Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 26, 1947 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1947
Page 5
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WA Mrs, Sfeftrbefs of the Young Wbmen's Auxiliary of the Lefors BiBWst ishufcTi fliet In the honie of thei? sponsor. Mrs. Atidell Stafford, f6f ft fried chicken breakfast Sunday morning. During, the breakfast hour the group heard a broadcast coming ; froth the Y. W. A. camp in fttdse- ci-fest H. C. . The girls, attired in Y. W. A. colors, wore white dresses with cor- .safes of white carnations tied with green ribbons. They attended : f!hiirfch in a group after the breakfast where they sany the Y. W. A 'song. "O Zlon Haste," as a specia number. Present were Misses Vesta James toelhia Rickman, Christine Outhrie Pluer Etta Russell. Delores Herring Bdbbye Joyce Vaught. Joy Browning Rita Jo Oulllson. Marine Cfossan Nina Maples. Marlene Swafford and •the hostess-sponsor, Attractive Double Duty Guest Room Young People Given Plant Hall LKFORS—-(Special)—Dancing was the order of the eveningi when Mes- d&mes Floyd Bull and . Jimmy Davis entertained a group of young people at the Carbon Plant Community Hall Friday night. Music fbr the-dance was furnished by a record player donated for the purpose. After about two hours of dancing, refreshments of sandwiches, cookies, and cokes were served. About 50 young people attended. Caraway or celery seeds give novel flavor to cottage cheese. Add salt (to season and enough cream to make Ithe mixture spread easily. Use as a sandwich filling. The Last Supper Guest room 'cfln^WblTSr I 3 rrn!y\dcn through use of mattresses and springs-on-lcgs. Attractively md'avtibty slipcovered, these beds provide ample lounging as well as sleeping «omiorfr^ out tlic sl 'g lllcst hint of atmrnnhrre. Mrs. Clay Hostess For Luncheon Club SHAMROCK, (Special) — Mr Harry Clay was hostess to th Luncheon Club at her home Tuts Uny. in t.he afternoon bridge pro vidcd entertainment .for thc ! grou and the high score award was pre sentcd to Mrs. Byron DeMoss. Mr Bob Purccll received second his prize. Mrs. Austin Wiggins of Quantico Va., was a guest. Services Tomorrow For Mrs. Delia Welion Funeral services will be held a 2 p.m. Friday from the First Chris tian Church for Mrs. Delia Weltor 73, who died late Monday night a her home, 415 W. Browning. Pallbearers will be Buck Graham E. G. Frasiei-j Charlie Ford, Free Paronto, Ollie Tidwcll and Busl Haggard. Services-will be conducted by th Rev. Beauford Norris and buria will bo in Fail-view Cemetery unde the direction of Ducnljel-Carmich. ael Funeral Home. By MRS. ANNE CABOT A beautiful-and historic religious panel 'which is a favorite in many homes measures 20 by 11 inches. The coj)y of the famous Da Vinci picture can be clearly and easily embroidered?.'in fine outline and. satin stitch. The figure of Christ is hajndsomely buf simply outlined in royal purple. The ; rich colorings and religious significance of this panel are particularly endearing to children in the'home, , To obtain transfer pattern of the LAST SUPPER Panel (Pattern No. 5320) color chart for working, ampunts of all materials specified fiend ; 15 cents in; COIN plus 1 cent postage. YOUR NAME. ADDRESS and the PATTERN NUMBER to A|ine Caljdt Daily News 1150 Ave. Americas, New York 19, N. Y. \ 'American Way of Life 1 Encouraged LONGVIEW— (If}— A movemen seeking • to. encourage "the American way of life" among adults and public school students is under way in East Texas. The East Texas Chamber of Commerce activated the program, which calls for a committee, composed 01 businessmen and educators, to promote intensive instructions in civics economics and American history in public schools and more discussion of these subjects by adults through their clubs. Russia Has Rejected 2nd British Request LONDON—(/P)— an authoritative British source reported today that Russia, for the second time in two weeks, had rejected a British request for "clarification" of the situation in Hungary. A Foreign Office spokesman confirmed receipt in London of a Russian reply to the memorandum submitted to Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov in Moscow on 'June 17, but said he could not disclose its contents. i Tank cars for liquid gases are like huge thermos bottles on wheels. This explosive starlet is the 1947 "Firecracker Girl"—Hollywood's contribution lo the 4th of July. On all other days of the year she's known as Martha Stewart. AUSTRALIA HIDES HAND ON U. S. IMPORT POLICY CANBERRA—(/P)—Prime Minister Joseph B.'Chiefly was non-committal when questioned in the House of Representatives about the possi- Lility of cuts in Australia's imports of tobacco and movie films from United States. "Tho Government has not given iny thought to a reduction of tobacco imports, but wo do not know what will finally arise concerning dollars," he said. . Asked whether film imports from U. S. were likely to be affected, he Prime Minister said all dollar mports would be reviewed from ime to time. LOVERS' WARNING" Many South American theaters ound a "lovers''warning" just be- ore turning on the theater lights fter completion of a performance. On an average clay about 3,500,000 .mericans are disabled because of Iness. ® W MATKL HOWE FARKHAM; Ru MATEFI ITRI8UTEO BY ME< SEflVICC, ISC. ^ fc XXV I r MET An'nabelle on the street in I* the late afternoon of the day ib?for.e the bride and groom were 'expected back. I had not seen her einee tt-at dreadful evening when IVe farqke the news of the iinex- ipccjcd marriage. Annabelle now 'greeted me pleasantly. She .was i carrying a great sheaf of hothouse (rprjng flowers, daffodils, tulips, . lovely," I said. "Who 'are '*Oh, we want to make the house y. for Amy and Nelson, naturally. |Amy is so fond of tulips, and I ij\ad' such a hunt for thenx. Mama turpsd th? town upside down in a for a turkey, and she finally prie.. Mama wants you arid father to come to dinner tonight. Perhaps she's al- asked you. Sam -and Flora , 1 po one else. You are .prs^ically members of the family." i I 'did, npt much Uke to b f e thought pf a§ pavfpf the Tolliver family, land,- 1 was pertain Mrs. Tolliver diflXnot mean to invite us, but I at |hat dinner invitation. pretended he did not want po. He paid he didn't want to in PR the death, that Annabelle ag not would put srsenic in , thaj; he fcated scenes, w?s. fM to the hilt, witji vers. iffojining, of couVse, p|,.a broken leg would have {TKHJ5N, we w-pnj over there ne$t I ™'%y8ftijjf,-' -tb^ 'Tolliver hpuse i^fe § J jWisi M -lights. Weyman 'MgiS&'.t&t iWrt <*oor, ^ rtn fvom tltfttP :— ' ' H#MF» in' the m W..™^,-^ Few-bag is other's waists. There was much kissing and handshaking, Nelson beamed on everyone. Mr.-'. Tolliver had shed her gloom. Sam v/as gay and positively paternal toward, the bride and groom. Annabelle was sparkling and witty. Flora laughed and exclaimed and applauded everything that was said. .Amy said little, but.she was gracious and utterly at her ease. I had never seen her look so pretty. Her hair was done a new way, curled and piled high on her head. Her dress was an exquisite shade of lightish sapphire blue chiffon, made over gold satin. Her slippers were gold, and she carried a gold mesh bag with sapphires in the clasp. "Doesn't Amy look like a million dor«(jrj?" Flora crledvraptur- ?usly. j Amy did, If there was anyone in that group who was the least ill at ease or embarrassed it was I. Father took it all in;' his stride. I kept looking for dark undercurrents, but apparently all was forgotten and forgiven. Amy, after a slight and becoming hesitation, took her place at the head of the table. Nelson sat at the foot and carved, Sam had provided the champagne he had promised Flora at the first speciai occasion. As might have been expected, it was a righ and sumptuous dinner —oysters on the haft shell, clear green turtle soup reeking with sherry, -the turkey stuffed with chestnuts, en^ive^ salad, a sauce of black pherrjes swimming in burned brandy to J-oup pyer our ice cream. Beside? the champagne W e had sherry, Siauterne, JJenedicUne, and old brandy, Father and I all but Hozjted home.' ' 1, '.hey all seem as happy i',*' Father said. "I haven't se,en'Annabel^ so gay in y.ears." * * * ' 9 B VT Ajjpabelle was n9t g&y derneath. ^ week W §0 ,. TO IP IP* $ w^yc t'J ~S.. - - - 1~ i T *• - -™ JP> ' //V^v^'f ;_^V r ! :jf;;,> w cloucls scuclulng across a blue, bine sky. After about a mile Flora said she was chilled to the bone, and we turned bai;k. "Is Annabelle going to keep on working?" I asked as we walked homeward. Flora dragging on my arm. "I'm. afraid so. Poor Sister! I! am' very unhappy about her. Nel-' son did tell her thai she could give up her job any time she wished,' He persuaded Sam to join him m making Mama an allowance of $50 a month, not very much, certainly, but enough fo~ their clothes and spending money. Of course Nelson has taken over all the household expenses. Nelson is far more generous than Sam."' "Sam gave your mother and sis- te,rs a home rent free for years." "Yes-s, I suppose he did. But he really didn't vvant to. You know that." I did not want to discuss Sam with Flora. I was shocked by her utter lack of loyalty, So I brought; the conversation back to Annabelle. I said I thought it was fine of Annabelle to go on working, that I admired her'independence. "It isn't that," Flora told me. "Sister doesn't want to be independent in that way. She hates working downtown. She just does it as a slap at Nelson. She even insists on paying her board—. though Nelson turns it over tq ( Mama. She goes straight to her, room every evening after dinner. She usually makes Mama go too. She keeps telling Mama that they are in the way, a burden to Nelson and Amy, that q bride and groom want to be left alone. You know' is a big eater, for all she's! so thin. But now Sister tells hei^ she mustn't take second«helpings. and run up the bills. Poor Mama doesri't ktjow what to think." .J went ho|OR seriously disturbed about the situation at the, Tol- livers. When I told father he said AnnabeUe had to put up with a good deaj, that it was no fun to be the fUndere/Ua of the family, that Amy was how in a position to •acfc the whip ... i I was so surprised I sa4d noth-i ig. And t '4$ I- |ound put' ter, w$s • ' i '<..';>v; .-.*> . • * "• Mainly AHotil Pampa and Her Neighbor Towns Miss Florence? iMorriman and Mrs. H. M. Cone have returned from Mexico where they went on a two wrek conducted tour. They left from San Antonio June 8 after attending the stats B&PW convention there. Take advantage of our special allowance of $50.00 on your old radio, regardless of make, model or condition on a beautfui new Crosley F. M. Console model radio now on display at Collier and Co., 310 S. Cuy- Icr.* Miss Kathleen Williamson. Chil- dvess, is spending two weeks here as a guest in the W. B. Mitchell home, 633 N. Faulkner. Dohey Dance Friday, June 27th, at Terrace Grill. Everyone invited. Listen to Pinky Powell's Orchestra.* Mrs. A. J. Johnston and Mrs. Kenneth E. Quivereaux, Abilene, an; guests in the home of Mrs. Johnston's si.iter, Mrs. O. O. Powell, 5U5 Hughes. We sell all brands of beer every day and Sundays. Southern Club." Miss Janlc Malhis, Dallas, is visiting friends in Pampa tin's week. Dance to Vic Diaz 7-picce brass band at the Southern Club on the largest, newest and best Dance floor in Pampa, every Sat. night. Free Itables. We cater to couples.* Mr. and Mrs. David Barren, Kress, announce the birth of a daughter, Mary Alice, on Sunday, June 1. The haby weighed 5 Ibs. and 4 3/4 oz. Mrs. Barrdn is the former Miss! Mildred Ouinn of Pampa. Pampa Dry Cleaners' many years •of experience assure you satisfaction. Call 88 for quick service. Mr. and Mrs. Wade Dnncan ami children, Cynthia, Bill and Angela, returned Saturday from a two week fif'hins trin in Galvpston Goinp places? Then have your clothing ready — croancd and pressed. No. delay at Master Cleaners.* Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Cowan, Dal- la.s, are visiting friends in Pampa tociay. Mr. Cowan war; a -former captain at the Pampa Armv Air Field. All room coolers and fans will soon bo gone from our stock. You had better not put off getting yours any longer. Modern Appliance Co.* Henry Koili ;cft today for Clinton, Okla., where he will visit his parents. Bicycles! 20- and 24-inch boys' and girls' style. See them at Roy and Bob's Bike Shop. 414 W. Browning.* Perry and Willard Franklin and Johnny Welchel. Pampa, and Fta.s Nix, Groom, made a trip to Liberal, Kans., yesterday evening. Speed Queen and Maytag at Sno White Washateria. Help yourself and wet wash. Ph. 2580." Mrs. F. I,. StaUlngs left j-cstcnlay by plane for Birmingham, Ala., where she will meet her brother. Wm. K. Wilder, who will take her to his home in Decatur. Ala., for a rhort stay. From there she will go to Rockmart, Ga., where she will vi?it with another brother. Henry Wilder, and family. Mrs. Stalling's then plans to go to Montreal, Canada, to visit her aunt, Mrs. G. O. McMurtry. Stanley Products. Nylon Brashes. Call 586.W. Mrs. Waochter.* Call Your Latindry, nnmbcr 675, for wet wash, thrifty and finish. Pick up and delivery service." Mrs. Jack Baker and son, Jack, nrc- visiting in Amarillo today. !V'rs. Jloeeoe Fi.'Je and daughter, Norma An:i. returned Sunday cve;i- ir.p from Wichita Falls where they spent Mi:- lant woek visit'ii?. Norma vi.'itrd in Woodward, Oklahoma the'k previous. Cab drivers needed. Apply PCR'S Cab Stand. 221 N. Cuyler.* Clcff? instant ambulance. P.2454.* Duane Hogsctt is home visiting hi.s parents, Mr. p.nd Mrs Frank Hopsett. 710 S. Finley. for the sum- rr.c-r. He ir, a Senior at Purdue University. LifiiyeUe. Ind., where he is a mnmbar of thn Pi Kappa Alpha Frntornttv. Dokcy Dance at Ten-ace Grill Friday, June 27th. Plan to attend.* Special Fourth of July dance. Sic's Barn. Lnr.Has frr?e. Gents $1.20.* Mrs. J. W. liozeroan returned today Irom Fort V/orih where she un- dn-wrnt nifdicnl l-cntmnnt. For Salr—2-bctIroom house and paragp. $7500. 131S Duncan. Phone 219I-W." Richard IIuirnLv; has rctumt-d home after undergoing surgery in St. Joseph's Hospital, Amarillo. Read The Fampa News Want Ads • We fix flats. • 24-hour service. • We pick up flats. McWILLIAMS SERVICE STATION 424 8. Cuyler Phone 37 Pampa Nev/s, Thursday, June 26, 1947 PAGE8J SWISS TO BUY 75 VAMPIHE PLANES BERN— UP i— I he appropriations committee of (he nctionnl council (iower house) of the Swiss parliament, has approver! a proposal by 'the federal council that parliament appropriate 64.450.000 Swiss francs f about, $15.000,000) for the purchase of 75 Vampire airplanes for the military department. The 20-year-old ship will accommodate 1.300 passengers. During its passenger p.nd military service it has carried more than a million travelers and .steamed far enough to encircle the globe 71 times. NEW DUTCH INDUSTRY AMSTERDAM-^)- An oil pany here has announced plans for new $28 million plant to make fertilizer, synthetic soap and plastics. The oldest, commercial synthetic rubber was made about 15 years ago. PAMPA MONUMENT CO. Cemetery Memorials ED FORAN, Owner GDI E. Harvester Phone 115* Forget That WASH? : s Wdl don't worry, for it will only lake you a few minute* lo do that wash with our new Steam Heated and Soft Water Washers. SEE 'MACK" AT THE N. HOBAUT KND OF WEST FOSTEE / 2 SUSPENDER SHORTS Wards Reg. Price J 49 Vat-dyed poplin suspender shorts in navy, copen blue, Ian or brown. 2-6. TAILORED SHORTS Wards Reg. Price 7,59 137 MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS A 3.98 Sport Shirt hi atlractive summer plaid, and solid colors. Sizes: small, medium, large MEN'S JUSTIN BELTS Western Belts in fire selected leather. A 3.98 value 1.49 T SHIRTS Cool knit T Shirts in attractive colors. Come early Smartly styled twill shorts. Mercerized. Blue, brown, aqua, maize. 7-14. S. REG. 2.98 HANDBAGS Attractive white plastic hags in newest slimmer styles. 4% 47* *Plus Federal Tax JL TOTS' DRESSES Attractive Summer Dresses in fine cotton prints. Reg. 1.98 ... 27 SMART SUMMER SLACKS Regularly 6.9 8—Now *Vkat a selection! Well-tailored | plated models in sizes 29 to 40. j BRiNT STRAW HATS * Priced Low at Wards! Styied for good looks! Pre-blocked styles in genuine Panama. 6H to 7H. EYELET PIQUE Reg. 2,59 a yard material makes beautiful blouses and summer >• 47 dresses 1^ y t j i RAYON PRINT Reg. 98c material sepcially priced at this remarkable 4% «yC savings yd. •. cotton marqui- '• setle! Wide, full ruffles'; matching tie; backs'. Each side, 40" by 81". White, NEW PORTABLE WASHER Washes as efficiently as •** big washers! Stainless steel tub. 2 fin agitator. 2 pound capacity. SANFORIZED LINENE Reg. S9c a yard, fine quality material in attractive A "yC colors iJX yd. POLKA DOT 100 yards of this fine material to go at this drastic price 4% «yC reduction w/ yd. QARDEN HOSE 4 89 Neopi'ene rubber, tough flexible lightweight! 5-8 in. size, included I SHARP REDUCTIONS! BOYS' COVERT PANTS Study pants for the real boy«. A 7* Sanforized. Reg. 1.59 * f PLASTIC CURTAINS Attractive plastic shower curtains, or- iriginally priced at 4.98.. and save .................. 3 H.P. "SEA KING" Wards new, powerful motoi'. Speeds to 8 raph. Built- in handle. REG $1.00 RAYON PANTIES ComfortaHe rayon pentiea in a wide selection of styles, Sjyes: sm^H, medium, large ..

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