The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 2, 1897 · Page 5
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 5

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 2, 1897
Page 5
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fl, * 1 - Made by sw> Expert Witness in the Luetgert Wife-Murder Case on Trial at Chicago. B03TES A SORT G£ JOB 10T, ZHd Wot ft* Itnifr »o th« Saw* ttmty Nftt Kv<-n H»o Sttfnft Anlnrtnl, ttttyH »f. AHport, 1 a FcofcR"<rr of GwmpntwOW 'Anrtfomy In ttiilverslty n Identifying Stiltte Son«* iw to tbo but one on the «t&ftd, in the , and ftt th the. siftta announced that It tn feJi iwoMfeSttty k&fo Mm eri the stunt? Jot 1 tn# greatef potUon'bl witwess wa^i toe. j#, la,. Atifo t«* .thai the, femijr claimed bjl> the state as the femur erf a woman Is Irt ,w;alHy tho J>mar oif % hog, Itoe state had prepftfed a warm crXHSt-exftfttlhaMon '&r . hlpt <«nii toward the lattet portion of the nfttnooti session It.frtidtfe^rfea in <>atcJtfhg hfth In ft-tfap, Proftn&or All 1 port', who is ,one at the • urofessors of . the ftVHPthwestejm^ufltverslty, wfc'a hat Professor ixtrgey, the state's "bond-expert, Who when ftakoit to "ia?nIiTy bones &§ ha«t not had tiHjg t0 over. wou<3^ Defuse to' fitly*, an. t^ wa» 'askefl to identify * hone tv?t formerly In evidence — one h> had nev^Naeen nfef0re-7and""h£ eajd It tvits from a nSfl^key. The State^wyer, however, said It vww Irom a dog. ^ " " Allporl t» OiwHl I><>i<i«*e AVIttiexs. N Tho stnto Is bound re. break down , AHm>rt'«i testimony, for he made a SUiHliitijj attack on JDoraey's staternents, ami hi- .Ussfi dwlare<I his Belief thatxtht uHf'jKfd temporal ( bone was a fraud and. attorapt to m'anufapturo - testimony. Dnrsuy WAS vory sure this temporal bone wn» human and • Allport paid It was nut a ti>mi>oral bone at all. * So Uoraey sat at the stftte lawyer's elbow and throuuh the lawyer croaa-examinert AllpoH, This was not all* Dr. AllDort said %at was hard on the state theory. HP rift tart-d that the phalanx from the .vat might just as easily come, -from a lower animal as from a human being. This was another d'lrpct contradiction of tho state's testimony. During' the doctor's tcstiriiony ,Tud£^Tgthl!l again took a.haiul.' ,"\Ve oan't •ispfelid all morning «on lp»w«ns In eompaiattve anatomy," said hif honor. "This explanation's' ' n °t called for at this time/' Attorney^ln- ^(.•fit obji'tited- '.to the remarks of the court and 'was overruled. Thnlt Allrgwl Ti-in|n.rnl lton«. . With, reference t'o tho 'alleged temporal hone the witness .pointed out a spongy 1 mass "on one- Bltl« of the bone, which he ideolarod was never found In a 'bone. /from a homo. "Every human hone of 'this character ..would, when -held up to th« sun., show. a spot of light. This Is absent in this J>on«," dijclareii the 'wlt- nfsa. Ho hf-ld th<? bone In Ms hand; 11. lu»( rating -hts . \vordi). .Coritinulng. 'the •»-ltnea» gfivt* a full dozen other. reasons. AVhy he \v«s positive the hone was not human. Then he capped the cllmax'arid aMnnfrshed th^ judge* by deelarlrtgr "This is not th<- temporal bone rOf a -human 'being or of the lower >nlmals." •Th<.» Judfip- Inquired. in: tytr astonished, 'mahnnr:- "Po you ftiy,>this bone i» not th«- ii>m|jomi lion- 1 /rt m the lower anl- tnals, .«'Uh«>r?". .,"..H "|» not: It !«< not a all." WO^ KII.fc THK WIIOI.K CASK •«• <'JU> MaUo Uio Jury t'^ ' ''"' Till** !Stut*!i»)«.nt. " Uut tht> MatcrntT.t iriade »l>y Dr. AU- prtrt-fhirt— wan nmst dlMeourflglng tu tht* statw if it cani'.Dt contradict it success* fully was that the 'state'* collection of In not. did j.i.t.t.nrnb from the same* ani- -Dial i;mi nut all pa&aed through the * sarpt- j»ntt •». Attorney Vincent picked UP t)'" iiUU fragment (lie t,tat<i'a tan! tu lu. a yurtlon of a human TJic wiint.Ms tupk >t in hapJ and 8taw-d that vyhilu it Booked-tike ft rjog's, it w?a« lit>'und tdenUftcation. Luetgert's couiiBtl rctoi'ned to the big femur, which •»£* in dtr^ct 'ct»rit,i;adittfon"'0f the , hn<l 'declared was" asked 'huw lu'iig^ tbe animal had been ^ ^ M»t in tfa« y*ar 1897^,and Tame th^ statement that will elWr vnthuui anything el^fj if It pan i «bow tlmt lh£>> f-aini- frof« one UB- and statfr \vVn'th«r th«y ahow that U»ey had Iteett nu^M'ted to • the name "Th«-y 41d not." was tht* to U»e double (jusbtiijii. •>! dort't In ringing thufoughly ward, the expt-rt whifc tht Jurwa, BOW Uffht -«ac*r ut> hl» con- he Bald, potnUuy to the »t«iVa fH/n,lun on tochos longhand Lbe tern--. to htt've.bsen |trtate4 to the , and' appear to be' ftg«:. The ftrmur ahawe decided a-dli»y. There are lnci-v»t*tlons . In , it is a fttet that not #»JyBO b.ct>jj takt-s. from- thi* bone, *>Wt « ct*«.c-Ul6rable h»»"bB*n added to U. ^'I'h*- af«rujnul»Uo» upon it Is a ma terial t v me kicking afcs dirt, «ssat«, roatter. ThU is » tton of %ise. i^ IWJBC a«auir« « tharac^Wof this kind. I think the fcojr w*r kUle4 as early 8» , *|vc-]y th* "expert continued •»•)«£ th«r BtarjtB»«r statetaeat: "yh* tw^joral .feoae , «e:wi«i to have. be«n fused lo«*tlier In Borne artificial manner. - Exbittii H (the bit of rib}, however, has not bees in the aanae way. Thfr bone U , been cut w saw^d. TJie boRtj« ehow a bxcwni as (« KuaoeUme fou«4 IB tfae- bosea of mound bullderd. „ Thi» 'color co» only frtjin, aife. It la nut a oew bone. of the rib appear* to ha Uraated by the SM»# dlBcol<Min| tbe tn bvfef, lies, rtr% unity, no «»lmHar!ty which wotild tend to ptftc& thfsp boties In the same Bkelefrm Thfy, ar^ different kinds of ttey havft be^n subjected to dlf- treatments." The' experj, partsed, again faced his estKnjflu tti£ jurors ^at tek jn their ata ^vlth puzzled lonka upon tHelf fac^s, whfte Df, Allport looked • coh- fident, positive, arid e\-en defiaht. He had th« very ami the !»«rpof<*oM»» O., Oct' 1.— By i.ta aetton yesterday af terwaori in the ,ielectlftn tit a secf^taty the eoh- o/f ftjay^rs steueR tfte in" this opinion *of many of Its most nbtfedterts ts p«ga4bltt{tea tor teife- and" may- wsrwik It abirirtutely at lh* «i**t B. »•„ Qlfltfeofc, palill^r ot ^ecn|yiiover«rftie«l,WMfbei*ct|?l6flt tha hdftor aM in ih^ pre^tita*fon of name It was declared thai U his can- dl(la«y. Should proVoke any, considerable dpl^sttlon hg v?ouiaf not"t»ettnltTitmseW to dt^trcy the untty and harmony^ of the new cr^anl*atfdn at the outset, - Up ttt >i Gllklston had not re j The objection to Gllkfson 'is that his a^atsine advocatea municipal ownership In an enlarged form, and la hoatilJ all private corporations. Ths gathering adopted A eonstltaJlon 'pirovWea that the nahie pf the mayors'" organization shall bothelxeiigu'e of American Municipalities. Its' objects are the general improvement and faclIU tatlon. of every b*Tinch of municipal ad- iftlnl^tratloit, Any mtinlclpallty In the Urftle.d States or Canada may become a member and oW questions of •electing' officers and selecting the time and >p1ace of anritial meeting eachandcvery "member" shall be entitled to one vote, on all other question.!* the vot? of the majorly of; delegates pr*»qnt shall control. Mu- can send as many delegated as the>.,choos<«. ^Phn MoVlcar, of Dea Molhes, Ta^ was elected president and Mayor ,Black, -xif Columbua, treasurer. IS PROGRESS. Tcllow .Tkck Galn» n Little in the l^trlckrn ^Region Kiwb I>ny. ' New Orlean^Oct. l.— Tho ffSard of health of the" state'df^LoiiTiilaiia officially, announces the 8ta,ttta; of affair* in New Orleans as- respardsi .V*)low fe%'er to ba as follo\v.v.. During theHwenty- four hours ended 9 p. m. Sept, 30 th^re were — cases of yelhj.w fever, 24; deatnlfc* 3;_ total cases to date, 223; total deaths, 28; total cases -kbsolutieiy ^ecpx'ered, 00; total 'cases under treavn,pn't, .140. This was as great a number of new cases as '•ft Wednesday. > Mobile, Oct. 1. — The death of the twelfth victim of yellow fever Is re- ^XJtted'here. There were, glx new cases, making 74 in alt lo^SarK ^""^ Clinton^ Miss., Oct. 1.— Excitement. In Clinton reitfhed fever heat "when It was announced that Rev. J. L. iPettlgretf, his ; daughter-in-law, Mrs. Mary ^Pt•tti- grew, and little grandson had,ir(;en tak>\ sick with yellow fev«i;. ^ • Edwards, Misa. Oct.- 1.— l>r. Dunn; of Ihe state board of 'health, reports one- death -from ytJttfw fttvor 'yeatorday,! and ,, Oct. l.-^Thlnga have be- giij*'tp look more serious here. There was one death ' Wednesday,' .ami. 'one death yesterday. ' v 'SAGASTA THE COMING, MAN. in» Vrobalile Upturn to IN.wpr la. Well R*- r«'tv«-il — Hiiiiiini Is AtixiottR, London, (Kt 1.— A dispatch to Standai-d from Madrid sayK '"'The cofl- suttatior.a of statepnien' and genorftia ar«" llkfely |a lawt until Saturday, aw Marshal CampoD; St-nor ^aga^tA^-.-.. Senor Pidttl, Senor 5Conlert> a,nd <3erieral Itips cahnot reach Madrid, Ix-fore to'day. The queen '' •regent ',.'.foue yesterday with the l)ukt-rfTetuun,8<'norCoH-|f}ayon and &tm>r Elduayer. ' T&c last named reeomm«nd*d a liberal -cabinet should the Conservative divisions continue. The j>w)«pfcct <»f S^iior Hag-asta returning to power la well received irj polltkat and ftaanriul plifU-p, and tht dttislon nhown by the queen i-i-gent In hastening the so. lution of the crisis Is'muc-h pralsejd." • Havana, Oct. a.-— There Is gruat ar.?t- lety'jn. political and comimfrctal 'circles to know what is to hi? the/ outcome of the cflb'lnet crl?Js at Madrid. Th« general opinion "is thai. th« CbRStrv^tlves .will be called upon trj, e for«i the n«w" cabinet. The r^s-ignatlofis of General "Axcar- :faga and bis i-alteaguen have net' terlaUy aff acted iperatlonson the . DM Mt^inea, la., Got'. t-Tberlke of tlw» S0« mlntrs In ibis vicinity for a nri- rate of sjj cuntrf a t"n> an advance ttfm $ , to 15 etBtu, is practically The Ttds Moinoij COB) fttjd Mln- fwrted fltty mlnc-ra from OsKil<io»^ ^pd put th^na to wdrk. and fev«ral other mine? report tbatfrdm tpO& mf-n ha've left tfa€ a campfomlue _offw of 80 cents a ton. , Ills., Oct. L— Ye**erd*y 'the spacious grounds wtre. & living, moving aea t*hui»apity. 'fhsy wtre ao thromr that there waa scarcely stapdipg roo Oov*r«wr Tanner Visited the f rounds •-^fpt& «ooii and 'apeot the day thar«. He was set fccoompmjted by hi« ata.«f.>» it d^al iu« been wlweby- Carnegie ofetalna wmtr»l e* tte bj^fNwrle iron ore> mine, owned by tb» Metropolitan Iron and iaad fl^iny, of MfJ*aukee. f*e in*ney i« to b« paid today. Ttoe tJlf ' Nwrte te worth and c>n put out l^t)0,000 tote* of ofe yearly^ — The ^KBjjta of Silver C3i«f. Coto., *a Uatt- of th* In4iaa Territory, to the Uite Ju4*? fCtHgore, Fight However, fttsaea Into tory with a Grand Exhibition of ftioting and Red Fire. GOT.TAKSEB ASK1BD F0£ Order* en* J?l*«°^lllffiip«n<iei» to O« to fat- ton, llln., fe gttelt a Mo'h That Hart At- irtngs tli« Itfob to ttil IMA tfce, Mead Oftrc Is at to K«wh Inland to SWy. lasSt 'hi&ht recelv*^ tfte telegram , from Lteutenont " Governor Northcott, head counsel of the Modern Woodmen, who wad at f tmori yesterday eifnpVnft to remove "tfte ftcaflfiuarterB, the Siottettt Woodnl*5p ftt^ft FwHOW to Rock f Bland: Is a howling mob Aftfl thy -lit* 10 In danger. Keeccs has left town, Betid ttoopa, at oncfc. 'The sheriff and f are- penned in the" "dejpot." AB «to«i as th! Goverrior, Tanner hunted up > Colonel e JBwert, of the adjutant tfwier- ttl's offlcfr, ttiift directed hlni to isfcue or* to five militia cotnpanles to fep'ott immediately at Pu^toa by the i quickest route for t^e protectldft of Hfe and property awd to. enforce the order ot tho court By this tlmfe-Gtavernor Taft"nef t received the tolowlngf additional nres- rom Button: "I have ftxha'usted the civil authority. Send the militia at once. We are penned in at the depot. c. C, Fuller, sheriff of Whitej8J$e county/: ^ • ' ' "General ' Reece ta In Clinton, la,— fte w«s attacked on the train on his ""way over. W. A. Northcott.'V -"" _ City Authtirltli-s Vovr£f$&Si^ "flease wire militia to come here at once. City authorities arp powerless. Wi A. Northcott," Mr. Northcott Is Imprisoned In the depot at Fulton by a mob. Me has wired Keece, whom he supposed to be on this train, to send troops at once. Reece Is at Revere House, Clinton'. I think the situation very dangerous. Mob attacked Reece. William Jackson." As won a? he had read these messages Governor Tanner sent the following telegram to Sheriff Fuller, of Fulton: "Have ordered five companies,. Including -M^orrlson company, to- report 1 at Pulton e quickest mute with order to protect itfeand' property • Bhd enforce the order of th^court." • The companies ordered to Fulton are Company H, 6f Monmouth; : Cmi>ftAtty.'Mr. Of Rochelle; Company G, ortibfwj; Company P, of Gatesburg:. and the Mbi<r4sbn company. Tlr«rt of This Woodniipn Governor Tanner saya he wWL.p<ft a atop ta { this foolishness of the. Modern Woodmen If It* takes all the troops In the state. At 9 o'clock Governor Tton ner received a message" from Lieutenant Gor^- ernor W.' A, Northcott and one from SIt«dff Fuller, stating that the trouble was ^.Jl over and the troops were -not needed. ." --Govcrndr Tanner countermanded the order calling out the milltfa, but ordered the- companies to remain at their home' stations ready for a call at any time. MOW IS PIIOBA1H.TT OVER NOW, Uendqnartem Bemoved ti>. RAfk Inland nnd I*«IMW May Sproiul Wnt \Vln(;x. ' Rock Island, Ills,, Oct. 1.—Yesterday morning at Morrison Judge Gest dissolved tho last Injunction of the temporary Injunctions issued by the master In chancery to prevent the .removal of th« head, office of the Modern Woodmen of 'America from Fulton 1 to Itock Island, 1 and his presence In Whlteslde county left the master In chancery powerless to lssu« another. The steamer Hennepln reached Fulton, early, In the afternoon., and men had carried eighteen of the big books on board when the Fulttmitfcs rang the firabette and brought but; tho whole population,' Lieutenant, Governor Norjthcott, the head counsel, and Adjutant Rec-ci-, one of the directors, were stontd by the mob. .Nortbeott ordered the boat to leave shore to prevent a raid and the vess^h-after lying in mid-stream awhile came on to Rock Island, reaching h&r« last niffh,t, The T*urtlR«tet} train .brought'the re- malner of the olfles .effect* |iie sliejfiff having ple4g«d the maintenance of the psaee i^ th.« officers wo«W use the eat instead of the steamboat, and not call for the militia. The,pArty on the train get » Ffece^*iOB by a big proeeaslon with a brass band,; flreworks> ete. .The' ftead office of the M. ^V. A. k now in Rock " Why tfe« Sioux -ftlty, won a nttable victory »v*i- th« flv? str«er railway companies" through' the council refusing the extension of IDiuti furau iw 1C u itifti 1 *, out that an act of\*f legislature tn foroe last Thursday which prohibit* city councils from granting txtensions for Jonger periods thanftve yearw haste, . This,, explains the Ovet Of* low* f Xal^, uct. 1. of the fusion-Populists, begaa <w action in the district ' t<Sft thja iH'tto» of tjh* «#te toarnl of «l«pt|<Mi» ftt K^rmtttlfig log, or ,' i pI441,e-ofiTth(e-rQad." ta US6 the name •'People'ij party* 5 the o*cia,l ballot. Tb« case i« net bearing, ' , Oc t, I,— New* haa reac the stftte depai'tmeat-tbat in Bluefieldu, Nicaragua, be gllver lor good* soldier cash, but in tha casw ,'of credit charge i»'to beJjTgoid and either gold w its. equiv«j4s»l Will be exacted at the time at ' Jteid, ^*, Qefc t Stev« Luecke «we of %e eariieqt aettlem of M«.fah%ld, wa« tostasUy killed last a ruaaw»y. p. $«fVfi, 15 MowtwvMle, Ifid.-, Oct. 1.— Ten tbou- «uii4 wttt «J»e lm»cb%4 l»eopte attended t^£ tres-nilvdr C6R6&CO., . Arthnt- Bartlett was In town ovei 1 Stm- dat, im Kates and ttffe am a&ftit) rest- of out tillage. QJ G. Cnlvet is tfof kitt# M Will Vhtilpe in BAttte Creek. Stetin J^urdkwlt shenfc A lew ttaye net wofk wittt her gmnw^othelr. Mrs. Safttidem, of Dfettof^ ^iMtcd he* rs, M. J f Culver, la»t week, Tho WtC.T. U. bad an intetcstilng attd ^ve disctieskm Sunday fi»e«fiiflf. c Miiss fe«th?Bto4jakm ti Sunday with feor certain Misis Mtfdge aoc5i»i is ccmtemf>lated by ot the villege; Futtlier -ndtice week wfaitefjteo. litolfc Was Mli»g lie «-agoo a wheel fell am hie tittle child, Jrttf leg. « • • MfeeftWiftry Society of thb J church will be crftet- tatnted by Mt«. & thal]^ Wetlt«»day, Opt. 6th. / " "^ , ••• , MiBsioh society ot the tional church, will hold ft thank offe at th^i parHonnge, Mark Ckxjftwin was ealtetf to aat weelt by the f«eri«i«s illneisa of hie tlftttgliter, >trs Led, Httn Goocfwifi htitt »eea with Itieir daughter. "Wo to learn that Mrs. Lee is failing. '« MARENGQ. . , Mrs. SVm. Sttorman is serionsly ill. Geo. Honck "wefit to Detroit last Sftt- Ed. Oraham wfeiifc on thejpeach sriori to,South Haven. —-* i&. *D. Blatee afad.Gco, Honok are [rig os circuit oontt jarors. ^ fidwin Young, who hna been sick all summer, Is repotted much better? The Twichdra Advaucto will week with Miss Lttlu Hoyt Saturday OTening, Miss Minnie Hnghea of Marshall spfctit Saturday and Sunday at Fred Loohyfe. Wm.'Saundera and daughter of 'Burlington visited at K. Richardson's Snnday Mre, Rotnondo Lake is homo from Me etfr potinty, whore she spent sevoi'al weeks forjier health. ' There will be preaching ftt' tho village cbvirch next Sunday morning, and at the Hewitt school hOueVin the aftornoOn, oy Rev. Tench. , , Herbert, the six-years old eon of Bert Bates,, fell from a swinjz -last Friday and broke both bones of his right aria jus| above tho wrist, CONVIS Many Of our people will attend tao Charlotte fair next week.' A. Norton of Knlatuazoo, is spending this week among his Convis friends. There will be preaching at the Porter school house, at 1 p. w., Sunday, Oct._3d A' putnpkiifpip social will b? held at E. P. Lan'o's, Friday evening, Oct. 8tjj. ."All, are cordially invited. - frof, John P. NeJT, of Battle Creek college, will preach Ht th« Adventchuruh at 7;30 Saturday evening, Oct. 9th. "Miss Poiirl Carver, of Marongo, spent Saturday with Mia« Mury Pdttur, anc together they visited friends near Battle Creek Sutjday. FREDONIA. On the evening of Oct. !.">, n fine en tortainmont •will btv given in ,the Congro gatlon church of Fredpnia. Singing b> male voices will be woll worth the price of admission which will be only 10 cents Re, mem ber the' date. T6dny will dawn, ah, never more, Yet 'tis not this which tomkes us sorrow WIlTIghT; the same old battle o'er In getting out of bed tomorrow.—Chi cago Record. • "My boy came home from school one day with his hand badlyTaex'fafcct fine bleeding' and eufferingrgreat pain,"-BHye M,r. E. J.Schall, with Meyer Bros,. Drug Coi, St. Louis, -Mo. "I dreased the wound and .applied Chamberlain's Paip B%lm.freely. AH pain ceased, and Jn short time it healed, without leaving a scar,; For wounds,eprndBs,'swellings and rheiimatian) J know of no medicine or prescription equal to It I conbidw it a houBehold neceasifcy," The 2& and cent sizes for sale at Greene's Drag Store Talk about efryle, talk about it! Bui ha.v« you ae»^ the ptylish wedding invi tations, party cards, individual cards w< are putting out? They're pura^tyle Doa't yo« need a trifl^ of printing in the above Noes just about now. We have the newest and latest script type. , CASTOR! A The KlouUJke Uold Flelda Are now attracting the whole world, and and quarts wa inary jndueewenta are to prosjyecfcoia, iuveatora, ne*t ^ring the fold fevefc w tafeen pp«te«iion (xf t and tlie w«nt«ff» M>ad» Witt b4 ve all eao do 10 tfangpprt the Jortajgfebu TUt Chicago, Mil WHukee & 8t. Paul , wad n» tJQtuwotiog Uaea, i>fler fitsUtieefor reaehiBg tae Mia*as ^atuJarsaad McKary wiUonea i^jpjng rooms over tfae pflstoffllcc nest to to* abstwct offioet SwpL li. They M» both IB^I^H &|( tbp bufflooflB an to secure tiw P^PMHMJ^ ol tfeeut friaada OUR OWN ELtCtRlC 0ELT. A Cai-d to the PnWic- I 1 is -now. very, generally _..„ ceded by the leading physic itons of ft!I schools, thrtl in the of chronic* ct»ftplainfc8, sach rhettnmtisni, netiraJgiftv dy»ptrpBiir, lend tirouMeSj Uvefr plessnesf, epilepsy or gis, spinal diseases, complaints, itrfH»«y dieeasp«, easeii of the cltosfc, catarrh, pariiftf deafffe'ss; aod the varioim forms of female ttottbles. JStectricity pio- petly applied is one of'otSr most ln^bl'e agents. • , Oar o^» elecifieal appliances aro uttqttestiofiablj?; the best— they ute constructed upon strictly «cie^' tific principles— have been thcw i - Ottghjy tested-^are light — are easily adjusted and- can be applied by bh6 patient .to any portion of the body With tile most satisfactory HUMPHREY No. 1 Cures No. £ ' '" No £' " No. 4 " Diar-Hiea, No, 8 " NeuHalgiS. &o. 0 Cures Headache* - -^ p3 r^ "f i*"^ r iB\? | Git p M-*'i»^lJ-l * i* 1 ! t,^, 1 %„/ JBP jr5SJi/^3 JJ-£>*C*» No. 11 " J jDtirayex* , 14 No, i& No. 10 No. 20 No., $7 " Ko. SO " jfjlo, • 17 " Sold by receipt of " Bfe. • or Cords and 0Hj i, or sent >'., orBfoYli. results. So confident,' ftre we ol cacy o£ those appliances in' the treatment of chronic complaints that we will furnish them absolutely to-a few patients in #ach township, when ia -our judgment, treatment by electridity will prove beneficial •first come first served. Consultation ami mjvice at office free. Office in Eag$e block, corner State and Eagle Bts, Persons unable to call at office should write for question blank, inclosing stamp for postage. DRL G, J. LANE, Marshall, Mich. Dated October 1, ISdT—35 years experience. Med. 'Co., Ill William Bt, THE GREAT FRENCH Produce* the aboVfr results iiftjo &AY&, obwcrfutly and quickly. Cures when All 08 jil. Young men and old men.wilt reeover't ihful vigor by using RBVIVO. it qul surety restores from effects of self-abus* isS And indi'tfsreticns Lost Manhood, ] /itality, bnpotency. Nightly Emissions." 3 'dtoef of either sex. Failing Memory, Was "iseases,Insomnia, Nervousness, which uft Tie ior study, business or marriage. Itnotot 11 res by starting at the seat of disease, out Great Nerve Tonic and Blood-Build^ mcl restores both vitality and strength nuscular and nervous system, bringing, b he pink glow to pale cheeks and restorinj (re of -youth. It wards off Insanity and i -uinptlon. Accept no substitute. Insist on ng RBVlVOt no other. H can be carried k, iOL-ket.. By mail, $..oo per package, in pie* vrapperror six. for $5.00, with a pwltl** -wr| Un guarantee to cure or refund tho money j jvery package. For irec circular address ' | .WYAL MEDICINE'CO., CHICAGO, tt| For Sala at Marshall, Mich.,' by , I H. O. HYD „ BETTER THAN EVER" The 1897 EEN-tlUR BICYCLES embody more new and genuine Jmi In construction than «nv other bictcJeanoMr before! the public. JNev-" 1 ' ^ —' —dlent vaiuea Wen ottered for tha mopey. Our new line, Mxiefc »t $6ti«§75 and f 12S lor singte machines, j^td flfi" vwrioua yptiorw offered, in auuh. th^t.thii most e^taetiug puwj) auited. . ** 4 ' . CENTRAL CYCLE MPjGi* 78 QAROKN STHBBT. '"' '»M« «T/t^ CHICAQO ItECQIW is « j^,;^ /H <?V^JO«5^|IS<? O/ ^<? 'WWrf. ** (Pa.) C«//» , that $«>jearty#ppro#€hes ie j&tte M&al m The From " "IJitiYe come to the firm cottelu*far t n Jong tost and after a wMe with the Journals of many cities triesit that The QtttCA^Q RECORD as «^«r being the idevl daily journai fa f/urf SsM'by wwsdwters weryigh&v. &ij fo&l' I 5 /, fiti if/st'maste Bfr m M^

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