Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on December 5, 1967 · Page 7
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 7

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1967
Page 7
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tuftscfoy, DM. I, 194? S&OWNWOOD SUUItW Verify Suspicion Of T/iievery By ABIGAIL VAN Bt/KfcN DEAR ASBV: My husband arid t recently made a shocking discovery. We happened to come acfoss our daughter's bank book and found she had deposited more than $1.000 in her savings account since June! Our daughter is 20. and worked as a cashier last summer. Most of her paycheck went for clothes, and she said she was saving "a little." She worked only 10 weeks, and she couldn't possible have saved that amount from her earnings. There is only one way she could have gotten that much money and that was to steal it. How she ever man' aged to get away with it is beyond us. She is back in college now (less than 100 miles from home) and is doing well. We want to know how to handle this. Should we go to her ex-employer whom we have never even met, and ask him if he will please take the money back and not press charges? Or should we do nothing and hope that her conscience bothers her enough to do something about it herself? Please help us, Abby. We are well aware that if her former employer wants to be ugly about It, he could send her to jail. CAN'T SLEEP DEAR CANT: First, at the earliest possible moment, con front your daughter with your discovery and let her explain it. If you arc correct in your suspicions I urge yni to proceed with the guidance of a competent attorney. DEAR ABBY: What do you think of a married woman who carried on with a bachelor for 26 years, and then drops him and goes with a married man for 9 years? Then her husband dies, and for 4 years she's been going with a kid young enough to be her son? WONDERING DEAR WONDERING: J think she must be a very old woman by now. DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend Chocolate Glaze Magic mis ncji Viennese cake has | a luscious chocolate glaze. Who'd over guess it could he so easy! Empty a 6-punce package of semi-sweet chocolate pieces into a small saucepan. Pour in Vi cup light corn -syrup and add a tablespoon vanilla, strong coffee or rum. Cook over low hear, stirring constantly, until chocolate is completely melted, i hen continue cooking and stirring until mixture is smooth. Spread warm glaze over rooled cake'. The corn ; syrup is the magic ingredient, supplying shine, smoothness and flavor. By W. G. GRANDSTADT, M.D. Q -i- I love honey. Does it contain any vitamins? Has it any food value? Will it cause diabetes? A—Although honey contains a small amount of vitamins B and C, I would not rely on it to supply your vitamin needs. It is an excellent source of sugar and can be recommended as a part of your diet provided it is balanced in other respects, As for diabetes, it is caused not so much by what you eat as by the quantity. In other words, overeating with its resultant overweight is a cause of diabetes in many persons who are over 40. Q — 1 am a young married woman with no children. I use an artificial sweetener to keep my weight down, Does it cause any harmful effects? I have heard that It causes sie» rjlHy. Is this (rue? A—Artificial sweeteners have no food value. Used in moder ate amounts they are WORLD ALMANAC PACTS i less. A recent study indicates that calcium cyclmate in large amounts may cause you to be allergic to sunlight while you are taking it. U sweeteners caused sterility, many women couid throw away their contraceptive pills. Q—I have been taking Thor- azine for several years. Is it harmful to take it for so long? A — Too large a dose taken over a prolonged period may cause dark pigmented areas to appear on the hands and face. It may also cause insomnia, restlessness, mental confusion, convulsions, nasal congestion, blurred vision and waterlogging of the tissues. Vour doctor should be notified promptly If these or any other unusual symptoms occur, —If the doctor prescribed one Thorarine tablet every four hours to keep a patient quiet and the nurse ga\e eight or 10 of these tablets a day what could happen? A — It is always dangerous to take more of a drug than your doctor prescribes. For possible results see previous answer, Q—My doctor gave roe Mep« rnspan, then be changed to Elrafou table-is, \Vlwt are Jhesp pills for? WHIM they make me constipated? A -T Meprospan js a sustained-action nieprobamate, a wide* ly used irpquilieer.-rEtrafon $ also, $ tranquilteer-.. Nether drug sliguJd cause, constipation, flease s.eji<J yauf questioni awJ coniwejiU io pywe (*• * 0,, In i?are «f paper, white Of, Jnuul* t spnftl WWWT tydivi4u< elter* be will BWHW tot- of gejtfral touwst Jfl IjUv I^^K&s^, jpiBmnrrzuii M^iiiii.Ui^Mii'rgg^'^^^-^''^ l ^ m ^" l ''^"J^_gj •'Ml is in the navy and soon will be discharged. He is a very good looking sailor and looks terrific in his blues. My problem is trying to get him to wear his uniform when we go out. He says he is sick and tired of looking at uniforms and it's bad enough wearing one when he has to. He looks good in his civvies, too, but a girl is proud to be seen with a guy in service, and I would much rather have him wear his uniform when we're out. We argue about this all the time. Can you help me? I NAVY BLUES;' DEAR BLUES: I know how you feel, but I also know how he feels. If your man is being discharged soon, ask him to do you a favor and hold still long enough for you to gel a picture cf him in his blues. In the meantime, get off his bock and let him cover It with a stilt of his choice. Confidential to Deeply Troubled: By all means, see your minister, but don't expect miracles. The help a minister gives is not a shield to hide behind, but a sword to fight with. gaff I ',">rt i LIVER TURKEYS .Ib. 15 fo 12 Ib. At§< . DECKER'S SHUR KRISP BACON Chuck Roost ib 43c Loin Steak u,, 79c Pork Roost LB. 49c Pork Liver u, 29c Bologna siktdIB. 35c SEVEN BONE Roast u>. 49c Wieners %''!., 98c Porterhouse Steak u>. 69c DEGKIR'S 6 to 8 Ib, Avg, PICNICS Whale Only Ib. Harper's Homemade CHILI Round Bone ib. Seven c Ib. FRESH AND LEAN Hamburger u,. 39c HARPER'S HOMEMADE Sausage 3 ib, 1.05 Ground Chuck u, 69c Round Bone Steak u> 49c Pork ib, Boneless & Lean Stew Meat Ib. Ib. GRADE A FRESH DRESSED f Whole only. Fryers u** ...... u 29c BANANAS DEL APPLES CARROTS GRAPEFRUIT POTATOES .Ib. .Ib. Mb. Cello Bag. Ruby Red. Ib. Russet. .i-lb. Cello Bag HONEY GRAHAM Crockers u>. 39c ft l^*i Hormel *\ OQr V/ieO Mb, Pkj A fpr ATC FOLGErVs Coffee 1 Ib, Can 69c 2 Ib, Can ... 1,38 lOoz. Inst 1,19 KLMBELL'S CRUSHED SOO Size Can D ~.L._. reaches Pacific Gold Elberta N O , zwcan Peanut Butter .,„. Jar . Del >lont Flat Can. 3 ,„ 89c Cake Mix Gladiola Assorted .....Box 25c FROZEN FOOD Birds Eye AWAKE Com- FRO-ZAN KIMBELL Pork & Beans 3oosi*,c»n.',.,. 3 f 0r 29c IDAHOAN INSTANT Potatoes j.] b .B« 3 /orl.OO Toilet Tissue 39c Big K Flour .S? 1 1.98 73c PLAIN A 24-oz. Can. GAL. 35e Shortening":?^ 49c KIMBELU'5 Tomoles 300 con iiMI, Kimb«H'i IVIMK Tall Con...,. Ib. Can..,, ,er'i Pwre YOUNCILOOD EXTRACTED Salad Dressing ,..,39c K1MBPW. Sandwich Spread «... 39c SWIFT - < i Vienna Sausage ^ cw 4^

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