Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on March 29, 1968 · Page 8
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 8

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1968
Page 8
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BKOWNWOQD BULLETIN friday. March 29, 1966 Glenda Conner Weds Jonathan D. Bauman DE LEON iRBO - Miss Glenda Ruth ('miner and Jonathan D. Rmmu'ti vfi" tmifpd in a foi-inal ueddine ceremony March Jo at 8 p.m. The bride Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Conner of Evant. Bridegroom's parents ar» Mr and Mr?. John K. Bauman of Or Loon Minister Marvin Rowland of- NEW AERIE for (he stone eagles that graced New York's Pennsylvania Station from 1904 until it w»s lorn down for the new Madison Square Garden complex. The eagles have been returned to the area and will guard this tall building that forms part of the new complex. ficiated for the candlelight double ring ceremony in the homo of the bride's parr-tils. Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a formal empire sheath gown of peau de soie and Chantilly lace. The lace bodice, embroidered in seed pearls at the neckline, featured long sleeves accented with pearls at the points over the wrists. The long train of peau de soie was accented with Chantilly lace. Her veil of tulle was caught to a satin bow touched with pearls. She carried a bouquet of split carnations and streamers centered around an orchid. Miss Sandra Conner was hef sister's maid of honor. Graham Bauman of Temple served his brother as best man. Miss Frances Conner, sister of the. bride, lighted candles, and Bernadine Conner, cousin of the bride, accompanied soloist, Judy Wi t h e r s, at the organ. Following the ceremony, the bride's parents were hosts for a rcccplion. Beverly Sheldon of Temple served cake and Sherry Creacy of Evanl served frosted punch, assorted salted nuts and mints. Mrs. R o y ce Chambers of Hillsboro distributed rice hags. The bride is a graduate of Evant High School and is attending Temple Commercial College. She, is presently employed as secretary for Fred Williamson and Associates, surveyors of Temple. The bridegroom, graduate of De. Leon High School, is also attending Temple Commercial College and is employed as a civil engineer for the Texas Highway Department. The couple will reside in Temple. She is the granddaughter of Mrs. J. H. Conner Sr. of Evanl and Mrs. \V. D. Cos of Brady. Bridegroom is the grandson of Mrs. L. B. Worthley of De Leon. Class mates attending the wedding from De Leon were Du sly Miller and Roger George. B'wood Lodge No. 2tft A.F.&A.M. meets 1st thursday eacfi tnontn at 7:30 fr.SL Called meeting Saturday March 30, 1968. Work in M.M. Degree. Supper at 6:30. All Maste? Masons cordially Invited. 'C/oseef Mouth' Po/fcy-fhe Besf By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN , DEAR ABBY: 1 am a single ftj e . * etel U Js .., 0 DEAR ABBY: The fellow Ij woman, 41. going with a man; 11 " il ™* °* tne eight-inch cake pan. But t place a sheet of aluminum foil in it, making it long enough so that it extends about aft inch over the sides. 1 shape the meat loaf, put it in the pan and then bake it. When the loaf is done, I of the foil If you careful not to DELTA THETA HOSTESSES—Hostesses for a tour of homes Sunday will be members of Delta Theta Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha including Mrs. Sam White .Jr., left, and Mrs. Ted Petty. The tour scheduled from 2-5 p.m., is sponsored by Delta Theta Chapter with all proceeds going to the Brownwood Community Hospital. Six homes and St. John's Episcopal Church will be open to the public during the appointed hours. A donation of at least 50 cents entitles the donor to visit any or all these places. Tour guides are available at various places of business throughout the city. am going to marry hates my! of 58. He is a widower with i "• ^ «e care ui_ no to best girl friend. I won't go into; three grown children. He's very! ear the foil when putting K in, details, but it is all,my fault, ' attractive and represents the [ vou won * hav f a spot on the because I told him something j kind of security a woman my j Pf ." Wl1e ." >'°" «L , ug £ ,., about her past that she told me age rarely finds. He was hap-j ^*™°^* ?° thnot JS t^J Mn confidence. I pily married for 30 years and!™ P uttln ? , the , ^ eat 1 . < ?f f m I am sorry T told him now. i now he wants to marry me. I |Je pan or the juices will run but I never thought he would i The trouble is my mother, through and dirty it hold it against her and make i We have lived together since If I " ave an .y meal , loaf Ie l such a big deal out of it. ! Dad died 12 years ago, and ever! over afte r sllcin g ™ J wan !; This girl is the best friend : since I told her I want to mar- ] I wra .P m e same piece of foil 1 ever had, Abby, and I wanted | ry this man she has cried and,' °ver it and store it in the re- her to be my maid of honor,: carried on like you wouldn't frigerator. ...... „ but now my fiance says he \ believe. She says he is too old j T alsn find tne fol > holds a11 doesn't even want her at our: for me and it will never work j tne juices, wedding. I am just sick over out. I told her she could livej ^dna <- a| a w ell this. Worse yet, he says he; with us, but she refuses lo move!»...,, . h , . M doesn't want her in our home j to the city where we would | l tned " ana sne s ' r ! g . after we're married. j live. (She and I presently live i Heloise What am I supposed to do? I in a suburb.) I I don't choose his friends. j When her friends try to tell; Dea1 ' Heloise: My fiance says if I loved her that she should be happy i *°r &c ? e ™ [ vea . rs when 1 him, I'd listen to him, and end j that I'll have someone to look i would^put flowers jn^our win- friendship with this girl. | after me when she's gone, shej^w - • — Phi m**ts second »nd fourth Of «»ch month. Contact Mrs. Richard Wall. Ph. ««-WO/ NQTJCIS I say, if he loved me, he would- j says HE is only 12 years young- n't ask me to. I love themjer than SHE is, and he won't both and want him to forgive | last that much longer. Abby, National FHA Week Events Planned for Early EARLY (BBC)—Junior and FHA, in the homemaking de- Senior high school Future Homejnakers of America will observe National FHA week, March 31-April fi, and Early FHA chapter will join in the celebration with special activities and projects designed to pertinent. Judy Reasoner is chairman of this project. With focus on self development, the girls will hold a Peace Corp program by Rita Ing. Ginger Story will serve as chairman. and forget. Whn's right and how would you handle it? IN THE MIDDLE DEAR IN: If your fiance asks you to make a choice between your girl friend and him, that's a decision only you can make. I think his unforgiving and holier-than-thou attitude is less than admirable, but then I don't know what the girl did to provoke it. I hope you've learned a lesson. No fish ever got caught keeping his mouth shut. I could be so happy with this man if it weren't for mother. What shall I do? TORN Town Topics Area Personals DEAR TORN: Marry the man. And ask him if he has a friend for your mother. DEAR ABBY: My husband is from Pakistan and I am from j Sweden. We have been happily i married for three years and are both in our late 20s. I am employed as a secretary, and j Dear Heloise: am helping my husband com- " slrip the leaves off the plants I set out. Last year, after 1 had replanted threee limes, I went to the store and bought a whirligig at the toy counter with bright colors anda bell in the center. I put this in the center of the box and no more trouble the birds. Besides, it's quite attractive, too. plete his education. We intend to make the United States our home. Our problem: We plan to go to Pakistan next year to visit my husband's family. His father is very well educated and speaks fluent English, but he Your Steady My husband has found a won- DAILY TV SCHEDULE Friday AFTERNOON & MGHT: KTXS-TV {Channel 12) 2;00 General Hospital 2:30 Edge ot Night 3-00 Secret Storm 3:30 Dark Shadows 4:00 George of the Jungle J:30 TBA 5:00 Bewitched 4:00 News 6:10 Sports Hlllght* 4:20 Weather ' 6:30 Voyage to the Botton of the Sea 7:30 Gomer Pyle i 8:00 Th» FBI 9:00 Judd tor the Defense 10:00 News f. Weather 10:30 Rainbow Threatre 11:30 Rslnbow Theatre 12:30 Sign Olf KRBC-TV 2:00 Anor-wr Wona "3:30 You Don't Soy 3:00 The Match Game 3:5S News 3:30 How's Your Mother-In-Law •<<:00 Treasure isle 4:30 Dating Game 5:00 Bid and Buy J:30 Huntley-BrlnHly 6:00 Local News, Weather/ Sportt 4:30 Tarran 7-30 Star Trek 8:30 Glvp Us Barriibuj 7:00 Dell Telephone Hour 9:30 The Loyal Opposition 10:00 The Perfect Match 10:00 News 10:10 Weather KRLD-TV (Channel 4) J:00 2:55 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:M 5:30 4:00 4:30 7:30 8:00 10:00 10:35 12:05 12:35 J:30 3:30 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 4:00 4:30 7:30 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:15 11:00 12:30 12:35 12:50 12:« To Tell TTte Truth News Edge ot Night Secrst $tprm Pass Word Mr Ed Gilligans Island AAcHales Navy News Evening Edition Harlem Globetrotters Gpmer Pyle Movie News Merl Griffin Show Star Playhouse Vesper 4 Sign Off (Channel 11) Hon«ymooner« Captain Zero Popeye Mighty Mouse Flintstones The Munslef* Twilight Zons Rllfeman Jesse Owens Returns lo BerMn Perry Mason Honey West Movie News Movie (Cortt'd) Late Show Outdoor World Mews 8. Weather Meditations Sign Off 8) l:l{ Chlldren'i Doctor 2:0u 3:30 3:00 3:30 Dark Shadows Dating Game Dialing for D-jllarj 5:iO News 4:30 OH to See the wizard 7:30 Operation Entertainment 8:30 Guns ot Will Sonnet! V ;00 Judd for the Delense 10:30 Movie 11:00 Littla {Bit ot Weather 12:45 Great Movie No. 2 3:00 Ail Night Movie 1:00 Saturday MORNING KTXS-TV (Channel It) (CHANNEL 11 ON CABLE) 5:55 Sign on 4:00 Sunrise Semester 4:25 Sign on 4:30 Cartoon ClrcU! 7:00 Captsln Kangaroo 8:00 Frankenstein Jr. 8:30 Hert'jlolds 9:00 Shausn 9:30 Space Ghost) 10:00 Moby Dick 10:30 Superman t, Aouaman 11:30 American Bandstand 12;30 Hapenings '66 1 ;00 Discovery 1:.10 Prn Bowlftrs Tour 3:00 CBS Golf'Classic 4:00 Wide World of Sports 5:30 Cowboy In Africa 6:30 Jacklo Gleason 7:30 Lawrence Welk Show 8:30 Hollywood Palace 9:30 Guns of Will Sonnetl 10:30 News and Wealher 11:00 Rainbow Theatre 12:40 Sign Oft KRBC-TV fCnannel 9) (CHANNEL 1 ON CABLE) 3:00 Super 6 8:30 Super President 9:0(1 The Fllnfslones 9:30 Samson & Goliath 10:00 Blrdman & Galaxy Trio 10:30 Atom Ant & Secret Squirrel 11:00 Top Cat 11:30 Cool McCool 12:00 Championship Bowling 1:00 Command Presentation 2:30 Command Presentation 4:00 Shell's World of Golf 5:00 Irish Sweep^takrs 5:30 Frank McGee Report 4:00 I Dream ol Jeannle 4:30 The Sainl 7:30 Get Smart 8:00 Movie 10:20 NEWS 10:35 Comment 10:35 Tonight KRLO-TV (Channel 4) (CHANNEL 4 ON CABLE) 4:28 Sign On i-30 Sunrise Semester 7:sl Captain Kangaroo 8:(x. Frankenstein Jr. 8:30 Herculolds 9:00 Shazzan 9:30 Space Gt"">st» 10:00 Moby Dick & the Mighty Mlghtot 10 30 Superman 11:30 Johnny Quest 12:00 Gourmet 12:30 Blue-Gray Game 1:00 SWC Basketball Texas vs. Arkansas 1:15 Spotlight News 1:45 Gourmet 2:00 The Deputy 2:00 Gourmet 2:15 Tom Landry Show 3:15 National Hockey League 4:00 CBS Golf Classic 4:00 Evening Edition 4:30 Jackie Gleason Show 7:00 fAy Triiee Sons 7:30 My Three Sons 8:00 Hogan's Heroes 8:30 Petticoat Junction 9:00 Mannlx 10:00 Death valley Day* 10:30 News 11:00 Saturday Nigl. Movie 12:30 Vespers 1 Sign Oft KTVT-TV (Channel U) (CHANNEL 1 ON CABLE) t:Z5 Meditation* 8:30 Saturday Circus 10:00 Movie 10:00 Sgt. Preston of th» Yukon 10:30 Parenls In Action 11:00 Point of View 11:30 Voters' Digest 12:00 Farm Show 12:00 Missouri Valley Basketball 2:30 Fiesta Mexican* 3:00 All Star Golf 4:00 Cowboy Weaver 4:30 Gospel Singing 4:QC Gospel Singing Jublltj 4:30 Porter Wagoner 4:00 Wilburn Brotharf 6:30 Cowtovyn JambprM 7:30 Grand Ole Opry 8:00 Buck Owens 1:30 Bill Anderson 9:00 Country Music 9:30 Ernes' Tubb 10:00 Wrestling VI: 30 News 11:45 Mediations 11:50 Sign Off 12:00 Hewi 12: li M8dlt»t»pnj 12; JO Sign OH share their experiences and j Melissa Taylor will be chair- 1 f RkMand Sprlngs spcnd onc achievements with families, ma n of Wednesday, when the j d ]ast weel { in Au ^ tin wilh l "'""' lr ""'' " n "* l —° friends and neighbors. The theme of the annual event is ''Focus On Citizenship." The objective is to encourage worth while involvement of youth as citizens in the home, school and community. Chairman of the week's activities at Early will be Mary and M Terry Dummer c h a p I er will observe school beautification program. With emphasis on focus of! community service, the FHA j Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cross, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wells | wro ie to us several months ago insisting that I learn Hindi. My husband wrote to his father telling him that I did not request that HE learn Swedish and there is no reason for ME to learn Hindi. and Brat j group will be hostess to mem-i Keith and Kathy of San Antonio! My father-in-law wrote back bers of Early school board i S p en t last weeXend with her saying that J should indeed members with a coffee Thurs-![parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer 1 - •• • • day, with Tommie Collins as j p 0 sey of Indian Creek. chairman and as a focus on j citizens in school, a morning | visitors in the home of Mr. Sue Vavrina, fifth vice presi-! coffee will be held next Fri-! anf i Mrs. Clarence Willson dent of the local chapter. i day, for teachers in the school Activities will begin Sunday, j system. Darlene Tongate will be in charge of this acitvity. Each girl as her own chair- with group church attendance at Brady Avenue Church of Christ, Brownwood. Members will have lunch together, following the service. Rebecca Wheat Is chairman of this activity. Indian Creek were her son, Mr. and Mrs. Winston Burgess of Amarillo, teachers at the Cal Farley Boys Ranch. man, will focus on citizenship Also, their daughter, Mr. with the family and community and Mrs. Clarence Dold of and will accept responsibility of the role of family togetherness, Saturday, April 6, and Monday, the chapter's activi- will assist with conscssjon ties will focus on school demo- stand responsibilities during cracv with exhibit, by bulletin tl-ack me - et at McDonald Field board, telling the story of Saturday, with Rebecca • ° . VVhf>n m Hinrcrp. Petltes UNLlMITiD Persian Print . , . wildly wonderful Petites Unlimited dress with 9 slim Oriental cut and exquisite border print with colorful tigers and Persian warriors and gorgeous flowers. A conversation piece? Why, this darling will be a whole evening of complimentary talk! Orange or blue combinations. Junipr Petite sizes i to 13. $12.00 Wheat in charge. Debbie Grissam and Charisse Henderson are cochairmen, pro m o I i n g FHA week, by placing posters with business establishments in Early, preceding opening day, The annual family night sup- Mason. Mr. and Mrs. Stan Sypinski, Stanley and Mary of Arlington spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Olson of Indian Creek. per and installation of 1968-69 FHA officers usually held during National FHA Week, was postponed to be held at a later date when Melvina and Meldena Stovall will be cochairmen. FREE SILVER SHOE, surprise-packed, given with each pair of POLL-PARROT SHOES 8.9R Yellow Patent 8.95 Yellow, Orange and White Patent learn the language of my hus-, band's people, and if I could learn to speak five languages (which I do) it would not be loo difficult for me to learn a sixth. He informed us that Hindi study manuals were being sent to me. Abby, a Far Eastern language is entirely different from a Germanic or Latin language, and I have neither the time nor the desire to learn Hindi. Now I don't even feel like going to Pakistan, but I hate to disappoint my husband. Have derful way to fly a kite. He uses a fishing rod. Everyone laughs at him but he is always the one with the kite in the air. It is really a great aid as he can reel it in much faster and he has yet to lose a kite on wires or trees, as he can pull back on the pole with much more strength and purpose without much effort. He has used this method ever since childhood and his children will follow. It's a "ball" without the ball of string that always got tangled. Lynne Robinson you any suggestions? WEARY Poll-Parrot has made them right an4 colored them bright,,, a little girl's delight! Patent leather shoes are fpjr fester and the smartest steps eh? will take, KANGAROO CBS-TV STQRI DEAR WEARY: Have your husband teach you a few conversational phrases in Hindi. ("Hello, good-by, I am pleased to meet you," and ''Sorry I do not speak jour language very well.") Keep a Swedish smile on your face and listen a lot. Barber HD Meeting Held All-day meeting of the Barber Home Demonstration Club be- Lynne, tell those who laugh at him /'not to knock it 'til they've tried it." I think it's a lulu myself. Heloise Dear Heloise: I am always looking for some inexpensive bookends, I found that I could use our leftover license plates by bending them not quite in half, making one side a little longer than the other and bending it only to a 90-degree angle. Then I tape a pretty picture from an old magazine on the outside of the vertical portion of the plate. Makes a cute and practical bookend for the study or children's room. Irene Gewinner Or you could spray paint them! This is not only a great use for those old license plates, bul one that Boy Scouts and perhaps church bazaars might look into as a possible project. We thank you for the idea, Application for Package Store Permit In applying far a Pefmif a* indicated above, the fbllew* \r\g statements and represert* tations are made *nder 6ath to The TexaJ Liquor Control Beard in Austin, Travis Coun» ty, Texas: 1. The business will be 6per- ated under the flame e! Mac's. 2. Address of location! 20 miles N.W. Courthouse on East Side Highway 279., 3. Mailing address, P. 0. Box 1192, Brownwood, Texas 76801. 4. Applicant is an individual or partnership, list the name, home address, and sex of each person who owns an interest in the above business: Lehn C. Mclnnis, 2305 11th St., Brownwood, Texas, male. STATE OF, TEXAS, COUNTY OF BROWN: Before me, the undersigned authority^ on this day, personally appeared Lehn C. Mclnnis known to me to be the person whose name is signed to the foregoing application and being duly sworn by me, each states under oath that all of the facts therein set forth are true and correct. Sworn to before me, this the 28th day of March 1968 A.D. Don F. Magness, Notary ublic in and for Brown County, Texas.. I, Mrs. Billie Porter, Coun- y Clerk of Brown County, o hereby certify that the ocation herein given as ddress of place of business ; in a "wet area" as that erms is defined in the Texas .iquor Control Act. I further ertify that the County Commissioners' Court, by r.esolu- ion, has forbidden the loca- ion of a liquor business within 300 feet of « church, public school or public hospi- al. Dated this the 28th day of March, 1968, AD. Mrs. Billie Porter, County Clerk, Brown County, Texas. By Johnnie B. Spain, Deputy. Mc-1752-143-144 THIS IS to inform you that th« Golden Oaks Nursing Home is managed without regard to race, color, or National origin in accordance with Title 6, Civil Rights Act of 1964. THIS MEANS that we accept and care for patients without regard to race, color or National origin. Also we wish to Inform you that we must not do business with any referral agency which makes referrals on the basis of race, color or National origin. G-1745-143-143 gan at 10 a.m. last Friday with Mrs. Effie Jack, club president, in charge. Twenty-three members attended I Irene. Heloise Heloise: You will know when the wat- Mrs. A. Coffey gave the treas- «' ,'" , th f bottom . of . v . our •v ronnrl Mr* Silna fiotrher double boiler IS getting too low ... u you place a metal jar lid in the bottom of the boiler ury report. Mrs. Silas Gotcher was elected as demonstrator and Mrs, D. W.. Kyzar was appointed to work on the yearbook in 1969. Mrs. J. V. Fprtson gave a report of the district meeting held in Hamilton on March 8. Mrs, Clyde Mitchell brought the program on "Parliamentary Procedures." Mrs. Coffey was in charge of arrangements for the crafts program, following the luncheon. A demonstration was given on making Easter rabbits and plans were made to make eats from soft drink bottles at the April 17 meeting. Mrs. Hazel Quails will be a guest GO-GO WENT FUJRA DORA MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. before putting in the water. When the water gets lower than the lid, the lid will rat tie and warn you. It really clatters. Cardiff Dear Heloise: Whenever a door or a chair needs oil, I use baby oil. It works well and don't nee< to worry if my one-year-ok gets H on her. Mary Ann ROVING POLICE UNITS BALTIMORE (AP)-The Bal timore Police Department is es «S^«I*«V«=*-* costumes of three go-go girls at a tavern the girls performed the next night in voluminous dress of the gay '90s. VOTE TARLTON fOR MAYOR __ j ed within the district. To com 'bat a rash of burglaries, for ! example, he can assign par i or all of the group for extra ! protection of the area. | Police officials call the new units small tactical squads They say th#y can provide tra manpower without ta m,ea away frpm their beats AUTOMOTIVE OK Used Cars 1967 CHEVROLET Vfc'ton long wheel base pickup. 6 cylinder engine, 3 speed transmission. Radio, heater, front grille guard. Rear bumper and trailer hitch. West Coast mirror, side mount carrier and new tires. 22,000 miles. 1967 CHEVROLET H-ton long wheel base Fleetside. V-8 engine, 3 speed transmission, radio, heater, West Coast mirrors, wrap around bumpers. 1967 CHEVROLET Li-ton long wheel base Stepside, 6 cylinder engine, 3 speed transmission, radio, heater, side mount carrier, trailer hitch bumper. 1965 CHEVROLET ^i-ton Fleet* side long wheel base pickup, 6 cylinder, 3 speed transmis? sion, heater, trailer hitch bumper. Low mileage. Nice. 1964 CHEVROLET ^i-ton lon| wheel base Stepside Pickup. 6 cylinder engine, heater, side mount carrier, trailer hitch bumper. New tires. 1965 GMC short wheel base Stepside pickup. 6 cylinder engine, heater, 3 speed transmission, side mount carrier, trailer hitch bumper. 1963 CHEVROLET H-tou Fleetside short wheel base pickup. 6 cylinder engine, 3 speed transmission, radio, heater, custom cab. Air con* ditioning. Trailer hitch bump* er. GHEVYLANP , T«f- Pb.

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