Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 14, 1935 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1935
Page 6
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THfe PAMt>A DAILY NEWS, PafftpS, , WttJAttf li,.16811 Let Want Ads Help Yoti With Your Problems , • *^W ... . •- '•' •',.,— •' i ' i ... • ' ' __ 7^ ,*• . jfc.Ii *a«4'-J .f^,^, ^ Classified * Advertising Rates Information All w«nt ads sr* FtricUy cn=h an-1 »r« ncccptc'l o'" ""• pl-"'!! 1 Wlttl '"" (Mfflitive umlerstnnrliniz lhp.1 ll«> account ll to t>« J)»id whon our cotlr.~tor Mills. PHONE TOUR WANT AD TO 666 or 667 Our courteous ad-tnker will rctfrlT* yonr Wunt Ad. ln-lpinB you wnnl it. All Bii8 for '^Situnlk'n Wnnlcd find "Lost nnd Found" nro cn^h with pnkr »nd will not ba ntcevtod over llm Irlc- ° Out-of-town ntlvertia'.nK. rush with ° The Pampn Dnilr NEWS rr:'-:rvcf U.o right to elnwifv all WiinU Aiix Miiflpr appropriate heailir.K-i a«il to revise or withhold from iMiblii-nlion nny coj>y dtemed obJMtionnl.U'. Notice of any error mnit hi- KIVPII In time for correction btforo tr-'Cumi Insertion. . . In cimi- of nny error or an ptniislon In advertisiriE of any nature lli<: l>:nl> NEWS Bhall not be li.M HciMc for damneos furtbiT than li '• amonnt r«~ c«lT«d for Bucb «dvorti«ni?. LOCAl, IIATK CARO EFFECTIVE NOVF.MHKH 2J. ISM 1 day, 2c a word; mittini'ini 30i-. 2 days. 4c a \vjnl, minimum (10c. le l>rr word for riu-h -.urci'viliMU i:-BUf »ft«r tb« first two iituet. The Pampa Daily NEWS Board and Room I HOTEL" MAYNARlV^Rocms, room, with bon;-d. Menls served family ptv 1 ". 3. r ic. Hot biFCUits. Mrs. W. C. McKPiiale. 7p-272 I SituatJcns Wanted vourifii" "WO'MAN dcpii-Fs work. IIou.TWork or anything respcrt- nbl r-nnsldcrrd. Call 52. 3t-2fi!> Automotive Used Car Values! Two in"3 Clirvrolet Sedans 1M1 Chevrolet Conch l!>:)t Chevrolet Sedan Tivo inSl Chevrolet Coupes ]!):!! Ford Coach T'.vo 1930 Chevrolet Coupes 1!!.1.'! I-'oril Coach 1!C!0 Foril Coach Ifl.'it Ford Coach I IP!!! Ford Coupe ] 1!>:!4 Chevrolet Truck l!Kv! International I'iehup 111 others to pick from. 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Zeb's Feed Slore. \.^ ttn » ,,.,,. r | ; ,,i for the ob.servaiion -- --jroinpri"" I he «et issued in 1030 in FOR SALE—24 Per cent dairy rti- ITIIOI- oi the .';eeond anniversary' of tion at the most reasonable price the a'-'-essif.-n <;f Kin; 1 : Zo»u I. The in town. Zeb's Feed Store. i kjne,':; |jori.niil, is on lour of the 24C-tfc i vaiui's. v.-hich lan^e from 1 quintal- Beauty Parlors I5Y JOHN JAMESON, Afjoeintpcl Press Writer. PAWNI'.K. Okla., Feb. 14 WV- The proKc'culicn, buffeted by a c-lnin of eonfusinpf and uncxpcct- . (•il nvrnls, was ready today to prc'ent i(r- final testimony in the murder (rial of Phil Kcnnamer. Jack Snudclon. fellow Tulsan nnd companion of Kennamer and John Goirell. for \vhose death Kennamer is on trial, resumed the stand. After'the defense has completed qucsUcninp; him about Phil Kennamer's "queer actions," Henry Maddux. Tulsa detective scrBoant, lasl: of the key witnesses, is scheduled to testify and the stale's case by which it plans to send the 1?- year-okl youth to the electric chair will be ended. Far into the night the prosecution conferred, attempting to unsnarl the tangled skeins of its case, jumbled by defense maneuvers and one of it:; own witnesses. • Mrs. O. L. Harmon, who staled dramatically in court that she had ben threatened with death if she testified, was in Jail, facirjg a con- lEinpt charge filed by the state, but that did not erase Ihe fact that she had not tesified as he state had said she would. The .defense has been using state witnesses in an attempt to build up its own case. Prosecution attorneys have attempted in vain to block the line of questioning by A. Flint Moss, defense counsel chief. Moss, shrewd and dramatic veteran of criminal trials, was questioning witnesses even longer than Anderson, drawing from them stories of "queer" actions of Kennamer. From Snedden Moss extracted a statement that "Kcnnamer would pretend he was drunker than he really was" when in the presence of Virginia \Vilco\-, daughter of H. F. Wileox, wealthy Tulsn oil man. Snedden testified that Kennamer was in love with Miss Wileox and lhat Kcnnamer had said because Mi's Wileox did not return his love that he '-had no reason to live; that he was going to take a fatal dose of poison, or that he would drink himself to death." It was because that Kennamer believed Gorrell a party to an extortion plot in which harm was threatened to the girl tli/at he killed Gorrell, Kennamer has contended. TO A LEGISLATOR. THIS IS A V6RS6 OF L.OV6 THAT'S PHOMGY A ^OMG OF WOMEM WHOSE HEARTS ARe COLD> OF GVR6ACH-OF-PROMISE TESTHMOMV BY GIRLS WHO /NRE OOT TO GET THE GOL.P; LADIES WITH TIPY LITTLE PACKETS OF LETTERS LOAPEP WITH PHRASES HOT — LETTERS C^PLOYEP IM HEART-BAL»A RACKETS F015 PUTT/MC BOY-FRIicMDS UPO/siTHE SPOT. THIS IS A CRY OF LOUD OBJECTIO/M AGVMMST THESE LADIES WHO FAKE THEIR TEARS ALIENATIOM OF AFFECTIQM AMP ALIMONY-OUS BUCCANEERS.' WRETCHES WHO MOAM THAT LOVE is FICKLE — HERE, IS THE POIMT ASOOT THESE SQOAWS — NONE OF'THEIM OUGHT TO QTET A /slICKEL? CURB THIS CUPIP-ITY! PASS SOME LAWS! PAMPANS ARE INVITED TO ATTEND HUGE HARE HUNT i ** 9 ;, A RAPID-FIRE ROMANCE BY,EVAN EVANS S.'.flfl Oil Permanent SI.50 Duart Permanent SI .95. Oil Treatment and Finger Wave One Week Later Included ZUI.A BROUTC'S I5KATJTY SHOT' Adams Hotel IJItlff. 114 N. Balhii'd — Phone IM3 The .•-niT!i:ir-c n-ads, "'1924—Dc- 21 !!i;M," and is printed in weilfji Celebrates i In eelebvation of- the 500th anniversary of Iho foinicling 1 of it's par- litiment at the little town of Arboga, S'.vedrn, liar; pl;;.?ed in us? six stamps )l!ir;!:-:iiiv(j of the purpose of the ( presented Liechtenstein series of j three for regular postage consist of n 20-rapp: n cnrmin'j and a 25-rap- ppn brown. In addition, the 25 is surcharged for official use. A 15-centavo steel blue, in an unusually dark shade, has come from Spain. It bears a portrait of Con- ct.-pclon Arennl. 1861, Greece has been rather active in the printing of postal paper. There are something like 450 varieties in its list of regular letter mail . adhreives. Many of the earlier va- " If Mrs O F Pu'.veil will calf at j is p'idiii-rd Enp.eibrekt, who led the | rielies arc clue to different print- thc office of'the Painiia Daily News! i:e;'s:ii!t;: and euiuilry people against | ings nnd to the use of various CM I lie hii.'hest value, the GO ore, she will receive a free ticket r.o p Dane:; and r-mifimoncd what it . in the Dark." with Myrna : bel'evr-rt U> have been the "Wing Loy and Gary Grant. Khowing the La Nora Fridav or Sal ir.xkiv -- papers. As a result the sets from 1801 to 18811 often are difficult to distin- at i flwc-dish parliament. The others, guish between. hii.-Hidiim; 5. 10, 15. 25 and 35 ore, Hobbs, opposite Pampa Hospital. I ".'"'' Phone 1097. 24P-280 ! <;''•'•" <" I 1 ;' 1 ' 1 '!!"!' 111 • - j thu pn.':-.ont bundim 1 :. i Finland' Red Cross issue, which was placed on an annual basis in OIL PF.RMANKNTS ; Come in and let us (jivn you a beautiful oil permanent. No students. Soft water. No bail- or scalp burns. Set and dry 25 cents. Perinancnls S1.50 to $7.50. Shelton and Eugene. Phone 848 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yates 1st Door W«t New Post Officc i Entrance Tailor Shop SYNOPSIS: Mateo Rubriz, the subtle Mexican Robin Hood, and Brother Pascual, the gigantic friar, have lured the Montana Kid south into Mexico so that he will help Mateo. steal back the emerald crown of Our Lady, stolen originally from the church in Duraya by the governor. The Kid fled the United States because Mateo'.s schemes put him outside the law. But the real reason he is now at Miguel Santos' inn in Duraya is Rosita, who wears a flower in the black of her hair. Chapter 12 AT THE INN Beyond a certain point of time, no one knew the past of Santos. There was a horrible rumor to the effect that not time, but torment, dark street?" answered the stran- Well, she was worth seeing. She had no place in a room like this. She looked no more at home, here, than a great opera singer doing a one-night stand in the sticks. "Sit down, senor," said the girl. "My father will .come at once 1 . — you hear him on the For .Rent FOR~RENT~— Three-wan nnurl-, unfurnished. C2t!J North Russell. 3p-'J7(l . If Mrs.'G.'p. Brfulbury will call at the office of the Pamua Daily News she will receive a li'ee ticket to see "Wings in the Dark." with Myrna Loy and Carv Gran', showing at the La Nora Friday or Saturday. TURNTSHEJD APARTMENT—For rent. Frey Hotel. 7e.-2liK Wanted To^ Buy WILL PAY CASH for 4~ or 5 room house" in Pampa. Must bo worth the money. Write Box (155, Pamp-i Paily News. 3p-270 • L ___ __H_elp Wanted WANTED — Seysral salesmen _ for ; easy selling product. In Gray I county. Apply 302 Rose Bldg. alter i:00 n. m. l|i-2i;a WANTED—-Reliabli; man with good commissioned largo truck—either enclosed body or protected for deliv- gry of large and -small items. Excellent opportunity for ri'aht man |i lyho can quality. Write Box (iCO. JlPanipa Daily News. ^c--70 Wahted- to Denver linear, Saturday night or Sunday. wliU-hnl different I Red Cress Issue 1D30. again appears in three denominations, each of which bears a surtax above the regular postage to be turned over to the Red Cross. ALL. OP THE PEOPLE NOW LIVING ON THE £AG!TH -• COULD BE PLACED IN A HALF-/WLE CUBE:/ ARE NOT TREE-RIPENED FRUIT/ THEIR COLOR \€> DUE ENTIE.ELV TO A TREATMENT GIVEN THEM AFTEE. PICKING. •ince it bc;?an ^issuing ^stamps jn had workcd the evil pattern in the faro of Miguel Santos. It was even said, though this was a thing that no one really believed, that he had lost his leg escaping from the Valley of the Dead. But men. did not escape from the Vnlley of the Dead. It was against chance and against thought that anything human could escape from that well-guarded pit of destruction far in the south., where men and women 'were made into animals and sold for labor on the tobacco plantations. Women lived there for two years or three. A strong man had been known to endure for as much as seven or eight years. But that was the limit. Yet if Miguel Santos had not escaped from the Valley of the Dead, then surely he had been through some frightful experience early in his life. He might be fifty now. But twenty (years .ago, when he first appeared in Duraya, he had appeared almost exactly as old as he was now. He! had enough money to open the inn; he had enough money to persuade a pretty girl to marry him. Rosita was born, and .her mother died shortly after because, it was said, she could not endure the ugly torment which was printed forever in the face of Miguel. On this night, when he heard the song which ended with the name of Rosita, Miguel Santos instantly left the rear gaming-room and hurried forward, walking with a certain swing which kept the wooden leg in effective motion for long striding. Moving with a peculiar hitch and sway, he could Ijjpoocl references. Phone 4JTL _2<>2Cfl _2e-2Cfl washing flwanted by dozen. 'COO S Somer! Cp-260 TO BENT—^Nice room in lyjvate home. Must be above the Can furnish excellent ref- 306. Schneider, hotel. CAi-l PiUN FASTER. D/INGt DOWNS ff BY NEA SERVICE, INC. TIIK i'o-calMl "ripe olive" is color when it is picked. It I:; placed" in l>rine and allowed to ferment for two weeks, then treated wlili lyi: ruliiliuii. Following" this'It is exposed to the atmosphere. Tin; (•(••"nliiiuiiion of air, ami the s'oiliuiu hydroxide of the lye solution, turns the olive black, Tho lyo is leached out before the olive is .c.iiime<J . . ' ...... get about almost as well as a normal man of his years. When he came into the front room he had a mere glimpse of Rosita disappearing through the front door. 'The little bird heard some 1 one whistle," said a tall young caballero at one of the tables. Then he laughed, his breath knocking a ragged tfole in the smoky air. Miguel Santos went straight oil and through the door into the .street. There he saw the mare, the girj,' the man. The rider had dismounted. A dim hint of light snarkled over the little silver .'.•pangles of his outfit; the same light gleamed on the red satin of the mare's flank. The eye of Miguel was far sharper than a hawk's when he looked into certain matters. Now he was able to see the wide shoulders, the lofty carriage, the faintly gleaming smile of the man. And he fell the stranger's importance as though the voice of a crier had struck suddenly-upon his ear. "Will you smoke?" the girl was saying. ''Who would light ft mfttph to ger. Something in the words, some- ing in the voice, clung to the memory of Miguel. He came closer. "Do you know this man?" he asked of Rosita. "Somewhere I have known him," said the girl. Miguel Santos came so close that he could smell the reek of the sweating horse. "Who are you?" he asked. They went into the little patio of the inn. On one side of the court was the barn and stables to accommodate the horses and mules of travelers. The larger wing was the hotel-saloon. They crossed the inclosure with nothing but starlight to show the way so Rosita took the hand of Montana and led him. In that manner he was able to pass a broken-down cart, a pile of nameless junk, the curbstones and wooden top of a well. Anything might happen here. Out of the dark litter men might start; starlight would hardly show the knives with which all Mexicans know how to work. Once he snatched his hand from the soft fingers of the girl when something moved on the ground. It was only a grunting pig that got out of the way with a voice half deep and half whining. And the girl laughed while Mantana slipped back inside his clothes the gun he had drawn. He left his mare at the foot of an open stairs that angled up the wall. Sally rubbed her muzzle against his shoulder. He could see the dim glass of her eyes. She blew out a long breath on him, and stamped, as though to make clear that she did not wish to be left alone in this strange place. But the girl was already a. few steps up the' stairs, and Montana followed. At the top landing she pushed open a door. He followed her right Into thick darkness. He could hear her .breathing, close to him. If this were a trap, the shutting of the door would wall him away forever from the: world that had known him. He looked back for an instant into his past and saw the faces of men, savage or laughing, and the broad, comfortable facade of the Lavery home, and Ruth Lavery last of all. But even out of ,he darkness of this moment he lad no regret. Then a match was scratched. The blue spurt of the flame showed him only the face and the slender hands of the girl, at first. They were the hands of an aristo- stairs?" Montana heard the bump and pause of sound as the wooden leg labored up the way. The girl put her head to one side and sighed. She 1 seemed to be pitying the effort of her father, and yet she What Is expected to be the largest rabbit drive ever staged in the Panhandle of Texas, will be filmed by a representative of the Universal News Reel Corporation Sunday February 17th. in the North West corner of Hansford county, beginning at 11 a. m. Citizens of Spenrmnn, Gruver, Morse. Sunrny, Dumns, Dalhart. Texhoma and Guymon, Oklahoma are cooperating in this North Panhandle sports event and promise all visitors a most enjoyable time. A more ideal location for the drive could not be found In the entire country. Something like six sections of land along the caprock rim that extends into Oklahoma, abounding in snge brush and soap weeds will be the stage set for the Sunday gathering. Nature provides an ideal setting for those who wish to see the drive but do not care to take part. All along the cap rock jrim are vantage points that can be reached in a car nnd visitors can see progress of the hunters as they close in on the bunnies. In an effort to provide sport and entertainment for all, the officials of the drive decided to combine the two popular, methods, namely, shot eun destruction and clubbing. A large net wire trap in the form of nn X has been constructed in, the center of the six section hunting ground, nnd boys under 17 years of age will be allowed to club the rabbits as they are forced into the traps from each direction. Captains in charge of the line of advance of hunters, mounted on horses will control the shooting. Present plans call for surrounding a plot 4 miles square. The siz of plot will depend upon the number of visitors taking part. They will be scattered approximately 40 td GO feet apart nf the beginning of the drive, but as they advance from each direction they will close into a square that will form a 'perfect barrier by the time the various lines approach the net traps in the center of the plot During the first half mile or so hunters will be allowed to shoo directly to their front, but as the lines close in where there might be a bit of danger .the rabbit fanciers will be met as they come to the drive headquarters. Kil?h will toe issued n printed set of rules with a plan of the drive and will be assigned to a captain, who will take them to their right location in trucks. Visitors will be "delivered back to their cars at the completion of the drive. An ammunition truck will follow the lines of advance and those who exhnust their supplies cnn purchase at the regular retail ntes right on the grounds. No provision has been made for nnch and visitors ar« advised to irlng their own. . ELY APPOINTMENT URGED COMANCHE, Feb. 14 (/P)—Reap- lOi-tionmeht of W. R. Ely of Abilene o the Statu Highway commission, •as urged here yesterday by repre- entatives of 15 central Texas coun- ies Who formed the Central Texaa Highway association, ., ™ . i, n .y it uib ui imiigci LUC luuijiij mnuici kept smiling as though she had m j shoo( . ^ H e , us , learned one lesson so thoroughly that she would never be able to forget it. "Rosita, you're a dancer, eh?" said he. "Who lias told you that?" she asked him. "Just because there's a song about you. That old song, Rosita." "Song?" she echoed, tilting her head. Ho sang to her his second song. Although he suppressed the Strength of his voice, the resonance vibrated intimately through the room. The meaning of the words ran somewhat like this: "You have seen the stream leap, And the trout spring in the current, And the water-ouzel wing through the spray, But I have seen Rosita dancing, Dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing. "You have seen the wind blowing out of the heaven And, the leaves whirling round in the wind-pool, But you have never laughed with joy, Seeing Rosita, Rosita dancing Dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing." As the first words came from his lips, she began to sway her head a little with the rhythm of the music until the lights quivered along her throat and the rose in her hair nodded a trifle as though in agreement. The grating knob of the door, as it turned,'ended the song and the slight flexion of her accompaniment. Miguel Santos came into the room. He was dressed in white cotton trousers and a clean white apron, but nothing could make him look the part of a bartender. Inside the door he paused' for a moment and stared at the stranger. Lines not only seamed the face of Miguel, but also cross-checked it. The closer Montana looked at him, the older he seemed. WATCH KIDNEYS SAME AS BOWELS With Out Your 79,200 Feet oi Kidnef Tnbel Your towels cbritoln only 27 feef ot IB« toBtinea, yet the kidneys contnl ur 79,200 fait of ____ gegcd with poiuon be the negln jf nlngbf nnBSlnR back »lght«.Hm of pep and vitality bnpo, swollen feet ; Which has bean \aK succefl illions of kldnftrffufferers lott hey give quick relief and to /vill oat youc 79,200 feet of y tub/. | ; ; i V takejcinnces wlthVlrong drnga and BO-caued "iipney curea" Treatments ojfthls nature may te delicate tlBaues. I Injure and Irr . DOAN'S PILLS, the old reliable relief contains no "dope" or hablt-formlyg Ba sura you get DOAN^S ""* ™ druggist. © 1834, Foster-Mllbuim Co. \ after they break thru the line o approach. Those who have witnessed thi combination plan state it Is tin most enjoyable and most success fill yet tried. The real fun begin when the rabbits attempt to evad the net traps and Utterly hund icds of them dart thru the line o hunters. Citizens wth shot gun are allowed to shoot after the rab bits have broken through the 'line nnd there is no danger. Witnesse say that few ever successfully evad the death that await them when they break through the line. Visitors from Amarillo planning to attend the affair are advised to take the paved highway to Stratford and via Texhoma to J. Jones farm. Pampa,. Borger Panhandle. White Deer, Clarendon, and other visitors from points South and East are directed over the paved highway 88 via Panhandle to Borger via Spearman where they will be directed to the J. Jones farm. Every effort has been made to plan out the sports event so that all may enjoy a good time. Visitors AUTO PARTS At very low prl^ra. Ford nnd Chevrolet fun beltH only 35c. Pftiuia only 2Sc; condeiiHcrs 20c. Wheel bolts; luff nuts, dour Hpringct and hinges, Jfuel pumpt*, speedometers and ignition parts for practlcallX*)!! malfes of ra/n at correspondingly / low prices. Si first. STOF 300 W. KingBtnill, Pampa Motor MOVED TO 211 North Ballard One Block North of Old Location Tomorrow, Montana confesses his purpose {o Santos. P. D. Meadows is seriously ill with pneumonia. Buy your made-to-measure suit at Kees & Thomas. (Adv.) grat; the touch of them had been so soft that it was plain she had worked most of her life with her smile and her eyes, rather than with her fingers. The flame burned yellow. He saw a room with two windows, lace curtains across them tied back with yellow ribbons. There was an old four-poster bed. The floor sagged a good bit under the century-old, weight of it. A little porcelain- stove glittered yellow and white in a corner. ' The girl was lifting the 1 chimney of a lamp on the table. The flame ran across the wick. A white spot of light sprang out on the ceiling as she pressed the chimney down. The whole room- was warmly involved ' in radiance that let him see 1 all of the girl for fee first time. She was Mowing out the match, knocking a thin shower of sparks off the charred wood with her breath. Ifer eyes were-down; she WftB 5 and 10 £c»a5T/acU CloTe&" I L. J.IS Room 13JDuifcan flldg. MECHANICS THAT KNOW HOW A garage can be equipped with all the modern machinery that is known, but unless capable mechanics are employed to operate. tl(e inachineryi satisfactory work cannot hej assured. WE ItAYE T|iE MACHINERY, AND WE HAVE' THfe MECHANICS THAT REALLY KNOF /HOW TO / GIVE YOU FIRST QUALMfy WORIJL I ~v__,w SCHNEIDER Across the Street iARAGE leider Hotel See • Befi a m Raise m Prompt tion given INSURANCE AQENCY ANNOUNCEMENT! New Service Between Pampa, Texas and Oklahoma City, Okla. Thru Busses'No-yv Leave at ^2:40 p. m. and 5:30 p. m. Making onnections'for All Points Bus Fare Save orth, South -And East 11 your PAMPA B Now Same Mo ah Ever Before •enient 871

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