The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 8, 1959 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1959
Page 4
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THE BRAZOS?0*T FACTS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8,1959 Local Women Attend Brazos Presbytery A number of Brazosport wo- Wednesday. Registration begins men are attending the 57th an- lual meeting of The Women of the Church of the Brazos Pres- at 5 p.m. and Mrs. William F. Piuitt will be the inspirational speaker. oytery, of the Presbyterian Church of the United States. The meeting is being held in (he Bellaire Presbyterian! Church Wednesday and today.! . I i* I i The Presbytery covers a 27; D (irmpn RV U county.area surrounding Hous- lIUIMICU OJ LJ ton. Attending from the Lake Jackson Presbyterian Church are Mrs. T. C. Mandrell, Mrs. One of ihe first ac Uvities of John Toppin, Mrs. W. E. John-: (he new o f f i cers O f the Lake ston, Mrs. R. W. Graves, and Jackson j-^t Baptist Brother- Mrs. Benton L. Graham. , hood was p^ns ( or Laymen's Attending from the Freeport, Week Oct. 11-18. Laymen's Week Planned By U Baptist Church Presbyterian Church are Mrs. J. R. Shadwell, Mrs. M. M. Smith, Mrs. I. J. Buckalew, Mrs. A. O. McCary, and Mrs. The group met recently to arrange for speakers. Peerner Riehl, administrator of Polly Ryon Hospital, Richmond, will Harvey Pessarra. ; speak at First Baptist on Sun. Speakers at the meeting in- day. elude J.Sherrard Rice of Tyler,j On Oct. 18 the District 4 Dr. Andrew Edington, president of Schriner Institute and moderator elect of the Synod of Texas, William F. Pruitt, missionary who recently returned from the Belgian Congo, James W. Gunn of Houston, and Jerry M. Newbold of Itasca. The Lake Jackson Presbyterian Church will' be host for a World Missions Workshop next 48 HOUR SERVICE XODACHROMf PROCESSING BY KODAK Delaney's PHARMACY ANGUTON Tl 9-6446 Brotherhood president, John Price of Houston, will speak a' the morning worship services. Brotherhood officers for the coming year are Bill Lott, present; Hershel Thompson, ac vities vice president; Bill Ryn, program vice president ike O'Connell, membership nd publicity vice president mmy Mahaffey, chairman o: .e Royal Ambassador commit :e; Bill Winn, chorister, and oe Rowland, pianist. H ow can I overcome false appetites? -THE'TRUTH IN THIS GREATBOOK CAN RELEASE YOU You can be freed from any false appetite i£ you will turn with a receptive, unprejudiced thought to the truth contained in this griat book, Science and £Jealth with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. You may read or borrow Science and Health free of charge at any Christian Science Reading Room. The book can be purchased in red green, or blue binding at $! and will be sent postpaid on receipt of check or money order. Christian Science RE \DING ROOM t* OC. Freeport 303 E. Broad Mon. & Fri. 2 to 5 p.m Wed. 7:45 to 8 p.m. 9 p.m. to 9:16 p.m. Modern Church Woman Topic For CWF Meeting "Publish Glad Tidings" w» he theme of the recent regu ar monthly meeting of th reeport Christian Women ellowship. It was held in til octal hall of-the First Chris ian Church. The program, presented b rtrs. L. K. DeZavala, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Buddy Due ey, and Rev. and Mrs. O. C tarper, dealt with the moder hurch woman and her respon ibilities to witness in her dail: ife. A light buffet followed th iiisiness meeting and program vith Mrs. Harrison, Mri. De Zavala, and Mrs. H. A. Dudle as hostesses. A centerpiece of yellow hy biscus encircled by waxy leave decorated the buffet table. Our Growing Churches Add These New Uembi-i FIRST METHODIST , Lik» Jackion Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Hand Mr. and Mrs. Carl Taylor Mr. and Mrs. R. E. McNimara Miss Johnny Gunn FIRST METHODIST Clui* Mrs. Monette Snyder TEMPLE BAPTIE Glut* Mrs. J. W. Hickm Bonnie Thomas O. Wood Neal Skinner Patsy Taylor Mr. and Mrs. R. V. £......, Mrs. Dorothy Crawley Linda Spinks Judy Ramsey Mrs. Bernice Weatherly WEST END BAPTIST Frteport Mr. and Mrs. Grover Har> grove Thomas and Mary Robb Jimmy Walker Nancy Langston Mr. and Mrs. John Simmons, Sharon, Debbie, John Jr. Sir. and Mrs. Walter WatU Jimmy Turner Billy Jean and Kay Rye Jan Harper Mrs. Willie Hinkl* Barbara GUcrest NOW! HOMOGENIZED NO MIXING NO STIRRING . NO FAINT ODOR Child proof Scrubbable Your NAPKO dealer in Brazosport FREEPORT 623 W. Broad LUMBER COMPANY BE 3-5256 if yon THANK YOU! to save T <HOF " ** wn«B»l All STOMS WIU RE-OPiN WON., OCT. 12 D p M TO 9 P.M. to do it at UGA PEACHES SUNFARM EGGS IMPERIAL PURE CANE FOOD CLUB Tree-ripened, Golden Cllnqt wMi Hurt fresh or'-.ard flavor. Delkfout ot breakfast, dessert tbnt or wltt er»»m « a snack Ho: 2V2 Can •reth Front Nest to You ... only the fin- e*t Grade A l«rg« eggs go Into Sunfarm cartons—U.S.D.A. In- tpected JIFfY aUFf Y-tlTI Biscuit Mix ...... .. ^ 29c FOOD CLUB RICH Cake Mix ^^r 4 "SS 49c Ne c.? 21 c FOOD CLUI PITTED Red Sour Cherries FOOD CLUI WHOLE KERNEL Golden Corn ......... 2c." 29c FOOD CLUI SWEET Grape Drinks ...... 4 ££ M MELLOW KRAFT Apple Jelly ... '°£* 23c SHELL WHITE EGGS COUNTRY GIRL EGGS PEPSI COLA "' - 47' 12for49c GEBHARDT'S HOT DOG CHILI TOf FROST FIOIIH OZ. MOUNTAIN GROWN 19 C FOLGERS COFFEE DARTMOUTH'S FROZIN 1Lb 69 cSLb .T FARMER BROWN or HORMEL DAIRY SLICED PRIM SLICID DAILY PULL POUND PACKAOI SimihlM Hi H« Cracktri 33c Mb. 1A-O1. Sliced Strawberries. ..'^ 23° Chopped Broccoli. ,.'•"* CHICKIN, Ilir. TUKKIY . DARTMOUTH'S HUFFY Dining-ln Dinners .'.'£• 49< Frozen Waffles DARTMOUTH'S TASTY ASSOMIO HAVOM Sweet Peas 2 '&£ 25c Weingarten's Sherbet, 2 ror 25 c lOc 59< ,.u. 45e U- LUNCH COUIiTlll tntttt VM! '•* The** pried food Oct. « thru Oct. 10 in Frwjwrt only. We reserve the right to limit ntuntltlei. AGARHAM Filly CMM, N« W«M*1 N« ••Ml Rtf. Sl.M PriM. 29 S. CHOICE BONDED BEEF CAN WISCONSIN II* IYI • ,, ,*,.,, Swisk Cheese JX ...... u. 89c AKUOVR'S SMOKED country »ausago .... ...... u. 29c FAMILY FACK Samuel's Pranks ....... ..''c,". 99c SWIFT FIIMIUM Brick Chili Y& 69c UNAMUDOID DICTIONARY yy_"rl.!mn WH»>I«T "«»«• MM! JUiW VeeeM*e»y WHk IH» _^^. • ^^^bx ^B^R^ * taMM .m w» in- 4|Di §0 » ^SE^BIC •«i» •..»••-•. ^^ -^D^r-' Mwl iwo r^«fc •••BP' .^^^ ^ BAKtRY SPICIALS Devils Food Cake 49c OoubU layered wiffc crtamy cboeolart fuda« leliifl C«k« Sunkitt C«f MAI HOM ItYU O«rnNM Ch*««l«t* Cak* . . $1.15 Devonshire COFFEE CAKE ........ 31c WISCONSIN TAN»Y Cheddar Cheese ........... M 67c A«AR SNCID -:• Lunch Meat u . 59c DICKER'S SMOKID Braunschweiger *, 67c • ENUINI 2 YR. OLD N. Y. Sorp Cheddar u . I9< CANDY SMCIAiJ CRISPY. CRUNCHY HOLCOMI Peanut Patties ...... ^Si. 19c WRArMD CANDIES, IRACH'S Burgundy Mix ..... i.J^,. 25c MILT IN YOUR MOUTH Hershey Herseyetf•*£?*. 23c MIL-O-SWin TART Lemon Drops i4^»« 1S< GROUND ROAST Taw ftHff woHer 'MeeJi avaj* hf hat fram MM broiler even, It • b«ea to bwty , . a* afllce. On the brollw pan rack, b a e a n-wraMed sea- taaed ground beef patHet partner with belled pot* toe* halved, erlM-emsed, land batrer-bnithed. Whale kernel eara, *pr«ed kt the pan aadeneath the rack, k ieaieaed with the savory Meat arliM^s as Me tfas 39 C FRESH NORTHMN OOMI ND HUM PORK PICNIC CUT 0TART YOW SIT •« BAVARIAN I PHEOi puciservmo l»Vi" MMW INi SMALL, 44 U. AVIRAM ••MMJU MUM VMil R««*t „. S9C MI1Y NHTtlTIOUS Calv«s Liv*r M 79* SMOKMUVOUD i»«fk Chops u . 79, MMIU HOWH TASTY Uuntry SiWMft 1*H I 3Sc SMmCI TIN CM Pry«r Legs TOP MOIT T*JTY PUh Stick* V KHVANA aVafeal MWVI CAUftHT Pish 27c CALIF CELERY U.S. NO. 1 Crisp Nlc* Stalk C V. %. N«. I FLOtltA •. I. N«. 1 MIST II S. N«. 1 UO White •rapffrvit ...^ 12c Yellow .3 ^ 19c V. I. N* 1 MM* Fresh Cucumbers •. S. N«. I FMM4 Lovislana Yams u. Jonathan Apples •. S. Nfc 1 Uff* Roman Beavty Apples SM«S9c Ivy WEINGARTEN'S DRUG AND Helene Curtis Brylcreem Modess M< »- TEMPO HAIR SPRAY SHOAL MCO. TOBACCO DEPARTMENi 65cTube Electro by Bourjois Dusting Powder Ben-Dana Bangs SPECIAL PURCHASE fUl VALUI Lovelitr Hian real hair —in blondt, brun*t, black er r*d head. «flVMfOln i ^yCvMpvP JI Sw• Costumes Clm, flratf. 89c IkiMMH. Dm*. O«M. WHU. •»pir. ri«»«. 1.89 GENERAL ELECTRIC LAY AWAY bMmM t»yi. $1 I tick iltm until D.c. II.' Pedal Car Doll Stroller AdjiMt«W« (wdtli wlni I m p r • v t <l 9»<rf. ItH IMW- Injt—«H •!•*! wHk •n*m*l ftnlih. RH* (Ultd.1 Mm. AN I«M| w wHk r«MW> Spray Steam & Dry Iron Steam e* Dry Iron.. 12.88 Electric Irewmaster Cctrnlc pot tftk (tor.l dj- sla«.> • $«lt«d- !«, • I • e t fit htittna; unit. 4 cup ctpicl- 49 Laundry Basket Ra«. S4.*l Oven Toaster Bfoill. tMltl. Stillll Cooti food imid. er wtrmi on top. WBT HMD Bean Pet El«ctric pot wllk 2 qi. c«p*city. 7.»l Llrt Prlc* Coffee Mu§s 2fc Lto 199 4 69c T O [• A C C O s " tic VALUi Gillette!!^ 69* P*rf«cf* Ctf«n ^iliV'^A R. J. Allen - 2 s ? MM BAflt CA!|M "Exodus" Ball Point Pen Rttrawfobh Mttol rea> wa) CMtw. * M.N I <• M tmMt HMM. Lifebouy Soap lie EVERYDAY LOW PRICB Reg. Size Lifebouy Soap 15c Bath Size EVERYDAY LOW PRICB Rinso Blue Detergent at. 75c EVERYDAY LOW PRICE Lux Toilet Soap »R 3 ^ 31c EViiKYUi/ LOW PRIOB Lux Toilet Soap r 2 ** 29c EVERVDAX LOW PRICE Lux Liquid M OZ 71 c EVERYDAY LOW PRICE Lux Flakes 12V4 oz. Oft Size OOC EVERYPAY LOW PRICE SIM R*g. WEEK-END SPECIALS IN OUR HOME CENTERS AOU-MP Broadcloth Blouses 77' fc*ifc fcr W—• tofnpl*t« «ryt« r«n9* for f«ney »r t*!lor*d ttttM. So y«r»*tlU in iclidi or prinh ind, •I wriuiiferlwd for Ufting <ni* «*. H» S . ttc. SIZES 32-31. iOWfSr P*Kt JrVEftf KING SIZE FOLDING Serving Table 23 Jumbo t«bU itindt *n U" brtn <•«>. Trty k lix2H/ 2 " «nd It litin ln j alcohol r*i!iUnt. Folds *«iily (or *fw40*< Thr«* d*iigm far *ny bom*. Holds • full m..l. WASH 'N WEAR •AN RIVIR'S DRI-DON Sport Shirts P»tor Pan, Con- *in«ntal, Convar- t'bla. Wing and Purit« n Cellar Stylat. GIRL'S TAPERED LEG Slim Jims •g 69 nu Solid W)M or print cardurcy—tolid bod- lord cord or flock trimmod china. SIZIS 7-14 ..»l.»7 REVERSIBLE Braided Rugs 24x4S SIZE 39 Irillitnt KIWI oi browni, ndi «nd «r«tni in it«y»fruh, riyon and coHon bt«nd. Ri- vtfiibte for doubts tht wtar. WondtHul in my d<car«hV« <ch«nu. 3 (*. i S h. 13.99 H»'i tpprevi your ttiH wrtk Mt gf )litu lour bund n«w flU pit- Itru Coloriu* rtd, blu«, tin w grty. Top ititclitd coll«r» with ptmuntnt it*yl <nd pt«lii»d wn-cliip buHon.. SIZES 5-M-L *' PRIGS Surf Detergent t 82c fiVBRYDAY LOW PRt Breeze Detergent G - 77c EVERYDAY LOW PRJCB Condensed All Dish All EVERYDAY LOW PRICE EVERYDAY LOW PRICB EVERYDAY LOW PRICI Fluffy All Wisk Detergent A 1 4lc Pl - LOW PBICi Praise Soap Reg. Size 2 Fo ' -ilC EVERYDAY LOW PRIG! TH1 BRAZOSPORT TACTi THURSDAY, OCTOBER S, MM Court House Records MARIAGE LICENSES George Shelby Osrey andMlss Barbara Jean Potcet Joseph Laudls Bonvilllan and Mrs. Lillian Frances Elliston Clifford Harry Alexander and Miss.Dolly June Clement Harvey Vincent Darasaw and Willa Emma Watson Raymond Cletis Meade and Mrs. Marlene Fritts Guss Edward Hitchins and Mrs. Ruth Lillian Hagelgans Lewis Lucious Conner and Mrs. Edna Ceal Wats Robert R. Alexander and Mrs. Vera Opal Gray Altus Otis Manuel and Betty Jewel Nunn Simon Domingues and Miss Gloria Alvina Hernandez county court docket Sam Ernst Haner, appeal, speeding. This case dismissed on recommendation of the district attorney. Defendant Is now serving time In a federal penitentiary. Herman Charles Hatton, liquor violation. Pleaded guilty and was fined $100 plus court costs. Appeal of suspension of Ernie i Cecil Gay by Department of j Public Safety. Suspension' stayed until the final order of the court on appeal of said petitioner. DISTRICT COURT DOCKET DIVORCES Betty Mae Marshall vs. Robert , Jackson Marshall, divorce I granted. Judgment for plain- { tiff. Custody of minor children i awarded to plaintiff withvisita- ' tion rights to defendant. Defendant ordered to pay $160 per month support for s»idchildren. Division of property approved. : Max Garrett, attorney for plaintiff, j Margaret F. Smith vs. James i M. Smith, divorce granted. Custody of minor child awarded to plaintiff. Defendant ordered to pay $40 per mdhtb. support. Bass and Holder attorneys for plaintiff. Patsy Davis vs. Paul Parkei Davis, divorce granted. Phil•lips and Goff, attorneys foi plaintiff. Harold Martin vs. Florence Martin, divorce granted. Custody of minor children awarded to defendant. A. R. Mason, attorney for plaintiff. Eddie M. Rose vs. Roberta E. Rose, divorce granted. Custody of minor children awarded to defendant. Plaintiff ordered to pay $75 per month support. Bob S. Owen, attorney forplain- tiff. Juaniu Luffman vs. Jesse Frank Luffman, divorce granted. J. L. Wilcox, attorney for plaintiff. *' • OWL CASES Mae Ezell vs. Hubert Ezell, reciprocal child support. Case 'ismissed, Sam Lee, attorney tor plaintiff. Jimmle C. Deere vs. M. D. Morehead Jr., suit on note. Default judgment for plaintiff in sum of $2,545 plus interest from -date, in sum of six per cent. Robert C. Koonce, .attorney for plaintiff. L. A. Kucera vs. Mae Richter et al. partition. Bennett Lay, attorney* for plaintiff. Case dismissed. Floyd Whitten vs. KT Insurance Company, compensation. Dismissed on motion of plaintiff. Mandell and Wright, ator- neys for plaintiff. JUSTICE DOCKET I PRECINCT Oil* .v Nathaniel Rowc, ovtr toWk Charge filed by Junes J«f4di Jr.. No disposition. ' ' Norman J. Roberu. Ciai*W, ; Boons, Calvin R. McHmry.IW ben L. Elliott. Paul R. OatmaM and Frank F. Tobias, all dttff ged with over gross mUc by : Jordan. No disposition of those cases. Paul R. Oatman, over Charged by Jordan. Mo position. John William W wrong side of road, filed by State Highway man Carl G. Morrison, disposition. Hazel Runoalds, petty Charge filed by Dprii No disposition. Owen Gilbreath. violation the Texas Deed Law. Chi filed by Pat E. CurtU Jr. disposition. Bruno G. Quinonea, in beer business wi license. Charge filedbyUww' Control Agent Frank S. Griffifli-: Case transferred to CewM* Court. • •'• ' •; Willie E. Fisher, ever inti' weight. Charge fil«dbyJordaa.: No disposition. ' • i- August Raska, disturblnf tMP peace. . Charge filed by J. (.* Zubik. Fine and eoeu teu]]Jtai : $45.70 paid. ' ' -,,*:. W. L. McAdanu. distuifcib*- the peace. Charge filed If Deputy Sheriff. Frank J. Htt^i man. Dismissed: lnsufftd«- evldence. • /S Walter Hughes Weir, W. Dollery, John Lewis 1 Adams, LarWn A. W; " son, J. D. Bailey, ant' Wendall Falls allchargtil over gross weight-by C.». Penney. No dispoeitieh at aiqr of those cases. Will Bess, non »upp«rt ef VM and two children. Charge fil*f by.Kathryn MarU Beas. Na disposition. Tommy" Oliver Dean. JatMe diver Coats and Joe Dwell. all charged with over peea weight by Penney. Me tf*» position. . / Lupis Martinez, sbeetiagexft public road. PaidfineandcMU totalling $23.50. Charge file* by Deputy Sheriff J. O. Gate*/ J. L. Escarenio, shootir- om»- public road. Paid fine an- uotts^ of $23.50. Charged by uatet. Willie Williams, dlsturbingtlw peace. Charge filed by EMM Williams. No disposition. PRECINCT SK ' \ JUSTICE DOCKET ; S. F. Laza, wife dea*rMl.- Charge fUed by Pauline Liu. Pending. • /.'••'•" Shirley Berry. disturbiM tha peace. Charge filed by f. T, Berry. Fined $43.50. fine ••* costs. P. A. Roger*, itiirurtem *e; peace. Charge filed by t, T. Berry. Fined $43.50, f costs. ; R. B. McBrlde. Charge filed by Um^» »• Palmer. Bond t«t at $we». William HUdreth. dWurt the peace. Chart* filed kyl HUdreth. Pending. R. P. Parker, : " check, $48.79. ( W.A.Copeland. NOTICE OF ERROR: . In the Goodyear advertiwnent OB llMtrie- Clothes Dryers in the Wed., Oct. 7th Inn* an error appeared in the form of the omittiwi of the word "WEEKLY". ^ THE AD READ $2.00 '| THIS SHOULD HAVE ; ^ READ $2.00 wt4Ujr GENERAL ELECTRIC ELECTRIC CLOTHES DRYER U LB. CAPACIVX TIME SEUECIOB TEMFERATOU CONTHOL DE-WKINKLI FLUFF-DJfcY LENT TBAT AUTOMATIC UUT MOTOR 8AFEIY STAB* SWITCH •1 YEAK WBITIIM GUABANTEB. Model DA-610T YOUR OLD APPLIANCE IS YOUR DOWN PAYMENT NO ENDORSERS Terms To Suit Your NeedF SERVICE STORE 222 West tat BE 3-2228

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