Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 13, 1969 · Page 9
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 9

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 13, 1969
Page 9
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Sunday, July !3> BRfiWMWfi8&BUUfnM*A Historic Moon Shipment Is More Costly Than Diamonds % ALTON BLAfcfcSLfefc A!* Science Writer feleven days from how, Sift extraordinary shipment is due from (he moon. It will weigh 50 to 60 pounds, and be Vacuum-packed inside two metal boxes. Jf a price tag could be placed upon it. the bid- CANDIDATES-These ace but five of the ckughter af Mr, and Met, Sam Barron; Karen 12 candidates for queen bf the annual De Leon Peach Pounds, 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Pounds; and Melon Festival to be staged Aug. 4-10. Showing and Becky Hekkman, 17, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. off some of the prize De Leon peaches are, left to Ralph Heickman. Girls will be judged and a queen right, Kathy Johnson, U, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. named the night of Aug. 5 by out-of-town judges. Deryl Johnson; Sandra Nowlin, 16, daughter of Mr, (Bulletin Photo) and Mrs. Prank C. Nowlin; Marilyn Barron, 17, •*» VYING FOR CROWN — Six more candidates for De Leon Peach and Melon Festival queen announced Saturday gathered around a watermelon are, left Jo right, Paula Brooks, 17, daughter of Mrs. Cloyce Brooks; Carol Jo Shoemaker, 14, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Shoemaker; Debra Whitehurst, 15, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Audie Whitehurst; Lanell Kim- mell, 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ardean Kimmell; Sue Mohon, 17, daughter of Mr .and Mrs. Tommy Mohon; Deborah Nowlin, 16, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. A, Nowlin. Not pictured but also a candidate is Robin Brooks, 16, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lightfoot. i 9 - 8 BRUSH AND COMB SET when you buy any... PLAYTEX BRA makes this offer because they «re certain that once you enjoy the fit and comfort of a Playtex bra you'll never settle for less, Just think—you get a beautiful J1.98 Brush and Comb Set when you buy any Playtex bra. And so many beautiful styles to choose from, including.., A. Playtex "Cross-Your-Heart"* Bra with "Cross-Your-Heart"* Stretch between the cups to lift and separate, White. 32A-42C, Only $2.75, With stretch straps, 50^ more, B. Playtex Living* Sheer Bra with Stretch-ever* sheer elastic back and sides, White, 32A42C. Only $4.50, With stretch straps, 45ji more. C, Playtex "Soft-line" Padded J3ri with amazing new fiber-fill padding that stays soft, can't shift, can't bunch up, White. 32A-36B, Only |3-50, With stretch straps, $(ty more, Offer limited, so get your free Brush and Comb Set loday, And enjoy the heavenly fil and comfort of a Playtex Bra. All you do is mail thf bra, label and .the coupon you'll find in every package to Plaj le* and they'll send you. your £ and Comb Set. '(Include g.5 cents (Bulletin Photo) Chicken Industry Hit Hard by Heat CENTER, Tex. IAP) - The $24 million chicken industry in Shelby county in East Texas has already begun to suffer from the hot weather blanketing the state. One broiler farm reported Friday the loss of 2,750 chickens. Farm Agent Joe. Anderson of Shelby county has urged farm managers to use fans to supplement existing and to place perforated sprinkler hoses atop poultry houses. I ding might start at JOO times the ' space, lvalue of the same amount of 1 diamonds. }f will be a collection of rocks , and dust, hand-picked from the lonely surface of the moon by two American astronauts, the; firsl men on the moon, they ' may be ralher ordinary rocks, | or exotic rocks: in either case they will be priceless because they will be the first specimens : known to have come from the ' moon, or any other known place \ in the universe. , Several hundred impatient j scientists in 13 nations will be i waiting to interrogate these; rocks, pouncing on them for what (bey really represent— i pages out of the history of the mysterious, challenging moon. "Are you dangerous?", will be a first question. Do these rocks carry germs, viruses, peculiar life forms that might sweep in a bizarre epidemic among people on earth? They will be quarantined, isolated, for at least three weeks while this worry is tested out. But then the questions from scientists will flurry. "How were you born?" Tell, tell—is the moon you came from a sister, or a daughter, or a captive wife of this planet earth? Is the moon's deep interior hot or cold? Did a volcano spew you out from inside the moon? Did a meteorite, flashing in from space at 7 to 45 miles per second, rip you from the bowels of | the moon, or in its hellish, cataclysmic explosion create you from molten moon material that then formed into a rock? Tell, tell, tell! This first sample of moon rocks is bound to tell something, i if perhaps only to lease a bit longer the advocates of various theories as to how the moon and earth began, how they are related. Perhaps they will put some theories to death. Is the moon the earth's sister? By this theory, earth and moon began as great clouds of space dust, which condensed under gravitational pressure to form planetary bodies wheeling around the sun, about 4Vi billion years ago. The rocks may answer. Is the moon the earth's daughter? When one great blob of condensing space dust was congealing into more solid matter, was the moon pulled out to become a satellite of the earth? Or—in a theory pretty well discarded— was the moon ripped out of the Pacific Ocean basin eons ago when the earth was spinning faster than now? The rocks may tell. Or was the moon a wandering planet which happened to approach too close to the earth and sun, thus becoming a captive wife of the earth? Does the moon have a molten core at its center—as the earth does—or was it formed "cool," never alive with hot fires from radioactivity or other causes? Were the moon's frefriendous craters and so * called "seas"! formed by volcanic action, or by j the brutal bombardment of j great add small meteorites? Unlike the earth, the moon has no •. cushioning atmosphere to incinerate chunks of stone and metal homing in from outer; beginnings of organic materials out of which life might Spontaneously sprifjg? Some specialists think the moon's seas once were really seas, but that the water long ago evaporated. Dr. Harold Urey. a Nobel laureate and moon specialist, proposes that once, when the moon and earth were much closet together, a great body from space hit the Does the moon have life on or under its surface, even if it be in the form of suspended anima- j earth, splashing a great geyser lion, like a virus that can be! of water onto the moon, car- freeze-dried. Ihen reactivated oh contact with water? Did life on earth begin from curious spores floating in from somewhere in space, as one old theory holds, and if so, could there rying primitive life organisms from the earth to the moon. Other scientists think the moon's dusty surface may contain a history of the moon, sun and space dating back billions not be similar spores on the j of years. The moon's surface nvgn? Does the moon have the could be like a dusty table thai has never had a sWpk TfWtt t housertiFe's cloth, ne?6f fii» Itrrted by wind ot falfi, MfttS supplying a record bf itittrgf past, just as the layfefs 6f rot* and sedlrftents Md Imbtddea fossils Supply & history 8f th8 earth. The moon could be fi of how the earth looked Md billions of years ago, before «f6* sion. volcanic activity, fttoiffl« lain building—and man's alteta* lions—changed its first face. Major features of the fiiobfl have not changed since Galilei first peered at the moon With his primitive telescope irl 1610, Major actions altering thfe moon's face, whether from vol* canoes or the impact of huge meteorites, or both, appear la be over. Soviet and American obsefv* ers believe they have detected signs of volcanic activity, in the form of curious fed'Colofied blotches that might represent the venting of volcanic ash of gases, near the craler Aristar* chus. Bui was it that? L&H DISCOUNT 2627 Austin SPECIALS GOOD 646-0860 THRU SATURDAY SOLARCA1NE SOLARCAINE LOTION •tops SUNBURN LOTION Instant Cooling for relief of sunburn, minor ikin burn, chaping and itching 3 01. Bottle Reg. 1,49 88c Uoydi Solid State Pocket Reg°°4 $ 18 .. 2.98 6" Plain or Magnifying On AM* On genuine • Jttf* Mirrors 0 - 1.08 82c Kitchen or lath Combo Sponges §.|. Spriy Iron Steam or Dry different settings with water window 13.98 RQU ON CALM Antiperspirant Deodorant m 58c GALA FES1VA OF DRESS VALUES F •:¥¥•« G DRESS SALE WIDE ASSORTMENT OF SPRING AND SUMMER DOUBLE KNIT 2 PIECE $14*90 REG. $45.00 SALE PRICE 29 OTHER STYLES OF DRESSES REG. 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