The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 3, 1952 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE 2- THE BAYTOWN SUN, TUESDAY. JUNE 3, IJ52 Grid Fans To See Ailing Back One Football Game Doesn'f Slow A Week Televised Kiner Down / NEWS Baytown Elks Are Eisenhower !„ D-SO* Off To Defend lnBrieT state Ritual Title Cedar Bayou Man Hurt When Car Fails On Him The average America, owns three br ass i ers ,*' f port and enhancements? ure, the Corset and iL * sociation of Am e^a*"'"" r,1 An t,, ~t _il. _ • ^ l -^d Frank S. Carey of Cedar Ba- plenty of other countL^W you was injured shortly before age drops to one bra e By UNITED PRESS New Potato Cases Filed WASHINGTON, June 3 (UV-The Headed by Rev. P. By LYLE C. WILSON WASHINGTON, June 3 (IP) By STAN OPOTOWSKY PITTSBURGH^ June 3 .NEW YORK, June 3 (IB-There'll cal books don't list aching bachs Tues a ay ~ that 10 new court cases - „, , _,. . be one football game a week tele- as a contagion but Ralph uuicr as h £ ^ . nation-wide for 1951-52 will leave early Wed vised this season, but eventually passing his ailment on *o opposmg ative uccu «* - * -•- --«—viewers may have to pay cash for pitchers these days, every TV game you see. Wearing a specially noon Tuesday when a car fell on *t ^ ~~« him at his home across the road ley beard-he favored a -flood con- £™ ma £, edar Bayou school . Carey had been working on -the was blocked with jacks women. [fyA trol project there. Eisenhower ducked ; nmi ; rv an inquiry •iTf -.1 f QT* ^^ r»o«ni— _ _ - r — Ju * r Plans to revamp the Eisenhower ^ pn^Pii car w«iv.u «~" organisation'are under way as the from Rep. Adam Clajton ^oweii wooden b i oc ks. The blocking * general takes off for Kansas and Jr. D-N.Y.) on .fair ffP^*™ ™ v ,ay, pinning Carey under- his ««t rammiffn soeech. practices legislation, but indicated e* * , fv , ; WASHINGTON, June 3 (UV-The ' ™* u « u u > ,^ c . v ' i ' /v«V Plans to revamp the Eisenhower wsewiower uui:«.eu *» *"^"^. • Modl - Office of Price Stabilization, said- HencteH as exalted ruler, .the of- orgahi4a tibn'are under way as the from Rep Adam Clayton Powel T,,oc* av +h*f in ™u, fnnrt cases * lcl * 1 Baytown Elks' ritual team * j takes ff for Kansas an d Jr. (D-N.Y.) on fair employment -wide for 1951-52 will leave early Wed- g. f . t campaign sp€e ch, practices legislation, but indicated _ iS nesday morning for the national ^^Se^SpS* SSf to name he would take a public position on neath. 97 ^ The new cases were ficial Baytown Elks' ritual team KfMlt!rai Li±1 ^ 01A xui avai>oai , „„« M4 . — - , practices legislation^ but ma "'*'"" "" ""He' was taken to Baytown hos- ••. *_ ,_ u t •* •"-•» ^...jr—o «— „ .. . . .....-, +v .- „,.«,<: Dital. The extent of his injuries Association, which will be held in Designate a personal spokesman. Beginning this week tne^ques- t» . ,.,,.. , u..*. Galveston, June 4, 5, 8, and 7 with Any c h ange s may be announced tions will come fast and hard. &is- headquarters in the Buccaneer Thursday when the new Eisenhow- enhower'will need the best obtainer in civilian clothes meets the able management of his pre-con- convention of the Texas Elks'State a nevy campaign manager or to it later.- A MM ** *h*M *-f s*.*\ *x*Vi{/>Vt tirill Via V»rtrH \Tt * • . _ _i ._t_*v —_^»«^ TU^vi-ri*^r^i» Hotel. CVCJLJ i» fta.iiix- j «•* ^~~. iT^axuig » rf^ri.w*****,/ GeSlg-icQ ^^^ ^Q yi t JLlie HtJW llciaeo WCiC That's the report of the NCAA brace to support his back muscles, filed in Michigan, Minnesota, In- television committee, which con- the Pittsburgh Pirate slugger 1-as diana an ^ the District of Colum- trols all TV games. The fare for belted five homers in the last eight bia this season is pretty much the games to bring his season total of same as it was last year, except seven within striking distance of that there will be no more "black- the league leaders. nmi-'uv/.n., v^v., OM..V. « »«. - .» coniesi, uaviug XUUDUCU. j.u*\. *»*•. ^ j s ^g V/EBKS smctf ocu. ri<ziu.y out" Saturdays when there were But there's a sad footnote to 15-day old strike of 945 office work- the past two years in succession in Cabot Lodge Jr. (R-Mass.) an- no games at all. . Kiner's homer log. He appeared ers^at the Ford Cornpany o£Canada contests held in Brownsville arid npunced here that he was ^putting pj.UcL»» A A*-^ &*»*»*•• »» -*• — ---— .—„ were not immediately known but X-rays were being taken. A Ford Strike Is Stopped oiei. •' er in civilian clotnes meeis me auie ni««w«*eciiicin. «i *""-,.% Baytown is the defending state press in hjs fi rs t political news con- vention activities to meet tne ae* _ __ H ! «._ i H ^l« A *« M wti *i 1 v*^tia1tct~i/* jf m* ^ :i i i :^. Al_:i.n«n . .^\l^M-kin rr ct 11: Q f 1OT1 ijo.j'LUWit IB tuc u^i^Kum^ »n*»>- press in ms jirsi poin.iv.aj. news \-uu- vciiu.vm c*»,w*»»«.»»— ... . . _ champion in the annual ritualistic f erence . That will be in Abilene, veloping situation. WINDSOR, Ont., June 3 (UV- A contest, having finished first for j t is 2 Q v/eeks since Sen. Henry _ _-_ _ _ -— ^WIIUVSJUO A-l^AU 414 -*-** WFT **•»»**•** *»- li^UllVCV* tl\Jl.C tA'CLV H*- •» ** •* t^ M v *-***» But tiie ^^A maae n piain ui«ii m *» MU, * 1A „, ^ .- »««*.- ,--, ended Monday night a few rnin- Amarillo. There will be nine teams Eisenhower in the March 11 New th?^hnusandsof dollars it can get ed bv the Pirates ani has drawn utes before pickets were to start ^mrteHn^ .-hi., vear with Bavtown w^n^hir^ wimarv. Lodee ao- uirr uiuuaoii^:* wi «v*j«*«.w » e> - _ j % ._... ^OT -Jr-viner +n nln<:*» nnwn TJ NC^A made it plain that in all but six of the 15 games play" "lars it can get ed by the Pirates ani has drawr from a sponsor is small change a total of 35 walks. He drew m j IV */ I • it "can collect from the viewers, club record he doesn't particularly Furthermore, the NCAA said, it relisn. will take only about three years to Mired in last place, the Pirates start collecting from the man in hope Kiner can sustain his streak the living room chair. to pep up the box of fie 3 iiguies. These millions of dollars would There's a chance the turnstiles trying to close A union < office workers had won benefits competing this year with Baytown Hampshire primarj'. Lodge down the whole scheduled to appear at 11 a.m. peared then as a self-appointed compare^to^ millions" of dollars free trips last season for .a .new ?S^ ^^on s^tesman said^the w^7*y^n toraW^ton Elks' ^or^^m^ n ~'^l^ they considered equal to a $44 a month wage increase. Raised WASHINGTON, June 3 lodge room where the competition "Eisenhower answered up imme- will be conducted. , diately from Paris that he was a In addition to • Henckell, mem- Republican and would permit his bers of this years Baytown team name to go before the voters. He are Ben D. Jones, leading knight; also said then: Clifford M. Bond, loyal knight; E. . "Under no circumstances will I Crossed Up BOSTON, June 3 (IP)—Rep. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., got his wires * « • < rf»'<: a rhance the turnstiles o *„ ,.^~*i r *™-. r -i-. r oito»-oH a WM vjunora -ivi. conu, luyiu Kms" 4 -! ^- - «JJU«;JL nw «_m.>*»»"!.«•••-•—• •— - »»« *-•. ivw.-.»-.v.»- ---. c.-- — , be-SSed^ -^ fb.'a. mem- m^M^SiS -Uftt when the %£&"$£%£?*£& S,S£ ?:»*?^ *«™»* *&*j™; l^^'J^^Ll^^^S: iT"L^I <S ^iSfSlfl • ' ' oklyn Dodgers open a three- Hl .. t , in tn 2 Q oer cent of his gross Brooklyn Dodders open a three- 'JTT^ r«"M VS.""^t-""of"hi« ?ross ton Roper, esquire; Nelson D. mentV order to seek nomination. Sen. Robert A. Taft might steal SS^^.t'***.™. ^S^f|;W - /y n- r , -J-g-^ ua -^^ Pupate ,n the ^ ^ Kepu,,, an gg^ —- ^ ^^.^: ^j..^- mem L s OI the ^r^^^/r^a^t ^» 0 ,'ss r ^rsrH^Ls ritual team a score or more of Paris and to refuse to campaign, nomination from an uncle of mine others from'Baytown Elks Lodge Under a barrage of conflicting ad- in 1912," Roosevelt (D-NA.) told are planning to attend the four vice from his supporters and top- newsmen Monday. dav conclave in the Island citv drawer advisers, the general began However, it was Taft s father, day concia\e in the island cit>. ^ weaken in ]a ' te Maj . ?h William Howard Taft, who won the advice offered nomination th^t year against Thep- ber colleges no matter which teams are playing the TV game. The NCAA will permit one 1952 Adding zest to the series i* the game to be televised in each city appearance of the resurgent Gil tional, reli • «..~ — «=.— each week It will sell the whole Hodges, Dodger first baseman who Z ations. The onl will go back to the business to a sponsor, and he de- has been pacing his team. IJke House for concurrence. cides which game will be televised. Kiner, Hodges has seye.i homers The NCAA would like to see the w^nch recalls their A.o;\onse-jas- soonsor pick a lot of games—and * on ^ uei - cSt season - iftavbe break his national network Kiner finished 1951 with 42 hom- into regional networks so, that ers, two more than Hodges after many colleges get to strut their both" exchanged th? monopoly - on stuff "via video. But that's not like- the four-bagger production all sea- ly. The sponsor probably will in- son 4 sist on one big game going to all the stations at the same time. It's a lot cheaper that way, *ind he's faced with no competition. One of'the NCAA rules meai.s that the games -must be picked from various sections of the country. Thus, there'll likely be a southern game one week, a mid- western- the next, and so on. A school has the right to refuse to : televise its game, even if it :s ; picked by the sponsor. Takes Coaching Post At A&M markets at New York, Boston, Detroit experimented giving investors 30 „ to make (or lose; money and discovered the traders apparently don't like to work overtime. . Meat Cutters Strike In Ohio CLEVELAND, June' 3 tIP)—Meat was as scarce as potatoes Monday for many of the more than 1 mil- football coach named Texas A and M freshman grid coach, assumes his new duties Tuesday. Robbins coached teams at six Restaurant Man Plans To Grow Own Potatoes GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., June 3 potato shortage is hit- & *&., % |l ft if -u 1 -* game. of Texas A and M. .for three days." t N THE ^f; BAYTOWN HARDWARE BEALL BROS. BO-PEEP SHOP CULPEPPER'S DICKSON'S RADiO AND TELEVISION DREW'S ECONOMY AND TOWN & COUNTRY FERGUSON MOTORS, Inc. GORDON'S HOME FURNITURE CO. W. M. HOUSE JEWELRY JIM NELSON'S SPORTING GOODS KOVAR APPLIANCE CO. MATHERNE'S MAYFAIR JEWELRY MOORE'S SHOE STORE PAINE BROS. J. C. PENNEY CO. ROBSON'S SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. SCOTT GAS AND APPLIANCE TEMPLE LUMBER CO. WHITCOMB'S WILKIE'S This Might Be Called A Error 'Grave' 3 Eisenhower in the past 20 weeks dore Roosevelt, a distant cousin and the dis'ision of influence and and not an uncle of the New York campaign authority among several congressman. individuals and groups in the East and Mid-West evidently have convinced all concerned that the cam- IJftMA IF paign organization should be tight- IIClC ij ened at once. In addition'to public statements on universal military training ANNUAL PREVENTS COSTLY REPAIRS MAYFAIR JEWELRY WILL HANDLE YOUR WATCH IN A PROFESSIONAL MANNER WITH THE LATEST ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT 1360 ON YOUR AM J 92.! MG.ONYOURRJ « , v. TUESDAY EVEN1NQ 6:00—News 6:15—Range* 6:30— Sports Review 6:35—Range Hidins 7:00—Kariem AI 7 7:30—Major City Soliban 9:00—'Mood MUMP 9:45—Russ Morgan Show V>:00—NiKbt Edition Ba«c,»n * 10:15—Dream Time a>1 °* D *>* -11:00—Sign Off for Night WEDNESDAY MORNI.SQ 6:00—Reveille Roundus 6:57—Late News 7:00—Trinity'Valley S:0f»—Morning Devotin-i-.V 8:15—Watching The 'clock S:SO— Late Xtv.s 8:32—Watching ihe Clocic 9:00—News »:30—Dick' Easou" C " r ' 1 1 n :00—Warren Kiiv,ards Vrxtf,,* 10:O.V-8tartime " " 1! :00—Late News 11:02—Mid Day.JIatlaM WEDNESDAY 12:00—WorM Nfw* 12:20—It id Pay "ila?!nre 1:00—Toi> T itne's 2:00—Ntws Suaitnary 2:f)5__Btst OP. VI'KX •4 :00— Warren Kdv.-arrts > •i:05—La Voz Mexu - ,-v • ten bes headed S Acbe: Sayafte nation s e list * the op d won . Arthi 'scturer; ous is $P headquarters t telephoned a Seoul hotel to make a reservation for Brig. Gen. Hal J. ss- Line-Up So Far rith- * WASHINGTON, June 3 (IP)—Here is the up- to - date United Press a al?" the. voice" on "the. other end of the line asked. "This^s graves ™,, H vLHm f ",,, lrt ., a wa<> asked if and a regional title, captured the ting this western Michigan city, they'd iulSMte schedule at the bi-district title five times and the A sign in the window of a closed Sol Sfflas6? to bSS a p£r ^strict ribbon, four times. re ^^ a ^ QerStha ? o ^ potatoes team in order to catch a major Robbing Is a 1928 graduate "Gone up north to plant potatoes Eisenhower found ic necessary to 1S ilie up _ tu _ Ucllc ^ t ^^^ do some quiet pre-convention cam- tabulation of delegates chosen for paigning for the support of special the presidential nominating con- thp ponpr interests or groups. ventions as the candidates headed B Prior to the bitterly-contested se- into virtually the last week of del- lection- of Texas national conven- ega t e choosing. The tabulation is tion delegates, the general ^got |3 ase( i on formal pledge's and right with public opinion there in a j cnown first-ballot preferences. lpftf>r savin? rich oil-bearine tide- letter saying rich oil-bearing tide- «™TT«,TTn*xTc lands should belong to the states. REPUBLICAN'S Midwestern farmers learned from Sen. Robert A. Taft another letter that Eisenhower be- Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower "'lieved in some -kind of farm price Harold E. Stassen supports. From^ ,the same source Gov. Theodore' R. McKeldin McNAIXIE " "~" . , ,Mr. and' Mrs. Guy' McNallie 'of the inhabitants, of the Missouri Val- Gov. Earl Warren 1012 Parkway Drive announce the birth of 'a son yesterday at" San Jacinto Memorial Hospital. TEAHAN ... r Mr. and Mrs. N..-J. Trahan of Baytown are the parents of a Special ToJThe Bayiown Sun Gen; Douglas MacArthur Contested Uncommitted or unknown Still to be chosen Total (It takes 604 votes to nomination L 414. 396. 25. 24. 6. 4. 61. 137. 139. 1206. win the DEMOCRATS Sen. Estes Kefauver W.' Averell Harriman daughter born : yesterday ' at Sen Airway Elec :'.-. no sale Jacinto Memorial Hospital. " Aleg Ludlum. .;.."..' 38 T?xrrkWT»TT ""- . Allis-Chalmers' ^'./ 49^ Jbrt UiL<lvlji - . • , . MA** Mr. and-Mrs. B:'H. Bnderii of American-Repub- -. - 54ts Cloverleef announce the birth of A T and T. 155H ^j ben w Barkley a daughter, Pamela Joyce, Sun- Amer Woolens no sale Qov G Mermen Williams day at the Baytown hospital. The AnQ ^ TiHa r ^*»r 42V, Sen."Hubert Humphrey Robert J. Bulkley ' President Truman Adlai E. Stevenson Calumet and Hec ...^../.... 3 2*!^^" " """ '** ' '-' Canada So Oil'... 1 11H Contested - Celanese .'...... 39}* Celotex -.. 18^ Cessna 6 l ,i Chi Corp 1i> Chrysler Corp . .• 75^5 CEDARS DRIVE-IN Hwy,- 146 NartK 5> Mln. Frb'i-i Town j. e checked ahpuser ding to g "the child." The. cere DOUBLE FEATURE — Cartoo-n — "The Merry Chase" Adults 35c — Children baby weighed five pounds, 13 Anaconda Copper 43% ounces. 'Grandparents ' are Mr.' Am. Cyanamide 114% and Mrs. A. M. Starr of- Coady Beth Steel vvv .. : 48^ 'and Mr> and Mrs. : IX V H. "Enderli Caivan Oil •.•£•- ;••• 7 .of Cloverleef. 175 95% 84 30%" 27 40 23 27 13 9% LIVESTOCK Uncommitted or unknown Still to be chosen Total (It takes 616 votes to win nomination >•. 52 3S6& 263 1230 Ihe NOW MONEY -IN THE BANK WEDNESDAY THRU SATURDAY ^JiiJ^ltl \-;UL ±/ .»•••••••.»»>»• •»-* •FORT^-.WORTH, June, 3-. CRP.>— Columb Gas 15 Cattle 2;£00. Mostly steady; slaugh- Creole Pet 74% ter~- steers - and -yeerlingsrf 26-31; Crystal Oil no sale utility and commercial cows;" 19- Cities Service ."..- 99!i 24; canners and ycutters, 13-19; Davidson Chem 37 bulls, 18-26; common_to good stock- D OW Ch em ."..: 117U er steer yearlings, 23-32. ' DJI Pont Chem - 34r; Calves 1,500." Steady to weak; Eastman Kodak 42% good and'choice slaughter calves. El Paso Natural Gas 37^ 30 : 34; culls, utility and commercial Fairchild Eng 6v.s _ 17-29; good and' ch'bic'e stocker "Freeport Sulph 37V- bery,"kidnapping and auto theft calves, 31-37; common and medium Q-en Electric 59 J .s charges in Mississippi. 2S-30. • • Gen Motors 54% Hogs 1,000. Few head butchers Gen Tire and Rub 26 steady at 21; rest- held higher; Gillette Saf -• 31U most sows steady at .15.50-18; some. Goodyear Tire 40 r :s -bigger wfclgnts 'steady at 15-18.' ' Greyhound Bus 11T» Gulf Oil 51U Gulf Stat Util 23 Houston Oil ..." 67& Humble Oil •--• 74 1 ," Inter!ake Iron 15% CHICAGO, June 3Jtft-A criminal ,Intl_.Nickel 42^i ^ may be who never got,over :r," p j' ter V" -••• 3 r* f or little foxes that never grew up playing cops'"and robbers on the t^f^ 7 %., '" , to be fur coats. wrong side.- •' : ' '"^ '" . ^ Ibb >* Mc ^- '» jt sent to .the'"Wlut The Rev.-Ralph AJ Gallagher of Liggett and Myers 61V-J Loyola University told students in Loew s Inc 13 V* .a crime course that if children do L* i^nd 44 ,2 not learn to play the-right sort of Mack Trucks 14 ^ games thev will play the wrong ^ 1( ^- ^ on Pet ..- 67^ -• - '• " • *- J 6 Mont-Dakota Util 23% Nat Dairy Prod Ohio Oil 56 Criminal Career May Be Juvenile Holdover Too Careful' Driver Gives Himself Away CINCINNATI. June 3 (W — A check showed Tuesday that a dri- *ver who was "too careful for h;s own good" was wanted for rob- •A patrolman became suspicious when he saw Robert E. -Dunnan. 31. Indianapolis, observe all stop signs and signal for all turns. Little Foxes Cost U.S. $17,840 In Damages • WASHINGTON, June 3 -i!I1 —the Senate has decided to pay -S17 84C LOVE AND LIFE WERE CHEAP...WHEN QUAtiTRELL'S RAIDERS BLAZED A TRAIL OF TERROR ACROSS THE WES Arifeur KENNEDY teta IRELAND JL»U3S * MOUSE COMES TO DENXER * 1>ATEST>'^ S 3 kind and turn to "crime. 4% 67% 55% Packard Motors Pancoaatal Oil Panhandle P and R Penney's Inc ...... Phillips Pet .'. Pure-Oil -....:.... Richfield Oil Repub Steel St. Flegis Paper . Sinclair Oil' Socony-Vac Sou Pacif Stan Oil Calif ... Stan OH Ind Stan Oil Ohio ... Stan Oil N. J. ... SUP.'Oil..Sunray Oil Texas Co Texas Gulf Prod . Tex Gulf Sulph .. Tidewater Corp 41^ Union Oil of Calif 4I J ,i US Steel 3S It sent to the White -House Monday a bill to pay Lhaz amount to Sarah A. Davies, owner of a great Barrir.gton. Mass., fox farm Miss Davies said night flying air cadets in World War II "b;iz- zed" the h'ghted to\ver on her tox farm so often that 12 mother foxes became unnerved and killed their litters. Sf aid Buckingham May Hear Square Dances ,'40% .19^2 LONDON, June 3 HP!—Square . 45H dance calls may echo through . 37 '& Buckingham Palace's ornate halls, . 773s. it was learned Tuesday. Several hillbilly tunes recorded by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. will be presented to Queen Elizabeth to remind her of her square dancing with Prince Philip at Ottawa last October. Fish Story SANARY SUR MER, France .Tune 3 flB —A local fisherman tried to catch sardines Monday bu 51H 82 41^ 75% S3 1 /! 55 28 % 105 Citizens Asked To Help Stop Polio BLACK AND -WHITE NET— Fashions this shaded ball gown that Hollywood's Patricia Xeal models. It v was designed for her .role in a forthcoming movie. The gown has a foundation of taffeta shaded from black to white, which features a^corsclctte bodice o* jet - embroidered black velvet - and 9, f an-pleated_fiange,," Woodley Pet 63^ hooked and landed a shark instead July NO Cotton ..."..,..fp'V2 Pts.' Tt weighed about 3.300 pounds. What Price Grades? PRO\1DEXCE, R. I., June 3 i!P!— A poll of Brown University's class of 1942 showed Tuesday that those tvho were graduated with a "C" average earned .3187 more .annually than grads with a "B" average. , Insult To Injury BOSTON, June 3 {TO—Francis I,, Davidson, who dropped changes against his .wife after the sbot him in the neck with a sawed-off rifle, was held in $500 bail Tuesday because the weapon was not ENDS TONTTE "PURPLE HEART DIARY" "OKINAWA" t fr^H-vpfV** toeit» nr "S MUIttltTl«» THRU THURSDAY The Life She Wanted Was JLabcIed "For Men Only" (Continued From Pa^e One) being sprayed and each garbage trxlck Is sprayed before leaving the dump; " . In connection \vith the fog machines. Middleton warned parents not to lot their children play around Jn the, fog. v< Th!s can be very dangerous/'-^ he said. "Xot only can a' child' get very sick from the dense fosr, but thorn is the danger the machine will , injure him," Middleton also asked lot owners to be sure that vacant lots are kept clean and mowed. In cases whore the owner cannot be reached, thecity will mow the lot, but Middleton said "the ""city doesn't have the equipment to carry out any large-scale mowing campaign. .. Office Opens Show Starts 1# ADMISSION TWO GREAT]? HKIMEMBEK . . . WEDNESDAY is LUCKY SEAT N!TE Vacation Note- DALLAS. June 3 05*—Custodians checking: Dallas schools, which Were closed last week, reported Tuesday that 33 windows had been broken with air rifles, screens were ripped off and a school kitchen had raided. i ~.-,-,~, &?X

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