The Charlotte News from Charlotte, North Carolina on July 24, 1903 · Page 2
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The Charlotte News from Charlotte, North Carolina · Page 2

Charlotte, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, July 24, 1903
Page 2
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CHARUOTTE NEWS JULY 24. 1903. O -i : "( IS HE HIMSELF OR HIS tWIH-BROT HER? Strange Resemblance Between the Petrified Gentleman Here Now and the One Exhibited in Charlotte About Eight Years Ago Company? There's a mystery somewhere that requires explanation. As to the genuineness of the prehistoric curiosity there seems to be some doubt. A certain physician who made a careful examination of the. petrified curiosity that came through this city a few years ago. declared unhesitatingly that it was a fake: that he could detect certain seams on the limbs v - .. .4. i. .l Kaon naot showing that uie oujw-i hou uw. mold. On uie omer in a The Pristine Prehistoric Petrified Phenomenon is in town and is on exhibition in a Try on street store. Thus far so good. N--w the question arises in the minds of t!o dear public whether this P P p p.. is the same petrified man snatv?s exhibited .to the same dear f isrht vears age. Llumor has it that thos petrified gentlemen are one and the same, but rumor sometimes errs. With an eve to removing any doubt that might exist a News' man secured a photograph of the "petrified pheno-menom that visited Charlotte some years ago. made a visit to the petrified gentleman now on exhibition here, and compared notes. The News' man unhesitatingly pronounces the two petrified gentlemen one and the same without equivocation or qualification, unlessthere is this exception that the petrified gentleman here now be the twin-brother of the petrified gentleman who was here some years ago. There are certain marks upon the supposedly petrified body that are unmistakable and could occur by no coincidence, and the position of the body and hands is identical. The bullet holes in the left shoulder, or at least indentations which are presumed to indicate bullet holes and abrasions in the limbs and body, are the same in the piesent petrified gentleman and in the protograph cf the other petrified gentleman. There is one slight difference in the realitv and the photograph and i that, in justice to the feelings of the prehistoric petrified phenomenon! now a guest of the ei'y. must be stated. In the photograph the teeth of toe petrified gentleman are noticeable, while in the prehistoric monstrosity here ,now the mouth is closed, and it may be observed in passing that it looks to have been daubed over with some black substance, or possibly petrified dirt, which accumulated perhaps in the. mouth of the gentleman during his last period beneath the earth. - Now, if the historical editor of The News is correct in his observations, the pet'ified gentleman who was exhibited hre some years ago, it was claimed, was unearthed about a half-mile from the old Saluda mill, just three miles from Columbia. The petrified gentleman now on exhibition here, is said to have been unearthed twenty-three miles from Asheville on the farm of a Mr. Switton. In fact the Pristine hand two . 5. .. nffl.lavUa tl physicians who nave given amu..v-the Pristine Petrified Phenomenon Co.. declare that in their belief it is a genuine petrified human body. Now where doctors disagree the patient is bound to suffer and in this instance the patient who is none other than the petrified gentleman has to bear the brunt of having his character as-aA his limitation aspersed and the worst of it is that though he is here, he cannot refute the charges, .i.nv.o, thev hp an'andal or whether they be truth. The scieutitic editcK of The. News declines to be interviewed onhippt nf the genuineness of the subject: unfortunately he is not thoroughly posted on things prehistoric and neither was he present at the ,..,,.ot:, nf the ancient town of Lon- cord; hence his mifamilianty with the ... i no .mfitnpsK tn duality as suujeiL uij-u in mi..-.-- Who can solve this question ot uia petrified eentleman is AVIlflUfl lino f k: if r. liis twin-brother: ti,.t rfmihtless many uersens win visit the petrified wonder. The remark attributed to the late P. T. Barnum is nnnlirable now as it was when he is said to have made it. There is just one t,-, whirh The News calls atten- tion- the posters used to boom the thp netrified celebrity invite ladies and children to call and see the curiosity. The News wishes to staie that in the manner in which the exhibition was conducted this morning, it . ., , lotino rr nhildren. is not tne piace iv,i - .' and the attention of the city authorities has been called to this very point. This matter will doubtless be remedied lon- before the public reads this story. C, V. AUTEN of Continues to make Miraculous Cures READ THIS LETTER: , ALMOST A MIRACLE. Dillon, S. C, Aug. 18th, 1908. Gentlemen :Tn September, 1399, took rheumatism in a very bad form. In a mouth after tho disease started I had to givo up f,dd& bed. It continued to grow worse until jny arms and bauds were bad ly dra wn, so mnoli so that I couM not use themT My legs were drawn back until my foet touonea my nips, x was as ucipiojo r"J ,. 'J f .,,iprtH rintri The niuoles of my arms and legs were hard and shriveled up. 1 "fl0ea2 many titns over, 'was treated by six different ; physicians in ' S?1"1 ?UoV Marion, but no-e of them could do me any good, until Dr. J. P. Ewing , "1?? J amn to see me. He tola me to try your Rhkumacidk. ''He got rne one t bottle of the medioine and I began to take it and before the first bottle was used l up I began tTgetbetUr. I used Ave and a half bottles and was completely cured. That was two years ago, and my health has been exce Uent fver since. Have had no symptoms of rheumatism. I regard "Kheumaoidi" aaby ffar the best remedy for rheumatism on the market. I cannot say too much for It. I nave recommended it to others since and it has cured them. Will sav further, that I began to walk in about six days i r 1 began to take " Rhkumacidb," with the aid of crutches ; in about three months after I began to take it, I could walk as good as anybody, and went back to work again- Very truly, JAMES WILKES. All Druggists, or sent express prepaid on receipt of $i.oo, ..... . . R.tltlmnre. nd. iSODDitt cnenncai vu., - AN INTERESTING STORY What a Charlotte Lady Said to Her Friend and What Her Friend Did. . & VnilR CLOTHES WILL. ims i twice as long and always iooK liKe new if you keep them pressed and cleaned. The cost for this excellent service is only $1 per month, and we send for and deliver your Clothes as often as you desire. QUEEN CITY PRESSING CLUB, 209 North Tryon. Don't forget the name and place. SUMMER BIBLE CONFERENCE. All Healing Thirty-Five Petrified Phenomenon Company, under whose auspices tha petrified gentleman is touring the State, have in their possession a voluminous mass of affidavits testifying to the finding cf this prehistoric ponderosity on the farm of Mr. Switton, testimonials to the char- . acter of Mr. Switton, cf the men who made the find, the gentlemen composing the Pristine Company and also ; testimonials from several physicians as to the genuineness of the petrified gentleman himself. Now, as a matter for speculation, how happens it that, after being unearthed near Columbia, S. C, exhibited around the country and then to lapse into innocuous desuetude, the prehistoric petrified gentleman should be unearthed again, this time, at a point several hundred miles from his original resting place and the sc-ene cf his petrification? That's the question that agitates just now, the minds of the scientific investigators of Charlotte. The first rumor that these gentlemen were one and the same, was started ty a gentleman fiom the western part of the State not a petrified gentleman either who saw the curiosity new on exhibition here. That was shortly after it had been unearthed near Asheville. Later, while passing through Charlotte, this gentleman stopped in the photograph gallery of W. I. Van Ness and Son on Tryon street. While there he told of having seen the petrified gentleman found near Asheville and he was shown a photograph of the petrified gentleman who was found near Columbia and exhibited here some years ago. The visitor was surprised at the resemblance, in fact was convinced before he left the city that they we-e one and the same. Now that the petrified gentleman is here, the chance for comparison has presented itself, and more than one person, who saw the other gentleman, unhesitat-inglv declare that it is the same pre historic monster. Is it possible that the first prehistoric gentleman became rejuvenated and after being uneathed for a certain period, breathed the breath of life and walked around among his fellows again? And did he then lie down and die near Asheville and again become petrified for the benefit of the then unborn Pristine Petrified Phenomenon Ministers At Springs. (Correspondence The News.) All Healing. July 23. The Summer Bible Conference of the A. R. P. Ministers was opened here Tuesday even- in c Rev. J. K. Montgomery is uaaw-man Rev. I. S. Caldwell vice-chairman', and Rev. C .M. Boyd, secretary and treasurer. About 35 ministers are in attendance as follows: J. C. Galloway, A. S. Rogers, T. B. Stewart, J. P. Kncx. J. W. Simpson. W. L. Pressly. S. J. Patterson J. K. Montgomery, J. A. White, E. F. Griffith, R. C. Davidson, L. T. Pressly J. M. Bigham, J. M. Garrison, R. E. Hough,' B. H. Grier, B. G. Pressly, J. L. Oatcs. I. S. Caldwell, E. E. Strong, G. - R. White. J. H. iSmpson, W. W. Orr, R. G. Miller, J. S. Moffatt, J. M. White, J. S. Grier, J. A. Smith, R. M. Stevenson. J. W. Carson, G. W. Han-na, A. J. Ranson, E. A. Ranscn, A. T. Lindsay. Dr. J. C. Galloway opened the Con-fprPTif-e -with an able paper on the Im- i portance and Methods of Bible Study. I Yesterday morning Dr. W. L. Pressly ! gave a very profound and profitable lecture on the Atonement R.n.rai Unholsterinq, Makers Hair and Felt Mattresses. Cabinet and General Kepair vw. and Finishing In Oil. ' No. 20 1-2 Nortn uonegc once. BUGGY AND WAGON REPAIRING, HORSESHOEI NG,aTN t kal. ai-r-SMITHING. WE PUT ON GOOD YEAR RUBBER VEHICLE TIRES. i G.A.P4GE Corner Fourth and Church Sts. Stsxr Mills Corn Meal is the best. We, sell m any quantity. Free delivery in the citv. - W. 'M. Crdwell. Prop. Lcrge Stock .ouuLXXoajcxxxccxaaaurxcxxx A meeting of the First Presoytery was held during the recess in which Rc-vs. E. A. Ranson and J. W. Simpson vere ordained to the full work of the ministrv.-A call presented to Rev. J. S. Grier of Sharon, York county, S. C, was bv him accepted and Tirzah, neaj.-Rock Hill thus becomes part of his his chargo. Rev. J. S. Grier led the Conference cn the "Sabbath School, the Right-hand of the Church," which was fol lowed by some discussion. The address of the evening was made by Dr. W. W. Orr on "The Evangelistic Church," in which the need of tent preaching, "after meetings 'and other strenuous methods not unscriptural were urged. This morning Dr. Pressly discussed "Sanctification" from the scripture standpoint and this called forth much discussio nand many questions more than any other subject yet brought forward. This is an ideal place for such a confer ence. Everything i3 calculated to afford recreation, rest, and profit to the ... .a n Ministers, except that some oi me younger brethren occasionally lay aside their dignity and make fun which is partially enjoyed by the older brethren. Rev. J. H. Simpson has with him his violin and at odd hours entertains the guests with delightful music assisted by Moffatt Kirkpatrick, son of Rev. A. G. Kirkpatrick, who is the host of the conference. The violin is also employed with thP ors-an to assist the voices of the brethren in singing the songs of inspiration. This morning Rev. J. H. Simpson and a party of the young msn ascended Crowder's Mountain to vi$w the sun rise. The list of those to be called at the early hour of 4 o'clock was somewhat "doctored" and such men as Rev. G. R. White and others in reputation for age. dignity, and divinity were aroused from their slumbers and summarily ordered to don their clothing in haste for the mountain climb. The joke was taken in good part, but one learned divine, who slept none too well any way, suggested something in connection with Solomon's words about the mortar and pestle. "Is Charlotte musical?" asked a visiting lady of a representative Charlotte lady. "We have quite a good deal of rrmsirnl talent and a number of ac- comnlished musicians, both vocal and instrumental. Our churches have the lict 'hmra in the South and once a vear we have a great musical festival whirh i liberally supported by the business men of the citj, and is in srrnmental in brineins: some cf the leading artists of the country to our citv." "In what way would you gauge the lrmsirfll milse of a city?", asked her friend. "I hardly know, but one of the best tests is the kind of pianos in their homos, whether they are cheap 'thump boxes' or instruments which will educate and develop musical tnlprt. A srreat manv necple think it is just as well to give a child a cheap piano to begin practice on, but it is a serious mistake. A right beginning is verv important and a beginner in music should not only have the bes teacher, but the best piano an in strument with perfect tone and touch to develop a pure musical taste an a love for the classics in music." "What pianos are mostly used in Charlotte?" "The Stieff Piano seems to be the most popular instrument in Charlotte; I suppose you are acquainted with it." "Oh, yes, it is a fine piano. I have seen numbers of them when visiting in Washington and Virginia. Do they sell many in Charlotte and what kind of stock do they keep on hand?" "They have largo warerooms at 211-213 North Tryon street and almost every day I see tnem moving pianos to homes or to the depot they must sell a great many here." "How long have thty had a branch here and who is their agent?" "They opened up here in '07, I think, and as I understand it, have no agents, but sell direct from factory to user, working directly under the management cf the factory in Baltimore. These branches are opened to bring them in closer touch with the buying public and to save interme diate Drofits. By the way. I read m a clearance sale now and are making great reductions in prices. If that's so, I will go and see tnem, as i wanx a piano for my little girl who is just beginning music. Can't you go with I. W. JaLmieson DENTIST. No. 8 S. Tryon St. ttotn pnones oo. Will be in Pineville every inursaay. lilt! Ili tn ; in AND NORTH STS Ja f RURAL; FREiii MAIL Notice of Removal Dr. C. I. Alexander, Dentist, has . . . .. t" ' : .. 41... fiA moved into nis new uuicr, iu v.-soii building, southeast corner of Fourth and Tryon streets. x For lent Four-room cottage, N. Caldwell St., 5.00 per month. Modern C-room house, 301 Elizabeth Avenue, $12.50 per month. Flat, 311 1-2 N. Tryon street, $12.G5 per month. Water paid. J. K. A. ALEXANDER, 225 N. Tryon Street. Signs, Streamers, Banners, Etc. MADB BY Charlotte Cloth Sign Co 40 Bell East Trade Street. Phono 284 and 1946. "Unseen. It Heloeth vou with Faith ful Hands; Unheard, it Speaketh Stronger than the Storm. " ROYAL BENEFIT SOCIETY Home Office: Washington, D. C. PAYS TO ITS MEMBERS fKUNl ft?. no TO $12.50 PER WEEK IN CASE OF SICKNESS OR ACCIDENT IT PAYS $100 TO $1,000 AT DEATH Good Agents Wanted. me: "You say the regular price of that Stieff Piano is $400 and you are sell- dng it for $337.00 on terms to suit?" "Yes, ma'am, we are making this reduction at, present. We expect to sell twenty-five or more pianos within the next thirty days and can af ford to sell them cheaper." "What is the original price of this one you ask $200 for?" "That piano originally cost about $400: we took it in exchange for Stieff and had about twenty others secured in the same way, but have already sold five of them. We have sold six pianos in Charlotte since July 1st." ' - ' "I like the tone cf that Stieff for $337.00, you may ship it to my home in Monroe. You know nearly every body in Monroe uses the Stieff. think about five of them have been sold there in the past two weeks." "Yes, ma'am, we sell them in every town in the South and have over two thousand in use in North and South Carolina. We will ship the piano at once and thank you for your patron age." THIS REMEDY s Sore to Give SATISFACTION CATARRH Jewess! ELY'S CREAM BALM Give Relief at Once. It cleanses, sooth A 1 es ana neais ii aj v-fxtrn diseased mem-nHI rLVLn t)rane. II cures catarrh : and . drives .way a cold In the head quickly. i is absorbed.- Heals and protects tht Membrane. Restores the Senses' ol Taste and Smell. Full size 50c; Tria Size 10c: at Druggists or by mail Trial Size 10c. by mail. BLY BROTHERS." 56 Warren 8treet jew York. Mr. Sprunt Passes Through. Mr. W. H. Sprunt, Mrs. Sprunt and five children aie spending the day in Charlotte, en route to Blowing Rock to spend the summer. , Mr. Sprunt is a member of the firm of Alexander Sprunt and Son of Wilmington, among .the largest cotton exporters of the South. He arrived last night and will leave today for Blowing Rock, where he usually spend his vacation. RID2 A MOTOR DYCLE H. J. GREEN Wa ia HpAdnuarters fori tha-t line of Goods. ALTIM0RE Mft Sand' deliver when promised. SbocooooxicoEoc tington G McNELIS B4URENT Hardware raipaay 29 EAST TRADE STREET Charlotte, N Carolina GENERAL AGENT FOR NORTH AND SOUTH CAROLINA ANU I fciw NESS EE. Box 116 Charlotte, rc. One nine-roow " house, corner of Sixth and railroad, with all modern Improvement. One seven-room house, on South A street, with all modern improvements. One six-room house, on West Fifth street. One six-room house, on North Brevard street. Twn seven-room house on N. Gra ham street. Five-room house on East Palmer street. One six-room house on South. Church street. Onp four-room house on East Fourth street. C. McNelis. 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