The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 19, 1954 · Page 3
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 3

Baytown, Texas
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Tuesday, January 19, 1954
Page 3
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After 36 Years-Soviet Undergoing Second Revolution EDITOR'S NOTE: crying for the badly needed its Basic objectives,of "c™^ Henry Shapiro served as a cor- changes for many years- in *e Sowet Union and ultimate- respondent in Russia for 21 years. Ther e is reason to believe that ly a Communist 01$ world . On As dew o toe™oscow press corps Russians "new look" was conceived this point every foreign observer in and manager of the United Press by some of Stalin's top lieutenants the Soviet capital and ivery Rus- bureau, he covered a generation in 1952 and was delayed largely sian I know is agreed. of history in the making during the because of th e influence on Stalin- The speeches and acts of the So- criticial years which saw Russia of Security Minister Laventri Ber- viet leaders immediately following emerge as a great world power, ia, who later was executed for Stalin's death; some of which im- In the following uncensored :dis- allegedly sabotaging agricultural plied or actually repudiated certain patch the first of five, Shapiro and legislative policy., , of the dead chief's methods, gave describes with unrivalled author- Male'nkov's sweeping changes are. rise-to at least two illusions m the Hy present-day Russia and her re- un iqu e ih one respect at least: Un- Western world: lations with the West. His series . m^ collectivization and industral- • i. That the absence of Stahn of dispatches will answer, such ization, which were accompanied questions as: Why was Beria Dy almost cataclysmic convulsions shot? Does Malenkov want peace the present measures appeal to en would weaken the -Soviet union. ^ 2- That partly due to such weatf- snov; juoes iviaieiuvuv wain, i-ua^ ttlft present measures apycai iu ™-- ness ^ e Communists might be- or war? What does the average j oy . ^ .overwhelming support. of t more a g reea ble to Western Russian want most? How and why the country's population. .Unlike - - .._.,. did Malenkov abruptly change the previous reforms, they claim no party line after Stalin's death? victims in terms of blood and hu- —— ••'.; . .:• man welfare., . , •••-., • SHAPIRO . - i have, never seen anything in tie THE BAYTOWN SUN."TUESDAY. JANUARY ^9, I9S4 -EASE! ^^••flLLi'aaffi- , tu DAYTON, Ohio, T»jUjl9~UP-A' WASHINGTON, Jan 19-UP- cording his fruitless efforts with j : b company,'"swamped with Backstairs at the White House: dry and wet flies, he quieOy ac- complalnts that the man on duty When Mrs. Eisenhower goes to cepted a spinner from Bellamy, giving out wrong information, Groton, Conn., this week, she will threw it m the steam and—wham inV e S tigateaV " ' ,J travel in the special bullet-proof, —right away, a fighting trout. ^^^ ^covered that a man-with bomb-proof car the rail- The cameras ground away and a similar telephone number waa roads for the President during as the President jubilantly hauled giving out his own version of the World War II- m his catch, he slipped and got bus schedule when the wrong num- President Eisenhower is the third a bootful of icy mountain water, j^ ca u s cam e to his home. president to have, the car at'his disposal. The luxurious car is unusually heavy because it is.armor- ed on the underside against the chance of a terrorist planting a bomb on the tracks Mrs. Eisenhower I Dig Own Grave is going Jan- 19—UP—-Judge Oscar S. Caplan had a word of mrs. .cuiscimuwer is gums to warning for a former gravedigger Gruton to christen the Navy's new found drunk on the street. "Keep atomic - powered submarine, the it up and you'll be digging your U S S Nautilus. The Nautilus own grave." Caplan told Fred Klein should be a. thoroughly bipartisan when he was arrested on disorder- vessel. Ex-President Truman, pre- ly conduct charges. sided at the keel laying. " Try Sun Classified Ada—Dial 8308 MAYTAG SERVICE PROMPT • REASONABLE WHITCOMB'S Ph. 6285 terms for a globil settlement. Very few foreign ^diplomats in Moscow shared such pipe-dreams • Stalin, the legend and the cult, is being repudiated but not Stalin, the apostle of communism. Similarly, United Press Staff Correspondent Soviet Union greeted with such pop- aposue 01 communism, outturn.}-, Thirty-six years after the Bolshe- ular . acclaim as ;Malenkov' s "of- Stalinism, as a technique of gov- .vik revolution,- the Soviet Union is fensives" on the home front,. ex- ernment. is being revised and to going through another revolution- cepting possibily the end/of World . some extent rejected, but not ary process which may substan- War II. ... . . ' Stalinism as a doctrine. tially alter the character of > the In addition'to the beginnings _of The. "common - sense" govern- country within the next few years, relative prosperity."— by Soviet meht now in office has decided to In the months following Stalin's standards—there has been an ob- eliminate some of the excesses and !„.,«, *ho ^odimp nf Prpmim- Oeor- vious lessening of internal tensions, unnecessary extremisms that char- Mr. Eisenhower, an avid student of the days when Western- justice was based on the six-shooter, .found a man after his own heait the other day. He was Paul Bellamy of Rapid City, S. D., a retired businessman. Bellamy's father was a deputy under Wild Bill Hickok who once : was marshal- of. Abilene, Kan., the town there the President was reared. And the president, ha s no greater idol than Hickok whose code— "Meet anyone face to face with whom you disagree"—was a guide' WASHINGTON, Jan. 19 —UP— The committee, an intcrgoveru- post in Mr Eisenhower's upbnng- Internationai Cotton Advisory mental organization of 29 cotton nig iUCKY TO BE ALIVE, two four-year-olds, Daniel Martin (left) and Rex Sparks, decide they will know better the next time they go i bicycle riding. Riding double, they were injured when hit by a car as they tried to make a U-turn on a street m Los Angeles. The auto driver was not held. (International SoitudpliotoJ Use Of Cotton Expected To Hit Post-War High In 1954 death the regime of Premier Geor- vious lessening of internal tensions, unnecessary extremisms that char- ^g international Cotton Advisory mental organization 01 z» couon ">s Ki Malenkov has committed itself A few weeks after its assumption actenzed Stalin's one-man rule, committee Tuesday pi edicted that producing and consuming countries The chief executive and Bellamy so deeply to policies of internal re- of office, the Malenkov regime be- But there is no sign of any inten- co tton consumption and production said free world pioductnn should had a fine time talking about the fnrm that any reversal would be came the most popular since Len- tion to deviate from basic Marxist this year should hit a post war high total 29.3 million bales in 1953-54, old West—and fishing in the J-Vi 111, Y l" " ' • . m t. ._._i -,..1i _ C IA_ n ffnv.4-_ V>*\ c- j ....... _ .3 _I_1. l ll. .. f 4_ A _4-.» nf . ' _ _ i — _ —J ,t\. «1O O ™, .ll. A « Vinl rsi* •*-•». i TT- 11 _. 1 i T rn\- _ «l_.~i ^ form that any reversal would disastrous. . iii . -me "^ *~~*~* v- **& -.— f -~** ——The 'upheaval now in process, been that the average Soviet citi- like all previous major shifts, ori- zen today is probably better fed, ginated at the top. rather than the better dressed, less discontented bottom. Its beginnings were in the than at any time since the. revolu- extensive debates that went on in' tion. He breathes more.freely and __ party circles in preparation for the fears the midnight knock on the when, in his speech to the Supreme 19th congress of the - Communist- door less than before. He credits Soviet last March 15_ he said- party .while' Generalissimo 'Stalin .the present government for his im- "There is, no dispute or outstand- _x,,, ._.:-••£ -•,.-..- proved lot, although the govern- ing issue which could not be set- credit. The regime has not shown any net result of its efforts has dogma as daught by the "party of Lenin-Stalin." ' , Nor have there been any signs of basic changes in foreign policy. Malenkov, for instance, introduced no new note in Soviet diplomacy f ree W orld. toa . miion aes in -, o es— an ising in e compared with 28 8 million bales Black Hills last June The photo- still was alive. • Stalin's death released the initiative and the energies of the men Live mill wit: ciiCJ-sica w 'i. w~ "i*-" j-uc *.-t»"j't *.uj ..-„ . -• « around him who-must have been inclination,, however, to abandon Tin Smelter In Texas City Is Ordered Closed TEXAS CITY, Jan.. 19 —UP— The government - owned Tin Pro- Flood Control Job At D As Put On High Priority Rate ALBUQUERQUE, N. M., Jan. 19 —(IPI—Flood control projects at tied peacefully on the basis of mutual agreement of the countries concerned." ' • ..-- .• - :,• It was forgotten that-'Stalin used Statistics On Ike's First Year: in 1952-53 graphers wanted pictures of the I O.u'OAi ~i/<J gl cJJJilCi a WCtJlltf-l tJiV*(,W4 V..J \Jt vi (W The increase will result mainly President fly casting in French- from higher pioduction in the United States and Indian, .offsetting man's Creek He consented, but it was in -the kJIillCU OLCt LCO clUU J-llwiti.iJt v*.io^.»'ViJiit > *•-"»• ^v-~-~ T -- -. a 1 million bale reduction in-Egypt middle of : the. day and hot. The and Pakistan The committee said that 'free , . trout were hot .near the top,- and the President fared poorly. Bell- WASHINGTON, Jan. 19— UP Following .'are some statistics on it" has received orders to prepare geles have been placed on a high foreseeable .future.-to; produce 'a were 'not co to close down its Texas City tin priority bases by Maj. Gen. Ber- tolerable standard of,living, no low-. trU^worthy. A! . T +ri« T3i.^ily« mnnapnr *.!,_ /-i~,-«.- nF T^ntyirtcorc i pean countries. - . , $ifab,'/jil,44i,OO. cassing Corp. announced Tuesday Albuquerque, Dallas and Los Anit has received orders to prei ' ' ' '-" J U! -* u to close down its Texas City smelter by June 30. Alex L. ter Braake, manager o£ the plant, said he received orders from Washington not to commit the Reconstruction Finance Corp., which supplies the ore, beyond June 30. .He said he was ordered to "clean up the plant before June. 30 but keep the smelter in condition so operations can be resumed with little effort." The Plant employes 9M workers. If it does shut down on June 30, it would be the second major shutdown in the Galvcston-Texas City area within a year. wc^-=mZn S of X™ ^^?lin^^^ been running this year at an all- of his .spinners instead of a ffiSj^teWn^nS "* ** ^ President is such a fly cast• ^ TT -i , 01 j ing purist that he won t go to a .. „-„ „ .-.- -.- . Consumption ,in the United States spinner unless all else has failed. almost the same words .'one year, the Eisenhower administration's m the first four months 01 the with an eye Ott the cameras re- before Malenkov. in his :last inter- first year in office: .; |. ' ; 1953-54 season was down _ 173,000 — ; -— view with the outgoing--Indian am- Annual ; spending—Cut to an es- bales,.the committee said, indicat- u _ u'nlA bassador-now vice president of In- tiinated S72.1 billion ifrom Tru- ing consumption for the full season MOW IO noiu dia—Prof. Sarvepalla. Radhakrish- man administration's recommend- may fall to about 9 million bales. •« • • C C TETITTM nan. - • •-••-"• ed $78 6 billion for fiscal year end- Canadian consumption is presently f"fi%Li5>t I tfc • • • But the lion's share of- the time ing .June, 30. '. ,, •: i -.- : . ', about 10 per cent under last sea- • _ E: rm | v m Place and energy of Stalin's- successor . Government ; payroU 1 '— Number sons. iviurc rn 7 has turned inward ' Malenkov ap- of, 'federal civilian employes • Th e committee said, however, DO your Mso teeth nnnoynna^™- parently is'trying to give new con- trimmed from 2,554,824 on Jan. ;31, there has been a-."very marked barress by n5U P p u^t Tnugh or talk? tent to Stalin' dictim; "socialism in 1953 to -,2,366,710 as of last Nov. : 30. recovery in western Europe's tex- 5™ tEE ^ U( f ft uttie FASTEETO on one country.'.' He has .introduced; .- Security' risks — 2i200 'federal tile consumption, particularly in your plates This "ikjUlnc^nori^cKi^ measures calculated, ••'within'" the workers dismissed because •" they Germany. France and Great Brit- P°^ d ^ n ™comTortabiy. Nojummy, foreseeable future.-to produce 'a were 'not considered completely tain.. Consumption m Japan « %.. ».. u ,._r t — ......*- „.--« — - — . — • -_• - .- - w; n rn cornrortfty. , tain.. Consumption m Japan ] "- ^Soo y pasty taste or reeling Doca not creased by nearly 20.000 bales in rour chocks "pint^o^ (^nt«ro "« -»•-""-« ^ 201 ANNIVERSARY SALE !( R GLASS CO. E. TEXAS • PHONE 5026 PRICES REDUCED ON • GOLD LEAF FRAMED MIRRORS • ELECTRO COPPER PLATED MIRRORS BIADE TO ORDER • SHATTER PROOF DOOR MIRRORS • GLASS DESK TOPS • ALL TYPES OF FURNITURE TOPS We extend these reductions to you in appreciation of your past patronage, reductions that you cannot afford to miss. DON'T WAIT! ACT NOW. Call or drop in for a price on that mantel mirror or furniture top. You'l! be surprised at the savings you can make. These LOW LOW PRICES will be for ONE WEEK'ONLY ... Monday Jan. 18th through Saturday Jan. 23rd. WE WILL BE OPEN SATURDAY, JAN. 23rd FOR ORDERS ONLY. 7 Yearn Serving The Baytown Area • i Owned JjOCiiiiy Operated Robinson said he feels construction must be pushed on the three projects despite a proposed cut in spending because of the "very real" danger to lives of persons living in the areas involved. Robinson said he expected that defense demands on the national budget will prevent work on many proposed projects this year, but addej that there "Is a minimum program below which we should not drop." "Some of the authorized projects Lea WIUllii a j uai. ^«...^- «.. " ^^ ,. -. . The Bowen - McLaughlin plant should go_ ahead to prevent major at Hitchcock, Tex., shut down operations and laid off 1,000 workers five months ago when it ran out of government tank orders. Ter Braake said the Texas City disasters," he saio". "They include the project at l^is Angeles, where the danger of loss of life is very real," he said. "The Dallas project comes in this cate- plant may not be closed. It dc- gory. The Middle Rio Grande pro- pcnds, he said, on the action of Congress, which has already abolished the RFC. eueciive June 30. In addition, ter Braak e said, the plant has been getting low-grade tin concentrate from Bolivia, but the Bolivian producers have now . ject at Albuquerque Is a smaller one, but it Is just as important to the people of Albuquerque as the larger ones." Robinson, accompanied by members of the Army Boarcf of Engineers, stopped here briefly while ore in Europe. He said, however, that discussions are under way in Washington about the possibility of obtaining ore from Indonesia. made arrangements to sell their en r o u t e to Montrey, Caiif. The group will hold hearings in San Francisco Thursday. 49,675-Acre Expansion Planned At Fort Hood • FORT HOOD, Tex., Jan. 19-~(1PI —Acquisition of land in a 49,675- .icre expansion program at Fort Hood is about three-fourths complete, .the Corps of Engineers office said Tuesday. Some 38,000 acres have been acquired cither by option or by declaration of taking, Col. H. R. Halloch said. Of the overall program, 44.848 acres arc in the Belton area the other in the Gatcsvillc sector. An auction last week disposed of 186 -buildings off the acquired property. INSURANCE FOR FURNITURE FIRE — HURRICANE — FLOOD — THEFT — ETC. TEXAf Jim BOND 3120 WltCQNtlN'ST. NEWS ABOUT THE NEWEST. LINCOLN Take a long look at the'54 trend-setter! Why have Lincoln sales more than doubled in two short years? Why do so many more people want the new Lincoln for 1954? Because people have changed their ideas about fine cars. No longer do they want useless bulk, glitter for the sake of glitter, power for power alone. The new Lincoln for 1954 keeps pace with these new ideas. The fresh new styling is bold and imaginative; with its lo>v, straight lines it echoes the homes of modern living. Lincoln's colors, loo—iasidc and out—set a new trend towards the distinctive, the dramatic. Interior fabrics and leathers combine beauty with durability—as do those in today's modern homes. The real evr.iiement comes when you drive the new Lincoln. Never, we believe, have you felt such smoothness and surge, such, sure, safe power. For Lincoln's world-famous V-8 engine has a new automatic 4-barrel carburetor which gives new liveliness. There's one way to find out why the new Lincoln for '54 is the trend-sctler in design and in action. We invite you to try the new Lincoln or Lincoln Capri today. More than 200 million people, roughly a tenth of the human race, live within the Yangtze River basin in China, says the National Geographic Society- BROWN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE MARKET ST. & DECKER DRIVE V PHONE 5018 Get Acquainted Offer! REGULA.<Tl2.50 RAYETTE $lftQO LANOLIN WAVE IV REGULAR $ 15.00 RAYETTE ROYAL $| ^§0 INSTANT PIN-RAY NEUTRALIZER I* REGULAR $20.00 RAYETTE $1T50 DOUBLE LANOLIN WAVE If REGULAR $25.00 REVITALIZING $7150 WAVE WITH CREAM NEUTRALIZER .... L I NEW LIFE-TEX CONDITIONER TREATMENT FOR PROBLEM HAIR WITH ALL WAVES MANICURES $1.25 • HAIRCUTS $1.00 • SHAMPOO AND SET SI.25 • 16 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN BAYTOWN! Performance proof: Lincoln again won 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places overall stock cars in the 1,912-mile Mexican Pan-American Road Race. DESIGNED FOR MODERN LIVING LINCOL i« lh<- h, 0 Wfcvitio.. hit, "TOAST OF THE TOWN" wi<h Ed Sullivan Sundny evenina, 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. KGUL.TV, Chsnnel 11. POWERED FOR MODERN DRIVING BAYSHORE MOTORS, Inc 2II3 Market Street

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