Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on February 28, 1939 · Page 7
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 7

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1939
Page 7
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COBSTCAtfA SElffT-WfiBKLY 'EIGHT, TUESDAY, FEBRTJATW 2ft, 1939 Markets Local Markets Cotton 8.30 Cotton seed $20,00 Cotton Texas Spot Markets DAIAAS. Feb. 27.—(/PI—Cotton 8.34; Houston 8.55; Galveston 8.47. New York Cotton Table. NEW VOKK, Fob. 27.—W—Cotton futures closed 3-8 higher. High Low Last March 8.00 8.57 8.00 May 8.2'J 8.10 8.22 July 7.117 7.03 .7.07 October 7.65 7.61 7.B4-B5 December 7.30 7.45 7.40 January 7.60 7.4H 7.60 Spot nominal; middling 0.03. Grains and Provisions Fort Worth I.lTfstotk. FORT WORTH, Feb. 27.—W—Demand was slow for grain. Wheat No. 1 hard according to pro* teln and hilling 80 3-4 861-4. Barley No. 2 nom 52-53. Sorghuma No. 2 yellow milo per 100 Ibs nom 01-03; No. 2 white kafftr nom 01-03. Corn shelled No. 2 while 63 1-4 63 1-4. Data No. 2 red 37 1-2 38 1-2. Wheat Prices Lower CHICAGO, Feb. 27.—(*>—Reports Of good rains and snows In the winter wheat bolt helped to lower wheat prices RAILS REGAINED THEIR POPULARITY IN MONDAY MARKET NUMEROUS RECENT LEADERS, HOWEVER, NEGLECTED AND LOWER NEW YORK Feb. Speaker For Texas Exes Banquet On Thursday Evening nlmont a cent bufthel today. Wheat clowd 1-2 to 7-8 lower than Saturday. May and July 0611-43-8; corn 5-8 to 7-8 down. May 48 5*8 3-4, July 407-8 60; oate 1-8 to 1-4 lower. N«w Orleans Cotton Table NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 27.—CD— Trade and other buying supported cot-] WHEAT— High ton futures hwo today and closing | Mar , _ og prices were steady at not advances of 3 to 0 points. Opeu High Low Close -8.70 8.71 8.118 8.71 8.28 8.32 8.28 8..'11 8.04 8.07 8.0:i 8.07 7.61 7.84 7.61 7.88-b 7.68 7.59 7.56 7.50 , 7.57b 7.60-b March .... May July ...,... October ..., December .. January ... Mar. (new) May '.new) b—Bid. Chicago Grain Table. CHICAGO, Feb. 27.—W!— Low Close 67 3-4 07 3-4 (18 1-4 (18 1-4 .1-8 IIH 1-4 OS 5-8 1)8 ;).4 Scp't. ... 00 1-8 CORN— May July I Mar. May July 7.83b 7.07 I July I Sept. 47 40 3-8 506-8 SO 27 3-8 507-8 08 1-4 3-8 00 1-8 00 1-8 487-8 48 6-8 3-4 40 7-8 50 50 5-8 287-8 ' 271-4 283-4 48 5-8 40 7-8 506-8 283-4 27 1-4 205-8 New Orealns Spots Higher NEW ORLEANS, Fob. 27.— Ifl —Spot! Kansas City Cash Grain. cotton cloned 3 points un. Sales 602: ,.3 cars loy.»W''!'"F.. 7 ' 5 Ai.Jl'. ld *tr.f 8 ' 86: B00d dfrkhard KANSAS CITY Feb. 27.—W>—Wheat. middling 0.31; receipts 8.7U • Liverpool Spots Higher , „ . * -- .«? , 2 i * w er- No. 2 * "-• I? 1 . £ 801-2 77; No. 3. 881-2 771-2; No. 2 hard 001-3 711-2; No. , 3, Ort 1-2 76; No. 2 red nom 88 3-4 ..— ... —„— 001-4; No. 3, 67. LIVERPOOL. Feb. 73.—W)—Cotton, j Close,'May 041-4: July 033-4; Sept. 1,300. all American. Spot quiet, priced Q.J 1.4. 2 points higher. Quotations In pence: Corni 04 cnre toni , 1.4 („ j.jj lower; American, strict good middling 5.54; No . o wnlt(J llom 453.4 471-4; No. 3 good middling 5.60; strict middling nom 461-4 401-2; No. 3 yellow nom 6.30; middling 5.24: strict low miu- 451-4 4H1-2; No. 3, 48: No. 3 mixed nom 451-4 401-2; No. 3 nom 443-4 Ralls regained pbpularlty In to day's stock market while many recent lenders wore neglected at slightly lower levels. A few utilities and specialties attracted some buying, but steels, moors, rubbers, alrcrafs and mall orders had difficulty throughout n keeping losses to small amounts. A more than looked for jump In this week's steel mill operations caused the steel shares to shade early declines, although most were unable to post plus marks. Rising fractions to around a point at the best were Sana Fo, N. Y. Central, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, Southern Railway, Qerat Northern, Consolidated Edison, International . Telephone, Johns-Manville, Phlllis Morris, and U. S. Gypsum. Lagging most of the day were U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, General Motors, Chrysler, Goodyear, Montgomery Ward, Douglas Aircraft, United Aircraft, Air Reduction, Wostlnghouse, Union Carbide and General Electric. Carrier bonds pushed upward. Commodities were irregular. Dr. C. W. Hackett (above) professor of Latin-American history at the University of Texas, will be the principal speaker at the annual banquet-meeting of the Navarro County University of Texas Ex-Students' Association day night at 7 o'clock, March 2, at the Nnvarro Hotel. Miss Mary Ella Burke Is chair man of the general arrangements NAVARRO COUNTY AND CORSICANA PROTEST MORE TRUCK PERMITS Navarro county and tha city of Corslcaua will bo represented at the hearing in Austin Wednesday, March 1, before the railroad commission to protest against the 1s- spance of permits for approrl- mately 1,600 trucks to be operated over five highways In Texas, including Highway 76. The commissioners' court and city commission have passed resolutions, it was stated, against the issuance of any additional permits as Highway 76 and other thorouphfares are now crowded and additional trucking facilities are not thought to be needed. Additional trucks on the highways are calculated to make additional traffic hazards. Paul H. Miller, county Judge; J. S. Murchlson, mayor, and Fred Prince, police commissioner, plan to go to Austin in the matter Wednesday. The hearing was originally scheduled to be hoard several weeks ago, but was postponed by the railroad commission. dim* 4.BO; low middling 4.4B; strict food ordinary 4.04; good ordinary 3.00. Future* closed 2 to 4 hlB-hor. March 4.80; May 4.80; July 4.70; Oct. 4.65; Jan. 4.53. 40. Close, May 451-2; July 461-S; Sept. 47 il-8. Oats, 17 cars unchanged to 1-4 low! er; No. 3 white nom 20-301-2; No. 8, New York Cotton Higher. \ nom 38 1-2 20 3-4. NEW YORK. Fob. 27.—W-^Colton futures opened unchanged to 4 higher. March 8.58; May 8.10; July 7.03; Oct. ,, 7.51; Dec. 7.45; Jan. 7.40. V% I At the end of the tint hour prices were 2 to 0 points net higher. Spot NEW YORK, Feb. 27.— (/P>— The stock market ran into a little profit taking In today's early dealings. Gains were regstered for Wcst- inghouse, Johns-Manvllle, Southern Pacific, Consolidated Edison and General Electric, Down a shade were Bethlehem Steel, U. S. Steel, General Motors, American Telephone and Good- Market analysts noted the sur- year. Chicago Cash Grain. CHICAGO. Fob. 27.— VPl —Cash whe 00. No. 6 hard' 07 1-3 ;s'ample grade mixed Corn No. 3 mixed 471-2 503-4; No. ow 481-41-2; No. B a n .«v ... _____ ...... -•- - -.t, u ~ ^.^. M., ., . 4(13-4; No. 3 whtto "pi-fees" later raponded to brink buy- j JJ." i a n7pio 'graded white 421-2 4111-4. - vey of the magazine steel which leal, said spotty demand and strict ad- ere good buyers of July and' 5 45. jjo! 2 yeili month traded at T.OB, up *.i4'(!3-4 48. 453-4 houses wi the spot Prices ....... ..-, ----Ing led by brokers with Dohbny connections and the market maintained net Onts No y. mtxer 32; sample grade 07.20; N O . 1 white 323-4-33; . . gains of 3 to 0 points around noon. I No Si 313.4 n2; No. 3, 203-4 311-4; Hedging and local selling, as well asi BHmpll) gra(te whtte 20 3-4 203-4. modest Now Orleans ofjelngn wero well! taken. Mo»t Far Eastern support wenv Produce Market*. to July and there wan some ' r "de CHICAGO. Feb. 27. — W — Butter 880. nj uutjr •••••• -«— - i» v. A \jfli\f J\\t\J, f au, -it ."—V i~~ -fuiioi u< price flxln in May delivery. March ad- fl ,, B cream er,..pecUl» (03 score) vanced from 8.58 to 8.00 for » net 28 . , ras (02) Z l,i^: <a gain of 6, while July at 7.07 was at „ t (90-01) 26-251-4: first* (88- the top of the range New Orleans Cotton Higher I NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 27.—W—Cotton futures ranged upward here today In quiet trading and at mld-eesslon wire 2 to 4 points net higher. N. O. Cottonseed Oil Steady. NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 27.-MV-Cot. 25 xtra ...... (00-01) 26-251-4: first* (88-80) 241-2 26; etconds 084-87 1-2) 231-2. Kgg6 18.087, weaker; fresh graded, extra firsts local 161-3: care 163-4: tints local 16 cars 16 1-2. spotty herence of consumers to close- range buying tend to detract somewhat from continued expectations of further expansion In steel business during coming weeks. A favorable indicator was seen in the summary of the National Lumber Manufacturers' Association showing production for .the first seven weeks of 1939 was 27 per cent ahead of the corresponding period of the previous year. RECOGNITION attorney, will be the toastmaster for the occasion. Boauford H. Jester, former regent, will present the main speaker. Misses Virginia Middleton and Mrs. Ferma C. Stewart are in charge of the ticket committee. Julius C. Jacobs, vice president, will also appear on tho program. Officers for the ensuing year will be elected. Present officers are Mitchell Boyd, president; Julius C. Jacobs, vice president; Miss Arabella Jester, secretary-treasurer, and Paul Moore, Alcalde reporter. Dr. Hackett Is also an author of note and is managing editor of the Southwest Historical Quarterly. He was a delegate from the United States to the Pan-American Congress at Panama in 1926 and has been exchange professor to the National University of Mexico. He was' a visiting lecturer on Latin-American history at Harvard in 1926-1026. SPECIALIST WILL MEET WITH GROUPS COUNTYJARMEHS C. E. Bowles, co-operative specialist of Texas A. and M. College, will meet with two groups of Navarro county farmers Wednesday, H. C. Robinson, county agent, stated Monday. Tho different phases of co-oper- atlvu work including the advantages of ono variety of cotton, for each community and co-operative selling advantages are among the things to be discussed at the meetings. Mr. Bowles will meet Wednesday morning with the group at Kerens and Wednesday aternoon at Dawson. INCOME TAX IN A NUTSHELL WHOT Every .single par- ion or married person not living with husband of wife who bad net Income of $1,000 or more or gross Income of J5.000 or more, and generally, husband and wife living together, who had an aggregate net Income of $2,600 or more or an aggregate gross Income of $6,000 or more, must file return*. If In doubt, obtain form and printed Instructions from collector of Internal revenue. WHENT The filing period begins January 1 and ends March 16, 1939. WHERE?? Collector of Internal revenue for the district in which the person lives or has his principal place of business. HOW? So* instructions accompanying Forms 1010 A and 1040. WHAT? Four per cent normal tax on the amount of not Income In excess of tha personal exemption, credit for dependents, earn- ed-lncome credit, and Interest on obligations of the United States and obligations of Instrumentalities Of tha United States. Surtax on surtax net tncoma In ax- cess of $4,000. TCM Out Bo* 8eH, Bane, Trade and Aoeompllsh Qotak Besaltv By Advertbrini; h the Classified Columns , BEAD BT THOUSANDS Of PEOPUB Business Service Personal B WIU. FIUNK CAHB nlo»«e answer thin. If he sees this tut. Important. Wrlto H S P, caro Dox 032, Oorelcana. Texas. Mattress Makers 10 THH Cnrolcana Waitress Factory l« not the only ono In Corsloana, but wo do claim U In tho best ono. Wo aro prepared to furnlah you anything that, you want from thn cheapest to the best made at reasonable prices. Wo ask you to call at nur Factory at HIS Main and sco our full lino and got our prices, or It you wish our aalenmnn out to your bonne. r prl will phonn 27H — . Corslcana Mattrmi Factory. Ill Z South Main. Phono 373. L. A. Starloy. A. M. Lan«. i _ Livestock Baby Chicks 25 WHITE Wyanrtotto baby chtcki. tho Kood oatlni and layln* hinds. H. J. Adimu, 3 miles north of Corslcana on Hlnh-vay 7li. Phono 001 F5. , SEB US for Baby Chicks. Feodi. Hem' I edles and Poultry Supplies. Custom i hatchlnr a specialty. Come In and «ee Poultry live. 16 trucks, ileady; hens •, (Continued From Page One) over 6 ibs 17. 6 ibs and under io: i _ ortBrs cheered the announcement Leghorn hens IB: bro lore £!••* «™. •"? »h.f »>.« TrVanx.Vi pnvBrnmnnr. was tonseed oil cloeed prime slimmer ye crude 5.70-5.87 1-2. e.fldb; July 8.70; 6.83b. b—Did. „„ .7, Plymouth Rock' 10, White' Bock 10: springs 33-2 Ibs UP colored 10, Plymouth Rock 32. White bleachable , Bock 311-3: fryers over 31-3 lb« i col & ^.Tia. "£&»?«* that the French government was expected to announce similar recognition following the cabinet meeting in Paris this afternoon. Chamberlain in his statement Sept. O.Slb; Oct.! ]2; aucks 41 osiers lit. l^gnorn ruumcio: 1-2 Ibn up colored 16, while' added: ... ...... ...jlored 141-2, white 141-2; i "The British government have ;eese 13; turkeys young toms 20, old no t e d w jth satisfaction the public STORM (Continued From Page One) Bureau Chief W. F. McDonald, who said the bureau's gauge recorded high winds of 40 miles an hour, reported the hall fall was the worst to hit here since 1924. The hailstones, between one- quarter and one-half Inch thick, awoke many residents. Some stones caved in windows. .Some power lines were blown down. The worst single damage reported, $43,000, was inflicted on tha block-square Maglnnis Industrial Terminal here where part of the roof was lifted off, allowing hall and rain to pour In. In St. Bernard Parish there was $3,000 damage where the wind blew in a section of the wall of a gambling house and tore off a roof rectlon. Although patrons of the place escaped Injury, they were so frightened the place had to be closed. In the Chalmette area of St. Bernard Parish the damage to cabbage crops, was estimated at more than 75 per cent. Acre after acre of mature cabbages were shredded to the stalks by the wind-driven hall. In other sections of the parish crop damage grew less, marking the degree with which the storm lost its force as H moved southward. Lightning splintered oaks an< hackberry trees In St. Bernard The wind so badly damaged one school that It had to be olosec today. Electric power was cut off there and In Plaquemine for three hours. In New Orleans the wind up rooted trees, almost denuding many of them which already this season were covered with leaves and spread over the streets a green carpet made frosty lookini with its trimmings of unmelted hailstones. The Norwegian motorshlp Tatra of the Wllhelmsen line at the height of the storm broke away from Us wharf moorings but man aged to stop Its drift down th river by dropping anchor. Th city's flreboat, Deluge, maneuver ed the vessel back to the wharf 17: »ma)l co 0. hens 21. Dressed turkeys steady: young toms 8 old 22, young hens 28 old 25. Potato markets CHICAGO. Feb. 37.—«—(USDA) — Potatoes 160, on track 430. total US hlpments Saturday 865, Sunday 70: ackcd per cwt Idaho russet Durbanks S No. 1 1.60-65. occasional washed 70: mostly 1.B5-60; Colorado red Mc- lurefl No. 7. cotton sacks, pale color .80-85; burlap sacks 1.05. occasional ne duality higher; North Dakota cob- lers 85 per cent US No. 1, and better ew sales 1.20-27 1-2. DANCER (Continued From Page Onu) ton Is on probation on a lew charge. • murder theories were ,ac vanced by Captain Patton, direct Ing the investigation. He said th evidence indicated "it was grudge slaying, or the work; of sex fiend who lay in wait for victim," • .The pretty dancer was struc on the head with a two-by-fou piece of timber, as she hurried t the college auditorium to appea In a parady playlet of "Idiot's De A fellow student in the federa sponsored night school, Kennet Kremlth, told police Miss Sosoye va, before lapsing into uncon sclousness, cried out she had bee hit without warning by a man sh had never seen before. Count autopsy surgeons said an exam nation Indicated she had not bee ravished. Miss Beulah Ann Stanley, high school dramatic coach, who ha befriended her and shared nj apartment with her, said the dan cor had been so despondent ovi a blighted love affair recent! "that I had decided' tp sell m small coupe and give her enoug money to go back to San Fran cisco," An osteopathlc physician reppr ed to police the flaxen-haired Ru s|an visited him -about two. week ago for a physical 'examinatlo complaining she was Indifferent t the attentions of men. : . •» i ' • • Lort Something T Try tv Call .W* 1 ***^^'! -« *'.• " '• - ' •' *" ••-.-• V Livestock Fort Worth Livestock. FORT WORTH. Feb. 'i1 USDA)—CATTLE, saleable alvea 700: live loads of plain stecre 1 Mexican origin 7.10: plain and me- lum cows 4.60-5.60; slaughter calvee .00-8.60. HOOS, saleable 1.000: top 7.86: paid y small killers; packer top 7.75; pack- nf sows mostly 8.76 down. SHEEP, saleable 1,400; mertlum and ood woolcd lambn 7.7B-8.00; shorn nmbB (1.60: shorn yearlings 8.SB: shorn •year-old wethers 5.26; \vooled ewes .60; feeder lambs 7.26 down. Chirairo Livestock. CHICAGO. Feb. 27.—W— (USDA) — 1OOS, 13,000; fairly active; 1600. ostly 36 .lower than Friday's a""* 8 : rood and choice 170-320 Ibs 8.001-5; 3.10-270 Ibs butchers 7.70-8.00; 280120 Ibs 7.40-05: Kood medium welrht and i heavy imchlne sows 6.76-7.00. CATTLE, 11,000: calves 1,000; steo and yearlings steady to 35 lower; year- lugs steady; heifers and cows steady o weak; bulls strong: vealera weak: best welrhty fed steers early 13-0°j several loads 11.60 to 12.35: beat-fed heifers around 11.50; few above 10-00: cutter cows 6.86 down to 4.76; weighty saueago bulls up to 7.40; practical top "SHEEP, ' lO.OOO: lat .lambs 'teady; around 0.00-25; sheep firm: good to choice ewes around 103 Ibs 4.50-85. Kansa* City Livestock KANSAS CITY. Fob. 27.—W— (USDA)—HOGS. 2500; top 8.00 sp»rnely: sows o.50-75. . , , CATTLE 10,000; calveS 1600; choice 1160 Ib Kansas fed steers 11.00; most butcher cows 6.75-8.75; good to choice vealers 8.60-10.00; fleshy feeders up to SHEEP. 8,000; early lamb top 8.86; others down to 8.40. LABOR (Continued From Page One) came an a Roosevelt administration campaign to reassure business and industry was going for- W Besides the new attempt to bring about labor peace, this drive ""."secretary Hopkins' pledge of cooperation and his declaration/ that creation of business confidence wa* n new deal aim. 2. Statements by Mr. Roosevelt, Hopkins and Secretary Morgen- thau that no new taxes were planned and that corporation taxes might be revised to help "unfreeze idle capital. 3, Decision of the federal monopoly committee not to propose new anti-trust .legislation this year. Although these developments evoked widespread acclaim in business and congressional quarters some anti-Roosevelt senators sale a determined effort to cut federa expenditures would do much more to restore business confidence than administration promises of no new taxes. They pointed out that government economy was not mentioned in the statements by Secretaries Hopkins and Morgenthau. Strongboy Domino Club of Kerens Has Couple Champions Kerens is renowned for numer ous things, not the least of which are its various game enthusiasts Among the latest organizations to come Into fame Is the "strongbo; Domino Club," composed of—so i is declared—the best domino play era In East Navarro county. In numerous games of repent date W. A. Carroll and Brat Maasey have been conceded champion*— by themselves, at least, If no other members of the olub, statements of General Franco concerning his determination to secure the traditional Independence of Spain." "Even if tho Republican forces in the Southern sector should continue to maintain some show of resistance," the prime minister said, "there can be no doubt now of the ultimate issue of tho struggle, tho prolongation of which can only result In further suffering and loss of life. "As the result of the fall of Barcelona and the overrunning of Catalonia, General Franco is now in control of the greater part of Spanish terrltry, both on and on- yond the mainland. "Included in this territory are the most Important Industrial centers in Spain and the sources of most of her productions. "In these circumstances, His Majesty's government have decided to inform General Franco of their decision to recognize his government as the government of Spain and formal action has been taken In this sense today." Laborites again shouted "Shame!" and Communist William Gallagher cried: "Another betrayer of democracy!" Chamberlain continued: "His Majesty's government have noted with satisfaction the public statements of General Franco concerning the determination of hlm- elf and his government to secure he traditional Independence of Spain and to take proceedings only In cases of those against whom criminal, charges are laid." In response to a question by La- write Clement R, Attlee, opposl- lon leader, he said the government would order a debate in commons tomorrow on its decis- in. When the laborlte persisted In further questions about the prospective debate, Chamberlain snap>ed: "I am not going to be crpss- examinod about particular hours and moments without having notice." Gallagher then shouted: should be Impeached!" Major Break City Mains For Second Time Within Week A major berak In the city of Corslcana water distribution system Friday night threatened local residents with tho second water shortage in a week but was discovered In time to prevent serious damage. Employees at the pump station at Lake Halbert noticed abnormal losses in standpipe and lino readings about 10 o'clock Friday night and called the fire station to find out if a large blaze was being fought. Receiving a negative answer .water department employes and other city officials immediately began a search for a break In the mains and it was finally discovered on South Main street at the main line of the Southern Pacific tracks. The loss of water was stopped by closing two valves after -some five feet had been lost from the west side standpipe. No attempt was being made to repair the 12- Inch main Saturday, city officials said, since all customers were being served through by-pass circuits and not even a single fireplug was affected. Numerous Driving Licenses Revoked During Two Weeks Eureka Methodist Missionary Society Had Quilting Friday On Friday. Feb. 24th, thirteen members of the Eureka Ladles Missionary Society of the Methodist church and one visitor, Mrs. Cunningham of tho Presbyterian church met at the home of Mrs. Buck Montgomery and quilted a quilt that was made up of names of people paying ton cents for each name. The quilt has netted the society $60 and was drawn by a Mrs. Philips of Corslcana, Texas. Lunch consisting of baked chicken and dressing, meat loaf, peas, fruit salad, pickles, potato chips, rolls, cake, pie and coffee was serv- INCOME TAX DON'TS DON'T prepare your return without first studying the Instructions accompanying the form. DON'T procrastinate. Early assembling of data per- mtU a careful consideration of all tax problems. DON'T destroy the memoranda from which your return waa prepared. DON'T omit explanation when such Information Is essential to an Intelligent audit. Attach memoranda, to your return. us and our modern equipped hatchery before you buy. We are especially equipped to hatch your lurkeyi this Maeon. J. II. Roberts and Son Hatchery. I 2000 West 2nd Are., Corelcana, Texas ' Phone 1077. Livestock tor Sale 27 FOR SALE—Two registered I-°' 0 ; hogs, ono eight months old boar and 14 months old sow. Frank Cumpston. llloomlng drove, Texai L Merchandise Article* for Sale 30 FOR SALE—Ono good enddle mare, one two yonr old filly solt, also farm wair- on. cultivators and planters. Ralph W« Stnll. BOOK BARGAINS—Hundreds of bOOlu at 6c, lOc and 35c each. Best books, best authors, Lato daln magazine* ao* ceptnl In exchange. Wo buy old void. Ponnoll's Marailno and Jloox Exchange, 11B West Collln St.. Corslcana. FOU SALE*—18 thirty-gallon open top «leol drums—Ideal fnr trash, water or oil containers. Top can bo lyocked. Bee Ranks Lyons at Palnca Thoator. FOIl SALF.—Span work mnrcs. 8 year! old, weighing 1200 and 1.100 Ibs. 1 Massfty 2-row cultivator, 2 registered shorthorn Durham males. 1 hiie> sheen, several bred rills. 9eo or whlt« O. B. Mooro. Route 1. Purrton. Texas. FOR SALE—One hundred tons of tint class native black land prairie hay. $10 per ton on the pavement In Ooratoan*. U R. Slroiibo. Building Material 32 ed. Late In the afternoon delicious divinity candy made by Mrs. Garland was served and enjoyed by all.—Reporter. Courthouse News AUSTIN, Feb. 27.— (/P)— The drlv- er s License Bureau of the Public Safety Department today announced suspension of 78 driving permits within the past two weeks. Bureau Chief Ralph L. Buell said 62 of the suspensions were ordered after tho licensees had been convicted on charges of driving while intoxicated. Nine were temporarily lifted for reckless driving, four for physical unfltness, two for fraudulent use and one for negligent "You Unanimous Action By French Cabinet PARIS,. Feb. 27.—W—The French cabinet today voted unanimously for recognition of the nationalist rule of Generalissimo Francisco Franco as the legal government of Spain. The French action followed swiftly on the heels of British Prime Minister Chamberlain's announcement to the House of Commons in London that Britain had accorded the Franco regime unconditional recognition as Spain's sovereign government, Even Spanish republican circles here acl civil war the decisions of Brltln and France having pulled the last prop from the tottering republican regime of Premier Juan Negrln, A French ambassador to Burgos, Franco's capital, will be anmed this week. Senator Leon Berard, French emissary to Burgos, has boon offered the post homicide. Italian Opera Singer Arouses Ire Vocalists NEW YORK, Fob. 27.— (/P)— Remarks critical of tho Metropolitan Opera attributed to Beniamino Glgll by some provincial Italian newspapers brought quick reaction today from American singers. Tho Italian papers quoted Glgll as saying the Metropolitan Opera, In which he" appeared in New York, was in a state of decadence, partly because financial conditions forced It to open Its doors to artists who were chosen "with judgment not too rigorous." Glgll also was quoted as describing three American singers, Lawrence Tlbbett, Grace Moore and Richard Crooks, as stars "who cost less and substitute notoriety created by publicity for intrinsic value," In Rome today Gigll's secretary said the quotations attributed to the tenor were "Inexact." Glgll, he said, never concerned himself with poll- District Court, Civil matters were under consideration Monday in the district court. The grand Jury will resume Its deliberations Tuesday morning after being in recess for some time. The criminal docket will be taken up next week. The following have been summoned as petit Jurors for the tenth week of the January term of the dlstrlo court for the week beginning Monday, March 6: C. A. Devenoy, Corslcana; W. T. Harwell, Corslcana; Joe Haslop, Corslcana; R. D. Klnney, Corslcana; C. L. Matthews, Jr., Corsicana; Tom Plnkston, Corsl- cana; J W. Ford, Corslcana; C. F. Foster, Corslcana 2; W. R. Daniels, Angus; F. C. Conant, Angus; R. M. Hopkins, Corsl- cana; Arthur Levl, Corslcana; J. U McClanahan, Corslcana; M. L. Cole, Wortham 8; G. A. Kelt,, Alma; H. I. Singleton, Eureka; John W. Arnett, Kerens; C. M. "Jhapman, Kerens; J G. Christian, Powell; C. C. Holloway, Powell; W. C. Marshall, Corsl- cana 1; J. M, Harvard, Navarro; J. F. McSween, Kerens 2; C. F. Westbrook, Kerens 1; Claude Denbow, Corslcana 1; Lee Hardin. Purdon 1; W." W. Davis, Dawson; H. H. Scott, Dawson; Char- He Watson, Barry 1; W. E. Lee, Corslcana 1; Clyde Heifner, Corsicana; E. E. Whitcner, Frost 1; L. A. Melton, Blooming Grove; J. R. Slay, Frost; Cecil Putman, Dawson 2; Willie Blake, Barry acknowledged the Spanish never concerned himself with poll- mr was virtually at an end, " os either in Italy or abroad. The but has declined it. President Albert Lebrun presided at tho cabinet meeting In Elysee Palace, A communique after the meeting adjourned said Deladler had reported on rfegotla- tlons at Burgos between Berard and General Count Francisco Gomez Jordana, nationalist foreign minister. ( Flower Mart The florist that will serve you with courtesy. Fresh cut flowers used In all designs, funeral work, baiketo, bouquets, pot plants and seed. Try us. r Office Across from T. T. & L. Co. „ Day Phone 418, fright Phone 787 or 86 After 6:80, tenor, who Is going to London March 3 to fill a concert engagement, wan resting at his villa outside Rome. Tlbbett, In Detroit, fired back "as one publicity hunter to another, • * * I like this country and I think Glgll doesn't." Miss Moore, In Nowtown, Conn., suggested Glgll was disgruntled because "he came back this year anc was greeted with only a lukewarm reception," "It sounds like sour grapes," said Frederick Jagel, American tenor "Ho found too many fresh American voices to compote with, I'm going to ask that the Gigll photograph bo removed from the Metro polltan gallery." Opera officials here recalled that Gigll was upset when he arrived In this country last fall and had to pay Income taxes due the govern ment since his previous visit. He also was faced with a rent bill of several thousand dollars and other claims. Lost SomothlngT Try n Dally Sun Want Ad, YOUR FEDERAL INCOME TAX No. 2S Deduction For Depreciation The Revenue Act provides for "a reasonable allowance for the exhaustion, wear and tear of property used ' In the trade or business, including a reasonable allowance for obsolescence." For convenience, such allowance usually Is referred to as depreciation. In claiming a deduction for depreciation several fundamental principles must be observed. The deduction must be confined to property actually usod In trade, business, and—or profession, and to Improvements on real property, other than property used by tho taxpayer as his personal residence. In general, it applies to the taxpayer's capital assets— buildings, machinery, etc.—t h e cost of which cannot be deducted as a business expense. A lawyer, doctor, or other professional man may not charge off as a current expense the cost of a library used wholly In his profession, this being a capital expenditure and the library a capital asset; but he may deduct an allowance for depreciation based upon the useful life of the library. If part of a professional man's residence Is used by him for office purposes, a proportionate amount of the depreciation sustained may be deducted, based generally on the ratio of the number of rooms used for sucr purposes to the total number ol rooms In the building. The same principle applies If a taxpayer rents to others a portion of his residence. Under such conditions, however, the taxpayer must .Include In his gross income the rentals received, YOUR FEDERAL INCOME TAX. No. 24. Depreciation Allowances. The amount to be recovered by depreciation Is the cost of property, if acquired by purchase after February 28, 1913. If acquired by purchase prior to March 1, 1013, the basis Is the cost of the property, less depreciation sustained prior to March 1, 1913, or tho fair market value on March 1, 1913, whichever is greater. Tho proper allowance for depreciation Is that amount which should be set aside for the taxable year in accordance with a reasonably consistent plan (not necessarily a uniform rate) whereby tho FOH SALE—four g-ood Jortey cows. 8« O. L. Albrlttpn,_Corsloana._Phone_iioi.. FOh SALE^Three" (rood bred work mare., sie O. L. Albrillon. Corsleana. Phono. LEGISLATURE (Continued From Page One> , ton, who offered the resolution said that "some members, because of tho enormous amount of corre- pondonce, need more money. Letera to lawmakers this year on various' governmental problems havo greatly exceeded those In any previous session. . , Object Use State Auto* Proposed uso of state automobiles o transport members to Old Wasn- ngton for the Texas Independence Day celebration Thursday drew he objection of several members, tfo definite action wa« taken on, ;he question. ... . "If state departments permitted persons to use these cars for prlv- uto purposes we would Jump on them," said Rep. Lonnle Alsup of Carthage. "I think the legislature would be setting a bad example by going to Old Washington In state "rs. The senate voted, to refer from its committee on state affairs to the educational group a house approved bill making John Tarleton college and North Texas Agriculture college standard four-year senior schools. Senator Manloy Head of Stephen- vllle, author of an Identical senate bill, asked for the referrence on grounds tho house bill was probably an educational matter. There was a hint of possible strong opposition when floor debate li reached, Senator Joe Hill of Henderson asserting the bill was the "worst one before this body." Numerous Important Legislative Matters AUSTIN, Feb.- 27.—(ff>—Liquor sales by the drink on local option, raising the motor truck load limit, taxes, rural school aid, oil prora- :lon continuance and soil conservation were among topics demanding attention of the legislature today. The lawmakers went back to work after a week end's rest without having heard anything of deep significance politically from Gov. W. Lee O'Danlel during the chief executive's radio program yester- LtTMBHR FOR «AI,1S Qood shlplap and Rldlnr and a fow other Items at mill prices. Call 0. Al. Boynton or W, F. Seal*. SECOND BAND LTTHBEn 1*10—8' to IB 1 Lent DAKOAIN price* to Mora Quickly. Located: Texas Co. Tank Farm almost adlolnlntr Nararro. PAUL J. HIOQINBOTHAM Arcadia Hotel, Conlcana Real Estate FOR BALE A tow H. O. I/. C. propertlM which can b> bought with only 10 per cent as a cash down payment and balance. In 16 years at 6 per cent Interest. Also havo a number ot good farnai at foreclosed prices. 60 acres of sandy land, ordinary tm- provomcnte, near Eureka, (or only 91& par acre on time. It you are Interested In bullbMnf ' ft now homo, seo us for an F, H. A. loan. II you have property you wl«h to WO or rant, come list It with us, • MAJOUS AND LEWIS BBAL ESTATE. RENTALS and LOAKB 130 West Oollln St. Phone 1783 Farm Property 50 FOR BALE—117 acre farm adlolnlnr city of Kerens, rood land, (rood houtft and barns all land In cultivation. Will ooll cheap. Write D.O.O.. care Box 633, Corslcana. Used Cars Automobiles for Sale 57 CARS FOB • SALE—0<xxl clean Model A Ford. T model coach, rood rubber and ruiw rood. '38 Ford Pu. only 13,000 miloi—a real barraln. Cher. .120. '3D Font roadttcr. Ooiild uso milk cow. Sco McMillan at Day and NHht Oafa«o, North Commerce street. News of County Home Demonstration Clubs 2. Mrs. Mildred Pevehouse vs. J. C. Pevehouse, divorce granted, Douglas Carruthera vs. Ora Lee Carruthers, divorce granted. Marriage License*. James Lee Brown and Qereldlne McEntlre. Spencer DuBoso and Lucy Douglas. Vernon Bower and Florence Courtney. * Warranty Deeds. Southland Life Insurance Company to W. A. Parr, et al, 80.36 acres of the W. M. Love survey, $1,500. The First .National Bank of Corsioana, Texas, to J. H. Hook, lots 21 and 22, block 421, Corslcana, $10 find other considerations, L. V. Stockard, et ux, to T. H. Stockard, 93 acres of the Navarro county school land league survey, $10 and other considerations. W. J. King to Agnes King, et al, interest in 311.42 acres of the Wm. J. Calrnes survey, $10 and other considerations Constable's Office. Ton were arrested Saturday night on gaming charges by Constable Clarence Powell and Deputy Constable Oscle Renfrow. Justice Court. Fred Thanlel and Fred Rhodes, negroes, charged with burglary, were bound over to the grand jury during the week-end at the conclusion of examining trials before Judge A. K. Foster. Bond of $780 in each case was set by Judge Foster. One was fined for vagrancy and two for speeding by Judge Foster. Commissioner's Court. The regular meeting of the commissioner's court will b« held .Wedneoday morning, aggregate amount so set aside, plus the salvage value, will at tho end of tho useful life of tho property equal the cost or other basis of tho property, Tho depreciation rate of a build ing is not based upon tho number of years It will stand before being condemned and razed, but on the number of years it will remain habitable or serviceable for the purpose for which constructed. If tho taxpayer builds a new building, the period over which depreciation may be claimed begins at tho time tho building Is completed and capable of being used. Buildings under construction are not subject to a depreciation allowance. If It Is colarly shown that, be- causo of economic or other conditions, property must be abandned at a date prrlo to the end of its normal useful life, to that depreciation deductions alono are Insufficient to return the cost or other basis, a reasonable deduction for obsolescence may be allowed In addition to depreciation. No deduction for obsolescence is permitted because, In tho opinion of tho taxpayer, the property may become obsolete at some future date. YOUR FEDERAL INCOME TAX. No. 25. Automoble Deductions. With the number of automobile owners registering In tho millions, the question of deductons for the cost of operation and maintenance of a motor oar frequently arizes. Tho purchase price of an automobile, whether it Is to bo used for business or pleasure, cannot be deducted from gross income. If used for business, It Is a capital expenditure; If used for pleasure, it is a personal expenditure—both deductions being expressly prohibited by tho income tax law. Several deductions, however, aro allowable in connection with the cost of maintenance and operation of an automobile, usod either for business or pleasure. If used oxecluslvely for business, deductions may ho taken for the cost of gasoline, oil, repairs, garage rent, and other necessary operation and upkeep expenses. Depreciation day except, possibly, a prediction the old ago pension problem would be "settled definitely by this legislature." Th governor also repeated previous raps at "selfish Interests" and "tax-dodgers" who, he said, were attempting to block his proposed 1.6 per cent transaction tax to provide funds for pensions and other social security obligations. The program was devoted mainly to songs and poems commemorating Texas Independence Day next Thursday. Advocates of the liquor sales by the drink proposal were confident It would receive recommendation from a committee but doubtful of house approval. Sponsors of bill increasing the truck load limit believed a house group would reach a showdown during the week after tie votes failed to accomplish anything last week. The same bills are In the lands of a sub-committee In the senate. Hearings on various tax proposals, Including O'Danlel's, may he concluded preparatory to' commit- ,eo action. Final action by the house may come on a proposal to provide a substantial addition to rural school aid funds for tho current term, extending for two years Texas' market demand oil proratlon law and a plan for a state-wide soil conservation setup. Bazotto Club. Tho Bazette Home Demonstration Club met at tho honi8^ ! of Mrs. W. C. Wasson Wednesday, February 22. The meeting was ' called to order by the president. Miss Rettlgor, the demonstration agont, met with the .club and gave a report on "Kitchen , Contew.'f The grouping of equipment' U very Important In kitchen centers. Making things cheery and pleasant Is ono requirement and con* venienco is another. Organize kitchen utensils in one place, have a place for everything and everything in its place. The four, kitchen centers are: Preparation canter, cooking center, serving center and clearing away center. All these things Miss r.sttlger told the club and I am sure we all learned much from her talk, Mrs. Roy Upchuroh gave a report from the finance committee. The club Is going to put on a play soon to make some money and an orchestra IB being organized. Mrs. McCluney and Miss Opha Sessions joined the olub that day. Refreshments were served to sixteen members and the agent, Miss Rottlger. The new meeting will be at the new club house In Bazette on March 8 with Mrs, Roger Deskln as hostess. • REPORTER. Jloane Club. t The Roane Homo Demonstration was supposed to meet with Mrs. B. L. Talley February. 24, but It was rained out. The next meeting will be .with Mrs. E. L. Talloy March 8, with poultry demonstration, Mrs. Frank v Metcham and Mrs. Pearl Estes, BLIZZARD (Continued From Pace One) noka, Ok In., and Clovis and Boise City, Okla. "You can't misrepresent tho severity of the weather In all of this big territory," said a Santa Fe weather reporter. Highway 87 north of Amarlllo Is closed and there was no highway or rail travel out of Clayton, N. M,, or Lama, Colo., with these sections reporting snow up to 12 Inches. The snow measured 4 to 8 Inches at Dalhart and a heavy wind was piling it up. Its estimated useful life, also Is deductible. Other follows; deductible items aro as Sums paid during the loader. REPORTER. Arizona Supreme Court Judge Found V, Hanging at Hornet CARSON CITY, Nov. Feb. 27, —(/P)—Judge Benjamin Wilson Coloman, 70, a Nevada supreme court justice since 1916, was found dead in a woodshed at the rear of his home here today by Sheriff W H. Austin and' by Chtof Justice H. J. L. Taber, also of the Nevada supreme court. < Sheriff Austin said Judge Coloman's body was found hang- •', ing by a strap from a rafter In tho shed. Friends reported the justice had complained recently of ill health. , Complete Qoi Service For Rural Homos. Low Cost, Safe and Odorless. Let us thaw you and give you estimate. CHARLIE STEELY Plumbing Gas System* 817 North Beaton based on the cost ot tb« car and pose* taxable year for registration foes, drivers' licenses, personal property tax, and municipal taxes; Interest on money borrowed for the purchase of a motor car, either for business or for pleasure; also suu- talnod by reason of damage while car Is being used for business; provided such loss Is not covered by insurance or otherwise; damages paid for Injury to another; provded that the car was being used for business at the time, and the damage was not covered by Insurance or otherwise; and the amount paid for Insurance on motor vehicle* used for business pur- Bankrupt Sale. Nationally Known PAINTS & WALL PAPER 20,000 rolls now wall paper > from 60 to 12o a roll, . . HOUSE PAINT . $1.00 and $1.50 gallonf .'; S»y,e. Half Your Money, - ' N. Beaton

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