The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 25, 1961 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1961
Page 9
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10 *au.tuinn fcun Wednesday, January ^5, 1961 MRS. FITZ'S FLATS By Frank Roberae MV FEET L DON'T HURT I ONTOPOFTHfCT MY BACK. HURTS/ WV ARM IS ACHtNS TOOB/XDlX WASSOINGiTO 'I'VE <=OT ANOTHER MATTER, Frrr? you ONE OF TH05T5 DARN LODGE DA.MCE TONISKt OON'TUOOK By Mort Walker BEETLE BAILEY PARN IT/ YOUV6 eor TO srAw seiNd A MAN f I CAM'T.' Z CAN'T.' PONT SB L:<E THAT/ COME ON' OH, MO. 1 IiV\ AFKAIP LiEUTEK'AMT. 1 A NUBBIN By Jim Burnett & George Crandall MR. ABERNATHY By Frank Ridgeway and Ralston (Bud) Jones «*• 0 0 ru. NOW tVE SPOILED MY PINNER' HI AND LOIS ty Mart WaBttr and Kik BrowM I'M STAMPING WITHOUT HANQIN6 BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By Fred Lasswdl WHAT DADBURN HOLIDAYS? COME BflCK NEXT VOEEK, SNUFFY— I'M CLOSED PER TH' HOUDflYS DOCI GOT A SORE SWALL6R-PIPE DOC PWTGHftRT DAY,.YeOL' PILL PEDDLER BRICK BRADFORD By Paul Norm fifOM HI9 MftCHlKA ftMtf THf OTHUf IXTTIAH, ACTIHS A9A ffMTKY. WATTMff THf uoN«eet rvc sat TO PISS INTO Trt* ••TUP! ff&at wo Ttm/tffriw s*r THf PlBXm A*0 HI9 Mtflf. WBAT6 I* HIS M6M By Walt Kelfey WHAT* iHeKK, doc T THE REVEREND ly lift O'Mallty POWM TO DRUGSTORE Harris News Roundup Poll tax payments in Harris County, including e.xcinpHons, total 74,139, compared with 107,765 at tile same time last year. Women's committee of 133 prnniMie.iit Houston cUib .vomeii join campaign (or approval ol Harris County- stadium bonds Jan. 31. H o u s t o n Councilman says failure to pass the bonds could result in setback of several years. President of American Medical Association, Dr. E. Vincent Askey, says in Houston talk that the association is opposed to medical care for the aged under the Social Security System for reasons of business, government and medical care. First court test of Houston crack - down on Sunday closing laws takes place in Justice of the Peace W. C. Ragan's court with mayor and police chief called as witnesses. Four city councilmen express coiKcrn over whether Houston bus service can be extended to the many unserved areas of the city under terms ot a proposed franchise for the Houston Trans- It Co. Atty. Gen. Will Wilson tells those attending; annual Peace Officers Awards Banquet in Houston that his job is to plug the holes in law enforcement that local law officers leave open, and adds that he lias never had had to do such in Harris County. Houston Crime Commission appoints Alvin F. Scharff, who re- centlv retired as I". S. Customs agent - In • charge at Houston, to be executive director, replacing Dan Goodykoontz who re- sipned, saying commission is not aggressive enough. Thirty - two state representatives as well as eight from Hnr- ris County, sign bill introduced in House by Rep. Criss Cole, identical to one introduced in Senate by Sen. Bob Baker, which wonld make the I'niver- sity of Houston state supported. Legislation to abolish the Harris County school superintendent's job) proposed by Rep. Henry C. Hank Grover. draws opposition from superintendent of one county school district and two members of county school board. Two armed men, wearing women's stockings as trfnuks, rob a Minima* store at 153£' Elton in Houston of $10,000 cash shortly after closing time. Hubert Vernon Hardin. 33, charged with aiding in $421,961 burglary of armored car service vault to Tampa, Is held in Harris County Jail. BOBBY THOMSON FOLLOWS THROUGH ON HOMER HEARD 'ROUND WORLD THOMSON'S BLOW ENDS UNFORGETTABLE GAME EDITOR'S NOTE: What were the most unforgettable games in the lwi£ and colorful history of America's favorite sport? Two noted experts, Joe Reichler and Ben Olan, both writers for The Associated Press, have put 100 of them into a popular new book. From it, 24 have been selected by the authors for this remarkable series, starting today. You won't want to miss a single one of them. By JOE REICHLER and BEN OLAX As long as baseball lives, so <ng will live the name of Bobby Thomson. Bobby may never make the Hall f Fame, but he doesn't need to. >ne of his bats already is in the oopcrstoun baseball museum. It s the bat with which he hit THE lorne Run, or the "blow heard round the world/' It is the bat hich, with one swipe, gave the Prints the most gratifying of all icir National League champion- iips. The time: Oct. ?,. 1951. The lace: Polo Grounds, New York. Tie opponent: Brooklyn Dodgers, he opposing pitcher: righthander alph Branca. It was a home run actually seen v fewer than 35.000 spectators. <5 AIR QUIPT MAGAZINES For 35mm Cameras Reg. 2.25 Each S ^ V / Sole $1.79 46C A&M PHOTOS U2 E. TEXAS JI r 3-3882 Yet many more thousands who either watched it on television or heard it on the radio actually have led themselves to believe they were there when the Miracle of Coogan's Bluff took place. Even now, those who saw it and those who didn't still squabble over the details. But on one thing they agree — it was a home run and it did bring a pennant to the Giants in the final play-off game with Brooklyn. Thompson's homer was the finishing touch of the miracle which began in mid-August and continued in a down-the-stretch drive that had no equal in major league history. The Flying Scot's all-conclusive blow settled everything for which the Giants and Dodgers had been struggling through 157 games. If ever a pennant was won by one player with a single blow, then Bobby Thomson was that player. That one swing overshadowed Bobby's everyday contributions to the Giants' winning cause that produced 37 victories in their final games of the regular season, crowded out his .357 hitting ing three runs to forge in front, 4-1. Two poor fielding plays by Thomson at third base allowed one run and made possible anoth- eft The N. L. championship appeared tightly in the Dodgers' grasp when the Giants came up for their last chance in the bottom of the ninth. Newcombe had been in complete charge. There was no cause for alarm even when Alvin Dark led off with a single and Don Mueller followed with another. Monte Irvin popped out and Giant fans the exits. Whitey Lockman to left, scoring began marching for They stopped when sliced a double Dark. Mueller M It from July 20. It cast into the background his homer that gave the Giants the first play-off victory 3-1. It wiped out the humiliating 10-0 defeat suffered by the iiants in tlie second play-off game. And it minimized a pair of ;laring lapses made by Bobby himself earlier in the third and deciding play-oft game. Tlie big game was played be- nore only 34,320 spectators. Sal Maglie and Don Newcombe were :he opposing pitchers. The Dodg- rs scored first. They went ahead 1-0 in tlie first inning on a single by Jackie Robinson, following walks to Pee Wee Reese and Duke Snider. Blundering base running by Thomson hurt the Giants' chances to score in the second. New York tied the score in the seventh on a double by Monte trvin, \\Tiitpy Locknian's sacrifice iiunt. and Thomson's sacrifice fly. The Dodgei-s blew the game wide open in the top of the eighth, scor- FULLEN S MKT 3309 MARKET JANUARY 26-27.28 JU 3-9736 FRYERS U.S. GOOD BABY BEEF ROl'XD STEAK L,, 79c FOR BROILING LOIN Lb 69c BEEF CHOPS u, 59c SQ. (TT OR SHOfLDER ROUXI) BEEP u,. 49c FRESH GROUND MEAT u , 39c ALWAYS I'SDA GOV. IN'SPKCrTF.D AXD GRADED LB. 26 U.S. GOOD VEAL CUTLETS L » 89c ROUND L B 79c LOIN Lb 59c T-BONE L b 69c 7-STEAKS Ih 49c CROWV ROAST ,H 39c YOUNG TURKEYS u 49c BARBECUED FREE FRESH PORK ROAST u, 49c K.VD rrr PORK CHOPS ...LH.49C FRESH CALF LIVER „ 39c ORAHK A LARGT; EGGS T>. 69c Si:riAR ft RED SLAB BACON , b 49c HEAVY BEEF FILLETS i h 99c B-B-Q LINKS .... M 25c B-B-p FRYERS B-B-Q HAMS Lunch Counter Special COFFEE err 5C ALL MEATS LISTED IN THIS AD~ Barbecued FREE! pulled up a third but jammed his ankle sliding into the bag and had to be carried off the field. Newcombe also left the field but under his own power. Ralph Branca was summoned by manager Charlie Dressen from the bullpen. That was the setup as Thomson strolled to the plate, intent on atoning for his lapses. Ralph's first pitch was a called strike. The next serve was chest liigh and slightly inside. Thomson swung and hit it solidly. The ball traveeo* in a low line toward the left field stands. The fans held their breath. Bobby Thomson held his longer than anyone. When he saw the ball fall into the scats, just under the Scoreboard, be gasped and continued to fight for his breath as he circled the bases. He had company virtually ail the way. No hero anywhere, offj or on a basebnll field, received a t more hysterical welcoming than Thomson did crossing home plate, with every member of the Glints, and half the spectators in the Polo! Grounds trying to embrace him at j the same time. It was a seen;-! never to be forgotten by those whoj saw it. Oh. yes — the final scon Giants "). Dodgers 4! Sun Classified JU 3-8234 JU 2-S235 Want-Ad Ratci 6 Connocutlv* nays 3 Consecut'v* Days Slns'« Insertion . PER LINK PER DAT n« w* 77o THIS IS A < LINE AD, cost $2.40 for 3 dayj; 14.08 for 6 cl»y». Phon« Ju Z-8234 or JU 2-8235. Just <»y "Ch»rtc It." 18 PL SAME RAT* as 3 linei ot ordinary t>-p» SAME RATE IM » Jln«n ot ordinary typ» I * nf I Z r I . CONTRACT RATES ON REQUEST For Best Results Us« the economical « day »'«• *!>•» you f«t results, cancel the »d and o* charged onlv for the number Of d»j'« that the *d actually ran. THE CIjABBIFTED DEPARTMENT 1« OPEN DAILY FROM S A.M. until S P.M. and until NOON on SATUBDAT. CARDS Of THANKS AND IN iiEMORIAM IS ceou i»r 1104 All claulfleds appear under th«lr proper classification and The Baj-town Son reserves the right to classify and edit all ads. Adi plaud before 9:30 A.M. appear ta The Baytown Sun that same afternoon. Classified Department JU 2-8234 JU 2-8235 1. Lodge Notices STATED MEETING OP T7U-CITIKS Charter. Onler of J>e.\lolny. Wetlnmliiv. January LT>. I!lrt1. at. 7:3U p.m. Mothers' Club riieelinj:. AH member*, master M.i- sur;.i :iri'l visiting J^r»*firfn corrtiaHy Kivitcil rn iiff'.]-'.. .Tlniniy Prvers, M. ^ n.ivli! KilldiRli. Si-.'ih". STATK!'' MKKT1NO "f O(l;tr M;iyou Clnprfr No. 11. ttK.?.. ;>t tl-.e ilnv.iiio H:ill, (>d:ir Bnypil. Tiutr?- ii;iv. .l.jnunrv 2»i. 19*il, Jit. 7:30 l> m. All members a :* urK**d ti* n't^n'i. Dorothy Harrison. W, M. Neva Mwcr. Sn:}'. Monuments-Lots TRI-CITT MONUMENT Co. — Granite. marble, bronze monuments and grave arlfcTi. Ccrnc!er>' worfc. Term!, no car- rylnsc charges Market ot W. Muln, next to People's state Bank. JU :-47K. 5. Personal ARK YOU I.OOKINO fur a now rmlr- flr'''? Try Mr. Jarr.f* a: ''h:-.^' Remit/ S:i1nti. Op#n Mnmlays J;P ! '•v- Tr>K!<. CUnt Bavwny Drive. I,O K-TT^S. TS HKP.KHY OWEN* t'l.i- r Mill no' be if.^pi-.n.iiblo Inr Ary «?rbrs iirtiryp.1 tu flpv»vi« nthrr tlnn my.^^'r JOHNNY M. WA1.KKI-. IMPORTED SPIUN'O J!.\N||RA<; for > "U If von will ptve n sift puny for us. Umi*u!i! g:ft\ for home 'bcur. ^o^t^m»f Jewplr;-. hnrMluiKS, etc. The Crow Company. .iu 2-1:1::'. I WILT, NOT UK responsible ror rt»b<* incurred tjy ^nyon* oth^r tfuin myself. P. T- Pbrc'.fy NO MORR WAITISi: IN' LINE' Ancol't W.ishiUcriii. 7i', ! .2", Miincsuta. »^id Kn> town. h.T> iiildcMl iMiOilKti new Ooer* to taki? cnn- or jour ''.ry^n need*: 6. Lost-Found LOST: Kit -Ah.le .1:1. 1 yclluv :.-|>.>!t»'! Tna!.. .•('. Yt'IInvv rirj;s nrounil Mi! Calhoun Meets Fernandez In 10 KOl-.-.'Ii ...Virility W : l!(nv,. I,nkn- "••-ii>.|. rr!-.!.-im!r,^:;t!v Mark inrl-rolll« ;ni;i;.r. /.o n- 1 .:).'.?. I.n.-T-A! <-!!ne. Yellow i-ol<l b i r ;. n w.;h si\ [.<.;irl.t. ^<«;it::r.p;:' L i v.!i::,-. ;:,.•.!•., ri >'/,. 1,. K. Jl. 1 I-'O'J'.i or .11' • > -f>".1<i. I.UKT—H' m:ile i«»dle. Vicinity W. .A'lrnji' .\T\<\\'orM trj "Fonoy." Hcwnr'!. .It; r,-1131 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS j It will br puncher against < puncher in the Saturday night i 7. Instruction Writ- for free hof • Tlicy clash in a ten-rounder— ABC TV. 10 p.m.. EST-at New York's Madison Square Garden. The winner probably will earn a berth in the 160-pound division's top ten although neither is a ranking middleweight now. Fernandez, 2-1-year-old Cuban, is ranked sixth among the welterweights. In his debut in the middleweight.* lie knocked out Phil Moyor in the fifth round at the Garden last Nov. T2. Calhoun. of White Plains. N.Y., once was a top-ranking middleweight. Tlie 2fi-ycar-old slugger indicated he was on the rise again when lie outpointed Hank (.'asey, fourth-ranking inicMlewejghl, on New Year's Day in New Orleans. Fernandez has a 2S-2 record, including ~'L' knockouts. Callintin's record is 4.">-10-2. including 21 kayos. AMERICAN SCHOOL P. 0. Box 4190. OR 2-OSSS I 1312 W. Hnrr'.n, Pmntl-rm | M*mber National Hamt Council ' J. Beauty Cultur* i KKSTIVAT, r'fll.ll \\AVKS . . VVfli) Sh.'inij" 1 " *"! M ^.'t H.ilrrut. 1 *! 00 I I'OM.Y'S IU: U'TY SHOT ' lOHI I'.-i:li>y, Ji: .-|-|!'_'l. 10. Help Wanted Cincy Eyes Gain On MVC Braves By THK ASSOC1ATK1) I'KKSS Keep an eye on the Cincinnati Bearcats in the Missouri Valley Conference basketball race. Cincinnati hopes to gain half a Same on Hrndley at the expense )f Drake in Cincinnati Saturday. The No. .^ranked Bradley Braves return to action after a two-week layoff, meeting Mar- fjuottc in Pooriii Saturday. In another league game—then- ire only two—Wichita and Tulsa will play in Wichita Saturday. Wichita is 2-2 in the conference md 13-1 for the season. Tulsa is L-.1 and 6-7. In other non-conference games, North Texas, which has won one ind lost 11, will play nt West Texas Tuesday. Tulsa will be atj Arkansas Thursday, and St. I/MI is '1-5) will be- host to St. John's Kridfiy. Meanwhile, there isn't the svorin* k-'ids t<i T\ "Tiet W.ilk'-' 1 whft is averaging points in confrrem-e play and " 1 prrints for rill c r ."ur.< < A<;HNT W.-.NTKD - - n.-nmwn. HIKM- I.:i IVrlc K'HI "r j.-irl 'i:iiiv H<J".>. o,';:.:f .. «*i;-i'i :t M.'f in 1*'i.i. S'l.i i^ ! • •"•!:-ni*."!.->-i nrip.. Wnie: M.wiinp:-,! l-.«l]r"n.:c <'.i.. H..r Hi 1 .'. I';ii.,i,l..n;i 11. Female Help Wanted ASSISTANT HOflKKKKI'l-'.ll V'. il.T wi-ck. ShoiiNI I"' n't!,- ?o ty|ir SO iv p m. di'iitions. 1" I'.'A 1ST) i-.-irr- of Tff P.ny. towi' :-'..:. ASSISTANT M\NA'.iM: -- '.': to '••'••. \'-::\ fCKIHT >t.\.\\i;Ki: - .'(I) In -III -.i'nr, d! . (lav wi"-k Will- Kiiint 'iMnl.' : , !o )t»v N:; c-nv of Tr..- [•.!•-!..'>,, ,.... \ i ropnrs wiil j..' held t'nnrtdciiiijil. pri'Mv^t omplo^^r w.ll rot !>'' cDiihi.-tOil \\.li, ..ui ll-:',nii-ri: Apply |:.,\ (,•;:.. fir.' .,: Th IVrv:,,-.. |, S-lli Call for npponlmcnt or nrip|> u-. person. Chris' Btnuty Salon. IX) fi ?;:B 12. Male Help Wanted ri.ACK YHI r. \re:,!i-.\ i H,-.- Berry Appointed M. KT.f>OM HKRP.Y of .W, Rose- ll;is to the l.K'O life msnr.-iiiiv. Million FV)lhr Fto-ilXi r.iMe Af Hi,- .\.,, lrtm | ,\ s . ?'K-:.,t!f>n of I. if,, rndfrwriirrs IJervv fj'i.OifKd for t|v r, \\.ird bv Plainer SI million u-orth of hfe m-'iir irv' dunn'.; UK vr-.- lf

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