Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 13, 1969 · Page 7
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 7

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 13, 1969
Page 7
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jtmimmittau bwcommg ike Lone Stot Stale with... > .*' V "S'r/ Top-Level Nixon Official Quits Job July 13, 196$ §ft6WNW©65 fiULUTltt M* -•••'"" ...*y*" f " f ~'~~~ '••"•&& The Frio Canyon ° ne of the most . r begins near Prade Ranch or, FM 336, some 10 n^iles south ? of «k intersection with State Highway 41. Here spings gushing ice cod from rustic canyon walls start the Frio River on its way throLh these pristme hills and valleys. The excellent road meanders w"h he rh/er cooTTre iH^ 616 ' the r ° lle K r "L° aSfer thrill of a superb panorlma of as h,sh a, |2r»?r» nS ""? h ,' gh « C6dar °° Vered hills ' some e a a S sf 'o 8 f h the S T^ans-Pecos! ' ^ "" m ° §t excitln « In th F eHnfrv%7n&°S * the ranching capital of ' Lh«i,« 5n y J? Springs, you drop down to Garner State Park about 30 miles north of Uvalde. Named for the late Vice President «? nm D ± *H S 7 St »»k lure *» u « and P°P"laf Us renowned S rS?tl«T tS y ° Uths from Ereat Distances while family f a . Hv I that ?,' 3re u " exce " ed - Chilrir " love to wade the wide, cold »H Lcl fl °* s « nl y "! ch « dee P over broad, flat sandstone. Ear y ""s will attest ' ^ eXCe " ent r ° ad> 3S StMI Visible Wa 8°n 11. i^noL S fv Ut » h S f , the p , ark l lhe trail splits - leavin e the-rfv'er to wend famonf r.MI f " W*,^* C ° rPUS ChriSti ' ° ne r ° ad leads to fh ° famous cattle city of Uvalde and the other to Sabinal on U.S. 90. A rich dividend o the traveler who takes the unbeaten path. Frio River Canyon Drive is but one of the many treasures awaiting the discovery ol the Texan. Come explore Texas! CLIP AND SAVE How to gel i % KteN HAftTNEff WASHINGTON (AP) - Philip 1 Pruitt, saying he had trouble facing himself in the mirror, abruptly resigned after four months as director of a program designed to help redeem President Nixon's campaign pledge of "Black Capitalism." "You go to the mirror every morning and you say to yourself. 'I'm a Nixon appointee', and you see all the things going on in the government around you," said Pruilt, The 32-year-old Negro stepped down Friday as an assistant administrator in charge of Ihe Small Business Administration's minority enterprise program. | President Nixon is probably committed to the program, j Pruitt said, "but 1 think some- I one's telling him the wrong things." The White House had no comment on the resignation of one of the administration's higher ranking negroes. The minority program. Pruitt said in an interview, has been , bogged down in bureaucratic s battling between the SBA and the Commerce Department— which the President assigned to coordinate a drive to close a business ownership gap between minority members and whites Less than one per cent of Ihe ; nation's businesses arc owned by Negroes. ; Republicans on the Senate Select Committee on Small I Business, have also sniped, he | said. But, the key problem. Pruitt said, was lack of presidential UwrWe :(;!«*»-to, Panels Take Strides Toward Overhauling of Tax System By EDMOND LcBRETON Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The House Ways and Means Committee, taking a big stride in what one congressman calls a "great race for reform," has moved to limit advantages tax- I on the surtax extension, the i can be received by corporation ' j I louse committee issued a pro-: executives and employes. gress report reaffirming its de termination to have a comprehensive tax reform bill through the House before the August congressional recess. The committee tentatively de- payers get from municipal bond ; c jd e d not to end the federal in- : same as if the person receiving investments and various plans come tax exemption for interest i funds during retirement had ob-| Generally, the stock or other reimbursement would be taxed: —When it is credited to the person's account, : —Or, if the tax payment is S postponed, the rate would be the ! to postpone income until retirement years. It was Rep. Charles A. Vanik, who noted the race between the House committee, of which is is a member, and the Senate Finance Committee which is considering tying tax reform in with the House-passed income surtax extension bill. "The anguish of the taxpayer from state and municipal bonds. : tained them during his working! It proposed, however, that the years. federal government encourage ." The committee also proposed i states and municipalities to is- stricter treatment of tax-free re- ] sue interest-taxable bonds by of- serves t ) la t banks set up against fcnng to subsidize the interest. : | iac j debts and of the capital' Thus, in theory, the local gov-, ; g ajns ernments could still sell their i sales, bonds at favorable rates—but there would be fewer tax-exempt issues to be snapped up by banks realize on bond has gotten through to the Con- banks and wea lihy individuals, gress," the Ohio Democrat said as a witness before the Senate committee. He urged inclusion of major tax reforms in the surtax measure. came quickly from officials of the National Governor's Conference, National While the Senate group toiled Market Ha Its Slide At the Senate hearings, wit- j nesses kept putting the issues of j surtax extension and major tax i reform together. The Nixon ad- '. Protests against the proposal ministration, which managed to! get the extension bill through j the House by a very narrow ! Association of \ margin, | ias vigorously opposed^ the National including major reforms in the j same legislation. - ! The committee heard testimony Friday from the AFL-CIO urging that the surtax be allowed to die, but the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Home Builders of j The committee, dealing with ; the complex field of deferred compensation by corporations and of trusts created to accumulate interest for disbursement later, proposed new rules to NEW YORK (AP) — The' 1 ''" 1 some lax advanta £ es lnat wanted it kept alive. stock market's steep slide came to a halt I-'riday after four days of retreat. The major averages advanced, and advances and declines of individual issues were about even. After losing 38.33 points in the previous tour sessions, the Dow .Jones average of 30 industrials j rose 4.46 ppjnts to 852,25. j Of 1,557 issues traded on the i New York Stock Exchange, 651 ! fell and 641 rose. I Volume totaled 11.73 million j shares, compared with 11.46, million Thursday. I Brokers said prices were { nudged up by bargain hunters! decline. j Special Stacker and Feeder Calf and Yearling Day Wednesday, July 16tfi COMMISSION': Croups of 10 head or more— $2.35 per head. Singles — regular commission- SALE TIME: 10:00 o'clock on singles and LOO p.m. on [groups. Please have group rattle in yards by 9:00 o'clock Wednesday morning—singles any time. Intruder Blamed For Austin Fire AUSTIN (APi - Night watchman Alvin Anderson blamed an armed intruder for starting a fire on the filth floor of a downtown office building shortly after 1 a.m. Saturday. Anderson said the gunman accosted him in the LUtlefield building, forcing him to lie oi\ the floor and lying his hands witfi a nylon stocking. After ordering him not to move, the watchman said, the intruder entered offices of the Better Business Bureau and ignited a fire. Anderson said the gunman, starting to flee, then "told me 1 could tell the man who runs the Better Business Bureau he was go|flg to gel Cattle will be sorted to uniform lots and weighed before the auction. Full ones will be shrunk (appropriately and groups with good weighing conditions will be weighed straight. Cattle arriving Tuesday will be sorted and weighed on arrival, JJUVKJUS: For these good calves and yearlings raised in the Central Texas area, we will have buyers on hand from the various feed lots on the Plains, the Corn Belt and from top order buying companies in state and ottt- Of-slate. FACILITIES: The yards can handle 5000 or more cattle. This auction is fully bonded for your protection. Our Sale on June 11 was successful. Our sellers this efficient ami economical method of marketing. Order buyers liked our new system, JJrowmvoodl's rail cannecUttns, imd the quality of your cattle. Consign now fpr Ilic July 16 sale. We'll work for you: W/VVN'K Brownwood Cattle Auction leadership. "All the President has to do." said Pruitt, "is call in the top bankers and the lop business executives and tell them: 'Here is the program and I want you to work with Mr. Sandoval and Mr Stans. (Maurice Stans. Secretary of Commerce) and that's it." Presidential leadership, said Pruitt. could also help provide more fui'ds for direct SBA loans to minorities and for extension of the SBA program beyond the 28 cities when it is now focused., The Nixon administration budget provides $18 million for direct lending, (he same in the last year of the Johnson Administration. Democrats began pushing the minority program last August. They sought !o boost the minority loan rate to 30.000 3 year by June 30. The SBA made 1,500 minority loans in fiscal 1968 The agency total climbed to 4,000 for fiscal 1969. far short of the Johnson administrator! goals. Pruitt said no single event prompted his resignation, but sources said pressures on Pruitt have been building and were particularly keen (his week he- cause of upcoming hearings before a House subcommittee on small business. But Pruilt, who plans to resume a career as a Wall Street investment banker, said one decisive influence was criticism from Negro leaders at the recent convention of the National Association for the Advance- : ment of Colored People in Jack-: son, Miss. Board Director Answers Critics of Water Project Mamie Said Recovering LAKENHEATH, (AP) - Mamie Eisenhower *'i§ AUSTIN (AP) — the director i meaning the federal rule limit-; getting Along One" feaJveMfijf of the Texas Water Develop- ing irrigation by any one land-! from acute bronchitis at A U.S. ment Board says the statewide owner from a bureau of facia- Air Force hospital, a hospital water plan provides adequate mation project to 160 acres will! spokesman says, protection to wildlife and offers apply. j The Wdm* of President more water to bays and eslu- -Voter rejection of the bonds! Dwight t). Eisenhower was aries than in times of low river; Aug. 5 won't necessarilv mean | brought to the hospital July 5 the death of the plan, since the after becoming ill on a EUfO- amendment can be resubmitted.: pean vacation. »,,.*.. i The spokesman said Friday no hospital bulletins are being issued on her condition because her recovery continues excel 4 lent. flow. Howard Boswell held a news conference Friday to answer critics of the proposed constitutional amendment authorizing a $3.5 billion bond issue to finance the slate's share of the water plan. He also said an unnamed slate has offered lo sell Texas surplus waler. "We have been approached by another slale asking if we are inlerested in some surplus water," he said. Boswell declined lo name the slale or the river basin involved bul said more would be revealed Inter. Crilicism of the plan has come from conservationisls who (ear il will destroy the balance of nature in river basins, bays and esluaries. Other critics con- lend il will be a Iremendous burden on taxpayers. Bnswell made Ihese points—The bond issue includes $164 million lo pay half the capital costs of structures needed lo provide fresh water lo bays and esluaries, which he said will get more waler than they presently do in periods of low river flow. —The Texas Parks and Wildlife Departmenl has looked dt the plan and "has offered no suggestions for improvement" —No slate bond money will be used for irrigation worKs, The United Stales population reached 200 million at about 11 a.rl, Nov. 20, 1967. SCHEDULE OF COURSES Howard Payne College DR. GUY D. NEWMAN, PRESIDENT Registraton Monday, July 14, 1969 8:30 A.M. TILL NOON SECOND SIX WEEKS JULY 14 THRU AUG. 22 Course A pp. Art Ed. Hist Hist. Mus. Phys. Ed. Span. No. 201-2 324<E,HS.t 309-507 411-510 lOfi 206 102 Title Sem. Rrs. J:00 Painting 'L-TBA' Insl. Res. (El. & Sec > Russian & L'.SSH Tt-xas Mist Mus App. Coach Minor Spts Bas Conv. iL-Jl.30-12.30) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 8:30 Art Ed. 4flfi Crafts 'L-TBA) Bible 102 N. T. Biol. 106 Zoology .L-TVVTh 1-3' Bus. 311 Bus. Law Ed. 323 Ed. Psy. Ed. 590 Hos. Proj. Ene. 102-1 Itilro. Eng. 202 Eng Lit. Mus. 415 U.S. Hist. 201 U.S. Hist. 202 Lat. Am Hist. 310-50fi Safety Ed. Phys. Ed. 318 Tennis P. E. M 34 \m. Govt. Pol. Sc. 201 Fund Sp. or Drama Speech 101 Fund. Sp. or Drama 3 3 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 3 3 3 10:00 Aectg. 222 Prin. of Aectg. Chern. 102 Gen. Chein. (LTWTH J-4> Ed. 503 El. Curr. Ed. 513 Sec. Curr Eng. 102-2 Intro. Eng. 404 Am Lit. Hist. 503 I 1 S. Dip. Hist Math. 232 Mod. Concepts Mus. 325 Mus. Elcm. Sc. Pliys. Ed. 17 Adv. Swim Phys. Ed. M 22 Handball Pol. Sc. 304 Pol Gcog Psy. 403 Int. to Coun. Rel. 300 Doctrine Span. 409 Novel 3 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 1 3 3 3 3 11:30 Eng. Ert. Eel. Math. AIus. Psy. 302 321 E 321 S 134 400 131 Eval. & (uiid Eva) & Guid. Prob, & St. Cont. Mus. Intro. i El 3 3 3 3 3 3 Mus. Mus, 467 507 1:00 Band Org & Ad. Musicology Mus. 2:30 Ad. of Ch. Mus. .SUMMER WORKSHOPS. For Undergraduate or Graduate Credit (3 sciucilivr hours each) JULY 14—JULY 25 Science Workshop Ed. 402, 426 \\\). 526 CVV) Dr. F. B. Porter—Director 1:00 p.m.—5:30 p.m., M.-F. JULY 38—AUQUST 8 Aerospace Education Workshop Ed. 426 <W), 5§6 tW) JPr, John L. Beard—4)u'evlpj' 1:QQ j),m.--5:30 p.m.. M.-F. ,.>-•?••-"• •*••..:•;-: •- ' <•'-•, -K •:••!'.•••.• • "••••I.,. -•*• V,-.-,-'-• j"..". GIRLS DRESS SALE Sizes 3 J-o 6x. new styles, better reduced. group Values to 6.99. NOW STOCK UP NOW FOR SCHOOL MEN'S AND BOYS' STRAW HATS Dress and Western, styles. Entire stock reduced. Values deluxe. Hurry for these at . , GIRLS' 2 TO 6x PLAY WEAR 2 $ FOR Permanent press cottons in o *id« range ol styles and colors. Regular 3.99 volue - Men's Short Sleeve DRESS SHIRTS White, solids, stripes, and ivy checks, Permanent press fabrics. Siies 14 to 17. LADIES Entire stork of our better lines summer styles. Sizes jx'titcs, juniors, ladies i and half s»iie.s. Hurry for these vulue*. FINAL SWEEP SHOE SALE Perfect for months ahead, Lots of styles to >eltrrt from. Sizes 5 to 10. Come and get- urn. Values to 8.99 . . . ENTIRE STOCK MEN'S AND fiQYS' Swim Suits Walk ShorN Yolyes t9 4,99 TO GO. VOUK (•'JJQICf

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