The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on January 4, 1961 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1961
Page 3
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and Brawrla County, Texas, Wed., January 4, 1961 BtUZOSPORf County Agenf LACK OF [RON MAY SHOW UP ON YOUNG LEAVES OF PLANT MRST A By t« M. VADOItAN •Chlorosto Is n condition which rcwiltg when chlorophyll a ho Rrcen coloring mutter in plants) falls to develop or Is destroyc'l. Iron chlorosis nornmlly nppparn first on your leaves. The lews of chlorotlc plants range from light green to yellow to almost white. Iron Is necessary for the forma- tlon of chlorophyll. When Iron Is find plants exhibit chlorosis. Iron chlorosis Is most prevalent on mcmbws of the grass family (such as St. Augustine Rrnr.i, Johnson grass and grain sorghum) certain fruit trees (citrus and peaches) many vegetables (particularly bcnns) and many flowers and ornamentals. Most soils on which I r r,n chlorosis occurs are well supplied with Iron, but It l« In a form un- over Texas, but are more prevalent In nreag with alkaline, oil- cnreous soils. To control Iron chlorosis, It Is necessary to treat the soil so that Iron becomes available, or else provide supplemental Iron as n spray or soil application. Application or large amounts ol wpll-rotted organic material on n regular basis make the soil less alkaline, resulting In more Iron Pagd3 Redistricting Job For Legislature Ifero I* mother nlory wllh Imne* for thn *7lh nfe, traiwd In part on re- pllci to a qnc*<lotmalr0 sent IB};- lalofd by Tim Annoclafed Preirr.) Uy DAVE CMEAVENS AUSTIN (AP)-If the next legislature does its duty, it will carva out a new pattern of (^presentation for ttw House and Senate. one pound powdered sulphur per 100 square feet can also be used to make* the soil less alkaline. Acid peat can also be used. Iron sulfate (Copperas) or lr/n navallable for plant use, chloro- avallablc tor plant use. becoming available. chelates are good sources for prj- Chlorollc plants are found nil well-decomposed compost vidlng supplemental iron. After the 1950 census, It took lieutenant governor, the speaker If it does not rallntrlct Itself as the Constitution directs, an automatic administrative boar-] must do the job. In addition to the once-every- ten-year legislative redistrlcl'.ng task provided by law, the session starting Jan. 10 may also give Texas a new congressional alignment to take care ot the 23rd member ot the national House. Under the 1960 census, Texas Is one ot nine states to gain a congressman and if the legislature can't work out a district, the state the lawmakers seven years to find a home lor the 22nd congressman. Prior to the last legislative boundary shuffle, In 1951, the lawmakers—torn by fear of losing power in certain areas or of chopping out their own jobs—had failed to redistrict for more than 20 years. Aconstltutlonal amendmert adoptped In 1948 provided that the legislature must reappor- lion the state Into House and Senate districts in Is first regular session after each census. If it does not, the job is put into the hands of a board made up ot the PENNEY'S ALWAYS QUALITY tomorrow 9:30 a.m.! Penney's offers HUGE COAST-TO-CO AST WHITE GOODS VALUES! \ 3 GENERATIONS-FAMOUS QUALITY! NATION-WIDE COTTON MUSLINS! Hurry. Save on the famous sheets that I grandmother, mother and daughter have counted on for years of wear. Nation- Wide's firm balanced weave of strong staple cotton has no weak spots. Selvages are sturdy- Special finish gives them a crispy-cool smoothness! full 81 by 103 Incfae*, ton Sanforised fitted l.W LAB-TESTED! ALL PERFECTS! PENCALE COTTON PERCALES! 1 twin 72 bjr IDS Inches twin Sanforized fitted Three generations acclaim snowy, silky- smooth Penney percales for luxurious quality! They're woven of selected long staple colton. combed to extra smoothness. Compare! See how firm the weave, how many threads to each hish-count inch. Selvages are strong, hems precise! twin 72 by 108 inches twin Sanforized fitted Faitels! 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There Is no law, however, compelling tlia next session to deal affirmatively rith congressional or judicial district changing with the alternative of putting the task In another agency's hands. The last redistricting bill was passed by the 1951 Legislature. It roughly followed the 1940-50 ropulation drift south and west. It cut into power long exerted by representatives and senators from rural eastern and northeastern districts. In the session starting Jan. 10, f<M may expect a strong effort from the big cities and the metropolitan complexes surrounding hem for additional representa- ion to be named in the 1962 eleo- ions. This "city boy" versus "country boy" battle could be a >Ioody one. Rep. George Hlnson of Mineoh said: "The big battle between urban and rural legislators over 12- districtog will exceed the battles over taxation. Look for this to overshadow other vital legislation." Hinson rated it as the second most important issue before the session. Sen. David Ratliff of Stamford expects a gain for West Texs: "due to population shift." Ratlin wants the session to re-draw both Mo lento cbvp if you py wHtti 30 congressional and legislatlvo districts. "We need to break the strangla- lold the rural areas have used to wld back this state," said Rep. Franklin Spears of San Antonio, who also classed redistricting as WEST COLUMBIA By HAZEL ARRKGTOX Mr. and Mrs. Al Alfrey .' family were the unfortunate victims of a fire which dest-oyeJ their home last week. No one wis at home at the time and tl.<> family lost everything. Anyone having anything in lue way of h o u s e h old articles or clothing to donate are asked to drop them off at the First Baptist Church. There are five boys ranging in the ages from eigr.t or nine to 16. Origin of the the Ts" unknown. '~~ y-«-Mr. and Mrs. Lee Heliums hid as their guests Christmas Mrs. A. C. Heliums of Baytown and the Earle Heliums family of Houston. Mr. and Mrs. James David Quinn of Huntsvflle visited last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Biker. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Autry and little daughter, Man Lynn «>f Houston visited last week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Autry. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Howard and daughter of McAllen were holiday guests in the home of h»r parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Frazier. Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Johnson had 30 guests around their table for Christmas dinner, among them a son, Sgt Lonnie Johnson, who is home on a 30 day leave. Lonme is stationed in Germany. Visiting in the home of Mr. tnd Mrs. D. J. Percifield last week was her son, D. S. Teague, and family of Houston. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. (Buff) Gupton were honored with a reception last Sunday when they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, the affnir was given by Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Gupton. Tom Nelley visited with his father, W. C. (Cowboy) Ndlay last weekend. Tom is in the Air Force and is stationed in Wurth Smith, Mich. Mrs. Dee (Zaruba) Hardy was in John Sealy last week for further surgery. She was to be released this week. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hall visited with their daughter, Mrs. J. H. Butler and family of Cleveland over the holidays. Dr. and Mrs. L. C. Wait Jr. ami sons Gary and Clark of Corpus Christi visited with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Wait ST., this past week. Jack Weems has been laid tip due to a foot injury. We understand Jack is going into a new business venture. Lots of luck. How are you coming along with your "New Years Resolutions"? 1 am still trying to keep last year's, with no luck, I might add. Mrs. L. A. Elhridge has been under the weather due to the f.u bug. Please call me with your news as soon as you get back to normal, since the holidays are all over aid the kiddos are back in school. NEW SQUEAK CLEVELAND. Tonn. KB — Mt«. V. L. Stark reported hearing a runny noiit under ih« hood of thtir n«w car. Stark, deciding th» car needed its 5.000-mile checkup anyway, took it to in* local deal- n from whom h» purchased it. the second most Important l*j« for the session. Rep. Dewnt Hale of Corput Christ! said redistricting is v mandatory for the legislature, tlal for Congress, desirable for the judiciary." There were similar expression* from many legislators.'' All but three said they favored legislative action. , AT YOTJNGrLANDU WE'RE STARTING OUR WINTER SALE We think you have always been pleased with our safes at YOTJNOLANDIA. We give you real savings on our own stock. We don't buy odds & ends or specials to make sale sound big. We give you our quality regular merchandise at big savings to you. 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