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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Thursday, June 6, 1963
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"Politics ought to be adjusted, not to human reasonings, hut to human nature, of which reason is but a part and by no means the greatest." —Edmund Burk« N0urs VOL. 56 — NO. 5,1 S«rrJ«9 Th« Top 0' Texas 56 Yean Circulation Certified by ABC Audit WEATHER {Direct From Amarillo Weathef Bureau.) PAMPA AND VICfNlTy - Fair to parlly clouHy and a little warmer through Friday with widely scattered afternoon and evening thundershowers. Low tonight .-rrid-fiOs. High tomorrow low 90s, Near Two Million May See Pope; Last Will Is Read VATICAN CITY (UP!) — A Heady flow of humanity streamed past the bier of Pope ^ lihn XXIII all night and into to- uay in numbers that were expected to go well beyond a million. Some said the figure would ap- - proach two million. As the throngs paid their respects at the rate of more lhan 30,000 an hour, the last will and testament of the late Pope was disclosed. In it, he wrote that he had awaited "simply and happily the arrival of sister death" and asked that his final burial place be in the Basilica of St. John in Lateran. He also left "what little goods that with His (God's) help 1 man-' aged to accumulate" to the three; surviving brothers and a sister, j As the final hours of the lying-: . in-state period neared their end, • the crush of the crowd was tremendous. | Promise Last Glimpse ' " The throngs who came to see the body of the late Pope and were not able to enter the vast basilica before its close at 5 p.m. ' (12 noon EDT) were promised an, opportunity for a last glimpse. 1 About a half hour after the' doors close, the red und gold- dressed remains were ro be, "brought on! to the step? of St Peter's before being placed in the grottoes below the church for »'riterim interment. Following the last display outside, the body was to he t-aken back inside the huge basilica and then encased in three caskets the first of cypress, the second of lead and the third of elm . The huge church, largest in Christendom, was kept open all night to permit the long lines of ordinary Italians, priests, mini;, pilgrims, and tourists to shuffle past the red-draped catafalque on which the Si-year old pontiff's body rests. In Moscow, it was announced that three representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church would attend Pope John's funeral, headed by Bishop Vladimir of Zveni- .gorod. It was another indication (See POPE, Page 3) THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, JUNE ft" l'm~ (20 PAGES TODAY)" Castroite Terrorists Burn U.S. Mission SURM\OI?S — Two injured Japanese sailors from (he cargo vessel Kokoku Maru are removed from a Coast Guard launch in San Francisco. The Kokoku Maru was in a collision with the American freighter Asterion ;« miles north of San Francisco The Japanese ship was reported sinking, hut (here is a low line attached and it may he saved. Ihe American ship was making port under her own power when engine (rouble disabled her H) miles from anchor. Balance of the 44-man crew aboard the Japanese ship was picked up by a CoasI Guard cutter. (NFA Pelepholo) Drive Launched in Pampa Against Trash, 'Blind Spots' A double-barreled campaign to eliminate "blind" .street intersections and to educate the public on requirements of the city's trash and garbage collection ordinance was launched today by city officials. City Manager Harold Schmitzer and Public Works Director R. R. Cook- staled that there nre many UT Student Free On Bond; Charged In Bomb-Robbery Ole Miss Accepts Second Negro Without Incident By United Press International Alabama Gov. George Wallace appeared determined today to defy federal authority over the admission of three Negroes to the University of Alabama. At Oxford, Miss., the second Negro ever to attend the University of Mississippi begins classes today. Negro C'leve McDowell was accepted without incident Wednesday at "Ole Miss" in marked contrast to the rioting that claimed two lives last fall when .James H. Meredith integrated the institution. The reception was so peaceful that McDowell said he did not "hear even one rude remark " Mississippi Gov. Ro.s.s Harriett said in Jackson that the stale was "yielding to the armed might •r>( the United States" m not re- •isting McDowell's enrollment. There were these other racial ^developments: Chattanooga, Tenn. — A Negro minister was arrested and three Negro youths were struck by a white man Wednesday when 20 Negroes tried to enter a downtown cafeteria. Danville, Va. — About inn Negroes entered the municipal building Wednesday, singing and waving antisegregation placards. Two ministers and a Negro girl were arrested and later fieed on ibond. Jackson, Miss. — Nine Negroes carrying small American flaps were arrested in downtown Jackson Wednesday and charged wiih parading without a permit. The arrests brought to 6)7 the number of persons artested .since a -campaign of aniisegregation demonstrations began last week Spartanburg, S.C.—Most down ^lown lunch counters and restaurants desegregated thr-ir facilities Wednesday and Negroes aie in •several of the places without incident. Columbia and Greenville earlier lowered racial barriers in ,public eating places. I spe- AUST1N (L'PI)—Llovd Jard III, a 19-year-old University of Texas sophomore was freed in $3,000 bond today after being charged with a bomb - threat robbery of the Texas .State Bank last Friday. Jard, of Houston, was charged before U.S. Commissioner Forrest Troutman. J.M. Cole of San Antonio, cial the agents worked with on the case. Dale Parker and Mrs. Evelyn i Creamer, tellers at the bank said j the bandit approached them at a ! drive-in window and threatened to 1 "blow the place up" if they did not hand over money. They said the robber told them i he had a bomb m a paper hag he carried. flagrant violations in both gories in Pampa. 'Ihe city manager said there are many violations of Ihe ordinance on trash collections which deal primarily with the sue of containers and what is placed in Ihe receptacles by property owners. The ordinance, Schmit/er said, requires lhat suitable receptacles be maintained for trash, and gs r - bage must be drained and wrapped and placed in a container of not less than ten nor more than 60 gallons capacity. The receptacle must be constructed of galvanized metal or other approved material Kennedy Calls for Equalization in School Systems SAN DIEGO. Calif. (UPI) President Kennedy today called for an educational system which would guarantee equal opportunity for a Long Island banker's son and Ihe offspring of an Alabama Negro sharecropper. "Our goal must he an eduea- i lional system in the .spirit of independence, a system in which all are created equal — a system , in which every child, whether | born a banker's son ni H Long i Island mansion, or a Negro shure- I cropper's son in an Alabama cotton field, h;is every opportunity for an education that his abilities • and character deserve." the Chief I h \erutive said in an address lor • comniem emcnt exercises at San cate- ed with as much as 600 pounds of Diego State College where he also Laundry Room Lion Hunt IALLON, Nev. (UPI) — A Navy shore parly stormed the commander's laundry room uith guns blazing at the I-allon Naval Auxiliary Air Slation- and bagged a 100-pound mountain lion. An aide to Capt. Max Piper, commander of the station, spotted the six-foot, five-inch cat lying under a deep free/e Wednesday. The aide piped ;ill hands, and the hasp security officer picked a s<j»ad of volunteers. They cornered lite Virling beast in the laundry room and fired away until it dropped (lend. Raid Made in Honor Of Revolt Failure CARACAS (I.I 1 ) -- Casiroilp lerrorisfs raided 'he US, military mission here Wednesday night, forced six unarmed .Americans and four Vene/uolan guards to : their uniforms and Ihe Venezuelans' The lerrorisls then set fire In inn mission causing 820,000 damage, burned Washington and fieri. "Next lime wp won't be ding," one of them snailed as he Police picked up three ed terrorists nc;ir the shortly alter the raid. Th strip and stola guns. ^ I'iro to"thr>' L'.S. flag and a portrait of George summoned reinforcements this type of material, the city manager said. "The best tvpe of container." Schmitzer said, "is one or two of the 55-gallon oil dru?ns, securely set on a stand .so lhat they will not blow over or cannot be knocked over by dogs or children." The city manager said that some properly owners were under the impression that ihe sire of the container governed the charge made by the city for picking up the trash. "This is not the case." Schmit- 7er said. "The size of the contain- with a tight-fitting lid or cover and ! Pr makes no difference as long as should be filled to weigh not more than 75 pounds, including the container. Any tree limbs, trunks and hedge cuttings placed in the containers should noi exceed five feet in length. The ordinance specifically sets agent of the FBI, announced forlh that il sha " he punishable by arrest of Jard. Several FBI Austin police law to burn any garbage or trash in the containers. Ciiy Manager Schiniizer said surveys just made show that trash contam- material such as concrete, boards, stones and other matter which city trash haulers are not required to carry awav. There have been instances where trash receptacles have been load- that in ninny cases the PCS are filled with it does not exceed the 60 - gallon limit." Officials said thai Dempster (See DRIVE, Pa R * S) Resignation Puts Macmillan In 'Worst Scandal' received an honorary degree. Kennedy flew here ilus morning from F.I Paso, Tex. After the college ceremony he planned to embark on the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk for an overnight cruise off the coast of Southern California. Mindful of a new civil rights crisis building at ihp Unneixitv of Alabama where Gov George Wallace has vowed to block the court-ordered entrance of Negro .students next Monday, Ihe President said it was lime the nation "faced up more frankly" to such questions as "whether every American child has an equal chance for a good education." Lack Equal Opportunity He said the truth was that American children do not yet enjoy equal educational opportunities for two primary reasons: "One is economic and the other is racial." "If our nation is to meet the trial of giving every American a fair educational break." ihe President said, "we muM move swiftly ahead in both areas We must put more resources into the un(See PRESIDENT, Page .1) Veto Dumps Criminal Code Revision Bill AUSTIN (TPI)- Five years of extensive legal vvoik were down the dram for an undetermined army lo pal rol the nei.uhburhood, bin there VMTU no lull her reports of trouble. The raid was staged memorate the abortive vt-ar ai'o at Puerto to com- ri.-voli <i Cabrllo, right i sis .llrcesslul President Tentative Slate Set for Jaycee Growers Accepting Huge Losses Caused by Weather (UPI) — Tornadoes, ram, and hail that Texas South Plains in a row wiped out LUBBOCK torrents of pounded the for II) days more than 800,000 acres ol cotton. Dollar losses lo the potential crop in the 'J.'i-county region run into the millions. Last year the area had a yield of 'J.315,000 hales. Most growers accept the losses philosophically. 'Ihev will gamble again and replant, many (or the third lime this season. Replanting must he completed by June 20, otherwise the season will be too far advanced to expect a ptofitable yield. 'Ihe South Plains is a land of weather contrasts. Last vear it was semi-arid and farmers were pra> ing for ram 'I wo thuds of cotton grown on the 2,l!i)^.55^ acres allotted for the 23 counties is under irrigation. Plains Coiion Groweis, Inc., an assoc lalion of farmers, esimuiled ibal weather damage auo si-ed- Img di-.t-a-.c-, a luiitfus. c ati-.i-d by <uol, damp weather, mav Ion e giowi-ib to rt-pldin upwaid lo erne million acres. As soon as lii-lds are dry enough to work the replanting will begin, Donald .Johnson, executive assistant of Plains cotton growers, I no said ' (irowers accept the wealher damage philosophirall)," Johnson >aid " I hey know thai evers lime vou put a seed in the ground vou are gambling on the weather " Johnson .said many groweis will If it conies from a hardware store we have it, Lewis Hdwe. Adv, be replanting for the third time this season and with each replant- the potential yield is reduced of the shorter growing in because season. LONDON (UPI)-The resignation of War Minister John Pro- fumo, who admitted he lied about his relations with a red - haired London playgirl. today handed Prime Minister Harold Macmillan the worst political scandal in 11 years of Conservative rule. Il came at a time when Macmillan was preparing for general elections which must be held within the next 16 months, and when his chances already have. been harmed by other .scandals! lle Paln P a -laycees last night set involving espionage and security" 1 leillfllive agenda for the pro- leaks, posed Jaycee Area Convention. "The scandal is one of Ihe ( 'hairnutn Richard Cook said regis- worst to wrack British public lifet"' alio " of membe '' s f™"i 'he .'t.Vclub 1 ! II - .. L _ .. J l _ i , planned 13. The lime today after C,ov. John Connelly vetoed the conirov ei sial criminal code revision bill Wednesday. But Snie Bar President Leon Jaworski and legislative sponsors agreed ihp governor had little choice but to veto the hill after it was found there were changes made from the accepted version. Jt was still a mvsierv where ihe changes were made. Sen. Dorsey Hardeman of San Anpelo, Senate sponsor, contends the errors were made in ihe enrolling room and the enrolling clerk flails denies the charges. Lawvers and judges vvosked with ihe State Bar to iron out the massive, ISO-page hill, first major revision of the criminal rode in I0n vears. After hem:; told of the veto. Hardeman said in San Angelo he had derided Connallv had little choice. Hardeman had hoped iinh Wednesday some legal action might be taken lo pet the approved version on the governors desk Hardeman and Rep Bob Hughes of Dallas, the House sponsor, had asked Any. Gen. U'aggoner Can lo explore legal avenues to get Ihe proper hill lo Connallv Hughes *aid he was interested in _ the legal procedures, hut wanted A general committee meeting of the veio regardless of lhat phase \\ bet e ( ommunisis ;unl joined (,,, ( rs in an un attempt to overthrow Komulo Bclancourt. The Americans in the building at the time of the attack I a si night weie Col. James K. Chenaut, Corpus ( hristi, Tex , deputy chief of ihe mission and Ins ). r iv ear-old son. ,Majs. Bemard Gardner and T. C. Blevms and Sgts. Jose AitfM<.:mi. Arcmvaldo Saen/, Kenneth .Smith and Rudolph I'elix. All of l hem except Chennult and his son were forced to give up their uniforms. Ihe first attackers on the scene were [our men nmicd with submachine cuns. 'I hey were uniformed as Vene/uclan officers, a ruse lhat caught the four Vene- /uelan sentries posted at the door off guard. Alter the Yene/uelan soldiers had been di-arnied, four more attackers aimed with revolvers drov e up in two cars. Members of the band herded ihe Americans and the Vene/ue- lans into a patio adjoining the mission building. Some of them, who spoke good English, deli\- ered what Cheiuuilt called a "t;- mde against Yankee imperialism" 1 to the captive audience. Troops Ordered 'Shoot to Kill' In Moslem Revolt TF.I1PAN', Iran (UPI) — Th« shah issued shooi-to-kill orders today to thousands of troops manning tanks and machine guns battling to suppress a planned re- Milt against his regime. 'Ihe death toll rose to an officially-admitted Xfi persons killed and 1.00 injured m three days of: riots by Moslem extremists rebelling agauiM the shah's land and female suffrage reforms. Premier Ass ad on Hah A lam —"Reactionary elements planning a revolution." He said ihe government had r-Mucnre ihe rebels planned to sabotage the nation's communications, water systems, schools and other facilities. He said, however, plot ringleaders ha-, e been arrested and will be tned bv special military courts established under martial law in Tehran. The shah's security chiefs reported shop-smashmg and auto- burning noting m the southern city of Shi ray. They told UPI the ^pread of the noting from Tehran to the provinces indicated a well-organized plot against the shah's regime. 1-inng still echoed through the littered capual streeis as an estimated 7.000 troops rumbled about, trving to stamp out the embers of Wednesday's screaming demonstrations. said a r a Navy Loses to Army In Missile Skots * * * Latest Storms To Be 'Mild 1 By United Press International Thunderstorms built up across West Texas today but ihe US, Weather Bureau said the storms would be mild compared to the turbulence lhat plagued the South Plains for 10 days. Skies were cloudy over the state from the Rio (irande lo the Red River. Morning lows ranged from 57 degrees at Dalhart to SI at Corpus Christi. Wednesday night was the first night since May 26 lhat no Ivvi t- ers, hail or torrential rams weie reported. A lew thunderstorms moved au'uis mi aiea south ui Wichita 1 alls, lo ihe Red River and in ihe Hrowmvood vicinity Wednesday bin iht-ie were no genet al rams. "It appears the weather will not be as violent as over the past lew days," a Weaihei Bureau spokesman ai I-on Worth said. Ihe Weather Bureau called for ram today in southeast and .southwest .sections of the .state South Texas recorded lempeia lures almost exclusively in the 90s and Presidio recorded 107 degrees and laredo 100, compaied with « Ihe hfet for many years," the Daily Mad said. "Its details have no obvious; parallel." ; "What the hell is going on in! this country'. 1 " asked the nation's' largest newspaper, the Daily Mirror, h demanded Macmillan's resignation. Profumo, handsome 4fi-s,ear-old millionaire and man about town, admitted Wednesday in a letler 10 Macmillan that he had lied in parliament March 22 to cover up his relationship with Christine," 1 8 a ' m " vvllh a hllsmpss Keeler, a 21-year-old model whose "]* al 9 a ' m ' (l)llowe 'l »>>' other friends included a Soviet Embassy official and two West Indians. Profumo. who is married lo former actress Valerie Hobson. told ihe House of Commons in March that rumors he knew Miss Keeler were true but "there was no propriety i.hatever in my quamiance.sliip." im- ac- Suitcase Explodes LONDON (UPJ) - A su.ii-a a # about to be put aboard a Kjiiu jel airliner exploded at London Airport today. 'I here were no repotted injunes Smoke billowed from the baggage loading bay o n Ihe giound Hnoi of the terminal building Po bee cordoned off the baggage area and tiremen swamped burning luggage with water. 1 be case was about lo h? pm aboard « Portuguese Caravelle bound for Lisbon wiih 77 gers. The explosion c»me Panhandle area is for noon, Saturday, July meeting will officially open «t :! p.m. that same day m ihe Coronado Inn. Saturday afternoon's agenda -schedules appointment of commit tees and committee meetings, e meeting of local club piesidenls, and regional caucuses. The opening day will be closed with a dance at 9 p.m. Sunday's registration will start meet- a 15- minute devotional. The slate piogrammmg v ire president will then conduct clinics, on such topics as Americanism, '(immunity Development, Youth and Sports, Records and Rec-ogm- lion, Leadership Training and In- (ernal Chapter Development. The convention will lake a break fur a luncheon baiu|uel al I'J'IK) J) in , lollowecl hv a business session lor the |jiH|><>ttf of HeTlnig a host city for ihe U inter Area Ccin- veniioii During the week end meeting, aic-tt Jav i ee elles will also holtl meetings and work forums, and ihe local ladies will provide rnier- lainment lor the visiting wives. Committee Kills Oil Tax Hikes WASHING-ION (UPl) - The House Ways &• Means committee today rejected President Kennedy's plea for higher taxes on profits from oil and gas. Ihe proposals weie designed to produce more tlv.ui .i,|.i;> million in new levenues largely by tighi '•iimg i h e rules governing ihe U7'-. per cenl depletion allowance which the indusiiies are allowed m compuimg their taxes. 'Our Finest Hour 1 WHITE SANDS MISSILE Range, N M. (UPI l — The Army out shot ihe N.i'. v m « demonMi atnm of the nation s missile ntij'.hl Wednesday before an o!rl s.-nlor who could not 'uppii-ss a laugh. Six limes Aimy missiles found (heir taigets dunng a demonsitu- lion fur Pics.dem Kenm-ch. But a batterv of Nn\y Talos ami - air- (iall missiles fued tiom a "ship ' in the desert at a drone was wide. Allhniigh the dt one Kept tlv ing and entitling p-.dfs of smoke in show the two lain-- I, ni a nuclear on the missile ni'ghi Iwi.e hlm\n my out of the ,sk\. Kennev , who seized in the Nav Wallace May Defy Federal Order passen- 30 mm- 1DENTII Y TYPHOJ1) CASES HAR1.0W, l-.ngland (UPI) — Health officials heie said two muie cases o( n, phoid f<ner WPIP ideniilifd Wedne.sdav, bringing 10 nine the number of confirmed Iv- phoid cases in this lown. Officials weie Irving lo deter- 14KM <& MONTGOMKRY. Ala. (t'l'f) — Gov. Geoigp \\allace indicated Wednesdav night he intends 10 dHy a federal injunction piohib- iiui£ him Irom blocking ihe ad- mis.sion of tluee Nej'.iocs to the I mver.iiv ol Alabama "lef.unl Ir-.s of the risk." "J'hi- can be <jui line-si hour ' he tuld Alabaman-i in h MjtL-wule I ele\ isioii adili e v, \\alkue had tc-Iuird immediate comiiu'lil Wedm-sdjv. atle-i li-tlfral Judge Sevbouin l.vnne issued the re.straimng onu-r ai Bnmm^haiu However, Wallace's press >ecre- larv, Bill Jones, >aid "the injunction will make ahsoluirlv no changes in the governors siand I he Inimer judge ll.i.s vow I'd M personallv au\ Negio enier the segregated i urn hac'k living 10 IIHK ersn\ , Wallace sai addir-s Uif court-ordered adinis- ion of the Negroes at the main uni\er-.i!\ campus al I'liscaloosa and llif o.iension center al Hums, die next Miinciav had cic'alrd a "i on '•I Illll IOII.ll I I ISIS 'I liei-cl tin- Mij>puit of all of I hi; |i,-,i|ili- o( ' m h.aiii la.UiiiX a "piraiflul ailii.-tliiiM al Ihe 1 uim crr-,ils ," \\.ill.-iie said "Pe.-uv and ir,int|uibis um-t |ui: V ail. " Ihe guv el nut warned lliai an\ one ailc-mpl mg lo c 11 ,iu- v ,nlcin •, |>l ompilv I ha . e IK . c-i ad. oral rd aiivthing but h-gal and lawful rc-Msiaiti e," he emphasi/c-il. Violaiiun of ihf com i ordei I'ould lesiilt in civ il or criminal i iiiuempi charges ag.tuis! \\'alla> e. M.i\'muin jtriiMliv on the iTiin- uird charge is 111 veais impi ison mcMii. rhe civil c-haige tames a fine and a jail scnic-iue imji'ised & liuj (Liciei'w.) c^ Uia jud^e. in World War II, sympathetically l.u.'.qhed aloud at the Navy's misfortune. The starched vvhite sum- iiier umlmm of the President's naval aide. Capt. Ta?ewell Shepard. willed notiieablv. \'ice dent 1 \ndon Johnson and the sec- it t'ai ies of the Aimy and Navy watched from piand.slands. Also '. the launches from two Mies on the spiawhng desert lan^e uere a host of other d;gni- iane^ and 'JO ne\\smen from North •\i!aniii- I rial v Oi gam/fltion conn- incs as well as about 300 regional .mil national newsmen l Inudless skies and 90-plus tern- pei;iiuics combined to give oh- si-ivi'is « clear but warm view of ihe demonstration. Relief was provided by Army pah helmets, cold drinks served by bov and g,il scouts, and a dusty I'r-eri bire/c As he left the area, Kennedy was given a mi-del of the Sergeant mis>:le by an Army platoon com* pnsed ot men from each of tha batteries that parin ipated in tha di'iu.m-iii anon. Johnson received, i pl.i(|ne showing the A r m y'| l'i i-li.ui' miNsde. a weapon that • nuld unlv In.- di'.plavfd for the oi i jsiun brc ause us minimum t ](iO tildes Would have Cdl- "It Hit- nulilarv reservation, is lili) b\ ^0 miles. M W ORDKRS IMPROVE M-W YORK (UPI)—New order* laM month impioved and con- iiiiued lo run ahead of produc- ihe National Association of Purchasing Agents reported \V e-lnt'sdav . Ihe .Ts.soi-iatioii ,v-aid business lontmued ".sui prisingly gond" in May and most pun basing execu- !ives anticipate mute gams ai ih| i-ear

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