Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on December 6, 1967 · Page 2
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 2

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1967
Page 2
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WllffW t I, . » Mft, Mafia Vefodfti f«ae#*J foe Mrt. Ksris B, ViMet &. is p*a*fef M- 0*. f4s-M-3fns Fase/*? Jfctr*. , Ktt. and FUNERALS LIONS- I 5 ?"**** mmtMSBt* Tffp riiffii Surgeon Conf/ctenf M. Ottt/ivc82 ^sCM'^ferti f<jf Tfj^saj Morrgw <5lai^?w, ^, '/ -<>4?per^s Cwe *er* «5 15. 8.533. twfer *t Osi Livs &«ae «iSs cl ° Aaks Area Bulletin qapri rtt fc ttt CAPt T0#$., A&ks ,_ja&d£aM feeding and occasional pelted the Lower Rio : *f8? fiJSaret s^ ssssbsff t& B- IsgSssse" -wt^l be *at «sfe*s£ag, Mrs. *«ms Ferfsssfe, m«5- * is fb* Itt c&iRfdb £^oiir!HK«d 22 yean. fcsfnwt jaduie five KG*, •• Mac*, .Ise aaJ Ataa d Bfwn- ; Dssiel 'jf Sea Aslooh' AI«J of Fort ten, Mrt. fSfWjjwwS sJJ<J Mrs Mafgaar- ft* Hsttawfest «f Fwt H*«r&: «» tistw, Mrs, of Aipifte; 3? grsr. •S*. S, f B* ' .fester. jSez! ;s few saa. Ibo«t ta Stssfcfsi* fes 4*ft •'•***"* ^ **"* *»*>*«»«* sa-Ssy* titef Ml *|ss*&2J c^jGfaMe UDey, extreme south- TM* «*r* SaB**rtS Irr todb^****! 6 * ca^Sfe&j* Sods? &s! n^ .% bas^tsl bsleSfs *& *il: tdtt ittat Sftd 'the C-aJf of Met" —«-" -r ~*~ «-~*a^~t_ ^ ^^ [ ^ JSW jgjj^c^gjaegt, af»d k» last offshore. .-'•ias i»art it. faacfkeibg fKtf-' Sfctes cleared 6vef re fr-^ir "* i cefitf al snd b»3r B» e*t!**.*'>. £**«-*««. £<•**. *c™"t-,'4Vl wwaws"!, »?». *w ****. v<c,,-,-:.vl COW*" *!* „«*»* . *'*•» «*' "ve*7| Mr, Cflasf&w fifo? Moaday L»5 s KiB&es JK«S»M, jtes. *.. "ISJE, he *at es;j?4 yexrt #&d gad wta ; fl» prtwot «* fe the , „,. sfey fieSe. Wag&sa&y has ; : Toe fctfgsos tola a ae*s eas-' feadjedl fee stage *1jfer* his .'fen-ace WastikeasfcT had made fcafo ga^t tr* to reject the .fflaftea p?^ess is a» "" *" ' • "' *' — *• •- hosrt. was a "greel ; sal sfejaidl bs fecst}*' weeks if be csstifeej asUs foyr years sg/> w'bes he He marred bas Oariei Porter, presideaL pre- ; ' «aied tyesdav ;; h Bersard'g brofbo-, pej>; od iK^tsally .sbaBESd begin three 1 ta 10 daj-s'afier the on Tuesday Mrs. Chories Bud, C/7V for Mr* w&* T'^tdgy is Gr&ve^de rttex were to U toisy at S p re fel Greerv U«J Cetrieuery. DavivMorrw Fa- war*} H<«rA h i& charge '^ , fcack dltrf Mwxiay Kffwsl; rf Jrsing: tfarw »ra, J.wefJ fjf CwnsBcise, Weldcm of StepJwnvSlil* .arid Bui .o? Be?> 'bft»k: *-»o broilers. Wilks ar^J Ixyjnsrd. V/t; of Buffalo C-^p; U gr«odchil.dren. 14 gre^t-; tf& fteld and accordinf to we of fe teachers whs J-ias been to the statom the se»U go up a fcteep ansJe. making viwbffi- ; t? of the S^« my '' h ««««-'• The weaiher? One teacher ex- . le feis »ile, Ajoa. Ibe doctors ad- iag ^sed Mrs. Washkat^y to wait, {{XJ.NTTKUFD FROM PAGE j) Murder the $VB," the su?ig re" pcfted as the Groote Schuur H&spitaJ said the S§-yeaf-o!d infection. i UgM fain dampened fttoti of Ib6 eastern two-thirds of letasi and at Bines the clouds f cached ; to {he ground in form of fog Tuesday. Moisture amounts included / Saft Afitonio M inch, Waco 4M),; DaDas ,i.ft f Austin .18, Fort Worth .1?, Cotalla .14, Houston .06, Del Rio .04 and San Angelo .02. A combination of fog and misty rain trapped smoke and; haze near the ground along the; Upper Texas Coast. Visibility; dwindled to one-half mile around Houston for a time, and a. blanket of smog restricted it to; ,•***««»* tr*S»»4 SB ftH ftftt t-,- tla * rt^ifl «( r*jS««i«nc*t1** M ipfcc;,; 8i "| «»rcft« tn *<«« rwtr*M. " For GHd fionqu^f Brownwood Lions Mothers! Club met Tuesday in the home of Mrs, Bill Bishop, with Mrs, Tommy DeHay, president, presiding over a business meeting. Committee for the annual Fa. ther-Son Football Banquet were appointed and plans drscu«ed. The banquet will be held in January with Fred Taylor, j head coach at Texas Christian w Pro Tern Truman ' caJed OK r«a!i "a Ire- »«»*w *«« '» we Mure of Ralph Comes, 55 j Mrs, Cody Murphree 3 at Groan : -'BBC? for Rgff/h iBus&erf Carces, §5, wiJJ be at 10 a ra. Thur&d?"/ frocj Comaoe^t Ftajersj Home. je Eev- Pl« Tcdd win of. w<x*d Ceojet«ry. 'Gap Cemetery with Mr, Carnal died at 8:20 pm i F«scrs3 Home 5n charge of sr- IwMer b>- ssyisg. "I w^tied iaJxcui it all last week arid tMs i w^eek, I don't cart what the : weather does, well win atty- • way," »• doser r Saturday final bout he city council "ii to si! who k»ik a par- icterest ar*d ac active part in the campaign for this .sale* tax." The sales tax will go inu> effect oTi April t although the city will receive rto tods until around August, The city sale* tax will be collected by the e comptroller* ofSce just Smooths Way for of School Project WASHINGTON (APj — Sen.| The Southern oppositioa is fo-l Everett M- Dirksen's withdraw-{cased os two proposed amend- aJ of a hotly argued amendment! meats, { on school busing removes a ma-1 One. sponsored by Sen. Rlch- jor barrier to passage of Jhetard B. ° " "•"- — u $14-2 billion federal school ai< morning included Del Rio, Victoria, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, San Angelo, College Station, Lufkin, Tyler and Texarkana, i Early morning temperatures I were generally mild, but ran as) low as 32 degrees at Dalhart in J the upper Panhandle. I cafce and coffee were served to 30 mothers attending. Hoste^^s were Mrs. Bishop and Mrs E E. Ellsworth. Classified Ads And Save You Money returned to the city quarterly J er, apparently sensing defeat; tnct after a school yearstarted. Ovmanche «j«J had mancfc* reeldent «» Ws life. He j Slse ww l»rn Dec. 11, 3^86, wa« a drilling cootractor artd ; in Br<-/*n County and had lived owner and operator of the Big 'in the community for 47 years, D Drilling Co- of Cross Plain*, i fte was member of First Bap- Saturday afternoon. iGallaway MiDec 5 are five Tohn retired Brown tCT, Worth, . Price of Air ConllHoner Is Reported Taken Here Theft of 8 portable atr conditioner, wrapped for the winter and Krtoraj on the porch of the Albert McMurry residence at 709 Aye, I, was n^xurted to Brovrawood police this morning at'S;S2, According to Mrs, McMurry, the air conditioner had been Btonsd there for several months. Youth Rally Slated At Church Thursday Pentecostal Ch«rch of God at WOi Belle Plain w'UJ act m hwt for the monthly youth rally Ihunsday »t 7;30 p,m, JU'y. R 15, Norris, 4te(riet president, will be tJie evening etW&nr and aji illujsJr«t«3 ser- rnon wilt b« dt-ilvercd . Js open to ih«s MISS YOUR PAPER? if ypn f»il tp receive your w*J*Un, »lw» call your Jf uflftblc to contact yoyr carrier In JJro wn wood »lfl** <?sJJ the Bulletin oi Frloca, Jtoger Dean of Dub- jlin, Billy J&ek of Monaham, and Cody Pat of Carlton; two daughters. Mrs. Willie Ixrfs jBroofe of Carlsbad, N.M., and f Mrs, Bobbie Joe Curtis of Lub- iboefcj two brothers, Everett i Parson tf Blanket and Ed Par' fron of Brown wood; four sisters, '.Mrs, VoJHe Rushing of Brtwn- {wrxxJ, Mrs. Bertha Rushing of Zephyr, Mrs, Velma Tunnel! of , Amarilio snd Miss Eula Parson •of Brownwood; 21 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. / Mrs. J. R, Moore, 87 RlSITs'G STAfl — Funeral for Mrs. Sally Savannah Moore, 87, of Stamford was to be at 2 p.m, today in Oliver Street | Church of Christ v/ith minister .Pale King officiating, ; Burial was to be in Highland . Cemc4ery in Stamford under the direction of Higginbotham Fu- ntroj Home of Rising Star, ! Mr», Moore died here Monday nl 6,-<?0 p.m. at the home of hw daugiiter, Mrs, Willis Kirk- JaraJ, She wa« bom M«y 8, W0 in Car)t',i and married J, R, Moore July, I»7 In HwteJl..,,. hjd lived in Jones County 43 y&tr$ and wa» 4 fnember o{ tfje Church of Christ. Survivors incjude {wo son^, U. V. and Bailey Aaron, bpth of Jiislng Star; thrw daughters, Mrs, Kirkisfld and Mrs, Essie Green, both of m*{ng gU>r, and Mrs, Katfterin BuJ^Jey of junction; 39 gramlc'hiWrei} and J8 x since the only change ? coroe raclal imbalances in ; .tunas for projects where racial] will be collection of three cents i schools - l segregation is practiced. { peril on taxable items instead 1 Southern senators have other; The other is the rider which', of the present two cents pending proposals to weaken the;Rep. L. H- Fountain, D-N.C., got; Information to local business-!toP 3 .^ of civil rights laws,jicto the House's school bill. It: e* wiil come from the stato ma ^ n # P 05 ^ 6 further pro-i would prevent HEW from defer-! comptroller's office rather than I l°nged debate on the legislation.! ring appnn r al of aid applica-] if „-,.. j.^ But Sen. Wayne Morse, D- ( ;tions from districts practicing;! >ecied the municipal!Ore., leading the administra-'isegregation. Instead, the agency; '* i sales tax will bring about J BO,-1 tion's fight for the measure in • would have to go through aj '' "" ' additional revenue to the M^s present form, expressed; lengthy, formal process to cut •'r^ss s s-rs x^^;p,ra w^j^^ '^^•z^^'^K^^ , tjon, i ploye salaries and street re-, * '" "~ ) The occasion is to honor ex-, P a ' re w ^' 2** first call once' tension personnel who have re- i th e money is available. tired this year and is in appre- Beginning of the sales ROUND BONE Roast ,Lb. 49c Carrots 22 29c HARPER'S FOOD STORE 817 MELWOOD „, __ „.„ year and is in appreciation for service rendered to j coincides with the beginning of :the people of Texas, 'a new city fiscal year. f Epsilon Sigma Phi is an hon-j ! or society for extension person- ;r»ej who have been In service jat least W year* and have met professional and personal requirements permitting them to become members. has served as sec- E nfers Paris PARIS (AP) - U.S. Black er. p,m week adyn snd be Christmas Pqrty Mary Garland Chapter of the Daughters of American Bw- will have a Christmas r fh«rg4ay aj g p.m., in Club Boom < I Hbrary o| College, 14 ySajT^i France today after being held Previously he was bomred by overnight at Orly Airport by no- fellow employes at a luncheoh llce as an "Desirable foreign- in Catesville and by 4-H cjubs of Brown County. He is currently a member of the Adult Leaders Assn. and is president of Brown County Pecan Growers A&w, TARS Meeting Shfed Tonicjht Meeting of TARS will be held There was tio immediate planation for the by; t«day p.m. |n Room B, Brownwood Coliseum and will be open to all te«nagers and plh«r ifitereste<| (Jeppje, A revlev/ will be «jv(?n on what members of TARS have dpne pnd expect to do in the wito the Ij^ <?{ higher authorities at the police J decision, j CarmichaeJ came to Paris, from Stockholm to address a rally tonight opposing the Viet* nam war. The U.S. Embassy said it mad$ no attempt to have banned from France. Organizer? °f the antiwar rai< 3y said, they had made "vigor- pus protects" against Carmiv chaer? detention and were pre- One Accident Here Brpwnwood po)jce report one motor vehicle accident Tuesday. The mishap involved a parked car belonging to R. A, Cheatham of 2209 Aye, B and a ve- driven by Crwz the two FAIR (CONTINUE lor paring to tate legal steps ii nec essary to get Wm admitted, The group pointed out that Carm}?haeVg "views are very cjose to thos<j of French authors H<js," a reference ta President Charle? 4e Gaulle's Irtquently stated opposition v to American interventjpn ta Vietnam. Carmiohjel has been on tour of OMb9, North Vietnam, Africa and Europe After attending the A timely gift idea FROM Nathan's tribunal in Penmark whjcji found the United guilty of war erimes ta najn,>he made ^veril ^ then flew to to County court jted

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