The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 22, 1968 · Page 37
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 37

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 22, 1968
Page 37
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Brazoria County, THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS, Freepoft, Texas, Sunday, Sept., 22,1968 PAGE IS Evenf of decade: BP storm levees, drainage A DIVERSION DITCH runs from a point not far from Shadow Glen area of Lake Jackson southwest to the Ilra/.os HIvi.T (In foreground). From li-ft to rirht in recent photo l.s I tow's frt-sli water canal. I ar»:c excavation In center will !».• a structure when- dramaD' water will make a dip before flowliit; on inl'.i the river. Tills will form a secon'J major draliuu'.e outlet for the Clulf-l.aKe Jackson area. Kvi-utiuillv, storm pump.s an- planned. SALUTE TO PROGRESS D. JACKSON PLUMBING COMPANY LICimiD • INSUMD OUR SPECIALTY No "job Too Small Or Too Large iLicrmc MACHINE srwin SIRVICE WATIK HIATUS DITCHING MACHINE SERVICE .DIAL 265-2595 407 S MAIN IN CLUTf When Brazosport voters went to the polls last Nov. II, they were putting In motion the largest single public works ever undertaken within Dra- zorla County. A decisive majority approved $0 million In bonds proposed by the Velasco Drainage District. Another $2 million had been voted In 1904. The total $7 million would pay the local share of a federal storm protection program estimated to cost $21 million. Two other major evenlsoc- curring during the past year made drainage one of the big events not only of the period, but of the decade. The two, both now under construction, are: —A Dow-arranged deal In which the Flag Lake drainage system is replaced by a bigger, nearer ditch—all at no cost to either Dow or other taxpayers. — A diversion of the Clute- Lake Jackson drainage system direct Into the Urazos River, giving an add 11 lonal or alternate outlet for runoff. This Is the Drainage Distrlct'sown project. Kven within the huge federal storm program, there were dramatic points of progress. One was the dogged effort by Freeport Mayor T. C. Selman, that resulted In the big West l,nd pump station being scheduled a year earlier than the original timetable. A second was concurrence by all local Interests, at u meeting handled by tin.' lira- AjSport Chamber of Commerce Hurricane Committee, on details of a floodgate that would make a storm tide refuge of the Old Brazxts, ajid further protect Kreeport. When all of the several Improvements are In, most of Urawsjc-irt will bv securely out of n-ach o.' the tides of any known storm. And the runoff facilities should handle the runoff frum any known rain before water reaches into hoiiu-s. And then with this behind the:h, local officials can observe that we are still vulnerable to flooding iron) above by lirazos River overflows; that the imj<orUnt jonusCreeK area Is still at the mercy of both tides and floodwaters; and that eventually the growth of industry v.ill require an ox- tension of the storm tide levees. But one thing at a time. And the biggest single nued was to wall off hurricane tides. What's being reali/e<l in the way of protection istodralnage what the river diversion was to Stephen F. Austin's dream of a Bra/os |«»rt. One i.f the earliest known protective works was shown in the minutes o! the then- new Velasco Drainage District of 1909, It detailed the business o! Commissioners Good Service and Quality makes our PROGRESS We are proud of the 24 years that we have served Brazoria County DARWOOD FURNITURE CO, DOWNTOWN FREEPORT Strlngfellow, Hoefle and Combs in the use of a newly- voted $50,000 bond Issue to levee the Brazos to protect Velasco. Velasco and a small Clute settlement constituted Bra- zosport then. Bui within adecade the bom- Ing new city of Freeport had created Its own storm tide and florjd levees, built by the Freeport Sulphur Co. The next big effort came with the Bra/osporl storm protection levee, using local taxes and administered by the city of Freeport. It was completed in 1950. This stood until 1901 when Hurricane caria, chewed most of the way through It In several places, went through and over It In Freeport, and swept round the north leg to flood Dow. Weaknesses had been seen when the system was built, but it was as much as the area then felt It could afford. When Congress authorized federal help In such works In 195G, l)razos|wrt was the first to apply. Dawdling by the Corps of Engineers' regional headquarters In Ft. Worth delayed the report until the repercussions alter Carla shook It loose. While the project was being authorized, emergency repairs ordered by Lyndon Johnson, then vice president, made the levee stronger than before. There •* as one more delay. An Improvement program of just over $C inilllonwasready for action when the detailed analysis of Hurricane Carla caught up with It. That, together with data from the more recent Hurricane Betsy that hit New Orleans, indicated much more protection than previously thought necessary. 13y then iirazosport had voted $2 million. The Corps o! Engineers' district engineer told local leaders they would plan no less than the lull $21 million project called lor by the reports. But if the leaders would pledge their support o.' the larger program, he said, the Corps should proceed with facets of the project as lar as the local 52 million went. The Nov. 11 vote secured the entire plan. t'ndcr it, the frontal walls will be 21 feet in height, with a slx-to-om- forward slope. Wings of the levee*' will go up to the l~-foot contour inland. This should eliminate any danger to the Lake Jackson- Clute and Dow plant B area. Storm pump drainage will be more than tripled In bah the south and north sides wiib stations to be built in each. Construction has already begun on the West End station, and the other will be started next fall. The vulnerable north leg of the levee system has already been extended and raised by the Engiiieers. Improvements have now gone south to Oyster Creek Community, and the east levee Iron, there to Dow Plant A is under contract. Improvements to the south levee are also contracted, and the west levee, up the Diversion Channel, should be let this year. The I-'lag Lake Ditch (.as it is called until anoificialname is designated) is a 10-year-old idea. It was thuught at the time High-.', ay :l:'.2 w ,is only a concept that a main drainage ditch lor the Chile-Lake Jackson area should be dug just south ni it. That would not only improve drainage, and reduce the maintenance of the long outfalls from both cities, but it would supplant the Flag Luke channel that now meanders through important Plant IB andUowliadi- sche expansion areas. For adecade. it appeared to be too expensive a project to take priority over other money needs. Then came a Cattle... (Continued from Page 3) crease, but 1 think an increase in the amount of grazing forage would be a more realistic answer." he concluded. Awards given DANBl'RY — Awards for 50-year membership in the American Legion were presented this year to Joe G. Bulanek and Ora Wo llam. The presentation was made by Honey cutt-C ho vanac American Legion Post 501 in Danbury. The awards included golden certificates, membership cards and cap patches. FLAG LAKK DITCH, now being dug as fill dirt for 288-332 highway interchange, shows at rU;ht of liic.hwav 332. Dow Badlsche shows in upper Ifft, an-J Dow Plant B In right, background. The ditch will replace the Flat; Lake drainage system as far east as Highway 28*. chance to get It free. The Texas Highway Department was building the big grade separation at the intersection of Highway 288 and Highway 332. Embankments needed a huge amount of dirt. To get the fill, the state's contractor would have to buy some very valuable land, and create a huge hole in an area where this was distinctly undesirable. The thought struck Dow officials that the contractor would just as soon take the earth in the form of a long, narrow ditch. It was perfect. The din source was near, savingtruck time. The fill would cost noth- ing. The hole would I*; an important asset rather than an eyesore. The contractor accepted. This. to^ wit!, :••••- provemenss by tlw '..T;ii:.a ; ,«District ro out!;>ll <:itc!i>-s, !.» expected to grc-a'!;- dM-,.n;sh the :l<x<; ti-.rcat tn.'-.t • i oc>.-ti Clute and L.'.'KC ! :ic>:5-jli ar-is during this>t-ar's h'.-avy r.u:';s. To the soiit'r. o: Lake .Jjck- son. a ci.,i:iUbl is bb.i:;, 'Jiv, to the Ura: - -i-s River. :•. struc*.- ure is now V,e:ru; built, over which the Uov :r-:''. •.. ater canal v. ill be div«rt>-.!. '.'. \'.-'-. this is done there v. ili ; <- a second and shorter outlet ior runoff from the I"i.i r ; Lake drainage syste.: . ONTGOMERY WARD JOIN THE THOUSANDS SWITCHING TO WARDS... FREEPORT 119 E. 2nd 233-3507 LAKE JACKSON BRAZOSPORT SHOPPING CENTER 297-6415 PROGRESS THRU SERVICE f Austin Pittman Jr., Store Mgr. Shaddock's Rainbow Super Market offers the residents of Brazosport the most complete tine of quality food. It is our desire to serve you with the best quality food and meats at the lowest possible price. Along with giving good prices we also offer Gold Bond Stamps. For your next time to stock the family cupboard, shelves and save.

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