The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 30, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 30, 1897
Page 4
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trow Alexander Hajwiltoii's low tariff biJI to relieve the st/alteried eireu'in- the tW9ftryift*J?89 to 1881* tarift wftfl a ttwniint affair, 1864 it was related by ertjctresaiveacte to MMet- ftge of 47-06 m* cant. *Thfc McKinley tatfff was iS«J pfc* cefct ftd valorem *t*44 jipoan^w6i«bt«ii,wooie«B. ^ftj* WH- son tariff was I» per cent «<t vaiorerir > ,. pet Senfrad ValoreWi and 44/JeatSft feotind *£«rftfaetp£ 1884 had 0e*a pofltui ofe bull mostly f w, The DIngly bltt .of 12cC (this must raiBtMflte prine of Bnfftort at fast, Election NotfW* rfte orry«*/ j»«»-»ft<*i/ ^.t a ttitwsttBg ei 1 the oowtBon council of tMdij^ o* Matefealt held at the city ball itt *kid «ity OB the l»th ^ay olf Sep- teiaber, 18W» tt* following j-osotetions were a^bpted by n«»Blmon»TOte; WKBRK*8iti8 expfedfletiik tot the dty U it, had set occurred * a«^ tftn' li*» lat'ert AN OPEN LET To MOTHERS. Mangled and Torn •an,v.tiUjL\TjMy At* Itft t ttV < ; fdhrteMi ,„„..„ „ ,,<)* I w*s swdftt-nly taken m. a ptiySieMrt, who said' the .tttw t rt.«M*rtol 9 a*rt*WhO * OYllflt' ate «i ify^teffi t»f waterw0ttt»i _ t 1 ** the^ $yste«a yf , oM?ncd by the Marshall Water* the wittt therdnix erf tfe6 vattteof tea thotiefttid USfe I OR ml the f SHtf iB,atoply « 'ainmihi to r c0Bt &en adds A proflttm f tfce retwiw* 'who adds i I MCTJlll^M mjvwpoow^j *•«•*» >™»^ »—- --.,.- _, . — HMO of fifty thousand; doflars is a^fteatet torn HWHi *jafj fee raised by tftp eomthon —-lefl of said «ity or paid *«** the tax 'letefotebe H thei city <K Marshall ,at tion and improve - the* " " fw the purpose tehastd iiv Jtprit and is ab& in fttock, x Tta- best 28o and '69c 'each islitff Am arhWterft efer sold, daf .BuJta aiwli over ceatsarealsoJostdflfe aij?riceB tvwth a good advaaqo today^ -^ Ottr metohant,t«llorJH& department in better atoclfed^than ever and ourprieea will prevaft antil oar present Stofek.ia ex- T. Flour. At Watson's you can get the Albion and Homer flottr by tUe°100 lb., in y^'our omi bags, oo light weigh" t of 96 or 98 Iba.; also Albion patent; tte best flour mftrto try it, __ _ ForSftle A "07 model bicycle/ will sell cheap for cash. Enquire at American laundry north of 'Greene's drug store. u _..-^_ . ,, ,_,!.. in ------- I)oii?t Walt uhtil cold weather comes, but have that roof covered with asbeBtnfi roofing. It is only one-half the -price _of ehinglea. Anybo«l> can put it on Hardware* St. Man's R'hool of music will re-open on Montlaj , Aug. Jlrt. The best and lat Cot irioUiods are vwd in this department and Piieewl attention jji^nto the theory and art of MUSIC. For further partieu- -°™ , was jcusini-, toot cloths^ and nicii things, " I was in tirta condition, 0 ip' by the doctor, and almost dut of nlml vlth snifermg* I comrtn!Bce't**» loan's Kidney Pills, awl really I ?< n 20 minutes. 1 After abpn\ two hottre »ul a passage of urhic, nml^ttassed blow, md sonw'gravel' stones wlnclt gfofttly olievwl mo. I rapidly improved; I topi n nil six -hosts, and! feel to-day cntircii veil. JMihfc has been „«, wonderful caw? - fed Unit I Cittmot Bay anything strong •twmgli for Doun's Kidney Pflla. My treat wish Is that they may become Well uiown. They will prove a booa to man- For sale by all dealers, price 80 cente. \failed by Foster-Milburo Co., Buffalo, N> Y., solo agents for the tl. S. Bemem- war (he name, Jtett»'*, and take IK) 6thW X"My boy Came home from school one day^with his hand badly lacerated and blot-ding' and suffering great pain," says Mr. B. J. Schall, with Meyer Bros. Drug Co., St. Louis, ,Mo. "I dressed the wound and applied Chamberlain's Pain Bilm freely. All pain ceased, and in a short time it healed, without leaving a For wounds, sprains, eweliing* and IN 1HE COUtS QtR,RK3T tO TUH WCTU? "OASfOBIA," 'Aifierifa for over thirty &M has tm stgiHttttr*. $f turn if ^rwfceote , ^ul ^uybodyeari iaandeta thereoo . Jrtra call at the school or sisters ^n^,.,, f resi- CASTOFUA For Infants and Children. scar. no medicine or I a rheumatism I know of prescription equal to it. household necessity." The 25 and So cent sites lor sale^at Greene's Drug Store. Farmers Kcttd This. ,T, H. Bisbee has leased the Rico Creek • litill and is ready to do all kinds of CUB torn Grinding. The mill is in* perfect J repair iind in doing excellent work. All patrons may depend upon honest doal- mtf. sJ. H/BISBKB, Prop'r. • CUAS.' B. BROOKS, Munsiger. 1 r the Bftby Is 1'nltlns Teeth Be auro and use that old and well tried jemeay. Mrs. Winslow's Swrthing Syrup f,,r cliildwn' teething. It s<x>thes the child, 'softens the gums, allays all para. euros wind colic and is the best remedy for diarrhoea, twenty-five cents a bottle* Cordetto. S. E. CKONIN. The Michigan Central will run an ex- curQion to Chicago Oct. 2, for $2J)0 for the round trip. Cordette. S. E, TO CORE MVOOS DYSPEPSIA, To Onto VUtfttt, *o 8I««|>' nli^ AppeUto »nd moan, «tt»V« ».trli«l of TablcU. '^he Klondike Ooltl Fields Are/now attracting the attention of the whole world, and the results of placer and quarts mining are fully equal to the findii of nHggetta in the early California days and extraordinary inducements are to ' t'rs and iqvfestoru. I 1 :.. f- OL • By next spi iu« the ^old fever wjU have taken jxwseHsjon of thov^aads of people, and' the w«?$teru roads wiU have all thev c,in do to transput the fortune hunters. 1 The Chicago, Milwaukee 4. S^. Paul ralK'ay, and ijs oonneeting lines, offer the U wt faciliti^tor reaching the AJaak* of » • 111 «entle«nan. No trouble is more wmuion or more mi»- anderstood than ner»oua T»y«l)ei«!>». I*ei» ule haTintf it ihtnk that their nervea are to blame dud are Burpristtl that they are not cured by nerve iuf dioiae and spring remedies; the real neat of the mischief Is loss sight of; the etoinaob ut the organ to be ition 6* one ,^^—,— — interest at the fate of __ „ ,„„ 4J^ pe* cerit per annum ttayable sami-ftajiually to the months of May and November each year and to fan ve coupons for such raterest attached to each bond and the principal thereof to be due am payable A, t>; 1917 Ibdth rjtindpal attd interest to be payable at the city of New Yorktforty thousand dollars of said bonds to be issued upott the completion of the purchase *>f the works and euch i>or- tlon of the remainder from ttmeio time as may b« neceaeary Upon the 6t^« of the board having charge of the water works property. - Bel it further . Ittsoffed, That the proposition to raise said sum of fifty thotisaTid dollars for purpose aforesaid be subnijtted to a vote oftheeleetorsofBaidcityofMarehaJl.that the election thereon be Jield in the said dity of Marshall on Thursday the seventh day of October, 1«97, that the ballots at said -election shall read a»foUows: "Shall the city of Marshall raise by loan the sura of fifty thousand dollars for the purchase and improvement of a system of waterworks? Yes." and "Shall the city of Marshall raise by loan the sum of flfty thousand dollars for the purchase and improvement of a system of waterworks? No." That each per«*>n voting for said proposition shall designate his choice by the use of the ballot first mentioned and each person voting against said proposition shall designate his choice by the use of the ballot last men. tioned; That the recorder cause a copy of this resolution to bo published in at least one newspaper published in said city of Marshall with a notice thereto attached that eajd election will he held in accordance herewith and also cause to be posted in the proper place a copy of this resolution with the same notice thereto attached said ejection to be nejd At such time, by the proper persons,, utfd the returns to be canvassed and declared as in case of general elections. Notice is hereby given that an election will be held in accordance with the foregoing resolution on the seventh ilay of October, 1897, and that th<» several polling places at said election shall be as follows: First Ward -.Raymond store. 1 Second ward-BreWer store. Third ward Fire engine house: Fourth ward-Arbeiter hall. Dated Marshall, Mich., Sept 20,1897. {EiMUK fl. GRANT, Mayor. ERNEST C. SAWI>Y, Recorder. -Motlre. tables to rent for parties J. W. LB8TKK _ .. , „__ Do Kot B§ Deceim Do not .endanger the life of your/ child by/ accepting a cheap substitute which some druggist ma#. offer you (because he makes a few- mo. c pennies«.on it), the ingredients of which even lie doc& not know, "The End You Hate Always Bought"; BfcAttS THE FAOSIMIUE SIGNATUftE OF / , feiirpift i&$»-«fSy they aredotieat the , Steam jt,ttwndl-y, Hatch Block. Insist on Having The End That Never Fatted You. TT «iu* FRANKLIN » « CHOOSE 66TABUZHBD t»3f* Cor. Bates and Lamed Sts., Only a Block (ram Woodi*i»rfl A Jefferson Aveg. ToryC*ntr»U Wear All Oat H.H. JAMES, Prop. TIME TABi_e. JULY 4. 1897. TtatoB'depart from JUraUftH as follows: TBAI1W W*8T. So. 8 MB« and Rextablets Mo, So. 18 k»Kkm»a>6 fixpreas ....... ..... • l ?lo. 7 Night E*pirsB*» ........ ,....,- ..W:lBa. m. So. 6Mall»nd Ksuteai) Ho. in,N..f..Hpeot»'*. .. So. !4F8»t Kl?pr«^* •< 0l S.Ntght Eitpreg»»..., ..... . ........ - . So. SBAUiintlc Express* .......... , ,.ts:10tt.vra. 1o. J8 Gi»m Rapids •JB*pie«ft, ....... 8:2» ». m. , • Dall. op^. . ...,,*, All trains- ttpi on BJundaM t..«ie whlca Is 20 tviDUt«ii slower than local time. O. W. RlTUGl,K8,yeo. twn « Ticket Agt ^«o.A.Jo««80K, Freight Agent. 0, K, UtrrotiD ticket A*enl, . - « „ Pot -.'uTtbtT iqfdrnmtMin, addreee Wa«y Merrjfer 'wchigan Pass 1 . Agt., Detroit Mich, , .•• .••>L - Misses Sanders and McKary "will dpNm - dress staking room* over th9 postoffice next toth* abstract office, Wednesday,' 8 ybV*t >1^ ^fflvCUf U1U4 l^rtt.tfc ^ JflCHAglfltmAd yul^. -i&tt **•+*'? ^Wf*/ 1 ' 1JM *W V^|r7"^ "^ f1 '5~ ladies at the Viwsiaeaa apd wi^b« $eaq#& to secure the p»tr«»!*({* <»f W*^' friend* and others who m»j| nee4 ftpytitiog in • their line, • Neivous dyspeptics often do not have any pain whatever iu tbe stomach, nor perhaps any of the uaual syinptoroa ol .stomach weakuew. Nervous dyspepsia »howa iUelf act in th« etuaiapb so much a» m nearly every other organ; in some caae» tha heart palpitates and ia irregular; in «tb«rB the kl4»«)m8r«a«fl«t*d;i» others the bo««la are w>Bitipat«id, with headaches; still others art troubled with Ioa» of fl,e§h and app*tit«. vrtthaccumulatiuo of ga% sour rising* and heartburn. • . - A , Mr, A, W. Sharper of No 6l Prjwpset St., liMliaVapoli*. l««d-« writw •• f«»owa **A writ/iheeefewhaes J^car/liog th* new an^ .•alwabUiuiecliciae, StttlttiHiM9WMtPft3EW* lets. I have been a suffering from nervous Dr, FowWy'B K*t. ot WiM Strawberry bat* b<?oD used for forty years and ha» never yet failed to curd a case of dinrhoeB.dyseutery, eiirsuTHmet complaffirtn any of ihr»uriotw forms. D.T.&M.R.R. -formerly teiiati, JaclsoB & Madiai, ' » Time tabyf'taking effect A«j?. ,831897. Trains paw Marshall •* .tollpw*, TBAl»« flOINO KAW. >, in. Battle Croefr accommodation.. ".•*> »• «* »• Ti. ??«*•• • •• r i ! . 1 «?; m' are sold under a positive guarantee to cure or refund the money, and we stand by our guarantee. CUKES all Nervous Diseases, impotence, VaHcocele, Lost Vitality in old or young, Nightly Emissions and Wasting Diseases, and all ejects of self-/ abuse or excesses. Stops dangerous drains. \ genuine nerve tonic. Shows imm/ai- ite improvement. The grandest remedy of modern times. Don't buy imitations. Get REX TABLETS. Price 50 cents, or iix packages (a full treatment for $2.50, by mail, in plain package, ^n receipt oi -90««L . Circular fiee. / - - iciNG'REMHDY (X)., M Fo* wile »t Mftrahall.lfebi.j)? A. O- / 'Jntifln, American Aoenoy No. W«8T. . Jo. *», Battle Creek acoommtlfttJoo. .. D.'<3 p. Ope tr- five applications of, Doaa's Ointment will cure the worst case of itching piles there ever Va». Can you afford to gutter tortures when aairnple. neter, failing remedy is at hand? . Ua&w Jaifa,^ Mrs, Merrill baa a fine line ot cycling hats for the faU trade. She also shows the "cow boy" hat vhtak is Ih^ latest at he east. ' ^ ^^aVreii""..",'.'.'."..".'".'.'-.""". ft: 5 * P ""v To'<"1 * ">* 3® >aiACC vTESircMi. WW R^riS mCKINAC PETOSKEY $ CHICAGO.. BCTWCCN ICC »TCIWCR«. TO -. FOVB TRIM PM Foledo, PETOSKEY, THE "SCO," MARQU6TTB . ANpDULUTH. EVEflY EVENING 8ETWCKN Detroit and Cleveland Connecting- with Earliest Trains at Cleveland for all points Kant, South and South/went. a, July, Augurt and September Onl» All eoBBeettotm JJir<Jv» UMal a»w»»**«*«w f»» Y •»«T»*W- "4 ;inoinnMl with all rofdi diTerglog. 0; »- BA S C 5% A. H. ANSONvAart. DAKOTA. CAVRATBf ! TRADE MARKS! t OCSIQN PATKMT8, J OOPVBICHT8, «tO« ror i™cirm«in'» ain trff Ui4»i<ll««;ft * 4 r(l |> J*> JHJNH * CO.. Sfil 'BWOADWAT. .^B« Y(,ait. i for Hwurlng pnu nt* in Aim'i loiv . K.iit tiy ujH ^'"wL'fiV.,^ For lrtfnrm«t«m targert circulation of onr iwlentflli' P«Pf«;j™ *« 'world. BulkiuUdly lllustratua. *•" i.,,.,in^,,i Diaa should u6 wlUiuUt. H-, "' »<• ot ae- ia»«cyB? cheap for cash. Enquire at A.tueruoan What A Jla^ f*B »o With 81,000. Ae can buy 160 acres- of good land for $1,006, fay *4<* downt balance in thwa payment* due in 3, 4, and 5>eaw at 7 per cent. Be eau also buy 1<» eboteejaww for J3QQ and 10 good w** for f 800, Tbo muk " - batter "Crow tfca «s»*a will pay all farm p M *\. l * -J«-j>»«*.-H«J» Tt**k i nf*FA4L^!A rtr ftBdfiD **f,*!»V W**»W »|l* WP^O *r Mtnwi m 4«ilt, stMRNUii IrA'vur. .,f^»^»f far ,J better .\ /heels, -.u Qttaraotort Vitality tb,BMt. Tool Carpet laying, stoves Slacked and set up, furniture packing etc. Leave ordera at/W. JE, Biwwy^&^tn'BanaP.B. Sny- R. B.8HA.W. ., aad wool will pay off the m Inflva year»h>. WW have for and w«lt ato«k«d. For deacrip- and 2 New Steel Passenger Stea<oers awjost been BulU for our tTpper take RouH cosUng each. Send (pr illu»»'atc(l .pamphlet Addrew, . A. «CH^NTZ 4 o. r. *., OfTBOrt. MICH F. V. I^uiberson is here in Marshall wjth his cold blast Feather Renovator- He will come rigbt to jpour hcfuse iitb hi4 leather r^novftting car and dean f^atii^ beds WH* »ilUj*B. Work ?p«BaTaon t . - Dearboru street. CWiesa«o, III.' Taxes. J will be at the'offiee of; the Herndoo a flew pair ofkUneyi for $i.-^—«a*. Dr. Yatea' A*parattt* Wine, a plwsant to tbe t*»te liquid medicine i* •old at fliOO per bottle Upon tht guarantee or io»r money bsck II not CoMti'pation and" Urinary troubles'cauMfJ by lm : f purebwod." Soldat drugstores pr will be sent e»- I press ftrejsatcf upea" recetpf of tmce. Free bjr J lATUttif'sKEMBuvCo,, Bovce «id't r Cbieaito.lIl To be bad pf...... f, POWEU, MABBHAM.. MICH FaSt^Frninsr To Bay View Via I .(Mad for valuable litttt bo^ •"»T~ | T" 1 Tr dUeas*» by addressing Stuart Co., MajfhaU, r'- 1 - ' Wtftson recpives ^>^. ^ ^^.^— ^-^^~~ lieft honestly packed, baskets well f. V**** " t " 3 «*^I WW W»MV*^ *•* w»»« — —-» ——^^hotel during business hours u»tU further j, notice, for Wie purpose of receivujff etty I tajcea which aw now due. **™ fhtt M - tra collection fee bj -Jli •——yg -CSty- •pftir of I. Summer Schedule is BOW iu>ff<«t. Fast day train No. 7 leaves Kala^ niazoo 12j«K) p. Kapiasa-jJOp. ro., arriving Trave City 7^0 p. m.,Peto»key 7-^ P-«" Bay View 8jO»p,,8i.and Springs SSR^Wt ' eepeciaQyt'aeSomoiiau coming -franf other' f^t folders ,and hw^hw^ informa- O.HYDE. Mrs. i* ««w '!-" ~~~ ' " jnpviJpf I " ~'"-"'• " *"~ Udks', featkfflfia's 4 Taitot » ^fJW U$)tox% ^Wsing Wlwelf oo Eartb, [ b the beet beeping* fo «! at&y ofte-half the jtxMtof »hinifl«t. tt «^|.v apyiM n i »<• • »**Q oo th* foot, to look at, '•smf if , < being. ha»daoaw wheat, ci>tu, ll i of the mil. A» a ao4 St., 1 ' ELDRED6E »»4MlltU. toe aoH. •»» » «»»» ^«w •*»»*• i TI " '/.",• > •.—•• South Dakota k*^««li tl* wwiO- j Mre. Merrill is showiug fits cUu# farnp lantts with n*ajrbf maiWt* I m ;iKna»v can now b« bouflht tat fepu* lift* |J2, $|%, ^^aMrpSacre.^^^^^*] U>ii)TC«t. ¥OJT *urtb«c yartiwbws »rit« sol f jy^e a flaa a»oortmei>t of €jjn>r«e H. Seafewd, Of«w^ ^*^<^Iaiagewteredo. Calla«Jf«fittfW. Ag^LCi^ai^OiliWsNWli^*^ 1 ^.*^*! MIM"" ~ **y. OW Cejtow BttU*«r «*--^»« * mM * ^5^ w^w ^yy^ipWi^ Nervous Debility — — - ' n' —\ — i —•—rT*"''iTr'**"'*'Tr"T t -* feWSJ&ft J»*r A. 9. HYDE. p. AT, A.,. \ •ffiovUiai VWUITHJ i lo ibe Hi- wprld 4«^ t ol the 5tU i SfflalJa THE BELVUEBLl, > Ml ...Ml. .1 J| Ji g, auMmMtc*"^ ^»*H n<*mn p ?Wffll|II^P3lfi * *¥•)*. atjyi.ijYf flftii "JWIWI. /luRinsw c^wm^optM, «* s, ndwg dani fcoto of cbaap VMK1I ,Ti W.U *« fcmrt P»ri <•» i"ini "Hi 1 ! 1» pwi >pr ^» mi'w " ^^ BIBLE HISTORY Plate l<r*gl»fl*4 ;pict)«,aktl . *%»> ICKM ^orwtoby A*o»ia^roBi

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