The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 10, 1962 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 10, 1962
Page 5
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Hl BRAZOSPORT FACTS MONDAY, SIPTEMBER 10. 1942 SUCCESSFUL HOME/MAKING- «— Here Are Ideas For Ways To Cut Family Food Bill IU your food bill flrsl. Mnny limes this Is n place where you can cut expenses. Them are you can do Ihls. Hw In calories; the less expensive ponchos may be canned In a light ihe members of your family need i " Do"you"make tortillas or buy lllf» f^hnv? U .i, r i ?"; " T wn " ld : (ht ™ already made? Did you ever liKe 10 nave thin Information, write jflRure the cost of ench? You will or call the office for bulletin • lIMy flndll cheaper to make "foods for *ilness"-a dally food ' tortillas, bui your time may be *"' i mor « Important to you than mon- Decide before you start Kprml-' r V. In such an Instance you will Ing, Just how much you can spend | "My b«y Ihe ready made ones, for food. Plan daily menus for a I Aml moiln the food value of each week—for (jowl nutrition and for!* 1 ' 1 " 1 remains the same, •ppelile appeal. The more limes | Another choice is the kind of you KO I ihe Rtre Die mre mney jweat to luiy, the more tender cuts you spend! jot meat are Renerally more expen- Make a market list to use when; sivl> - wlllle 'he less tender cuts (hopping—(heck what is on hand! 0 ' mprl l are less expenive. The and then decide what to buy. This fcKK ' value remains the same if saves you money. You are less |«>mparln(c the lean meat. It lakes likely to buy Items you do nut; morc ttmf to prepare the less ten- need. It also helps you to cut j lll>r cllls °' merit, so they may be down on the number of trips toj a sood buy for you if you have the store. jtime to prepare them. Learn about "best" buys by I There is always the question as shopping around, checkinj; the' 10 whether to buy fresh or canned market reports and studying nrf.'vegetables. In making your choice vertiBoments In newspapers. j^ 011 mu -'t decide on the cost per When you go to the market, wrrtng of the canned and fresh there are things you can do to Ret ve fi elab les as well as Ihe time re- the most for your money. For ex- | quircd lo Prepare fresh vegetables, ample, shop early in the day and i Slori| 8 e °' fresh vegetables must on n day that the produce is: nlso 1)e considered, if it la very irosh—you get more lor youri " milwl " may be better to buy money, nutrition-wise. jmore canned vegetables. Make personal selections. Then! M " k is or 'hould be on every if you make a poor choice, you' Krot ' cry ltat - Are > 10U buying fresh hnve no one to blame but yourself ! swect milk or are you buying non- Compare prices of foods with! ' dry . mllk? The food value of equal food values—bulk or pack-;'" 1 "* kind °' mill< ^ the Mme ex- aged, fresh, frozen, canned, or: ( ' ept tne ' nt ha * been removed prepared. You need not do thlsi'""" the non -' al dry milk. This on every trip to the grocery store, i 08 " ** made up b y » er v>nR butter but keeping up-to-date on trends s ° r mar *?arine. Those who need to in food prices will help you gave | watch their die * <--ould use non-fat Buy by weight-not by a dime 1*1, milk ' or dollar'* worth. Thl* is usually i Plan vour meal " b y the Food for less expensive. i Fitness Guide, providing some Buy by grade and quality and (ood ' ! from each °* the four food buy only the quantity and size^ g ?f ps: Mllkl fnUu " and ve se- which is appropriate for your use , ' meal and bread W" 1 c* 1 *Read labels to know what Is in; !l . . . _, food packages. ; T" 6 " * tud y *• prices, sizes of Buy in quantity, when It is eco- •' conta ' nenl and brands and make nomical and when your storage |y °" r decislon as to ""e amount of space permits. 'money you have to spend as well Keep notes about prices or Items ; a " how much Ume you ""ve to on your shopping list to use when f. repare ' he /ood - B y foUtwing planning your next order cse B uldel 'nes, you should be There are many decisions you, ?."j! e lo rpduce vour faml| y food as a grocery shopper, have to ',/. . . .. . _ ^. make tim. you go to the ... f/T a b , ulletln ' B - 7M - "^ super market or grocery store Wc " for Loss ' We wUI ** K lati to You can pay more or less and yet scnd you a free "W- Ca » or write provide good nutrition for your ° r comc by my offlce *" the Court- family-it all depends on what house for your TO P>'you buy. ~~~ Kor example you have canned! When canlaloupcs are picked peaches on your grocery list, you;at Ihe stage of full maturity will <md several sizes of cans of!known as "full-slip," the stem peaches, as well as several brands,separates easily and cleanly from at various prices. Which one to the melon, leaving a shallow sau buy is tlie decision you must makeJcer-IIke depression. Teeners Toot Enthusiastic Note For Nourishing Chocolate Drinks Teen-agers have soin« tastes of which a parent can wholeheartedly approve! AMIOIIK these is their taste (or milk drinks, the chocolate milkshake, fur instance. Produce a variety of delicious chocolate milkshakes almojt instantly, tlarlint; witli quii-tc chocolate-flavored mix. In addition to its excellent chocolulc llavur, it contains valuable vil.immi »ml iron. Dreamy C'hutoUle Milk Shake 14 cup (juick chocolate- 1 quart (4 cups) IIIIIK flavored mix Combine quick chocolate -flavored mix and milk in a I'.i-quarl refrigerator container. Stir to blend. Co VIM- and chill. Shake well before serving. If desired, garnish w j||, „ tiiiilni) ot inurshmallow cream. Yield: 4 scrviniis. Choco-Pranut Milk Shake: llleml tosdhor 2 labli'sixuins en-am- •lylc peanut butler and 'i cup of Ihe milk I'lacc in nmlamcr. Aild rcMiiainiiiB milk und quu-k i-hotulate-lla\uivil mix. Stir to blend. AlinlyWay Milk Shake: Add U teaspoon peppermint Havuriiui to chocolate milk mixture in container, if .lesiml, stir each »*rv- tor people wno ata seaoas oaou* sauic& . . Henkes Volume Values A DIVISION OP THE KROGER CO. W. buy by the carload, truckload and boatload. We pasi our fc'T PH K h ";7 B f ° y ° U T in v^ '° WeSt P0$5ibl9 high quality. And you get Top Value Stamps, too. Double TV Stamps Tuesday Gorton's Breaded Shri Franks Roth's Black Hawk I2 C 39c Imported Lean Boiled Ham Spotlight Instant Coffee Apple Pie Dutch .8" 79c 49c CAMPBELL Tomato Soup Kroger Frozen Lemonade 10 c.°'. $ 1°° Pineapple Bar Cake e ;i 39c Almendene Coffee Cake 35c Pumpernickel Bread S d 17c Corr-IseJI Chfcken Noodle r IA ^ *- I Cflmpbell Soup 6 c.°' $ 1 [Vegetable Soup... J '£? 1" 10-Oz. Can —^^^—rnHmmmmm Tokay Grapes Hefsehmenn—Purs Cora Oil Margarine 2s£79c HELP YOUR CHILD IN SCHOOL complete his reference library Large White Cauliflower Clofox Bleach 6 MAQNIHCENT VOLUMES Complete* mm uid n>.<a-d«a. Uore than 1,000 Mpt tnd »bote. graph*. (Horton Ail color Oustrttlooi. Utett popuIHton intarnulUM. BUYABOOKAWEEK|COMPLETEYOURSET NOW ON SALE EET SALE! LAY AWAY NOW eAl»li^^""i| J sV K i;£" J .^I, r ' A " urlALLT ADVERTISED BRAND • SAVINGS UP TO 35%-.WHILE STOCKS LAST . Satin Smooth Combed Pastel Percale SHEETS SHEETS SoveSOc $149 Sturdy 130-Count Double Fitted White Muslin Only 81"xl08" Save 99c S> /« Only ^ PLUS 20 T.V. STAMPS M T.V. STAMPS ADDITIONAL SPECTACULAR SAVING' WHITE PERCALETHiiTS^— ^ V YOU err ?i TV CTAU.C ""'X « Quort Hottlc Detergent Glont ?7c Site Fluffy all "°- 33c Slie FoulHeu Starch 34-0». MI Sl«e 4/C New Blue Wisk 73c Toilet Soop Lifebuoy Both tan 2 SJ 33c Blue Silver Dust Glont ?7c Sue Shortening Crisco ". b 79c Dishwasher all "i,^ 45c Liquid Lux 1201 35c Size Toilet Soap Praise Blue Bonnet Margarine 2e Off l-Lb. Siie Blue Rinso sc off nn JUC Large Pkg. Condensed all Duncan Nines Dutch Topping Cake Mixes Apple and 18-Ox.jlo Spice Size 'I7C Cinnamon Raisin Jtt\^ 17'/j-0». Size "PTC Butterscotch Crunch 15'/4-Ox. Slie "' 79c Slxe Toilet Soap Lux Detergent Surf 15c Off tri Giant Sise OUC =a Z_i2_i o wdCtub INSTANT TEA Golden-Green Handy Andy •S? &9c Toilet Soap Lux 29c Liquid all Jumbo Size With Ammonia Handy Andy «o, 69< . Sh* Toilet Soap Lifebuoy 2 , R S 23c 22-Oz. Size Liquid Swan 63c A DIVISION OF THE KROGER COMPANY

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