Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 7, 1957 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
Page 2
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TWO Graham Says Americans Lack Spiritual Vitality By GEORGE \V. CORNELL NEW YORK—«v-Samson lost his punch when Delilah cul off his hair. And thai, Billy Graham (old a crowd of 18,000 in Madison Square harden last nighl, is what has happened lo a lot of people today. Jusl as Samson gradually suc-j ~ " • " cumbed to Delilah and lost lnV rca)) '" an(l fl ' om J "dK« 16.-4.2I. God-given strength. Graham S aid,i rc " u '" inB )^ * |0 '7 ul Sumf many modern Americans h-vcj^'^pf^Sr h" gradually sunk in sin until their to "accept Christ." So far. 13.320 lives arc devoid of spiritual vilal-'l iei ' s °i s have taken this step. j(y I Altcndaiicc al the crusade, now "It's the same kind of thing. and more ahoul lhe Gospel and religion, and readers oughl lo ap Graham added. Hint hefcll Sam- predate son. who was chained lo Hie prison grinding mill, his eyes put out.'/"'DO o 7 i > going round and round. . \L>ltj JCIlGfl IllGS The evangelist said lhat Ihisijv-i • , ™, ,. was a picture of Ihc doslruclke.!'V'"'f/S/IC/ffit) J f;//,- inner resulls of turning awav from 1 f> / s, _God_oLwasiedliving^-it h sir,* f//<CM.*OIH llteilf, building up more and more until it "blinds lhe soul within ..vnu"- and puls you in bonds. "I'd like lo lake you and shake you." he declared. "I know a cure—Christ! There have never NEW YORK '.ft—The Columbia Broadcasting System has scheduled a panel discussion no.vt Sunday entitled "Comment on Khrushchev." been any bonds or habits lhat '- asl Sunday the network pre- Chrisl couldn't cure." sented a Moscow-televised inter- He said the cumulative effects vie «'. with iN'ikita S. Khrushchev, of sin are indicated in the pcrson[" uss ' an Communist party leader! who once got a pang o( conscience President Eisenhower turned whenever he told a lie. but "now ''own a CBS offer to comment on • • iivnv. > 1.1 n\; tvlu (1 lie. UUL IJOW, " ° *^".J u you can look a man straight in'^he' interview. the eye and lie and il doesn't even' CBS announced yestcrdav l__ll ,, '•" bother you." "Even our bodies decay partially because of sin," he said. "The more we sin and- dissipate, the more our bodies weaken and deteriorate." Graham's text was from Galatians 6:7--" . . . For whatsoever man soweth that shall he also WHAT IS IT? WHERE IS IT? _ Answer Page 8 lhat "Comment on Khrushchev" be televised from 3 to 4 p. m., EDT, and broadcast by radio from 10:05 p. m.'" : Grain Fiiliircs Weak CHICAGO l.fl - Grain futures losses were minor. JBVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD,, FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 1957 Killed Felon In AI cat rax Warden Paul Madigan said Roland E. Simcox, above, stabbed to death Edward 11. Gam-in in Alcalraz Prison in San Trancisco Bay yesterday. The warden said cause of Ihc attack was not known. Simcox is from Columbus, 0. Gauvin's home was in Floral Gardens, N- V. (Af Phatolaxl Baghdad Pact Croup Set Up KARACHI (ft ~ The Baghdad Pact nations and the United States ire selling up a permanent mil 1 lary planning -body as part or the anti-CommunisI alliance's strategy for meeting Ihc "threat.of direct and indirect aggression." . The United Slates will partici- patc'in the new planning group as i member of Ihc pact's Military Committee, which it joined during viu^rtvju i.ti — urain tutures s '"" ijiiii|tc > «mv<i u juiuea uuring were weak again al the opening a . fo "r-(iay meeting of (he al- on lhe Board of Trade loday but " ance ' s Ministerial Council lhal prices were mixed somewhat and wound up yesterday. The Uniled Stales is not a full ncmber of the five-nation alii ancc but has given it strong sup port,since its inception. Vilnl Time ! CHARLESTON, W. Va. «>_ "-Several West Virginia cities 'Rescue Attempt Fails iKi, \l 5^,S2?SiA« «oy, 6, Is Drowned .operate on Eastern Standard! WASHINGTON w - Frederick 'siT'il 5?i n'T" 1 , 5 "' 0 ; T " e "«"«**. e. fell off a sea wall jbtalc Health Dept. decreed thal]in| 0 Anacoslia River and drowned physicians and hospilal personnel yesterday. An olf-duly detective ,must continue to record births swam under water for about three and deaths on EST to keep vilal | minutes in a futile attempt to save ^lalislics uniform lliroughout lhe>m. The body was found in about i slale - Isix feet of water ' Furniture SPECIALS i 7 PC. Sofa SIR Bed Suite... ^ Complete outfit includes modern sofa with matching chair ...two end tables, matching coffee table and two table lamps. Cotton Mattress... Occasional Chairs.. *17.50 Values $30.00 Odd Wrought Iron, and Chrome Kitchen Chairs Limited Quantity Charge and Carry Only! 3 pc. Bedr'm Includes bookcase bed, double dresser and large chest. $ ieo.50 up 5 pc. Breakfast Set '64.50 up New Sofa Bed.... «64JO FT. RILKV. Kan.-tn-The Army said todav a veteran sereean ucked out of drill in the handling of the Ml rifle and usedTone I ' fcrday a few minutes after lhe shootings. The Army scnl him to the hospital for a mental examination and did not file any charges immediately. The victims were 2nd I.I. Jerry Humphrey, 22. Auburn, Neb., and M. Sgt. Ralph II. Stilson, 29, FJat- rock, Mich., both members of Company li, 29th Infantry. Army authorities said Barrier liad been censured Tuesday by Humphrey and Stilson for mis- lakes made during a field march. Sgt. James Hicks said Barrier loJd him Tuesday nighl: "I'm going to kill lhal lieutenanl and the sergeant loo." Eyewitnesses said the 5-foot-ll. 170-pound Negro walked into a niilding where Humphrey was ibout (o lecture a class. Sgl. James C. Kersh, Brandon, Miss., said he mcl Barrier in lhe auilding latrine and saw him load lhe rifle. Kersh said he grappled wilh Barrier and was struck in lhe face by the rifle bull. Barrier stepped out of lhe iatrine, dropped to a croucb and fired a single shot. Humphrey was struck in the chest. He sank to lhe floor as he gasped: "May the Lord forgive him." Humphrey died "en route lo the posl hospitaj. Barrier ran about two blocks ;o the orderly room of Company B. where Stilson was sealed at a desk talking on the .telephone. Witnesses said Stilson saw Bar- rier'shove the rifle through the door and shouted: "No, no!" he was killed instantly. Barrier hitched a ride to the pro vosl .marshal's office and gave himself up. saying; Iwo men." 'I just shot Barrier has been in the Army H4 years and was a squad lea'der. He has two sisters living in Jacksonville, Fla. •'• . Investigators- said no amrnuni- Expressway Traffic lion was used in the rifle drill and Barrier was not supposed to have any. They said he apparently had secreted three rounds obtained Lost Boy, 4, Found Dead I« Reservoir PITTSBURGH Mv-Tlic body of a 4 year-old boy was found drowned iate las! night in a reservoir in suburban Penn Township about 10 hours after he was reported missing. Police said Joseph Arndt might have squeezed under a high-wire fence and toppled inlo the water. The body was found by scores of firemen and volun- leers who used searchlights lo scour (he densely wooded area around the reservoir. The reservoir is located about 300 yards from the boy's home in nearby Verona. Polite Thieves Tie Up Widow, Take Gems., Furs ELUYOOD CITY, Pa. W—Fou men. showing concern for thei victim's physical condition, las nighl lied a widow to a chair an stole $30,000 in furs, jewelry am cash from her home. Mrs. J. W. Offult, widow of ; National Tube Co. executive, sai lhe. men asked her if she wouli prefer lo he tied to a chair or t her bed. They tore up a bed slice and bound her. Before leaving, the men ob tained the name of a neighbor wh they later telephoned and aske< to look'in on Mrs. Offutl Blocked After Wreck BALTIMORE tts-A hip truck Iracto th nut £"'" S(ati ° nCd 3l ^ BCI " *™«™™ '^rpCess' . way near Lansdowne todav, tyin up traffic for more than f o u " Followed To Deport Jews PARIS W - The newspaper ? rance-Soir said today Joseph Stalin suffered his fatal stroke while in a fit of rage over Polil- >uro opposition lo a plan he had to deport all Jews from Russia. Secret Police Chief Lavrenty Beria. lhe paper said, danced around (he stricken dictator's' body, laughing end crying, "We' are free, finally." | The newspaper said its account' )f the slormy meeting which led he dictator unconscious on the loor was revealed in Warsaw by r> . K. Ponomarenko, Soviet am- >assador to Poland, during an interview with Polish Communist journalists. Traffic was snarled as far nortl as Baltimore. LOT OWNERS Golden Key Homes At Less Cost On Completed Homes S% Down lo Veterom JOHN A. KELLY Vo Negro GI Kills Two, Five Perish Angry After Censure In Teenager Auto Plunge MCKEKSPORT, Pa. (* — An ...» u ,,,*. ujijivu jujti-j w'juy, u'Kn a record crowd wat mlo crash so violent il awakened tossing ceremony in (he Academy's new field house. residents half a mile away took the lives of five teen-agers near this mill town last nighl, "We were jusl "out for a'ride, jusl out for a ride." sobbed the 16-year-old drii'er', Bruce Wessel, who was one of the two survivors, lie (o!d police his auto was forced from the highway by another machine. The ear plunged down a 50-foot embankment and smashed 'inlo three trees. The top of the car was sheared away and all seven ions , Ihc 11711, graduation exercise, William B. Franke. under sec rctary of the Navy, sent the grad uatcs praise _ (eiing and a prediction they 'wil „ __ .. r . ,,-„,. ».,,,_, •• in >»aiJiti|>3 iii vin,aaj)tdr,c Uciy 10- participate in "miraculous events" morrow morning for, the trip lo uf liie future. occupants were thrown oul. The dead, all from East Mc- Hanvey Jr. of Aria who stood No. 1 ii Keespor,l. were William Forman, 15. and his twin brolher Karl; .lames Ginlher, 15; James Bcs- wick, 14, and Joseph Jones, 15. Wessel and Charles King," 15, also of East McKeesport, were hospitalized in serious condition. Reds Ask U. S. Views_ To End Boinli Testing MOSCOW wt_A spokesman for Moscow radio confirmed today il has ^solicilod statements from prominent Americans on prohibit- .„,.- U , 1L1IU1 man was itoue ing nuclear bomb Icsls. He de- Dalighcnbaugh, captain ol . clmcd to give lhe names mcnts are broadcast by Moscow Dial 1'A 2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker Huge Throng Witnesses Graduation Of Middies ANNAPOLIS—i*— The Naval Academy sen! 837 new officers mlo lhe armed forces today, with a record crowd watching (he hat- --D -...w.ij >n vi n, i i\_ciu WM.Y a III. W IL<J1U 1IUU31?. -More than ,11,000 persons, 3.000 more than could be accomo- dalcd in Dahlgrcn Hal. for prcv ' commencements, atlended (lie chapel for' graduates. Mem ! 01 me wavy, senl tne grad-— --«,-.. <•on their way wilh words of (fleil ' 'raining cruise to : for the services they're en- America. They'll board -..- •"»•"-• i\onoiK, va., wnere ineyn He said they were entering an joined by naval HOTC! cadets. era of "dizzying material prog ress" and should insist Iheir lime be the best in all history. The Navy got 568 of the ne» officers, the Air Force 207 am lhe Marine Corps 62. .More than me Jiiarme corps 62. .More than '""" »iur« :>aii» "> me u.a. Jasi 40 per cent of the graduates will weel< were one P er cent below be going (o flight training in eithei (he Air Force or Navy. Forrest R heim, Calif., .... . the class, led the graduates to their seats and was first to receive his diploma. le-a!su^e<l-4he - "lliree-c-heers for those we leave behind" which culminated in a cloud of flying white hats sailing toward the arched copper roof of the field house. The anchor man was Robert L the , wrestling team from New Oxford. _,. •- --•-.-j»iiii^ n-ujji uuiu ^>nv vAium be spokesman said lhe names Pa. He was hoisted lo the shoul- will he made known only as stale- dcrs of cheering classmates in another graduation tradition. A round of weddings began in Easy to apply •Easy to clean PITTSBURGH _ Wallhide OAUOM OPEN SATU8DAYS UNTIL NOON WALL PAINT Hundred, of hxfay', mot, wontedkue, to cnoo« from '• Amazing Watlhid«« Rubb»rlt« one hour. No primer nteded- m> "pomry" odof _ Woshe. oaot and again. .PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY 317 Henderson Ave. PA 4-3434 hers of lhe new senior and sophomore classes began packing for South t a fleet of , warships in Chesapeake Bay to- * Norfolk, Va., where they'll bo Sloi-c Sales Drop NEW YORK-UN'S)-Department store sales in the U.S. last volume for lhe corresponding period of 1956. "N yi$to ; RYE and BOURBON Take your choice .V. Original Wight's Sherbroolc, the largest selling Maryland Straight Rye Whiskey in' America ... or its fitting companion . . . Wight'* Sherbrook Boutfapn .,. , ~ No increase in price. 42 42 4/5 W. SHESSROOK STRAIGHT RYE WHISKEY W "SOOr. 7 VHRS OtO; THE FRANK L WIGHT OISTIILIKG CO.. LORELtY. MARYLAND SHERBROOK BOURBON. SS PSOOr. S YEAR* OLD; THE FRANK L WIGHT CO..PEORIA, ILL Beck Asks Court To Permit Trip TACOMA, Wash. (INS)—Federal Judge George Boldl will; hear argumenls today on a petition of Teamster Union Presi-j |dent Dave Beck for permission to go lo Europe next month, j Beck, under federal grand jury; indictment for income tax eva-| sion. has aslted the court if he' may leave ils jurisdiclion to attend an international transport meeting in Paris. . U. S. Attorney Charles Moriarity said he will oppose Beck's Tin plale in the United States accounts for about three-fifths of all primary tin consumption S ily said he will oppose Beck's pelilion on orders from Attorney » General Herbert Browne!!. ! TYPING FOR -TEENAGERS A Skill For A Lifetime! ^ Morning Glasses Mondoy through Friday You'll earn "A's" for: , . BOOK REPORTS TERM PAPERS JOURNALISM CORRESPONDENCE ^'NOTEBOOKS HOMEWORK Forced Warm Air GAS PERIMETER HEATING SYSTEMS BUY AND INSTALL NOW-Beat the Rush! CLOSET FURNACE COUNTERFLOW GAS SYSTEM FURNACE GAS SYSTEM | • L Bernstein Warehouse 151 UNION STREET •XT^r^ir. ^[Individual Attention Jj Age 12 years and up ^REGISTRATION: w MONDAY, JUNE 10 a month I Write or Phone "CATHERMAN'S Business School Phone PA 4-0966 .... Cumberland, Md. .... S only A I ^j o monlh up lo 36 monthi Fo pay on lo 36 monlhi t o pa y on Modernizing Crtrfii P| on MONTHLY PAYMENTS BEGIN OCT. 1st • - - - *>3 to 3A month* fo poy cri MONTHLY P;Y M 'J;'NT'S "" . '""MONtmT'pAYMtNTS Pl '" > B " y °"' i " t °" V< "" h "" in9 "l ul P m[nl "° w °" d ">i«Y "b.lanlial ,«vin 3 ,. Now, 6£GIN OC103ER Ull S £ C IN OCIO3ER lifl during.*. )lt,!V i.o.on. you g,l lower pric,.. eJtpsrl initollolion end piclc of our g^!'',' 1 , ir^?; 1 K«,"£ ^r^t^r K, B ™ fu " r ™-. s " um ™ M " ">' M ° >™ h 0 ,, m . n , „„, !„,„„,.. s w 0 , m „;, ,„„,, fuel, tKtrmoitot wain^ air tuc.i, rtturr, air dutt. refurn air cfucl, ihtrmailal, fan — limil iwil<h ond finingi. Furnace and Materials ... 353.10 cash — Furnace only... Scars hns all lypcs of heating eriuipmcnt—gas. r IY-B-)'» iwt._;• oil, coal— for all liot water, steam or warm air inslallation IIO.MAKT controls by Honeywell Yeu <on count art Se rtooquofl^rt! The camcier KOMASI H,al\ng will fill D || V0»r V«»,in 3 *" "°"* 8T <»'<™ i«l»* *' HOMAS1 •- tin. o! r"" d , '.^'"">>'=l. th« Oe lu«. Clock th,,- moitoT u ov^iTabie ol ilighi t ») ro , o .+ in, Kound !:!.« _ , h ? n' I u,° il..M HORIZONTAL FURNACE GAS SYSTEM 00 only S | 7 ° monlS MAIL THIS COUPON up to 36 men!hi to poy on Scon Mcdtrn^ing Cr«dil Fia WONTHIY PAYMENTS «tG!N OCTOBER li'l Cimplile! Yeu r.M 80.000 MU gat hoitionio! fumoqt, 5 v/o o-r rum, rtlurrv eir dutl, \htin Vurn*ct and mattrUfi Tumice rnly 1R3.00 cufa tyw* /rumep &ze& I ,.. v ,, BEST TIME 1_ C " Y StATE TO CWl .... R01IUCK AND CO 179 BALTIMORE ST. CUMBERLAND, MD. I..

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