:r.fl Lara ml* 7:30 Th<> Littlest Rchfl 10:00 Nnw.«i 10MB Weather 10:25 Sports 10:30 ,Tnck Punt Show 12:00 Sigh Off KVH-TV, TUESDAY 2:30 Seven Key* 3:00 Queen Kor A Day 3:30 Who Do You Trust 4:30 "The Smllln* Oho.M" 6:00 Tomlistone Territory 6:30 The BURS Bunny Show 7:00 Bachelor Father ABC The 7:30 Calvin Colonel S'.no The New Breed 9:00 Olos«-Up 10:00 Miami Undercover 10:30 t<-7 News & Weather 10:40 SM KnshlonfiU* 10:45 This Man Dawson KFDA-TV, TUESDAY Channel 10 «:25 Sunrise Classroom IS'.SOFhrm «t. 7:00 .lack Tomkln* New* *. Markets 7:20 It Happened Last 12:30 An The World Nlghl liOO (.'apt. hangroo iiOOThe .luck Show 9:30 I T,ov« I/ucy 10:00 Video Village 10:30 Surprise Paek»£« 10:55 CBS New* 1t:pfl Tvove of Life 11:30 Search For Tomorrow 11:45 The. Guiding bight CBS 1Z-.00 Dan ther U:10 Newi Tru« Wea- An Turns 1:00 Amos *:. Andy ItSO Art l,lnklfitter> Mouse Party 2:00 The Millionaire 2:30 The Verdict Is Yours S:BS CBS News 3:00 The BrlKhlcr Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 The KdRft Of Night 4:00 Ulant Kids Mnt- IllRC S':00 Quick Draw Ate- rraw S:30 Dick Tracy True o:45 Tiouula* EtlWBrd« fiilMi Wnnlher • Dan fi:l(l Sewn - Ralph Wnyne (ii.10 Marslml Dillon 7:00 Dick VHII Dike 7:30 Dolile Olllls 8:00 lied Skelton SianJcabod ft Me fl:00 Oary Moofe. Bhuw 10:00 Weather • Dan True 10:10 New* - Jlalpli Wayne 10:2R Sheriff Of Cochtas 10:55 "Dmiion Seed" Sign Otf Channel 4 KGNC-TV, WEDNESDAY NBC 6:00 Continental Class- 1J;2B Women's World room 7:00 Today Show »:00 Capt. Ktdd'x Cartoons 9:00 Say When 9:30 Play Your Hunch 10:00 Price Is Right 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Truth or Conseq. 11:30 It Could Be You il:S5 News 12:00 News 12:15 Weather Channel 1 10:30 Funz-A-Poppl» llsOO The Texan 11:30 Love That Bob 12:00 Camouflage 12:30 Make A Face 1:00 DRY-In Court 1 ;26 Mid-Day lleport 1:JO Betty Mao Show Channel 10 5:25 Sunrise Classroom 7:00 Jack Tomklns 7:20 It Happened Last Night S :00 Capt. Kangroo 9:00 The Jack LaLanne Show 9:30 I Lov« Lucy 10:00 Video Villa** 10:30 Surprise Package 10:55 CBS News 11:00 Love of Life. 11:30 Search For Tomorrow 11:4S The Guldlii/r Llyht 12:00 Dan True Weather 12:10 News l:il() Jan Murray Show 1:30 Loretta Youns- 2:00 Younit Doctor Malone 2:30 From These Hoots 3:00 Make Room For Daddy 3:30 Here's Hollywood 3:B5 News NBC 4:00 Cnpt Kldd's Cartoons fi:1R Huntley 6:00 News r,:15 Wenthnr (i:2". Sports fl:DO Wngdn Train 7-.:iO Manhunt 8:00 Perry C'omo !t:0n Hob Newhart Show 9 :30 David Brlnklcy'* Journal 10:00 NfiWH 10:1fi Wentlior 10:25 Hports 10:30 .luck P.'inr Show Ticket To Africa Wanted By Negro 'HOUSTON, TO*. (UPIJ-A N gro frohi the North wants Ip lake , his wife and (wo 'children to Africa because he claims he and his family will not live long enough to enjoy "true equal rights" in the United States. Herman M c 0 e e, 36, ' Battle Creek, Mich,, wrote to Robert. E. Nesmith, a Houston contractor, asking for a one'way steamship ticket to Africa. : "I am sick of prejudice," McGee said. Nesmith said he will not personally pay for a ticket for McGee • and his family, but he believes he knows of some people (hat will. He said he would do what he could to : see that McGee gets his wish. Nesmith recently purchased a one-way ticket to Denmark for Charles Hugh Dillon, a free-lance writer from Dallas, who said he was a Socialist. Nesmith has a standing offer to buy tickets out of the' United States for Socialists or Communists who do not like the American way of life and are willing to renounce their citizenship and sign an affidavit that. they will never return. McGee doesn't qualify since he does not claim to be Communist or Socialist. -BHnkley 12-.00 Sign Off KVII-TV, WEDNESDAY ABC I'M Top Cut S:0ll Hn.wnllnn Ky« !);!if> Xnltod lllty 10:00 Tightrope I0;:!0 1C-7 News &. Went h ci- 10 :40 Almanac Newsreel 10:<I5 Hough Hitler* KFDA-TV, WEDNESDAY CBS 2:00 Number I'leass 2:30 Seven Key* 3:00 Queen Kor A Day 4:00 Aincrlcnn Band- alund t;:iO "I'lilna SUy" R:00 The Di»puly 6:30S«tv« Allen Show 12:20 Farm & News it 12:30 As The. |{nnc;h Murkeln World 1:01) AmuH A Andy 1:30 Art IJnkleller's I louse Party 2:00 Til* Jlllllonnlre 2:30 The Verdict Is Yours 3:55 CBS N(MVs n:0n The, Brighter Dtiy 3: 15 Secret Storm 3:30 The Kdg« Of Night •1:00 Giant Kids Jliit- Inee 5:00 HopaloiiK Cnssldy 5:30 Dick Tracy Ti.lii DonglHn Kdwards 6:00 Wenthnr • Dan True (i:IO News • Halph \Vayne f.:30 Tlio Alvln Show 7:00 Father Knows Hest 7:10 i Mipcluimle H-M Third Mini 9:00 Annulnuig Thpat- IM'P 10:00 Weather - Dan True 10>lO£.»,vi< - Kalph Wayne KlrSii (.'Innnarnii City ll:25WPKt Texas Talks Sign Off Revamping Capitol Will Be Expensive WASJUNGTON (UPI) - Sen. Wiiifam'Proxmire, D-Wis., has es- timnted thut the full cost of present renovations to the U.S. Capitol will •mount to "a whopping $22 million." He said in a statement that it would cost $11,825,000 to move the east fronc of the U.S. Capitol 32 l /i feet forward, and part of this space would be used to provide "private hideaway office for 23 high-ranking senators." Other renovations would boost the total cost to $22 million, he said. Railroad Labor Dispute Settled WASHINGTON (UPI)- The Southern 1 Pacific Railroad Co. anc the Order of Railroad Telegraphers have settled a lengthy dispute which had threatened to erupt into a seven state strike. Labor Secretary Arthur J. Goldburg and chairman Francis A." O'Neill Jr. of the National Mediation Board announced Sun- trie parties bad signed an agreement covering all issues in the dispute, which has been in ne- gotia'fions for three and one - half years. The Department, of Labor saic settlement terms were very tech nical-'arid complicated and'woulc be made public later. The strike would have affectec Southern Pacific operations in California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Texas. t h e Gauze was named after place where it originally w a s made, Gaza, Palestine, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Little Worry Eat, talk, laugh or sneeze without fear of luuecuro false teeth dropping, slipping or wobbling. KASTEETH holds plRtua firmer niid more com- fortnbly. This pleasant powder has no Kummy, Rooey, pasty taste or feeling. Doesn't cause nausea. It's alkaline (non-acid). Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FA3TEETH at drug counters everywhere. SHURFINE SAVINGS During our Giant Shurfine Carnival Sale, in progress now through Nor. 4th. Take Advantage of these Great Savings Shop Page 7 in Todays News. WANSING PURE PORK YYAINiirSo rUKt rUKI\ 4fe ^| 40% 4% SAUSAGE 2-5109 FREE SAMPLES WEDNESDAY • U.S.D.A. Good Club Steak .69 Wansing All Meat Franks Lb. Top 6' Texas Ranch Style BACON ... U.S.D.A. Good Chuck Steak 59$ n> USDA Good SIRLOIN STEAK Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit 5~lb. Bag.... Texas Oranges 5-lb, Bag FRESH BELL PHKRJ TO it A^k mm mm TREATS SHOP - WRIGLEYS ALL FLAVORS BUBBLE GUM Arrow Fleer's SO C6unt Box BEANS BREMNER ' - ; ' CRACKERS ICE CREAM Bag Family Pack Assorted Flavors V« Gal. HI c;. ORANGE ADE 46-oz. Can 3' $ 1 SI 00 Mar-crest STAINLESS STEEL COUPON No.) I 3 , f-^W* 1 * 1 r ' m <JT. • Sauce Pan , Mb. box Gayldrd Heavy Syrup PEACHES 2'/2 can REGULAR 6 BTL. CTN. PLUS DEP. GERBER'S STRAINED SAVE VALUABLE: FRONTIER STAMPS Double Wed-WITH ,,5*7 ' ir ,'^ $2.50 PURCHASE OR MORE '< J ,,•" SOUPS ELNA 303 CAN TOMATOES 2 25 ( ESKIMO NOVELTIES 'MARYLAND,-'CLUB" COFFEE Ice Cream Bars PACK CAMPBELLS ALL MEAT VARIETIES. PEAS Del Monte 303 can 19 ELNA FLOUR I0 lbbag 59 Etna 300 Can 15c Hominy PICKLES PRESERVES ZESTEE 18-OZ. STRAWBERRY JAR Heinz -12-oz. 1 1 FURR'S MEATS ARE GUARANTEED PORK ROAST PORK STEAK BACON GARDEN FRESH FRU IT & VEGETABLES LETTUCE 10 FIRM GREEN HEADS "SALAD KING" tb FRESH PICNIC STYLE FRESH YOUNG PORK WASHINGTON STATED APPLES v ... EXTRA FANCY RED DELICIOUS 19 AVOCADOS RANCH STYLE SLICED CALIF. LARGE SIZE U.S.D.A. GRADE "A" rK Y cR FRESH COUNTRY STYLE SEASONED <liP 4r^% %^ %P f^^Hr ••

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