Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 7, 1946 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1946
Page 4
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PAPI4 FAMPA NEWS Russia May Not Participate in Monetary Meeting SAVANNAH, Ga., March 7.—(/P)— Strong indications that Russia might completely ignore the international monetary conference appeared here today on the eve of the 35-nation meeting on nearby Wilmington Island. A state department representative in charge of advance arrangements repirted that the Soviet government had not even replied to any invitation to send an observer to the sessions that will formally organize the $8,800,000,000 international monetary fund and the $10.000,000,000 international bank. Both institutions born at Bretton Woods are aimed among other things at promoting foreign trade on a multilateral cooperative basis. Thus far, no reservations have been made for a Russian representative in the gleaming, white General Oglethorpe hotel, picturesque scene of the conference. Russia's posiUon in regard to the whole international monetary setup has long been considered enigmatic. At Bretton Woods her representatives fought for and received quotas larger than would have been possible on any straight foreign trade basis. She agreed to subscribe $1,200,000,000 to the fund and a similar amount to the bank placing her behind only the United States' total for both of $5,925.000,000 and Britain's $2,600,000.000. Moscow's only public reason tor not ratifying the agreements was that she wanted more time to study the proposals. In South Africa, all bars of laundry soap must be at least 14 inches long, according to an edict of 1941. Dr. Emily T. Hicks Announces the Opening of Offices 312Combs-WorleyBldg, Orthodonfia exclusively by appointment •"PUN 1340 oh Your Dial THunsoAt 4:00—Tunes by Request. 4 :25—Theater Page. 4-.30—J. L. Swindle. 4 :45—Irma Frnndfl. 5:00—Here's Howe—MBS. 5:15—Jimmy and Roper. 5:80—Cnptnin Midnight—MBS. 5 :45—Tom Mix—MBS. 6 :00—Fulton Lewis—MBS. 0:15—The Koi-n Kobblors—MBS. 8:30—Arthur Hale—MBS. 6:45—Inside Sports—MBS. 7:00—El.-iino Ciirrington's Plnyhouse- MFtS. 7:30—HoRues Onllery—MBS. 8:00—Dnnce Music. 8:15—Renl Stoi-ips—MBS. 8:30—.Treasure Hour of Songs—MBS. 9:00—You Mnke The News—MBS. 9:30—Art Mooncy's Orch.—MBS. 10:00—All the News—MBS. 10:15—liny Anthony's Orch.—MBS. 10:30—Fcc'linc is Mutual—MBS. 10:45—Fnmkie Carle's Orch.—MBS. 10:55—Mutual Reports the News—MBS. 11:00—Goodnight. FRIDAY 0:30—Yawn rnli'ol. 7:00—Open liilile. 7:-l5—Pinno Moods. 8:00—Fraiicr Hunt, News.—MBS. 8:15—Shady Vnllcy Folks—MUS. 8:20—Shady Valley Folks—MBS. 8:30—Shady Valley Folks. 8:55—Moments of Melody. 9:00—Once Over Lightly—MBS. 9:15—Patnpn Party Line. 9:30—Tic Tuck Time—MBS. 9:33—Fun With Music—MBS. 10:00—Cecil Brown—MBS. 10:15—Elso Maxwell.—MBS. 10:30—Wur Without Runa. 10;.|5—Letters From Lindnhr—MBS. 11:00—Lyle Vnn, News—MUS. 11:15— Songs by Morton Downey.—MBS. 11:30—J. L. Swindle, Newa. ll:-lii—Voice of the Army. 12 :00— TMirslcy -ProKram. 12:15—Lum and Abner. I2:»0—Linichcuii with—MBS 12:4fi—John J. Anthony—MBS. 1:00—Ccdric Foster—MBS. l:lfi--Kmilo Time—MUS. 1 :;m—Qucvn for n Day—MBS. 2 -.(111—True Civil re»f.ii>na'--M US. 2 :30—Remember—MBS. 2 Mr,—Sonus in a Modern Manm-r. 3:0fl—Krskiti Johnson—MBS. 3:15—The Johnson Family—MBS. i!::iO—Muliml's Melody Hour—MBS. <1:IW—Tunes By Request. All Holders of Portrait Coupons Who have not been photographed are requested to come to the ADAMS HOTEL SUNDAY, MARCH 17 12 NOON TO 8 P. M. All coupons good on that date only. Call Ellis 9516 for information ToniirM nn Networks NBC—0:3(1 Bub liurns; 7:30 Diuuli Shore and Cantor: S Hind Crosby Show; 8:30 Jack Hnlcy; B Auboll ami Cuslvllo; il:30 Rudy Valloc-- C1IS--7 Ciiry Grant in "Lone Road;" 8 Kenny linker with Kostclanetz; it ::!0 Hobby Lobby: !l :30 Danny O'Ncil Theater . . . ABC—0:30 Hurry Koircn Music; 7:30 Town Meeting "What Must We Do To Help Feed Europe?" S:.')I| Dulcet anil Collect; !i Cur- Lain Time Drama . . . MUS—7 'fJsir ton Play "Midnight, March 31:" 7:30 [)ick Powell Mystery; 8:30 Antonini Concert; 9:30 Lcs Elgurl Orchestra. Tomorrow on Networks NBC—12 U. S. Marine Hand; 3 Biick- stoii;e Wife; B Supper Club; 8:30 Walt/ Time; 0:45 Rep. H. M. Summers on 'Why 1). M. of C. Should Have a Vote." . . CBS—1 Second Mrs Burton: 4 School of the Air: 5:30 Patti Clayton Sinus.. 7 Henry A Id rich ; (i New Time for Sunny Kayo . . . AHC---S a.m. Breakfast 3Iub; 11:80 Club Matinee; 2:30 Ladies Ue Seated: 0:30 Lone Ranker : 8 Alan Young and Edward C>. Kobinson . . . MBS—12:15 Lopez Lunch Music: 1:30 Queen For u Day ; :i :30 Mutual Melody: 7:30 Think You Know Music Quiz; 9:15 New Music Series, Takes These Notes. Lumbermen BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys If backache and lee pains nre mnkintryou /niserable.don't just complain and do nothing nbout them. Nature maybe warning you that your kidneys need attention. ThekidneysareNature'schiofwayof taking excess acids and poisonous waste out of the blood. They help most people pass about 3 pints a day. If the 15 miles of kidne., tubes and filters don'twork well, poisonous was to matterstays in the blood. These poisons may Rtart nagging backaches, rheumatic pains, leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting UD nights, swelling, pufflnessunderthe eyes, headaches and dizziness. Frequenter scanty passages with smart- IngandburninssometimesRhowsthereissome. thing wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your druggist for Doan's Pills, a stimulant diuretic, used successfully by millions for over 40 years. Doan's give happy relief and will help the 15 miles of • kidney tubes flush .out poisonous waste f rpqi the blood. Get Doan's Pills. (Continued from page 1) men of the Amarillo area elected officers and planned an active social-business program. Now officers are John Maynard, Amarillo, president; Carl McCaslin, Hereford, vice-president; Milton Webb, Amarillo, secretary, and B, H. Kelly, Amarillo, treasurer. Directors are Herman Steel, Dai- hart; P. W. Stei-nenberg, Canyon; Henry Ellis, Pampa; H. L. Price, Borg<;r;. Ben Hurst, Wellington; D. H. Alexander, Hereford; P. W. Morganson, Memphis; A. J. Harris, Tulia; Bill Bartlett, Canadian; John Armstrong, Art Arnold and EC Lamb, Amarillo. In Pampa, said Boyd, it is conser vatively estimated that 100 home arc needed to take care of person: desiring to find suitable living quar ters. He said the chamber of com merce figure would probably be much higher. Homes ranging in price betweei $4,000 and $6,000 consist of the majority of demands. At the present time, said Boyd, his company Is finding it impossible to provide lumber for two-room fielc houses, the main type of construction the past months. .*. A . battleship contains about 76 tons of tin. START YOUR SET TODAY! NOW ^r- -WITH MOTHER'S OATS (PREMIUM)/ ?ce of smartly patterned die; premium package of famSSs » -W (9 ask for-aQ4 ' -'«< Oats! Famous " Mainly ABoul Pampa and Her Neighbor Towns Dr. M. McDanlcIs has joined Dr. R. A. Webb in his practice here. Dr. Mr-Daniel's has been with the army medical corps in the South Pacific serving 30 months overseas. He is a graduate of Baylor university and interned at Nashville, Tenn. Dr. and Mrs. McDaniels nnd small son, Jim, will make their home in Pampa. Mrs. May Forman Carr will present piano and voice pupils in a recital at First Baptist church Friday evening:, March 8 at 8 o'clock. Public cordially invited.* Try us for two day service at the Nu-Way Cleaners, 307 W. Foster. Phone 57." The Rcbekah lodge is entertaining: at a dinner in the I.O.O.F. hall at 8 o'clock, in honor of the new officers of the Rebekahs and Odd Fellows. All members of the two lodges, their families, Theta Rho girls and Junior Odd Fellows are invited. Sweet milk for sale. Ph. 539W.* Girls, attention". Ride your bicycle to Roy & Bob's Bicycle Shop and register for the Peddle Pusher sport slacks to be given away Saturday IGth. Start your bicj^le club tdoay. 414 W. Browning.* J. W. Graham, jr., recently discharged army air corps radar tech- nician, "left yfestefday for ttoUston. He %ill enroll tomorrow for the spring term at Rice institute where he will be a senior. Mrs. Graham and son, Jimmy, plan to join him later. They have been making their home at 616 N. Frost. Dance to Blue Rhythm Boys every Tuesday and Friday nig-hts at Killarney djib.* Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Banks left today for Pert Worth, where they will attend the cattlemen's convention. They plan to return next Tuesday. Plane leaving- Pampa Municipal Airport for Dallas at 8 Monday morning. March 11. Arrive Dallas 10:30. Leave Dallas at 4 p.m. same day. Rates S30 each, round trip. Call Webb Aviation Service. Phone 2012 for reservation.* Pat Burrow of Duchess Beauty Shop is now with the Personality. She invites her customers to visit her there. Phone 1172.* Mrs. B. S. Via was taken to Worley hospital this morning for medical treatment. Health and Beauty BO hand in hand. To retain a healthy, slender figure and a clear young complexion — rid your body of poisonous wastes! Our Body Sculpture consists of warm, moist heat which purges and flushes the pores, improves circulation and relieves congestion. A relaxing bath, a brisk rubdown, an invigorating shower leaves you feeing and looking like a million. Lucille's Bath Clinic, 705. W. Foster. Phone 97.* ' Overcoats skillfully cleaned, cor- rectly pressed. Master Cleaners,- 218 N. Cuyler.* trisfttatc your home no*. Sntnmer cofforl Phone 2356. Cooper Insulation Co. for free estimate.* Send your spring coats and suits to us now and be ready for those warm da.ys ahead. Just Rite Cleaners. Phone 480.* Mrs. Florence Ames, Amarillo, Is a guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Schwartz, 010 N. Somerville. Income Tax Reports. Edg:ar E. Payne. 208 N. Cuyler. Phone 1434.* 24 Hour Service. City Cab. Fh. 441*. Wanted: Two experienced beauty operators at Parisian Beauty Shop.* It. C. Barry has returned home from Kansas City, Mo., where he was confined to a hospital for the past two months. He is reported to be much improved. Dance every Thursday and Saturday nights to Pinky Powell's Orchestra at Southern Club. 75 cents per person." Mrs. C. T. Boone and Mrs. T. R. Vincent of Dallas have returned to their homes after attending the funeral of their aunt, Mrs. J. W. Bunting. While here, they were the house guests of Mrs. Katie Vincent. Attend V.F.W. and Auxiliary par- ty Thursday night at 8 o'clock V.P.W. Hall. Bingo, cards and dominoes. Refreshments. All members and eligible veterans Invited.* Mrs. Katie Vincent, who has been iill at her home for the past week is much improved. For Veterans Cab. Phone 1515.* *(A<lv: DR. L J. ZACHRY OPTOMETRIST First National Bank Blclff. For Appointment Phono 269 Steel Strike fContmnRrl from naee 1) turn out. This takes time . And this OPA increase has nothing to do with any increase in wages the fabricators give. It's only price relief for the increased prices they have to pay. If—after getting this kind of price relief—they find they need stilt higher prices to make up for higher wages, they'll have to come back to the government and ask for that help. That, too, takes time and will have to be handled by groups, not all at once. Blackheads, Too, Went Fast Yea. It Ifl true, there Is a wife, harmless, medicated liquid called KLEEREX dries up plmplca jtchtnittt acts to loosen nnd remove ugly blackhcada. Those whojollowcd simple directions and applied Klecrex upon retiring were amazingly surprised when they found their pimples nnd blackheads had disappeared, Tlirsc users cntUuslasttcaUy praise Kleorei and claim they arc no longer embarrassed and arc now happy with their clear complexions. O«e Kloerex, If one application docs not satisfy, you set double four money back* Ailc for Klwroi today, •ure. Crelney's Local Firm Is Granted Charier A domestic charter was granted by the state today to the firm of Motor .Supply company of Pampa, Inc., 314 W. Foster, according to a story by the Associated Press. The Incorporators were Tom C. Connally, C. L. King, and Clyde Bassctt. The firm, known in Texas as the Motor Supply Co., of Texas, has offices in Amarillo and Clovis, N. M. A new warehouse was completed in July, 19'1<1, at Amnrillo. AU kind jf automotive and oil field equipment are sold by the! concern. I AMERICA'S WASH WORD Make This Home To Take Off Ugly Fat It's simple. It's amazing, how quickly one may lose pounds of bulky, unsightly fat right in your own home. Make this recipe yourself, It's easy—no trouble at all and costs little. It contains nothing harmful. Just go to your druggist and ask for four ounces of liquid Barcontrate (formerly called Barcel Concentrate). Pour this into a pint bottle and add enough grapefruit juice to fill the bottle. Then take two tablespoonsful twice a day. That's all there is to it. If the very first bottle doesn t show the simple, easy way to lose bulky fat and help regain slender, , more graceful curves; if teducible, pounds and inches of excess fat don't just seem to disappear almost like magic from neck, cWn, armS. bust, abdomen, hips, calves and ankles, just return the empty hot* tie for your money back. Follow the easy way endorsed by ntahy who have tried this plan and help bring back alluring curves and graceful slenderncss. Note how quickly bloat disappears—how much better you feel. More alive, youthful appearing and active. WASHINGTON Certified *« orrrac B(jueTa<| & Cob biers ' & WHITE J^r YELLOW DARK RED 50-lb.$|19 sack * Bunches T»LAHTEB' PEANUTS Sunshine Krispy Crackers 2-lb. box GRAPE UPTON TEA Vacuum Pack 8 oz. Can Bradshaw's 2 Ib, Jar (l/l&llf TREATS' CHOCOLATE ANGEL FOOD CAKES 49° CHERRY CAKES Deliciour. 2-layer white cakes flavored with chopped cherries and'covered with Jl QC creamy cherry icing . T 1 w Heclthful, Delicious POTATO BREAD Sugar-Coated Cake DO-NUTS dozen PET MILK SPAGHETTI With cheese and tomato sauce Scott Co. ICC 17 oz. Jar . . .' 1^ HEINZ FAMOUS VEGETABLE SOUP BOSTON BAKED BEANS SPAGHETTI ......... TOMATO SOUP* BABY FOODS ....... SPINACH Pur-Pak Fancy NO. 2 .. cans KRAUT JUICE QUALITY FOOPS 11-oz. con 14c 16-oz, can 14c 161/2-oz, jar 18c 11-oz, con lie large variety, can 7c Ask your Ideal Butcher for a choice cut of ropst or steak, cur from choice 4-H Club calves. -•'••- -;"' , Xj AA Arm or Chuck Nabisco Champion Flake V *W Crackers, 1 Ib. Box I / lfe«5- fSMUJHS $?&!fr f !M Dainty Crackers 2 Ib. AfiC Bex ^65r Diaper- while Water Pancake Flour Ixtra Quality Victor 1Q 3U>. Pkg 19 TOILET SOAP GASHMIRI 6QM8'MFT 3 Bars ... / ..'..27 HONEY Sioux 6. 1 Ib. Carton Ubby's Quarter Con Sue-White 4 Ibs. %^ m Bp jnm B m

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