Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on October 30, 1961 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1961
Page 2
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V THE MMM tJAIfcY M9NOAV, OCTOfifcR SO, ISRt IflSAJR war ~*^rbb But Charity Should titt Begin At Home!! ; By ABIGAIL VAN BUREff D ; \r. ABBY: What do you do v.'kh a husband who can't say no to anybody but his wife? My husband is in the electronics field, and all our neighbors and relatives think that he is a TV a'ld radio repair man. They bring tliair broken TV sets and radios to our-house for him to fix. He do;6n't have the necessary parts .on-hand so he drives miles to get thsni. Ha doesn't charge anything e:;c:pt for 'what he laid out for parts- In ths meantime, my own per, bathed them and put them to bed- The lady told me she would be home about midnight- Well, at 5:30 the next morning she drove up 1 in her driveway. She came in Iboking a mess, and reeking of beer and whiskey. When 1 got home my folks were worried sick over me. 1 am 15, and don't think 1 should'be expected to stay alone practically all night. When she calls me to sit for her again, what excuse can I give her? THE SITTER WHO SAT sewing machine has needed re- DEAR SITTER: Tell the "La- pairs* s'nca last spring. And the j dy" your parents will not permit sums goes for our son's bicycle. • • '• - • • This free service takes all my husband's spare time, and it is gating on my nerves. How can I got it through his thick skull that he is a sucker? SUCKER'S WIFE DEAR WIFE: Your husband apparently ENJOYS running a free repair service and, as long as he enjoys it, you'll never convince HIM that he's a sucker. Doing for others is grand, but charity should begin at home. you to sit for women who do not return home when they promise to. DEAR ABBY: A question has come up in our lodge. Is it proper to celebrate a wedding anniversary after your husband is de- censed? Some friends of m i n e have no husbands ,but they go right on celebrating their anniversaries and receiving : gifts. I always thought this was not right- NEEDS TO KNOW DEAR NEEDS: You have al- DEAR ABBY: The other night' wnys thought right. I bn'iy-sal for a divorced lady of nbcut 23. She'hns two children, 5 and 2. I cooked the children's sup- j CONFIDENCE": I don't blame you- Tell your "talented" h u s- CONFIDENTIAL TO "LOW ON Rushees Honored At Dinner Meet V Kappa Alpha Chapter of Epsi- Ion Sigma Alpha entertained with a dinner meeting for its rushees, Mrs. Howard Cruise, Mrs. Felix Fisher, Mrs. Clayton Meadows and Mrs. G. C. Rutherford on Thursday evening in the Southwestern Public Service Social rooms. During a business meeting conducted by Mrs. Forrest Racier, president, reports were given by Mrs. Charles Guidry, Miss Faye Coleman and Mrs. Rader on the District 10 meeting held in Perryton on Oct, 15. It was announced that Kappa Alpha will- be hostess to the District 10; convention in January, Games were played during the social hour followed by refreshments served- from a table appointed with an autumn floral arrangement. ' Members attending were Miss Fay Coleman; Mmes. Forrest Rader, Charles Beard, T. Rogers, Ira Bewley, James Frazier,' Roland Tr&adaway, Omer Bybee, Ray Shelton, Bob Miller, Charles Guidry. Mrs. John Bflchannn was welcomed as a transferee from Seminole, Okla. Missionary Union Has RS Program Woman's Missionary Union of Highland Baptist Church met recently in the church for a Royal Service program, "That Thy Way Be Known" conducted by Mrs. Henry Maples. Participating in the program were Mmes. Ira Gilleland, Morriss Belote, A. B. Reed and Joe Allison. Mrs. H. E. Winegeart conducted the business meeting. Opening prayer was given by Mrs. George F. Moore with closing prayer by Mrs. Joe Allison. Msmbers attending other than those previously mentioned were Mmes. Carroll Goad, Carl Laflin, John Dawes, Ray Jackson, Eu. nice Hunt, H. N. Quary, R, E. Stroud, and W. S, West. Luncheon was served during the social hour. band to take any kind of job that will pay him a living wage. He sounds like the kind of man who, when opportunity is knocking on his front door, is out in the back yard looking for four-leaf clovers. Everybody has a p r o b 1 e m. AVhat's yours? For a personal re"ply, write to Abby in care of this 'paper. Enclose a stamped, sel/- addressed enveloped You II Be Surpiri How Much You Even a young family which is having its possessions appraised by a mover for insurance purposes can be amazed by the total value of furniture, clothes and knickknacks. Replacement costs for your household and personal effects could easily run three or four times what you would imagine. It makes good sense, then, to take pencil in hand and set about estimating the worth of the family belongings. The advantages Vof such a list could be many. When moving tb another house or apartment, for instance, any lost goods can be readily checked for insurance action. Even if no move is contemplated, a list - can be invaluable should a fire, or theft ever take place. How to make an inventory? From the experience of Jean Kinkead, women's consultant f o r Travelers Insurance, comes this advice: Write on separate' pages of a large pad'of p?.per the names of the various rooms in the home, as well as cellar, attic and garage' if they apply. On a page entitled "miscellaneous" will be listed sports and hobby equipment, Jewery, furs and luggage. On the right - hand side of each page make heading for "when purchased" and "original cost.' Pad and pencil in hand, enter the ,first room,' noting'down the rug and other floor coverings. Then walk around it, listing on the first trip furniture, lamps and books. Thriii, .around again for brie - a - rac. Then list items in th closet, then 'go to the next room. If you 'can't remember what you paid for certain things — say, if they were, gifts'or antiques — do not enter the price. Complete the list. Then estimate the cost of Baby At Home Cant Be Grownup Outside INVENTORY your belongings for rnoving and insurance purposes. those items you had trouble with If necessary, call in help, such as a friend who knows antiques Your canceled checks or filec receipts should help in most cas es. Also, a handy aid in your estimating job will' be a mail order catalogue. You often can find a comparable article there. When your list is finished, keep it handy if you move. As you unpack, check off the various articles. You should review and revise your inventory list from time' to time — especially if, you redecor ate the home or make a number of substantial purchases. Lodgg Hostess Lodge" was fioit&ss at Senior Center on Thursday after- risertjr! Lovett Merftoriat Library with MfrteS. fc. 6. McAfee, Dean Monday, Maggie Deal, Mack Harmon, E. N. Franklin, Robert Hoi- lis, W- E- Noblitt, T, Stapleton, Lilly Pulton, Harold Thorrthill and Pat Cragol. Door prizes wer'e wort by Mrs, Erma Tubbs and H. M, Norris. Seventy-five guests attended. Altrusa Club, which sponsors the weekly meetings at the Center, was represented by Mmes. Louise Sewell, V- L Hobbs, L, L. Harkins and Jack P. Foster. Red Cross Gray Ladies providing transportation of guests to and from the Center were Mmes. K. I. Dunn, R. B. McAffee, Mack Harmon, E- N- Franklin, and A. D. Hills ( Mrs. Sewelt, Altrusa Club Senior Center chairman, announced that next Thursday will be the monthly irthday party honoring all members with birthdays in November. All Senior Citizens of the community are cordially invited to attend. TRY TAPESTRY JACKET Good companion for a sleeveless black wool sheath might be a little tapestry jacket with, shawl collar. Comes in black with gold ?lor beige tapestry print, SOCIAL CALENDA MONDAY, ' f: 36 — P a m p a Duplicate 8fid|e Club, Coronado Inn, TUESDAY 9:30 — Valerie.Sherard Circle, Hobart Street Baptist Church, in the home 'of Mrs. Bob .Marlar, 621 N- Magnolia. fl:3fl — Francis Knight Circle, Hobart Street Baptist in the home of Mrs. J. B. Fife, 1132 N- Nelson. 9:30 — Eunice Leach Circle, Hobart Street Baptist Church with Mrs. A. B. Clark, 1121 Neel Road- WEDNESDAY 9:00 — Presbyterian Women's Ass'n, Educational ; Building. 10:00 — Episcopal 'Women's Auxiliary, St. Matthews Parish Hall, 727 W. Browning. 10:00 — Women's .Missionary Society, Barrett Baptist Chapel. ; 10:15 — Women's Missionary Society, First Baptist Church, r|i ' i • '' ' •' Royal Servift* Program, "irt-d', Luncheon- »c t:00 -.St,. Vincent dePaul Parish Council, in' St. Vinceftt's- • THURSDAY 9:30 - City Council PfA Study Course on Civil Defense, Robert E. Lee Juinor High. 9:30 — Council of Clubs, City. Club Room. , 2:30 — Senior Citizens Center,. Lovett Memorial Library, Birthday Party • for November honor* *| ees. 5:45 —• Business Women's Circle, First Baptist Church. 7:00 — Las Cresas Club with Miss Martha Price, 1032 S- Hobart. 7:30 — American Legion Auxiliary in the home of Mrs. Bessie,* Foster, 1815 Hamilton- 7:30 — Pampa Rebekah Lodge,' IOOF Hall, 800 E. Foster. , Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—.Relieves Pain !»tw York, N. T. (Special) — For the first time science hns found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching, and relieve p»in— without surgery. In case after case, while gently, relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazing of »Hf results were so thorough that sufferers mad« astonishing statements like "Pilei have ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne®)—discovery ol a worldrfamous research institute. This substance is now'availabU in suppository or ointment form under the name Preparation H*, At all drug counter*. Dear Mrs. Lawrence: I am nearly 14 and dale boys but my mother treats me like a baby, so I can't talk to her about my problem. It is that the hvo older. boys I date, always try to get loo fresh with-me-, When.,'.I don't let them, they get sore .or start making fun of me. I don't know how to make them ' stop without making them sore and am very worried . , . ANSWER: I don't wonder. Look, You haven't had any in- .s'.ruction in geometry yet, have you? Suppose your teacher suddenly, t<Sld you that you had to pass a gemoetry test. You would think, . "This teacher is c r a z v. What is required of children today is really something. , May I remind parents that the easy firmness of the "No" it takes to be a woman is derived from long .experience with the "No." To be as woman, you've had to learn to honor resisting feelings in yourself .as well as agreeing feelings, so that you can reject invitations to unwanted sexual adventure Without anxiety, with an ease that enables you to say "No" with a minimum of of- 'cnse. y,,^ : . • ,'.-', You need experience with the "No" to all kinds of demands, including the male one. You don't Open 6:45 — Ends Tonight Also Cartoon £ News I'm not supposed ,tp know how to .get this experience if your par- do gemoetry yet! 'Nobody h a s : ents still treat you like the baby ever taught me how to do it." You wouldn't be worried at all about your geometry ignorance. You would just hand that test paper back and say, "This is too advanced for me." Well, world that treats girls "like babies" is crazy to expect them to deal with boys who get "too fresh." That's advanced work, too, So 1 want you to ask whose obligation in life is to do what others tell him to do. Such a baby, flung into adolescent sexual war, can have very rough time. • Until girl children have been allowed some practice in saying "No" at home, we really can't expect them to speak up in sexual contest, We can't have o u r cake and eat it too. Wq can't in- some grownup you trust — your.sist on a baby at home and then minister, your priest or the mother of some girl you know — for added reassurance that resisting boys' sexual aggressiveness is advanced work for girls of 13. denianed womanhood when boys start taking the "baby" put at night. Head the News Classified Ads MOM-- <tO I I Open 6:45 • Now - Tiies AT: 9:15 2 Action Features! Ill ANNE VOSTKR , DAVID .TANSS13N JACK CAHSON DIANA UOItS DAN O'HI'Htbllir MK'KV KHAIKIIIKSSY KKXNAN \VYNN AVIM.IAM DKMAKK.ST JOSHPH SCHII.DKUAUT JIllMvKV UOUNKY r OA ROARIN020 -THE STORY OF ARNOLD ROTHSTEIr AN MUED ARTISTS RELEASE Also Cartoon & News Save money by calling stetion-to-station on Long Distance calls. Save time, too, by using Area Code JNuBtjibers — instead of names of cities. See your telephone directory for further information, number,.. CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN! CAPRi'- SPECIAL SHOW 9:00 P.M. — THAT'S RIGHT 9:00 P.M. Top (X Texas-lues Nite Qnly-6§€ Car Niti THg MONSTER OF THE FUTUREI BORIS KARLOFF Open 1:45 — Now-Wed. AT: 2:30 4:51 7:12 9:33 BRADFORD DILLMAN-DOLORES HART 51UARI WHITMANS PEDRO'ARMENDARIZ Also Cartoon & News PRE-CHRISTMAS • gifts that give a lifetime of pleasure • all-time low prices • ': "*^ - SLANT-0-MATIC* Special Deluxe automatic zigzag features at a new low price. SINGER* slant-needle for better sewing visibility, finer stitching. Wonderful, FASHION* Discs for fancy sewing. ' REDUCED TO $'|QQ50 Only $2.05t a week on our Easy Budget Plan. , FULL-POWER Canister Cleaner As powerful as machines selling at twice the price. ^ Disposable bag, swivel hose, easy-rolling wheels, 1 Complete with 7-piece attachment set. ; SPECIALLY PRICED $OQ50 i Only $1.25t a week on our Easy Budget Plan, PINKING SHEARS 25% OFF regular prices Designed and tested to stay sharper longer than any others. Ball-bearing joints make them easiest to handle, (or sheers or heavy fabrics. 7-inch length REDUCED to $5.59 S.inch Itngth REDUCED to $6.34 ECONOMY MODEL Built in the sturdy SINGER tradition. Excellent performance at an economy price. NEW LOW PRICE §Q Only $1.25t a week on our Easy Budget Plan. tafter a small down payment. SINGER* MACHINE FOR CHRISTMAS Ask about our Easy Budget Plan. SINGER SEWING CENTERS HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL YOUR SEWING AND FLQQR-CARE NEEDS Listed in your phone book under SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY N. Cuyler Phone MO 4-6941

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