The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 10, 1962 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 10, 1962
Page 2
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THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS PUBLISHED 1912 Publlihtd dally and Sunda> except Saturday by Review Publishers lie. 307 E. Park Avt.. Frmpert, Ttiai. Jomej S. Nabon, .-resident. JAMES S. NABOBS __ _ _ _ PUBLISHER GLENN HEATH OEOROE L BEACOM _ ERNIE E. ZIESCHANG Advertising Manager MORRIS FREEMAN Mechanical Superintendent E. E. HENDRIX Circulation Manager PEARL GLOVER eianlfled Manager EDITOR ADV. DIRECTOR ROBERTA DANSBY Managing Editor LEROY 8YRD Women's Editor AEORGS FERGUSON Sports Editor NANELLE H. MALLORY Office Manager World wide news coverage by The Associated Press. Member or Texas Dally Newspaper Association. Texas Press Association. SUBSCRIPTION RATES •> carrier, dally and Sunday, $1.50 per month plus tax. Mail rates upon request. All mall subscriptions payable In advance. Entered as second class matter March 21, 1952, at ;he Fnepoit, Texas, Pest Office, under the Act of Congress of March 8, 1870. Spotlight Red China Exacts Fee Sn Refuguee Smuggling By RONNIE WEI MACAO (AP) — Red China has a finger in practically every pie in this sleepy little Portuguese colony off the China coast. It even takes a cut on the illegal refugee traffic to Macao from the neighboring Hong Kong. Brib'sh Colony of Officially Peiping has nothing to do with this smuggling of refugees, but the way the system works is an open secret. Several $200. These are collected from friends or relatives in Hong Kong. The refugees themselves can take out of China only the equivalent of $1.40 if they are heading for Hong Kong, or 17 cents if they are stoppmg at Macao. Macao smugglers collect fares only after the refugees have safely landed and made contact with relatives or friends in Hong Kong. If a refugee trying to enter Hong Kong illegally is intercepted smugglers explained it to an Asso-1 by British authorties and deport- ciated Press correspondent. Many smugglers work with travel offices in Macao. The most successful are registered with an official travel agency in Canton, across the border in Communist China. It works with the Canton police security section, which issues exit visas to leave Red ed to Macao after serving a jail sentence, the Macao smugglers consider themselves obliged to smuggle him to the British colony again—free of charge. Social welfare workers say most of the 60,000 refugees from Red China who reached this Portuguese colony this year with THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE PAGE 2 BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS, MON., SEPTEMBER 10,1962 VERY POOR HOUSEKEEPING China. i Communist exit permits have Until thi« year, exit permits gone on to prosperous Hong Kong were rarely issued, and only to ' fhe sick and aged 1 . Since Jan. 1, however, more than 60,000 visas have been issued under a new front is dotted with policy apparently aimed at reliev-jSome serve as hostels for refu- ing pressure on inadequate foodjgees. They even provide recrea- through the recommendation of the Canton travel agency. The usually quiet Macao water- agencies. supplies, and to remove malcontents. Macao ha» no restrictions on immigration from China. Many tion in the form of mahjong games. The refugees are permitted to settle their mahjong debts after they reach Hong Kong, Chinese leaving China, however, i where jobs are comparatively have no «ntry visas for Hongjeasy to find. Kong or any other foreign point' beyond Macao. "The official travel agency in Canton usually recommends a specific travel agency in Macao for what ii described as 'onward bookings' beyond Macao," one of the smugglers said. "These recommended travel agencies in Macao are required to maintain a deposit of $1,000 Kith the Canton agency which charges $5 for each refugee recommended to a Macao agency." "Onward bookings", usually to Hong Kong, are arranged by Macao agencies, which have more than 50 motorized fishing junks. Fares, based on sex, age and, iialect spoken, range from $30 to Jim Bishop, Reporter By JIM IISHOP Actor Carries Out His Pledge •art Two: Secret at Pmil MADRID, Spain — This tlmp, 'aul Lukas went to a hospital. )r. Murdoch Equcn arranRcd to nip a piece of the white spot on he throat, and send it to the path- logist {or analysis. The praying started all over gain. The wracking of the mind, torture of the spirit, became nbearable. It was too much to sk a man to go through the lear f cancer twice in one week. The actor bogged the doctor to iprmit him to do something. "Let ne help," he said. The doctor ooked him over. "What can you o? You're an actor." Lukas wrung his hands. "A 11 Eht. I'm an actor. I can be an orderly. I can carry a bed pan. I know how to make a bed. I can set up the lights in the operating room. I'm an expert on lights. I can. "All right," Dr. Equen said, Week In Business KEY PACKAGING ITEM ON UPTREND "I'm sold, Paul. From now on, you're an orderly." Helping others is an unguent to the soul. Paul worked hard, unremittingly. He couldn't pause to think. In a few days, the spot had been removed and pronounced non-cancerous. After 10 days of treatment, he was ready to go home. Lukas didn't want to go home. He was afraid. This was a new illness, a non - filterable virus. He was mortally a/raid of cancer. He was sure he had it. Dr. Kempfner had seen the polyp but not the white spot. Dr. Equen had seen the white spot but not the polyp. There could be something there that neither had seen. He dressed and asked for his Mil, Dr. Equen shook hands. "No bill. Paul," he said. "You worked hard. No bill." For a moment, Lukas stopped making wild promises to God and made one to himself. I "Whenever I earn a little extra money from now on, I'm going to donate it to the Damon Runyan suggest s way of keeping the promise? 'What can you do, Mr. Lukas?" the doctor said. Lukas shrugged. "I'm a pretty good orderly. Try me." The doctor thought it was strang" that a man who was, at Ihe moment, a big hit in a play called "Call Me Madam," would want to do menial work in a \\os- pital. "We have a volunteer service, Mr. Lukas," he said. "Join It." This time, Paul Lukas began to keep the promise In earnest. He had six shows a week, and two matinees, hut he managed to average five to six hours a day in Memorial Hospital, Jive days a week. He did the lowest work, the most sickening work. He was In the operating room one day when he heard Dr. Hayes Martin complain that he could not see the operating area clearly. Lukas asked permission to rearrange the lights. It was granted. Dr. Martin smiled. "From now on, Paul," he said. You're in charge of lights." The doctor Insisted on paying one drink a day. Lukas accepted. Within a month, he had better offers from two other surgeons. He declined. Mr. Lukas had been working at the hospital two years when Dr. Martin asked him a question. "I notice on the roster that you never check in as a volunteer. Why?" Paul said he didn't think it was Important. He was an actor. He was never sure when he could be present. So he was not recorded- in the book of volunteer workers. The actor was lying. He didn't want his name to go on the golden list in the lobby, the list of noble men and women who give of their time and good cheer for the sick. He owed this to God. He wanted no billing. Lukas finished five years of work at Memorial Hospital as an orderly. Dr. Martin and Dr. Wil- By JACK LEFI.EB AP Business Ne NEW YORK (AP) For example, the Federal Re-.serious trouble." •ns Writer i serve Bank of New York said that | The employment-unemployment doch . Eq V en '.!'., — Economic! currently available information i picture could be viewed two ways. Pro Hi! Se i. i Cancer Fund, and I will alwaysiliam J. Flynn drew up an august give it in the name of Dr. Mur-jdiploma, scripted in golden Latin, He has kept that a d named him a "qualified light operator In hospital operating rooms." It was funny. Even Lukas years. Still, he asked politely and in- some China, dark clothes wade through shallow muddy water to board motorized junks headed for Hong Kong. The refugees are packed tight below decks. The trip takes about * 10 hours, v:. ~ - I horizon persisted. The preponderance of new busi- ed." ness statistics was favorable.! On the other hand, Georg« However, the improvement was Meany, president of the AFL-CIO, New York, he got his polyp slides better than many people expert >a decline. Unemployment, which " cw " rlc '" e g °LT vZ, C :i. ed." lustiallv *hnw« » =,,« D i rf— from Dr - Kempfner. From that by no means impressive. .said, "We are not growing fast on ' he send the And-opinion about the state of; enough economically to keep pact; work force from 5.3 per cent in analv ^- s -.p^ ? lw f7 s came back The smugglers figure the'business remained sharply divid-.with our growing population ani?|july. chances at only 1 out of 20 they' 6 ^will be arrested by the British police. One young refugee student said before sailing for Hong Kong: "The odds are not bad at all. In Communist China one out of every two students is sent to the countryside for back-bending la- isooner or later we will be ill DAftY CROSSWORD AGBO8B tion 4, Moving 1 plecea of machinery 8. Drug-store menta shaped 12. English moor 18. Unit at measure 16. Disinclination to move •17. Thus 18. Entreaty 19. Half ems 20. Spin 22. Negative 24. Irritate 36. "The Man in the Iron Mask" author 28. Like SO.Raap n. Station: aibr. 34. Hastens 16. Neuter pronoun 17. To endure longer than 89. Emmet 40. Up to the time of O, Likeness 43. Blrthstone for June 44. A thin, fine netting tt. Low, sturdy cart 46. Owing aa a debt DOWN LUveljr square dance 2. God of the wind (Babyi.) 3. Head covering 4. Summons to eat (•4 wds.) 5. Affirm 6. A mat (dull finish) 7. Earthenware *. .•» mug 8. Kind of daisy 8. Irresolute IL Epochs IS. Compass point: atobr. 18. Malay boat 21. At home 23. Belonging to us 26. Mother: colloq. 27. Excited 28. Small sofa 31. Liquid food 32. Harmonized nann HUES @I@ HEQ EHH ara unn QSHBM aaOBQ ESBdE ABiwtr 33. Oil at rose petals 35. Part of "to be" 38. Italian cote 39. Egyptian heaven (var.) 42. Wet earth Washington Scene By GEORGE DIXON Status Symbol: Secret To Leak Seymour Wolfbein, deputy as- Distant secretary of labor, said he j didn't see anything in the job figures pointing to a recession. marked "negative." And Paul Lukas hungered to believe the reports, but couldn't. Someone old him about Dr. Hayes Martin, in New York's Memorial Hospital. This is the full have perked up. The automakers, nearing '. stride in output of 1963 models, i turned out an estimated 66,000 [passenger cars against 35,378 dur- jing the week. They are expected i to operate at full blast this month, I assembling 456,000 cars, compared with 195,518 in August. II sales hold up, production is expected to WASHINGTON — Judging from seems to have a bigger and wider, soar even higher in October, all he "inside information" and>ak on this than anybody. By| The stock market retreated in confidential advices" being be!-:George — George might have a: Automobile and steel production most noted "cancer treatment institution in the world. Lukas went :o Dr. Martin and told him that IB had made a promise to God lo help people. Could Dr. Martin owed about Capitol Hill these \ two-country leak! I wonder . days, the Senate has a new status ' Cuba has a CIA? | Stock sales for the week totaled mbol i A Cuban leak is worth two Ber-J3.04 million shares daily corn- To attain stature a Senator' 'in leaks. You've gotta trade four j pared with 2.87 million the pre- To attain stature, a aenaio ^ ^^ marbles , or a Cuban |vious week. The total was 12,095,must convey the impression that af A sieveful of leaks in the;568 against 14,327,660 for the five- laughed. He kept the diploma. It hangs in a house he bought in Tangier, across the Strait of Gilbrallar. Now, he is in .his seventies and he has met a lovely Dutch woman named Anna Drisens. They will be married in a few weeks and life, instead of ending, will begin again with love. On the set, I watcher 1 the Spanish doctor ask Paul L,ul;as what part he plays in "55 Days in Peking." Lukas bowea "I am the German doctor," he said. The real doctor smiled. "Good," he said, "I will show you a little bit about hospital procedure so that you will look good on the screen." Hal Boyle's People BT HAL BOYLC he has a personal counterspy Far eastern League equals one sessions in the previous week. planted in the Central Intelligence!Castro league box top. at~.~Kn-ju.-y in utc i/iuviuua iwirrw ,, , , . . .. Bond sales amounted to $16,430,-1 dld " l °P en h ' s ma ' 1: Ad Group Lives Ten Years Less NEW YORK (AP)—Things a I he's a depositor, to his boss he's columnist might never know if he'an employe, to a store he's a cus- i 34- 4-V Agency The bigger the CIA leak,! A Senator who doesn't claim a:000 million par value, due to lack *' CIA leak just isn't alive to the lot trading on Monday's Labor ?* America's favorite menu items eat 100 mil- 18 million the bigger the Senator. ™ status'symbol". One who 'pass- ! Day holiday. To be anybody under me new.^ up a biB(jpportunity (0 hejght .| stee| output renewed its status symbol, a Senator must en his image was Senator Spes-'vance during the week with mills|Americans also have ulcers, make it look as if he were privy ^^ Holland of Florida. i melting 1,672.000 tons, up 3.8 per! to the CIA's innermost secrets, N ear |y three weeks ago Senator!cent over the . and is revealing them because Holland had al! the inside infor-;the year through tomer, to a sports promoter he's a fan—and to his family he's "good Old Dad," the provider. "A bachelor," says Arnold Glasow, "is a guy who can take a nap on top of the bedspread." A furrier here has a line of| In 1958 surgeons in Durham, I lion daily. There may be no con- •the country should KNOW." In mat j on on the Soviet build-up in- the first paragraph of every press sjde revealed only la s t release he issues in bales he must • Tuesday by President Kennedy. tion totaled ot 9.4 per cent over the comparable period last year. imply the source of thel eak with- Senator Holland had all the in- 1 Businessmen were particularly ' out actually identifying it. side on the variety of missiles ' cheered by the condition the pa- This calls for rather tricky supplied by the Russians, the ra- perboard industry, which they wording, but the Senatorial status- dar, electronic equipment, and consider a sensitive indicator of Next to headaches, the mostj more than <ive pounds. The val common form of pain is caused by] ' backaches. lue coins: aoout $5. was Robert Frost who ob. Girdles for men aren't really i served, "A man will sometimes new. In the first half of the 19th devote all his life to Ihe dcvelop- century, pudgy gentlemen in Lon- mont of one part of his body-the seeker shouldn't go too far astray number of Russian technicians, j future business. Paperboard is the <i°" and Paris customarily wore j wishbone. if he sticks to such basic opening, precisely as outlined a fortnight' material from which most boxes corsets to achieve a slimmer lines as "My confidential informa-i later by the President. |for packaging merchandise are waistline. I tion is ", "According to of-; I know ;>" this, because Senator I made. | Advertising isn't normally con-| Thjj Throot tidal data that has been made 1 Holland ^ :-d me. Know where! The National Paperboard Asso- «»i«'~i » *un™mi, iwunutlnn ll-»l l»H«Hl lavailable to me " and "Thisihe got h ncanny inside infor-1elation reported ordi-rs to mills in the /our weeks ended Aug. 25 increased 6.4 per cent over the com- BANGKOK, Thailand (API- parable 1961 period. The Federal Reserve Board re- only 57.9 years, 10 years below the jSEATO ', chief official said today average for men in all typos of;,|, e Communist threat remains 9-10 YOU'RE TELLING ME! jhas not been given out but I have mation? | inside information that " From a mimeographed letter I These lines are available to all entitled "The Cuban Report" sent the Senator?., in Ihe Senatorial do- j to many members of Congress by 1 main as you might say, but some, the Cuban Student Directorate, j ported department store sales _ | _ _ _ n o of the lawmakers have preferen- j P.O. Box 805, Miami 1, Fla. i dropped slightly in August from'best way to keep your friends i«i| u ||ed into a false sense of secur- ces. For example, Senator Franki Senator Holland kept it to him-jthe July level but said it con-,not to give them away"—Wilson i j ty Lausche of Ohio prefers a simple self, however, because both Spe- sidered the volume of business I Mizr a dangerous occupation, but a survey showed advertising men have a life expectancy of jobs. | grave in Southeast Asia and Our quotable notables: "The warne d the Allies against being MONDAY 3:,10 JB~Whn"hn""Y<ni Trust? ;e of Nicht it. Mob Show 4:00 C0 American IlamWn'-r, Mnlmlia Jackson Dick Tracy (Colon "4:05 CD "Early Show: "Molhrr Is A Freshman." IjoiTtln YoiniR, Van .Johnson Q M.-O.-M. Thrnlie: "The Sun Comes Tip." JeanotlP ' Mac-Don* I fl, I/loyd Nolnn 4:30 CD i H o c k y and M I f 11:30 CD }'vf (Jot * Spcpt iii.-nn CD Night Edition V,g Ray Conawn.v. !p r * fJuy Savage. Weiih Tom Evans CD News: Nick Om,., Wrnlhrr: Sid Lashc- O Roundup N• v Weather, Maori /!„„.. Sports • 10:15 CD T,ntf . Heftst with Flv8 Fin(t,,i' Robert Ald», / nil>| I CD Yoi CD Whirlyblnls: "Time Limit." Chuck nml P. T. K<>t mixed up with Mifc- craekcrs who dreys up in women's .costumes Q Operation Lift !0:20 CD Adventures In rltsr." Bamboo Cm Season premiers. A<hr I* persuaded to pflnrlri-ti behind.the Bamboo ft,,. tain of Red China IO:M fj Tonliiht Show ,f'n|,, r j il:2h"CD.ABC News Finn! it:.TO'(0><illoiv That Mnti ' 5:40 Q Almanac Nowsreel 5:?rfjT?unTiey-'Hrlnklry 12:00 0 Wnntert liy the FRI ; Report 5£1, 0ff «., CD NC| WS Final, nun, Word _. 0 Debbie Drake ' O"Sl'm"Off 6:00 CD News: Ray Conaway. Weather: Tom Evans. Sports: Guy Savace Q] News: Nick Rrarhart. Weather: Sid Lasher O What's New O World at LarRf, Today in. Sports 6:15 CD ABC: KveniiiR Hcpnrt CD News: Walter Cr,»i- kite Q Newsreel,_Wcather 8:30 CD Cheyenne Show: "One Way Ticket.'" Re•peat. Cheyenne becomes romantically attached to a rich young widow § To Tell the Truth Redman's America: "Pueblo Arts" 0 Sea Hunt: A freighter carrying deadly liquid nitro crashes on a reef and goes to the bottom of the sea J:5» CD SlRn Prayer On, Anthi>m 7:00 CD Pcle an(I Gladys: Repeat B Sneak Preview National Velvet: "Teddy's Exam." Repeat. Carol-Crow 7:30 C0 The Law of the Plainsman: "The Dude." Sam Buckhart attempts to aid a young dude Q} Father Knows Best: "Always Plan Ahead." Repeat. .Jim decides to teach his children how to plan ahead O School Special JO Price Is Right (Colorl 7:45 O Houston School Board 8:00 CD Surfslde Six: "Anniversary Special." Repeat. Dave learns the "madness" of TV, a comic's wife is. part of another's - , ,. ambitious plan CD The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour: "Lucy's Summer Vacation." Repeat. The Hicardos are accidentally booked into the same vacation cabin with another couple. Ida Lupino, Howard Duff EJ 87th Precinct: ."Man in a Jam." Repeat. A man murders his fiancee. Lin McCarthy 0:00 (0 Ken Casey:."So Oft It Chances in Particular Men." Repeat. Test fail to reveal why victim of a simple acidcnt has gone into mental collapse Q) Hennessey: Jack Carter plays a super- salesman with a gift of gab that gives Dr. Chick Hennessey the confidence he needs to make a public speech. Repeat Q Perspective on Greatness: "Who is Dr. Goddard." Documentary of the man who ushered In the Space Age on March 16, 1026 6:00 CD Operation IJttr TV Course teaching people J1 read and write 6:30 CD Cadet Don ^6:5.1 CD SIR" On O Morning Devnlion.ik - - ^ 7:00 CD Morning Repoi-i O Today 7:15 CD Mr ' Caboose "7:30 QDj Mornin g Edition' News S:00 CD Cadet Don ~Tl CD Captain Knnsarnn I 8:30 CD Pepplo_Are Funny " 9:00 CD Jack I.n I>nnn» CD Calendar 0_Say_When 9:30 CD Morning Movie: "A* pointmcnt with Murder." John Calvcrt, K»thcrin« Craig S I Love Lucy Play Your Hunch (Color )_ 10:00 CD The Verdict Is Youri 10:30 CD Tho Brighter Day @_Concentration 10:55 CD Harry Rcasoner Newi 11:00 CD Tennessee Ernie ForT CD Love of Life O Your First Imprc?. sion 11:30 CD Yours for a Son? (D Search for Tomorrn-v Q Truth of Consoqiitii- cei _ lf:55 JB_NBC News 'fir-port" " 12:00 0 Jane Wyman Pi••sent; CD News at Noon 0 O Big Payoff 12:15 CD The Lee Shephni Show 12:30 0 Camouflage fl) As the .World Tumi G_Highway_ Patrol T2:55""CD~ABC~Midday Ii.-|i.i:t "l:00 CD Home Edition Nsus CD Password 1:25"p""NBC News . 1:30 0"Dragnet ,f § House Part\' _Ix)rctta Y'ounj 2:00 CD Day In Court CD Millionaire O Younff Dr. M.ilono 2:30 CD Seven Keys 8 To Tell the Truth Our Five Dauc,liln' 2:i5 CD D ' H 'g Edwards NPU.I Q Jan Murray Show 3:DO ffl Queen for a Day CFI Secret Storm • Q Make Room for T»i~ CONTRACT BRIDGE By B. Jay Becker » (Top R«cord.Hold«r In Mature* Individual ChamploniMp fW Bouth dealer. Neither aldo vulnerable. NORTH 4A.K83 WEST &4 VQJ1084 • QJ3 4.AJ8 ' "My information is rial Assistant to the President Senator Kenneth Keating of McGeorge Bundy and Robert A. Secretary-General Pole Sanisin, 4K84 + K02 EAST *J10752 V72 4>1008B 4,107 SOUTH Riirt Paaa VAK6 held up pretty well in view of: it lias teen found you can catch ion the eve of the eighth anniver- fears of a steeper decline. a mouse easier by baiting a trap By KINO Central Prest Writer PUBLIC and private debt has passed tha trillion-dollar mark In the U. S. You want to give up? t ! ! Bvery man, woman and child tn our population owes an aver- agf Of tSiSlS. The good news it, that includes what you already knew about. I ! ! fit* population explosion ii a boon. If It fc«*p* up, we'll hold rti* lln* on.tfa* p*r capita. I i I Ibe federal government 1 * 5300 HJfcp debt to about 80 par cut of the total. That's still you. I ; j State and local government debt h'ij about quadrupled since World War II. That's democracy, with state and local j/ou- ernment taking up where Jed* eral government leaves o//. i t i Conlumor credit i> th« Mgmertt of dtbr that'i going up fa»t«tr. W»'r» living beyond our mlini. i t i Interest on the federal debt costs ?9 billion a year. That's 10 per cent ot the taxes you New York prefers a more com-illurwitch, chief of Ihe Cuban Desk! Total business sales—manufac-| w ith bacon rather than cheese, plex, "My information, based up- at the State Department, callediturers, wholesalers and retailers—! One of Russia's biggest film on official data " him personally to beg him not tojaltained a record of $66.5 billion 1 A number of the Senators have release any of it ahead of the :j n July, the latest period for which geographical preferences too. Sen-!President. ator Homer Capehart of Indiana,! Senator Holland sat on it so who is pretty busy this week de-|hard he squashed his status sym- i figures were available. This was two per cent above June volume. Most of the gain came from retail stars is Innokenty Smoktunovsky. Imagine trying to get that one on sary of Ihe founding of Ihe anti- Communist alliance, said although I there have been dilfereiicrx Iw-! tween Red China and the Soviet i Union, there has been no change an American theater marquee. j n "the over-all objective of inlcr- Your 6-year-old child is smarter i national communism, which is lo than you think. Tests of first-grade communi/e the. world." pay, even with you doing tha to have a Cuban leak. Senator cidinK whether he should lead an bo). sales. 'children show that most have a Southeast Afila Treaty Organlza- ,nvasion against Castro, likes it to The competition for status p,' ew construction in August held'vwabulary of 2,500 words—al- tion includes Britain, Kivmce, Aus-i appear that he has a big CIA leak through a CIA leak has gone be- even with the July level at an I though the one they seem to use tralla, New Zealand, Pakistan and on Cuba. So dors Senator Barry yond the Senate. Newspapermen annual rate of $t>2.2 billion btit was most in the home is "No." n )e Philippines. Goldwater of Arizona. have entered the contest too. 7 per cent above August 1961. One American in three owns a Senator Jacob Javits prefers lo I have just completed a survey Another case ot alleged price- car, compared to one in \'2 in Kng- imply a big CIA leak on Berlin.,which indicates I may be the fj x j ng developed when a federalilarol and one in 13 in Switzerland.! When Tunisia became Indc- Senator Thomas Dtxid of Connect- only newspaperman in Washing- grand jury in Columbus, Ohio, in-l The Amazon River at its mouth Pendent in 1956, French settlers icut prefers Katanga. Senator ton without a CIA leak. The only Beaten 1 15 companies and 12 ofiis wide than the Hudson River is held one million acres ofl Wayne Morse of Oregon prefers excuse I have to olfer ia this sad, | nc j r oific-ials. The defendants, tn-jlong. 'Tunisia's richest land. An initial I to let it be known that he knows (k-flaliny truth: eluding ITS. Steel, Republic Steel,; No wonder a man today gets take-over of nearly half a mil- everythjng. By the lime I woke up to the u.S. Rubber and B. F. Goodrich, mixed up. To his lawyer lie's aili"" acres occurred in 1957. Ijjst The hottest thing right now is status symbolism ot having a were accused of fixing prices on client, to his doctor he's a patient, >ear th" Tunisian governnu 4QB548 Tha bidding: Bouth Wfcat North 1* 1V 1 A 1 NT Pass 3 OT Opening load — quocn 0} hearta. Oood technlquo U dimply a matter of making the right play at the right tiniu. Tills \* not alwayu eaiiy to do, liccause aiany «ltuatlonii require prerl«e •and unfaltering- reasoning, but moat of tho lima the declarer has no trouble proper play. out the Take thU tmnd where South play« three notmmp afti-r W.'at overcalln in hcurUi. A heart Is led and good technique requires declarer to let West win tho trick. Tho purixise u f ducklne be- figuring. George Smathers of Florida the queen Is to Intcrfiix subsequent communication tween the East uiul West harui i the jurlt "If- There \ pllshed. Is no hopo of winning- nine tricks without tackling clul* BO South, play* a low club at trick three. We«t follow* low, of course, ami now South mtut play the nlno to mako tha coo- tract. He doesn't expect tha nine M win, and In fact It lose* to »K ten, but ha plays tha ntno K^ cause he can afford to In.™ ' club to East and another <>ni later to West, but can't »ff"rd to lo»o both tricks to We«L The comhlnallon of ducking the heart on. tha flrtt trick nr.d playing the nine of clube on th« third trick maku tha hand fur South. Bast wins tha dub, >*''- thanlu to the opening 1 play t>$ South, East does not have J heart to return at this stn^ -. last's say he plays the ten diamonds. South wins it and loails another club. West can take hU ac» now °' later, tait that Ii the lart, trirh for the defense. South winds up with tun tricks to make "'•« contract. Declarer 1 ! problem from Uio bc(rlnnlii(f la to prevent W«»' from establish!;iy and cashing his long heart suit. All •* moves are directed to that ci' The first utep 1* to lover con- ntotlons between Bast nmJ ; West, and the second is to I'"vent \Vcat from winning club trick*. Declarer JUKI hi eye on l to maUo CIA leak they'd all been taken; three kinds ol plastic pipe used lo a hotel he's a guest, to a politi-j bought 250,000 acres more from , . W> 1&63, King future* flywUcaU, 'T" there weren't any left. I in Industry and agriculture. cian he'g a constituent, to his bank j r'reuii holder*.

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