The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 19, 1954 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 19, 1954
Page 6
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PAGE 6 THE BAYTOWN SUN, TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, 1954 SIG BEN BOLT —by John Cullen 'SUPERMAN" ^ I-I COME SOUHy KX IVM4TI DID L4ST NilSS-fT, g?b5«. IT'S NO SIStfTOP MIW= TO KK4LS VOUUKE YOU W=R= 4 SM4LL BOVI ITS/ &4D STSSAK TVS SCT, L4G> -THAT ,\ I •', WILD MC»l4l?iTYTEMPEI?/ yv^M V ' -Xftj'jiiUl WE'LL BOTH OP us ^ BO0SE7JT,WTKEI? J &L=SS ...BUT THERE'S A I WOTriE? PO? HE? PASSIM' f E4VOSYOUCAW A ON TO YOU KB? SWEET, / "x'£? UKE TO SPSK'D ( IT'S A PIME-p/lV FO? THE CWY JUST COIN'S ) STCENSTHEMIN'S YOUI? / ' WIMP AMP LESS, LITTLE LULU —by Marge HOW DO V3U LIKE THAT? NOT O/Yf BOV ASKEF "TO CAKRV MV BOOKS' LET ME TAKE THOSE HEAVV BOOKS OPP YOUR HANPS, LULU.' SHOULP -HAVE KNOWN • THERE WOULP BE A CATCH BUZ SAWYER —by Roy Crane YOU'LL COME 10 MY OFFICE, SALVER. YOU LEAVE ME MO RECOURSE BUT TO CALL A BOARD OF INVESTIGATION. ALSO, VOU AWAIT VIOLATING REGULATIONS BY LANDING WASHINGTON WITHOUT HAVING FILED A FL1SHT REPORT? YOU VIOLATED MY ORDERS SY CHASING ?P-Y1NS SAUCERS? AMpVOa • STILL REFUSE TO MtlE THE UNAUTHORIZED BSSsNSEK. YOU HA.D" ABOARD? SECRET AGENT X-9 HOPE I 0E7VT VJRINKLE5 HERE"! THERE'S THE POLICE STATION - 11:30 P.M. Phil reaches ••Hie small village of Northampton A 50RRY TO'&eT'fOU ) / OUT ON SUCH A NISHT, / CORRISAN - BUT THE / DEAD /WAN SEEA1& TO I BE TIED UP WiTi-; V WRINKLES REYNARD 1 REYNARD IS GOING TO SLIP HARD, ONE DAY..-- 50 MR, HE'S NEVER BEEN .BROUGHT . TO BOOK: -FOP' ANTTHlNS! , OUTSIDE OF WRINKLES'! PHONE NUMBER, THE /VlOST L IMPORTANT THING I FOUND / |N THE DEAD /MAN 1 * POCKET5 WA5 THI$ TWO rillNORED DOLLARS - IN TEMS AND TWENTIES! / WUAT I'/tt INTERESTED IN 1 . WE'RE STILL LOOKING FOR A LEAP 0« THE ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE PHONE 2912 or 5474 PRUETT IUH.DING ELLA CINDERS —by Charlie Plumb and Fred Fox ; TOITCE KEEP TH&M HEEE/OFF1CEI2 -- THE/'KE SMALL FRV -' WEIL i 9ACK WITH THE Bll5 WHEEL/ HE CONTROLS PI0T1ME GAMBLING, HI -JACKING/4NP OTHER \LLE6AL ENTERPRISES •' PATCHES, I'LL MATCH YOU fOfZ HIM .' WHAT PIP He USES HIS YOU RNP / M>*(5AZINE /\S A. OUT / FALSE FRONT TO dPO/T 107VEP H4WK7I OPERATIONS^ BEETLE BAILEY —by Willard I NEVER WROTE A FAN LETTER IN MY LIFE ITS JUST LIKE ANV OTHER LETTER/ .' I WISH I HftD A PICTUR-E LIKE THAT/ 19 JAM.'S'f SUBJECT: FAN LETTER TO.' MISS GLORIA GAMM FROM : ORVIE SNORKEL, SGT R.A. 1. REQUEST IS HERE&V SUBMITTED FOR TWO (2) PHOTOS OF ADDRESSEE- -- BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH —by Fred Lasswell WE DON'T ALLOW NO CIRCUS MULE? I NEVER HEERED TELL OF NO CIRCUS MULE AFORE HEY. SEEDY K / ME AN'"6ftLLOPIN': ^ GW&NDOLW WANT TO RUN W THE HOQTIN' HOLLER MULE RftCE SIX-LWG6ED VARMINTS, UNK SNUFFY!! SOME QUARE-LOOKIN HOBGOBLIN CRAVES TO 6IT HIS CIRCUS .MULE IN TU- RACE SHIF'LEbS SKONK!'. MOON MULLINS —by Mort Walker SO MAMIE'S THINKIN' OF REMT1N' A' APARTMENT? YES, AMP I HOPE HAVE ONE OF THEM KITCHENETTES SO '• LITTLE: THAT THE BOTH OF US CANT SQUEEZE INTO ITATONCe. THEN I WONT HAVE TO HELP HER WITH THE DISHES. r GUESS WHAT I'M 601N6 TO DO, LORD PLUSHBOTIOM, AND MOVE' I YOU'RE STAHOIN<3 —by Wayne 'Boring SUPERMAN HASN'T SHOWN HIMSELF IN METROPOLIS FOR DAYS. BUT HE'S CERTAIN TO APPEAR SOMETIME. •UNTIL HE DOES, I'LL JUST HAVE TO 55. PATIENT AND KEEP MY OPEN - WITH \TME-BOYS POSTED ALL OVER, TOWN i w A rr<~HiN' FOR SUPERMAN, HE'S SOUND TO BE SPOTTED SOONER OR LATER.' I SURE WISH IT WAS OVER ALREADY. I'M QETTIN'.RAW NERVES FROM S1TTIM' AND f ENOUGH OF "SUPERMAN'S OIS- :. ^ APPEARANCE." I'VE JUST GOT TO GO OUT ' AND LOOK FOR THAT ELEM3MT.' AND IF .ANY TROUBLE SHOULD OCCUR,THEN I'LL SIMPLE HAVE TO DEPEND ON MY WITS TO CONCEAL MY LOST POWERS/ WATCHIN' ALL DAY CURLEY KAYOE BUT YOU TOLD " ME HE NEVER HAS HIT YOU.' HE CAN'T BE SO BAD, YEHOODI.' I DON'T EVER WANT TO-SEE MY GUARDIAN AGAIN... —by Sam Leff ' IF HE FINDS ME... I'LL HAVE TO PRACTICE AND WORK ALL THE TIME. I JUST WANT TO BE LIKE OTHER KIDS.'.' 'ft • i I NEVER PL AY. GAMES OR HAVE ANY FUN... MY GUARDIAN WON'T LET ME.' I'M SORRY FOR YOU, YEHOODI- BUT... i MUST NOTIFY..HIM; HE THINKS YOU'VE BEEN KIDNAPED- OR WORSE.'.'r—7 .BEGINNING TO WISH I REALLY WAS KIDNAPED-OR W-WORSE. 1 ! POGO AND HIS PALS —by Walt Kelky §oYou£gvmiN youewAviweousH iG/ouJe&t COUS&S $6LUIN' flfc^ _ IVORY COM 1C BOOKS? UNTIL }t>U ROOTS THEM us UP TO MV NICK IN ' SOMFTHIN'COIP sea. COMICS WHIMSICAL At HAHA PlN'TKKOtf COMIC SOQtS fisece CMU.O/S Shepard Barclay On Bridge DAILY CROSSWORD KEEP ONE POLICEMAN TRUMPS are like policemen, protecting the declarer from being wrecked when the defenders try to run their side suit or suits. Between alternative playing plans, it usually pays to choose the one which- promises positive results while retaining at least one or two trumps to stand guard over the hostile attack. Some of the worst debacles seen at the bridge table come when the declarer has no trump left in either holding and the opponents are thus enabled to play hob with him. 4Q986 if None • Q J 10 8 5 3 K86 »K87 • K2 + Q532 3 4 A10 5 2 9 Q953 ^ None , * A J 10 9 4 (Dealer: North. Neither side vulnerable.) North East Pass Pass 2 V Pass Dbl. Pass 3 4k Pass 4 4 Pass Dbl. Pass 5* Not that much bidding came at the other.tables in a big duplicate. But there was plenty everywhere, producing a variety of contracts. At one other table the auction was,o/>ly slightly different from that given. The final contract there was the same, but the A Central Press Feature result terrifically different. South at this table gave him-' self one of the worst undoubled lickings in a long time. The diamond A was ruffed by the spade 2 and the club J led to the K. . When the spade Q was now led and sent through. West's singleton K took it. The diamond 6, causing the K to cover the Q, was ruffed by the spade 10. Now South ruffed the heart 3 with the spade 6 and led the diamond J, the spade 4 being over-ruffed by the.A, South's last trump. The heart 5 was ruffed by the spade 8 and then, when South should have brought forth a club, he lad dummy's diamond 10. East ruffed with the spade 7, then laid down the spade J to remove dummy's • last trump. Thereupon the heart K, 8 to the 10, A felling the Q and the J put South down five. What a swing! At the other 5- Spade table South made it. Can you see how? Tomorrow's Problov ACROSS 1. Fodder vat 5. Cushions . 9. Fine line of a letter, 10. Subside 12. Self 13. Dull 14. Confuse • 17. Symbol in Lloyd's Register 18. Fencing sword 19. Sesame " 20. Small tower 23. Movable barrier 24. Of Asia 25. Kind of 3.'Chinese measure 4. From 5. River (Fr.) G. In bed 7. Chinese pag-oda 8. Put into financial difficulties 9. Dry: as wine 11. Small embroidered holes 13. Song for two people 15. Wild 16, Unroll 19. River in Africa 20. State in Mexico 21. Practic- flSEB as !sniaa@B usury 22. Vex 23. Bestowed 25. Break with the teeth 27. Former title for a woman 29. Performers 31. Run from 32. Large volume 33. Greek god of love HHHHltlP Tfc«terd»y'« Aimrer 34. One of the sons of Jacob (Bib.) 36. Shoshonean Indian 39. Music not* 40. Elevated train K872 A 10 • AQ874 + AK (Dealer: West, Both sides vulnerable.) How would you advise bidding the North and South hands against good opponents, »nd how against weak ones ? test 28. Male ot a bovine animal 27. Couches 28. Part o£ "to be" 29. Fruit of the palm 30. Chinese river 31. Fostered 35. A deep gulch (West. U.S.) 37. Openings (anat) 38. Exterior 39. Citrus fruit 41. Observes *2. Malt beverages DOWN 1. State flowa 1 of Utah 2. Metal J& W//, 32. 1-19 Flame Burns Down CHIPPEWA FALLS. VVis., Jan. 19 —UP— A riiglit rliib called "the Flame" burned to the RTounil hero. Monday. Tied Down CADDO, Okla. —OB—C. A. Rccsc and some 20 members of his family had Christmas, dinner at the Borgan County jail. He's the jailer and couldn't leave his post even Try Sun Classified Ads—Dial 8302 though he had no prisoners. SELLING OUT ALL NEW 1953 STUDEBAKERS AT COST or BELOW! 14 IN STOCK Must Go This Month 10 COMMANDERS 4 CHAMPIONS Come In and See These Cars GET OUR PRICE FIRST We Will Take Trade-ins J. B. HOLLAWAY MOTOR CO. MOJJE THAN A QUAPT 310 North Main This Was One Time Polieman Welcome DENVER, Jan. 19 — UP — Cab driver Berry S. ^Session got a policeman the thard way Monday .night after a gunman robbed him of SI and made him drive around the city for two hours. When Session's passenger got sleepy and started dozing, the cab driver swung his car over to the wrong side of the, street to attract a policeman. It worked. The policeman got the bandit. Sessions got a traffic ticket. Do You Know? Do you know that if you pay your poll tax or secure your exemption certificates by Jan. 30, 1954, you have taken the first necessary step toward having a real part in choosing a. presidential candidate in 1956? There are almost 500,000 lamas, or priests, in Tibet. The priests make up almost one-fourth of the population of that cold, windswept land. Nearly every village in Tibet has a lamsery. Some lamaseries house as many as 1,000 monks. OMNIBUS SHOP NOW OPEN AT A NEW LOCATION 1324 MAIN OLD BAYTOWN (NEXT TO A&L ARMY SURPLUS) More Room! Larger Stock! * GIFT ITEMS * * TRICK AND JOKE NOVELTIES *

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