The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 26, 1930 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR ON THE STAGE — MDHIGHT TRONIC !•One Hour of Amateur Vaudeville All Local Talent-j-The Best Costumed Show of the Season SNAPPY 'I PEPPY A FUN FESTIVAL If You Stay Up for This One You 'll Never Hiss Another FUN FOR ALL ' OOHE Toalght, April Xt, 1UXS Cone to the Regular Saturday Nigiit Show and Stay Oyer for the Frolic. Admission to the Regular Show Does Nat Admit You to the Frolic. You.Can Buy Frolic Tickets in the Theatre Looby ADMISSION: 15c and S5c. limUS GOLF LEAGUE. Jolly Barr of Huntington Elected President at Elwood. Jolly Barr, formerly of-this county but now director of the swimming pool at the Hotel Lap fountaine. has been elected presj- ident of the Northern Indiana Golf League which includes the country -clubs at • Ehvpod, Peru, Bluffton. Huntington, Wabash. Mr. Barr is a member of the^LaFountaine country club. j The organization of .the league was perfected at El wood Wednesday and Mr. Barr. representing the Huntington club, was selected as president. He is one of-the good players in the state and at this time holds the championship of his club. Mr.'Barr.has been at Huntington for several, years in charge of the swimming" pool in the city's best hotel. . JDEATH OF BROTHER. r Otto Trittschuh Informed of Brother's Death in Ohio. THE BIGGEST YET. Kilch'n Tinl Enamel For Woodwork and Walls Brighten Up Your Painted Walls With This Superior Washable Enamel. Blue Front Drug Store TIPTON, IND. "A Good Place to Trade" Otto Tritschuh of North Cohde street received word Saturday morning announcing the death of his; | brother. John Trittschuh, which had taken place at his hOjjne in New Madison, Ohio, Friday night. Mr. Trittschuh, who -was 70 years of age this month, is survived by. the wife and two sons, Dr. Everette Trittschuh of Lewisburg, Ohio and Earl Trittschuh who ; is with the American Telephone Co. in South America. Besides the brother here, Mr. Trittschuh is survived by another bTother, Herman jTrittschuh,- SO years old of Versailles, Ohio, and three sisters, Mrs. S. D. Powell, Mrs. A. Knorr and Mrs. Van Kirk all of Greenville, Ohio. He is also survived by three grandchildren. .. Funeral services will be held j Monday at New Madison. Mr. and i Mrs. Trittschuh and. members of! j their family will go to New Mad-' ison I Sunday. (Mr. and Mrs. Ed Edwards of •Curtisville were here Saturday attending to business matters and j shopping. Mr. Edwards was here to see about having some stakes set on a~ ditch tie will .construct in the northeastgpart of the county. ; 'EJ E. Mendenhall, local photographer was attending to business| matters in Indianapolis. Friday.! April E-O-M at The Boston Store PERCALE—Light or dark, 36 inches 1 wide, E-O-M -.. j... .J.., .. A RAYCLAIR CREPE—Beautiful new 9Aj, weave, 69c vaftie, E 0 M aKW> RAYON—Stripe or check, dainty colors, Q(L» 59c to 69c values, E O-M . i...". 1. 1 KRINKLE SPREADS-80x90, green, blue, 7A. gold, $1.25 value, E-O^M I.... 1JC 10c Lon Salter Caught Black Bass Weighing 6 % Pounds. The biggest bass ever caught in Tipton county was brought to town'Friday by Lon Salter, fisherman, who spent the afternoon at a pit north of Tipton. The big fellow weighed 6% : pounds strong and when < his head was shown downtown Saturday he looked to be daddy. * of, all black bass. Mr. Salter weighed the fish at Newhouse & Newhouse _and he was measured there also. His length was 21 inches. He is of the big mouth I species. This fish was caught with a minnow and was landed in less than three minutes after he was hooked, Mr. Salters says. This fisherman Btates that he was not surprised when the big fellow- was pulled out o(i the pit bank. He says he knew the pit had a champion fish in it four years ago and that he has fished for this fellow at least seventy-five times. Mr. Salter was asked if he wanted to'•sell'the fish and lie replied that he would willingly dispose of it at the right price and he considered $40 about right for his catch. This would give him approximately $23.50 to pay his; fine and the balance to put in. his pocket. It is against the law to sell a game fish. Saturday -morning Mr. Salter said he was making arrangements to have a fish dinner Sunday at the home of his brotheir, Luther Salter on West Jefferson street. Pastor On Stand. LARGE CROWD ATTENDED. Over Four Hundred Persons at • Ross School Friday Evening, The seventh annual community supper in connection, with ! the closing of the Ross School ' was held Friday night with more than 400 persons present. Three hundred and seventy-six persons were checked who passed the long table and filled their piates. The community supper was • one of 'the best ever held. In connection with this annual supper the school exhibit is shown yearly and the exhibit this year was the best ever. No program is given at the school the teachers being in their room and visitors examined the display and; then en joyed, the supper, this being found to be the best method of holding the affair. The Ross school with an enrollment of 8S ; pupils is a grade school with a. principal and three teachers. Churchill Her wig, ' has been principal of the school. at each of the seven annual community events and this year his assistants were Frank Cage, Miss Belle-Miller and Miss Frieda Cage, all of whom wish to extend thanks to the public for their cooperation in making the seventh exhibit the largest in history. Landy R. Lee of Tipton, who never misses this event states that the crowd Friday night was the best natured one he ever got into and the feed was wonderful. To Wed Geniian. MAY BE INVESTIGATED. Relatives of Mrs. Aulta Hillock Said to Ask Probe of Death. ON THE SCREEN—MIDNIGHT FROLIC Sally Starr and Johnnie 44 Arthur in PERSONALITY You'lL laugh until your sides ache—you'll cry because it 'sjio real- Two modern newlyweds in the funniest and truest comedy ever put on ithe screen. A depiction of modern married life that is a triumphant succession of chuckles* laughs and roars. Some time ago the Tribune carried a story regarding an assault made on the late Mrs. Aulta Hillock former Kempton resident* whose death occurred at Indianapolis during the week and whose burial took place at Kempton Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Hillock' was alleged to have teen assaulted by David Greenlee, when she' and her husband drove' to the home of the Greenlees to attend the funeral of Elihu Greenlee near Fortyille. Trouble oyer 20 acres of land is said to have been responsible for the assault. Mrs. Hillock had been given half of the estate of the elderly Greenlee j and the accused man the other half. Elihu' Greenlee was the uncle of both: Following the assault Mrs. Hillock-file;! charges against Greenlee and also a civil suit, which is still pending. j T It is said that since the death of the woman, relatives and friends say that the blows administered by David Greenlee at the time of the assault, were responsible for her death. Mrs. Hillock was a daughter of Albert and Alvina Woods and was ! reared in the Kempton com munity. At the Diana. SHIRTING GINGHAMS—Fast colors, 15c value, E-O-M $1.00 LADIES' SILK RA*ON HOSE—Dainty pastel colors, 295 value, E-O-M, 4 pair., BONGILLA DELUXE FACE POWDER— OA Big value at 79c, E-QJM J ** C LADIES'' CREPE DRESSES—Plain and figured, long or short sleeves, E-O-M -y. LADIES' DRES8ES-V Crepes and chiffons, plain and figures; black ond colors; sizes 14 CO QC to 48; $15 to $18 values, E-O-M ....... MEN'S BALBRIGGAN SUMMER UNDERWEAR —Short sleeves, long 7Qa» legs, EO-M . MEN'S BLUE DENIM OVERALLS—Triple stitched, 7 pockets, full cut; all the time at, 79c CONGOLEUM AND BIRD MADE ART RUGS—Size 9x12 L ......... . . $6.95 LADIES' KNIT UNION SUITS— Loose or tight knee, $1.00 values, E-O-M CHILDREN'S BLOOMERS—Nainsook, flesh,- E-O-M . . — i. ... i... SOc 25c LADIES' GOWNS—Muslin, crepe or>voile, neatly trimmed, E-O-M .. i...... — •... PALMOLIVEflOAP— E-O-M, S for 5jk 25c Ottawa, 111.; April 26.—Sobs from the gallery—made up of women members of his congregation—mingled with his own yesterday as the Rev. James A. Wilson, Methodist preacher, toolc the witness stand to admit shooting his church sexton and the sexton's wife, but to deny intent to kill. The minister described 'in detail the shooting, which took place when he and the sexton, Amos Elliott, and the sexton's wife, struggled for possession of a letter written by the minister to Mrs. Edna Wagner, a widow of his parish. Was Known Here. New York, April 26.—Albert Frankenberg, age thirty-four, banker of Berlin,- Germany, obtained a license yesterday to marry Mrs. Fleeda N. Alberti, age thirty-four, 'opera singer, of New York. They planned to he married next Tuesday.- Mrs. Alberti, daughter of John Newton, was born in Winchester, Ind. Her-first marriage to Solon Alberti, pianist, ended iu a dt» vorce in Berlin last October. THIS INTERESTED US— MAYBE IT WIIiL YOU, TOO Tipton.. County Red Cross workers have received word of the death of : one H. B. William son, a. field representative of the National- Red Cross which took place Wednesday night at Devon, Pennsylvania-, the .result of in juries received in an automobile accident. Mr. Williamson - had direct charge of the flood relief work in January and February in the southern part of i Indiana. His headquarters, were: at r Vincennes, the heart of the flood district. He .did spleudid service and "at the time was highly praised for the flue - way he handled the relief measures. What does M. mean to get one's back up? To say of anybody that he has bis back up is to indicate that he is angry and antagonistic. But why snould it be said'that he has his back up? The question seems puzzling . until the answer is Known. For the expression should not bo construed in a,literal -or phyi- cal sense. Rather, it is a metaphysical allusion to the cat, who, when confronted with an' enemy, immediately humps its back, raising it actually in the attitude referred to in the j expression "to get one's back up." King Vidor. who| has . been called the Midas of j the screen, inasmuch as whatever he touches during the filming of a production turns to box-office gold, directed Marion Davies in herr new comedy, "Not So Dumb," ajt the diana Theatre Sunday and Monday. " ' 1 The new talking ' picture, is based upon the Broadway stage hit, "Dulcy," written by George S. Kaufman and Marc; Connelly, in which Lynn Fontaine created the title characterization and which Constance Talmadge later portrayed on the silent screen. In adapting the play for the talkies, Wanda Tucbock, scenarist, and Edwin Justus iMayer, who prepared the dialogue, made very few alterations, preserving the flavor of the original plot.' JACOB GOETTEL DIES. A Pioneer of. Arcadia Passed Away Friday Night. Jacob Goettel, another : of Arcadia's pioneer citizens, died. Friday night at 9: 30 o'clock at the home of his daughter, Mrs, Raymond Shaffer^in Arcadia. Death came after a long illness. ' The funeral services will be -held Monday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock at the Methodist church in Arcadia and burial will be jn the Dunkard-cemetery. Mr. Goettel was born in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, July 8th,- 1855 and was the son of John and Mary Goettel. At the age-of 18 years he came to Indiana and located at Bluffton with jiis bror tiher where he learned the blacksmith trade.: Later, he mjjved to William shortly INSCRIPTION* DECIPHERED. Information Shows Priests Pharoah's Time Were Powerful atonement! he advertised fori , . - i j time. j in i Archeolbgists are profou interested! in this revelation the power of priests which plains also the magnitude of) ". Cairo, April 26.—The. most important discovery among . ;the inscriptions in Ra Quer's tomb has been deciphered at last. This is. announced as throwing immense light on the relations of high priests with Pharoah. Near-, brew period ,„ Egypt by gho i r| ly 5,000 .years ago Pharoah was; the conn , ctbetween the ur walking through the precincts orj desirou3 of retaining their P< Uor the Holy City with the Highj based on ! suppositions of magical If dear or Pope Ra Quer. the in -j power> and tne ^ [f) Quer's mastabah, far exceeding those of royalty, and the splendor -and significance of the title); or this pope, of dim antiquity An eminent archaeologist this stele itHrows light on the scription says, and inadvertently! all or ex- Ra says Hp- remove plagues from Egypt tpu'ehed the body of the priests) through the exodus of the jjews The informant said that Pharoah Cicero and- worked for , Shaffer. He!was Inarried after coming to Cicero -tp Miss Mary Thomas of Cicero and two children blessed their- union. Mrs. Shaffer survives. A daughter Alice died at the age of two years. Mrs. Goettel died August 9th, 1924. He is survived by two granddaughters, Mary and Martha. Shaffer and a sister, Mrs. Amanda Schron of Lancaster, Pa. Mr. Goettel was a citizen held \ in the highest esteem by every one. He was exceptionally industrious and continued faithfully it his trade until six months ago when taken ill. He. was a -lifelong member of the Methodist •church and was active in the church work and devoted in his attendance. He also . was active in 'the K. of ,P. lodge fn Arcadia and served as secretary of the 1 insurance department for many years. with a stick such as the Pharoahsj and priests are depicted as bear-j possibly s . lvv . in Moseg a trump ipg in the tomb engravings.. I card for breaking the priestly' [ This accidental act was regard-: power> while the priests, tleing efl as such a sacrilege in those) accust0 med to and expertsl in times that Pharoah, in humbling) tricke ry, saw in Moses notlhing himself-in a profound apology on! but a - br i other cUarIatan I ant the spot, commanded that the in-! p , ayed a patient game, hoping he would show his hand. (iident be recorded on stone and i that it be placed in the royal i ^ presence in the tomb prepared' i j by Ra Quer himself in order that 1 Stafford's Eveready glue posterity should realize the royal!bottles WJth patent mbber grief for his act and the royal JcaD. Tribune Press. ! County Assessors. I . ... ,. . - . MURDOCH, THE ^MAGICIAN. Coming to Tipton Next Wednesday for Benefit Performance. ' In the list of candidates • for county offices published in the notice of election in Friday's is.-' 'sue of the Tribune.the candidates fbr the nomination of County Assessor were inadvertently omitted. There are five .candidates- seeking this nomination. David I. Wbeatley is the only Republican candidate. and Landy R. Lee, John W. Mott, ! Francis M. Mycr.iy and Roy C. Osier are asking-for the Democrat nomination! Their names will appear on the notice of election to be posted at the voting places. Traded Properties. Joe Biltz and son residing north -of Elwood' on the Shortle farni were here Friday attending to business matters and greeting friends. Mr. Biltz stated that he had, finished planting corn, but hastily added—in the garden. Murdock, the magician is coming to-Tipton next Wednesday for two performances at the Armory. He is coming under the auspices of_ the local National Guard com-, pany. Murdock will be assisted by Lela La Verne:- | Two performances will be giv- and evening. The matinee lee^ INTERESTING FACTS. I Did you know that' even when diphtheria does rot cause fills the system so full of poisons that it is frequently followed by organic heart disease? Of the 3,434 deaths in Indiana.during January, 1930, 544 deaths were the result, of organic "heart disease For-YourYoungster, This Splendid— EASTMAN CAMERA FREE! If He or She Becomes 12 in 1930 r y : HE EASTMAN Kodak Company—to commemorate the Fiftieth Anniversary of Kotlsk—has authorized us to present, . free of charge, a limited r.umicr of handsome new cameras and rolls of Sim to boys and girls whose twelfth^ birthdays come this year. If your youuister if t<'i;':ible, bring him or her in at once. ' r ;'Q cnm !»-3s M--':1 bsi £:ren w, • v oi-d'/ as Iorig as they last during v.-.'i hicruh of ixiyy. Yua IUUCC _oc i-uw to-avoid disappointmcuc. Rexall Drag Store Last Showing Tonight Shows 7:00 to 11:00 Admission 10c and 25c. ALSO es Ahoy!" With Glen Try on TARZAN THE TIGER'} AND COMEDY TOMORROW AND MONDAY - (Tomorrow Matinee 2:15) ! TRY AND STOP LAUGHING! en, matinee^ will be aftier school and! T ,;p TON RED CROSS CHAPTER children'will only pay 10c. | A rabbit will be given away at each performance. give Was Tipton jvisltor. R. • C. Marine and Merle Mundell have traded properties and possession will be given at once, it is reported. Mr. Mundell trades Ms duplex on West Adams street for the Marine home on Delhi street.. AtKokomo. Attornajr J. M. Parrl* « M In Kokomo IttardNr on Ucjil bast* 9f "Tim's What ICaH Qokk Service How can you do it I' Simply "because we ;UOM; have an ekpert , watchmaker who 'apes .nothing hut repair'watches anq clocks, t ^ ^ v _ ( | THEQUICKE8T 8EBV? _ Tom Carter, former resident of ~ I Prairie township who is now residing at RussiaviUe, was in Tip- ten Saturday greeting friends, lie being a visitor here with relatives. Mr. Carter whose health | has not been so good is feeling much-better and expects to be back in his old form with the coming of weither. -permanent warm :Mr. and Mrs. William Deakyne former Tipton residents who now reside in Lafayette were the week end guests o't Tipton rela-. tlvcs and friends.- Mr. -'Deakvnc isiemployed as switchman for the Nickel Plate at Lafayette, having been transferred from -the Tipton yards.; ' Visited In Tipton. 1 Lambert Bearfoss of Frank-: fort was a Tfiltorl in Tipton, his cforatr boat, ^Friday. Mr. Jm If you laughed' at .Marlon -Davies in "MarUnne," you'll howl at the latest talking riot! :" She": plays a prt-t- ty dUBb»bell — but ' eventa prove / she's not so dumb. From the «age hit "Dulcy." ... ;'. with ;, I

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