Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 26, 1947 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1947
Page 6
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June 26, Ifedk Record With Model T lot m SHow Wonder what became oi the model T? Well, Frank Hocovar, o£ Chicago 111., is out to prove it's as dependable as ever. Here he is pictured with his 1927 model T Ford in New York City prior his cross-country take-oft in an attempt to break the record 5 days 2 hours, and 13 minutes set by Cannoiibnll linker in Vocevar plans only one slop during the trip to San Francisco. to of KPDN 1340 on Your Dial THURSDAY 5:00— IToii j liiirtsnn- M liH. B:1G— Virirll Aliilt KDIIUS. 6:30— C'aiuaiu Atidnmhl MISS. O-.lfi— Tom Mix— Ml'.S. fi:0(t — J.'iilinn |ji'\vis. .jr., N'rwa. 0:10 — five Aliimd- JMy.sti'i-it.'i. 6:1'0- — V'aiK.UM'i-ook Xr\\-.s. 6:25 — Snorts itnd NI-U-.S. 6.30— Count of jMontu I'rlslo— MBS. 7:00— To Be Annoiim-cHl. 7:15— ireal Life SU>rli>s--MLlS. 7:30— Ti-psisuiv IluUi- of Sunn— MB:!. 8:00— The Fainilv Tlu-Htii'- - Al HH. 8:30—1 Wa.s ji Convl.'l—.MB.S. 9:00— Levine Tliiiivduv Nltu Jain- boi-(M>. !l :.10— Dnnrc Orclii';--lr:i - AIB.S. 9:55 — News— M BS. 10:00— riiinei; uivht>str:i. 10 :SO— Dance ciri/lipstra— MBS. 10:55— NVws— MBS. 11:00— Record .Show. 11:30— Record Sliow. 12:00— Sign Off. FRIDAY 6:29 — Sitfn On. C:30 — News. 6:35— Gene Horton Son(?s. 6:50—1340 Rancli. 7:00— realtor's Plnn — MBS. 7:15— Tl«> Open B!lil*>. 7:-l5— Bi-i-aktiist Hhythms. 7:6G— News. 8.00— Arthur Onotlip— MBS. S;1G— Fiiltli In Our Tlnic— A 8:30— Sny It With Music— MB.S. 9:00 — Pampa Pai'ty Iwinc. »:15— Toll Your Neighbor— MBS. S:30— Heart's Dcsiro— M^BS. 10:00 — Fashion Letter. 10:05 — Musical Interlude. 10:10— Ills Mivlpsty the Baby. 10:15— Coffee Time. 10:30— Campus Salute— MBS. 11 :00— Cerdlc Foster— MBS. 11:15— Smile Time— MBS.' 11:30— J. "L. Swindle News. 11:45 — Checkerboard Jamboree— MBS. 12:00 — Music Ala Carte. 12:15 — Local News. 12:30 — Jamboree. 12:45 — People Know KverythlnR. 1 :00— Queen for n Hay— MBS. 1:30— M uslc for Friday. I:.|5— JaohlG Hill Show. 2:00— ErsUlnp Johnson— M7.1S. 2 -in — The .Tohiison Family — MO*. 2:30— Two-Ton Baker— MBS. 2:45— Little Concert. 3:00— All Renuest Show. 4;0fl — AH Reciuest Show. 4:4G— AdveiKiture Parade— AfES. Tonight on Networks NBC— li Aklrich Family: T Music Hall: S Abliotl anil Costf-llo Finale; fl-30 -Concert of Nations. CBS— I! Kvn Lcpilllr-nne In Sns- iiense- fi:.TO FBI In Peace and Summer Final.-: 7 Lawyer Tni-Uov Slclt; 7:30 Crime Photos: S::»i -\t:ui Called X 'ABC— i'1-an Chullenprp of Yukon: 7;3ii Town Meeting a< Puel.lo, Colo., "Kns- p!nn Power in Knrojie"; i) J hose .Sensational Years. Friday on Networks NBC — 7 a.m. Honeymoon in N. "\ .', 11 am NBC Concert Orchestra; 2::»'i p.m.'l.orenxo .Tones; ii::!fl Nelson Olm- stpd Story; S : .|.- Talk. K. F. BUike chairman Prohibition Party National Committee. CBS— 11 :-!•" OnidinfJ TJtvlit: 2:SO Hive and Take Qui/.; -I::!H He-l I'' 1 "' 1 'i"'.,;; Sports; li Hawk LaralM-e IM-.imu; ,:.,» Moore and Pin-ante F»y» lf '; , ,..,„ — 10:45 :i.m. Ted Muloin-- 1 ..!' Bride and Cinwm: !( Skip Boom! (Continues From P.ttse 11 gallop in a circle, then classes will be stopped and horses one at a time will be required to v.'alk. trot, gallop, figure eight, stop, do a 130 degree turn, then do a 90 degree turn to the right, then turn again 90 degrees to the left. The horses vill cover the above outline, then will be lined un. saddles removed, and the animal will, be judged for conformation. Scoring will be as follows: walk 5. trot 5. gallop 5. stop and turn 30- balance 20. response to control 10. conformation 25. Class No. 7—Horse colts foaled in 1945; awards, ribbons from first through fifth places. Class No. 8—Fillies foaled in 19-15: awards, ribbons from first through fifth places. Class No. 9—Stallions foaled in 1944; awards, ribbons from first through fifth places. Class No. 10—Mares foaled in 1944; awards, ribbons from first through fifth places. Class No. 11—Stallions foaled in 1943 or prior; awards, ribbons from first through fifth places. Class No. 12—Mares foaled in 1943 or prior; awards, ribbons from fiist through fifth places. Class No. 13—Best stallion of the show, silver plaques to first, st-toml. and third. Class Mo. 14—Best mare of (he I show, silver plaques to first, second, and third. Tti awarding; these championship plaques, the jud»es shall t'rnnt to all two year-olds a four point credit, lor immaturity, and :i two point, credit to all Unvii-yrar olds. Class No. l5--Geldinn perlornmniT contest; judi'.in: 1 , routine will be the I .stunt' fin in all pi-rformani-e ilivii'iiui:;. (-.••('(•|jt, i.'.i'ldiii!.!:; will lie miuiiTd lo frn s-sorfy / was a naughty girl Snd y-you had to me/ She doesn't fool me? She's just trying tc j make me feet like a heel! control while rider mounts with one work much faster, and in addition will be rcciuirecl to come to a slid- iii'.t stop fioin full spffd, back up. and displu'y full disnumnl.': and nujtion. In nil t.lie performance classes;. Wf;;irrn icDWbny) .saddles and f;ear v.'ill be required. There is no limitation othcruise. Kpurs. chaps, ((tiirts. or (illier e'.iuipuu'iit, desired by the rider ran be iised. Ilid(;r ami c.ear rannt.t. .scon; ''only the horse. It .hurts-a /dt- but / still love you/ Vou're still my (floutIniifrt from Tn^o II niifrnft, industry healthy by sillow- in,'; South American countries to puivhasu aircraft at the "tail fnd o: our contrncts.' 1 i ft was indicated he had in mind a)'i';iiu;emr,)tr, for all countries in the In mi: |>!i"TO to lump (.hi ir orders for )>iane;; aiul (.hit", (; (( I'i-duci'd rates.) (Contlntfea mission tnselitie from wttch fei5or- ters were barred. Mrs. Batobe *irss also asked to leave the rne'fetirig rccm. This she dia under protest. After the session, she said she had no statement to make ct this'time. Smith also told reporters that he hoped nothing would happen or be said that would in any way impair the commission's usefulness in improving relations between Anglo and Latin Americans in Texas. He said the commission yesterday did not take up a report made by Mrs. kibbe after a recent trap to the lower Rio Grande Valley to study conditions under Vthich farm laborers imported from Mexico are working. These workers are now being employed under terms of an agreement between the United States and Mexico. One report here was that several members of the Legislature had objected to some of the statements made in the report. Members of the commission have been given capios of her report, but it has not been made public. . McLtee fcfbfc Sftfcii care c* the 16H* ffiegfri "$/ft- HiS tfh-r^teffiigltttt. vifli. m, m rgtstrfted mm. mm. a& oilier a&y fijid MM tiut ta fti&kfe h& customary 6*Eshihg inSjiiection. th% melon fc&6 gone. Mrs. McLane had decided to pickle she thought was & bufeumber as a special treat for Jack, Jr. Moloiov (Continued From Tnire 1) Axis satellites were signed last February. Yesterday's expression by Poland of interest in the Marshall proposal was regarded as significant and encouraging, since Poland's coal con. stitutes a major factor in any European recovery plan. Almost every European rintion now has evinced some interest in the American Secretary of State's plnn except Spain and Portugal. Read Hie Tampa News Want Ads tofefefe wATfckTbwN, MASS. open sfeasori at Watertown arsenal on a\ young doe hiding oh the grounds, but huriters ar<§ uslh'R lar- tats. not the heavy rifles turned cut by this.fahious gun factory. Frightened by a pftsslhfe train, it jumped over the arsenal fence and remains at large, eating tidbits from the comniaVdant's vegetable garden. The only language Russia understands Is the language of force. Por <3od's sake, let's doh't weakeh our defenses at home. -Rep. ttewey short (it) of Missouri. MAGNETO REPAIRING All Work Guaranteed RADCLIFF BROS. ELECtRlCAL CO. Richard Drug ' This In turh W8uid pla? !»%,; hands of any elements In ;Bur Which might *afit fo ferdck'bi; string the initial effort in ewSl _ planning which Marshall has Ctttw for. v : : "" In this connection AitterlCM cials are by tto thlHtiS eerfein^ MolotoV's ftttehdaiiee at the iheetlttg is ;ahy {jrdol -ra a -B 1 desire to go along on the Ha conditions acceptable to ftie States. -- ' Today adequate miiitaiy fetopafc edness is our best 'guarjiWtee;' ,ol peace. At the council table, ol Ha* tioiis the strong are listened,-to -«••• the ttedk are igtiofed.-^-feen. <t3«6fi£ O. Kenney, Strategic Air Comttiatia. : ' .,,• ; \ i.. TOO Get SLIMMER tfclt ciainc anig*.« -„ . . VitainirtGartajrReduaijgf you don't cut-Out, ah/ » — starches, potatpM. htefl butter, you simply cut them do*HMt'» < when you enjoy delicious (vitamin.fort . AYDSeandybeforetfteals.ABMilutayharmtea, In clinical tciu conducted by mOUtilito more than 1OO perioni |M< 14,t» ». •vn*E> In » fM» wmk* with AYtlS Vll»»4» Candy Reduclng'Plan. • , • • > Renuliir slic *2.25. Triple Blzc »5.50. Yon f«troml« oa roiy firifc btnc or roofifev bark. Call ' .' ., WILSON DRUG Phone 600 Howie Moss hit 21 homo runs 'in Baltimore club's first- 4G 'games to become known as Babe Ruth of the; International League. Maintaining his present pace, the outfielder would manufacture 75 this season.' Bam broke in' with! M \e Orioles.. Wool Bill p.m. Show; 0:30 Bank. s Br.-alt tin _____ Bead The" Pampii News Want Ads (PLAIN) Instant relief to a stuff,«d-up liead-cold and cough, throak irritation and hoarseness due to a eold, Siptol loosen? the phelgm in the nasal and bronchial tract, and makes .breathing: easier and check* excew wughing. S I P T O L Supplied in Two Forma Plain— With Rr>h<*}riiw CRETNEY DRUG CO. fC'oiHInui d From Pnqre 1) objected to the House-added amendment "intended to increase the tariff on wool through the imposition of import 1'eos." He added: "This was done to provide a means of increasing the domestic market price for wool to approximate the support price, thus shifting the cost of the support from the Treasury to the consumers of wool products. The prices of these products are already high." The veto was not unexpected. Rep. Cooley (D-NC.) called at the White House yesterday to urge such action and told reporters later the President had not frowned on his suggestion. Floods (Continued From Pajrc 1) las area several days ago, passed Rosser last night at 29 feet. The river was still rising at Trinidad, with a stage of 30 feet, four feet above flood stage. There was some flooding of lowland farms. Weather was warm and windy over most of Texas today, but a continuation of scattered thunder showers was forecast. The heaviest overnight rainfall reported to the Dallas Weather Bureau was 3.09 inches at Beaumont. Amarillo was the state's coolest spot last night, with a low reading of G5 degrees. El Pa BO'S 93 was the state's highest yesterday. CARNIVAL BY DICK TURNER & poor SE SHOPPERS Juicy California Sunkist Large 3 White Layer Coke Assorted Frosting, each TENDER SNAPPY SANS Fresh Cinnamon Rolls, made wtth Pure Cinnamon, doz. ARIZONA YELLOW Rye Dufreh CORN FEATHER PEAS MIRACLE: Choice Beef Chuck Ib. Roast Hams Shank or Whole Layer Sliced pint borne Van Camp^ No. 2 can CH8LI BEANS Dromedary FLAVQT 1 ! Phillips Two 12~oz. cans BEANS & FRANKS . . . Mrs. !vey will be here Friday, demonstrating Luxury Wax 80?. 49c; 16 oz. 89c Mountain DILL PICKLES Kuner's 24-Qz. jar Whole SWEET PICKLES

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