Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 5, 1963 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1963
Page 7
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Television Programs Channel 4 KONG-TV, tVKI)NKSl)AY NBO X. HIP Mat,•!> linniff S:^,'i NrU'.i S:;KI MiiKf llooin l''u? 4 ;t)ii .Mit joi i 'dinar B;UO ItuoUI.'ljurry Hound • ''i Mil hi- i •iimnr i .'•(,") llmillrv Unnkli'V Ij.H'l Ni US |i f«:l,"i \V' itlher ('<:-"' Si) or l.- ii ti ::iO The \ ICK in in n 11 " I'f-i t v ('.,111,1 SI in* in l-.i.-v .'in h liour i \\'i:n|..\v (in Til* W,n 1.1 C1IANNKL 4 THURSDAY 7:0-1 Tuiliiv Slinw (tiiiit M:il»r i.'i ir g:t.", Kliij? ,<• (Mil* Jl ;ini Siiy WliiMi I :•„>.•. Now* NBC J'liiy Voui- Hunch n ! >'''« f '^ II :i,"i N,.w-. Ml i.;-I, I'rl.-o Is r.' I" U',';nhrr l'i«lit IL:'.' 1 ! liiiih limit KhoW l":'i" <-mi.-! iiir.-itiiiii rj .;:> r.Miti;.- ,v Alli-n ll:l'll Yiilir l''ll:-l [ill- I nn |Jr n .litrncl prt.-1-MMii | ;;:, .\|;<: \IUH -- L, llillU Truth Or Cm-si? • 1:::'. Thr- lioi'liu.i mi 1 ion I HR KVI1-TV, UTDNESPAY ABO ( :M Quff-n For A r>;iy r, in Wc-nilnT |::;o \VliD Do You Trust .", :l"i Ni'-w 4 :»U Am,>Nc'.iii Uaiul Klaiul 4:30 .M.-tvcrick »:30 Now* B :"H S. II Hunt C ::« Wn^on Tmln 7 i.i'l (ioinjj My U' J::i'J Our MUM Iliyxl o nn I-I irr fiiinn !• .in .VakPil I'itv tn.:;'i K-7 N^wx' In. I 11 i\-7 \\ f;itti/!r 1". l'i A l\i.-.- ill thf Il.'irk CHANNEL 7 TiltJKSDAY »:'i(l Jai-lt T.nT.anns i:.::n 'Mmr-lie P:3fl K.'iflv Show Show 11.nn Ami Sotlifrn 1 :nn <•„ nr-r.-i 1 Jl -nil S-\ fii K.M « ] .;<) |-':i'lii-i- 11:00 Tannes«e« EriiU 13< .si 2 nn D.IV i n Court •j :•:, Ml MI.-IV H-port :• .,'i .LIU" Uynuiii Pr«- t- f• n t a Channel 1J» KFDA-TV, WEDNESDAY CBS l:;m Kilne nf Mi;in «:i.iu l.'rcflille the Mr«- tuan I:.6 i 'US News Walter ' 'roulette 1:00 News Report fi'-'n \Vr.iiln-r r, .-.n rr.s llrimi-t* 7 '• ' II..IM, ijiilln "'"•i I '••!; llxki: 'J :i"' Armt-u ">iu 'I'll- M(I in mi .Vrtv? -.tini Pr;iH HI I,", \\ ' .itliri' llc|).,rt IH.'J., Kl--|i.\-VV K(ll- l"l in I 1" :." I ..' Klii:l>T in . .', ! '.Ni 'i i i;, IMI Irr 11 "U l.'.i; Flicker Cont'd On Tin- l(«oi«l ; 5GTH ,' VKAK THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5, 19H.1 "And one more thing — don't tend my shirts to that Chinese laundry any more" CULTURE KICK CHANNEL 10 THURSDAY fl:25 Rural Minister !> ::n I I,ov l.m-v 1:' .n I'lirm ,{• Ilrim-'t l,.;:n TriiM'I'i'jui' 1'i.nn Th»- M'-I'-I-. s N'-u.' f.- M-'v'.i'l 7 : ':>i \Vnrlil ,.| Sports in ;:n I'll,- AH,| ij| ;i .lys i: 1 :::>.i A« Tin; U 'i-rl'l 7:40 KKDA-TV Kill- t-.rli.l 1:<5 I'redille Thu Fireman II I.'. Till" IJllliIllIB t.l^ 1:00 Capt. Kannaroo U'.On New i-.Iini I'nitt 1:00 l-'rciUlle The Fire- lL':ln Wi-allicr mixn i Of the 50 million Americans ec- CHICAGO (UPI) - Statistics t'ively participating in amateur art activities, 34 million play musical i from the Stanford Research Insti-, inslrtimentSi more than twice the ! lute show (hot Americans are on, number of any other group of lei- ncr ; a ctilini-c kick. 1 sure-time artists. HIGHLAND GENERAL HOSPITAL NOTES TUESDAY Admissions Baby Boy tusk. 1513 Jean Mrs. Janice Eggleston, 1033 S. Dwight W. P. Hallmark, Sr. 1125 Terrace Baby Boy Eggleston, 1033 S. Dwight Mrs. Ruth Allston !MO Jordan Mrs. Joyce Parks, 200 W. Albert Mrs Beatrice R i t c h a r t, 1130 Christine Joe Hill, 325 N. Zimmer Mrs. Jacque Barnes, White Deer Tec! W. Finley, Pampa Mrs. Eula Nora Jensen, 501 N. Ward Mrs. Kate Humphrey, 1312 Garland Mrs. Neta Neighbors, White Deer Patty Kay Lowrance. 1908 N. Christy Mrs. Gwen McCIure, Hooker, Okla. Mrs. Annie K. Rake. Pampa Jesse Goad, 617 U. Gray Mrs. Margaret Phillips. Borger Mrs. Geneva Cobb, 623 N. Faulk- Kimberlev H>mt. W Francis Paula Simpson, 13-t-( Hamilton j Mrs. Naomi Ray, Pampa Dismissals Tony Frogge. 270S Navnjo Road ; Mrs. Billie Whitcner. 2100 N. Russell Mrs. Gail Walker. Wheeler Lane Hughes, 1345 Hamilton Marilou Moore, Phillips Tracy Moore, Phillips Elmer Smith, Panhandle .lames Hourigan M32 Hamilton Mrs. Mary E. Holland, 937 E. Murnhy Mrs. Ida Montgomery, Panhandle Mrs. Clara Cordell, Wheeler Miss Carol McBroom, 401 Red Deer Mrs. Lizzie Welton, Pampa Mrs. Mary Ransford & Baby Girl, 701 N. Russell ! Mrs. Mae Walthall, 910 Schneider Mrs. Mary Slater, RlS'.j Frederic Mrs. Clura Byars, 1019 S. Nelson CONGRATULATIONS To Mr. and Mrs. Shelton Lusk, 313 Jean, on the birth of a boy at 12:-43 a.m., weighing 7 Ibs. 8 ozs. To Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Egples- ton, 1033 S. Dwight, on the birth of a boy at 5:29 a.m., weighing 6 Ibs. 6 or.s. Shoe S NEW YORK (UPI) — Heavy imports of footwear from Japan and lialy are forcing down prices ; of domestic cowhide, tl S. import* of non-rubber fooiwear during the ; first fiv* months of IM2 rose trt ' ?.") 7 million pairs of more thni. , t\Mi-e the I2.S million imported in ; the same period last year. The Northern hemisphere supplies ncarlv T.i per cent of t h ft world's fish catch. The word 'savanna' originally meant a meadowland or large grassy treeless tract of land. It is commonly applied to the grassy plains south of the center of North America and is the equivalent of "prairie." Dr. Nicholas 0. Katlingo Chiropodist — Foot Specialist Announces the Removal of his office To 819 W. Francis MALCOLM HINKLE, Inc. MECHANICAL CONTRAC1OMS 1925 N. Robarl MO 4 7421 Air Conditioning Sales and Ser ice Sheet Metal Work Plumbing Sales and Servicu Heating Sales and Service A Budget Terms • Guaranteed Work and Materials • 24 Hour Service 11 r. \ |.;\\ ,-i-i MIS i,ne 11 :;u S"Hn li K.T '1','in- 1 nn I'M- ,,nl 1.7,0 '-( I.lnkli-I(«r'» I f <' I :tn v :; ivil Tin- Tiutn -O- Television In Review -o- By RICK DU BROW United Press International HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — How highly do you regard your local television stations? Do you think their program content would im-j prove if they were not compelled j by affiliation with a network to accept certain national shows? You may find out sooner than you think. A major decision by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has banned "option time," under which the national networks can pre-empt various hours of their affiliate stations — usually the best hours — to present programs of their choice. What this means is that the individual stations will have the j right to accept or refuse each network show, to put on their own or to buy programs from syndicates (which in many cases offer reruns) and also from independent producers. This is supposed to! increase competition. And though j the FCC ruling does not go inter effect until Sept. in. and the networks may win delays by appealing the decision, it seems almost certain at present that the ban v>-ill hold up. Technicalities aside, the viewer wants to know simply: Will the decision mean better programs, as the FCC apparently thinks it will? Well, to start with, it is often valuable for a station tu be affiliated with a network; so while the ban principle is pivotal, the over-all effect may not be momentous at first. In addition, a network has the bargaining mus-; cle to withhold nr arrange discounts on "hot" shews desired by a station — if the station agrees to take another show the network wants to be seen. In view of the FCC decision, it is droll to consider that such deals have hau to be made to force some local stations to air certain cultural and public affairs shows that were not big-money bringers. Secondly, the networks arc in no small pan responsible for their' present trouble. Their prime-time public affairs schedule for next season is shameful. Except for NBC-TV, the word "special"- \\hich is what video should be- almost disappeared this season. The ban is a comment on network programming as much as a move for increased competition. Thirdly, however, it is naive to assume that programs will suddenly blossom in great number locally on a prime-time cultural basis. In great part, the commercialism of some has prevented the networks from improving their schedules; and as mentioned above, the networks have often had to resort to arm-twisting to get good stuff aired across the board, The ban may well damage the idea of the new FCC chairman, E. William Henry, that there ihould be more sustained public NEED SUPPORT —Forrest Russell's britches are loo big for him at 6, but he got a kick out of putting them on anyway. It happened when the Fairfax, Va., volunteer fire department displayed their uniforms on a visit to Forrest's school. service programs — that is. sponsored or not — if he bids for this at the network level. For even if he could eventually foicc Ihe networks to agree to this, their power over stations would be limited. He will have to pressure the individual stations. And assuming the ban stands up, that may also he ilu' onlv real answer to guaranteeing bt.'iter programs anyway It seems that a more realistic final outcome of the "option time" ruling hhould be hoped for, with more adjustment lo the faris-of-hfc relationship between networks and si aliens. But in any case, the surest way for the FCC to ensure quality is to use the teeth in its license-revocation power over stations that fail in public service. New HAW1HOKNK. N..F. (UPI) — A new liquid ilciived from polyihy- Ifne and urethunes can be mixed with sand ID make sidewalks or patios as hard as content HI much less I'usi, Delka Research Corp. says. WAKE UP RABIN'TO GO \\itlioul Nagging Backache New! VniiL-aiiK 1 '' ""' f«-i ri lu-f >ou nerd fn-in nnKKinv li.ii'kuclio. hvtuiiu l.r and inu^cnln i neb* > on-I jmm- ihut "flt-n t nu.-e rc-'t Ittf.s n IK h tii 11 nil mi>. rt. tjle i in ni-cui feelinija. Wi'.en i!u*st? ili&rntnt'url;. conn- on with u\-IT-CM'i lion cr M rt ss and M rain --yuu rtiitil rciii t" \\ant il f;i-t! AnnUuT dislui linnrtMn;t\ ln> miU Mud.U'i irritittiun follow i:it: u i-i-Mi; t- >«i jjuii drillk -often set. tini! up ;i r.-tk>-.- i hi-nrnforlabu* feeling. Li i lull's, JVI:> u i'! I, fa.-, i m ;i Mjpiti :ite \\i\\ ,1: 1 V.y • i,iV-!> l -n il; -re!'.!.". ;tii; ;.oi ji-Il to cii.^e i.Miiii-iti of iii.jw.n^ hu.-kaiJie, hi-tnl- • »r!ics. niuM-u!;ir a<-h»• • iniine. L'. by t."«,tiling t-rTi-i-t. nn MuJiJci- n : iiatu-n. '••. by mild dU.rcMit- ai-;i"ii tcndni^ to nuu-a.^e uuf cut <t{ the .' "i :niK-s <'f kifJney tu!•»•:,. Kiij««y » jrnoii luwiitV .-.U^iJ and the Miiiu 1 li.ipp> ro.ii f n.i!h.'i,-> Itu^i? f"f ovt-r bU yeari-. J 1 ur c>'iiv«nitiu'f, §;-k for the lar^t Hie. lid U<mn'* Tills loiiuy! AUTO GLASS INSTALLED Plains Glass & Floor Covering 1518 S. Cuylcr Om-n Sat. Till otfO MO 5-3 Nil . Shop White's Giant Furniture Department for the Best Values in Town! WHITE'S NO MONEY DOWN PERSONALIZED CREDIT TERMS ARRANGED TO FIT YOUR BUDGET! Shop these breathtaking values! Authentic Colonial Maple 6-pc. Sofa-bed Suite •- i wi? 1 IN SOLID MAPLE For leisure living ^ Day and Night Ensemble Solves Your Space Problem! g; ! • ^ci;,.r>p *\.*— • . *_* i V *W,£.^ •&Z£ij~-"°* a! *'-'- ""• **£& i.'-'X^ ^f >C \ m&3&3g&K \ "~^isKi_ No Money Down »*>.-^>-. x £^'i-i< :«*;#SXm : SS-SgSSMl »«S3fe£T s ,0 / * r»*a ' «««»% *>.**"; FATHER'S DAY SPECIALS Priced From TV Reclining Lounger Your Choice Of Colors SMOKERS Priced From 6 £3^ (J I '^<*SV£ •cr*"- *^^ ss-**^' "••-^-*. .««S, .u^ r «^a I- V," 5600 • A Sofa That Makes into a Double Bed • With A Large Matching Platform Rocker • 2 Authentic Colonial-styled Step Tables • An Early American Coffee Table • Matched Colonial Occasional Chair This delightful-to-the-eye suite is unmatched for versatility! It's not furniture with a maple finish . . . it's genuine, solid maple! 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