The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 24, 1961 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1961
Page 8
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H 3 i|tmutt *«« Tuesday, January 24, 1961 HISTORICAL LINK NOTED WITH KENNEDY INAUGURAL IJ.v JAMES MARLOW \ Kennedy made no such hopeful; WASHINGTON (AP> — Presi-'promise for his generation. ! dent Kennedy, a student of both | He said in the presidential cam-' history and the presidency. is;pnign he did not know what the credited with having written aJ39GOs would bring "except hard; classic in his inaugural r.ddrcss. times in the international But his real achievement per-:sphere." haps was that while he managed ; Because this is probably a con-, to convey a feeling of newness— jViction with him, it explains why. and a new approach to peace—'he said in his inaugural that the!his words demonstrated his own ', work ahead will not be finished j; sense of continuity with men who; "in the life of this administration.! preceded him. I nor even perhaps in our lifetime Lest the rest of the world fret on this planet." (he notion America is fat and i His words were almost identical tired, h<> said, "The. torch has,with a man of a generation bo- been passed to a new generation '' ween him and Roosevelt — De- • of Americans." ifense Secretary James V. Torres-j And indeed it has. to such a '. ta!—who, looking ahead in 194$.: degree that American leadership;said: "Not in our lifetime, or inji now is the youngest ol any major!that of the next generation do Ij power. The leaders of Russia, Red!foresee the time when a strong! China, Britain. France and West;military potential will not be j Germany are o!d or asking. !needed to back up our dinlo- : But his use of the word "sjen- macy." i eration" has a special meaning Kennedy did not get that blunt! for those Americans who wore i in the inaugural speech. ; ' ah've and listening whm President i But his views — like those ofi Franklin D. Roosevelt in the cri-' Presidents Truman and Eisenhow-j sis of the depression said his gen- i er before him—are the same as j eration had a "rendezvous with j Forrestal's as he showed during j destiny." (the presidential campaign whenj Sun TeleScope; he said: "Peace requires an American defense posture strong enough to convince any potential aggressor that war would be a mistake. This means we must have a military force second to none." , Perhaps the most memorable >phrase Kennedy has uttered since i accepting the Democratic presidential nomination last summer ,'was his vision of the ".New Fron'. tiers'' facing Aerica. : Here again he had a direct link ;with the past. He was not the • first president to think in terms of American frontiers. Just as Kennedy dwelt on the need for peace, so did Eisenhower in his second inaugural address in 195? when he talked of huiid- ,ini: a "peace with justice in a world where moral law prevails." : Kennedy last Friday, calling on the Communist world to cooperate ii) ihe search for pence, suggested creating "not a new balance of •power but a new world of law." CilUI, l.KAKNS KAlJt.Y DKNVKK (API — A Pen- vrr father was disturbed to learn. in a meeting of parents with the kindergarten teaclier. (hat his . r >- yc-ar-old daughter was the only one in class who didn't know how to tie her shoeUuvs. When he asked her about this, she said: "I don't lie my own shoes at school Kvatise the little bovs tie them for me." Man And Wife Collide Each In Different Car j TITUSVILLE, Pa, (AP) — It ,was cold Sunday, so Emerson T. iCainpbi'll and his wife Marjoric I of Titusville R. D. 1 decided their | t\vo cars needed a wann-up. I Mrs. Campbell got in one auto land Hxtk a short ride. Then she \ turned around and headed back 1 home. Just before reaching the Campbell house, the car hit ail iiry patch, swerved out of control and crashed heed-on into another car. The other driver was Campbell, who had just started out in the other car. Neither of the Campbells was injured. Bay town Business And Industrial Review Need Any Custom LEATHER WORK? • SADDLE • SHOE REPAIRS SEE - - ANDERSON Shoe 4 Saddle Repair (02 W. Texas By CYNTHIA LOWRY Ai' TY-Kadio Writer NEW YORK (APi—As a conscientious student of television plots, it is my conviction that almost anybody can be a TV writer. All you need is the Lowry kit of Key" Lines, a practical attitude about plagiarism and a typewriter. The method which I have developed is simple and really foolproof. All the ambitious television script writer need do is build a 30-minute plot around one of the following lines, one of which appears in most successful programs: "You've got to help me, Mr. Private Eye. I'm not asking for myself, but for my son. His mother left me when she. found out what I was, and she brought up the boy. herself. The boy thinks his father died a hero's "death in the war. But now the gang I double-crossed is out to strike at me through him . . ." "What's a pretty little girl like you doing in a joint like this?. . ." "It's all over for me, sheriff. You'll find the gold hidden under the loose floor boards in the assayer's office . . ." "But. Rerafina dear. I didn't mean to buy the cigar store Indian. I was just watching this auction and scratched my ear. Then the man said I made the highest bid . . ." "What it means. Harry, is that 1 want a divorce. We haven't had ;a real marriage for 15 years. | Your career may have been 'enough for you. but money and ! power isn't enough for me . . ." ! "Hand me an extra tank.' i Frank's air is exhausted and he's trapped 40 feet down in an underwater cave, and there are sharks around . . .' "Now, Mr. John Smith. We Jknow you are accent X-14, and I muscles here knows just how to [handle your kind. Make it easy (for yourself . . ." I "My dear inspector, symptoms | like this could indicate a heart ! attack. But similar symptoms can 'be induced by a tiny amount of ja lethal poison used by the native 'wa friers of deepest Africa. No. inspector. I say that Sir Archibald's !unfortunate demise is — murder! ' '"ipOG. JpOfi. Code 3. Blue convertible, license plate 7C674, proceeding west on 80th St. Put out an APE for white man, 6-4, 196 Ibs., scar on face, blue suit. Cau- ition. he is armed. Over . . ." "Sure, I may be the fastest gun in the West, but, pardner, I learned a long time ago that killin' never solved nothin' . . ." i There are a few other key lines. ibut these are enough for a start. I Recommended tonight: "Life in ,the '30s." NBC. 10-11 (EST) — A jrebroadcast of an outstanding 'Project 20 study of a decade. Sun's Television Log TUESDAY NIGBT 6:00 O World At Urge TV News Whirlybirdi 6:10 B Sports 6:15 O Newsreel ffl Weathergal 6:20 © Guy Savage, Sports 6:25 O Weather O Conaway Comments 6:30 O Laramie ffl My Sister Eileen JB Buss Bunny 7:00 ffi Hifleman ffi Father Knows Best 7:30 CD Wyatt Earp ffi Dobie Giilis fi Alfred Hitdicock 8:00 rl Thriller, I Tom Ewell Stagecoach West Red Skelton Garry Moore Life in the 30's Alcoa Presents Manhunt Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal (B Mike Hammer ffl Rather News 10:10 ffi Weather 10:15 ffi Late Show 10:30 B Final News IB Mike Hammer 10:40 B Mann About Sports 10:45 fl Jack Paar 11:00 IB Federal Men U:10 ffi Weather 11:15 ffi Greatest Headlines 11:20 ffi Guy Savage, Sports 11:30 ©"The Californians 12:00® Wanted by the Bl m Final News fi Marietta 12:01 ffi Sign Off 12:05 ffi Daily Word 12:45 B Sign Off WEDNESDAY MOKMNG J»n. 2& 5:55 B Morning Devotional 6:00 B Com. Classroom 6:30 ffi Cadet Don 6:55 ffi Daily Word 7:00 n Today ffi Farm Report, Newi 7:15 ffi Mr. Caboose 7:25 B Todav in Houston 7:30 ffi Morning Newt B Today 1:00 ffi Cadet Don 8:15 ffi Capt. Kangaroo 8:25 B Today in Houston 8:30 ffi Tumbleweed Time B Today S:00 B Say When m Our Miss Brooks ffi My Little Margie 9:30 ffi Jack La Lanne ffi Video Village A Play Your Hunch 10:00 rl Price 's Right 8 Star Showcase I Love Lucy 10:30 B Concentration ffi The Clear Horizon 11:00 fD Love Of Life Truth. Consequences Morning Court 11:30 JD Search for Tomorrow It Could Be You Love That Bob 11:45 ffi Guiding Light 11:55 B N3C News WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 (D New* Camouflage Amos 'n Andy 12:15 ffi Joyce Hayward 12:30 ffi A» the World Turns Beat the Clock Medic 1:00 ffi Life of Riley About Faces Jan Murray 1:30 m House Party News, Live Loretta Young 2:00 B Young Dr. Malone .Millionaire Day In Court 2:30 O From These Roots The Verdict Is Yours Road T-- Reality 3:00 S Room For Daddy Brighter Day Queen For A Day 3:15 ffi Secret Storm 3:30 B Here's Hollywood Edge 01 Night Who Do You Truit 4:00 B Looney Town Early Show American Bandstand 4:40 B People's Choice 5:00 ffi Kitirik's Party 5:10 B San Francisco Beat 5:30 fB Daffy Due* CD Rather News 5:40 B Almanac ffi Chandler Sports 5:45 B Huntley-Brinklejr fil Edwards News Authentic — Owner — Cuba G. Heflin 1610 Hwy. 146 JU 2.9029 KWBA PROGRAM LOG Fata! Smash-dps Are Decreased In Texas AUSTIN (API — The Department of Public Safety said Saturday iti preliminary figures «how 2.235 persons died last year in Texas traffic. The DJ"S said it expects 10 more pwsons injured in auto accidents lust year will <1w> before it complete its fina! report about march J5. The f.ttalitie* lart year occur- trd in J.S25 jwoidents, « decrease r;f Ifljw cent from thf 2,036 in 1JW» TV fatal »ma«n-tiT* in 1SB9 *** 2.453 liw. COTwMrraMf highway mik^ne IMI btm 4:00 4-0:i 4:30 4:10 4:43 4 id 4:55 5:00 3:15 (M 6:OT> »-00 8.05 S:.Vi 9:W| 10:00 SIGN OFF Krdrwtditr S:so Ftr.N o.v tame '..15 ("OUNTJ'.y MUSIC 5:M T1MEKEEPKR «:W TTMKKKEPER S.55 ":00 7:15 7:50 7:55 tM S;«0 9 28 9:35 S:S5 JO-00 10 :» 11 :0» 11 15 li:55 12 00 12 IS 12 :» J2:» ]-W 1:M J M rn 1 m 2 35 3 W J (B I 55 BAEEBAii. SCORES ON THE GO jOHN IMlLt NEWS - ABC 1'AUL HARVEY - ABC MUSIC NEWi VAN HORN - ABC Kli. P MORGAN - ABC MOVIK3 IN REVIEW s!. T >'i'KK <;LUB ABC HKVCS SI'OUTSCOPE KUPl'KR CLUB AW NKWS , V L'1'PKK riXJB it tn: FOR AB' - NKWS VASDKI'.COOK - ABC HATE FOR LlREAMI.NG AB<" NKWS iMTf: FOR DREAMING BAYTOWNS FINEST * SEAT COVERS • FLOOR MATS Specializing In Custom Interiors HUGHES SHOP 504 X. Main JU 3-2408 MR, AXD MRS. > T . I* Baumann look over the stock at Bfiumann's Shoe Shop at 3315 Minnesota where the Baunmnns have been serving the leather needs of Baytown for the past 15 years thi» month. Baumann has a complete stock of all leather goods popular in Baytown and available on the market. If ho doesn't have it. and it's made of leather, Baumann will make it himself. Photos) Experience Is What Counts At Baumann's JO1LV GRIFFIN, left, assistant station man- ngiT at Fuller's Service Stntion at 913 S. Muiri. looks over some oJT the tire ohatipinK rquipment in thp. service department with, left to ripht, Freddie Ford, serviceman, Murk ndley. service truck operator, and Gary Mills, service 111:1 nager. Their aim is to RiVft (ho highest quality service to all of Fuller's custonters. (Baytown 1'holos) Best Service' Motto Of Fuller's Station There's a theory that you must pointed shape, refinish the leath- j time, ! spend a little more to make a lit- WESTERN WEAR • Boots • Shirts • Hats • Ties • Trousers • Skirts Most Complete Western Shop in East Harris County LEVIN'S 202 West Texas Baytown Competent and Prompt Service ENTIRE GE LINE OF APPLIANCES Is Our Most Important Product WILKIE'S 334 W. Texas JU 2-844T l)le men who can work I Service is the middle name of I All work is done as quickly er and add soles if necessary, for less cost. than a new pair would to tie more money. I Take a little money to N. E. ; Baumann and check the value! The thing he won't do i he'll give you for it. jthe shoes IS take out the cc.Mt'ori. i For a few dollars. Baumann will i When dyeing shoes it is easy take a SIM pair of old-fashioned (to shade them darker than the : worn-out shoes and restvlc them! 0 "f: irla l <' olor - If >' ou h;ivr ' a Il - ht to the latest spring styles. ! colored pair of shoes, you can or- I If it's leather, Baumann win idpr any color to rnatc-h any p;.rl molditintoanv1hingyouaskfor.! of >-° UI>walrir " hc - , , He could probably make a hand-; H lh e shoes arc dark, as they bag out of a shoe, and he will if I may he after the past winter soa- iwith leather with the same ability ! as Bautnann. he can. A well-dressed woman may figure she needs to buy a couple of son, then Baumann bk-aeh Fuller's Service Station and a : possible. special service department opened { And, for additional customer ' Besides being able to do almost -IS months performs this chore j service. Fuller's maintains a t'l'vt i anything with leather, a complete! with a maximum effort and mini-j of three trucks used fur on the line of leather goods and supplies 3 mum wuit - j road work. For example, you have a ilnt tire while anywhere jn the Baytown area. .Just go to the- nearest phono ami call Fuller's Service Station at 9K-1 .S. Main and see how fast a truck is dispatched l"f your convenience. •is slocked in Ihe store. Tn e service department was the I ,,., . , , fruit of Lavern Fuller's desiro to Whatever you may need. from^. his ( ,, s|omf ,,. s jhc ^ st serx , ; a can o! sh<v polish to a specially-; j(V o f ;iny Baytown service sta- jcarved belt or handbag. Baumann | tion. •may have OIK; ready to go. To do this more than washing a ! Or if \ou have a wallet you I windshield or filling a gas tank is them white and dye them to your preferred shade. pairs of shoes each season to be) It was 15 years ago this month in style. Granted she should have!that Baumann came to Bayiown the newest type shoe, hut why land opened his shoe shop across quit wearing those comfortable j the street from where it is now shoes you've already hroken injloeated. when you can keep them and still! With 35 years of Baytown ox- br in high fashion? 'periencc and the time he spent in Take the shoes 1o Baumann's ( Conroe as owner of a leather c;oods iShoe Shop at 3.T15 Minnesota and '< shop. Baumann is an expcrkr.eed ihe will shade them almost any I leather worker. Experience is irn- color, add the slim line heels, re- portant in makinu leather gr%ids. work the toes into the current All of his employes are loni;- may be especially fond of, v.'hyj . not on th if vou like. r " : ' e<lc ' d - Changing a flat take-; little time. haw votir initials engraved! *'""<; r '* «-lls and services re- As n matter of fact a probably he outside. And in color too! '"'PI'"! tires which arc made right Utkes 1(<ss limo , 0 1( , avi , , our ,,„., iin the plant at the station. The call Fuller's, go back to your car , Special shoes for men and worn-!^' 1 ', ^/"^Jjp,^ 1 ^,^!"^ en with foot problems car, be made j ^ ^ fo ,. t ^ rtp . ins . • llu '' " c lucd - Atwl '' to order or special doctor s jnstruc-1 , 1 lions can be followed out. i The service department^can also Baumann can improve on : efficiently seirice any of the an- i tomobile a 913 El II I ED'C phone South Main rUkLClV O JU 2-8171 "Largest Tire Service Dealer In Fast Harris County" • Wheel Balancing • Front End Alignment • Shock Absorbers • Batteries and Tires ALL WORK Ffr.I.V GUARANTEED REMEMBER.....! "Guys 'n Dolls is the year around fashion center for mothers with discriminating tastes." 72 Dolls 6404 Boyway Dr. Ph. LO 6-5013 SAVE EVERYDAY 30% to 60% On Top Quality SHOES For Children arvd Women Famous Brand Shoes lions of a customer. He can take) This long list includes such safe- a tired purse and. with a little j 'X equipment as mufflers and tail- polishing and loatherwork. comejpipi's. Other items like manifolds up with an entirely new and different purse that any woman would lie proud to carry. But whatever the work needed on a piece of leather, Baumann and brake shoes and linings are put on ears with hardly a lo> of a moment. And this work is being done f°r 'he customer, ears will be washed and gn\ts<xi at the instructions. Fuller's will answer a call under any conditions and sivin have you on your way. It's ra!le,| service. The niimlKT is JU LI-S171. And Fuller's recapped tires are the best on tlie Bayto'.Mi marki-t. Kach of Ihe tires is almost a persona) relative of Fuller and lie gives it spi cial care. F.aeh 'ire is backet by Fuller's personal sen-ice. That's enouun to satisfy any customer. So next tim oil and they'll add any luxury items you may In 1 fS^rf-sted in. For ev.ti.tyi' 1 . a rear vie',v mirror might |K> something you have !<'!)ged for. Fuller's will Sell y>u "lie and install it free of (.'h.trge. Or maybe you're tired of scrubbing \oiir door rut; to get out dirt. \Vhv no! ask Ihe men aUFllller's to cover the floor with ;i nihhrr mat. ll makes cleaning tiv ivir a .simple operation you can ilo lie- fore leaving the g:u'ai:e every mornin:;. Just pick up the mat and shake it ;i coi;p!e of limes an(i put it back on the fUi»r aoiin and your car shines i'.ke tvw on the inside. It gives a comfortable feeling soul! like. i And don't forgi I. Fuller's doesn't | want to |;-iv ( . lire trouble Jon the road, but if \o\i do. dial .HI ! L.'-S!7! fee Ihe iiesl. fastest possi- I hie ser\'iee. will have it back in your hands when he says it will be ready. It (owner's instructions. ,_,.,,._ „„ . 1|1() ., ny ,..,,. :i ,.,.,, s ,. (in , x will he a quality piece of work nv Service Manager Gary Miilsj,|rive into Fuller's and ;isk for the the fastest time if needed. ; \ v ill put his crew on the job as first class treatment. Call him at. JU 2-ri'JM. i soon as you say you're in a hurry. | Th( , y1 | ( . h ,,,, k ()Vl from sicni - lo - s!/Tn TRY OUR SANITONE DRY CLEANING PROCESS White Star Laundry 500 S. Pruett 2-8168 "Baytown's Ever-Expanding Home Away from Home" LARGE CONFERENCE ROOM • EFFICIENCY KITCHENETTS • ELECTRIC HEATING • FREE TV HOLLY INN MOTEL HVfY. 146 JU S-1723 GREER FLORIST ELEANOR SMITH—OWNER 12S WEST GULF 3V 2-8274 UK T>:XAS NEWS AW WCRI-ti NEWS TIME KEEPER :,n--E LINE MUSIC PAUL HARVT DON MCNEIL TAKE IT EAST 7.SA ZSA OABOR TAKB IT EAST ABC NEWS TAKE TT EAST ABC »EWB BAT IT AND TAXI IT TAKE IT EAST ABC NBWS PAUL HARVKT NfXjW XKWS RAREF'Xrr ABC KAY MAT CLUBROOM A»C HEWS KAT BAT CLUE ROOM Aft: HEW* BASEBALL 9TOR» KAf »«T ABC LOOK HERE • GOKARTS • Easy Termi $ * Small Down NOW Payment ONLY HERE NOW! 1941 McCullough Engines FRED L wrrr & SON 101 CROW RD. Plf. I/) YOU a c etwirfiH PA UL 'S CATERING SERVICE • PARTIES • LODGES SOCIALS PICNICS Wi- Hsivr a Cnmi'lclc nf B:»rl>ecup! I-'rcsh Daily 417 E. Texas JU 2-7716 TAYLOR HUNT MOTORS • General Repairing • Body Shop • Wrecker Service • Fully Insured • All Work Guaranteed "Afosl Complete Independent Garafii 1 in Harris Comity" Corner CinniniTcc & IVarcr OFFICE MACHINES & EQUIPMENT • SALES • SERVICE REMINGTON — IBM MANY OTHER MAKES Hi I-). Kquipmrnl Co. iix Avo. ,H; 3-2722 IV^ BAYTOWN'S d&fev COMPLETE ^^^Tfc 1 ^^ SPORTING GOODS STORE! EVERYTHING IN THE WAY OF SPORTS "SKKVH'K Ol'K MOTTO" Stop By and Browse Around THE SPORTSMAN 10*1 W. Texas JU 2--1417 CARPETS—TILE LINOLEUM Installation Guaranteed • No Down Payment • 36 Months To Pay HUTSON The Home Of Quality Floor CoverinR 1314 N. Main JU 3-2435 "CLEANING CARE Gives EXTRA WEAR" • OUALITY CLEANING • LAUNDRY SERVICE • STORAGE • PICK-UP & DELIVERY Siih-SUition 0010 B;i.v\viiy GRAND CLEANERS ,'m N". MAIN" -H' 2-H154 KERR-BOND AGENCY 5 S. Aihbol— Pruett Bldg. Ph. JU 24305 VOLKSWAGEN Authorized Scrviro I'ron sorviop coupon hooks tome, with pvry Volkswagen. They providn for l\vo frrp cornplptf> innpfOtions, pntille >ou fo low-fo^t lorviro up to 100,000 milfs. It's V'olks- waifpnN sprviff plan . . . the plan thnt Uopp-* ymir VVV on th« joh. TEXAS MOTOR IMPORT JIT 3-4071 check all cquipmenl to make sure it is in perfect working order b' 1 - loro Ihe;, cheek ; oiil. And Vnur Shoes ?? Talk Alioul You. Ki-pp TliPin Looking I,i lift »w At BAUMANN'S SHOE SHOP "Kconomy Is Our Businpss" 3:u:. Minnesota JU 2-6214 State Farm Policyholders Get A saving for safe drivers under the Texas Merit Rating Plan! 4?* ?4 * ~tf„$ dividend on currently expiring policies for eligible members! STATE FARM MUTUAL the company that saved Texans over $4,OOO,OOO in 1959- $24,OOO,OOO in the past 24 years! S«« Iwv m«ch jot coirid tavc saved. See your State l.irm Agent Now! JOHN O. MITCHELL 512 E. TEXAS PHONE JU 2-6828 STATE FARM MUTUAL

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