Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 8, 1946 · Page 11
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 11

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1946
Page 11
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Hark Slovens Is GRAND CHAMPION, RESERVE LAMBS Worried Mow Thai Stars Are Back JtOLLYWOOD, March 8.—UP)— Are the wartime male stars worried about their chances for survival now that Clark Gable, Rob- eft Taylor, Tyrone Power, James Stewart and others are back from the service? At least one of them Is—Mark Stevens. "After all," he said, "the major Studios make about 30 big pictures apiece each year. Now that the war is over, each has about 15 leading men to choose from. That doesn't give the newcomer much hope." Mark is a Cleveland boy who was classified 4-F because of a back • injury from a diving accident in the 1934 Junior Olympics. He played opposite Joan Fontaine in "From This Day Forward" at RKO and returned to his home lot, 20th-Fox, to'appear iri "The Dark Corner." His boss, Darryl Zanuck, has issued a memo ordering star billing because "when people see him they'll know he's a star." But Mark remains unconvinced. "What's the use of kidding myself?" he said. "I know I got the breaks because men like Tyrone Power-and Jimmle Stewart were away at war." He said every day on "The Dark Corner" "I expected a note from the boss telling me I was unsuilcd for the role." Perhaps the reason for the actor's Worry is that this is the first time he has a good job and a home of his own. And his wife is expecting a baby. "I remember the days when I slept in Central Park," he mused, '"and the days I stole tips in restaurants so I would have money to buy a meal." Armless Hero Is Extended Old 'Texas' Welcome MERCEDES, March 8.—(/T 1 )—Several thousand Mercedes citizens yesterday welcomed home Sgt. Wm. G. Harrell, armless hero of the Pacific war, winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor, and his bride. The train was delayed more than an hour in Harlingen, where another group him an ovation. Rev. George Wheeler made the welcoming address over the loud speaker of the army recruiting truck here. Later Harrell and his bride, his mother and other relatives were guests at a late breakfast given by the American Legion and civic clubs. The state commander of the American Legion is scheduled to arrive here today, to attend a barbecue given in Han-ell's honor. He will present the "One-Man Alamo" a sterling silver life membership ca'rd in the Legion. ~ . Han-ell and Miss Larena Anderson of Vallejo, calif., were married recently on the west coast. Wayne Parr, Tampa, (left), and Ruben Bagffcnhan, Groom, (right), T»nse with their winters, grand champion lamb and champion reserve lamb, respectively, as adjudged at the Junior livestock show hern last week. The grand champion brought S102, at SI per pound, and went to Longchamps cnfe, /tmarillo; while the reserve champion went to Motor Inn Supply company, Pampa, for S81.90, at 65 cents per pound. Motor Inn Supply also purchased the reserve champion pig, owned by Pat Keevcs, McLean, at $1 per pound, bringing $194. Market Briefs WALL STIIKET NEW YORK, Miirch 7.— (IP)— The stuck mnrkrl Mijoyuil u snnil-likp rally toclny with liquors, motors, aircrnflH, rails ami umusumcnta Icadim; tlic imicesximi. Accounts were reiiiHtntcfl in most cases, brokers BUgmntcd, o n the bultef that the February slump had put the list in u position to respond substantially to any L'ood ncwu. Callint' off of the telephone strike propped sentiment, to a certain extent. Transfers of around !>00,000 shares were iimoiiE the smallest f«i- a full stroVoh since last August. In front most of the day were Hiram Wulker, Schenlcy, General Motors, Chrysler, Douglas Aircraft. Glenn Martin, Santa Fe, Southern Railway, M-K-T Common and Preferred, U. S. Kublicr, Peoples C!as, Standard Gas and Preferred, International Harvester, General Electric, Uarnadull, Shamrock Oil, Electric Power & LlRht. North American. Du Pont and MouUromcity Ward. An extra dividend cave a lift to tludd Wheel. Secondary railway bonds efjgcd forward. NEW VOKK STOCKS Hy 'The Associated Press in Airlines I) 7(i 1/ i 7ft 1 1 75' ', AMN T&T Hi Am Woolen Hi Anaconda Cop __3i! ATSK 111 Aviation Corp SO H7 1,:. HTs Kit Read Pampa News Classified Ads Sports & Hobby Supplies The Sportsman Shop W. W. Bivins 717 VV. Foster - F; E. Bivins Phone 677 2 BROADCASTS High School Championship BASKETBALL SAT. MAR. 9th ^ ^: • Direct from Gregory Gym, Austin HEAR BOTH BROADCASTS OVER Abilene.™...,.. KRBC 1450kc. Amarillo i.iKGNC 14-(0 kc. Austin KNOW 1490 kc. Austin KTBC 590 kc. Beaumont .'. KR'lC 1450 kc. Big Spring KBST 1490 kc. Brownwood KBWD 1380 kc. Corpus Christi KWBU 1030 kc. (Day Only) Corpus Christ! KEYS 1490 kc. (Pay and Nigh!) -•:••• •'.••• Dallas KRLD 1080 kc. Dallas WRR 1310 kc. El Paso KROD 600 kc. Fort Worth KFJZ ?270kc. Houston KTRH 7*0 v*. Houston KTHT 1230 kc. longview KFRO 1370 kc. Lubpock KFYO 1340 kc. lufkin KRBA 1340 kc. Midland KCRS 1230 kc. Paris KPLT 1490 kc. Pecos KIUN 1400 kc. SanAngelo. KGKL ' 1400 kc. San Antonio KABC 680 kc. Sherman KRRV 910 kc. Temple KTEM 1400 kc. ' Texarkana .' KCMC 1230 kc. Waco WACO 1450 kc. Wejlaco KRGV 1290 kc. WUhita Falls KWFT 620 kc. oj&3.7:orec/ b w MA6NOLIA PETRQLE'JM CO, Hcth Steel 17 IOiy H Hraniff Air (i 27% 2(i% 26% ! hrysler Corp __17 lli3>/ ( 121H 1'JIM Cont Motors IJO 10% 10','H 19 1 / >ont Oil Del 15 S7T' S 3S'.' t 38* ^urtiss Wright —24 II-'V, 90 Preeport Snlph 7 52 ;! i 52', en Elec 3-1 47"s 4GO Ion Motora <IO 72 71 '.4 71% oodrich (UF) 1UXD 7-1 '/J 73 Vi 7'1'X Greyhound Corp --14 8,1% 33 " 33 Gulf Oil 3XD GO';', GO 1 /. fiO';' Houston Oil 6 2o^ 250,; ii.Vji 'nt Harv 2GR G 'Mi/i SO',''. !10 '< C Sou —28C 4 25'f, 2") " 2r>«i Lockheed Airc -.23 3!l',i 3K 3UW Mo Kan'Tex 10 14% 13'i; l-lvi Mont Ward 13 28%- 25!4 26 ii Ohio Oil SO 22'X. 21% 22'" Packard Motor - (ill 11 10"' t 10'jl Pan Am Air JOG 22 21% 21% Panhandle PitR fi ]l>i 11 11 Penney (JO) 7 fiS'.i n2 ! V'i fi3 Phillips Pet 10 53'..'. 52-'!| 52 : ;', Plym Oil 2 22V^ 22 : !i 22Vn '.Pure Oil -— 27 SIOs 21 " s 21% Radio Corp Am —Eli Hi 16% 16 Rep Steel «XD 38>:. :)3'/« 38 VI Scars R GH 42% 41 '-i -IZV- Sinclair Oil - 35 18% IS','. Sou Vac 73 15% 15% Sou Pnc ,-HO -tSTi -I'HA •IS 1 /, Stand Oil Cat --1G 300; 30'/i 30% StSand Oil Inil— 21 fin 1 /. 64% CB% Pun Oil _..i 1 G(i% Texas Co 1!) 51 53% . C'l Tex C.ilir 1'rml.-.. '.1 lll'/i HI'/s IW'/i Tex Gulf Sulph ... S 51'/, 511% -51',,!, Tex Pae C&O ...1(1 25 240i 240s Tidcwiiter A Oil-.Ki U(M{, Ui^'s • zi)i{, lUS Itulibel- . ... M (i7% G5',i Ii7% US Steel GO- S2"J 82 S3',4 West Un Tel A-tr. -4C.' .Ki'/j '45'/; Winilwui-lh (I-'W) 1<I . Sli : ;'i 5G',i 5(i'/- NKW (IKLIiANS CdTTON NKVV OKL10ANS, I,a., March 7.—(/I 1 ) —Spot cotton closed steady, 5(1 cents a hulc luKller. Sales- 30U. IjOW uuddliuK 21 35 ; middling 2(i'.(l(i; good middling 27.UU. Receipts 3,406. Stock 216,975. NKW' OKLKANS FUTIIJIHS NKVV OKI.KANS, March 7. —(/I')~Col- tori futui'e:! advanced ho'.c today .on mill price-fixintr and liuyint! on hullisli inter- H'otations of -WaaliinKrton- news. Closing were steady, 'to to S5 cents a bale deliveries were below ceiling price* for the first time in months. and May rye were fdiarply lower most of the lime 1 . Wheat closed nnehanK'-d In |/, cent lower Ihan yesterday's finish, May St.S3'.', eeilim;; corn unchanKed at $1.21 (.j eeil- inirs; oats nncli.itiKcd to !«', i-ents "lowi off. May S2. lo-;i"7: s ; barliy unchuiieed at CHICAGO WHEAT CHICAGO, March 7.--(/Pj~ Open Hiiih Low May l.Stf'A l.S3'...j l.MI/j July l.S3''i 1.S3'/" l..s;|i,." Sep 1.83''7 1.8,11.1 l.S3% IDec 1.8.1'/. 1.83'/. 1.83 Clnsu I.S.'i'/. l.SS'.f. 1.83% 1.83 March May July )ct Dee H—Did. 2G.G5 '20.72 2G.SG :'.[',.Ciii 26.56 II it'll 26.65 2B.81 2G.05 26,74 26.G!) Low Close 2C..G5 26.60 2G.71I 28.5S 26.D.I 2G,(i3b 26.8!i 26.G4-GS 2G.62' CHICAGO I'ltODUCI! CII1CACO. March 7.— OT — (USIM) — Nitatoes: Slow, marliet. slitrhtly weaker: Idaho Uusset liurbaliks, U. S. No. 1, S3. 65-3. S5; Nebraska KalhadinB rainmer- :ial $2.40; Minnesota and North Dakota ibhlers commercial $2.30 ; Pontiaes com- mtfrcuj $2 ; Uliss Triumphs commercial >2 25 ; ' Florida* 60-lbi sacha . • liliss Tri- mphs U. S. No. 1 S2.26-2.50. ' TOUT WORTH GRAIN. FOU'l* WORTH,- March 7.— (/P)— Whcut No 1 hard 1.81-87%. Oats No. 3 white 92*,(|-D3*^. Soi-Bhiims No. 2 yellow milo iier 100 ha. 2.57-70. CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO, March 7.-- (*)•--drain futures 'generally encountered the broadest sell-off in several weeks today and some Aducrtittment from .yhere | § KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK KANSAS CITY', March 7~-(/P)--(USDA) --Cattle 1.700; calves 200: pome steady oh all classes, although few loads choice beef steers 10-15 hither ml d odd (rood vealers 50 higher; fail-ly active on medium tf> low choice slauKhliT steers bulk BclHnir l't.8. r i-lG.7. r j ; 4 loads choice medium weights and sl-ronu; weights 17.00-25 ; good and choice heifers and mixed yeru-linjrs 15.00-18.50: few common and medium heif- err. IO.GO-14.00; common and medium cows largely 'J.75-12.00; odd Koed heavy beef bulls 1o 13.50; yood and choice vcal- ors 14.50-16.BO. Hotfs 1,400; aclive, to all interest at ceiling levels; Kood and choice 170 Ib. and up 14.55 ; sows 13.SO. FORT WORTH LIVESTOCK FORT WORTH, March 7-- -7P)— ( USDA) Cattle 1,200, calves 300; active and slronir; few v:uod slaughter steers and yc-iirHn^H 15.60-1G.OO: odd head club yearlinKs to 17.35; medium steers anil yearlings ]3.75114.75; common 11.50-12.50-. cowl beef cows scarce, medium kind 10.25-12.00; common H.75-0.50; good and choice fat calves 13.50-16.00; common and medium grades largely 10.50-13.75; culls S.50-10.00; good and choice stocker calves and yearlings 14.00-15.25. Hogs 700; active and steady on all weights: good and choice 150 llu. up 14.65. thti ceiling; sows mostly 13.00; medium ami good stocker and butcher pigs 0.00-12.50; few butcher pics 13.00. AUSTIN, March 8. — (ff 1 ) — Gov Coke Stevenson Wednesday granted Joseph Van Hodge' of Houston commutation of sentence from death to life imprisonment on a murdci conviction. He approved the board's unanimous recommendation based on its belief that the death sentence in Van Hodge's case was too severe. Attorneys for Van Hodge had claimed that the court in -which he was convicted was not properly constituted because the members of the legislature which created it had not taken the proper oath of office. In an appeal to the court of criminal appeals, (hoy had also contended the appeals court was similarly without power because its members had not taken the proper oath of office. The board, in its recommendation Lo the governor, said: "It is very apparent from the record in the case that the subject would liave received a much less severe sentence had the real defense if -the subject 1 been 'urgcl before the 'ury instead of a fantastic attack upon the constitutional foundations of our state government, not even •emotely suggested by the facts in ;hiis case. We believe the sentence vas too severe, and that this case lid not properly classify'as a death penalty case." Total weight of sill the world's nsects is greater than Unit of all other land animals combined. Skipper Relates Odyssey With Unwanted Cargo By FRANK WHITE TOKYO. March 8.—(/Pi—The mer- chantsbip EdwUi MarV'.ham sailed from San Francisco "after we definitely knew the \var was over," her skipper said today, carrying around the- Pad el-—for 185 days—war material "that Homebody obviously wanted shipped out of the states rather than have it piled up there." At one stage of its odyssey. the ship—with 25 others—was ordered from one side of Okinawa to the other, and ''we understood this was tor the purpose of hoodwinking a congressional committee into thinking wo had just arrived." the skipper. Cnpt. C. C. Wright of Alamcda. Calif., asserted. Today the vessel began unloading officers' club furniture, "expensive sedans for generals," and other cargo it ha a picked up in Manila in January. Tho'captain, corroborated by chief mate J. L. Mason of Redwood City, Calif., told this story in an interview : "The ship was berthed at pier 19, San Francisco, and had loaded 2,000 tons of -:argo by Aug. 15 when Emperor Hirohito made his surrender offer. After a delay of a week and many conferences, we finally loaded G,700 tons of miscellaneous cargo. "Some items were puzzling to me —crimouflas'e netting, camouflage 1 paint, iron stakes, land-mine markers and a lot of other stuff that somctoodv obviously wanted snippet out of the states rather than have It piled up there—we had on decli 12 of those 11-ton tank trailers, designed to pull disabled tanks froir the battlefields for repairs. We sailec Aug. 26 after we definitely knew the 1 war was over." The ship sailed for Jo Shimn (west of Okinawa) but never got there. It "finally wound up in Uli- thi. under navy control, where we 'spent 42 days." Officers there tolc lh.e skipper that the army and navj didn't want his cargo, but "somcboc^ in the Marianas command would not issue orders to send it home." He was ordered to clump all ammunition aboard nt sea. which he did—an estimated $40,000 worth. *> 20 Australian Brides En Route to Texas LOS ANGELES. March 8.—(A J >— Twenty war brides en route to Texas were in the ixirty of 38 brides with 21 children who passed through here. They arrived in San Francisco Tuesday from Australia on the Monterey. Texas-bound brides and their husbands' addresses included: Mrs. Lloyd Brown, Route 2, Mt. Enterprise. Mrs. Vernon Koling, Corpus Christi. Mrs. Ralph Covi, 414 East Buchanan, Harlingen. Mrs. Simon Sikora, Hungerford. Mrs. Beryl Philips. Hemstead. Mrs. Leroy Brantley, 405 South Crockett, Cameron. Mrs. Eugene Keys, Lc Maye Gardens, Harlingen. Mre. Calvin Carter, Texarkana. Mrs. Loran Walters, Corpus Christi. L I L , Moreh 8, 1946 RAMfA NEWS PA6IJ! •30 VOU'RE"e£T- A-r-'ilLLION " BASH BY ?- TH'MONKEY WHICH NSVE- ^.-/•tA.^//' / '\f'~ LOST A EiET.T''- I KNEW YA'D HAiSGE YOUR MIND ABOUT SEEIN'ME-WHEN YO JR BUTLER V'H! K PERtD £OKUM S T - '- AM' THAT'D &IA.3T YER T-THAT ] RePUTATIQN-L.II,P>UE> ? N-NAME" S BUT DON'T WORRY-1' OUSET rr l WON'T TELL TH' V/ORLD ^uib. i . VTHAT A DUMB HILL-&ILLY KIP HAS WON E.VRY E V/ITH THAT'S M-MIGHTY WHITE Or YOU/" IT e>URE IS. BUB. <P AND CONSIDERIM'TH" \ NOW FACT THAT 1 AM \ -YOU'LL CHARGIN' YA ONLY FORGET FIFTY GRAND FOR / THE TH'FAVOR/V- y WHOLE The Pampa News has been authorized to present the names of the following citizens as candidates for office, subject to the action of the Democratic voters, at their primary election Saturday, July 27. For District Judge: WALTER ROGERS For District Attorney: TOM BRALY Fur County Clerk: CHARLIE THUT For County Commissioner— JAMES HOPKINS RAY G. BURGER EARL JOHNSON I'rcct. J: JOE CLARKE Prcol. 8: WADE 1TJOMASSON For (Jntinty Attorney: B. S. VIA For County Tax Assessor and Collector: F. 13, LEECH ?or Sheriff: G.' H, KYLE R. H. "Rufc; 1 JORDAN •'or District Clerk: DEE PATTERSON •'or Constable, I'rccinct ,'i: EARL LEWIS WHAT'S THAT FOR, JUMlOR.? j IM KEEPIWS- ^x_ / Tc>i\r\/ ^^p= I KNOW"SCRATCH ONE . FLAT-TOP 7 ATA DOLLAR. i DASM'T WANT To THIMK TAUGMT MOW TO PUT CHILL OM -, HECTOR' A FISHT; THAT WILL cosr YOU FOUR , DOLLARS/ DON'T VOU TELLJUNIOE. IT COSTS von A DOLLAFJ. EVERY TIME ME 1 LICKS HECTOR-? TODAY'S ATTACKS OH, \cw, uucroe ' MY STARS, REMEMBSR ALLEY \% JUST A ILL SAY, AND HOW '\ LOO< AT 7H= DOLL ) ME SEE//S TO J. BE CONVOYING: HI,OC=, \yCU'RS LOOK i MS you OLD \ f& PIT JAILBIBO! |AS A (OH W=LCO//= /PIDDLE; \ l'!A ' O<AV- OOOLA,! HI, YOJS5SLP, YOU--you PALEOLITHIC CASANOVA! STi-PS CPP 7VA I'.L "S.L HIM A THINS I'M DViNS TO ASK SO MAW QUteTIOHS, CAPTAIN EAsV... WHV DID-JULKIE COME TOTMS BLEEKES'? AND HOW DID- HOSE CANS C THAT MANIAC MU£Ff PLAN TO BURN THIS HOUSE WHEN HE LEAVES WE'VE GOT JO GET HIM DOWN SUCK!, WITHOUT f\KOU£IN$ WS SUSPICION* I'M UWARWCD AND WILL HAVE TO LISTEN ! I HEAR HIM OUR BOARDING HOUSE MAJOR HOOPLE , FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberge* SAV, SPORT/VOL) 6T6AM. I UP AM ALL-WOOL- MULLIGAN STEW, BUT THIS IS FNE -DfXVS OF IT —-~- VJE'RE eo CRftTV FOR A. WE'D APPLAUD A PLPCTE op VOELL- SEASO^ED POKER sft 'CRIPS/ 'LET M.& **&;( LOOK REDOUBLE IMyi HORSES, GET USED MO TRUMPS/ \y?r TO HAY, -*-~ 6TEVO \<=> \Z\ THEV'RE- STARTIMG ID ^\ AlN>'T SEEP OUT FROM W -~ THEY UNDER IV\Y (} SELL. FBR. EYELIDS-~-3bST If RWSIW PIE, TOO FOR \JAR\ETV A THEY ? -~-suv-r, X'D SMATCH A 1 I LIKE VOO \MOULD "Now if you could use one more piano it would be a •$ood actl" R E D C I'VE vwcriEt.- THI& ICE to ' . ( i'E.Af?5, voAnw FOE IT TO-" C CA.RRV A PAS O'.-NO^EV • • —: FROM KHERE -, LE'TY HID it ' •) • —«_. 1-^ (.RED RYDER ^' AIL) SVVIE AlNi't' I JUS! UAEiyi£6EKSD.' ( Tri" HE WAS COW TO GET TH' fAONEt WIIHOUt SPunilri' Wllrt WE •' AF1ER1 HEtPED H:-A ROS THAT CARNIVAL V I C S'd have been justified in shooting both of them. Maybe I should have, considering the risk I was running. THAT'LL HOLD YOU A WHILE. NOW I'LL ,. jp -^ SEE HOW 'i> I3ts face was scratched and cut where he'd come through the window, but he was all in one piece. I J?hen I straightened up, he grabbed my foot. He'd been playing possum. Jess Turner ran ,.„„„, lias'some new ideas. He I wants nvpve nipney, shorter hours— • Btyl meanwhile /e«' expenses have certain interests in tfve business; and Delbert figures how he can speM up pi-eduction, pnharriesses-^ wd/jto some sadd^o.yrsirVi.^yw, other friendly glass of beer, Of course, all labor troubles - '- • from where I puW he more moire give and take-* pre "'"T>! fir- -• / IT WOULD SERVE ' YOU RIGHT IF I LET YOU STAY ERE AND BURN By Dick Turner 2 had no pity for him. Heandhis pal had murdered Judge Garrissy in onft of the tnosi heartless killr. TIME 9! P.E MARKS PAT ,<£NT RESTLESS NURSE RESTING QUIETJ.V Kt rJEA'SERVUIg. 1110. T. M. REQ

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