The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 5, 1969 · Page 11
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 11

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1969
Page 11
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12 Thursday, June 5, 1969 S»c. OFFICERS of the Ross S. Sterling High School hand for l!M»-7fl school year have been announced. Standing, from left to right, are John Jackson, assistant librarian; Melody George, junior representative, Linda Williams, assistant secretary; Barbara Kuaze, secretary, and I/nils Tanner, chaplain. Front row, from left lo right, are Dale Martin, .sophomore representative; Robert Head, historian, and Steve Lestarjette, librarian. Infant's & Children's Departments ALL REDUCED AGAIN! Famous "Double Seat Panties 11 Cotton Reg. 89c NOW 59c Nylon Reg. 1.15 NOW 76c -. Carter's Buster Brown Her Majesty & Many, Many More Yarborough Puts Health Over Viet BOSTON (A1 J ) — Federal funds for health care should have priority over outlays for Hie Vietnam war, Sen. R.-ilph W. Yarborough, D-Tex., says. "Health care should be primary and military ventures should IK; last as far as budget considerations go," Yarborough said in a speech Tuesday night to the International Conference on Chronic; Disease. He critici/.ed the Nixon administration for cutting $61 million from the public health care budget despite what he called "urgent needs and shortages of doctors, dentists, nurses and other professions." Yarborough, chairman of the Senate Committee on I^abor and Public Welfare, said there is an estimated shortage of 52,000 doctors in the United States, "and yet, under the administration's revised budget there's a $5 million decrease in student assistance in the medical profession." The Texan said a recent survey showed that $1G billion is needed for hospital construction and modernization throughout the nation, bul only $466 million is allocated for these purposes I fiscal 1970. CONOMY ADVANCE WARNING CAIRO (AP) - Jittering monkeys panicked and peacocks screamed at Giza Zoological Gardens seconds before a recent 100-second earthquake. Later buildings began to sway ominously and frightened people rushed to the streets seeking shelter. "Monkeys and peacocks are endowed of a sixth sense for earthquakes, "Cairo zoo director Dr. Mohamad Abdel Rahim said. 'The other animals do no ( have that sensitivity," he added. THE SUN'S TELEVISION LOG THURSDAY CFM O O CD News (C) O What'H New? SO Voyagr '» H"*b>rn of Sc» (C> (R) SB I \JU\K lacy (R) C:M PM O I>ub-{ Boone (C) (R) An Indian chief's trust in Daniel Is Jeopardized by an ambitious Army genera! who has orders to movn Indians West Q y.rn and Idea*—Guest 's Or Luis Recasens-Siches, law proft-ssor at the University of Mexico Kal Kan Present* AN'IMAK WORLD "Mexican Grizzly" Father -will welcome Synttwlic blrtttrton* ring, 10-k*r»l gold $19.95 3 diamond cct'i •¥• u»m ring, 14-k*rit fold $89.50 diamond onyx initial ting in 14-kwat gold $49.50 tac with 1 diamond $29.75 Hand ii< tac with 1 diamond $48.75 Black itar 9«)*r t'w tac Black to* ttt tack cuff link ait ITS VV« make everything ewy to buy ... with "READY-CREDIT" plans. IN BATTOHN SHOP AT CORDON'S DIAMOND MERCHANTS OF AMERICA 803 W. TEWS AVL JEWELERS 15 OTHER LOCATIONS INTHC HOUSTON AflEA Gordon's Coast to (O Animal World (C) Observing the Mexican grizzly IB Flying Nun (C) (R) Carlos decides to move his casino from San Tanco because of Sister Bertrillo's meddling 33 Ha/c-J (C) IR) 7 I'M O NI7T Plijhouse (C) "The Siegfried Idyll," filmed in Switzerland and Germany, tells the story of composer Richard Wagner's love affair with the wife of his !>est friend Q) The l'fl«mo»r (C) (R) Number fi's captors try In uncover his secrets by questioning him under the influence of a drug which mentally transports him to situations which occurred tw^foro his abduction ® That Girl (C) (R) Don's rich boss lady wants to make him her seventh husband 03 My Favorite Martian (R) Martin's study of the human race Is destroying Tim's love life T:M PM O Ironside (C) (R) A police dog, apparently the sole witness to a murder, helps Ironside find the killer 03 Bewitched (C) (R) KnHora bolsters Darrin's ego with a vanjty spoil <D .Man F r D m UNCr.K (C) (R) Child's play turns into a murderous game 23 Movl*—"Toll-Tale Heart" (19G3) Laurence Payne, Adrienne Corri; Erlgar Allen Foe's classic tale of a cripple's unrequited love for a girl and the friend he kills because of that love . . . well-done British horror story 8 I'M (D Movie (R) "Shock Treatment" (igW) Stuart Whitman, Roddy Me- Dowall, Lauren Bacall, Carol Lynley; an actor is offered money by a lawyer to have himself committed to a psychiatric hospital to obtain information from a psychotic pa- lient; a five-minute leaturette follows the movie (B This Is Turn .!<>n« (C) (R) Guests are Lainie Kazan, Bobby Goldsboro, Donovan, Godfrey Cambridge, Jo Anne Worley 8:3* PM d Dragnet (C) (R) Friday and Gannon work in the Emergency Control Center immediately after the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King Jr O WiHbingtw Week In Kevlew (C) 03 1Z O'ClocL High (R) "POW Story," part two » PM O Dean Martin (C) (R) Guests arc Dan Dailey, Gloria Lorlng, Paul Lyntle, Don Rice O French Chef — Quick swordfish dinner / QD Summer FOCIM, IMS (C) The documentary looks at the controversial subject of abortion, which has become n major social question in America today E) Kmwhlrff: (R) The drovers capture a wild man 9:30 PM O Joyce Chen Cooks — Hot fried custard; 10 Sign Off (D Wrslrrn SUr ThcutrK IR) Two Denver bankers have coins worth more than those made by the government 1« I'M O (D ID News (C) (D Movie — "Spanish Cape Mystery" (1935) Donald Cook, Helen Twclvetrees; Elkry Queen solves a grisly murder; 11:30 Sign Off E) Perry Muson (R) 1I:M PM ToriKht (C) Bob and Ray guest fD Movie—"Til Ocean Drive" (1950) Edmond O'Brien, Joanne Dm, Donald Porter; boss of California bookie organization is forced to make a deal with eastern syndicate leaders and goes berserk when he is shortchanged . . . routine crime film Joey Bishop (C) Moms Mabley guests II PM 6D Westerners (R) 11 :M PM 6D New* (C) 12 Sign Off MIDNIGHT «B News (C) 12:« AM O Men' Griffin (C) 1:35 Sign Off (D Movie (C) "Hunter of the Unknown" (19G7) George Ardisson, Frank Wolf; four international tycoons engaged in illegal activities are murdered and a dogged detective noses out the reason . . . bloodily confusing; 1:50 Sign Off 12:25 AM ID Movie—"The First Time" (1956) Robert Cummings, Barbara Hale, Jeff Donnell; married couple learns the first baby is the hardest . . . don't cry; 2:10 Sign Off FRIDAY S AM Gj Summer SrnwsUr: Hlack Hcril»Ki- (C) «:M AM ID Canlaio K»nRarn«> (C) (D Cadet l»on (C) For children *:55 AM O Paul Harvry Comment.* (C) 7AM O Today (C) Fifth show from West Germany observes the 25th anniversary of D-Day; viewers will see various landmarks from the roof of the Axel Springer Publishing House. Including Checkpoint Charlie, a view of both East and West Berlin and the Berlin Wall; also Interviews with Axel Springer, newspaper publisher;' the Rev Wolf Dieter Zimmerman and a performance hy the Roger Siring Quartet; 7:25, 8:2.1 XPWS fC) Q) News (C) 7:3» AM ID CBS News (C) Q) Cadet l>on (C) Continued 8 AM (D Morning Show (C) 8:30 AM (D Kltlrik't Kam>us4-l 1C) 9 AM O It 'Pukes Two (C) 9:25 NBC Xf us (C) (D l.iir-y.Shou- (C) (R) ff) fiirl Talk (C) Rona Jaffe, Alice Turner. Rebecca Crr-r-r 9:30 A.M O Oinrcnlration (C) ID HV'Vi-rly Hillbillies (R) (D Dialing for [tolluru CO 19 AM O IVrsixiality (C) ID Andy Griffith (C) (R) 16:3S AM Cl Hollywood Squares (C) (Tt f>ick Van l)>k<> (P.i Q) Galloping Cimiriiii-l (C) 11 AM O .lcopanly(C) CD Ixjvc of fjfe (C) 11:25 Ni'H.s (C) Q) Bewitched (C) (R> 11:15 AM S3 Calendar (C) 11:30 AM Q What's My Line? (C) CD St'HU'h for Tomorrow (C) (B Kiiiuiy You Should Ask (C) NOON O Midday (C) Thelma and 1-arry CD News al Noon (C) Q) l>rf»m Houw (C) SB Astrolwy—Cartoons 12:MPM O HWdon Fact-* (C) Oraim (D As the World Turms (C)'Drama (B I^t's Make a IV-aJ (C) E) KonijXT Room (C) 1 PM f) I>ays of (Kir UvM( (C) Drama CD iJivf Is a Many Spleodori'd Thing (C) Drama (B I Spy (C) (R) ED Favorlln Story (R) 1:» PM O Th« Doctorn (C) Drama CD OiiidlnK l.ifcht (C) Drama &J DonaJd O'Connor (C) Guests to }H.> announced 2PM O Another World (C) Drama CD Sccrcl Storm (C) Drama (B General Hospital fC) Drama 2:3* I'M O Von Don't Say (C) CD fM&H of \Inhl (C) Drama (D OIIB l.ije to Live (C) Drama '1: 15PM CD Cartoon CtitupK 3HM O Match Guin<! (C) 3:25 N'KC •News (C) {D l.inUctlor Slum (C) (D Kilirik's Karrous^l (C) CD Movie— "Westward Ho" (1935) John Wayne, Sheila Manners; leader of vigilantes has an outlaw brother E3 Maverick (R) 3:38 I'M O Mike Douglas (C) Leslie Ug- garns, co-hostess; guests, Fuller THESE ROSS S. Sterling High School students have received music scholarships to Sam Houston State College. From left U> right are Ted Richard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Richard of 7T23 Richard; Lynda McMorrow, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles McMornr* of 5303 Vac Dr. and Robert Burrell Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burrell Sr. of 2«07 W. Gulf. Not pictured Is Kathy Powers, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Powers of 1604 Ivie Lee. Brothers, Neva Small O Movie — "Red Snow" (1952) Guy Madison, Carole Mathews; Eskimos and Air Korce pilots investigate mysterious lights in Alaska . . . snowbound (D Dark Shadows (C) Drama 4PM CD Movie — "Prisoner of War" (19>t) Ronald Reagan, Steve Forrest; U. S. Intelligence puts an agent into Communist prison camp in North Korea to learn about brain washing and propaganda methods . . . brutal tB Bono IW Clow a (C) 4:M PM (D No No uae Clown (C) 2) Lone Ranger (R) 5PM B Chris CiMUtdUr (C.) O Mislerogers' Nelghborbuu* (C) (O HOB Stoue (C) (R) (C) (P.) Cartoon* S:MPM Hu»tky»ri«kk) News (C) 0 Wafer Cronkite News (C) O Truth or Coitswjumc** (C) (Q OiiJe and Harriet (R) Q3 Sea Hunt (R) 5:45 PM O Art Studio (R) «PM B (D CD News (C) O Wbal's New? 03 Voyage to Bottom ol. Se» (C) (R) 6B I Love Lucy (R} QUESTION Where in Harris County can 1 get the highest rate available on Insured savings? ANSWER At Bayshore Savings Association and only one other Savings And Loan Association! 5.25% COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY On Certificates Minimum '1000°° BAYSHORR SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 1102 South Broadway - La Porte, Texas - 471-1155 'OWN HOUSE FURNITURE'S MK. THURMAN WITT, praUent Storewide Savings 10% to 50 ENTER OUR NEW! NAME CONTEST, WJN '1,000°° WORTH OF FURNITURE We proudly announce a New Ivook in all areas ... New Management and wide array of new ami exciting merchandise. We ALSO need a new name and during the month of June register your Rugge»tton of a NEW NAME in our store and you may WIN 11,000 in Furniture of your choice. To be eligible you must be married, or 18 yean old. Contest end* June M, winner announced July SIh. Final decisions of New Name by Management. look at this beautiful dust Spanish Bedroom Group FOUR WINDS BY AYERS... (Dig) TRIPLE DRESSER WITH TWIN MIRRORS AND KING SIZE BED ONLY $ 399°° Now you can fix up that guest room in the style that you have always wanted . . . and still save money ... or better still you can put your old furniture in your guest room and treat yourself to this fine bedroom group . . . whichever you choose you will be delighted with this fine group Chest '144 95 Night Stand W 5 Chest on Chest >18T FuN Bed '4T Double Dresser,,, Mr $ 234 M Town House Furniture *00 N. Hwy. . T«M*/pHoo. FREE PARKING BIG SAVINGS

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