Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 5, 1969 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1969
Page 9
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Mariposa Book Fair is now underway Ibf JtaripoM Book Fair b toolimiia: ilib week Uiitwsbj Friday at Ibe sdioaL Eadi clati< «'ia iMve an opporUiniljr to cea Ibe film. "Sorccfw's Appcco- Ucc". anl to cajay aloag wUh Ike Uai •.book by I I N KMC a»; Ajr Md ttaaraiar. DuricS fuccMdlBS daySa pu* rUf «iU be vbitios Ike -Ranad Ibe Wortd Beak Sboppe.~ al- itacShdy decorated wUh Inv-i tl fxMcr*. miten tbcre b a db- iCay a( aa iaieraaiboal doU eoi- WUoo emphadfing the ibeme. "Readiae 'RooDd the WorU." Tbe books aflered for pur- cfcaie ikctc itpmcnt a wide raase belb fat diQiculiy abd ia stibjfcc: BMiirr and are a\-aaable al a mieiiBaai tou. Jhen win alM be a pud tckciioo ef oMd' iadlamfa Ooilr Facte Wmkmiaf, Mor. 5, 1W - f TALENTED TEACHERS — Pat ScrUc. HU Orr aiid Al Rilchie„ from left, faculty memben at ]Mooit> Jtinior high school, rehearse for their part in ilic Family Talent Show to be presented toinor^ row and Frida.v at 7:30 p. m. In the imUtl-purpose room. The public is invited and proceeds from tlck» Palmer. « East Cmccot a»e. aury rades. Tbe upper pvdes . r i i win be faaeresled fai ber cxperi- gueSfS Of CftfO AS TERH BECIKS — Mrs. Julian BbliOey, center, neniy installed picd- dent <tf Rcdlands Republican Women. Federated, talks over initial plans for the diib uith her third viae president, Mrs. Stcrlinc Woodbur>'. left, and Ont vioe preddcnl, M K . Charies Wimberly. (Fads pbolo) Mrs, Blakeley fo head GOP women's group Vn. Rotierl il. WU MHI. SOiSl Sunset 4ri\v. otrnwd I KT home Sunday tf \emoaa to Ixitrd mwabcTf and oUier mcwbcrs ol Redkndi Rcpubliran Woman's civb. Fcdrraicd, for iniiUiUatian aew oCfitwti conducted bj- an. Lee lljimii of Itodlaads. immedialf px^l prrsidrni of Sin Coufliy R<^bUcan ^ „ nmpm. Cam«J>»rt of Mrt. Hani« nirtaUod Mr*. Ja-«• l««ach«B r^cbairmaa. w ^ „ . -nirift *" not fia* ia liaa Blakdo is the ne« local ported a Wlal of ««• C J OM i». JL",S« .nni ^iJ M Califoreia and prajrr SSfSii n^«, •««**»-Sr S5«ial to Ibe UM .«ek "^Z' Uad i. uader w «.r. .he Fred Gotland, tecood %ice _^ .^,^.^„.„. „.„ and oo Aurfl I. 3 aw ^r ij*^! ^ •a ducouracfd t called DUUA Pr4>rr—aad ihcy huae up on me."' League reports $2000 earned by Camellia Luncheon to aid Clinic FolhMriai! Ibe ViH TTX mt&t- kt 00 U'edaoday. ibe 'Book aetjpe" win be open » ibe p »r- CMS for ibeir impectiaa and for ni'tvJiMns bo:k». Friday nUi be "Aolbor Da>-." £1 wbieb llrs. Mary Aaa Pol: laid win be booored suest She laad wfll dun ber boek. "Tu- TOUnQ Stamp one. bccWbe." receoUy poUbbcd Iv f/ . Store Ibt recent siom pre- a» pii- collectors are vcoled botb speakers, am con- nan and Robert Roacb. from _ cominc to Rcdiaiids, Art Thom- caees to die actual wridns and' aswasdw speaker. lie gave a poUiilriof of Ibe book. Members of ibe Redlands tbect talk on nvays of Collect- C<Kfcaimi(a Ibr ttie Bo<* Far Siarap Onb Ml amj^ rewanl -;|5*' «»»«««««"« •«^^'«»»^ are Jin. Dany Breitock and ^ enihu.ia.m of ihejSLS S "Mo !Srno3S Mrs. Charles E. Jnran. Mis. ^JL ^ ^u, .n-wi«i ""^j."* "^^T Jtay fr^.im-t priDdpaL la, "«f™^ •"«»*^ by: singles, idate nrnUni a«i<iam ani CB0O-,rtceM "Youlh Night** blocks, lip Uocks. coib. book- mOM ^JSy ^Wmf^.''''^ Spedaliies and geo- let panes, corew. canccUaliottS. So? ^Md ^mSmT^ graphical areas mere indiraicd lopieab. postal aaiiooery. SeWof toeTSo-SAwfag Uie Chapman, proeram chairman. The potential - hoblo-bls" Ib- ucDte « UK tam ounos -j^ ^ dUpUycd al- lened inlenll>- and with equal in. - traded faitere»t and many que*- lerest turned iheir atlenUon to lions throustout the e \-emnR. the Free Stamp Box. The Free Inlitornia ^'*">' door ptUe* were award- Siampi weie dooalkns tram in frouble ct sales will go to the purchase of uniforms for the school band. Song, instrumental and dance acts arc featured in the show, "Takin* Care of Business." Additional numbers include juggling, pantomime and ph>-sical fitness exercises presented by racult>' women. (Photo by Art Miller) Oub hopes to make "Yoolh: Night** as annual affair. Meanwhile. Jintors and scnfa>n arei an welcome and torited to the; program at the March 36th* meeting at Provident Satings' and Loan. Citrus and Sixth; streets, at 7:30 p.m. > KNITTING CUSSES STARTING FOR BIGINNERS AND INTIRMEDIATE MONDAY MORNINGS f:3( tlL 11:30 A .M. THURSDAY EVENINGS 7:M 'TIL 9:00 PM. CUsias Start March 10 House 0 1M ORANGE Inslnietians ( >* an FREE m-nu S.\CBAME.VTO «IP|| . —Gat. Ronald Reaun joked the Uagurs Denul jM *diy to an auto indunry presidenl: Mr«. SterUng Wood- •»** »««««la>' at Uieir faeadquar- p.m. dail>' and on Aprfl 1. 3 bury. Uiird OPC prrndcnt: Mrs. «« on Colioa a \«nae. ""d^ Gerald Yoaim. recondins sec- Tlie amount mMetealed pre- . ^ *»«wo ««« «*• retanr. and Mrs. E.rie RisUcj. eeed, fnm. die ^^mnZ ^^^^ .STJ^tRL Ireasttiw. bles wbJcb w«re arranged to 13 «*•»'«• *!« M«. Cbarfes J. DoughcA}- homes and abo from itesate 5 ^- rtfottti that the made the report lor the nnin- ncjpes and oil» doMiSos. ^/«»\.»'L'«*•«• •ting oommiuw widch ioduded 1^ major ^^ecLiTwtdch ^ U b tbe bone W Derle RiortX^S aH^lnSSKSri. b^ ? B «ke. F. qurtes Ban«t a«l of d.'^'^g^i, ^ t^J^ TObert J. MucUer. Mrs. Riordaa presented the Dl.xi__ n«« nembenliip cominiU<e*s report riaTTer UOj The aHerooon included an to- c_'J_ - t^-. fbnnal Ulk hy Mrs. M}Ton J. rTldaV TOr Tilbert on ber Jaaoaiy trip to _ Wachingtoo to attend the inau- WOmen gOliefS guralian. the group wiih their pUbotrop- le woric. In her report oc tbe Dental Clinic. Mr*. J. Ricbaid AUard. chairman, noted tiiat ««fk ae- complidied to date since rcc- ofds dated in June would cor- Pbt^er D«- and a puotog tour- SfSof'L^ S .b.'^'"*'*' SELL IT TOMORROW nametit wil! be leatnwd » "^^^ for ihc tea vertcr- With kn. - co* Classified Ads et«U for wwaen prifcw al Uie ^ ciittot4 W. Hag- ^iS^i^rf 1^* ^-s Criss ^"^ Wmaert o( last w«e«s «„ p Charles BarnelL Ch>»t toornameni ia Oas* A !!^r.. ^fz !!^-ZZlZ— ««re: Mrs. Albert Von Der . ^ , Escb. first. 38: Mrs. Perry Dom- Ratired Teachers to fdd. second. 30: Mrs. Leonard L.y- ..^tv Fridav Watkins and Mrs. WilUam E. P"*^ HowanL 33^. tied for tfiinl. Redlaads-Yucaipa Di\'bioo of Class B winners »«* u,e Califbnua Retired Teadiers Frank PoUaer and Mrs. WB- -,^,-H«n irin bold a dessert' liam CaId««lU »\,. tied ' - ««> hold a dessert GRAND EUROPEAN TOUR • Escorted • Ten Coonfries • Forty-Nine Days • limited Membenhip • Isl Class Hotels • Departing June 16lii. RESERVATIONS and INFORMATION: CARE FREE TRAVA TOURS Mn. AMtM T. tafc p.aBox<oi REDLANDS. CALIF, mn IK-OOSI a«d 7IMSSS OEM LAU TRAVa SERVICE m I. CITRUS AVE. •IDLANDS, CAUF. 11113 7tUSS$ Mem- hring first: Mrs. Robert Merritt and eard part* Friday at I o'clock Mrs. Lewb McKee. 3l'.-j. tied m U>c school board roam. Lu- for second. Sonia and Orange streets. In Class C. Mrs. John De\-- Ixrs arc requested U lin. 30. yeas first: Mrs. Rex tiicir O>»TI card Ublcs. Cranmer. 3l«^. second: Mrs. Waiien Hooper. 33. third; Mrs. Ralph Hammer and Mrs. Preston Grove. 33 <7. tied for fourtii. Class 0 wbmers ««re lirs. Robert Hatfidd and Mrs. Ridi- ard Wilson, fint. 30: Mrs. Joseph Knobkxji and Mrs. Robert T.: Paine. 31. tied for seoood. Golden Agers net* Fabru«ry birthdays February birthdays of Mrs. rirginia Post of Yucaipa, Mrs. Sue Cannon of Calimesa. Otto VaiTa and A. W. Lundberg of Yucaipa were cdebraled at tbe last meeting of tbe Meotooe Golden Age dub. Mn. Edna Palmer of Yucaipa was greeted as a new member and Mrs. Laiiu Henshaw of Yucaipa was a guest of the day. Iloslestes ««« Mmes. Anna Tygart. Maude Thompson and Margaret Lundlterg. Ibere will be a pot- hick hmcheon Ihb Ihursday at the meeting place, U8S Bri^iton avcmie. Mentooe. Herobcn are asked lo tiring a oowered disb and ibdr own table aervice. STYLE SHOP Domani EiSKr Ensonblec Dacren-Kntts S-oas S-20 M Day Layaway IANKAMIICAI9 MASTtt CHAICf 34Si9 Yicaipa Blvd. YUUIPA Nart la Staler Bras. WcleomeTo"FREE CAL FLORAL'S CRAFT It's o ball. Bring your Craft Frofads & woffc on lhaffi ewar o FRH cup of coffee. Our instructors tviV ^todljf yotf a Tolt tft otficf ftiCfidjf poopio working en Croft Prel­ ects. Meet new friends. ITS AU FREE! Men. Wad., MVEISiOf ttadi. CAL FLORAL -k RIVERSIDE 4710 Ifl Siena Pii.687.^025 • iEAUMONT SS0E .1SISI. OosadSwi. Pii.«45-3771 woo by an excited Betsy'tendaace. the Redlands Stamp Wabar's BuHamut a BREAD 5 J1 CORN 8«*1 ROUND Cflc STEAK D9' BEEF oOc TONGUE J MARCARINE 15^ BiSCUITSl2 M LONGHORN CHEESE 69: PORK rQc STEAK 39^ PORK& O S| BEANS O"" • POTTED in $1 YOUNG BEEF JQc LIVER 'Ki* Chflinpioii SUCED \A\ BACON J' i TUNA 5<-*1 Wast-Fac Fratsn (lib.,4-ai.) ^ VegstaUes 4 ->*1 BACON ore ENDS or GROUND 0 Ac BEEF J 9' OM Tavern (I-lb. Jar) PRESERVES 39' WE HAVE THE LOWEST MEAT PRICI FRYING «»*»e CHICKEN ES IN TOWN — TRY US AND SEE KOOIMAN'S 1221 No. Oronge MONEY ORDERS AVAILAILE PHONE 7924731 MARKET PRICES EFFECTIYE THURSDAY thrawgh TUESDAY MAR. 0 ,7, 1,9. 10,11. (Entpt u MM)

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