Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 25, 1947 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1947
Page 5
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w>t_u&, WE'LL wave. TO GET THOSE OUR TRAIUCIf? fN tH6 MdRNIN»evf? MAYBE Wfe CAN TAKE If BV-StlbRM . HtKERS'VB GCrrr 5H-VMV M3Utt. A\MM<EN TMB fMBlNf* IKfVO MV' , • PTO^ESSOR / HES tAMN& A NAt*. 3C y f'MttdruxiKiNe/ --^ 11*-. M3?HAP>5 WE'LL CONSIDER **<OUR SUGGESTION tOWORROW Major League (Continued from page 4) Shutout triumph again:--; tiie Cubr=. Otl made the nomination because he tlidh't want to overwork Dave Koslo, his only available starting pitcher. Koslo pitched four innings of relief ball last Sunday and was slated to go yesterday but Otl. changed his mind the last minule and Rejected lott who had arrived just before <game time. Thd 27-year-old native of Foster Gi'ove, Mo., who in four games this season was clipped for 15 hits and walked 14 in only nine innings on the mound for the Browns, fanned eight and walked five while his new mates backed him with a 13-hit attack. That included homers by Walker Cooper and Willard Marshall. The four-baggers wore the 13th of the season for both Cooper and'• Marshall and matched Ihcir highest previous output for a single Major League season. The big three of the Giants— Now Showing ALL THIS WEEK Auspices American Legion Greater United Slaws" Meet Your Friends On The Midway "THEY'LL BE THERE" ^Location Opposite Ball Park Special Children's Matinee Saturday Johnny Mize, Cooper and Marshall hailed in eight runs and collected eight hits. Mize drove home two to Increase his league leading total to £1; Marshall knocked in four to pull within cm run of Mi.'.e, ar.d Cooper Kent in two runs l.i boost his output to 40, t'lie behind Marshall. Rookie Kent, Peterson held the ,Phils to one hit in 8 1/3 innings, then faltered and needed help from Harry Oumbcvt to stem the Philadelphians. With two runs in and two men on base with one out. Gumbsrt came in, walked the first batter to load the bases, then retired the next two men to save the victory for Peterson. The Reds got, seven'hits off Ken Heiufzelman but Lunched four in the second to score all their runs. Peterson, him- scli drove in two runs with a sln- p.le. The White Box not only ended Walter Mastcreon's streak of 34 shutout innings by snoring two in the first frame, but behind Ed Lopat blanked the Nats with seven hits. A double by Floyd Baker and a triple by Dave Phillcv bade goodbye to Materson's scoreless skein. Helped by a grand r.lam run by Junior Stephens, Ellis Kinder registered his fifth triumph without a, defeat this season when he pitched the Browm to a 12-3 win over the A's. After yielding three runs in the first inning;, Kinder shut the door on the Mackmcn. Stephens butted in six runs with the homer and two singles. Rain washed out the scheduled night games between Detroit and the Red Sox at Boston and Cleveland and the Yankees at Now York. Jester to Report on New Legislation AUSTIN— iff)— A report to the people on legislation pas-sod by the DOth legislature will be presented by Gov. Bcauford H. Jester over a statewide hookup early next week. Time and stations will be announced later. Wm. T. Fraser & Co. The INSURANCE Men Automobile. Compensation, Kirn and Liability Insurance 113 W. Kingsmill Phone 1044 Man Faces Second Trial for Mtarte BROWMWOOD— fAP)— The second trial of Alvin H. Kennedy, charged v;ith murder in the death of his brother-in-law. Rice Willey. was resumed here today after the state opened its case with testimony of three witnesses yesterday. John Winslead. Waklrip store and postofficc operator, testified that Kennedy came into his store the day V/illey was shot to death and sakl "I got Willey; call the law." The shooting occurred Oct. /16. 1945, on a rural road in Waltlrip community, near the Colorado river, where both men lived. Kennedy, 1 43- year-old stockman, pleaded self- defense. An appeals court reversed a life sentence assessed Kennedy in the first trial. The other two state witnesses who testified were Moe Myrick. Brady city marshal!, and Joe Hays, Wai- drip farmer. Myrick testified that he went with the county judge to the scene of the shooting. Myrick identified seven photos of an automobile he said Willoy was driving when he was killed. Hays told the jury he saw Kennedy stooping besides his pickup truck parked at, a gate leading to land leased by Kennedy. Hays told the court he drove on to his home and later heard a shot and then a crash. Hays said ten minutes after that he was called to the scene and saw Willcy's body lying by the side of the car. Decrease h loted En Building Feraiis ANSTIN—MV--A 4 perf'-nl drop in building permits lor M:iy eom- 3ared with April was reported today 3V the University of Texhs Bureau of Business Research. The May total,of $20.4ir/.fl;n wa", still 4 percent. tibovn that ior t.he same month in 1046. The bureau set bae,': Us .seasonably adjusted index 2i) };erront to 388,9, a reverse to the usually ex- ijccted April-lo-May uain in permits. Houston was first in the dollar- value of permits with a total of $5-249.821. Dallas dropped to second with $3.143.350: Fort Worth had S2.300.083: Austin. $1,413.750; Lubbock. $1,154.487; and El Paso. .$!.070.890. Greatest percent pains for the month were in Browmvood. Coleman. El Pa.'io. Seguin, and Texas City. DIRECTORS TO MEET HOUSTON—(/?l—The. hoard of directors of the State university for Negroes, recently established by the 50th legislature, will hold its first regular meeting here today. Revision Sought on Law Regarding Coif-on MERCEDES—f/l 1 ';—A meeting of the Rio Grande Valley cotton committee will be held at the Valley Fai Bureau office here today to discuss the Valley cotton situation and a proposal to extend the plow-up deadline. Growers in dry land areas, where the crop is expected to be late, been asked the extension. Under present state and federal regulations all cotton must be picked and stalks plowed up not later than Aug. ol. Read The Pampa News Want Ads PEEOS ITSfA¥! ewy-fresh vegetables—from field to table, over-night! That calls for a dependable gasoline. And, that's why so manv truckers prefer TRAIL MASTER, A PRODUCT OF THE SHAMROCK Oil AND GAS CORPORATION •AMARIllO, TEXAS RIGHT-HAND-MAN ON FARM OR RANCH CAS and OIL W.T*K» Panhandle News PANHANDLE *— (Special)--Mrr,. Earl Cox returned Sunday morning from Wichita. Kan., where she visited her sister-in-law. Mrs. Torn Henry and family. Mis;; Julia Ingnirn spoil the weei;- enrt in Elk City". Okla. ' Mr. aiitl Mr.-. A. J. Weber visl'fdi Mrs. W. L. Boyle." of Prim pa. who i.s-j a ,'iurpical patient in Kurth Plains | Hospital in Bor^ci. on Saturday! Mir,s Mary Juno Held f>f Amjmllo i spoilt the weekend in the li'imo of | lit.-r parents, Mr. rind Mrs. I.. K. Held. Mr. and Mrs. Hnrold P>K;r;s and, children. Jean and Jerry of Border- spnnt tho weekend vi.sitinu 1 tln>ir pnront.s. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. O'Neal and Mr. find Mrs. V. D. Hires. Thry jfpnrl. Jimmy Bic.^. who i: 1 , lio:;- ]v.i,;iliv,rd in for in.jurie;; in ! ;.t motorevclf nt'fidcnt. to ho im- i prnvirm slowly. Mr. and Mrs. Geonre Taylor of Pa.nipa were Sunday visilor.-f in the hnnic of her sisters. Mrs. Opal C! and Mi:,s Nina Carhart. Mr. and Mrs. Bally Bell of fior vurn visitors oVcr the wi-ckenr! in (.lie lioniR of he]' parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Pruitt. Mr. and Mrs Homer Hedru-k ol Amarillo visited on Sunday with Mrs. Hcdrick's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Poi-lcrfickl. E. D I.andrcth. distriel, su]y:r- intendent of the Anip.rillo district of the Methodist church, preached I to the? local congregation on Sunday | morning j Mr. and Mr-;. O. E. Grime. 1 ;. Mr. i riitl Mrs. O. C. Brunnum, Joy and i Patsy; Mr. and Mrs. Groves Burtim. Kurl'and Billic Grace and Mr:;. Opal Cleelc were, amonu; the f.uest.s at the Heare-Pntton wedding in Canyon, recently. Mrs. T. H. McKcnzie is confined j to her home by illness. Guests in the home of Mr. and| Mrs. Floy Kctchum on wer? Mr. and Mr-,. Fred Nunnley nf Ainnrillo ruid M"r. nnd Mrs. Waynr Driskiil and Larry. Mrs. Dmkill and Mrs. Nunnley arc daughters of the Kctchums. Mrs. \VaHrr Kcr.riunn is ill at her home- muth cf (.own. Her daurrhlcr. Mrs. Kri'li Merrill, thf! Cornier Gnif'In K ri lcliMin. csf Austin, i" vviUi her mother. DfT! D.-H i.-; I.-; bcin", }f !d hi the rnunty j.'ii! in Panhfi.ndiR for Cnuniy ofii'X'r.s. HP i'i wanted by offieor. 1 ; nl tiial f.v.nntv to J'nee PefnpRi News, Wednesday, .Intie 2S, his family PAGE 8. Kansas to Hceompfcriy 1 home. fckMy Mac Wigham. who has v.-orkcrl on the West Coa.-jt, "for Iho l?;i;;t, yonr i.s vlr.i'-i 11 " nis Parents. Mr. FUJI! Mrr. Jru.-l: \Vinham and brother, Billy. Another p,ur>st, in the Wi h/i;i':e is Mr.; Wistifim's mother. Mrs. j C E. Terry f.f Wellington. hers of the fi-esirlcnt's specla-J commission that recommended a universal training for American youths. It will henr other members Friday before recerr.ins; until July 7. rli;ir;'f ; o! ff on tiie Firs f'l'o'Hji. T!'p f Pl'in ri'lo. Mr. and T as Ihrir I;:M his hrnthrr of ?i $40 fl il Brink .MS -.MVCII to it snjuniy n| Aina Universal Training ^! Hearings io Tin Oomrr.ilief; (!' e hp.nri:).';." on Rf-rvic( Io eonti trainin; pile the VV. Hanson the i-.ter. Mr. ( ^ R ., lu! ., ,,,,,1 CViil , h ., vr , T .i,; mf f| . riln n vj , „ wrl , , ir , ,„,-,,„,,,. Mr . ..,. , M . r : ,muM of !I:irnn-- , on K . n] , ?]l . M,.f,,i] 0 , u ,;i v .rnl t.-i Offer! Double- Deck Bunk Kcds All fxre Two JIardW(>od and 2 (No Mat t re; 1 ,, 1 -. C.O.I). — CASH or Money Order 95 - Ciiinplrlr DEUVEKKD HSfomachfiasor Sour Food Taste Sob Yoy of Sleep Here's How You May Help, Whether Yon Eat 500 Pound* or 2000 Pounds of Food In a Year . . You can't f"pt cheerful, be happy s , prpwpll )f your ?tomnch IB nlwayn np- sn!/ AB a ^ advances the "old stomach" f, ner-d? morp hrlp. The reason la this: -i Evpryttmo food enters the stomttCh* > vj(iil gast ,. lc j ul( , p m , lst now normally to . broak-up c'irtnin loocl particles; else the ; Toocl may ffrment. Sour food, acid Indl- ! co.'itlon and gas frequently ceuse a mor- i iil«1. tcAiehy. rrntful, peevish, nervotw ! condition, loss of appetite, tmderwelght, r^.^tle^s sleep, weakness. To pet rcnl relief you must Increase (.he fio\v of this vital gnntric juice. Mcdt- rnl authorities, in independent labora- lory tests on human stomachs, have by pa'-itlve proof shown that SS3 Tonic Ifl nmn'/inrlv c.7rctiva in IncreaslilB this ;iuv.- when it is too little or scanty due to a non-orKanlc stomach disturbance. This Is due to the SSS Tonic formula which contains very special and potent activating Ingredients. Al.'-o, SSS Tonic helps build-up non- organic, weak, watery hlood In nutrl- tional ancmln—so with a good flow of thin gastric digestive juice, plus rlchred- blood you.should eat better.sleep better, feel better, worl; better, play better. Avoid punlRhlnt; yourself with over- dos"3 of poda and other alhallzers to counteract gas and Wonting when what you so dearly need Is SSS Tonic to help you digest food for body strength and repair. Don't wait! Join the host of i happy people SSS Tonic has helped. Millions of bottles sold. Get a bottle ol SSS Tonic from your drug store today. BSS '. _nlc helps Build Sturdy Health, Labeled n ilk an hifonna- I lire Warranty Tag lliat you the /cf/s you need Io know before you buy! _ Superheterodyne 5 miniaiura tubes it is value! Enjoy one hour's entertainment from records Without stirring from your chair with this fine instrument, Handsomely styled radio-phonograph, beautifully finished in two-tone walnut veneers. 25 Per O Week! Smuily nnijherf in ikh simuhted tenther with xurdy handle, Lightweight. £»x *c «"ly. AC only. Fully automatic, foolproof r«cord chctigc-r. Ploys tan 12' or twelve 10" r«<ordi willi lit) doscrf. liodUi ton be opnoled without lifting lid. Precision-built of high quality materials. Continuous tone control on radio and phonograph, Illuminated "f-Z S££" Slide-rule Dial, <* Builf-ia loop antenna. • Nationally advertlsed-nationally famous. A modem "elccironic" wonder ... at a done-10-earth price! Offers amazing "big set" power and volume, plus full ricK lone, far beyond anything you'd expect in any table model set! • 7-tube Superheterodyne; more than twice the volume ol comparable sets. « Built-in antenna. AC-DC—plugs io anywhere. v ^ , EASY PAYMENTS .^T&M^^^

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