The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 19, 1954 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 19, 1954
Page 7
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, .. . THE BAYTOWN SUN, TUESDAY, JANUARY^ If.;- »»4 ,— ^4 Happy Future For Your Family — Invest Now In A !'£ -QN^'.. V V A *ai^gi/^ Court Rules Against State Movie Censors WASHINGTON, Jan. 19—OP)— The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday that state censorship board's may not ban a movie on grounds it is "immoral" or tends to promote crime. The ruling was in the form of a brief order. There was no written opinion. The court merely cited its decision in "the Miracle" casp in 1952 when it held that films may not tje banned on ground's of lacri'ege. A separate concurre nee was written by Justice William O. Douglas,' - Justice Hugo L>. Black agreed, with Douglas' opinion. The basic reasoning for the 1952 opinion was that films should enjoy the "free speech" guarantee In the Constitution just as do newspapers and other means of . communications.. Monday's ruling constitutes an important . enlargement of this "free speech" area, although the court di<f not sweep aside all censorship as the industry wanted it to do. The producers'' contended that objectionable movies should 1 be controlled only "by .punishment after an offense occurred, never by censorship beforehand. The decision rpsultpd from NPW York's ban on "La .Ronfle" (The Round) on grounds it is immoral: and Ohio's ban .of "M", because censors thought it would promote crime. Producers, of • the films-^rCom- merciol Pictures Corp. and Superior Films. Inc., resprr.tively-«'p- pealed to the Supreme Court after state courts upheld the censorship bpords. • Six states, and 1 about 50 . cities have movie' censorshin. laws. The states arc ' New York/- Pennsylvania. Maryland, Virginia, Ohio anrl Kansas. .-...-' . "M" is the story of B tisychonath who lures small girls, to--their deaths- by buying: them balloons and sweets. The local!crime syndicate finally tracks down the demented 1 killer in order to forestall police raids' demanded 'by the frightened public. In this closing scene the captured man, facing a mob that wants to lynch him, describes the conditions of his- early life that twisted 1 his mind. Mose Sumner 65 Today (Continued from Page One) made thfern stiff and cold on winter mornings. . " Incidentally, Mr. Mose believes winters were colder then than they are now. " In 1904 the 15-year-old youngster came to Houston to -work in'a wood yard and store on Washington Ave. There he got the handsome salary of $20 a month, plus board and room.' ..... Only a few doors from the wood yard was a bottling works, Houston's first Coca Cola plant. The manager couldn't make a go of it, and offered the plant and the franchise for sale for $250. There was only a drawback to this deal, too. Mr. Mose didn't have the $250. He .lasted only 10 months in the city. He returned' ' to Breharn to take a job in a store for $30 and $40 a month. • ' It was then he hit his stride as a clothing salesman. He said he sold more clothes than any two salesmen in Brenharn and .it wasn't long until he'was making $100 a month- That was fabulous pay for those days. In th e years that followed Mr. Mose opened stores for a partner .in Rockdale, Lott, Lockhart, Nava- Bota and Gonzales, all in the Central Texas area. In 1909 with $1000 capital, he opened a store in Smithville with a partner who also hit the deck with $1000. In three months that fall they got their capital back, and Mr. Mose bought out his partner in 1912. He had his only fling at politics while in Smithville- His friends talked him into running for Justice of the Peace. He was elected and stayed in office until he closed his store and left Smithville to soldier in World War I. He still laughs about the marriages he—a confirmed bachelor- performed while justice of the peace. Ho reported at Camp Travis to begin a nine-month military career in 1918. Later he was assigned at Camp Gordon, Ga., and when the war was over he was at Camp Sevier, S. C., at Fourth Officers Training School. He was discharged before he could get a commission. He remembers entering the army at 198. He returned home weighing 162. His waistline shrank from 40 to 31. After the war, he bought a store in Brookshire, and it was there that the team of Mose and Joe Sumner was formed. Mr. Mose was two years older than Joe, and they remained partners until thev sold thsir Baytown store in 1945. Joe died in Oct. 1946. The Sumners came to Baytown on Jan. 15, 1926, and bought the A. M. Thomas store, located where Meyer Bros, store is now situated. They had to give up this building in 1927, so they built a new one a block west on Texas. "I learned a lesson from that move," he said. "I wasn't ready to build a new building and didn't have the money at the time. It was then that I learned that often a person is forced into a deal or a move that he thinks is bad at the -time but which later proved to be his making. Moae Sumner now owns all of the West Texas Ave. property from the store building he first built (now occupied by Paine Bros.) to the corner of South Gaillard. Since retiring as a merchant, Mr. Mose has carved out a new career. He's "a part-time banker as a vice president of Citizens National Bank and Trust Co. He is a part-time Gander football coach— rarely missing a practice when he's in town. He's a full-time supporter of the youngsters on the football squad, and chauffeurs a part of the squad on nearly all out of town trips. This enables Coach Dan Stallworth to overflow the team bus and to carry extra players who might otherwise have to stay at home. He has traveled extensively In the U.S.. Mexico, Canada and Europe since quitting day-to-day business. His longest trip was to Europe in 1950. He hopes to go back some day soon and see the part he missed. Politically, Mr. Mose must be classed as a liberal. He thinks the greatest contribution to this country in recent years was the program of President Roo5?velt thc.t enable millions of young husbancis j and wive.? to buy their own homes. Tolerance Is one of his true vir- tues as he practices the rigid faith of his Hebrew forbearers. "You give a young couple a small slice of Mother. Earth to call their own, and you have developed a real citizen," he says. Young people by the dozens have been helped . by him right here in Baytown in recent d^vs when he was a one-man, hin- nocket mortgage banker. In recent cTays the demand exceeded the supply, and hp has about retired from that job too. Mr. Mose is a gfrxtf believer In the American people. He said 1 he learned a long time a^o that t^e same pecmlR who Errant powers to individuals can tnke them away. "I heard Sen. Jim Reed of Missouri say that one nieht, anrT h^ 1 knew what he was tf.lking about." You would know that a "senior citizen" on his 65th birrhclav would have some advice for those younger ueople he preceded. "Don't be afraid to go into drM for things you want ana" have f have," he said. "You won't f much any other way. But, remnm- bcr this: don't over-obligate yourself. Debts you can meet are all right, but those you can't become nightmares." Nobody is more proud of the era in which he lived and lives than is Mose Sumner. "Think of what, I. have seen come into the world," ho related, through smoko from a high-priced 1 cigar (his onlv real luxury). He was talking about electricity, the automobile, the airplane (which he will ride in but doesn't like), television, atomic energy et al. He didn't say so, but he might have included football. And when kidded about how happy he always seems to be and how free he seems of domestic care and worry, he will shake his head and say, "everybody ought to get married." They call him the sage of West Pearcc, a title he deserves. He climbed the ladder of success the hard 1 way, but grew tired of the battle for material gain. He quit pushing lor dollars ciKhi years ago to become a morn active part of Me parade most people must watch go by. Birthday No. 65 is quite a milestone for many people. It is a milestone for Baytown because Mose Sumner was living here when he got there. Society To Meef THE BAYTOWX Society 'for Mentally Retarded Children will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Odd Fellows hall on South Fourth, fieorgp H. Gentry, superintendent of schools, tins nc- eepted nn invitation to attend the meeting. Hcrodis, the Greek historian, is often called the "father of geography." Dial 8302 Dial 8302 The Baytown Sun Want-Ad Ratti » Consecutlvt Dun He 3 Con»ec«tlv« D«,j« 17 C Insertion* .... ,...S4e PER UNB PER DAT Mlnlmara cnnrrt 3 Un<> All Want-Ad« mun iooeir undtr their proper clnsmrtcauon ana Th» Baytown Sun renervcj the runt to ai ola«»l(y "il\ all adi. A'ant-Ad noun B A.K. to A P.M. Adj placed before 10 A.M. ajpeu in Tn« Sun that Aam« afternoon. Cards ot Than*, and in M«mortun Notlcei one-halt -h« above ratea. 1. Lodge Notices Called Communication of Goose Creek LodRe No 1192. A. P. anrt A. M., Tuesday, January 1!>, IBM. nt 7:00 p.m. for the purpose nt Kxamlnntlon. All members are urged to attend. R. L. Martin. t;r.. W, M. K. E. W.iueli, f-Yc'y ;/. Stated Conclave of Kenedy Com- VTi mn n<lcry No. 61. Knight* Templar «.,!< will he l-.eld In the Apylnm. Goose ' Creek Lodge, Ma.-onic Hal). Bay. town. Wednesday, January 20. 19M at 7:30 p.m. Sojourning KnlKhts cordially Invited. M. WlRpin, Commander R. C. Read. Recorder *. Monuments-Burial Lots 5. Special Notices A.LUUHOL10S ANONYMOUS— ' Tri-Citlej Group,-. pbont 2498. *S32 and 8483; West Baytown Group, pftoni 9231.' 3-1HS. 6. Lost and Found BILLFOLD LOST—Mans dark brown leather billfold.-- Brunson Theatre or vi- 'c-lnlty. Reward lot return. Phone 5778. PART COLLIE AND. HUSKIB—Largt blue gray, 4-yearj old, gone 3-J»onths. Answers to "Shorty." Reward. Phone 3-1460. 7. Schools-Instructions CHILD CARE—By hour, day or wtek. Supervised play Transportation furnished. Phone 7123'.or.6664.. 14. Female Help Wanted RELIABLE WH1TJ3 . LADS. NEEDED— For house work. Must live In La' Port* or furnish own transportation. Reference! required. Phone La Porte S192 alter Sr30 p.m. HOUSEKEEPER WANTED—Must llva.'on place. Phone 9344. WHITE WOMAN-VJ- 'To live in home, ; do housework, coolcing. Room, board, small salary. Ph. Highlands 2-24S2. 15. Mala Help Wanted 16. Sales Help Wanted HAN OR WOMAN, FULL OR. PART TIME—One of our part: time dealers makes up to $200 per month while hold- Ing down full time -Job- elsewhere.. Two openings In Baytown area. Write WatKini Products. 915 Henderson. Houston. QUALIFIED SALESMEN—On commission basis lor lull time or part time work with leadtne Baytown Television and Appliance Co Leads furnished. Our em- ployes know of this ad. Write giving name adilres, experience, etc. to Box 3-1!). care of The Baytown Sun. WANTED—Television and appliance salesman, experienced preferred. Full time, permanent job. Highest commissions.- pood company benefit*, with established firm. Car necessary. Apply Lack's, NO. 2 North Main. TELEVISION' SALESMAN _ Experienced TV ?erv|c» man to maKe repairs In customers' homes. Must be sober anrl willing to work hard. AutomoblU or plckuti necessary. Mllease paid on 3 II calls. Good salary, usual company benefits. Apply personnel offlct. Sears Roebuck &. Co. 711 W. Texas Ave. 18. Work Wanted CARPENTRY—Trim work, lay-out man, cabinets aid repair work. Guaranteed. Phone 3.15-12. PAINTING AND PAPERMANOING— Satisfaction guaranteed 10 years experience. Very reasonable. Estimates anytime anywhere Will take old model car as payment. Phone 9462. REMODELING EXPERT—Modernize your kitchen-and fcoth—^ith knotty pine and built-in features. We can paint or paper your home Inside or out; put asbestos sld- inc; replace your roof. For immediate free estimates, call Gray Lumber and BulldlnfT Co.—8272. 8PECIAL1Z1NC—In repairing. Remodeling;, New -Additions. Roofing, Siding. Cabinet work. FHA Improvement Loans. Krce cstlmatej Cull L. A. Staner. Phone 2915. 181-1 New Jersey St. GRANITE. Virbie. BronM, Monuments. Marker?, ceme'ary work, Easy terms, no carry'.:'.* rharces. Tri.City Monument Co. Market St at \V. Main. Ph 4762, L. P. Snjytlk Salrs Mjrr. Ph. 5S93. WILL CARE FOR elderly or convalcsant lady or picntleman in my home. Mrs. A. J. Bradbury, 7 Hater St., Baytown, Texas. 19. GoodThingstoEat-Drink CAGE F.OGS—Fresh dally. Premium quality tpRS at popular prices. 3 locations. M|ntcr .Cleaners. 3314 Minnesota St., Old B«ytown. Winter Cleaner No. 2. and Mintcr Jersey Farm. Market St, Rd. at Slapout Guiicy. Also, fat hens that have never been on the ground. Ph Baytown 4013. or Hliihlands 4-1181. .MILK SCORES with youth on the diamond. In school or In life. Serve It dnily to each member on your team. Carnation Co. 6008 for home delivery. 0. HASTY SYRUP—-At 800 North Main Street. Pure Florida Ribbon Can*. Call Ed Hasty, 5336, 20. Articles For Sa|e ADDING MA.CH1NK8. TYPEWRITERS-^ New and used We buy. tell and repair. Acmp Typewriter Co., Phono 9309. ALUMINUM WINDOWS—The Hunter D. H.. no better made. Life-Time Modern lino, cheap as wood. Arnold awnings. Ual- co D. H. and casements at a. harnatn. Clay pipe. concrete pipe and concrete steps. E. E Hunter Supply Co., 90* 8. Main. Ph. 6272. MERRY MENAGERIE By Writ Disney UAYMASTER BOATS— Finished and unfinished boats. Hanlln Boat Works. 409 N. Main St, Phono 3-2247. BUICK—1950 Special Fordor with Dyna- flow. for sale as salvace or for rebuilding purposes. Frame and front end damaged out body, motor and Dynaflow unit practically undamaged. 5 good, tires, tubes, new 48 mo guaranteed battery, new spark plugs. Not Interested In salvage offers at Junk prices. Ph. 6010 after 4:30. CAMERA — Arcus C-3 with flash attachment, like new, J50. 1812 Oregon. Phone 7986. CEDAR CHEST—Lane chest. Queen Annt style, mahogany. Excellent condition. Phone 5303. CULPEPPER'S USF.D FURNITURE- IS North Commerce. Phone S915 $139.00 Full Size Beautyi-est Mattress and Box Springs .599.00 MaRlc-Chcf Gas Range ....J79.95 Norse Gas Range S5C.95 Electric Refrigerators in Oood Mechanical Condition S65.00 Wringer-Type Washers, From $29.SS Twin Rinse Tubs S B.50 Walnut Finished Chlfferobe S17.50 Platform Rockers J 9.95 We Buy Used Furniture DO AWAY WITH SWEATT7 WALLS — The famous Dearborn heaters will eliminate that messy, damp condition. See our complete line of vented and un-vented heaters, select the type best suited to your needs Baytown Hardware, 3425 Market. Ph. 4978. DIRHWASHF.R - O.K., B-months old. original cost J289.00. for quick sale $150.00. Excellent condition. Phone 9)12 DEEP. RIFt,K—Remington 721. 80-08 cat., regular JSB.95 special for 174.95. iiWe's. iS4 West Texas Avenue. Phone 2987. Ctpr 19M. «'«<* D V«tU Right! RneneJ "Seems to need a balanced diet!" 20. Articles For'Sal* GLASS TOPS—For that modern touch add glass tops to,furniture, desks and table tops In the home or "off ice. For speedy, guaranteed work call K i K Glass Co., 201 E. Texas. Phone 60Z8. „ FURNITURE—Drop leaf 'Mahogany table, 6 dining chairs, divan, -winged arm chair with ottoman, rocliins chair, gas heater with connection. Phone 6255. HEATING—All types vented heatins. One - stop supplies for everything you need, to put your heating system in. Installation if desired. Sasse's. 3511 Market Street. Dial 3-1417. KILN DKIED LUMBER—565.00 and up. Loans made on additions and repairs. Prince Lumber Company Phone Ba)'town 3-122-1. ONE-STOP FOR . ALL OFFICE SUP. ' PLIES—Ano is at Miilhcrne's in tlje Baytown Sun Buildinc You can Ret your printing , too—at Mathernc's. Phone W90. ' • • • PIPE—PBONF. 4926 Galvanized Pipe. Per 100 Ft.— u, Inch 511.00 •a; Inch f 1-1.50 1 inch 520.22 l«i Inch .527-00 IVi Inch J32.M 2 Inch .5-12.00 ' 3 Inch ...' SSR.75 4 Tnch JJ3S.10 Rlac.k Pipe. Ptr 100 Ft.— •V, Inch S fl.2fl 41 Inch 511.00 1 Inch . ...- 114 Inch 52?.SO 1V4 Inch $20.80 2 Inch $36.00 Baytown Plumbing Co. 2609 W. Main PONT1AC SHORT BLOCK ASSEMBLY— New "8" assembly, fits '37 to '48, *115. Ferguson Motors, 700 Went Texas REKMS—Double Wall Furnace, 50,000 BTU or 00,000 BTU Floor Furnace. Installed for 5199 No down payment. Call 2576 until S p.m. Baytown Heating and Ventilation Co. REFRIGERATOR (USED)—Oas and electric, $25.00 up. Ranges. 510.00 up. Scott Gas & Appliance Company, 119 Bast Texas Avenue. Phone 2016. REFRIGERATOR—Used Frlgldalre, cheap. Excellent condition, Jtist too small. Phone 7638. SEWING MACHINES—Nccchl and ,Elna Sewlns Machines, Authorized Dealer. 191-1 Wright Blvd. Phone 48.11. SPECIAL—21.Inch Bendlx Telev!«!nn. only $199.00, tax and warranty inclv:rted. Never have we Imd a buy to equal this. Sec them at Dlckson's, 104 W Defee — "Home of Bendix Television." SHAKESPEARE SERVICE REEL—On th« market for the. first time, with nylon sears, 150 yd. rapacity. Star drtiR and level wind. All chrome plated. $14.!).'>. Jim Nelson Sporting Goods, 104 N. Main. Ph. 2057. TELEVISION — 10- Motorola console, $65.00, 10" Bcnrtlx tnhlc model. $50.00, 12" Philco confiole. $75.00. Kovar Appliance Co.. 221 E Texas Avc. Ph. f>004. TITLE 1 F.H.A. LOANS—You can re. model, repair, add a room, garage, re- roof, or make any home Improvements. Pay no money down and up to 30 months on balance. Free estimates. Temple Lumber Co. Ph. 8256. TODAY—OR MAYBE TOMORROW!!! Family Budget Hooks 75c Memo Books, 3-KlnR SI.2.'; Up Mimeograph Ink. Lh $1.50 Up India Ink. Any Color $ 35 Clip Boards. All Size* $ ifiS Swln^llne Staplers . .. ,: .S2.50 Up Matherni-'s—In Baytown Sun Bids. USED WASHERS— 118.95 up. Al little as $1.00 prr week. Whltcorab's. 325 E. Texas Ave. A CLEANER— Slightly Used cleaner. For Information phono 6H9. "V" BELTS PULLEYS—Any. flit, for refrigerators. alr-condltlonerfl. pumps, compressors, washers, attic window funs, over 3.000 belts In stock. Maftiey Electric Co.. S23 8. Pnxitt Street. Phone 2058. 21. Unclaimed Freight JACK HEARD'S UNCLAIMED FREIGHT Should Sell Our Price $<5.00 30X40 Inch Plate Glass Mirror $76,00 Large Vanity Dresser $42.50 Platform Rockers ....... $ 8.60 100 Percent Wool BUnkets. New ..................... $12,50 Bedroom Rocktrs $12.95 Large Table Lamps 589.85 New Shipment Hot Water Heaters. SO.Gs.llon . . . J16S.OO 2n-GnI|on Electric Hot Water Heater .. , . $35.00 New Commode Sen With Ta $24. .10 J3P.50 J1H.50 s 5.9.', $ 8.95 $ 8.S5 .$19.10 $78.r,fl nk J2-I.9.1 W« Rent House J«ck». Jack Heard Furnltur* Company 12 W«st D«fe« St., Baytown. Ph. 49«2 GRAVES FURNITURE EXCHANGE— Nice Four.Drawer Chest of Drawers , ,. 3-Plec« Maple Bedroom Suite 5-PIece Breakfast Set Used Gas Ranges, Up From . Cfitftfi Table . 5-Pirce Dining Room Suite ... Junior Size Buffet OW Office Desk Odd Dresser Hedfteads, Up From Bf(I Springs. Up From ....... Electric Refrigerator ..,$12.50 .. .145.00 .. .$ 7.50 .. .» 9.50 ...» 3.SO ...$22. Mi .. .$12.50 ...J14.50 ...$ 4.50 .. . S 3.50 ...5 3..10 ...$35,00 Quick 'Ca For Used Furniture f}r«.v*» Furniture Eich«ng« 207 North Main St., Baytown Ph«m» 3-i5«« FLOOR FURNACE— To.fKW B.T.U. Col«- msn floor forme*. gi"-i condition. r>*. "onably priced. Phone 4S31. AS RANGES—We have plenty of good. ns«a gas ranges, nut » p e are temporarily out of used refrigerators. R«rt>»r Gss To.. 2300 Murltet St. Ph. BOOf). Try Sun Clarified Art*—Dial 8302 22. Articles Wanted WE BUT s»l Ted's Auto 1200 North M»ln. PMnt 4nS3. £iftraf» Batteries. 23. Articles For Rent FLOOR SANDBKS,- JEDGERS—Hand Sanders, polishers and 'spray .paint guns by the hour or day. Rstes are reasonable, L. G. Wllilams,' 2oS Graham. . FLOOR sanrtcrs, edgers. Hand ssntlers. polishers, saws, spray paint guns. Kates reasonable.' Craln's Rental Equipment Service. 70U W. Cleveland «t Bayless. Ph; 9498. ' '• • . LARGE FLOOR POLISHERS FOR RENT. 306 East James or phone 4283; SK1L-SAWS. piectrlc drills. Prepo torches, sprav' guns, floor sanilers,' drop clothe, ladders. Remodel, repair*, additions, etc. Easily financed with a Home Improvement Loan. No down payment, ' Shulcy Lumber Co., -2208 .Market. PH. r>sss. NOTICE HO.MKOWNERS — Brownwooil. Lnkcwood and Wooster, rent, the Ijiten type fionr wa.xers find flr;or poli>-licr.« itt Eddie Cox Real Kstatc Office In Wooslcr. 5(lc lu SI.00. Phone 3-1(104. 25. Livestock & Supplies 35. Services Offered 150. Houses For "Sal* SEWING MACHINE REPAIRS — All, BEAUTIFUL BROWNWOOD—1ST Kath- mases. Scissors sharpened. ,-Belts, but- • ; 'rine Street, brand; ncw ; three-bedroom tons, buttonholes, hemstitching. . Pick-up | home with 1500 «i. it. Ijvlnfe space. Cen- and delUois. Fenton's Button Shop. Phone itcal heatinK, attic fan. H4 batHa. all tile 2955 'kitchen and bath. Plenty of clopct space. Veiieilun.^blintls. Roman 'brick' front and planter bpxes.- jLot S0\180 ft. Big oak tree« Hurry, priced at $13,500 00. It's lit up toijiBht. C»!l Eddfa * Cox, B39S of 3-100-1 l TREE SURGEON— Beautify ycui-' trees M. 0. rJdu-ards. Phone 5552 222' West James,' Baytown WATER \VEL, DRILLING—For homes, industrial. .Irrigation. Authorized Denier for. Berkley Water Systems. Established since 1910. James Jenntsche. Ph. QMS, WATMI1 WJ3LL.. DR1LL1NC— Complete uater \\ell dillllng and service L. A. H'altleiinfor. 600 E. Adoue. Phona 6263. 40. Apartments For Rent ADOUB, HIS K. —New 2-bcdroom unfurnished clean apartment. Apply 216 E. Adoue. Ph. 2484. . . BASSHU.aJ COURTS — Nice furninhcd apartment, innersprius mattreses, Ser- vels. bills palu Waslmtoria. $8 01) uf per week. Market St. Rd., Wooster. Ph. 6044. CEDAR BAYOU' ROAD. 2222—Modem furnished garage 'apartment. $85.00 Per month. Phone 2223 or 8714. FRANCIS, 301 E —Two-bedroom unfurnished ' garage apartment. Phone; 4793 for Information. GAILLARD, 303 N.—Redecorated furnished apartments Blll« paid. Apply same address GULF. 101 E.— • : Furnished apartment. J10.UQ per week. Apply WllkenfeM Furntuut Company or phono 295i. l GULF, 314 W.—Efficiency garage apart, menl, recently redecorated. Bills paid. Phone 2296. ILLINOIS, 3205i4—Three-room furnished garage apartment. Water paid. S35.00 month. See Bond Realty Co.. 907 S, Main Dial 82IS. ,, ., - BAYLESS; 1201—-Six-room home on over, size -lot extending through" entire block. Glazed porch. Double pnrage,. $6000.00. Shown by appolnlment only. Tuck Realty: Bob Beverly..A, H. Bynum, Sr. Phone 5-.171. Nights phone - 817S or 3-IB73. BRICK- VENEER HOMES— 100 percent GI Loans- i-"HA Loans Available at usual rate. Hill Tcnace Addition, Highway :l 18 Just: south of Cedars Drive ' '' ' luiiulre Mrs. Hays, > Drive. Phtne 3-22U8. • 901 Patsy FAVLE, 402 E.—Price reduced for quick sale. , 2 bedroom hooie, .-wall to wall carpeting In living room- and ', hall. Attic fan. S70U.OO equity.' Phone 3-1856. : FAYLE, 1806 : E.—BcnUtUupMW S-be«room. Large paneiad dan, IVi all tils baths, central heating system, Venetian blinds, attic ventilation, laundry room, 2- car garage. Large 100x135 ft. lot. Sale price 514,850.00. 0:'»n. Tubbe •*- Stone. Phone a«18 or 3-1618. . - 60. Business Opportunity WILL TRADE FOR bAX'lOWN or L* Port* properly. 20 ualt tourt»J< eouzt IB downtown Bandert. -ncludtd 2-o«drooai home, 5 tcres of Itnit. ,Pnon«. 6700 for Information; < % , -'^, 61. Mortgage Loans ALL KINDS OS IUIA.L. BSTATK LOAN* To remodel-Re/lnanc« ; Purchase or Build. . Low Interest-Long -terms. Equities and .Votes Bought. •W. "Bill" Relchart, 512 E. Texas. Phom.,6952 <- , \ . ^ 62. Money To-Loan LOW COST LOANS—J8t) to 52000 Ji,a&> to get -Eas> tp ua>. On .signature; cat or;iiifnlture. ??o brokerage or hldtisn Charges. 307 West -Texai Avenue.' Phono S2S3. Next. 10 BrUnaon Theatre' Open Mondays until fi- p.m. HIGHLANDS—512 Harris Rd.. nice 2- bedroom home. Attached garage. Plenty trees and shrubbery. 100'xlOO 1 lot. , Only, Terms. HlBhlands Realty Company. A. W. Hamm Phone Highlands 2-2281 or 4-1411. MAIN, 2U3!4 W.—Three-room garnse apartment. Completely furnislied. All Wlls paid. Phone 52i6 LA PORTE—Sylvan Estates, near: bay, new* m'odern 2 and 3-bedroom homca. Wooded lots Excellent'financing. Jlmmle Crad'. 413 Sun Jaclnlo. La Porte. 6084. LAKFjWOOD—-Beautiful 3-bcdi'oom home. Sh;uie trees. Central hculln),*. SDWi.iM.1 flown, move in. Brown's Realty.' Ph.' OSM. Corner Market St. and Decker IJr. MURR1LL, 100H K.—-I,room unfurnished BH,rafce apartment with private Imlh. hardwood floors-, nn^ garage. All utilities |i»i(l. 540. Phone SS3S. N13W JERSEY, ' 2ItlBlj—Modern 4-room unfurnished psmijie aputtmerit, Hm-rl- wood floofs, veiieiiun - hiimls. Laluulry. Private cnracc. Phoiu- S021 utter 1 luu, week-days, anytime, wcek-emls, NEW JERSKY. Z.iaS'.i—Lnrgc furnished Kiiniye aimrrnent. Garage. Bills paid. Couple prefci-retl. Plione 4|},'i7. RABBITS AM.) HUTCHES — Ntw 5>lands and Cnlifornian. 1 :. Also baby bed for sale 3to Schilling. Phont 6SO). NEW JKRKEi", 2U0114—Purnlslled 3-ronm dotvilstalrs apiirtment. Wutnr I'nUl. Gitr.-tfrc. $•!"( monlh, $oe Bond Jtcnlty Co.. 907 S. .Main. Dial 82-18. OAK, Jftl"—Duplex apartment. 3-ro(imn and b.-ith. furnished,. UIHKt'es paid. J50 montii. details phunc nl!27. j'KARCIC. filO W.—Completely furnished downsinirs 4-roiuu mrMlorn aitArtnir.nt. Water paid. S5r> mcuilli, 5ce Bond Realty Co.. 9(17 S. -Main. Dial S21B. TOP ROPING HORSK—Resdy to fa. Very rcasonfthle. Must sell this \Veek. Phone Howiirfl at 2376. WHITE KING PIOKONS. RABBITS — >"or sale. Phone S7S6, ask for Dru-rel. 26. Petstock &. Supplies B1RI3S—Cages, supplies, Boldddh, tropi- cals, Sca-Wccd, aquarlumn, food, etc. Pot plants, needlework, needlepoint and hooked rug supplies, sift Items. McDonald Bird Haven. Bob Smith Road, Cedar Bayou, Ph. 3-1272 CAGEB1 CANARIES! PARAKEETS— Pntpak Supplies. Rosamond Hardware 341.1 Market St.. Baytown. Phono 523". POINTER PUPPIES— Six-weeks old. 1816 Utah. Phone 57B1 aftflr 5 p.m. . 28. Plants & Seeds A55AL.EA8—Special Bale, fresh shipment LoulDlana grown Many varieties, all In hud. Griffith Nursery, out Decer I3r.. take first left turn, <HO Av«. J. Ph. DOB!), JBKOOJNO AND I'OT PLANTS—CM flowtrn, fruit treefi and nurncry utock. Watch for our display nd «very Saturday. Channdview Nuroery, Market Bt. ltd.. Channelvlew. STANDARD .-AND PATENTKO ROSES— Pccnn, fruit and «lmdc trees. General line Nursary stock, 220 Bay.ihoru Dr. Phone 9132. MCBHAN'S GKKBNHOUHB— Beautiful polled Mums ?1.25 up, Azaleas 75c, Holllea and Magnolias 51.00 each. 300 Ea«t Pearce. 30. Top Soil-Fertilizer CHAMBERS COUNTY SANDY LOAM— Top jiol). Tractor excavating, ysrd Icv- ellnK. Fill sand and ihcll. Call Jackson, Dial .1113 or 7242. 35. Services Offered AAA Rh'NTAL SKRVJCE—Lfav- InK town? Let us rent your property for you. We nei:uri! tenants, collect rents ami maintain property. Absolutely dependable. Rianonable ratts. V*-e Bond Really Company. W07 i. Main. "Spjrky" Bond. Dial 8248. ALL. TYPES HOMK IMPROVEMENTS— Additions, attic fans, ash'-sto* sirtlnjr. KarapeB. etc. Materials and labor furnished or matfrlnls only. (Jail for Information on terms and prices. Better Homes Lurn- bfr 4 Supply Co., 1300 N. Main 3t. Ph. 9110. BUILD A HOME VOIJ'LL, BR PROUD for your children lo llv« in! ttxnerl<'ncei:. reasonable build- ln«. planning, fmnncmi:. bv £.. F. Lll'julit. Phnne JOOo'. nl'.AKK HERVICE. WHKEL ALIGNING— Balancing. Automobile inspection for 1951 llcfnjt. Ciark'.i U'h-'ei & Bis he Service, 2100 Mai kit. CUSTOM PICTCfu; FRAMING— Mo<>rn fr'ol<l Doors, M. H. Shflton. 613 Morull Phnni- «1S1. ELECTIUC MOTOR RKPAIP.S and rewinding A*\v Kind or mi?. Modern «quipm*nt, qualified mechanics. Mas»*y Kleolrli: Cn. M3 K. Prupti. Phono TSM. tXTKHMINATIN'u SBRVICR—All hou»f- hold peels. Also termite canliol. Work ffuaranteecl. Inspections, eatlm*,!** free. H. H. Harris. Pnone 42&0. ORACK fcXTtHMlNATINO CO., INC.— Compete pest control service for In- dustrlal, commercial and homes. BomiM Termite Control. Free ritlmotei. «07 B. Main. Ph, 824 B. HOME BUILDING— Plans and Loan Service on all types of homes. Homes now avaiinble. see H, B. Fulmer or call R633. I WKLI> ANYTHINf! IN TOWN—After 1 o'clock p.m. and Saturdays. Clatbe.1 line poles *B.r>o a pair. Call W. C. Wlsmer. 3201 Iowa. Phine .'."59. MAYTAG HEKVICE—Call "Bob. THe ayUR Man" for pans and service on any make washer. 2312 W. Main. Dial 5009 for pick-up and delivery. MOVING -Local and long distance. Experienced men. modern «*rju!pm*nt Bonded. C. R. CoXer Moving A Transfer Co. »«y Ph. 5035. NlshU ph. 3-2107. RENT A TRAILER — rtatlon- WMf, LOCK! and l-»«y. Hitches, elot.lfs line poles, plokup bumpers, grill Kuards. weidinjf. Bay- li'j'n Truller Rental Co., 2tot V.nt'ftl S'.. Rd. Ph. '.MIS. Optn Sundays 7 *.m to S p.m. PEAKL. -*i!l —Nice, clean 3 room apartment to nice quid working coujilc. Would consider keeiflnK small child for working mother. Private bath. Bills paid. Slid.mi mo. Phonf 7(Ui.'i. SECOND. 1017 N.-.-Tliree-roosn tui-nlshod dujiJex. Prlvnle Imlh. JnnprsprinK mat- (re.ix. S(0 month. Phone 73.M. STERLING. 211 K — Kurnlslind ll-ruomn, h/iJIi; rtfitn. Adults or Kinjtl) cltlM. $1(1 mnnlh. Pli. HnuKion, VA-,%7-1". SCHILLING. KMI—Kcmr 3 rncim~uiiMmih Ulifurnlslied nimrunpntn. Newly itcroi-iil- ed. Upstairs. Slt.voii mn. bciwii.stjiii-H. $40.00 nio. Water paid. 1'liuim 2T27 or 4127. STERLING, 108 W,—3-room furnished duplex npartmenL A.II utilities paid. Oar. ace. Adilltn. $011. Phone BI582. THIRD, 10 S — For working collpl«, 3-room furnished garage apnrtment with (tarnfit. Dial W27. WOOBTER BT, 235Mi—3-roomn and hath, duplex apartment. Wntor. K»rli»(;« disposal furnished. Ptinno t!iM. WISCONSIN, 3-11.6—Furnlsherf brick Riir- agc apartment, H-larKe rooms and bnih. Exceptionally nice /Mrnltur'', outside hllnd». Oarage. Water pnlil. J(l. r i. WISCONSIN, :lilS—Furnl.ihod. InrRe 2 and 3 room apartments. Hilts paid. Use of electric washer. Apply apartment 6, upstairs, 3333 Minnesota. WRtOHT. 110 F,.— Z-ronm furnished apartment. Garnue. Couple only. Utlll- tle» paid. Apply 11.1 K. Wrluhl afier n. W1HCONBIN, 3320 — Nlcdy furnished 3- room Karnge npnruncnt. Hcreeneil porch. GnraRe. Bills palrl WOOSTKR HKICHTH CAHINR—llfl N. Market St. Rd., ,1-rnom furnished apartments. $12.CO per week. Ph. 2802. UNKURNIHHKO— 3-room npnrtniitnt. Also 3-rnom unfurnlnhcd garage apartment. Phono 810f, FURNISHED — Three-room apartment. Utilities paid. Apply nt Fuller's. 813 H.Mnin or call 737B. FURNI8HKD KFFICIKNCY—Private bath, all bills p.i!d. J2.-p.oo monthly. Phone CLOSE TN — Two rnrninhed aparlmrnl.s. Utllltlfs furnlshM. Private hnths. Phone BH33. v- On ra K" Hpirtmcn Cmple only S9.00 wfrkly. Apply 210 E. James. KIIIINIBHBD TPAUT.MENT — n-nxims nnd private bniti. all bills paid. flnrnK*. $10.00. Phone .IS-lil. NICK — UnfurnlsiiPd rooms, hsth and Phone S03I). npartnipnt. 3 . $3.'i.OO mo UNTURNIRHKD- Gnrmr npHrtnT-nl reni. Hre H. T. Hmniras. Iflnti H mnnl Si reel. Phonr <II2. KHRNIS'.iED—-l-rooms nnd hath. Clrnn. Apply in Hoiilli rinlllard. Phone B3«3 for information. 41. Houses For'Rent CAROLINE — Four-room unfurnlfih**'! house. Oaram. $<o.oo monthly. Apply 1 Stltr.son Phons 4128. CKDAR BAYOU—Unfurnished 2 h'tlrnnm house. AttnrtiMt Kirnce. I.Ike new. 56,"i.OO mo. Phone 7-17S. KRANCIH. NO. I" K.--K|ve-rniilrl linfur- r,i»(heil lir.use. U.rt pel' month. See Hf.nd Really. 907 K. Main. Phone Silft GARTH rtOAfi--3 rotim mn/it-rn h wllh h«!h. JtO'lO mo. Phone ti22i.i. MAIN. «mi N.---1 room unrurnlslird IKHH'. Also 3'i room npur!m*ri!, UMfil;nii<t | ''fl. 4 K. Jnrk. Apply Kaplan's J'KK. st'n». .112 N. Msln, NORTH MAIN ST.— Morlern two'hC'Iroorn hnrni* wi'h av.T-n- ed y:\n\K*-.. /'honf ,*>()lfi Apl-ly A^hioy Lurn. tir>r'y«rd. PINK. 1229 — PftMiMlly furnisl^'l ihrf- mum h<il)s« Halli S-l!!. ?ee F'."n-! Renlly, 90, F,. Main. Rial S2«- SHKPHF.RlT P.OAli Al Ooatly. Iivr-'onm lifn!'!'' ^'-tlh KJtll'L"^ 'ifl'l PRB'IJI* 1 !"|"t':c. For iiiFMTn'* '. inn fail .Vi7.'t. Wi.XjHTKI: Fi,tlf-ror>in rurnl^I.'''! hniji"' wKii [Mi-.nif t^>'h. Applv :*1?. N. MfirKP' LAKEV1EW HEIGHTS—Well located 3. . hcilroom l)inue. Bt'RUlirul trees. Laft;* 1 . lot. Terms. : • • Highlands Realty Cunipiiny. A. W. Hiunm Phone HtKlilBtiils 2-Kifi! or -I-.1-1'II. MALLIN'S PAWN ".'SKOFr'-i' 116-- N;-/Mala St. Money loaned•:on. Pistols,. ,RU es, ShotKiina; Cameras, Binoculars, Mu*cal Instruments. Or Will' Buyr^Sell^-Tr« «, 63. Insurance AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE— 27.5 percent dividend on currently policies. State Farm Insurance; , John O. Mitchell Agency Kanzalis Bide. ftt. -»H2S. • KAi'BORN JplIKsjON 1 AGENCY SttVlnB» to policy .holders. Firs', Automobile;. Liability. 2201 MiKket Si; Phons 80SS. BTEKLE >'or all your Insurance aeeda. Phone SluJ. LAKISWOOD—'For .sale .by. owner, modrtnl 2-hedrooiu -home oh IdO'xSfiO' hayshnrc Int., Fireplace, • exposed beiltn*, oarpetitiK, di-apci'H;s. dtalnvaslier. Kat : bn(;e , disix'sul. Completely InnUs'cupt'il.. Owner niovlnK to California Phone 078". L~AVVNT1ALK 4DD.N.. B06 N. - Clrfl'f— Kqility In 3-bedttiom llomo. I ponicnt .G.I. lonn. $4(100.00 ilnwn, a."sinile .ViOunt! pnynunUK, fencu mid \vnll heater p«y- menl.H. NKU'—;j-heilroom licmi 1 .. I-Nrnivomi florjr.t. nshostoK sltllni;. on 1 U iu:rc land. Small down payment, nolns srio.oo. Shown by niipnlntmiuit only. Call fi513. ' ' NORTH MMN" A'HD HI NES~COTtNKRv- Goo<l lHi5inesa iot with .nice 2-bedromn hnusr, - Lnl 100'x6()'. Kpeclnl price for i|lili-k salr JSU4II.UU, Call Kddlo Cox. 929S or 3-liiui, PKOC1Y ST., 600—Two-bed room hnmr. nn corner lot. lofixioo It. Priced "reason- whly. Small riown pHynicnt. Tuck• netiliy: Bnb Beverly. A'.'H. Pynum, Sr. Phone 5474, Nixhli plionis 617S or POINSKTTIA-— Two-heiironm FHA nnd nt home. Livinp r»ofrl. Inl-jsc klttjhdn with psnii-y nnii rnhlntUs. 3 ('.Insets, hanlwoml floors, blinrtK. Garner. Lot 7ri',xl2.V. To sell for IIISM.OO. Buy equity JSno.OO. tial- iuli-1- like rrlit.' •••••«.>" Avey's Real.Estutu *. .Ins.. flt)3 Baltlobell Rd.. HUlilvjilK. Phmi« ; 3;lini'. " l Iray new n room i-iime on- ioq'xHO' lot with larg* 1 2-hi'iliunm K.irnRs 'Ai'iKtUni'tit. Onod loan. I'limtf 3.1M3. ' PECAN ijRIVK, 0(11—Cednr Bnynii, O.I. eriulty, 2.bedrooms, -Sum by .owner for home. Natural irnn<ltrork. Double Karaite. LarK« lot. Phonn 4330. SCOTT BT., 312—Nice 3-hcaroom home, Attic *an, cedar lined ctasets. 7Qx13A /t. Int. $1000.00 equity. Ph. BH03. HCARLBTT. -tln—Woosli-r. Threr.turtroom home. All recently- •rfldecorati'd Inside and nut. A rrnl buy nt 58000.00. FHA Icrms. Call Eddie Cox, 1121)8 or 3-1004. WYNEWOOn—,112 nrtnrwnoil. two-bfd- room home with nice screened In porch. Hoy equity. Tucit Really: Bob Beverly, A. H. Bynum, Sr. Phone (14,71. NlKhts hhone 817B or 3-1117::. WOOD, 114—2-bedrnom hnmr with at- Inched cnrnpe-on lot 30.V deep, Plrnty rooiu for Harden, ohlckiMis. Onod crmdl- tlon. Buy equity In -1 pprrent loan. Pay- miiiitn $-17,00 monthly. Tuck Realty: nnh Beverly, A. H. Bynum. Sr. Phone 647-1. NlRhts phono 0178 or 3-1(173. WOO8TBH—241) Arbor, J7. r >0.00 for equity, 3 bedrooms, llvlnK room, dlnlnc room, kitchen, utility washroom, screened porch, new asbestos sldlnif. Ooublp ftarane, work nhop. norn'T lot. Paymi-nts sliS.OII mrinth- ly. I'lione 3-1B02. HANCH TYPE I1OMI3--I'rlm with Roman brick nnd orniimehlnl Iron. Two.bed- rooms nnfl paneled rtnn. Keaturen;—knotty plno cnhlnets, Tll« hath and dressing tablr, Wall furnace, attic fan, laundry connection. Ovrrsl>.i< lol In Wnorilawn Addition on Norlh Commerf:! 1 , rioo'l terms avallnhle, Phonii ?272 or ,1-1025 after (1 00. WANTED TO HUY—3- or 4-ronm house romplete with plllmblnK. to be moved Art<lr»«<i particulars: P.O. Boz 50P, Haytown, Texas, LAKOK COMFOItTAHI.K HOME- -B-room« nn'l (Urd fjonr in hrfnkfsst r^rm. ad. lolnlnc knotty plnf flfn with wood-burn- InR flroplnc* 1 . Onr»Rr with sttnch^d Inun- dry room InrlndlnR shower, rnmrnod*' and 12 fl. FrlKldnlrr. 3 InrK" lois wllh plenty hhft'lt 4 trr^s, clrrular drive, flood financing i be arrnnKC'l. Will rnnsirirr small ti/"* nn 'lowrj payment. CwJJ B024. O tl P L F, X AND fl A R A O E APAHT.MKNT - - rnmpteMy furnish^fl. Hmall flown pnymenl, nnd own*»r wilt cnrry bRlanc*? with rpnponaole monthly payments. Keystone Ttrrilty T'linpany. 1ft North Anhbel. Ptinn« 292.'. or S021. 51. Lots For Sale TlilNITY I!AY, I'MMHKI.I.A POINT - Mc.MHllilt V fi'trl Iront i"!, .VIXiyllll ft. Ph.,n... :,ii:i2. WOrjDLAWN DP.1VK -i.'h'ilc'-'i; residen!:al Jrtt :n li;iy!')V.;j, >i!7c ll'0'.if:i^V in Miibv- -lltii- ;•-'', -. V*iv hi^!- '.VPN 'Irril.Trl '.'.ill; him* o.-,R iM-ff. Pcr(f,-t hcinipsiip fur » |,»l.-*ti»l ri-yiflcncf, Pn,-« r»'lm-«M In J3li.Vi.ini. V-" Kon'l Realty Co.. 9<i7 S. Mn.i,. ni.ll K21R. 70. Used Cars For Sale BU'ICK—IUM Special Fordor wltli Dyna- floiv. for sale as salvage or for: re- buliiiliiK -. purposes, : Fruma and front. «n<J- niMl but boily. motor. Dynaflow unit iLtli-oiiv imd'iinageil 3 good tiles, tubrjs;" : nevv is mn. guaranteed, '.battery, nc\\ spurk phis' N'ot intcreKHid iii laUasn utters ut Junk prices. .Ph. 6010 after 4:30. CHEVROLET, 1940, —2-door ;sedan. with condncntbl. Fair .condition, pldsmobil* hub caps. SSO.UU. 127 : E. Francis. Ph. 0300 DOUO10—1901 Fornor ,1-owner car. with -1C 1)0" a<tunl miles. Equipped with hcalei nnd si!,it covers. Finl^lied In beautiful light blue. A godlooklng cw.and 6nly S895. Dan Hulublns Motor Company, on tn« Traffic Circle. tiaytoy,'n. Phone 713B DKSOTO — 1050, custom, Fordor. A good looking 1-dwncr car. equipped .with radio and heater. Real good tlrej. A buy at only JII95. ;:••'•• - ." .- HlKBlnhotnam .Mfitor Company. ,2913 Mir- kol Street, Baytown. Phone 8166. UOiXiE — 1000 Meatlowbroo'k Fordor, Exira low" mileage, very clean: Hit t brand new paint job, good rubber ail around, Extra- special for only ,5995. - .Nlntor.iCoaipiiny,,2012'Mar- ket Street, Bnytoivn,; r iEhanti; 8158^"'' KOKLV—1»4« Special flwxe Tudor, Equipped H-lth fienter,';" H,i!i-i grjorl r ,'boiiy. Fo< good i-henp truneliprtiirlOHt ; «b*yfthl« car. Holltiwny Motor Cbh^pnny, .corner N. Main nnd K. Murrill Sl«. Phone Sloan. FOKD—11*49 V-8 Cltlb Coupe,. A good little car nnd snefiln) at only J305. VerRttson Motocs, 700 West T«xa» Phone 8101. FORD — 1052 Victoria equipped -with Fordomatlc Drlvo. radio and heater, white side wall tires. Real slick and a real bargain Come, out and let 'Ui show you this car. ' Dan Hutchlns Motor Company, on th« Traffic Circle, Baytown. Phone 7158. FORD—111. 1 )! Tudor, heautuu] Hav'ftilaa bronze finish, 28.000 actual mlloi by former careful owner. Equipped with bonier, anil overdrive that will Mve you money. Tnilor made sent covers. We toole this ear In lrndn on a brand new car. Yours for SH05. Dan Hutchlns Motor Company, on tin Traffic Circle, Baytown. Phone 7158 HUDSON — 1017 Fordor Sedan. This cnr is clean throughout. Han KooiJ Urn, perfect 'body Very good mechanical. Th« price hai been reduced to I24A. Paul Prlncn Bulck Company, 2800 Market knt St., Baytown. Phone 8214. I1KNHY J — 1952 Tudor. This car li extra clean, has very low mileage. Interior trimmed (n beautiful allfftator skin. Only I09B. '•• • Tiny Trnylor Motor Co.""at. the TrMfle Circle (Wllh Dan llulchlnn). Phone M53. MKRCURY — 19S2 Tudor. An exception, ally Kood, clean car. Equipped with radio and hpster. Jla* overdrive, whltn side wall tlrfs. »1095. Dan Hutrhlns Molor Company, at th« Trnffic Circle, Rnytown Phone 7I5S. PACKARD — 1949 Fordor Celine Sedan, lifts economical overdrive, radio and Jirater, white side wnii tires. Exceptionally clean. Only $fiP5, Pnck.ird Bnytciwn. Inc., 1001 N. Main St., Haytown. Phone 4494" PLYMOUTH — 1919 Tudor with a brand ne\v paint Job, wood tires, almost, new plastic seat covers. Reconditioned motor. A stood car and priced rljsbt. Only J.W5. Paul Prince. Bi'urk Company. 2SOO Market Kt., Baytown. Ph. 8214. PLYMOUTH—1049 Fordor Special Deluxe tiu!pp«d wl!h ni'ii'i finti )ie\ter. An 'i-pllonaliv iMcnn rl.r Just 5r,15. ipusnn Motors. 7(Hi We.i.t Texas fiif ftlfll. Pt.YMOl.'TH -- IK:, I Crnihrook Torrtor '.•'tulpped «ith radio and heater. Extra Tmv TrHVK.r Mnn.r Co, at the Tralli fMn:!^ i-.vuh linn lltittliinx t. Ph. 6253. 54. Business Property HllillJ..\NhS - I-'.O .»:il7',.x lot nn S(.u!l, ,%-tln t:i('1nk liattlehell !l'i, Pi-,'-ed i-l^lii T'-irns. IIU:i,i:irnl- P.crihv C"nij>,in, A W. H;'.mtn I'hiitii! Iliffhlnnds 2-22K1 or 1-1 ill. PLYMOUTH ..- 1952 Fnrdor Cranbrook j A re.'inv ni'-e far equipped With rSdiC* ' .-iivi heMr.r. lin« a new paint joo ard • t'./,,! rubier. Car you will be proud to 'delve SUM HiKKir.i'OUMm Mfilor 0-mpanv, 2912 MarJ Itpl Ptrrei K:iv!nwn. Phon" S19?. PONTIAC- lii'.o Redan Coupe with rnnl'i.' new palnr :<il>. T'-is ir a n<Ki<l tlea^ ' • ,lr, x^ell worth the money anrl more. Jua% : swr, , Kert-'ueon Mo;nrs. 700 West T»:x;ts -i ' Phor;«- mf, I . 58. Real Estate Wanted PON'TlAi.: IM2 Tu<l<>r eo!»pp»»! witli r.tillo nnM he.-iSer 1 . TMs i? a :i!<:e car. quod looking .>ml the price ha.« be*n re» 'diced to Jlifi.l. Ke.' \in:<-,r!, 71)0 W«st TPXHS i SIS1. WOOSTKI: TK!!i:A('K- Two r, iin- fuvnl.'hul hoiue.. 410 Coh'irn. 320 Conurn .«,".r, ''0. All modern. Plior.e I3fit. 42. Bedrooms-Board HTJMBLK. 2M, WEST—Nice fror.t bedroom in Quiet home near town. Adjoins b«th. Apply 20.'. W. Humble. PEARCE, 510 W.— Private, sleeping room with hsth ysr single wr-rklpg man. $30 per month. See Bond Realty Co., 907 S, Main Dial S2<fl. WISCONSIN. 3401— BeHro«m v.-lth private entrance snd private Phone. Mf>2. 50. Houses For Sale Try Sun Classified Ad*—Dial BRITTON CRAVKN'S-^S-roorn hrmne. lik* Win finsnre. low down payrr.fnt. low interest rat*s. nn «Ios5n5 cesi or hsrK«s. C^.11 23«7 for appoint- .\CMK KKAI/IY V/M,[, SKI. I. horn* or'M! ' '• K'H [Jfr^Ofi;!!. [ji'OtT.lJt. *t- T, W IVllkrt PnuNfl fllSH. KKAI-TY CO.— oom h'»nj*«t and .011 ot •A-l*h fl'.-crdnvp. Fnir Tnr>-hnniral rnndi- ii^rt. P; i'.'ffi for only $295 anrl Ion of CnoH Tiiilffi in lt'-Jn one, HftjjMvav Mn:*ir Ocmiiany. corner ^. M3.tS .tnt] K. Mi.nni St.i.. Baytown Phonf 9038. Call 71. Trucks For Sale OA.NIKL J'.KAI.TY CO. INC. offers Hie best in huviiiK or selling anythinK in real estate. MS E. Texas Ave.. Ph. 23.'!'!. Jerry V Daniel . . O. M. Uack> Puts. "SPARKY" BUND-P.EAI.TOR— Buy and setl your ren! estate through Baytown's leading full-time real estste firm. We buy equities. We handle FHA and f5I LfMn« We guarantee concentrated full-time personal service, In tn« sale of your nome or business, ?« Bom! Really Company, >07 S. Main Dial 324*. YOd CAN'T BUY PEACE Of MIND— But you can be ir«e of all worries over property disposal by putting your tu'opeity in my hands to sell! F, Wwvlruff Resl Estate. JOO* Market St. Pn. X94U. LET US HANDLE YOUR PROPERTY— gales—Insurance—Rentals. Collections Keyitsn* Rfalty Co. Bailey * Stewart. Dial J8Z* DOIif.B •- ;9."i2 4;-ton pickup truck with an extra lony b«rt. Just like new. ODJV fWZ Tiny Travlor Motor Co, at the Tr*ff!o Circle (with Dan HutchlnnJ Phone, B253. KORO —•> 1932 ',-4-ton pickup truck that Is exceptionally clean an<! (food. J795. Tiny Trsylor Motor Co. at the Traffic Circle (with Dan Hutching). Phone 625,1. CMC—Hi ton truck. Will trade for car. Call 7803 befort 3 p.m. nr after 7:38 p.m. 73. Automobil* Service STORAGE—Bon<J«« rt»r- for yeur car or 1s**t* ; Weekly of j monthly rates. Das Hutehlnt Motor O>: pscy. CTiom 71.18. Ni«?iU rnOBt 9544.

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