Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 13, 1969 · Page 5
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 5

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 13, 1969
Page 5
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COUNTY RECORDS Wounded American Soldier Suftddy, July 13, • 3 "" ""* fcfcnnffh jp**t)ini). Jr. p« 13 fin* Mftr ptld tint ef SIS Sid fmt c< SlS pSi« fln« of |20 ; for"boaf Id fini ef S«6 for nsf it ef ill for i3 fint ef Jli Ev*lvn 5hl*lds Wrl&M gild »lf,t if US jtdt W Hfe M6t8n pi(« L&rry Vnstti rlfcolis &6vi tot spttdlnij. Vine? Worth Nprrriirt paid fii* of — for speeding. M*lvln Gtyhn Morgan psid flni ef ili tor sp»W!ng. Oddlt 8. Scolf paid fin* of ilS hr speeding. J6hri 6raharn Snydir pgld fin* o' J10 ?lull Wird 6Sv*r» fcald flnt of JtJ for spWdlng. t*dd!8 ftay I 5 *!!/ paid fiii at US j for speeding. J6t*fih H. ttfvortn paid tin*, of tlS (of running stop-sign, I Vlrglt Monrof Barnfs pMd tint of • US tor over 32,000 t«nd*m axle. I Gfcrold 0. Hill paid tins ot S'5 tor 06 cirflflcatj of nurnberj on b«.ird be*l. tommy Lit Howill paid t'nl of 41S for speeding. HomSr- Clifton banltl puld fin* of Sli for ip«dlhg. R«ad M»tth«y/» P«ns6n paid tint ol "tor Cirrall ft** hdf „ fc6gtr) firt* $l! ftudy iisflrdo p*f« fThf of ttt for . Vln ElrtW p«ld fini M *« for . Aftft Ce* piia ?int of 415 for * i. •-. . <^ ,. Texas Firms Told to Halt Rescued in Daring Operation operations in Mississippi . Ann ftlhlfl plld fini for sp**dlng. £>lan» 0. LlnfSrd for speeding. Wilbur L. SI6in p«ld fini 61 ItJ for UJ psid tin* r.f ii! . Bobbv H«rdy Mc&rldi b*ld fin* ef *!5 for jpiidlnft. SU for spMdina. Mi*« Osclola p*ta flni 3f 6vSrflroSS wetgftf. John wayftg C*rt*r paid fin sJmue"! Jack ftufi*dg* paid 120 far jp*«din9. . Sarfiuel JSck Rufledtt* paid flni of J35 for violation of prorWsS to *po««r. Lflrry to*4l Wlloth paid flni of J30 8y J30 fin« (AP) — A seriously '"• wounded AHlericaft soldi&r, tts fnissing in action for nearly two of months, was rescued from enemy forces in a daring operation Thursday, the U.S. Command rcDorled Saturday. laf *( Chu tai, hcad(tuartfei-s of , vt-as ftof kno\vn exactly how or Utc Aftietical DiWsion. when Aikeri suffered tJ&ctofs said he W&s suffering vt-ound, although it ftotH "an opeil skull fractuf e ! sarne day but not during the JACKSON. Miss. ( AP) -two statutes {Jfiri cWifttlSSiflU his head Houston, tcx., petroleum flttrts ; tions by discWrpg salt * was the have been ordered to discontinue ; afid other Subislaiices inlb th« operations in Forrest County un- • btaiil damage." MiS cohdi- fight that occurred in conntc- til conditions which caused the ; river. fh c cothplaihls Specifically death of a Hattiesburg rtan i charged tlniott fexas with df§* were "rectified and corrected," i charging Hydfocafbon gases 5fl 4 ft6btr» ft«y Htnarton P »id fm4 O f Isnt. Jo* Robirt Guinn psid flni ef JlJ for sptldinfl. Jo* Robert Guinn paid tin* ol tSO for vlolatlnn of promlst lo *pp*»r. Houston RulledgS paid fln« of 430 for drurtk. B»rb«ra KMnJy paid fini of $30 for drufik. Johnny W. Jerrilli paid (ln« 61 S35 for drunk. Adolphus Jack Hewitt pfid tin* 61 i'5 _ ... .^ ,. Jiffy Don C«ldw*ll p«id lint t,f t?0 Josi CaslSllarto Gaivan paid (1:14 «f ilS for failure to control sp«*d. M * " n * " *'* "" "° ! fw birtSv**1KSn W Mid fi«i 6 f us for ."1 *.*'! !ir»* n i i^i-* 6 ?^?*' , , vs w * '"*'* m ' rk " "^ Wfl8 * WI<J " n * w " 8 tiofl was listed as "very seri- tion with his rescue, ous." i He said it was not known The U.S. Command said whether Aiken might have suf- Spokesmen said Spec. 4 Larry i American officers learned of fered the wound al the hands of __ ... r ..._ _.._ was taken out by helicopter i Aiken's whereabouts from an enemy troops. According to issued an emergency order Fri- Bt} ^ sufficient to cause Ihe death The Mississippi Air and Water | ( 0 the ~rivef "In such Pollution Control Commission j 8s to pollute tht air and watef" wi.h 0»v*s P.obbinj for »p**dlhei. Bjvld Jo»l Loudirmilk ch»rq*« fillur* to surrindjr iusp*nd»d l!i_«n?» Prle* Whlti HIM, W»to, ciarg*d with ipMdlng. Billy Jo» bickirson paid fine 6' ilS for spitding. Billy Euq*ni 6uki, Arlington, cMrjid with SP**dinq. Vltkli Holllnd. 4«n Ang«la, ch»rg«d . from a Jsorth Vietnamese camp - enemy soldier who defected to Army doctors it was not a gun- day against Union Texas Pelro- ; O f t)ickerson. neaf Tam *** 350 miles north- ' the south Vietftamfese 2nd Oivi- shot wound/ fini of «2o east of Saigon, while a security force of American and South Vietnamese troops fought off the enemy, killing six. Aiken was unconscious during siort. | A command spokesman said They devised A rescue plan in ; today that it was not known how which South Vietnamese infan- or when Aiken was wounded, al- trymen and regional force i though it was not during the res- troops made an air assault into i the rescue and has not regained I the area to seize it, while two soldiers, a South Vietnamese and an American were lowered , at I for speeding. Dome Robinson Harm* paid tln« of llJ for speeding. Mos« Holllt p»ld fln« of »?0 for no valid motbr vehltl* Inspection rticker. Gtorge Michael Lydty paid fine of US for speeding. David Wavn« Gore paid line of S20 lor failure 1o vltld right ol wgy Linda Gall Garner, A^cCarhey, paid tint 61 V15 for speeding. Thomas 6. ftulherford paid tine of HO ing. Sammy DuSne Johnson paid lint of $20 i for speeding. Bernard Whecle/ paid f'ne of $<5 for i running slop sign. : Willie Albert Bute paid vinj 61 tiO i for speeding. • Cleud All«n Brown eaid (in* of tZO for speeding. Let Feemster Jr. paw tine of U lor no certificate of numb'rs on bi.ird hoat. fhilip Pllier paid fine of US tor speed- , WASHINGTON NOTfS No Fixed U.S. Position Reached on Arms issue Coy 0. J6rinson, Houston, eharn*d v.l'h ipiiding. Lonnls Edwin Chapniy ch»ro*d with *p«idlh«. I »& J»m«s bfinlil Hitv.s, Dallas, char«*d ' IJl'llfie with sp««ding 1X1 Wyo LiWIs H«nry Dicordflva charged \ v llh speeding. Jimmy 6lm*r hariin jr , Abi(ci« charged with spscdina. Jose M. Mjres, Bro*nwnod c^^'Oftd W Mina'rd' eSei G«r W r. ih. D ^^rrj Air miles from LaGrangc Friday. Fore* Basd, charoid with -.ocdinj .-i. ... . . Michael T. Wclnnis charged with no driver's license. Ray Ployri Hudson, San Ang»lo, cl a'gtd wllh speeding. Donald W. Maklnson, Richardson, thstg. ed v/Hh jp»edina. Shlrlsy G. Underwood :harg«d with Speeding. James Michael Thomas, Amariilo, charged wllh ;o»erluia Officers Seize in Raid LAGRANGE. Tex. (AP| Stale and county law enforcement officers raided a farm 11 From LaGrange sei/.ing drugs and narcotics valued at $30.000. Armed with a search warrant, Departmenl of Public Safely Narcotics agcntw and Fayette Counly Sheriff T. J. Flournoy raided the (arm of Joel A. Ber- cue operation. In addition to the six North Vietnamese killed during the rescue, three others were cap . , , , on ropes from a hovering heli- lured and three weapons were copter to find Aiken. The American, Pfc. Robert Bohler, of Austin, Tex., and the South Vietnamese troooercar- ried Ihc unconscious Aiken to another helicopter which landed 300 yards away and lifled them out. Aiken had vanished in May during an ooeration involving his unit, Uie 3rd Battalion of (he 21sl Infantry. 196lh Light Infantry Brigade, west of Tarn Ky. The U.S. Command said Ail;- seized, the command said. leum and Mobil Oil Corp. to "physically disconnect any and! all pipelines, conduits, connec- 1 (ions of any and all kinds between their operations in Forrest County, Miss,, and the Leaf i River." ; Horace B. Dickerson. assist.- \ ant dean of men at the University of Southern Mississippi, was asphyxiated last rrtonlh when, Houston Eases RestricHons on Use of Water HOUSTON (AP) - Houston residents were permitted to water trees, shrubs and flower a boat from which he and a j beds durjng cer t a j n portions of companion were fishing on the (t) , e day Saturday but outdoor re«,* ^ . ^ > * 113 Ol 64 GOS • H eaf Rlver drifled inl ° a pCK:ket! sections on the use of water IIW **••( v^ N^WO of waste eas. •_„_.:,..._j of waste gas. Friday's order said Howard Hasselman, manager of Union AUSTIN (AP) - The Railroad crn P lo y e following Dickerson's Commission reported Saturday, death lhat operation "which lhal 113 oil and 54 s>as wells lecl to lhe discharge of hydro- were completed in Texas lhe carbon gases into lhe Leaf Riv- past week. pr would be shul down and This brings the year tolals lo closed until such time as the By THE ASSOCIATED PU12SS WASHINGTON (AP) - The United Stales still has not decided on lhe "verificalion of compliance" procedures lhat will be required in any treaty with the Soviet Union on limiting strate- , allied nations al North Atlantic Treaty Organization headquarters al Brussels. WASHINGTON (AP) - The full amount of money that former President Lyndon B. John- . ?g h ?°' dlhv """' a " r9id: " of " ustnn is|>ecl01 ' fot> "' 5 com P a !iad come under v,i-h gic nuclear weapons, says a , son had sought for the space! no ," r r'Jf, (l . te ri j i r-v j i I.«H ' - - - * JW Lrlss. Stale Departmenl spokesman. "No decisions have been reached on what will be required. No fixed posilions have been arrived al. Thai would depend on lhe lerms of the agree-1 ca |) s ment," press officer Robert J. |had McCloskey told newsmen Friday. He was questioned about reports from Brussels lhal lhe U.S. had decided to drop a demand for Ihe right of on-sile in- speclions inside Russia in lhe projecled new arms conlrol ne- golialions. A U.S. group has been consul ling wilh representatives of w»ighf. Thomas tr* Roy Bo!er ••'•,« failure to yield right of way. J. D. Wright charged with over&ron weight. Cecil Faith charged wllh boa) not with prooer lights. Clayton Cumimlngs, U31 Ciign. wilh 'proper liphH. ^ PM Mike Jones, Abilene, charged with low- Ino skier with no rear view rrtirrnr. Richard C. McGIH, Odessa, charged with POM not equipped with oroaer Uphts. Don Joiner Eastl/md, charged wllh on hoarrt l~oaf. charge wilh no heavy small arms and rocket- grenade fire after it came the State Health Department. He was charged wilh two felony counts of possession of across an encmv position, narcotics and two misdemeanor counts of possession of dangerous drugs. Officers said they seized more than 125,000 pills in classified as dangerous drugs. Justice of the Peace A. V. 2.675 oil and 1.342 gas wells, compared wilh 2.714 oil and 1.229 cas completions a year ago. Wildcatters reported nine oil and 12 gas discoveries. . conditions could be corrected.*' But. the commission said, it i continued. Mayor Louie Welch relaxed the restrictions a bit Friday but continued the ban against watering lawns. Trees, shrubs and plants can be watered at any time except between the hours of 5 and 8 a.m. and 4 and 10 p.m. Houston has no water short- was delermined that hydrocar-' a 8 e but a prolonged dry spell bon gases "in dangerous quanti-' has caused such a heavy de- ties" were still being discharged '"and that pumping pressure ' sharply during "With five other members of; Eight wildcat gas wells were i Thursday by the two companies., has dropped his unit. Specialist Aiken was • in the San Antonio Dislrict 2 and The °'"der said lhe discharges j peak periods. providing security in a rice paddy while his comoany maneuvered to its position," a U.S. Command report said, "A later sweep of the area four were in the Corpus Christi w e''e in "sufficient proporlions Light showers fell in scattered of gaseous subslances as lo be areas of Ihc city Friday bul not District. Oil discoveries were more evcntly dislrubuled with two each in San Antonio District 2. Houston and Corpus Christ .-__ ^-—g... . v - ... v U j-w v . j^ triss Abllcn* charoed wilh no C *»u i f t. » .*-fc*.« w,,ww^ v. .>.^. MJ..U j «,, <«uu^.v/>i unu vx^/t puo wiuiai agency's budget should be ap- certificate of n <,mt*n on board bo«i ftm |in belore whom the chdrgcs failed to locate Snecialist Aiken.! d : sfricts and one each in the proved by the Sena I, says Sen. Ralph Yarborough, D-Tex. Yarborough noted Friday thai Nixon administration's budgel for $45 million less than been recommended by Johnson for the National Aeronautics and Space Adminislra- lion. Yarborough said U.S. leadership in the exploration of space will be hampered by a reduction in the space agency's funds. David Miller, Brownwcod, c^a'fjerf with host not equipped wllh proper Ute cavlno devices. 1 Don Roger Kuvkcndall chirred v/iin violation of promise to ipoesr. Johnny Don Merryman rharged with violation of promise to appear. Neddie Splvev Sllger charged wilh violation ot promise to appear. Linda V.erlanl and Arlene Salinas, Charged with simple assault. Blanched, Austin, charged Elmo Brown charged with dangerous to human and aqua tic life." Complaints were served Wednesday on Warren Pelro- enough to justify the return to normal water use. were filed said the investigation When last seen by his platoon Abilene. Midland and Wichita leum Corp. of Tulsa. Okla.. and of i ol circumstances surrounding; leader he was moving and nol I Falls dislrlcts. uie drugs may lake seve-al • wounded. w ^ e ' <s - A spokesman said A tolal of 141 wells were plug- today it' ged, including 58 dry holes. Shell Oil Co. of Houston. Tex., Clay samples show that volcanoes erupted off the Florida along with Mobil and Union Tex- ' coast as. charging they violated state ! ago. about 30 million years Association Honors 6 in Agriculture COLLEGE STATION, Tcx, (AP) — The Texas County Agricultural Agents Association president announced Saturday its selection of six "men of the year in Texas agriculture." The 1969 honorees, said H. C. Slanley Jr., presidenl and county agent in Taylor County (Abi- Jene), are: . er " rancher and chairman Texas Fran Credit Board, Colorado City; Dr. Ray M. Anderson, farmer-rancher and internalion- ally known animal nulrilionisl, Fort Worth; E. G. Cauble, Jr., rancher and national leader in the wool industry, Big Lake. Also B. C. Langley, retired experiment station superinlendenl and widely recognized peanut breeder, Stephenville; Bill McReynolds, farm and ranch director for WOAJ radio and television, San Antonio; and Dr. J, K, Northway, King Ranch veterinarian and authority on animal breeding and genetics, Kingsville. The six will be honored at the association's annual meeting Aug. 3-5 in Houston. Armstrong Could Make Yugoslav A Millionaire WASHINGTON (AP) - The deep-diving submersible Trieste II is making a new look al the wreckage of the submarine Scorpion lost in May 1968 lilh a crew of 99. The Trieste, operating deep in the Atlantic about 400 miles southwest of the Azores, will take photographs and check debris in a bid for new information which could help determine the cause of the sinking, the Navy said Friday. Portions of the Scorpion's hull were located by deep waler cameras last October. Capital Quote By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS "The removal of the 4'/i per cent ceiling js tanlamounl lo a surrender lo a permanenl slale of high interest rates in the U.S. economy,"—House Banking Committee Chairman Wright Patman, on the Nixon administration's bond inleresl rate proposal. Leonard speeding. Claude Banks Jenkins charged with spaedlng. Edward Marion Martin, 3an ^nselo. charged with failure lo drive in 3 single marked lane Raymond Craig Million, Slrawn, rharged wilh speeding Judith Louise Buie, Dallas, chfrcjed wilh speeding. J. L. Byrd charged wilh rtrun* Lorene Sleel charged v/ith no driver's license. Cecil Bornfield charged wllh drunk. Jack V'/llllam Foil!;, Fort ,','orth. charged with following too closely. William Bascon Morton charged wilh wrong ilde ol road not uassinq. Joe Neel Gwalhmev '.harged wilh failure lo yield right of way. Tom Hamilton charged wllh no d-lvers license. Dennis James Glass, San Angeio, charged with speeding. Lon Allyn Twombly. Pasadena cr.arged with speeding. Amos Carlisle, Odessa, charged wllh speeding. Robert Allen Tallty, Strewn, charged \ wiln spending. i Jody Ray Scolt, San Angeio, U>«rj«d ! with speeding, Dorothy Mae Ward, Dallas, charged : wim speeding. Jo«ph Morris McNeely, charged with speeding. Bobby D. Crawford charged with speed- Ing. Robert E. Hollowell, Austin, charged with speeding. Ernest Thomas Odom Jr., A/le, charged with speeding. ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY SPECIAL BUY MONDAY, JULY 14th 100% Dacron Polyester Knit r*-r&?fln*fmtji ijttm Capital Footnote By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Air Force is lending the National Aeronautics and Space Administration two of its YF12A aircraft, test version of an advanced jet fighter, for use In a program lo learn more about various aeronautics factors, The recent end of the XB70 bomber program left the space agency without a suitable supersonic cruise research aircraft. Skyscrapers Worry FAA DALLAS (AP) - Tlie eral Aviation Agency is Fed- con- BELGRADE (AP) Yugoslav could A lucky a mil' Jionaire when Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong sets foot on the moon. A Belgrade newspaper is offering a prize of a million (old) dinars &>r the reader who can jpredjct Armstrong's lirsl words 4$ he stands on the lunar surface. • At present exchange rates the is worth only ?SOO in Yugo- new cun'ency the win er will coJl^ct wly 110,000 ew) dinars. I Yugoslavia's largest newspa- Vecernje Novosti, an- to4ay a series of games" designed to in- readers', the language— and in- sales of tte paper. other moon games include-' making . HP a 'statement to be by tt*e lirst on the -mw^JfU* nars, an4 cototo| i meaning ' cerned over the three skyssrap- ers planned for downtown Dallas because they exceed a 620- foot maximum height agreed on several years ago. Henry Newman, FAA southwest regional director, said Friday the maximum was set so that planes leaving and arriving at Love Field have a weather ceiling of 5J50 feet and visibility of about 2% niiles. One of the new skyscrapers is to be ?93 feet higher than the maximum. Newman said this would reduce take-off operations on two. north-south rynways to a minimum of 700 feet ceilings and one-mile visibility. The buildings are outside the area where the city sets ma$jh mwm heights, Tom Unis, aV tomey for the devejopej-s, said. The application will 'be studied from the technical standpoint and a public hearing wiii be set, Newman slid- The thres skyscrapers are ihe 9ia-fsei cylinderigai Griffin Square Tower, the i?Wool Two Main IHacj mi the ?54-fo<H be built in dQwutown Griff w , Cussing OK In Georgia ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) - A federal judge has ruled that it's legal to cuss in Georgia. Judge Sidney 0. Smith of U.S. District Court set aside the conviction of Johnny C. Wilson, who was accused of violating Ihe slatute againsl opprobrious words or abusive language. Wilson was arrested in an antiwar protest at an Army induction center, The judge said Geogia's law against cussing was unconstitutional because "it leaves wide open the standard of responsibility so that it is easily susceptible to improper application." Make your own thing in Penn-Prest -*''. M ..M>Jtt*A~>.. <<,»«, f ,' V , f f ^ ^& Dacron double knits by-the-yard. • —, •' -""'W4, - f" f They know no season! * - ,, *. i- Never yyrinkle! Never need ironing! .J£«ki.«w,.>.««&A3.—v-it, .h.,,-T...,T,,.-i,(^—„ -._ j. .', .,.,.^-^^^.^^t-.^4<uu»^ JJ . «*, — + —„ k ^ J .^j_^_SK.«- u 2,972 Witnesses Baptized in Cool Waters at Beach | NEW YORK (AP) - Jeho-j vah's Witnesses flocked from! their international convention al 1 Yankee Stadium to a Bronx! beach Friday where 2,972 of! them submerged in the chilly! water to becope baptized and ordained as ministers. lilore than 100 ministers in swimming suits and T-shirts supervised while city lifeguards stood by. The seven-day assembly of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society-r-popularly known as the Jehovah's Witnesses—ends Sun-, day. i NEW SHIPMENT JUST UNPACKED! HURRY!! LIMITED SUPPLY! ,*-^fy&*W-WA}w**%>. •|*t^«j^g^:' ^ - •• • •'-' &%W!^ v< «4« potent, Nt w«it ftityr §;. ,, j _.i •*. ' \~ J * f f * FUtL BOI.TS! Charge It at Penney'j in Brownwood! yd. Store Hours 9 A,M, to 5:30 P.M.

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