Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on October 29, 1961 · Page 21
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 21

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 29, 1961
Page 21
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21 ftift PAMPA DAILY SUNffcAV, OCfOIEI IMI Sitlt mtt up a to rhyme n itli $ 310 Cash Given FREE BOOST YOUR CITY-NEVER KNOCK IT HOW TO WIN AD-tUMB PRICES Th* arrow point* to th» "tiulde- Ihe AD-UIMB lines must tl« In and wltn tha Guideline. Your entry AlttST cnftj the "Hidden Slogan." Find It among the ads — one word In each column starting at the left, toil don't have to buy anything to win prizes but MUST find and write th« Hidden sioRitn. Preference Is given In AD-RIMS line* that tl6 In well and BOOST LOCAL TRADES. Get tlie swlnjr—the two lines an a "jlnx-le." One which can't win It: Keep it looming like *• rocket fiut you" must write*. Good tuck — and keep trying. ABSTRACT GUARANTY ABSTRACT ft TITLE CO. Accuracy Guaranteed. Tour Buslnes* Appreciated. Worley Bldg. MO 4-8551 AIR CONDITIONING CUSTOM AIRE INC. Sales and Service Commercial & Residential 143!i N. Hobart MO 4-4040 MO $-2401 MAGE KEYSER TIN SHOP Air Conditioning- ' All Work Guaranteed 110 E. Brown MO 4-38«2 MALCOLM HINKLE INC Specialists In Air Conditioning; & Repairs 1925 N, Hobart MO 4-7421 AUTO EQUIPMENT WESTERN AUTO STORE Tires - Batteries Rents A Motors - Budget. Terms 306 S. Cuyler MO 4-?iM AUTO REPAIRING HAWTHORNE AUTO SERVICE Automatic Transmission General Repalrlngr-Guaranteed 412 S. Cuyler MO 5-4682 PAMPA AUTO CENTER Body.Shop — 24 Hr. Wr*eker Serv. Motor Overhall A TiinctJp MO 5-5841 126 S. Houston Night MO 4-7314 AQUARIUM THE AQUARIUM Birds—Puppies—Tropical Fish And Tanks — Under Water PlinU 2314 Alcock Borger Hi • MO 4-4122 BAKERY COSTON'S BAKERY Need a Birthday Cake. Wedding Cake — All Tour Xeeds. 13n.t<irprUlnjr 109 W. Francis MO 4-7311 BANK RICHARDSON BODY SHOP Body Repairing • Painting • Glas* installed • Free Estimate* 103 W. Brdwn St. MO S-4471 BRAKES KILLIAN'S BRAKE ft WINCHES If You Can't Step, Can't Start Call K.lllstis -arikti «. Strvle* 11S N. Ward MO 1-1141 BOY'S WEAR FORD'S BOY'S WEAR Complete Lilt* of Boy'* Furnishing* Satisfaction Guaranteed 110 I. Franel* MO 4-7322 CABINET MAKERS WARDS CABINET SHOP Store Flxturei - Built In Oven Ranyss Gun Cases ^ Kre« Estimates 128 I, 8tsrkw«*th*r MO 4-«71 CAFES BOB'S CAFE If Mexican Feed — Steaki — Horn* Biktd Cak** And Pie* 1403 K. Frederic MO I-90J7 EMPIRE CAFE W* Take Pride In Our Food Alts Fine Chines* Food 11S *. Cuyler MO 4-2941 0. AND Z: CAFE Family Ityle Metis And Short Orders — 11 A.M. , 7i30 P.M. 30« N. Cuyler MO 9-9113, WHITE WAY RESTAURANT Breakfast — Lunches — Short Orders — The Best Pie 124 S. Cuyler MO »-»402 CARPET SERVICE CARL'S CARPET CLEANERS All Kinds Carpets Cleaned No ShrlnKI «04 N. Davli No Shrinking - Pick Up-Del. -' -• - • MO 4-8381 CARPET CLEANING DURACLEAN HOME SERVICE All By Hand — No Messy Soaking — Work Guaranteed 111 E. Francis MO 4-8S7« CATALOG SALES OFFICE SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. Satisfaction Ouaranteed Shop The Catalog Way — By Pha 104 S. Cuyllr MO 4.3361 CERAMIC TILE TOWLES TILE CO Tile For Every Purpose Marble Work - free Estimates 1004 E. Fisher MO *-34M CHILDKENS WEAR FIRST NATIONA£ BANK OF PAMPA Member of FDIC— 100 N. Cuyler MO 4-3281 BEARING SERVICE PAMPA BEARING SERVICE IXC Specializing In Spra-Bahhlt Rearing - General Machlnft Work 2711 Border Hi-Way MO 4-7511 BEAUTY COLLEGE PAMPA COLLEGE OF HAIR DRESSING Newest <t Most Modern Equipped College. 716 W. Foster MO 5-3521 BEAUTY SHOPS CHEZ NELL'S BEAUTY SHOP For Unslnpss Women. Individual Hair Styling; $05 Barnard . MO 5-4402 MOORE'S BEAUTY SHOP romplel* Beauty Service Styling Timing. 113 E. Browning MO I-M71 BEAUTY SALON BOB-ETTE BEAUTY SALON Complete Bea'Hy Service Personalised Styling 1110 Perryton Pkwy MO I-J5I1 MAYFAYRE Only Tlie Top Beauty Operators of Ton O-TexHs Work H«re M10 N. Hobart MO 4-7707 CONTINENTAL BEAUTY SALON — For Complete Beauty Service — $e* Mildred Patton 620 6. Foster MO 9-I41S EVA'S BEAUTY BOX Complete Beautv Service — By F.\-d tiill - Bessie Curtis — Le« Kins 500 Ytigtr MO 5-2651 BOATS & MOTORS LAD & LASSIE SHOP Clothes For Both Girls A Boys Maternity Wear Directory 11$ W. Klnaimlll MO 4-I88B MAYES YOUTH STORE Everything For The ftirle And Boys U» Tt 14 B« S. Cuyler MO 4-4021 CLEANERS DRUGS WILSON DRUGS Prescription Specialists City \Vld« Delivery 100 S. Cuyler MO 4 B ft B PHARMACY Also Store No. 2 At 403 So, Cuylor i* rr«« City Delivery 120 K. Brtwnlni MO 5-5788 RICHARDS DRUG We rill Any Doctor's PraierlptlBna — PampaM B*«t 111 N. Cuyler MO 5-5747 MALONE PHARMACY Any Doctor's Prescription PlHed-—•.City Wide Delivery Hughe* Building MO 4-4971 JOHN'S PHARMACY For Better Health $•» U« For Your Drugs Firm* 2104 Perryton Pkw. MO 4-8885 DRY CLEANERS LIN'S CLEANERS Fre* Delivery — Hat* Cleaned Storaa* — Complet* Service 112 E. Francis MO 4-2631 ELECTRIC CONTRACTING Read the Following Carefully for Good Rhyming Words A A A These enterprising firms are strong for this community—-ijlwlys interested in its prog. ress and Betterment. Make your AD-RIME line rhyme with VKNOGK IT," using such words as: Docket, Locket, Pocket, Sprocket,' Hock It, Clock It, Padlock It, etc, .'•'.' A A" A A 'V'erfc" once abode in our city who thought he was smart—and quite witty, Improvements he'd knock All enterprise block PLUMBING BULLARD PLUMBING CO Contracting Ptumbtn* — Heating; — Sines 1960 401 r,OWry M6 4-76J1 CASTEEL PLUMBING Septlci Tank* — Gets fools nican- ml «- Inntnlled Ornln tiinn 1103 8. Barne* MO 4-4039 N. F. MILLER PLUMBING CO. Air Conditioning Sti|>ptlna Repftlr — Kr«* 13stln\nti»s U2IU N, Holmrt MO 4-I10S BILL ROBERTSON PLB CO. \\'Mt*r MeAlerA — Klxtnroa '- Work Ouar- MO 5-S2U H& Pi. Freilerlo SHEET METAL DES MOORE TIN SHOP Sheet Metal Oontrnctnra Otitterln* Diirt Work SSO W. Klnit.imlll MO'i'tOTl SHOES SMITH'S QUALITY SHOES Th« Best Shou For Men A Wemsn Jumping J»ek» For Qlrls 207 N. Cuyler MO (.$321 SKATING RINK PAINTtNG CONTRACTORS SIMMS ELECTRIC CO Oil Kleld Lin* Construction Trouble Shoot - All Typo* 501 La wry MO 4-7324 CHARLES ELECTRIC CO Residential — Commercial Industrial — Raymond Bryant 108 Osag* St. MO 5-2252 DAVIS ELECTRIC CO Serving Pamps Since 1927 All Work GuiranUed 124 S. Frost * MO 4-3625 BROOKS ELECTRIC Built In Cooklns Ovena Wholesale Denting Fixtures 1101 Alcock MO 4-25*5 ELECTRIC EQUIP THE CITY HE MOVED TO- 22 •WE PITY. «R. P. ROSS PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO Co-Insurance Approved Ssrvlee — Complete Stock 112 N. Somervllle MO S-J111 HARDWARE RADCLIFF BROS ELECTRIC CO tiawn Mower Repairing - Small SnrVlcn - Mag-netn Repnlrlni; 51» S. Cuyler MO 4-339$ ELECTRIC SERVICE DIRKSEN ELECTRIC MOTORS Sail's and Service 720 W. Brown MO 1-9571 FENCE THOMPSON FENCE CO Quality Fence • Chain Link Red- Wood & Stockade - Title 1 Loan 521 N. Hobart MO 4-4431 Nite 4-7219 FINANCE MONARCH HARDWARE CO Firth Carpets • All Ivlnrtu Of iilnoleiun • Cabinet Tops •M9 W. Brown MO 4-468« HOME BUILDERS H. R. JETER CONST. CO. HOUBB Bulldern • Itemodd Small Commercial' 420 Magnolia MO 4-4927 HOME BUILDERS SUPPLY Wall Paper — Delta Tools Paints — All Your N«sds 312 W. Foster MO 4-8411 HOUSE MOVING JONES DRY CLEANERS For The Best In Cleaning Alterations - Work Ouaranteed 614 E; Frederic PAMPA CLEANERS Double Thrift Stamp* Pick tip and Del. . 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. 717 W. Foster MO 4-4710 TIP TOP CLEANERS Best In Cleaning - Hats Cleaned Frontier Stamps 121 W. KiriRsnill) MO 4-7S51 VOGUE DRIVE IN CLEANERS Special Cleaning for Special Feopl* Us* Drive In Window 1542 N. Mobart MO 4-7500 NEAL SPARKS CLEANERS Pick Up and Otlivery Laundry Servics — Cleaning 320 E. Francis MO 4-4741 CONCRETE BLOCKS HI-PLAINS BLOCK CO For Commercial — Industrial Foundations — Fences S12 E. Tyng MO 5.4388 CONCRETE PAMPA CONCRETE CO Quality Concrsts — Efficient Servics — Ststl Products 120 S. Russell MO 4-3111 CONTRACTORS MO «.1311 HOGAN CONSTRUCTION CO. Yeur Building plan* Interest U» — Fre* E««tim*te« 51* E. Tyng DAIRY C.I.C. FINANCE CO Cash For Cara - Furniture Cash For Any Purpose 100 W. Foster MO 4-8454 FLORIST 0. C. VANCE HOUSE MOVING AND TRUCKING House Movlnjr All Work Guaranteed 637 S. Gray MO 4-2961 HYDRAULIC JACKS H. C. EUBANKS HYDRAULIC JACK REPAIR Service teed MO 6-3213 Quick AH Work 1320 S. Barnes PARKER'S GREEN HOUSE Green House Plants Are Our Business — Quality Flowers 220 N. Ward MO 4-3303 CLAYTON FLORAL CO Flowers Wired Anywhere By Mr, and Mr*. R6y Kay MO 410 E. Fostir 4-3334 ROBERTA'S FLOWERS Ptrsonal S«rvic* — Weddings Parties — Wir* Service 217 N. Ballard MO 4-3309 FURNITURE INSURANCE PANHANDLE INSURANCE AGENCY — For Your Entire Insurance Ne*ds, Car — Horn* 720 W. Francis MO 5-5737 JEWELERS WHITE HOUSE LUMBER CO. Complete Building Servle* New Homes — Remodeling 101 S, Ballard MO 4-32*1 MEN - BOY'S WEAK WEATHERED A. L. ( PAINTING & SANDBLASTING Commercial — Residential 1322 Charles St. MO 4-4001 PORTRAITS CLARENCE QUALLS STUDIO Enjoy our air conditioning- All Work Ounrantee.d 1510 N. Hobart MO 4«77:U RADIATOR REPAIR EAGLE RADIATOR SHOP FIELD'S MEN & BOYS WEAR Complete Lin* Of Men's And Boys' Wear 111 W. Klngsmill MO 5-423 MOBILE HOMES — Rannrlnf — Clean- IIIK Cars — Trucks — Tractors BXR W. Foster MO 4-83J1 KEALESTATE DAILEY REALTY See James DnlUy For Real Estate And Insurance !614 W. Francis MO 5-4032 BEST TRAILER SALES New-Used Trallers-Hiiy or Trad* 1-2-3 Beclroms W-ili-Way 60 MO i-32iO MOTELS DOWNTOWN MOTEL A horn* awny from Home T. V. Refrl(?erat.ed Air I'hones 117 N. Gltleiple MO 4-3301 MOTOR SCOOTERS IVEY'S CUSHMAN MOTOR SALES Have New-Used Scooters Parts— Repair Guaranteed •' 1231 S. Hobart MO 6-2U11 MOVING PAMPA WAREHOUSE AND TRANSFER with car. Rverywhera — Call DII.V or Night Boost 317 K. Tynu MO 4-1221 MUFFLERS RADIO T.V. REPAIR HAWKINS RADIO TV LAB Admiral TV And rudlo Repair 2 Way Conimiinlcnllmis 917 H. Bariiei Mil <-H307 JOHNSON RADIO & TV RAttlO *. TV SAM-IS A SKHVICIS .PenlurliiR- 19*2 Motoroln TV's 1925 Hlpli-y MO 5-2531 SERVICE MART TCV A Appllnnoe Hepnlr Transistor & Haillu Uepnlr 301 W Foster MO 5-4502 UNITED TELEVISION SERVICE New A TIsed T. V.,« and Antenna Plftttrn TuiiHs In«t-On Knsy Terms 101 N, Hobort . MO, 5-5501 ACME TELEVISION SERVICE Go Anywhnr* Any Time—All Work 1138 Sierra, ' MO 5-2381 RENTALS UNITED RENTALS Psrty Supplies — Invalid Needs— Hitrden Tool* 113 N. Ward MO 4-7S7I 1COOF1NG KELLY'S DAIRY Accepted By Qood, Taat* Kelly's (•'!!)* Protlucla 1825 Hamilton MO 5-32M DEPARTMENT STORE PANHANDLE ICE CO. Boat* the Finest — Al»o lee. Johnson i Mercury Motors. 417 W. Fo«t«r MO 4-74S1 RODV SHOP *i~r~-*f*-~ •*••*••*••>•+•.*•.*•*•*•'*•*• w-tfi f-t-tr FORD'$ BODY SHOP for T>»« V»ry deal i» tody R»p;»lr» wo 4-4IU MONTGOMERY WARD Radio - TV* • Guaranteed Service On Kverythinr W* Sell 117 N. Cuyler MO 4-3251 DJRT SAND GRAVEL r~e~?~* •*•*••* ^-f-f-^f-f~f-f^~f~f^r^^~^* WILL DO Wll Sand - Uravel - Top Soil Keriilizliif & Rotary TilliiiR 114 t- 9r«y MO 4-2»69 MO 4-22*4 TEXAS FURNITURE CO New and Used Furnitur* Terms — S*v» Mon*y 210 N. CuyUr MO 4-4623 JONES FURNITURE New And Used h'uriiitum • Also Sl«re 100 N. Main, Shamrock. Ten 52* S. Cuyler MO 4-1898 NEWTON FURNITURE For The Best Furniture In Town Personal Service 509 W. Fosttr MO 4-3731 PAMPA FURNITURE New And Used Kin-nilur* Wf, (Uiy. Hell Ami TiHiie 1215 W. VVIIki MO 6-3551 SHELBY J. RUFF FURNITURE Complete Horn* Furnishers Trade Ins • Term* • 12 S. Cuyltr MO 5-5341 (iARAGK CLARENCE'S GARAGE General Auto Repairs Brake Service • Transmission 522 W. Foster MO 6.26lf DARBY fc HUK1LL MOTORS Complet* Overhaul • Rnglne Tun* Up Frnnl Knd Servlr* 115 W. Fo»t«r MO 4-2561 HI-WAY SO GARAGE C *»rplllar And Diesel ftntrlnes (ieneial Motors ! 732 E. Fr*d«rie/ MO 6-4451 j LONE STAR GARAGE | ('oniplet* Auto Repair* Mark IV Air Cond'T - InsUH & S«rv »15 t. Cuyltr MO 4-M4* . RICH GARAGE ZALE'S JEWELRY Watchss — Rlnos — For Th» Best In Jswdry 107 N. CuyUr MO 4-3377 KENNEDY'S JEWELRY STORE Nsw Location — Witch Repair National Brand Watches { 123 E. Kingsmill MO 4-1971 • * DIES READY TO WEAR CARRUTH'S KAR-KKDI Air r'ondltloncr IU< tlatiolliiK 220 N. Sotnarvilla MO 4-2801 MUSIC INSTRUCTION TRACY D. CARY STUDIOS University Tr»in« ln«"i uctlun In — Piano i~ OrKitii —Voice—Accordion 430 N. Stimner MO 4-SII5 NEWS STAND WRIGHT FASHIONS Th* Fashion Corntr Of Pamp* — Finei\ For Women 222 N. CuyUr MO 4-4633 LAUNDHYS j JIFFY AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY I Open 24 lies A I My 3" Maylag i 1 \\H*hcr« H Uryem i 721 W Brown MO 3-!)l44 PAMPA NEWS STAND N«wiR*pirs From Far And Ntir — Magazine* All Kind* 114 N. Ruiicll MO 4-822? OIL AGENCY CRAWFORD ROOFING CO Our Sallxfle.d Cllftlnmftrn sr« our Cirt'-iitcst Asscl 1122 B. Chrlsii MO 5-3613 SAND-GRAVKL j CHITWOOD *V SON i Orlvftwny Hldg lleparliiK - Asiilialt 1 Prodii.-U - Top Moll - Dirt I Work I'rlr* ltd. MO 4-J.SMI ir &-.122J SERVICE STATION V** **••*• ^ ^-***»**•+'^-^^*r *r •+-*r**f *•-** *f ^-^~*^. BETTIS TEXACO SERVICE Open 7 dn.v* n week liuim Itros Slumps This 225 W. Brown MO J-99M HELMS GULF STATION Open 24 hours 7 Days A Week Oulf Tiro* A Haiti-rips 613 SV. Urown MO 9-9UI LEON HOLM I-S CONOCO SER. H & II Minmri* — Hal — .Muffler A Urn I; H Hi'i v — Mi.(or Tun» uji Hf. W. Will.s Mo j.9ii.,s HOLMES K-TEX SERVICE PAMPA ROLLER RINK Xkatlrl* NUthtly — S to 10 Ktcept Sumlny * Monday Ma I liter Hnturday — 1 tn 4 p. m. 123 N. Wsrd MO 4-2902 SPUDNUT SPUDNUT Tnk» Home s noxittt of Americas Finest ronfectlon Pino 1425 N. Hobart MO 5-J80I STAMPS DOUBLE THRIFT STAMPS Ooubla Thrift Stamps 210 N. Ward MO 4-1122 SUPER MARKET SAFEWAY STORES INC. Sperlallnliis; In Fin* Quality Foods 800 Dunuan ' MO 5-(201 BUDDY'S Right Prlo«» and Ooubl* Thrift Stamps 502 W. Francis MO 1.«A41 FOOD CENTER Wh«r« to Shop Kor Finer Foods 400 t. Ruiseri MO 5-3452 SUTTLE'S GROCERY For the Bust In Fin* Food* Fre* Dsllviry 407 N. Cnyl«r. MO 4-2741 BRAXTON'S FOOD STORE Fin* Qusllty Meals • Fruits A Veaetuhle* • Open 7 Days A Week 1103 Aloock MO J.JS51 COX'S CROC. It SERVICE STATION T)o \Inlo Others - As You Would Hsv» Others Do Unto You 1500 Alcock MO 4-7649 FURRS INC For Th* Be,»t In Food And Frontier Stamps 1420 N. Hobart MO 4.«!«1 HOM * GEE GROCERY 7 Days A Week — Choice Meats Fresh Produce 421 C. Fredsrtt MO 4.8531 JAY'S GROC 4V MKT For MesU And f.ownst Prices • See Us Now 115 W. Wllks MO 4.2801 MILLER GRO * MKT Complete I .In* Of SItiirfine k'oods ivtublfl HtKuiaiieer Htitnips On Wed 2000 AleooK MO 4.2761 MINIT MART'S Opi-ii Kvery Day 7-Rleveo . Your Lot:nl Dr. Inn Market • On« Near You TAXI OAKS YELLOW CAB CO Any whir* Any Tm* -™ J-Way lUrtlos -» Clean Csli* >U 3. CuyUr M04-4644 READ THKSro CONTBST RULES 1. AD-RtMKS ar* Impartially Jtidirftd and a, cash prlx* of $10 will b« awardeu «aeh w««k for the best rhyming llns and ISO for the best of the it weekly winners. J. Brlnrc or mall enlrlea on card or plain paper to Patnpa. News. 3. Everyone Is ellglbl* except e.m- plo5-e«a of this newspaper. No limit on number of line* »ub« mltted by anj person. 4. THH HIDDEN SLOGAN tlltlst appear on every entry (se* 0«* scrlptloni, 5. All sntrle.s must he In News* paper office by 5:00 p.m. next Tuesday. i. Identical dtipHiSSl* prUes Riven tor all ties, Decision at judge* Is tins). WATER CONDITIONING CULLIGAN SOFT WATER Got Rocks In Your Water — Phon* And S«y — Culllgan Msn 314 S. St«rkwt»th.r MO S-572t WELDING CONTRACTOR STEPHENS L. D. WELDING ONT — 15 Yrs, Experience — Pip* Lin* — Commercial — Portable CUy Trilltr Pk. MO 5-24*1 WELDING SHOP BARNES WELDING SHOP Dependable Service. — Kvery Job nii»riinteed 1011 8, n«ni<*« AlO 4-70:1,1 MARVIN JOHNSTON Voiir bu.siiipss ApprenU All Work Uunrnnteed 111- Way MO 4-7154 GEO II NEEF WELDING WKS Works — Wo f'Jo Dny or All work ximranteed • Insured U20 Alcock MO 9-9731 MO 9-9737 WESTERN WEAR TIRES K-TEX OIL & SUPPLY fiortrtrli-li Tires — l!»ll«rl<« T«xaro Diexcl - I'lilef — A . Te*»co Hn» 717 WO 4-23- 1 ! Repair* ! All Work Duaranleed - CUMOIH I'rlct t. Htbirt MO 1-1341 i LIQUORS HAZEL'S PACKAGE STORE Open < days a week 9-10 Cold beer To Go-Uest l'rice» »3« W Drown HI-WAY PACKAGE STOKE | Begt Prlcfs-fomplet* Stork you can flepeml nn ilr. (!rt*e« i ' Amarlllo HI Way MO 4-2796 : OWL LIQUORS t'rr.t Parking - tii lv« Inn Wlndovr Prompt Delivery Always l«8 V, rr»v*n MO i Sail LOCIi SMITH & til N SMITH OIL CO.MPANYS HUTTO DRAPERY SHOP For Stores A Hora«* No Jol. Too I-arj* or Too Small If It WilJIftBO * MO 5-J243 PAK-A-BURGER NO. i Dnvif l'[) SijeaKtr* - Sptedv Scrv GIFT SHOP PUNWOQDY qiFT SHOP Full Oift« . Trailer Park fhcrry (,'lder • Finning Worms 1410 Alcoek Bprg.r Hi-Wiy MO 4-4244 A. NEEL & SON CONTINENTAL OIL CO Qttolin* — K*ro|*n« — Gr**i«s DUiel Full Oil llf< K Tvog MO 'J ai/ll OIL FIELD SERVICE PHIL A. CORNELL INC. Oil Ki«ld Ktntal Kiitilpinmit Prict Koift MO 6-5161 CRALL PRODUCTS INC. Petroleum Hpffialv T61 Wllks MO-4 »tl« ED LAM8RIGHT Uirt "VorV Cisllir Uifying fca'-k Ho* Machine ill K**l Albert ORNAAIENTAL IKON Uelco Hadtclpf — Motor Tun* Up (Irak* Hervloc. Murriers 4Sii W. Hrowri MO i»-9l!3 JOUE'IT MOBIL SERVICE Fnr All CMI-* Kro»i»mp Cefrtger- .it«<J Au-lioad Service 900 W. WSIkii MO &-24I3 KEMPA HUMBLE Atl*» Tn«* ft U:<itrrle« op<>n 7 day* •A Wl> Itoail Horvlr* 4-1 K CmlPr MO 0. AND R. TKXACO FIRESTONE STORES Tirei.B«ttsrl*i-Phllca ApplUncK-Acctiiorlit 120 N. Qr»y M~0 4-IHI B. F. GOODRICH Motorola TV. For Th* Utit In Tlrti 108 S. Cuyler MO 4-3131 TRAILERS ANDERSON'S WESTERN WEAR Western Apparel For Tim Entire Kxmily 123 K. Klnotmlll MO 9.1101 LEFORS GROCERY GATLIN GROCERY Open B:.1(i To UJSO M>st*' Prndttc* ' Fre* Delivery—Double Thrift Stamps Wed Bos 71,1 L«for» TB 4-J301 MIX GROCERY Al«ats, Produce — Complel* Lin* Whttre W« Welcora* You Box 806 Uefors TE 4-2777 LUMBER YARD FOXWORTH GALBRAITH Hardware — Kvnry building Roofing; ~ Paint Boi 677 I,(torn TBJ 4.2571 KBSTAURANTS TERRY'S MALT SHOP Open 7 days A Wk — The B»*t Mulls Sh»k«s and Hnml>urtr«rs Box 922 Lefora TB 4-2575 MODERN TRAILER SALES 1-2-1 Bedroom Trsilsrs Will Trade — Used Furniture 417 S, Glllsipls TKAN.SFKR ft STORAGE P«riuml Siryi Tirsn — 201 N. B*.'»r<* s — QoocJllch B*tt«ris» DALBY TRANSFER ft STORAGE Loral ami Mmjr Distant Mnvini; Agent fin Miiyflowcr — I'alUi Vault* lit H. Hoharl MO l-46'JS TKUCKS INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER ro — N«w-U*«d Trui:k* — Ser- vl«e — Part* (•'arm Kijuip -- Kao- lory Owned Operation file* tto»H MO 4-74<s« UPHOLSTERING WHITE DEER FARM SUPPLY VANCE FARM SUPPLY See.d -- l-'ced Vei-flflrden Stip« plies Kfi'tflU* — I'ntnt — Spray- llIK Box «8J Whit* De«r TU 3-&UI FURNITURE McADAMS FURNITURE Buy ««ll or tradii Have n*w and Used Furnlturn Hoz 491 Whit. D«er TU t-4801 GARAGE IKE'S GARAGE Kdclorv Trulned Mnp|i-On I-Vird lli-w'»y t<i W«*i "~ "Wt?\it\ IMPLEMENTS CRUTCHF1ELD M 4 M "** >AI.K.S SI^IIVII'K m TE*3.UM Wtilu Uc«r. T«i»» INSURANCE BRUMMH'IT'S UPHOLSTERY KIHil'— On» of Ui« lurxftl Hlfii-liS of |i'al>rlu .- t' fir ft — .Uulflu»Hi> — JJM Ateocit MO «-7;«l USED CARS MEAKER CHEVRON SERVICE \.^ J^™™", B,"i.i, j Atl»« Ti;»a A Itaii'-iiPK Kiak* ' Sf i ill 1 * -Hrakir 8ci'vl'-»—Opm 7 !><y IIS K Brown MO J-9d7l REED'S SINCLAIR SERVICE WHITE DEER INS AGENCY Coinpiei* Insurance Service Auto ll.uiitf l.lfi- i-Kiiimuiiity «D» :C5 Wlilt* Hecr TU J-JCOJ LCIMUKK VAIID WHITE DEER LUMBER-YARD^ Mardwir* Plumhltii; t'ii- Hunter \\'l.».r| IUI MO »-:';'7Z 3)» 8. f!u.yler Shearing MO 4-C3.1? HAROLDS IRON WORKS Cu*tomiz«d Orn«(oeiil»l iron 1'atlo I'on-rn — Car t'i.rt» ELCQ GLASS WORKS W(n4fhi*U|ii For All «'ar» *'« *• Cuylw MO t-1411 FOX RIG LBR CO *rd»4i*-f*-*'MtK Kulldi Supplies -Fr* PAINT • ^-^-^-e^^"ir *••*•-*••«• •*•*(> ~^^f *r^r •»•.*• < PAMPA GLASS ft PAINT SHAMROCK SERVICE STATION Goody far Tife* - D*t-o Batteries ttfiti Hervic* In Town 400 W KoHcr M<i 4-'.'771 TEXACO STAR SERVICE DOUG BOYD USED CARS rie*iit*l Iji« M»<l«l far* l/<iw- rsl urli:** bank fliiaiira PAMPA GARAGE t SALVAGE New tt U«*d Purls for All i'ar* Whlt» TU MKAT MARKKT ill Mutf RJ CLINT'S GRO-MARKET Krrf |»ork f'.r»ln Kird-I '' Siu JOE TAYLOR'S USED CAHS Ths Best In U»e<J Cara & Pick up* — On tiif iipot Fiiiawiiiif 150J Rlpley MO 5-2731 VAIUKTY In Hairs 4>vvr M'» i Kill % M. E. MOSES CO Kor KViriv family N«»<) W A Om -JO »-r.62l JOHN WALLS HUMBI.H MO 4-7434 inel top* Hll K. Mobart MO i-)2» Kf'l H31 Perrytor Pky MO MCLELLANS STOgg Your Cntlr* Family N««d« On* it«* J13 N. 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