Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on October 29, 1961 · Page 17
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 17

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 29, 1961
Page 17
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mat* a Should Be Ready For Kocky Future §y ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: 1 have been mar- ied only a few momhs, and my *i iggest problem is what my hus- nnd did to our car. He fixed it o thaMt makes a loud noise vhen we go down the direct, and shimmies when it gets to a cer- ^n speed. We attract a lot of ittention, which I do not like, I ,sked him to fix the caf so it will p, quiet and steady, but he says e"'. likes it this Way. Fboling with Bars is his hobby. I am 19 and lie is 18. Can you help me? DEAR ABBY: 1 am now going a guy who xised to go with my sister until she found out he pulled a dirty trick on her. He las been swell to me, and I like iim a lot. My sister is cutting him dbwn, and trying to alk trie out of liking him, but I ike him anyway. Do you think 16 can be trusted? GAY DEAR BOBBI: Your very juvenile for. a BOBBI husband married nan. I fyou have been married mly a "few months," apcl your vishes are already being ignored, prepare yourself for a noisy, •ocky future. DEAR ABBY: T am a happily named man. About two months go I received a letter from a girl went with before I met ny wife. (She got my address Vom a relative;). This girl and,I lad a pretty big romance, but it ilew over.' I didn't answer her etter because I didn't want to tart up with her again, being named and all. Then she wrote another letter. This one was terribly mushy. She old me how much she loved me incl missed me, and reminded me if several things I would sooner 'orget. She asked me to write to ler. T don't want any more ol ler letters coming to my house, \nd I don't want to a n s w e r, should I do? , PAST BROUGHT UP DEAR PAST: Answer her let ler. Tell her you are happily mar •ied now, and she should consider he past a closed chapter. Sign of ivith best wishes. • Np*ff i /*\f \LI ? Errects Or Weapons Study Course Subject WED DEAR GAY; Listen to your sister. Hers is the voice of experience. CONFIDENTIAL TO EXHAUSTED DAUGHTER: why is it that he world- is so kind and sympa- belie to people who are blind, nit they treat deaf people as hough they were, just plain stu- Did?... Only the .har.d-of - hearing can know the loneliness, frustration and humiliation endured by the deaf.'Hearing aids have helped many. But they can't help everybody. Please have more patience, compassion and understanding for your mother's condition. Everyone has a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply, write to Abby in care of this paper. Enclose 'i a stamped, self-addressed envelope. For Abby's booklet, "How To Have A Lovely. Wedding," send 50 cents to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. The third lecture of the PTA City Council sponsored s t u d y course on Civil Defeiise was held on Thursday morning In Stephen F. Austin Elenientary school with Mrs. J. A. Watson of AmariUo as instructor. i Mrs. N. L. Nidholl, study chair- 'man, welcomed the 94 PfA members and school officials. Mr. D. V. Biggers, Austin principal, opened the study by showing two films for the instructor. "Operation Ivy" produced by the U.S. Air Force dealt with the testing of a hydrogen weapon on an island in the Emiwetok Lagoon. The explosion resulted in a ireball with 3'/5 rnile radius and after 10 minutes produced a cloud with a height of 25 miles and a 100 mile diameter, The island on >yhich. the explosion occurred was completely erased and the surrounding islands were left barren. "Operation Que" produced by the Federal Civil Defense Administration was concerned with the atomic test program in the desert as seen by Civil Defense observ- FLOWER ARRANGING TIPS Anyone-who feels she's not good at-arranging flowers can get valuable lessons from following the arrangements pictured in books available at the, library. ers. Different types of houses, clothing, furniture, appliances, and food stuffs were placed strategically so that the effect of the bomb on them could be studied.. These tesls help determine the needs and necessary planning for Civil Defense. Bill Leonard, Civil Defense director, was introduced by Mrs. George Cree Jr., council president, in order that he might answer questions of- members concerning Pampa's civil . defense plans. Mr. Leonard stated that Pampa has a plan originally set up for weather disasters. Some of • .the agencies working in this plan are the Police Dept, all law enforcement agencies, .fire dept., National Guard, Red Cross, Public Works both private and City, Soil Conservation, County Agent, etc. "The services of'all local communications are available] There are needs for auxiliaries and additional plans tor Pampa. Since Pampa does not have a 100 per cent warning system* U is imperative that Pampans utilize ex* isting communications systems, primarily radio and Conelrad." Mr. Leonard reported, "Civil Defense can not force anyone to do anything. It can only coordinate effort. It is your responsibility to learn enough about individual pro- ection to fight fear and panic so hat the government can better coordinate aid. Demand proper nformation. Civil Defense is primarily self survival and Individ- ml protection." After a coffee break, at which Lime members of the Austin unit served cinnamon rolls and coffee, Mrs. Watson began her lecture on "The Effects of Modern Weapons." "Both Nuclear and conventional weapons result in explosion, cause blast, and have a shock effect," Mrs. Watson said. 'However, the nuclear weapon has four additional results; 1) thermal radiation because it is thousands of times more powerful, it emits more light and heat, 2) initial nuclear radiation, 3) residual radiation," and 4) lasting shock." "There are 3 types of nuclear blasts: air, which produces a fireball in which all shock appears; surface, which touches the ground vaporizing rocks and soil resulting in fallout; and sub • surface, under water or ground with the water or ground receiving shock but still producing the fireball and fallout." Mrs. Watson had each person draw four circles one within the other on paper. The center circle represented Zone A, the 3V4 mile radius around a 20 megaton bomb explosion with no protection. Here there was complete destruction, no life. The next outer c i re I e, Zone B, .represented the 6'/4 mile radius with heavy damage with no life during repair. The third circle, Zone C, represented the 10 mile radius resulting in moderate to light damage with 75 per cent casualties with no life possible during repair. The outer Zone D was 13 miles from target and would have partial to light damage with some casualties and would be liveable during repairs." "Fallout decays or rols in a number of hours after it falls. 450 roentgons of radiation is a lethal dose for man. On impact fallout measures 100 roentgen of radia tion. After 2 hours it decays to 43 roentgens. As time passes the fallout so decays so that after 49 hours it measures only one roentgen. You can not wash off or bury radiation. It. only decays. Because of « lack of time, the Jecture was not quite completed. Mrs. Watson assured the members that she would finish this lecture on "Effects" at the next session. filth VEAR fffE PAMPA fJAlLY NEWS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2fl, 18ft! 17 Mrs. Carl O'Neal Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Robinson, 1713 Coffee, announce the marriage of their daughter. Francis to Carl O'Neal, son or Mr. and R. W. O'Neal of Pampa. Wedding vows were repeated in a single-ring service on Seph. 29 at four o'clock in Littlefield. The bride was graduated from Pampa High School and attended Texas Women's University in Denton. The bridegroom attended Pampa High School and is employed by Carlson- Cradduck Construction Co. They are making their home at 417 N, Crest. Status Of Women El Progresso Topic Mrs. Elmer Fisher was hostess ro members of the El Progresso Club on Tuesday afternoon in hef new home on Mary Ellen. Mrs. Glen Radcliff presided during a brief business meeting. Mrs. Charles Lanehart led the group in the Club Collect. Mrs. Bernard Johnson was wel* corned ns a new member. Mrs. V. J. Drew presented an Informative and interesting program on the "Legal Status Of women." Members attending were Mmes. D. V. Burton, J. F. Curtis, W. R. Ewing, Elmer Fisher, Charles Lanehart, J. G. Morrison, Carlton Nance, Glen Ratcliff, George W«l- slad .Harold Wright, George berry, and Bernard Johnson. vv/th The GROOM (Spl) —' The JovileefS Club met Wednesday evening tri the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Scott in Amarillo, for A mon* thly meeting. Mrs. Jim was co- hostess. tt was reported that the recent Jewelry Show, sponsored by the Jovilecrs made a profit of 70. Members collected a load of cloth* es, which will be sent to the Hur* ricane Carla victims. Those attending were Mmes, Art Britten, Bill Britten, Bob Led* wig, Bill Bralley, Eddie Honert, Carey McAdams, Arnold Kuehler, Bob Babcock, Joe Davis, Bitl Pavlovosky and Tom Britten' Read the News Classified Ads This Week's Dry Cleaning SPECIAL! <? By Polly Cramer •Fine Feminine Fashions DRESSES • Junior Values Tto $935 Misses Half Sizes Values to 15.95 $10 Values to 22,95 $15 Several hundred miles of driving right through the center of SUITS Valuees to 39.95 $29 Junior and Misses Values $ to 69.95 49 Values To 99.95 $ 69 Coats Untrimmed — Petite, Misses Values $, . To 69.95 '49 24K Cashmere Coats Specially Priced $OO95 ; 89' Fur Trimmed Coats Petite and Misses Values To 1 19.95 Bulky Orion Sweaters Regularly 6,95 Fashion Wright HOSIERY $1.35 $1 Value * pr% Full fashioned with seam, or seamless in demitoe or heel and toe. New fashion shades of beige or haze. Sizes 8 ! _> to 11 in shorts, mediums and T ongs for peifeet fit. Fur Trimmed Coats Specially Priced 129" 149" 169" Sweaters 11.95 Values '8 16.95 Values $ 12 Estee Lauder Beauty Facial Kit This Kit Includes: Skin Lotion ,,-. Reg. J2.50 Cleansing Oil -. Reg. $2.50 All Purpost Creme ...... R*f. ??.5fl '..Cr»nj« P»ck -- Reg. J|.W Reg. Vtlm .:... SIMI $ 5 these United States disclose how interested we are in the appearance of our homes. Fresh paint seems to gleam on every side. Remodeled and new houses sprout everywhere, But it was sad to nota how thoughtlessly we too often spend our hard-earned cash. Thousands of picture windows are being added, to tha fronts of houses practically ,on r tha highways. Such, a window, placed at the side or back, would look into woods or, at least, a well cared for lawn or' field. Colorful paint'jobs can be beautiful and individual, but some of us fail to realize how intense color selected from a small paint chip is going to look all over a house. . . j Sometimes four and five building materials are used in one front exterior. Choose one or two, and let it go at that. It pays to make and study a plan before starting any project. Dear Polly: We need some help in doing over our old house. Living room walls are varnished plywood. Floor is hardwood. We plan to use only braided throw rugs, I would like to use cafe curtains, but will they look right? What color should I get them in? I want things simple and easy to keep clean, as I have seven boys— Mrs. L. P. Dear Mrs. L. P.: Cafe Curtains look well in most informal living rooms. Made of cream - colored cotton, and hung from brass rings and rods, such curtains would be so easy to care f o r. Throw them in the washer with those seven boys' clothes. You'll just have flat strips to iron. Dear Polly: We are building a new home and I need lost of help. How do I go about getting a decorator with normal ideas to advise me? 1 am of modest means, but believe the expense of a decorator would be a good investment—Mrs. R. W. Dear Mrs. R. W.: How wise you are to realize the importance ' of consulting a decorator when' you are at a complete loss for ideas. I am sure you will save money in the end. Most large department stores have competent decorators. If at all possible, try to see some of any decorator's work before committing yourself. It is important that client and decorator be "on the same wave length." Dear Polly: Please help me finish my boys' room. They want red, white and blue. Headboards to their beds are white and the walls are blue. I- want to paint their dresser and night s t a n d, Please tell me about drapes, bedspreads, rugs and accessories. -Mrs. E. C. Dear Mrs. E. C.: You seem to ' have made a good start. Curtains could be * nautical print in red, white and blue; bedspreds, I red corduroy; and a braided rug that U predominantly the flag colors. Hang pictures of boats or . " a Highland .Hobby Club Names New Officers ' The Highland Hobby Club met. recently in the home of Mrs. 'Francis Peterson with Mrs. Walter Hurst as co - hostess. Officers for the club aro Mmes. Vernon Hutsell, president: Bob Laycock, vice president; John Moore, secretary; Bub Holmes, treasurer and H. T. Nail, report er. Door prize was won by Mrs, Arvin Calvert- nautical scenes on walls. Paint night table and dresser flag blue, with some lines of white and white knpbs. MEN'S SHIRTS LADIES SWEATERS CLEANED and PRESSED WE GIVE GUNN BROS. STAMPS Cash & Carry Only Offer Good Thru Saturday SERVICE CLEANERS 312 S. Cuylcr »IO 9-9751 2.35 Value VO-5 HAIR SPRAY •": $T59 Crest Toothpast 83c Size only 59c 69c Size Only 49c 53c Size Only 39c 1.50 STYLE HAIR SPRAY Only /TC 69c Value Super Blue Blades Only 49C 69o Colgate Instant Shave 83c Sbt Colgate Toothpaste Only 59C 98<; Value Colgate Inst, Shave Only 69C Only 49c 98o BISODOL POWDER Only 59C Value Dr. West Toothbrushes Only 39c 1,75 Value PEPTO BISMOL Only 98C 1,35 Value Prell Liq, Shampoo Only 89C 1.00 Value Listerine Toothpaste Only 3TC 1,19 Value Meet Liniment Only 6fC 65c Value Bromo Seltzer Only 49C $2.50 Value Lilt Permanent Only '1 f/\ I UN. Cuyler 99c Value 0. J/s-Beauty Lotion 69c Noxema Cream Synonym For Drugs MO 5-57*7

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