The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 10, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 10, 1962
Page 1
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Pjsr Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3.3511 Fraspott BED CHINA EXACTS FEE IN REFUGEE SMUGGLING-SEE SPOTLIGHT PAGE 2 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS SERVING BRAiEOSPQRT, ANOLETOM. WEST COLUMBIA, BRAZORIA, SWEENY, OLD OCEAN, DANBURY and DAMON 10 Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-351 I Freeporf Faeh CloMiflcd: BE 3-2411— All Offctr Ottle«i II 1-1(11 SO NO. 1*5 Associated Press Member MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1962 Freepoff, Texas Weekdays 10 Cents—Sunday 15 Cents Over 90 Percent Given Type III Vaccine Doses EOAT DAMAGED Seamen Nip Fire Threat A shrimp trawler was extensive-1 a Ixmt and crew of four to fight ly damaged in n Frcoport writer-!the fire. front fire eardly Sunday, cndnng- The Qundnau's cabin was burn ering a fleet nf nearly 30 bouts for awhile. When the fire was extin- cd out and part of the deck beams wcio damaged, l>ut the fire did 1 ;guiphcd, Freeport police searched not appear to do niuch damage to the boat for two men reported to;the engine room, according to Jim be on tha boat earlier, but no; Brady, fleet manager of the Toom- bodios were located. |er Co. Tlie company manages the The fire as reported to Krco-j lloi U for the owner, George \V. Quednau. Under Brady's direction, Jack Hersl'y, captain of the trawler. John T. of the Tnomer Co.. and Brazos. The fire siren was sound- jllicnrd Lovcll, skipper of the El ed a second lime at 2:53 a.m. and |''»*"• <lf Independent Shrimp Cu, port firemen at 2:01 a.m. when the trawler, Quednau, caught fire while tied up a! -the Fritz Toomer Shrimping Co. docks at 300 East 68 Low Is Due Tonight Again Sunday Brazoria County citizens astonished medical men, surpassing their own previous performance in responding to the Type III polio vaccine program. A total of 68,668 persons took the dose over the weekend. This is 90.2 per cent of the I960 census count. And still ahead in this phase of the Viflory over Polio campaign! (hat had volunteered to operate j arc the doses to he given tonight'the centers. Mrs. Gray is county to several thousand employees coordinator (or the vaccine pro- and inmates .it the prison farms, gram. n«i the makeup clinics next Sun- ^ c ,„,,,,,, manninB , ne ^^ , ( ' By ' center had been apprehensive : Sunday's total was 1.576 persons ^earlier in the day. There were Uroater than In the first clinics^o swarms of people as before, held for the Type I Sabin oral Few crowds ever gathered in any j Brazorm County residents may, vaccine j,,,,, 22. The percentage of the centers. It was just a steady MISS ALASKA OF 1961 DOJiS PARKA DURING VISIT TO FREEPORT From Left, Manny Llppman Of GoHhill; .Miss Holm; Joe Muchoivich be able to let air conditioners and fans rest tonight—a lew of 68 degrees is predicted in was 89.5 at that time. At the polio center trickle all day. At the start. Dr. Johnson along with northoastly winds and occasional thundershmvers. in La Johnson co mented that the "pride of Bra- second phase would "fall or its 1 zoria County in its own aceom- face." ; plishments has stood the test." But , nc lai;k „, , jn( , s |umw , LIKE COALS TO NEWCASTLE? Monday va ried at Daihart io ? temperaHires ea rly wi|h thn nme]ty gonp in , hp ..,„.. from 37 degrees ond pmgnuni the degrees at C'or- tad „, ipus Cliristi and Galveston. the Freeport Coast Guard .Station ' was notified nt 2:20 a.m. and sent worked the blazing vessel out from the dock and moved it across the Old River by hooking onto the Quednau. When the vessel caught fire, there Were two trawler* docked inside and three outside of it which were in immediate danger, along with all the fleet if an explosion liad occurred. Oner-Hie burning taw Iff v.«u, Ine fire E, Lee Fields Heads Retail Advertising By THB ASSOCIATE!) THESS A late summer cold front mov ing fast on the heels of torrential lzons rains brought -10-dogree tempera- ' lures to the Panhandle early Mon- sponded in even greater numbers f onn ,j in the interest of public health. _, ,.,.,1 Those at the polio center were Sunday's immunizations affect- part j,. u |,.| r iy pleased with the op-' ed an even greater number of rat- pratlon in C1ule Despite the mid-j of site, because of construction. Clute had Miss Alaska Brings Shrimp To Freeport Nippy air surged as far south whp ', c lour *' s would , have ' a ^ n as Central Texas keeping temper- lhe (loscs ' Tins, together with the laturos in the 60s and 70s. '"«'«"• overall figure, means that i Sunday, new rains fell in North lhp immunraifion tins time affect- ... .. . . As Miss Alaska in the 1961 Miss about 250 per pound," she said.; On the current trip, Miss Holm 01 me nest-run dimes in in? America beauty pageant, lovely "They are packed into polyethy- has made visits to six cities, with Fair- lene cylindeis. then frozen." Freeport the last stop on the sche- shrimp is cllllc - Oilier stops were Houston. UP Chambr Sets Business Meet Sept. 25 ,e » business meeting ^J^^^S^ T ^^f^^^^S^ £ S? SI »^^? *, Brazosport aiamber of Com-- m ™."''nTT " h ' m nml tn ' d s! " )( "™" «« M H H advertisng •"•*«» doudy with scattered >" "" !»»" an " "" oe ha, been scheduled for! " ( "*" .™'. '•«•- T1,e rig ,, lrs . |Mwnnlion moved across the river, ; was extinguished. : Freeport police reported that a nrw „„..„_ ng man was on the hont sloping "£ ,^'n v *!lfl*nn rr..«......._ ,._ .. ... J " "- 1 * " Texai where streams and lakes were swollen from Friday night's K. I.<'o Fields, an advertislne downpours sent flood waters specialist with M years' experien- OVCT lwnks "' creeks and rivers, co in his chosen field, this week Thl * heaviest rains Sunday fell . becomes retail ndvertisinir man - nl B*'*™ 1 '' ' n South Texas, which zona .ijror [»r Tho Bnroovort Farts. recorded 3.42 inches. Victoria had He succeeds F.rnio Siosrhrox. 21S a '" 1 Co pur. ChnsH 1.66.- " wlvi last week was appointed busi- Forecasts called for generally than was Indicated by the . IW |( Dr. Johnson observed. .-ircot Tliere were smaller totals this .. onp f|| mp tK , SI . nm cmu ^ ln ,„» »_„..,..,. hoautv na^eanl time a, Surfside and >recport, ttholp pra , ram ., D , Johnson ^ A ,™"^ n ^ ^jf ^ SPrvc * 1 - banks has been bringing attention 7 nc frozen mass He credited Chief of Police G. to her stale. , 1]pn rcmovcfi , rom tlu , t . vl i ndt , rs and cities in Kentucky. Ohio, and P. Littleton with organizing the On Saturday night in Freeport, ;md p | k , rd- hrended and packae- Louisiana. smooth flow of traffic to the new she was focusing the spntlisht on „] £ H( . h ^ k , c rcscm |,i PS a | arr , c "I love shrimp — I really do," At the clinic itself, the Alaska's production c< shrimp, shrimp because of the shape of shc sai(1 enthusiastically. walls -^'> ss Holm's family has been in the 50 Tlie 1962 business meeting the merce has been scheduled for!"'"' V'M™^' Was °" fil ' c - Tl "' "* fairs, promt.iion and layout " showers for the south portions. Tuesday, Sept. 25, «t the Lakci" ]'. "'°'" °»'«*s lie had srrn two For this work, he has a hack- The Weather Bureau says it Jackson Pavilion, Fred Palmer, i" nlpn .™ «* 'Mat earlier and Around of work in tho advertising «''» >*' a ! '" !p warmer over the president of the Chamber, an- °" lt '<' rs s"'d they were unable to field in some of the outstanding north portions of Texas Tuesday nounced today. f|i a ' p J™ Quedmiu's captain,'newspapers and business firms of foritwinR a rather cool day Mon- Palmer-sald that arrangemenls| " 1(ly Mllls of o: ' 5 West Fourth, the stnte. day. for an outstanding speaker arei _ search oMhe X'essrl did not Ho began in the advertising de- Early Monday skies were neariiiR completion. Efforts arej rev an> ' 'wdies afterward, iww. paitment of the Joske's of Texas cloudy over East and South Texas being made to obtain a speaker: CV p r '.. 'department store in San Antonio, and fair over the northwest por to bring a timely message of in-j ' nl| ce commcnd-nt M-e • .>f Knwn there, he moved into ne\vs-ition. Scattered showers were re- lerest to the people in the Bra -'f! P ^r y Lovell in towing the oap^r work in the San Antonio ported in Northeast Texas. zosport area, he said. Tlie name i l < u ™ nal ' fr om the crowded dock Ugbt advertising department. of tho speaker is expected to bc iar ™- Since then, ho has Iwen In the announced within a few days. ' !', lse °' tnc " re ha(1 m " b^cn ndvertising field with the Beeville Arrangements for the banquet | pstahl ' s lwd Monday momiiiK, and i Bee - Picayune. Alamo Heights- are being handled by Bill Cole-! an estimate of the damages wan-News, Odessa American ond grove and the arrangements com-]. 1 " ne^made during the day by an Brownsville Herald. ' He came to The Facts in February of this year. '. Fields Is a veteran of (Service with the lT>(h od a greater percentage of the county residents, Dr. Johnson observed. Dr. Johnson is chairman of the vaccine program for the Bra- County Medical Society, which is sponsoring the program and underwriting its costs. At the same i>'».lci Sunday night. Mrs. P.alph E. Gray, equal- ippreciation •canizations Iwation. Clute Jaycees helped smooth the tiny pinks^ new on the comm""r- ihe"c\iimier interior flow. cial market and expected to be- Only one big problem arose, come a great industry. Because of an early shortage ot At the Dow Hotel Rathskeller, dry ice. vaccine was sent to the she had brought with her a heau- Alvin and Pearland centers in liful white parka. Represent i n g J jnijll amounts. The two centers the Goldhill Food Corporation. . ran out early, and some people : she talked of Alaskan shrimp, ' had to wait there. now- on the market in eiqht major, 'ilieso are the community fig- cities, and the climate in her c '" e '° pinks production is abundance of the in Alaskan watrrs and t that .shrimping is a industrv there, she years since her C'-an'.lfatbor, Brown, founded K jewelry store, going to Alaska from Canada. Her father, Ernest T. Holm, now operates stores in Fairbanks, .._ . ,, . . ; ' r d Anchorage-, where Miss H"lm 'There is no problem in gelling H .. lq born tlw shrimp." Miss Holm com-, "I wa s 'raised in Fairbanks. It's Texas Cotton Cro« Is RQWSI 106,000 Sabs mented. "Tlie trawlers bring in ., m(x]cm djv o , ahout ^ m promoting Alas- ^'IJ^'^ * .™ c * d .^j 1 ^ people." she said. Coming to Freeport in lhe sul- urcs for the July 22 and Sept. 9 home town. primary clinics: She has been , Alvin, Type I Uuly 22), 9,669; kan shrimp since last .November 5tasc °' lhc P"*iuet s promotion. and Type HI. 10.4..3. Anglelon,;for the Goldhill firm which has a Tliere is l!0 U5C in '"''"sm? in try summer heat, she commented 9,716 and 10,113. Brazoria, Freeport office at 309 East Bra- nlore l " im ls ncodcd at P'' ps ™ ! ." that the climate did not cause and 3,388. Clute, 5,5.491 and 5.56-1. zos. she said, adding that work is un- any discomfort. "It lias been 100 Damon, 1,359 and 1,279. Dan- "The tiny pinks are very, very derway to present the shrimp in degrees at home this summer. mittee. Admittance will be J2 each!' ns " ra n''<? company agent. and members are being encouraged to bring their wives. A highlight among the activities of the Brazosport Chamber o f Commerce, the business meeting will allow an opportunity for members of the Chamber to hear reports on accomplishments during 11)62, nominate officer* for 19fi3, and conduct other ncces Bary business. Senate Call Estes After Trial bury 1,831 and 1,861. Four Forks, tiny and sweet, with a count of other ways. 1,414 and 1,709. Freeport, 12.501 and 11.676. .Iack."on, 9.224 and 9.592. Borland 3,409 and 3.973. Surfside, i 1,471 and 775. Sweeny 4.0i7 and ,' WASHINGTON (APt—The Ag- 4.079. West Columbia, 3.993 and jriculture Dpartment's second lore- ?,.9%. icast for the year put the Texas i Tlie Brazosport totals were 27,i cotton crop at 4.700.000 bales — BIO and 2S.690.1 la drop of 100,000 bales from the Tliere were 236 doses given in , . . : forecast a month ago. miscellaneous sites, including the TAIPEI, Formosa (API ~ Red It was recalled, however, NOHWALK, Conn. — Scientists yield is expei-ted to average 195 at the special college student,China, reporting it shot down one the Communists offered Aug. S to Alaskaas house - bound, however. foreign will launch a giant telescope $0,000 3.13 pounds po r HITO- 7 pou n rf s clinic in Lake Jackson Saturday of two U2 planes the Chinese Xa- pay S'JSO.QOO in gold to any Na- " We .i ust P ut on ever>-thing we Air Force feet above the earth early next | 0 « t rm n la.t sear. morning. tionalists bought from the United tionalist pilot wno rieii\-ered' a U2 can manage and go, especially at US Gets Blamed In U2 Incident But it was also fi5 decrees below zero last winter." She told how Alaska's mosquitoes continue to tlirive each summer despite such extreme cold temperatures each winter. During very low temperatures an ice fog occurs which is similar to regular |fo^. At those times the hood of an lauto cannot be seen by a driver, land visibility is very limited, that Th' s bitter cold docs not keep Weathercasf WASHINGTON ate investigations subcomnuitiv ..... I inquiring into RjUie Sol Kstes 1 do- Mostly cloudy, cooler, occasion- ;.f, m ,. t agriculluml empir,. iv c.x a! showers and thunders-how,., >.!p,.cicd io poslpone his scheduled moderate variable mostly north- {appearance until after his Tcv<- easterly winds. Low tonight GSilrial on fraud chargi-s. !ln the Mediterranean and Kurn- : year from Palestine. Texas. By, -n, P national cotion crop was Most of the prison system em- States, charged today the flight intact toW mainland. Christmas when there's lots to Ipran Theatres. As a member of means of television, they will view forecast at 14,637,000 hales of STO-pIojws and their families will over Communist soil was part of Pciping's announcement was tlci ." - Miss Holm related. "For | a R24 air crew, he was twice shot the univcrs-e as it has never been pounds gross weight. take the doses tonight at the pri-'a U.S. spy program. broadcast Sunday niiht in Eng- Alaskan weather, my wardrobe [down, and the so<nnd lime be- seen neh/re. according to Dr. Mar- This figure is -tl5.0iX) bales loss sun farms, along with the in- -rhp Nationalists confirmed tint lisn - included everything from sun • ;came a prisoner of war. tin Schwarzchild of Princeton Uni- than the first forecast of 15.1if.'.- mates, rhis time, the prisons one rf ' t!le hish-altitude U"s thov " A U.S.-made liiRli-altitudu re- slli!s to fur parkas." I Ho nnd his wife Elaine, live ativersily. director of the project. 000 l«!es. It ittnparcs also with have called for 5.000 doses, rather have been operalinc for "iiearl'v rannaissance plane of the Chiang, Present at the Rathskeller to VI.:m.OOO produced last year and than the 3.000 asked in the July lwo vears disappeared Sundav oil Kai-shek cans was shot down this »' pe t the former .Miss Alaska KOItT \\OKT1I - Scor.-i of 13.979.000 for the ten-year i]951- program. a ro " uline re connaLssani-e mission morning by an air force unit of:«' pre a number of people mclud dl-niiint ntnre \\orkcm were hu«- IV)i average. There will be no makeup clinics ovcr ,| le Rpj mainland " le Chinese People's Liberation iin S members of Freeport i tied to the pollen station, linger- Tills year's crop, like tlio-e of in the Alvin - Pearland area. Tills . . ... ' .... Army when it intruded over East • shrimping industry and food con- 202 Htiisiiche in 1-ake Jackson, with their three children: Claudia, (API— The Srn-' 12: ^' ark - :! : and Maria. I months. high Tuesday 84. S41en Sfil! In Deep Coma lily .• ;'" 1 '" rlls<> '"' ' " I , lluspitul | n Th( 'nun rum he greatly taken to John Scaly (-lalvrMon Krldiiy. . . HOBEH'I' L. CATTiS anil OIAH- I.KS E. GIUFFITII of FP, nnioni; thc> Texas A4.M uludonts who will hold important iip|«imlnionl.i in the Corps (if Cadets this year. CATES is Cadet technical ser • geant and operations sergeant Inr the First (Jroup and is Cadet first sergeant nf Siidn 1(1. . . JOHN JAMKS IMI'EIUTOUK Bon of MILS. EVA HUSS nl r'l', enrolled In the hiiili schiKil ile|wrl- niont of (iiirdiin Military Cnlle^e nt Harno.svillo. lia. . . Cliairman John McClelland, I>Ark., said Estes probably wouldn't answer the stilx-niumii- tco's iiueslions anyway l»-causo i)f I.OX1X)N (APi - Riilx-rl A. the ix'iniing slate HIH! fed era I Soblen lias suffered serious brain charges. damage Hint will take some time '"Ilio upprehensinn is that if ho I>V( '" l() assess, doctors said today. wore cnlliHl to testify, the public-. ' n "' nmaway spy lay in H coma racked by convulsions more than 100 hours after taking a massive dose nf barbiturate, doctors said in an effort Io block attempts to fly him to the United States to ln-uin solving a life sentence. A nmlical bullolin this nioriiini; printed and miiRnod 8uiKta.> an recent years, is being grown un- is because at the large turnout . one nf Fort Worth's big slum der a federal irvntni! program there Sunday, aixi because of the e continued Io rhallengp the ilnte designed to prevent excessive ptiv imitation tor the north part of the Sunday riming law. riuction. county to make use of the pri- As it is, the crop will be supple- mary clinic for Type III vaccine alist spokesman said __. ., .. ., ere bough, from the Chma ' ll said ' brporation in the Unit- Tho Piping People's Daily, of- ed States in 1960 and put into op- (i< -' ial newspaper of the Chinese eration that December. Communist party, charged today! that the plane was engaged "not: day night at K. ho would receive, particularly ' 1Vxlls . would prejudice the M'^-ll/m Kaid Sundav ,„ **™ into.Aiow. ' fl ., iui , ^.^ ^, mm ^ Is.sli's' (d>alini;s in mult- KU«fs on ft'i-tili/.oi- tanks whi.-h in vi'MigHturs ,s;iid didn't i'\cn evisl. Texas Ally. Con. Will Wilson ami District Attorney It |i. (low ell, wh « Sl1 ''' Si'blen is loss deeply coma-; t<»o than be IMS but he is still 1 Me. uiuiinscioiis. Cuiuulsions cuntlnup' tho '" "t'dir fret|iiontly ami oonsliiutei Tide Schedule Ttxlav— No High Unv fi p.m. Tuesday— High 2:19 a.m. and 1I:-I6 a.m. lx;«- 7:52 a.m. and fi 51 p.m. Violence To!! Fcr Weeked h 17 Deaths - crop Sept. Iti, between noon and 3 p.m. ;from Nationalist U2 flights would> 0 1 President" Kennedy's ^military !By T1IK ASSOCIATED IT Six weeks later the Type II be turned over to the United 'adviser Gen Maxwell D Taylor ' violell( ' e ln Toxas over .T bar- vaccine will be given, and the!States in the normal course of in-; ' ' '{weekend killed at least 17 per ports. munity Hospital, for Brazosport,|P'anes was solely a Nationalist . By otimpari.vm with the iivli- at the Angleton High Sx-hoo!, West 'matter. The paper claimed the flight un- .catod producti(Hi, the department Columbia 1-egion Hall and the Officials admitted privately, derscored US "designs of a^•has predicted domestic and ex- Brazoria Legion Hall. huwever, tliat it could be as- cression" in Asia and was linked! [port markets will iiHiuire 14 mil- These will be held next Sunday, sumed that information obtained (0 t | le t wtM j av visit to Formosa' | linn tales during the 19S2 !marketing year. i Tlie yield (V cotton PIT h;ir. vaccine will be given, ,vrsleil acre was fun-ciist at IB mass effort to stamp out polio;telligence exchange l>etween two •pounds compan-d with tW last will be complete. allies. year ami 3SO for the ten - \ear Ai the polio center. Uiree people! Tlie latest U2 incident, an- average. sen'ed thruuKhout. Yvonne Baron, ,'nounml over Peiping radio, PRESS the HQPPgft TICKS! junior at the University of Texas, was the one paid staff mem- came five days after the Soviet Union protested that an Aineri-. Mexico Train Crash Kills 3 for the program. Jerome | can-piloted Ul 1 had violated Sovi-i (AP 11 of them victim of traffic mishaps. A one-car accident near Post in West Texas claimed five lives. Tlie Associated Press violent death count begun at ti p.m. Fri•A freight train \\; IV and ended at midnight Sun- Clute Man Dies of . the of getting vaccine out to the clin-if ale o f t |, e Nationalist pilot, but Bud Linle . ot ' !l ° s ! atl °" • slaff suns irl ics. Other groups particularly ac-! na(iona |i st o |(i t -ial.s said privately :said he ob laineij details ^ of^ the ^Kille, in operating the clinii-s wore ,| lev were " ......... "• ' " ........ " convinced he could not ,<>( oxygon. loolbdll game at Hopper Field Hopper, alhletu- director Ho s,aid il prubably iHi:urnnl ^'day night can |Hirchuso tickets Brazosport schools. while. Sohltm was being rushe.1 to, a( ""•' Hopper rteld ticket IxMtli lloui-s that the ticket lv»ith at li\o . . _ ... . "i"!', t'limli Leo illHkS- Ilillingdon Hospital after at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. ||op|x-r Field will bo open this the Home Demonstration clubs, |, ax T e \ xvn t . ap t urc j ;i li vc UK u. A. nthh.MAN family, cm k ,,J «ig Hrockmmi H».ul, was (,n m d uiuxiiwdiHis in the ninhti- Tickets fur tho game cannot \v "''''^ '»o as follows: tho Jujitvs. Explorer Scouts. • ,' ,,","'1 "'''• l| '; ll ' i1 "' ,".' i( ™' "" "rrix'Hl at a local huspi- !«,„,.. taking him to Undo,, air- i*si-.ved by phono, they must l» Want new homo HI .'Jl I>,nc M.jlal alxwl 7 p.m. Saturday. bioi«jhl |wl - t lo ^ ,„„ u | xwnt a New picked up pt-reonally at Hopper ""'''" hu "'" '"''" Ja«'ks»n Kiner-! York plane last Thursday. :Field Tuesday between the hours .... , ,„. •And ArmniU Tim Cmuitj: , u "' rc h - v "'" ... „ .- nllBS "611111112 ML and UTU.IK MAfc SCOTr, Ixilh of Anglelon, dcle«al«i to the 57 lh world - wide Assembly of the I'lunvh of c:«t « Iropliecy moetini; for dayi In Qeveiand, Twin. . , gency Car. ^^^'^ - St. Mary's Delays Meet « short lime after ho hnd oaten ' ' supper anrl .sMrlcd mowinjj the lawn. Justice of .he Peace H. C. of .St. Mary's Sch«,| in Thn,i,« s wid. Tho baiy was taken hits changed its moetmg seven to Heights Funeral Home in HOIIS - ,fruin this week imlU . jiun. jSept. 20 al T:30 p.m. ; o( 7.30 p ,„ I'be Patents and Teachers I'lub the Sohixil Administration Building was t>oing swamped with telephone calls this morning from Freeport , ,1ato f '" li ' wa """S ll) rf * enc ^ kf{s to lhe week are as follows: tho Jajcoos, Explorer Tuesday ami Wednesday —4:30 Girl Scouts. Candy - Stripers ami to 7:30 p.m. police deparinienls. Tliroughoiit Fridaj- — 2 p.m. until same the operation, the Medical Auxil- linie i7:3u p.m.) iar>' ipli.vsieians' wives' served Funeral services were pending The downtown ticket office re- refreshments and food to the this morning for an Oyster Creek ported that approximately 2.500 stiffs. seasiui tickets had l>ecn sold up until noon ttxiay. Hosorvatinas for season tickets will be aivepled until 4:3» p.m. tho car. I in tho collision on L r .S. from Station XKC'H in Hi^'m^ay SI wore two Tulia i|ien, Monterrey. Mexico, and eon- Maivario Hornanile.:, "'\ and Triii- firniod them wall the Xuevo idad Muni/. I.: a San .Vngolo Laredo office of Mexican Nation- \\oman, Mrs. Man-Hinia Marline/ al Railway. Yillaneiiva, in lu-r i^'tvl. 1 .' ji's; and The station siiil 11 of ill- her two cliildron, P>ohbio, about 5 jured cire not o.\[iooted to live, and Elelic-ia, about 111. Reports reaching Laredo identi- Anotlier d iiightor of Mrs. Villman, Ernest Edwarf Davenport, tied the dead as Haul Enrique/ aiieuva, j>ear-old Mary, was the Nearly half the county's 47 58, who died in a local hospital Trevino Cantu, ;\S, reliuxl super- sunixor of the crash. Shs itiK-lors seived in the program ahout 5:45 a.m. intcndcnt of Mexican X a t i o n- was found dwvil aad II->-.IIJ^M during the 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. work- Davenport, a longtime a r e a al Railwa>; Juan Esi|Uivcl Ui- flag d»wn pas>in; . :u < f.^lowm? Wednesday and ing schei'.ule. Tliere were 19 doc- resident, had been hospitalized zano, isi. of .Moiileno\: ami .Mar- lhe crash. Shi- w.i.. re,.-irik'd m Thursday, lhe Friday night The (hose tickets must be p'ickt\t up tors at lhe centers, three on since Aug. 31. The body was guerila l-isirada de Cornnado, 55, satisf u-ioi-y cundilKii at a Post .downtown ticket otiice iBE^by noon Friday. jstandby for calls. jtaken to Freepurt Funeral Home, of San Luis Potosi.

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