The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 4, 1969 · Page 16
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 16

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1969
Page 16
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W«diMtday, Jun. 4, 1969 *u» IT Shop Here For A Better Second Family Car 4V. UOUMC For BOND MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE IF YOU'VE GOT $5,000 CASH, V/E CAN TALK BUSINESS ABOUT ____ M7 •" timely Dr. — We're NH" *»*r tfcU «anal Ml turn or* • loro* e*rpe>*« itvlag r**m AMD ti»ora*> Mala* r***K, attractive *• >«arnm« (•eluding a >><riim, 1 fcatk*, kltcaea CO****** wrtti auJH-iM, antral air an* hoar. ley 4«Mty aM aiume tau or rrtlMM*. OWNER MUST SELL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. L«l Iff thaw yew Ml horn* TODAY! ! oarky Bond, Realtor M7 S. 427-1 lit - - Coll *r Nl«al ' D F*ANCIS, 114 W. — "H*art M taytmr WO*IM aiitanc* * K-Mwt, i»e«ala9. Very nice, laeayiini kerne *n everUie* WM4*4 IM. Price*; Iw* Ml* it*,]**. Off *t rhe "••tt" »uyi In BaWewn. EDDIE COX, Realtor "»eU SateiiMa I* Town" 414-Twt *r SPARKY BONO MULTIPLE IHTINO SERVICE LAKEWOOU 177 HOLLY D«. _ Nice 1-oxlreoml-batti Iwme an lar«e beautiful weeded end la»«>ce<>*d I el. Large llvlaa re«m wMcfc c*uld be tried at a ird. k*dr**m, paiwted family ream, kitchen wllti feutlt- ta ra*a> aad even; Loroe icr**ned k*x» •ercd. Only 111,14*. Bi/y eouity OK a»imt* ><A perctfl !M»I. SPARKY BOND, Realtor NT I. Main . . . Coll Day er NlfM 4J7-17» 4I7-4e7« 4I7-K4J7 Home—Shop Building N»t* krkk, I k«lroe*m, llvbtf re* <7. Homo For Sate Stewart Realty Co. U N. AUbel 11M tABRVMORE — Lore* » • <l frame retMMc* la very a*** >-ke«)r**<m wul 1 balk ••, I •err*. larfB ilKkM «*laf tare* livto* re*nf d»w«, )•< k*w*h>M hmllure oeet, te«. Tki» l> w a 1 acre IroxJ with kaauIlM urn* ft*caiu, aad fce* IrMtaea M OM Creek. Lei v§ Uww y%u tall Mac*. 427-7497 ROOMY? YES! LOVELY, Spacious "OM* EMlltfl" k*ma. Brick, teewble porter, ibis, tamlly ream, !!X». Twe bedraems, 11x11 wild full both teparottni MM rwe. Matter bW- reem, n»n with erivote bark. ALL CAS bullMns. e*rpel*d, c*«n-«l air ma he*, 7 Cor ejarw*. PRICED AT, SM.IM. tIM telal C.I. meve In. Alw> FHA. COACH MAN MOMES, 4J7-J471, 4M-7ZI], HOLLY HILLS New hem**, F.HJk. MM 81. E»t end el (Hive SI., T. R. McK* 47. Houm For Carter H. Miller AND ASSOCIATE REALTORS, 4V-7349 ireaatam. Ml — alw Arker. Llvin« >*m, «M, >-aaelre««M, IU koHM, £••- ral teat air. Lew eejully, poymeo* sill •M. KEN McNULTV, 4U-4JU HAROLD LANE, 212 klkke«. New ceoen RVIDHIOIH. wt. re- l-c«r 47-A. HOUSCM To B« Moved FOB SALE — OM k*uM t« M «*r« etom ond removed from prtmltet. 471-1110. 48. MobU* Hones THREE BEDROOM, Twe Both Brick Heme M 1>A Acres, 3 cor earo«e, oorpeti, ar«o«rtts, built-in kitchen, Ueree, Iflkr- c«m, sewbifi RMChlne, and re<rle«r«(»r. Flrepl«e, stparctt dlnlnf rewn. Call For appofntment. Srvtn Soleumn Te Serve Y»u. Galloway & Associates IH4414 Nlvhtt, WeMMr, 4J7-41B J. Q. BELT, BUILDER Pton* 4B-4VIM m brick MMk bulkHn CARTER H. MILLER AND ASSOCIATES — KEAtTOHi Artar 4 a.m. THE WHITE HOUSE ON KILGORE RD. IT'S OPEN TODAY— AND TONIGHT! Egrtra nlc*, dee* pin, notd nylen cor petlna. F»«r-beaYe*m«. 1 bains, beautiful den wllh Hrearfeoe, ae*a> inaej c«rpall, aun ease, spaclewi p*oy rewn for reugh end t*mkt* lamllte*. Cmlam draper le.. DAVID ROGERS, REALTOR, BUIWer, 477-1771 er Ceora* Whlrakvr, 411-ntl... NEARHWY. 146 GOOD INVESTMENT — 1115 .edor Bayou Rood, a-bedream*, aluminum sldln*. brond new re*4. Small lew* payment. Call 473-7*51. TWO STORY YOUR cnotc* ef either Spanish er telonlol In levtly 1 bedrewn all brkk wrnes. In beavtllul Keuntry Kluh VIIKtM ;|usl »M Baker Kd.l The Saonisn nwn* 'ia« a levtly ceurl yard entrance, part ;!ate rael, ardwi, court lompt, and .and feraed antes. Lavtly weed burn- la Mree*Ke, ) bedrooms, tVi balks, paclovs deiels. ALL HAS Cullt-lni, and irr cendiNenlna. Only (M.fM. tIM Ivtal i.l. Meve In. Alt* FHA, COACHMAN 10MES, «I4-SMt, 417-1471, «J-5»11 ROSELAND OAKS 100 Edgewood Dr. SPACIOUS l-«*oree« haena, *wnlt*d tomlly r*wn vtltn «p*t*d biann and twae C-ealace. Fermol llvhia aad dlaln* Electric kitchen apattanot, centrBlly Mated DM air ce«dlti*n*«>. Lar*e weed •d, laaekcooad let. C««d loan avaltottl*. OPEN TO ALL R6ALTORS IN TEXAS EDDIE COX, Realtor 414-7171 4W-M4* *v«nlnam, < Stewart Realty Co. II N. Athbel SCHILLING, 3M — Fr*me r*lM*IK*, beoroemt. 1 bom, llvlna r**m, kUd nice famllr room, en a 75«1M fl. l»t with tree«, laroe 9ara9e and worfc and a lorve oaroert. TMs place H In cendttlM. Shewn by app*lntm*At enly. Cell vs. 427-7497 ALL THIS FOR ONLY $17,400 iMvtthd cv|i**!n*, levely ruttlc arch**, 'rtree b*dr»*mt wfrh wofk'fn cta«*r»« Nv* tht, Hmken family r«em and ALL GAS t-ln kltOMm, central air and heot tnr e»ro-re. «!«• Tetnl C. !. meve ALSO FHA. COACHMAN HOMES MJ1, 414-791. 411-J4S1. COMB TO SEW Ml WILL TRADE LOVELY MICK HOMES, n*w W»O*T tfructlen. 4M River****, c»ineUI*d. plr*- ptoce. CkMM carnal celer*. Iwt Off IM E«| EM of lowMd. CALL T. W. WILKS, 4B-41M er AMERICAN, Ml — Very cMa*, »-•** r**m hem*. Fully car *•*•«, conirvl heat, air c**j*!««*e4. Extra lar«* w*ad- **) kt Wfli a <nc«J a«c»; y«r*>. STEELE MCDONALD And Associates 4M-nrt AfMr 5, R**M tiuJexx, vn-rm. Clossiited Display Classified Display FURNISHED — « Ft. KIlHlt IrolUr, beautiful coordlnaled fixtures, full bam, custom draperies, central heat, practical- y new, txiraaln at $5.900. 4S3-3412. 419. Automottr* Ted's Supply 51. Can OLDSMOOLE WANTED — »»*S-ie« Cu' lc» or FtS, Power **«-|nc) ouionKHK;. olr. Mutt be clean, flood condition ono rtosonabk. Call 427-46JS ott*r e p-m. JRCIKTI — I M*4l •»«* W too SUS TOM SLACK AUTO SALES, 1U1 N. Alexondar, 472-64*4, i.i.A.D.A Memo* CASH fom T»w» c*« t«C HOM«ST JIM Jim Carter Motor Co. 4H-MM, cemor Pru*tt ond T*ea« 52. 'A CUTIE PIE — DUE AM MOME" OM* Englhh. 3-bedrnonu, IM bathi b* CraltmoM .13 x 65 It. of luxury, deluxe furniture, carpets, draper I**, soeclol built- wait clock. «*hwa«h*r, other exfral ONLY S4^»S Including delivery and wi up. U9S down. Consider house aqulty In trade. 1MO N. Main, Highland*. ARCHER OA-3SU. NEW MOBILt HOME — TO* B*o>ieim. drllvered and sel uo for only U75 down. Payments W per rnonH>. Take hou:« equity or furniture In trade. See ARCHER MOBILE HOMES, 1900 N. Mahl, Hlohtonua, f — Heffttey *ma Kinm«*d MaMM Home* at COLONIAL MOBILE HOME SALES, Hwy. 146, ocrou from Bay Plaza. 4JJ-33U. EQUITY BUY — 1HI Mobil* ham*. 10X51 Ft., unfurnished, central air ond heat. 71-4439. IHk TIMCO — Ilia* 1 bedroom Me* frronean style $1200 equity far 15OO turn 'Shed, UOO unfurnished. 457-23A5, 427-S4X4. Itit AMERICAN — 11X45 «. 2 beoYooms, clecirlc, furnished washing -noehlne, S1I9S. Free oellvery. ARCHER. 24-35J] 1900 N. Main. THREE BEDROOM MOBILE HOME — 52*15 1'A bathi, central heat, 1 air C**H dlllWMrt. AIM aw one! «*d trall*rl tr*m ru». Auther Barow Auto Sales 1S*9 N. Alexander 427-4t»l i8-A Travel TraUert CHEVROLET 1»44 - LW» «•»'«}<*' •»• up, radio, heoler, air conditioned, 2 too" oalnt, with camper. J1SM or will sell separately. Also 1 ton wlneiow air cond, tlootr UO. 4»-J41». RANCH EBO, Ita — 4S4* actual ml 1*4, trod* enully for older pickup, 424-3127. PARTS — 1*44 Flat Pert picki* parts 355 cubic V-l motor cttier ports. 472-2964. WtttTV *•>•£• INCREASES XEADERSHIP CHEVROLET — 1«*S VS t«« true*. SW», wide bed, &-cyllnder, stick. Air conditioner, new lire*. Call 422-5453. FOUR PICKUP TRUCKS — Hatt IA»J. each. On* pole line trailer and pole line truck, STARCRAFT CAMPERS J-B MOTOR CO. Mil Alexander Drive, 417-1111 CAMPER, WHEEL — Steeps *lx, all buittlns. see to appreciate. Coll 424-5631. SPECIAL — TVM. New tt4« Apache Eagle Camper:, VMO each. IM* Apoche Compel ol Discount Price. 7 Mllej North at Liberty, FM Road 1011. Coll Hardlnj, JP8-S501. Oanifled I968ELCAMINO Ttfi* mHM, wtilte wild btodc Interler. V4, auteenolic P*ww H«*rlaf and brakM. Dvvbl* taarp, $2450 Lumus Baytown Dodge USED-CAR LOT Open t a.m. I* T p.m. M»»aay I* Friday. Saturday 'till 4 14t of E. Fen/la S3 Work Cars HAZARDOUS WORK!! MINISTERING TO SICK PEOPLE . . . People with Dodge Fever!! Long Hours. Hard Work, Few Will Succeed . . . birf those who do wilt make 'good money and have opportunity for promotion plus driving a new Dodge Demonstrator. Weak-He4Ut4)d One* Ptotwe Do Not Apply CONTACT JIMMY LUMUS Lumus Baytown Dodge 2800 Market Old Baytown PLYMOUTH, 1*4* — eej. CON oner 5 p.m. 424-5454. FULLERS Economy Buys! 1966 VOLVO J-Door Sedan with air, automatic. 1966 DATSUN Sedan Pour-Door DATSUN 1600 Sportscar Two. One (ffay, one fed Low mileage, one in warrants. AtttomobUM 64. AutomofeUoM VALIANT IH> — 4 door «ir ceadlne* rwMo and heeler. 200 or trade for Slate tap pool table. -124 7597. FO»O, IM) — .allc. a nice car of SS5O /OLKSWAGI-NS — )«M k VW Btn SHOO. Individual. II 42/-4B/. »J»; 1*44 DRIVE »Y IW N. Main, iee fh* nlc* ieledlfln at 19*9 American M«lori Automobile** WcPKAIL Mo4ort. IUICK INI — El»:(ro MJ, vinyl I**. Lily equipped, low mileage, one owner, new lifts UWS. BUSBY BUICK INC. U5*d Cor Deportment. *H-S544, Gene Campbell mgr. •Mirrc STAC* INCRfcH>« Kk-ADEKMilP VOLKSWAGEN, 1HJ — MM. ov« Furniture, 214 W. MOM, VOl.KSWAOEM, 1M7 — Like new. i-oziory o*r. Call 427SS23 a<ler 5:30. M* KAMBLKk — .300 down, t».4l month. /cPHAiL MOTORS, I3O1 N. Main. JN1 PONTtAC ••ooevllte CMivwnble. Ex- client condUlon, oh power and air. Wife's car. J595. Call 1M-S507. Dayton, FORD, Itsi — Air onditiened, new lint, notor |ust overhauled, 1200 427-4267. FORD ml — Gataxl* « a»*r, radio, heater, olr, new »al coven excellent tires. 7)4 Lloyd Lane 422-5247. PONTIAC 1H7 FIREBIRD — Two door coupe, olr, om~lm radio. Coll oiler 6 p.m. Jock Sheppord, DODGE CHARGER, IM>—Mu*t Mil, BM •Ing married. Set. George MuKlns Hum bit Stotion, ill Park. FALCON IMS — Feur . dear udon, toc- 'ory air, automatic, new point, new white wall tires. Call 427-50*5. FORO WAGONN 1WJ -ilr conditioned, »70O. Coll — Folrlan* FORD, 1N4 — Air ctinoltlwiKi, new -uv '•••>• ••"tinted, S7M. Phone 427-3UI. TWO CARS — 'AJ Rambler, * cylinder stctlonwooon, In excellent condition, S47S co«Ji; 16 Plymouth good dependable work car «125 cash. Call 427-K7S. CHEVROLET 1X1 — Imperfa, «lr power, 1 owner, W.2S Cosh. Coll 4J4-4U1. Diiplay SM, air, ewto- CHEVROLET, Iff — BelAIr, ra«l«, aulo- mallc transmission, V-l, good shape S}?5. 4J2-992J. FORD — INS Tudor hardtop- ttt engine air conditioner. Perfect condition. '-e 422-9915. CORVA1R, IteJ — 4-lpeed, rodio, heoeer runs ooofl, WJS; 1943 COMET standard ihl'1 radio heater UK. GRIFFIN ENTERPRISES 2200 N. Main. <iss Iron O'Brien's. 4J7-W2. MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE, 1M4 — tl.- 2»5; 1964 FALCON Futuro, V-», auto- Tollc, olr ccndltJoned power steering M39S. TRADEWINDS CHEVROLET, 4273161, 421-3111. ClaMiiled Dispbrf CHEVROLET I*M — I»M<O. CWkMH Cowe. V-4 engine, AJr Conditioned, Ao- tomatlc. Power Streelng, Power broket- Call 417-kaS. VOLKSWAGEN, l»44 — AwtemaHc. r»- dlo hearer Law mileage and like new,. 51,795 CLYDE JONES MOT.ORS 17«S N Main 4Z7.-7BH . FORO l»St — Twe Dfter. Nke c*r, SIM. .-'on Bill K!mbrou0t 4M-B121. BUY FROM ' Pegltr AtMcMian Xemberti '65 Buick Elecfra 225 FOUR DOOft HARDTOP Beoutllul beige In CM or. On* I MO I ewner. Fbctery air, tinted g>oss, r*dle, while wall tfres, power steerlnf, power *ratH and automatic trornmlisJwi. Paae DiHman Motors CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH DEALER Hwy. 144 Al E. Foyl« — Phen* 4JJ4B4 Clen>ified Displorr 1966 Volkswagen Air coMIHoM*. Ik t**4 cenoilUo. 1967 Volkswagen Wllk Woj r**« CMIzent N«tle«al Bo*, nt W. TOM 40*., 417-mi. Bayshore Motors, Inc. LINCOLN MEHCURY DEALER 4»-llil - lin Morktl "OiMlily Net 1968 Lincoln Continental FOUR DOOR SEDAN Every paulklt lottery occesxry. S,M* actual miles. Spare never tut *f trupk. Full S ytan, M,*4* mil* worronty l« etftct. Solid black with Mock vinyl re«1 and lmp«rt»e black leotMr lM*rltr. SERVING BAYTOWN OVER M YEARS Open 'til I p.m. OoMifletf Display '68 PONTIAC FIREBIRD •ealiv l*w •ilne* «•*•""'• rUkuT*wMBi"wa»* »t*tlH •*». *" <*«• till****, aad oM MM *4a»r oxlrac. l*ekt "«a>wti«Wv" *MW. Quality Motors M7-WI7 ?«• I. Ten* '08 PONTIAC Bonneville wild Wue vinyl taei. OM l*c«l vwiM Dan Hutchms Motor* T-1IRO, IMJ — Mdedi aaiat, wUI «•» betor* c«nx>t*le, MM I I J-B Motor Co. »11 AkxorwJer Drive PM*tt 417-1114 Classified Display 4 -^ — — - ~^^^^-v^^w "»- ^'^'^•-^'^^^ •y^vvVVVVV ^ •»•»'•' Summertime Is Travel Time Buy Now And SAVE!! 1967 DATSUN Pickup Radio, heavy duty bumper West Coast Mirrors FULLERS DATSUN—VOLVO •12 Market 422-A.ic* 422-8396 WOULD YOU BELIEVE? A MOTOR HOME, That U economical, compact, mod efficient, has the famous •uper centered frame with the Mor / ryde suspension, Dieael <sn(fin«, Ket« approxi- maiel? 29 nule« to the gallon, 4-speed transmission, 62 miles per hour, and $4.000 LESS THA>f ANY OTHER OOM| PETITOR. WATCH FOR THE OFFICIAL SHOWING DATE OF FAN MOTQR HOME MEAL DICKENS MOTOR CO. —Under The Kg Shed— . I Hwy. 146 Phone 4Z7-416S Choose from three of the leaders in campers WILLIAMSCRAFT Models contain features you're looking for... MOBILE SCOUT Dem Hutchins Motors Hwry. 146 At Texas 422-71S8 4 • • 4 • 4 • • • • • • 4 • • • • 4 4 4 4 • • 4 4 COURTESY 1969 FORD LTD TWO DOOR HARDTOP Power Steering, Power Brakes, V-8 Engine, Factory Air. Automatic. $2935 Prices Based MUSTANG MACH 1 1969 MUSTANG MACH 1 3SO V-8 ENGINE Power Steering, Power braVes, Factory air. Automatic. $2927 19(9 GAUXIE SOD Two Door Kkffdtop SPORTS ROOF Power Steering, Power Brake*, V-8 Engine, Factory Air. Automatic. $2919 1969 GALAXIE 500 FOUR DOOt SB)AN Loaded with power and air. V-8 Engine, Automatic Transmit- lion. $2896 '200 OFF ON ALL CARS LISTED BELOW 1968 FAIRLANE 2 DOOR HARDTOP V-8 E'lajlae, Standard Tr»n»»niii*>ion, R»dlo, llenter, Low Mileage, Extra. Clean. $2189 1966 CHEVROUTIMPALA V-8 Knuirw, Automatic, Factory Air, Power Steering, Radio, Heater, White Wall Tire*. Two Year Warranty. $1689 1968 GAUXIE 500 FOUR DOOR Air Conditioned. Power, I>ow Mileage, VEW CAR WARRANTY. WAS $3695 NOW ONLY $2889 1967 CHEYWHfT MALIBU SUPER Sl*OKT Two Dcor llanllop. V-H Entfnr, Stick Shift, A perfect jrraiiuxticm «;"<WAS $2395 NOW ONLY $1889 1966 FORD FALCON KOCR-DOOD SEDAN Six-Cylinder, SU.nrli.rrl Shift, R*»ll<,, M<«t- rr, l»w >f)»«-tme and Extra Clean. A perfect rconomical second car. WAS $1495 NOW ONLY $1089 1969 CHEVROLET MALIBU TWO-DOOR HARDTOP V-* Engine, Automatic, Radio, Heater. FaO <«ry Air, Power Steertar, WkUe Wall Tlrm. Only *,**• •Jtiie*, JiMt Hk« a hrti** new emr. WAS $3895 NOW ONLY $3389 1967 GALAXE 500 POOR DOOR V-8 En(in«, Automatic Tranwnliaioii, Factor)- Air, Power Steering, lUdto, Heater, White W«U Tires. Show Room Condition. WAS N<pW ONLY $1989 1962 CHEVROLET % TOX PICKUP Cuatom Cah, V-H F.ntfnr, Radio, He*ter, Air Conditioned. A perfect 2nd car. WAS NOW ONLY 1969 FORD MUSTANG SPORTS ROOF V-l Engine, Automatic, Factory Air, Power. A beautiful low mileage (pert nxxM. Carrie* a Factory iVew Or Warranty. 1968 GALAXE 500 CONVERTIBLE V-» Engine, Automatic, Air Conditioned, Power, New Cur Warranty. 1968 FORD FAIRUN! O.T. CONVRRTmtJS SM, V-X EnglnR, 4-Speed Timer Di»c Bruke*^ White Wall Tire*, Radhx A beautiful ml aport rrxxrlet WAS $895 $689 $3972 NOW ONLY $3189 WAS $3695 NOW ONLY $2889 WAS $3495 NOW ONLY $2789 1966 CHEYROfT MALIBU suram SPORT Tw*-I>m>r Hardtofx V-» Kngiiw, Factory Air, P*<««r Steering, White Wall Ttren, Wa*et C«*en. Backet Se»to a»d Vtayl R««r. WAS $2295 NOW ONLY $1889 622 W. T«x« COURTESY BAYTOWN'S NO. 1 F O R D BAYTOWN VOLUME DEALER 4224121

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