Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 26, 1947 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1947
Page 3
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.~c~-\ "x".""",*"*"" cohversatiori iapltal fedcy. t admitted that if ,i tosses his turban — —rig,He'will roll up •& votes ih n.lfe. or. six states^- Yoflt, California, Washington, Minnesota, Colorado'—to i defefctidn of these states, "" **"—•- thah IMS votes in — .-—ege, woilld' be al= to. defeat' Mr. TrUman. ;, his veto of'the HSrtley- labpr bill was designed pvl- ''-W take the;sting Out of the , e threat. Sepfetafy Marshall's D^.*ec6nt ^Ueefestiorts that Russia t'.incluaea In hw pro6)Jsfed plan i* fii/ropeati. fedbhohilc cootJeratlor .._J %6 ftltttfd At Stalin's love-nes tet Mr. Wallace. TttRBAT—Hei'fe is how the Wal- jtecf' ™$M of & taiird party will af- te.ct trie llepublicahs and perhaps «(in.:aoveTnor Thomas E. Dewoy's •Pfesent, bright chances for the prc- Sjdeil.Ual nomination, with Gover- t)ot;Earl Warren of California, Sen- jfttWi ftdbert A. Taft or Senator ArWw: J^L Vandenberg of. Michigan as •lite^Uh^^Srftiate. 'Off the record the thfte .gentlemen mentioned as sec- :«nd-placfil* think that they should ne4d, J the;tlcjtet, .ttWveye'r,, suppose that Mr. Wal- 3ac,e (Jecjdes to run as a radical, Russian candlda'te, and assume that **. might take those 100 important *mcforai Vrifes" away from &re,sident Truman. That a.-ssumptlon, "which iBepubliean political leaders are now tiialciilg, will govern their choice of •j& presjaerttial slate at Phiiadelpliia In June'of Jd46, Here is why: feepubncaii War .ototoate Qoverno breaking a historic tr'adl HO aefeated cfthdida fe t. ^°2 d cl ^nce, mil have their 'eyes on New ' Kb*.* Iballots. With F. t). H. dead, Her bertLehman and James A. Parley lh political -retli-enftiht, they figur that Mr. Dewey would carry th Empire State. But~ah4 'this ' Is no Hews— thi practical, bread-and-butter, 'back room politi6os just do not like Tom bewey. With the possible exception of Senator Ives, a brilliant dollabo rator with Senator Taft in framirie the Senate labor bill, he has hbt a single friend among natlbnal, Republican moguls at Washington. In short, Mr. Dewey will be nomi- ?iated only if the G. O. P., wanting power and jobs, thinks that he la the only man who can win for them It is an unhappy and unfortunate phrase which the writer does hbt like to use but, by and large, the Republicans "hate Dewey's guts.' He knows it, arid so does Paul Lockwood, his extremely able and likable Man Friday, RFPUBLldAN— If Henry Wallace tosses his turban into the presideii- ^al ring nen year, Jils defiance of President Truman May assure a Republican victory. The Republicans may not need New York's forty-seven, electoral votes under such Circumstances. They can afford to disregard t>ewe"y. In that event, the Republicans will name a safe-and-sourid ticket; And, If Mr. Wallace enters the race, the betting is that the Republican slate will be Senator John W. Bricker of Ohio for first place and House Speaker Joseph W. Martin Jr., of Massachusetts for the Number 2 spot. I wrote a few weeks ago in a question-and-answer column, that I thought Governors Dewey and Warren of California, whom I admire, would be the Republicans' 1048 ticket. But that, of course, was before Henry Wallace went to town. APOSTOLIC— The Reverend P£ter D. Marshall, Presbyterian Chatfc lain of the United States Senate, may lose his job if he does not curb his apdstolic tongue. Unlike his mild predecessors, he dares to rebuke and admonish the legislators to ro^A"cou^CTefe'-fH&uw7i ^EUEVE^" U3 to stay HE(?IE six MONTH,?. Partipa News; Thursday, June 26, 1947 FUNNY BUSINESS BY HERSHBERGER •s-^-^ss-r—•— •— bit ^£z..-^~—*— * . .-—"•-. ''Wilbur's going all out in his wooing campaign!^ Sp!rit - when President Secretary Marshall proposed our anti-Russian program he 3 ^ 1 fMarsha »- »« prayhToV?; the Senate, warned them against " t " n ^ , swellea mountains Quite obviously, the Senate Chap- aih is not a politician. I—Admiral Ernest J. Kine - \°,]> e made of ice. He is a frigid person. Underneath his ^Vi~u« , ousness ' however, he is a delightful and charming individual. Admiral King and "Bull" Halsey w,no was King's subordinate, recently met, at a Washington dinner mrty. said Halsey: "»"'« ^'Klng, I once thought that you were made of ice, or worse. But from the directions you gave me out In the Pacific, and the way you handled Army-Navy strategy at Washington, I thir.k you are tops." Air Safety Program Changes Suggested WASHINGTON—(#)—The Senate Appropriations Committee has recommended several changes in the government's air safety program, including the suggestion that the Civil Aeronautics Administration close down the airport traffic control tower at Texarkana, Texas. The recommendations came as the Senate group approved funds for operation of the CAA. Johnson Briefs From Hollywood By ERSKINE JOHNSON NBA' Staff Correspondent (Johnson on KPDN Monday Thru Fridcy, Z P. M.) HOLLYWOOD, (NBA) — Johnson Office censors nrp fretting about a scene in "The Poxes of Harrow" in which Rex Harrison breaks down Maureen O'Hara's bedroom door with his shoulder. The boys didn't like the expression on Harrison's face. It was pain, boys, not passion. He strained a couple of ligaments. Such is fame ciept.: A woman walked up to Larry Parks in the Hollywood Brown fjerby to ask for his autograph. She explained that it was for her small daughter back in Ohio. Shs said: "My daughter insists she's going to marry Al Jobon when she grows up. Of course, she thinks he's you." Ida Lupino's remark on leaving a boring party belongs with the collection of Ida's justly famous bon mols. She said: "It was a fete worse than death." Sight of the week: A Hollywood glamor doll dunking herself in the Ee! Air swimming pool. Her idea of a swimming costume; Bathing suit, one pair of diamond earrings, one diamond bracelet, one "t'm-boreo- \vith-it-all" expression. NO THURBER SEQUEL Sam Goldwyn will not Him James Thurber's "The Catbird." originally planned as a sequel to "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." They disagreed on the interpretation. Maureen O'Hara is Katherine Mary Plannigan's personal choice for the title role of the filmization of the best seller, "Mrs. Mike." Rita Johnson is up for the rolei of Selma in "Wild Calendar." It's the important .role of Ginger Rogers' friend. Jesse Lasky and Walter MacEwen plan to star Vincent Price and John Mills in Galsworthy's "The Apple Tree." "On an Island With You" sounds mof'e like "Under Water With Toll.' M-G-M Dance Director Jack Donohue will shoot under-water ballets for the next five weeks. The sets are anchored at the bottom of a water tank. One of the sequences is a tango dance under water. MADHOUSE HOLLYWOOD Mary Jane Ward, author of the best seller, "The Snake Pit,," which is the story of n woman who lost her mind, is in town. She says she feels quite at home In Hollywood. George Glass gives this definition of a Hollywood writer ! n this month's Script Magazine: "One who must write a script to please .star who won't take the part unless <he pets a director good enough to re-writ? " tftft script." • Now that Andy D«vine has ^HM)* ped from 320 to 240 pounds his fift- ctite chair out. at Republic beats the inscription, "The Thin Man." BOY AVIATORS AUSTRALIA TO TRAIN CANBERRA, Australia —C3P)— A plan to enlist youths of 13 or 14 years old into a permanent air force ,T,S cadets is expected to be an important new step in Australia's postwar defenses. Air force authorities consider that Australia's future tiir force must be based on steady train- ' ing. The rush training of air crews and ground organization would Be replaced by a more comprehensive overall system. PRY CRACKED UP$?*«* a job for Cwf/and Mn/ihe mHTHOLATUM TWINS MENTHOLATUM When hot sun and dry winds parch lips, leave them cracked and smarting so it even hurts to smile- quick! call for Mentholatum, containing comforting Camphor and minty Menthol. These famous Mentholatum ingredients gently help to soothe tender lip skid, quickly revive dried-out "thirsty" skin cells, help them retain ne6d« ed moisture. Soon smarting pain leaves, your lips feel softer, smile again. Get soothing:, cooling Mentholatum today. ALSO RELIEVES SUMMER COLO MISERY, STUFFY NOSTRILS, SUNIURH 4. One tank car of liquid oxygen holds 750,000 cubic feet of the gas. TIM! TO MAKE A CHANGE! Jt Took Our Dress Buyers Weeks To Secure These Values! But Here They Are In A Sensational Offer! 200 SMART 'FAST COlM COTTON * VAT DYED SO THEY'LL RETAIN THEIR FRESH, GAY COLORS AK9 PATTERNS! including "the W Snqp Brim Stykf * Pugaree Ribbons * Narrow Dork Ribbons * Natural, Several Shadti ^ Finest Workmanship * Superb Quality Straws The New Straws — ARE HERE! Quality PANAMAS ' and "the Pana-coo!" Hats \ % .The new straws are the smartest you've seen. Neat narrow bands or colorful, fancy bands. Genuine Panamas and many fine novelty straws. The snap brim is again the favorite and ypu'll find several new versions. Natural, ivory, sand and simian shades. Sketched from Stock by our Artist Sanforized Shrunk Chambrays and 80 Square Prints Absolutely FAST COLOR! I t " J, •s .» «?*•* $3.98 to \ V i' 5, IBART STHAW HATI •'(, ^: CHOOSE FROM THE STYLES AND MATERIALS BELOW: This is a fine weave Sqnfa^lzed shrunk, vat dye< •J print in button front style os shown in Figure 1 • ' Notice the two pockets and the square neckline. Attractive, fresh and comfortable. Sizes 46 to 52. A cheerful peppermint stripf, 80-square vat dyed 2 print, Sanforized shrunk. Buttons down the back; • has flared skirt and cute liHle bow tie at the neckline. Parted midriff. As illustrated in Figure 2. Sizes 11 to 17. A lovely Paisley print in several color copibindtions. Zipper front \vith yhuSuql I'eckline. Notfe the two 3, ruffle trimmed sjd,e pockets. Fine 80-s.quare material in,va,t dyed colors. Sanforized shrunk, Size$ H to 20. Figure 3. A wonder vgjue! Excellent quality $tripecl chambrdV ,* in §pft ton^i Braid trims on sqyqr§ he'cklin qn *T. Pf«ke.t§. Bwttqns all dflYtn ti\e ttCiiit, wittx <& self tiet qt th? waist. Vat dyed and Sanforized. 38. to 4.4. Figure 4. WE WON'T MAKE MWY ON THIS! ORES$iS WT ^HA «Mi H*IY FWW0II ' *3KPi!l" ~ v^Sf/WPr^ Twy?*? *• *TwTp^«qr^»- Others

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