The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 7, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1959
Page 1
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Title Schedule BRAZOSPORT Generally fair and mlli Thursda y. moderate mos0y northerly winds. Low tonight 68, high Thursday 86. ^^ and Antiques. Coronation ceremonies fo the Fair Queen will begin 7.30 p.m. highlightin tonight razpn ty *air and. Fat Stock Show currently undehvay at the fair grounds at Anglcton. ^ 8onn uesa y. w«h som 85,000 persons on hand to view fln»l' e Daattur y High Schoo honors for A float division Anglcton'. Marshall High i. «' Band won honors for the Negro bands., ;•• " ... Th , e , (Dan bury float 'was entitled "Show Boat" and was a replica of a Mississippi a Swine Show Melvin Wailact of Brazoria j-howed both the champion and he reserve champion female in the entire swine show, as well as being the champion and're- An V n. C h m £'° n Winners in th '' All Other Breeds division. u 1,. Sione ot Pcarland showed the champion and the reserve champion Hampshire Sows. Champion Duroc Femal w .s shown by Del Galaznik o Angleton, and Reserve Cham *•****«»"* Champion Fat Poultry lamb Snow Shpw, Andre Commissioners Cour» Bay, 2nd Light On Agenda S»!^H«SX JS? & s>«. «» city officials will wth Commissioners next Monday the iinanc- Firemen Ho/d Extinguisher Contest busy with two projects ta connection with Fire Prevention Week which began Sunday and will continue Ihrouah Saturday.. i The firemen will again sponsor a fire prevention pot- ler contest in Lake Jackson schools. Prises will be given In ihe primary, intermediate, contest will last^f or"i o u r weeks. The Lake Jackson Fire De'"-•-lent will *lio continue fire extinguisher sale some traffic problem at the Bay-Second Intersection. Commissioners Court has a- Rreed to pay half the cost of the light, up to a i .7 *•*»•». *ue Luumy will Iet _the contract for the work. City Engineer J. C. Joy reminded the Board of Commissioners Monday that .the proposed signal system would not completely, solve the traffic problems at the; intersection. ..The system was being proposed anyhow, he -said, because it cost about half what the'hibsi satisfactory system would cost Its an unusual intersection," h . e . !a ' d ' "I" 'hat the volume or traffic varies so much during the day. The only real solution is a fully-actuated sys- i A fully-actuated traffic sig- |nal system is one in which a device set in road surface counts the numbers of cars approaching the light, and adjusts the timing of the light to fit the traffic flow at at ular time. cost would be an pro" Alvin. r£™i Ha . rris County Boy school showed the Gram Champion _ Boar of, the show nd, Melvin Wallace showed he reserve champion boar. Champion and reserve cham- wn Hampshire boars were hown by E. G. Stone of Pear? nd. Champion Duroc Boar as shown by Harris County Boys School, and ~ * Champion Duroc fa, ..„-,„„ Wa ace of Brazoria. Melvin Wallace also showed the Cham In Boar dat"" V,V— *! air Queen Candidate, Miss Alma Clawson. The Lanier float was entitled Key to the Future" and de- P c cd marble pillars in a hail of learning. The parade Included some 15 bands, more, than 20 floats •scores of horseback riders and other entries. Tuesday's judging included Swine, Poultry and Flower, ^ rhlli "*:,/?,' Barrow Sn ow, '*' B, harle ? w a«ace showed the ua>- champton, and Ronald Stallworth of Angleton the reserve champion. In that show these two boys won the champion and reserve champion Berk- smr barrqw honors, Del Galaznik of Angleton won the champion Duroe. and Henry Jez of Anglotoirf * .the reserve champion Duroo barrow hon- ' J^y Mouth of;' Brazoria •and John Anderson - ton walked off with. ,:pioh and'the reserve honors, respectively in tbj>' Ot^r Breeds " eserve 31? "?* ^pion an ™ T? cham P'on honors in th ouhdown and Cross* ' t ean ^T e 5 €nry of ool and Hay Brewer of vel were champion and reser champion exhibitors lti (£ All Other Breeds Division. e of Alvin took he top tricolor award with his oil painting, "Portrait" and u ujia wrsincr of Jones Crnbir ot the olu6 ribbon in niia •* ler ,, li "ting, "Jim-s Friend? T s tp | Jol °e ra Phy «ass, Frank Tonight Fair Schedule WEDNESDAY - Vlf stud ent division Wllson award former encaustic the loni her painting, "old Micheal Heyn of Sweeny g ot urst m photography with .— Scenes", ^the children's :<Ji»Ts| on of Poultry Show RiS **? %***** Show ' M «ty 2±^ ft?-Angleton Futu^ got the award. Richard ^gotftrrf place s Picture, "Ship at Sea". Barbara stark bf Angleton Plans Adopted Appearance To Be Sfrifc/no/y DiWerenf From Of her Scboo/s i i."—."• HW .Angleton future «.^»~ T"" *""^ awara and "ing MRS. JOi, GIAN1NO, reporting that she had found an opos- sura in her trash can Tuesday afternoon. FP Poundmaster O. J. HOUSTON came 10 me rescue snd removed the animal. , . \ PATRICIA STREETMAN. driving t round in her • -;_• ^ s the ou* uesi -uited to the problem, and had At the meeting of the Board Monday. Commissioner C. M. Helpinstill felt that in addition -_-..,. .. — ,, __ , Port Meat Market Owner Found Dead In Car Today Henry Clark Roberts, 50, was 1952 DeSoto T------—— •«** uiat. in aauiuon n i_ I . — la the signal system there erts car 8 should be a warning farther '"8 the body. up on the bridge to slow traffic approaching the light This might be in the form of blinking yellow light. Helpin the Nedering Haus pro- near Bailey's Prairie before 8 ajn. today. Thurman W. Bennett, who, m the vicinitv. had seen! o , , a see ° b " ts . carand Decked, find 5UU said!"The Bo^SK decision on whether or not the warning s | gna i sho ld fa j eluded in the signal Police Report A check with Lake Jackson Police Chief J. S. "Cap" Brown Wednesday morning found -,n- otlier quiet 24 hours for the city with nothing to be rep.irt- ed. HAHOLD CHOUCh. trying out his brand new car . And, JACK HAYS, another Brazosporter driving a new Wreck, BurgoryOnFPDocket A wr«tti. and a burglar* )U i-i ^fJ^' 1 !^ 0 "^^! "Pol'ce answered a disturh. .(West Second aU I reported at 12:18 day. 8 it w«i : d PoweU " Park . Tuesday. Har- was arrested * or Bennett called the Brazori. County Sheriff's Departmen and deputies arrived at the scene about 9 ajn. Deputy Sheriff Jimmy Jones said Ro•«»•*« was alone in the car. He -ying in the front seat with nis head toward the .passenger's side of the car. The butt of an Army .45 Colt double ac- Uon revolver was in his right hand with the barrel clutched "i his left hand, Jones said The deputy said Roberts had been shot in the left side of the throat and the bullet traveled completely through hij head. Roberts was owner of the Port Meat Markets in Angleton and Freeport. Hi? body was taken to Angleton Funeral Home, after he was pronounced dead by Jus uce of the Peace Robert F Potts. Investigation is continu ing. la the other Rufus Gill/am « the Young Pen G Gundy of Angleton 4-HOu old pen; Rufu s Gflliam iri to Single Cockrel; Everett CraS «r of Jones Creek 4-H to the Single Cock and classes, and Don P in the Single Mack Galaznik of Freeport won in th. Tta»v .hSTwiS th Tom and th* Single 1 . the Nesro Grand Champion in Show, all breeds. Football Film Game films of the Maryland football clash .i Ha. an ad - *"** * CIarks saJd it found cir s of 40 miles a hour in the disturbance * cular cular of a runner it are characteristic — storm, the fore- a hurricane. —* —, 'Superin*. •,,,,,,-„ ^schools, said that members had already re^T."*? *L* plans with the architect.'-They were in complete hfsa1d ent0n thepresent Plans, JncludedUn these staff conferences were both teaching and maintenance groups. Every sug- jestion made by a staff mem- h j •* , been mcor Porated in the drawings, Dr. Hayes said. The plans were explained to the Board by Charles Lawrence architect assigned to the plarS by the firm of Caudill, Rowlett and Scott. Layrrence presented a building that was "wrapped around" the cafetqnum. The cafetorium appears long and narrow, and one end .forms the main entrance to the building. On one side of the cafetorium are a group of teaching rooms that includes kindergarten, of ;?™ drawings • Irene. • would _ uu , auu 1I1UMC| ',iT ~;~ tatch en; and on the other is a group of offices, workrooms, storage rooms and' the library. Attached to this side are two classroom wings, p^,,,,. —"'"*'"" ana Brazoria County fans are invited to at- !^llhej(uncUon_atno charge. — .. wt » »4i,nc OJEUS Hcation during the had top winds of miles per ,hour. and about 35 From a distance, the cafeto- rium will be emphasized by a gabled roof, while all other areas of the building will have a flat roof. eluding the construction, fixed equipment,, covered walks' driveway, parking, and naved Play areas. The. budget vh a4 i^fh** 0 ** on «2 per square foot, but on construction alone. Trustee Al Shorkeywas rf the opinion that when built this would be "the best looking school in the area." Other trustees agreed. • One point of issue wa« brought up by Mrs. Ralph Griy concerning the use of steii tables. She was personally on- posed to them, she said "I can't see building a cafe- torium - which is the mostexl pensive part of the school — and then hiring personnel to push steamtables up and dora the hallway," Mrs. Gray said She said it also required special cleaning of the classrooms when children eat there. At any rate, Mrs. Gray said, tre district should decide j whether or not it will use steam tables for feeding, and then go oneway or the other, district- Dr. Hayes took the opposite point of view. His persona! preference, he said, would bt iteam tables supplied by food Prepared in one central kitchen m each attendance area, i. Board members agreed to .nave the school staff conduct •a study of the relative merit* of steam table and cafetoriunt . ,«r, r TA,,., ^ involved were a 1853 Pontiac ne ° y «dge G LLIAMS ' repQrt " ven by AII>srt Maurice Has- 1 Hardman and was released ' h him busy getting ready move the first of-the mouth .„, - .,„„,,.. uut , lftey , 4U3 . ' are buying .'iomj West Nmthf ,'re^ort °" d St 10:25 —'" J. STACKERS) The Ponuac was damaged of)iocrs found no one in LJ. Tht about $200 and the th»n 0 .«T,, n . rival. """"old Powell was arrested for — - — ^irsra rcs-aw? Jud s e 6-pfn «» T« I HarHman otii4 «i>n« ^—i t I — At Conference WC SNTRY Mill Thelma Phillipt o f Wesi Columbia is sponsored by the Bruoria County Cattlemen'* Anoci«tion in the contest to "l«ct the Rodeo Queen of the Thurman M. but j Columbia, judj, ar. Judicial District, which in| eludes Brazoria County, will at- "ill be competing IS other giils from throughout lh« county for the eo*,t.d ti|l.. The quUn wiU n * mtd al tt « «»^o Sal- due to celebrate closely and Gustkey K o' ta Auditorium ° f 4 ' H and ^ Livestock 1 8 p. m . — Vegetable Drawina 10 .m - e rawn 10 p.m. - Exhibits RelTCd . that will be striking* p av » f Ve aS an tod ° ly different in appearance from The A^ MVeral das » es other schools in the district thJbuildi™ SPIF foOta « e °' « — •^•"rf •ufi t M husband's (,„„« qontaming B Dow Recreation Director ' The bU o d conlain^,^^' RrtDDV ncrni^ i —->-•• , •••*. tJnnvi\M \.uiJ[aJuaCI SIB Snet BOBBY RFFD, runn'n« Ihe FP said . °" *'"' snf The meeting is scheduled for •30 ii.:n. ci the Jonss Ca-ek .Tiuuily House. All r«4- «ttend! tte "un Data Sets today « p.m. Rises Thursday 6:18 a.ra. Seta Tfeuwday S:58 - - •ta.iciwu naa oeen m er- u) toting a disturbance in .-Knights of Columbus Hall Banjsston said ' tSe "in" ; should have been "at" since the disturbance was in the fronl yard ot the ball. The haU ha<j £*? lea « edvout *«• a Private P«rty »r»d the totUfbance ' volved some teenage pa Wests who were reported to Kuffluu <M 4~*.*.t .« i™ v^

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