The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 11, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 11, 1962
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10< IMPORTANCE OF ADULT LEADERSHIP ROLE STRESSED BY SCOUT OFFICIAL-PAGE 5 Per Single Copy f i To Subicribo Call BE 3-3511 Freeport T B SERVING BRAZOSPORT, ANOLETON, WJ5ST COLUMBIA, BRAZORIA, SWEENY, OLD OCEAN, DANBURY and DAMON Facts CldMlflcd: U 3-2*11—All Other Offices: II 3.3511 Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3SII Freeport VOL. 80 NO. 164 Assoelatnd Press Member i SEPTEMB6R ba Attacked Freeport, Texas Weekdays 10 Cents—Sunday 15 Cents BUT ADMIT CASTRO GETTING RED ARMS B « I, I, K T 1 \ WASHINGTON (AP)-»<?rrH»r.v nf Slnlp Hean Rink ra lhl» country In not friirhtPtml hy Soviet Premier Nlkltn Khn.«b- ehf-v'« warning ngnlmi nny American attack nn fliihn. "We Hrp n great roiintry," Riink (old reporters. "Wt are not nr-rviHi* nr flfrald. We'll proceed m ne find It neiTixmry." YOUTH WANTED: ALIVE! MOSCOW (API—The Soviet government warned the United Stafen today that an attack on Cuba would be the beginning of a war that might turn into a world nuclear war. In B statement rend to « upe. eial foreign Office news ronfer- jcncc, (he Soviet government ac- idised the United States of slag- ing provocation* "which might j plunge the world into the disaster I of a universal world war with the e of thermonuclear weapons." "One cannot now attack Cuba and expect that the aggressor will |be free from punishment for this intiiirk," ihe «!atement continue!!. "It such an attack is made, this will he the beginning of unleashing war." The statement appealed to Ihe United Slates "to display common sense, not to lose its self-control nnd soberly to assess what fix actions might lead to if it unleashes war." TROUBLE LOCATED Underpass Ponds To Be Corrected THE ASSOCIATED PRESS KKY \VKST, Hn.—Havana radio said today Iwo cargo vessels have been attacked by what it tailed a pirate ship off the northern coast of Cuba. One of Ihe ships fired on was a Cuban fi"ighler car. rying a load of molasses, the radio said. The other was idonltfied as a British vessel with a name which sounded like "New Land." including a public hearing, Ihe Commission could find no reason for revising the charter. "It's a good charter the way it is," H. E. Ammons concluded in presenting the report !o the Cou- cil Monday. Ammons was chairman of the Commission. Other •members were (',. C. Hardman Jr., vice chairman: Mrs. A. A. Miller, secretary; K. L. Haynes and Mrs. Duncan MacLarcn, members. The Council approved the report and dismissed the Commission. STREETS AMI ALLEYS Councilmen approved an ordi - nance closing the alley in Block ,176 to make way for an apartment project that will fill the block eventually. The closing was contingent on arrangements hy the developer to move utilities. A portion of North 18th Street was closed according to Planning Commission rccommenda lions. The two-block stretch between Avenue T and Avenue V was closed, contingent on ease • ments for utilities. DRAINAGE Bundick Const ruction Company was awarded the contract (or :conslnicling screens to protect the Pine Street drainage pump station, on the basis of a low bid ! of 55.S26. (.'ATE CANAVERAL, Kla.—A-lmiuiit Walter M. Schlrra Jr.'* Intended «l\ orbit Illcht arour,-! Ihe gl.ilx- ha, been delayed three da.vs until M to permit further time for preparation Krwin Frnnko Jr., president of Ihe Jjikp Jnck- inn Optimist t'lnh, views <mn nf Iho red mtd hlark "Wanled Alive" poolers through uhlrli the ehih hope* to make mnlnrlstn aunrr of their rpipflntlblllty In podentrinn- nnd hike-ridinK .vnungsten. Wnynn Frnrllrh Is rhairninn of tho ptisler rainpntgn uhlch resulted in th<: Niifet.v phienr.ft lH-ing pinlcd at Minlncn |«>luN around the rll.v. The safety program 1« fivlnr»rd hy Ihe Iflke .In. km., City Council. Printing costs were ninlrihiilrd hy Ihe l,nkn Jackson SIMe Bank nnd l.nki- Drug Co., Inc. US To Resume Pacific Tests WASHINGTON (AP) — The j failure that there might l>e three United States has cleared the way!more tests over the Pacific for the resumption of atmospheric-] r ,, c g^i Unjon hmko „' lhm ,. Carla Topic For Article By Local Man jycar moratorium on atmospheric nuclear test explosions over the Pacific- i nuclear tests in September . ,^ A spokesman for the Atomic|The United States resumed atmos- 'VKnergy Commission said Monday'pheric tests last April 2T). lite So- night the testa probably will re-iviet Union began a second round sume later this month or earlyjof testing on Aug. 5. although the in October. He indicated, how-JAEC has indicated there may ever, that there probably would have been Soviet atmosphcnV be no detonation until after Sept. i tests before that dale. Tho AKC 2R, Ihe date set lor the six-orbit i has announced 10 Russian shots flight of astronaut Walter M.'in Uie latest series. Schirra Jr. • 11){ , v s sh()(s „,„„,„„.„, h |h( , A joint announcement by the AKC included 1'fi in the Christmas AEC and the Defense Department;island area of Ihe Pacific mostly said the off-limits safety 7one; ( i ev i ( . PS dropped from planes ' •around and above Johnston Island On July U the United Slates sue- in the Pacific would IK- reactivat-V<. ss f|||ly triggered n nuclear deed Sept. 22 "in connection with,vice 210 miles above Ihe ocemi the completion of the Pacific test Three other high-altitude test * pnps -" shots from Johnston Island, in- Test shots from the island were ( eluding the July IS effort, tailed, discontinued July 3 after a 'Dior, Platon D. Monvov. Soviet dele- missile bearing a nuclear war- gate lo the U.N. committee on head for high-altitude detonation peaceful uses of outer space, s;iid was destroyed on Ihe launch pad at the committee's opening ses- July 2S. The AKC spokesman snid sion thai the United Slates re^he badly damageii launch area sumed tests despite warnings wuuld be repaired by late Ibis fnim lhe So\-ie! I'tuon and top month. U.S. scientists not to do so. The statement did mil sav h»w "Cnrln Cometh" l« the title ot an article written hy Dr. A. !„ Sjierry and puhllshed In Ibe national puhliealion, Motor Boat- 1 It said the Soviets would not ; follow Ihe path of the United Stales in calling up I."*,000 reservists. Hut the Soviet government, it continued, "considers it to be its' : duty to remain watchful in this situation arid order Ihe Defense Ministry as well as the command of the Soviet army to take all ., measure.) ,to put .ou' JlfthtinK forces into the highest degree of '• fighting readiness. : 'This is exclusively a precautionary measure. On our side we 'shall do everything not to violate peace." The statement added an appeal lo all nations to raise their voices against the alleged aggressive CORNING, Iowa—Them were now reports of violence against truckers t-xlay PS National Farmers Orgrini/alion President Oren Lee Staley called upon nie.nbers to tighten their livestock, holdinz action. " XKtt YORK — Trniihli-^himti-r Jsnie^ R. |),,no\nn «>>« he bp- l|pi<-< Ihe CaMro gmernineni ,,t Culm may be per«nadH to free the Ray of Pig* InMiMon |irlvinrrs for hiunanitarlan rea«on^. Chinese Reds Issue Warning many tests will he conducted lint'.'"0 'alest Soviet lest naid Ihey "will include a few high- included al least altitude evenls and a few in which nounced high-altitude the devices will be dropped from an airplane." President Kennedy said (it his news conference after the July 25 series which ( '" llrr session. MIC U.S.-an- shol Aug. 7. TOKYO IAP) —P.ed China flights are intrusions. Other types i-laimed two U.S. planes flew over of Nationalist planes drop leaflets plans if the United Stales and to ils lerritory today and issued and feud on the mainland, prevent Ihe "American aggres- " nal " called its '.'nth warning The United States conceded sors" from starting a war. against such "provocations." Sept. 4 that a L'.S. L ! 2 may have Tlie Soviets hinted Ihey are will- " 1 ' he Communist New China News strayed over the southern'tip of Dr. Sperry's article tells of Hi* j,, K to «-ait until after the U.S. Agency report did not jdenUy the Soviet-held Sakhalin and that it effect nl the hurricane <m boats congressional elections in Novem- '>P° "' American planes or say was considering precautions lo In Ihe area nnd vfm-Hirall.r re- ber. The sialenient noted that whether any attempt was made to prevent a recurrence. Nothing counts how he ami others East-West talks on the Berlin cri- shoot lhc '» down—as in the rase ever was Mid lo indicate thai the precantlnns which led lo the boat sis had paused recently. °' a Chinese Nationalist U.' plane United Slates was halting reeon- "Thcy say that it is difficult for Claimed to have been down Sun- naissance flights outside Soviet the United Stales of America lo da - v ovcr Ille China mainland. territory. conduct negotiations on a German The agency said ore U.S. plane Peiping radio said an air force M writings- Include a new.griper Irnaty since elections lo the Amer- intruded into P.ed China over unit was decorated for shooting serien upmisored liy the Te«m i'' an Congress are coming up in Chengssu Islands in Chekiang Pro- down the U: 1 . It still gave no rte- oplomrtrlc assm-intlon of vihlrh November," the statement raid, vince for Ihree minuli s. Tlie oilier tails on how the plane, which flies The Soviet government said ils plane was accused of fl;,ing over at W.OOfl to 90,000 feet during reships were earning not only mil- Yunglisini; Island of Kwangumi; cotinaissame. was downed. There -T~? unions but machinery and agricul- Province for nine minutes. was speculation the weapon may lural equipment to Cuba to help The Communist propaganda ma- have been a Soviet-made ground- build up Ihe country. What these chine hammered a! the United to-.iir missile. ships contain, the government de- Slates about the (light of the dared, is the affair of the Soviet American-built U- plane piloted Union and Cuba. by a Chinese N MI., list reiwted- " Don't put your nose into other l> shot down. people's affairs," it said. But noithf ..uionalMs nor "At Ihe request of Ihe Cuban the l.'.S. government gave any m- government, and. in resjKWise to dicalion they would ball National- cnitiiMied ihreals, lhe Soviet Union is! reconnaissance flights over the at is delivering to Culm a cett.iin mainland. Communist Chino>e newspapers by t.nir pliotngraphs made by the "f J. B. McKcrran eornlni; IhroiiKh the storm unharmed, llr. Spcrr\-» pretious publish- ho Is n member. Typing Course Starts In this ca°e, the engineer told lhe Council Monday, the city needs a round peg in a square hole. It won't work r,(horvvise Freeport's troublesome Second i Street underpass, which confronts ! motorists with a lake in each (heavy rain, is due for an over- Inaut. I Gil Dickson, consulting cngi- jneer, has pinpointed Ihe (rouble: iThe pump equipment is fine; hut • the installation is a texlbook- qualily object lesson in what not to do. Th« underpass under the Mo- Pac railroad has been a continual irritant lo the Council and city staff. A sizeable rain will gain on the pumps, and cars will flood going through. A detour must he set up. The pump at Ibis station, says Dickson, is a Peerless pump with a capacity of 5,000 gallons per minute. It is a first-line piece of equipment. U working properly, it would do the job it was designed for. which is to keep up with a rainfall of one inch per hour falling on the 24 acres drained at that point. Th» pump itself is working fine, - he said. : Yet the pump is now pulling A contractor proposal was re-'i-rafts are going to work, others ,-out. only 1.000 gallons per minute— jccted 33-1' by .Millwright, Local ure staying r>'.:!. 120 per cent of its rated capacity". Union '2232 .Monday. i Dickson found two problems. iThe water must make three 90- ,„ nel , otial j ons between the Car- Kacls today (hat the principal ; degree turns in the drainage ducts ^^^ Distrk . t Council. rcpre- item the .Millwright is insisting ttp- . leading to the pump. That im - s( , min g the afmiated Millwrights, on, but not yet agreed to. is the :pedes the flow. Also, Me sump aml , nc Uvo c . on t ra( . lor organiza--return of a'l2' 2 -cent wage roll- shou d be built square, to prevent tionSi AGC and cEA. back. swirlmg beneath the pump vanes ^ pro ,. c(ll , re Bt this point wi , r In 1917. he said, the Millwright be handled by a federal mediator, along with other crafts, had ac- The next meeting will l;e called ceptcd a rollback of 12' 2 cents by Commissioner James O. Hub- that had already been negotiated, bard o' the Federal Mediation The rollback was taken in order and Conciliation service. to "stabilize the construction in- Both sides have announced their dustr y i" ll « a1 ™-" Other cralts readiness to negotiate. This morn- liad K cttcn a readjustment of the no meeting had yet been rollback, he said, but the Mill- ( wright did not. "It is long overdue." Rushing MEDIATOR CALLED Millwrights Veto Offer „- L , Kj|)1 . R ,,, hin? , a(:lion 1Tlurns t j le aispule manager for Millwrights, told The whi:.-h reduce its capacit>. Tlie sump was built round at the time of installation in 190. The engineer's recommendation was that the city build a new sump, at an estimated cost of S9.- 300. This should keep the underpass dry during normal rains. It the city wants a pump station that will keep up with the ing. . ... The situation rcnvutis the same said. He said Ihe AGC was responsible for the rollback — thg CE:A was not in existence at that lime. A major concession hy the Millwright would more than offset the cost of the return of the The pickets lave the backing of ro |ii )at .| <i |, e said. This is a pro- tlte Houston Building ami Ccm-,.,! hy lhe Millwright to lower A nieht course in Ivping is being offered at the West Columbia- Bt.i/oria High School in West Columbia. The course, under lhe direction of Mrs. J. B. Toncy, will start tonight. Tills two hour cLiss, to His statement look no nniice of " ''•'"•• ls «" r rcd at $15 lor the amount of armaments," the stale- irent said. DR. K. W. KST1I.I., to mark a birthday \Vednc.sdny. . . The 1.I.OYI) C. M(X)ltKS, for ^merly el Ijike Jackson, now living In Cleveland, Tenn., where he's attending I-ee Colli-Ke to study for Ihe Church of Cod miniMry. . . SIIKI.IA SKACCS, pledging Alpha Delia Phi at Ijunar T.vh where she's a freshman Mudenl. . MR. ami MRS. DAVID FRANK, Sundquist Rites 10:30 Thursday F u n e r a I ar.1 Kasteio Star graveside riles for Mrs. Mamie I.. Sund.|insl. 7»i, ./ l.'tko Jackson will ho held ul the Forest I'aik \v>;| Crematory Chapel in llous Ion at \H:'M a.m. Thursday with Ihe Hev. (' Davis, p,-,.-,!..,- of l-ikc ,J;tc}»,vmi Kir>i .Mcth.*n>>i Church, olficiaiini;. Fireport Funi-nil Home is in ciiartc of arrangements. Mrs., Simd.|iiisl dinl altoul l:.'iU a-m. 'niesday at her home, Persimmon, allcr a IciiKlhv She Morgan Resigns Hospital Post railed tho flmht «n intrusion and aggression, 'lit** douiiinq of Ihr craft over t^a^t China Sunday, said, "should st'r\t' as a sood ies- S'>n to tho Anif'iirau a^uvo.-tsors." In Washington, iho Slato WC Council Refunds Fines, Purchases Car kind of rain that falls on the average once each two years, it will in lhe Millwright strike. Pickets take additional features that will continue to march as they have cost about $18.000. <or the past six weeks ir. the Bra- Councilmen authorized the firm zospon.Texas City areas, and for of Dunbar and Dickson to pro- the past week in tlie Houston ceed with the design of a new area, sump. Other Council actions: TRAFFIC struction Trades Council but not mp '" mm i m ,, m f or "shift work from Three new minute orders pass- t (, P Galveston Council. Some ]f) rinv <. (n [ivf , , )av5 ed by the Freeport Traffic Com- mission and submitted by Council Bob Meek were approved by the Council. Minute Oi-der No. 6 prohibits parking in front of schools be- Iween S a.m. and 4 p.m. on school days except for loading and unloading. Tlie order is intended primarily to reduce the hazard at i.lnuniMralor of Community llos- day will IH- effective Kn.iay, mini; recent approval In oHiiplelion of his duties Kri- Morgan will cnmll in the fall lol- class at New Orleans 'llieoioKica! the Seminary for a \ear of study in Souihi-rn H.piisi Korei^n Mission Bible, missions hislory «nd orien- vv t/e m \. ill. H' ird of Morgan and bi.- Caiolvn, us iius.Muiiarie.s. Il.ii.uc 1,. Ovvmn.s the liospilal l.'.ini, said the Ixiard is iMcsently m the process nf re- '\\nif applications for Moin-m's .es- A pnlicp car was purchased, a -s." cnniract signed, and two decisions .siiingten. Ihe Slate De- concerning traffic fines were ipiirlmenl ami the (liuicse Naiion- nnde during a brief regular meet- jalist I-'mbiissy declined i\>mmcnt. ing of the U'est Columbia Otv i U2 Iligbls over the Soviet Union Council Mondav night, ivveie halted after pilot Krancis I'OI.IC'K CAR |i!ary Povveni was shot down in 'Hie lower of U'o bids siibmitled ' IftiO, but theie was no indication on a 1%'I car for Ihe Police De- tlu* high-altitude rot-onnaissance pariment was accepted hv a Ilights over Red China would he unanimous vote of the Council, slopped. Tlie successful bidder was Car- It was learnt-d in \\asliin^tou roll Motors I formerly I.e^ Motors I lhal the State IVpartmetil knew whose hid of J1.679 was on a new to vvtiat use Nationalist China model Kord, would mil Ihe Ul's it Uxi^ht in Also bidding was Columbia Mo- ll.e United Stale.s. and that Intel- lois. Kreeport Junior High, Kleming Elementary, and St. Mary's. Minute Order No. 7 changes the speed limit from 30 m.p.h. to JFK Arrives For Houston Visit Today The Millwright has also marie a significant concession In travel time, he s,-. : d. talion. '"'- 11 - Mis. Morgan and their four chairman ol .hildrcu will remain in I, a k e licence information gathered by KINKS Jackson (or awhile but hope to .Nationalist pilots was supplied Hie The Council also voted join Moigan in New Orleans In ii ml(H | states. uiously to refund two (ines, one niaiiksxivini;. Nationalist Cbina slill i-onsideis for $.1 issued to K. 1.. Diinhar and On i-omplelion of the \.iir al UK- mainland ils terruorv and one for $h) lo Jj m Uahh. The lal- picket lines in the Hmsstnn area was approved by Ilie union Mon- iday. Tlie line will bo removed Ifrom 4 p.m. Tuesday until 7 a.m. ! Thursday "so as not to pmharraw ithe President" during his visit to ^the Space Center near Houston. ' Pickets would continue as usual at the Dow construction sates and „. . „ . HOUSTON' (API — Presidenl at the Texas City Monsanto JO m.p.h. on BI-II/.O.I Blvd. (On Uie iKennpdv „,„ r(wjve a ha | f . nour ,.,„,, Rllshin! ; sa id. because of river side of the leveel between se( . ret b ,. i( , (in , Wednesday on thc'ihe workers crossing the lines. Cherry and Maple Streets. 'nation's manned space program, "it would he wrong, in view of Minute Order No. 8 changes the Dr . Roh ert Gilruth, dim-tor, and'tho.,? who are observing Ibe lines. c-onlrol at Cedar and fifth Streets 0(hcr o(ficia ! s o[ thc Mannwt (0 mnmc , hp pickets in these so that cars on Cedar yield t o Spacecraft Center will make the areas " he said. He expressed his r,v S u "I'H-KF^I.. !rcp0rt - appreciation to those who are C.1MI. Dhht-.Nhh i ne p residem t|, on w ill inspect supporling the strike. "\\> ask H. h. Ammons was appointed a sp , vial display of spat . e craft!thcm to have patience with us," Civil Defense director for the city. : m(xiels and equipment. A center i le said. His official title is assistant mu-| spokesman said some jlems w . nl ! Mi | Kvl .j oll | S vcl i c ,l a voluntary mcipal avil Defense cooi-dinator, ; be „, display for the first time, to,, on strikes in Iwo categories. since the city manager is eoordi-, The p res ide n t then will go to! Roth were by unanimous votes, nalur - ,the airport for a L':05 p.m. fliglili Rushing said. Ammoiis job is Ihe orgymxa- , Io st LouiSi final slop on hls Uv(v i T|]e unjon uill mit r i,-k e ( con- lion of the plan for handling civil day inspet . t io n ^ military ami destruction on cliurclirs, schools and emergencies m the city. He re-j viljan space j asta llations. hospital nroiects. Also, thoy will places Harry Byers, who recently - nie president's plane is ex not picket ihe space lab, "and resigned. peeled, after takeoff, to circle tlie w ill not do anything I" jeopardize h< JK- soininary, '*"'a ol stMA'ii is sill V SMI.,, work and has been d for several months in s various lequirciiu-nls of reign Mission Hn.ud nives- Ihe j.ppoinlmcnt. wjis buln in Hal i l>li.n ^:. j^ on Miir. li. Issu. She and weekend visilors <J their parrnls. ber husband. Tl I,,.,- lived 1 Ihe J. V. COMITONS nt,<| ihe „),,„,( ,| ( , v ,,,- lls ,„ „„. |j,.p u |,|, ( . „, R. A. FRANKS. 'Hiey have just |>, miim(1 bcfmc ,-"111111;; lo I ..Kc movwl frnni Tullaboma, Trim., Jackson about |,i ve.irs ago lo hve ,to Auslin where DAVID is work- with a dauuhler, Miss Connie »lnK lor Texas Research Associal- Suiiili|iii.M, nurse at Cominumtv es Corp. and will do Kradiiale Hospiud work al ln '- • • Mr. and Mrs. Sui,d,|uisl cclc- WII.UAM K. WALTKRS of 1.1. |,, a icd their Mill wi-ddiiiB anni among Ihe Is'orlh Texas Slutivvcrsary ulxiul three University Kludenls complclint; October. work Ibis summer for their bachelor'* degrees, 'llio son of MR.S, EDNA WALTERS, he majored in vivi-d by aiiolbe, Mixlbngcr of Panama, three 7 p.m. ami all intereM«l persons Ihe bospual htvaine a public lad the biushc ap • - aside acciisalions that Us i Lanier PTA .vears ago in Texas Southern Uluvi souiiel will discuss the when- Morgan will l>e in Baptist hospital adminisli'HIion \voi k. Morgan obtained his deuree In business administration from the I'niversiiy of Houston ill 19.V1. aim receivi-d a decree in hospital «d- miiii.slnuion fn>m NorlhwesteiD ! University ill 19n.'l. Ku Icr was for a parking licket which was discussed by Ihe Council at the last meeting prior to Ihe dismissal of then Cily Judge S. S. Kra/ier. This week the Council agreed thai since they had appointed City Kill, Linda Lou NordMiom. Manager Jimmy Dodson lo as- Charier Review Commission old' Rites Pending local Chile who died alHHK H H.m ho.-'puai. Linda Ixiu, daui Mrs. UouUm A. Nordsirom of . : >iXI sume Ihe duties of Ihe cily judge, routine traffic violation fines >f Mr. am! could be paid to other personnel at ,he city Hall. , , CITY CHARTER 'l,70u-acre Clear Lake site whm ihe space program; or knowingly A report from Hie five-member (he National Aeronautics and do an.Mlun« Uiat will slow or re's Adminisiraiion is building. w ,d anvihins delrimcntal to the ^ SIS million space c-nter, re- ; safety oi ihe nation." sponsible for training astronauts ; • - • - • fut^^Sf. anri dwelopi " s ! Weathercast An on-the-spot inspection of the Partly rloudy, warm, widely site S miles east of downtown si-altered da.vlime Houston was eliminated from the ers. model ate PORT ARTHUR lAPl— A Span- Houston phase of the tour. isb freighter caught fire in down- Ship Fire At Port Arthur Tilly per- He has been mlminislralor of James Slreel. liad k-en ill for ARfHITKlT n-Mills of the UH-.I! hospitul for alunit seven aboul six mouths and bad been A contract aguvmenl vv i I b In addition to her husband and Ibe spring leslinj; pionram al >i'ars, heKininng when Ihe b.w- hospilali.'cd M-veral limes. She liad archilccl Baldwin Young was laughter, Mrs. Simd.|insl is sur- loniglit's nuvting of Ibe Ijimcr pilal was onvraled In Ihe IXnv been a boMpilal patient for almul sigiied for Ibe desijjn of a new .,..-, . laiiRhler, Mrs. ITA. The Hireling will bcsin at Chemical Co. awl mumming when a month holoic her death. my hall to be huill on a sue ap •(.(ouniing lor « Dusmesg adinini- .1. M.xilmger of Panama, (luce 7 p.m. ami all inlcreMed Persons Ihe hosmial htvami- a nublie la.-i-. The lml> V.HS laker, lo Ki.vp,nl pi.ivc (U-itlon degre*. 'binlb.'r* and (wo listens. will b« wclcoma, ility. 1112. 'funeral Home. lor purcbasv- at the pre- yi.lar meeting. thundeishow • . sst and soulheast- erly winds. Low tonijht 78, high Kennedy arrives at B p.m. from \Vcdnc.sdav 90. town Port Arthur today and half Hunlsville, Ala., and Cape Canav-l : a dozen lugs pulled tlie vessel eral, Kla. i up the Sabine-Neches ship chan- His oliicial jwny includes Vice' nel to beach il in an undeveloped President 1, \ndon Johnson. and.Toriay— area. NASA [lirccior James \Vebh. llyii ll:4ti p.m. Tlie apiH-aicd n-iueieil in It will K- lhe tirst lime for^ Low G::i! p.m. Ihe No. .'t hold which was loaded Houston to entertain a Presidenl (Wednesday— with crcosoied rrossiics nnd him and vice luesi.ient al Ihf 5.1111.': Hull '2 :•>'.'. am and 1:W p.m her. 'tune. Lo.v 8:iG a.m. aiv) 1.J6 p.m.

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