The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on January 3, 1961 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1961
Page 5
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dtrasoflport, and Brazoria County, Texas, Tues., January 3,1981 THE BHAZOSPORT PACTS Page 8 ftafecfecf In Annual Poll AP Names Kennedy Top Newsmaker who made'the most news — good or had — during tho past 12 months. The AP pfillors selected Kennedy ns that man — and 'ils margin was bigger than the ono ho achieved In the Presidential Elrcllon. The nallon (it large knew little about the young MassfichusoVfl Senator when, at the st;irt of the "ear, he opened his fight against lie vote la strictly for the man ndds on tho long, long trail »o Dy AwtAclntixl Trem John Fitzgerald Kennedy Ira we It again. He's Just bton »m«l top newsmaker of 1960. The selection wn» made in an inual poll of the 3,800 radio Off. am and newspapers which -"-e lembers ol the associated prow. Naturally the choice of Ken- Jk> as the top newsmaker of W year does not necessarily Rnily approval of his the White House. But Kennedy made news right from the start whon his campaign erupted In the primaries. Tho trail took htm Into West Virginia, where the Roman Catholic Senator defeated Senator Hu- .icrt Humjiiircy of Minnesota in the heavlly-protfstiint state. Kennedy c o n t Inued to -nako news as the trail led him from primary to primary and into the Democratic National Convention in LOR Angeles, He captured the nation's Imagination by snatching the nomination from such seasoned political pros as former President Truman and Kennedy's eventual running mate, Senator Lyndon Johnson of Texas. The nation watched fascinated ns Kennedy and his youthful organization swept through most of the 50 states in the most widely- traveled and publicized debate? BUT YOU HAVEIMTSAIO -^_.., A WORD FOR ( TEN MINUTES BUT THATS THE \WAV \W6 ALWAYS DO ._. SH6 TALKS THE FIRST FIFTEEN MINUTES,? THEN 1 GET ^S EQUAL TIME ) BLONDIE W MflN fllN'T ONE VE CBN SHOVE; ELVINEV WHV DONtT V£ MAKETHflT HUTHLE9S HUSBRNP DFVOrVNGOTO AIORK.LOWEEZV? HE'LL MftKE OS SOME MONEV ONE OF THESE DAYS HIS SOCIRBLE SECURITY J~ {NUFFY SMITH -AM'VO' EMBAUMERS/T-HOW MANY -T\ TIMES DO AH HAPTA TEU.VO'?- G IT.V | "J TVTGOODNIGHr IRENJE"PUNCH HAIN'T FATAL.':'' IT'S SUMPTHIKJ' W AH M SORFtf, I MISTAH HILTON &, — THIS IS GONNA BETOOUNNEFWIN* A SIGHT FO' CIVILIANS//" BRING THET STRETCHER Ur? AN'BETTER PPOTECKVORc. CAMERAS RJM FT-YIN'TEETH"' ] SOME OTHER HOTEL.— - WORSE !?\S L.IL' ABFEE GRANDMA. I'M WORKIN' MYSELF INTO A TIZZY// W:lY, t HAVEN'T FELT SO ALLIN FOR YEARS/ SBANDMA .TAHE A SPCONCUL O'MY DOUaUE-STRENtiTH TONIC.AN~ / IT'LL 3E N'CE WHSM / I'M OtP TO LOO< 3ACK I AkP SSS WHAT I WAS BETTLE BAILEY THE KIND AIL KIND OP \ US LITTLE BREAKFAST S J M01HECS-TO-BE *GORDO PRINTING COMMERCIAL PRINTING REGISTER FORMS OFFICE FORMS IUSINESS CARDS CALL BE 3-3511 FOR REPRESENTATIVE (HE BRAZOSPORT FACTS . —_i-i_ *>. -. — with Richard Nixon and later by winning one ol the most excitip? and closest Presidential races ,n history. And he climaxed It all by bo- coming the youngest President- Elect and the first of the Roman Catholic faith. Soviet P r e m 1 er Khrushcnev made news of a far different sor and wound up as the number 2 newsmaker in the editors' selec lions. Khrushchev — last year's top newsmaker — had to settle in 1960 for first place in the foreijp news category. The unpredictable Russian ialnly ran a close second as he busily made news throughout th" year. He promoted a summit cor ference, then broke it up before . ; got started. He made world-wide propaganda over the U2 spy Incl dent. And, his antics and beta vior at the UN meetings in Ne\ York shocked — but held attention — of the world. The Associated Press editors also named the top newsmakar In these fields: science, industry labor, religion, sports, entertain ment and literature. The German-born Wernher v"o Jraun was first in the scienc category for the fourth straigh year. Von Braun — the adopts son of the United States — hi jecome the nation's symbol the space program. Pope John won the religion i category for the third straight year in a close race with Evangelist Billy Graham. The climax »f [he papal year was the historic meeting in Rome between the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Another winner for the third straight year was A m e rican Motors President George Romney. The pioneering auto-maker topped the business and industry category with his long battle for more compact Am e r lean cars winning more converts in 1360. The top newsmaker in the labor field was James Hoffa, through his running battle with government monitors supervisin™ j his te a m s tcrs union. And, nt ear's end, Hoffa was indictsri in a mail fraud charge. Floyd Patterson's knockout ol rgemar Johansson to regain the What Effect Does Moon Have On Coagulation? By HERMAN H. BUNDESEN, M. D. I'D LIKE to make that first quarter of the moon. trip to the moon. There are many things up there that I'd like to find out about. Since ancient times, the moon has been reported to play an important role in tho life of He classifies "bleeders" as Uio.-ic patients who hemorrhaged enough to return, them to the operating room or to take other medical Steps to halt the bleeding-. nmnand particularly in his Can , t „„ Explalnea health. Affected By Moon We know that the moon governs the ocean tides. And we suspect that it might have some effect on menstruation. Now there Is a report that the moon might be involved in some way with the ability o£ the blood to coagulate or clot. Startling Findings A Tallahassee, Florida, ear, nose and throat surgeon has founrl that more of his patients hemorrhage around the period of the full moon than at any other time during the month. In a racent edition of the Journal of the Florida Medical Association, it was reported that more than 1,000 tonsillectomies were checked against the phases of the moon. Prevalence Of "Bleeders" The author of the article (said there was a preponderance of "bleeders" during the full moon cycle although, there were fewer Emissions of patient? at these periods. The surgeon found that a startling 82 per cent of his "bleeder" cases occurred in the Interval between the first quarter and one day before the third The apparent phenomenon cannot be explained. But it could be that the moon governs our lives even, more than we thought. I'm not sure that we will be able to answer the question even when we do get up there but, generally, the closer you look at a problem, the easier it is to solve. Surgeon's Statement After going over all of his studies, the surgeon reports: "These data have been so conclusive and convincing to me that I threaten to become a witch doctor and operate on dark nights only, saving tho moonlit nights for romance." QUESTION AND ANSWER Reader: What is the cause of severe cramps in the leg, including- the foot and the toe, after one has retired? Answer: Night leg cramps are usually due to decreased circulation causing cramping of the muscles. Warmth, the avoidance of tight garters or constricting hose, additional calcium in the diet and certain medicines are helpful in preventing the condition. Sinatra Spends Fortune On Inauguration Clothes By .fAMES BACON AP Movie-TV Writer HOLLYWOOD.Callf. (AP)-Don .oper. noted designer of women 1 ' fashions, will have a unique entry at the inauguration o! President-elect John F. Kennedy Frank Sinatra. The thin singer, one of Kennedy's strongest movieland boosters, will produce the inauguration eve gala show that the Democratic National Committee hopes .vill erase much of a $2-million campaign deficit. As an old friend of the Kennedy family, Sinatra will be a guest at the inauguration and all other festivities. For that reason, he gave Loper "a small fortune" to design in inauguration wardrobe. 'I'm staking my reputation that Frank will be the most elegantly dressed guest at the inauguration," says Loper. "Furthermore, I believe he will revive a correctness in male dress that has been deplorably lacking sines the thirties," he added. Inauguration visitors will see Sinatra sporting such touches ->s a bowler and -chesterfield top co=tt worn with his formal morning and afternoon wear. A chesterfield might be catted tartling even for evening w«r 1 but Loper has designed omething more elegant for iinatra to wear ov?r his u£ite Mft nd tails. "Frank will wear the rew, low- r British-made silk fop hat with nverness cape, lined with rich, lack satin. It's the most elegant ape I have ever seen," says Loper. Frank's afternoon and morning lerby also will be the lower Bond itreet model. Loper ordered them irom England. Loper has made Frank two seta everything, including all linea wear—"in case he spills any- hing." Loper and Sinatra are old riends. Loper recently designed he trousseau for young Nancy inatra when she married Tommy Sands. 01MO, King Features Syndicate, Ini Nixon Turns Down TV Invite WASHINGTON (AP) — Vicef Klein added, "As for anything President Richard M. Nixon has' between himself and the President turned down an invitation to par-1—of course he has saluted the tir»inafe *« =1 "TViku*** tn i "Ont-r^ni" [ ' ticipate Ji a "Tribute to a Patriot' President sonhower. I President many times and the past future. It isn't necessary that he were two reasons Nixon -ie- clined the invitation: Candidates Told For Snow Award Three members of Scout units sponsored by Lake Jackson First Methodist Church have recently received honors. A C. Learned, Quintana Dis tr'.^t Chairman of UK Bay Area Council, has notified R. S. Alcot that Bobby Legler and Marc Ra ney have been selected as Quin tana District candidates for tne Bay Area Council Snow Award Legler is Scoutmaster ol Trooo 325, and Rpney is a Scout Troop 352, with Ollie Tarbell Scoutmaster. Eagle Scout Phillip Gibbs o Troop 325 has been selected as Quintana District Report-to-th" State Scout. He is also Counci candidate for the same post. ; Tne NBC program will portray i Eisenhower's career from boy- Mon. Thru Wed. "OCEAN'S 11" Frank Sinatra STARTS WED. GREGORY PECK SUSAN HAWRD —Last Time Tonight— JUNGLE CAT AND THE HOUND THAT THOUGHT HE WAS A RACCOON tlLUiaPil ^•^^^jfxfffefr.Tsat \*y] WILL BE CLOSED TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY gram came when he :-,ad to be out of town. "In addition he has adopted a leavyweight boxing crown also ;ave him the title of top news-:policy not to go on television for maker in sports. ; a while. This is not permanent.! It was a close decision ovrejbut he thinks that in deference j Casey Stengel, who regained t!.e;to Mr. Kennedy he should not fcr| \mcrii.-an League pennant and k-st j the time being do anything puVJ "<**; lis job^ as manager of the New 1 ij c | y j n the way of television np-' York Yankees. |pearances, news conferences •*! In the entertainment field, news j the like. He has turned down! editors chose Clark Gable. whos3J other shows beside this one.' ' death ended his long reign -15:-= — <ing of the movies. In 3C starring years, the rugged, virile Gable !ad dominated Hollywood, and bis death marked the end of an era. In literature, the novel "Advise and Consent" was at or near the top of the best seller list -iil year. The fascinating s o ry ol the US Senate at work won the li'?rature division for author Allen Drury. THEATRE LOG \TELI>CO TlltATKE "The 3 Worlds of GJlIiver 7:W. 9:00. : LAKE THfUTRE II" fi;i5. S:CS. SI HF TIIt-lTiiE Closed -tt! Thsrsd-Ty. SHOnBO.lT THEATRE "Jungle; Cat" & -Tr.e Hound \Yho bought He V.'Ji A Racsxra. You Con "Depend On Arty Drvg.Pmdufl Thai Be ,823 H GULF BLVD. PHONE BE3-3381 FREEPORT.TEXAS WHAT ARE TUEV? \ AND SHIPS- YOU'VE WADE THE DRUGGIST A VERY HAPPV MAN.IOO, SNOREft MAD? CHARLESTON, S. C. OH — Ii snaring a subconscious nois* of proiesi? The Journal of the American institute of Hypnosis, in a recent issue received here, says "snoring . . . can be an expression of hostility. The inorer is angry at someone, something, or even himself." QUICK RACE DENVER UFI — Democrat David Brofmsn, cx-newipa- p«r reporUr. was r«-«l»cted county judg* »« toon at the lint vot»r pulled down the Uver opposite hit name. Th* Bepublicant didn't bother ta put up a candidate. NDNIHSUM f Showing Sun, thru Ihurs. JOiMOm-lETpll gnuKIwSQ -Suuifitr (Range of horsepower choices from 110 to 155) Take a Tempest out on the highway and put it through its paces. This car is a whiz at moving into fast-stepping company on an expressway. Takes you from a standing start to a safe operating speed in seconds . . . gets you up a steep hill in high gear. Run the Tempest over the roughest road you can find. It rides like the big ones because it's balanced! The engine's up front—the transmission's in the rear. And it's got independent suspension at all four wheels. Tires dig in firm on curves and turns. Full 15-inch wheels make car look big. Tires last. Brakes run cooler. Before it hit the market, Tempest had 3,000,000 miles of testing by engineers, pro drivers and a team of teenagers. Its reliability checked out 100' c. Owners have rolled up millions more. The only kick is the one it puts back in driving. Try it! THE NEW TEMPEST IS SOLD AND SERVICED BY YOl'R LOCAL AUTHORIZED PONTIAC DEALER CLARK BUICK - PONTIAC CO. THE HOT TOPIC IS THE NEW TEMPEST BY PONTJAC 615 WEST ?ND ST PRPEPORT. TEXAS

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