Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 5, 1963 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
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Wednesday, June 5, 1963
Page 3
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gtc ON onal >n Window conference: "I've made it clear since assuming the President;} Wall Street In Review Scouts Attend Summer By LYLE C. \\ United Press International The Kennedy Administrr. ,. „ „ lias been deserted by its principal | means to protect human rights', NEW YORK (UPI)—Colbv & Negro nlly in Ihe effort In keep the | and uphold the law of the 1,-wl." ' Co. notes that nearly all reliable following civil rights controversy in the ; j[ Congress authorises federal courts and off the streets. ' .shortcuts lo court orders in be- The ally was the National As- ; half of civil rights. Kennedy is fociation for the Advancement of : commitled to order up the armed Colored People (NAACP). But forces in support if necessary. NAACP took the civil rights dis-! That is one alternative to the are technical indicators a bullish trend. The firm feels that the two most important stock groups from a technical standpoint, the industrials and the rails, have been A total of 265 Boy Scouts and leaders of the Adobe Walls Council checked into Camp Kiovva near Canadian for the summer camp season Sunday. Troop 25 of McLean, Troop 70 of Miami and Troop 120 of Pampa are in attendance, in the c.nmp, along with 10 other troops of the Panhandle area. a staff rif five instructors. Included in the instruction is swimming, lifesaving, rowing and canoeing. A newly developed Scoutcrafi area has been placed in operaiion and is under the dirr-ciioti of Presley Yarbornugh, who has rer'-nl- ly graduated from the National pufe to the streets in Philadel- ballot box approach (o civil rights. ! confirming the action of each oth- phin with mass picketing againsl ', Small chance that this dangerous c <" consistently, and it considers Camp School of the Boy Scouts of The camp is under the direction America. "Ihe Scoutcraft section of Lewis R. McCoy, with a staff includes insiruction in the use of of 25 adults and older scouts. the knife and axe, and in knot ty- One of the program features . ing, pioneering, and many other offered this summer is a complete '. skills. «• Iii • About to Tria News in vires render* ipi me In or mnil u<?ini« mmi-t lli« . r,l)-im": -inrj m'ti^ii •>< t >-»r,>:.<>l \ ••• - nr frlcn'N for inclusion IT t.hl« column «rtv«!rtlsln(5 .).)! il YEAR 1HL FAAIPA DAILY WEDNESDAY, JUNE I. 1991 Rehearsals Underway For PLTs Blithe Spirit Members of the Pampa Little Th^aire are in 'he midst of rehearsals. sta;;c construction, and .properties selections for their job discrimination. Later Roy C. Wilkins. NAACP national secretary, joined the .Jackson, Miss., • street demonstrators and was arrested. Heretofore, NAACP has been the Negroes' legal counsel. It was NAACP that confronted the Supreme Court with the arguments that obtained the Court's order for desegregation of public schools. But the legal process has proved to be too slow for impatient Negroes, just as the Kennedy's Administration's major strategy effort proved too slow. Registration Reasonable The Kennedy strategy was to obtain registration and voting rights for Southern Negroes. That would be the moderate, reason- nble, least abrasive way lo assure the Negroes' civil rif.hls permit them to vote. The other rights then would follow. The while man not hi 1 - civil riuhts guaranteed that way. The white man needed many more than 100 years to accomplish that, however, if you date the beginning of basic while civil ' ri'ihts no further hack than 1215 ; AD. That was the year of ihe Magna Carta. , Taking into account the 1 civil disorders in Birmingham, .lack- son, Miss.. Philadelphia and elsewhere, plus the movement of NAACP from the court roori in- , to the street, the Kenned'/ Administration had no alternative but to adopt it? present civil rights stralepv. 'The Admii'stra- tion was compelled to move to other ground The lime of llif moderate, reasonable, least abiasivr approach to the problem of ci\ ii rights had ^un out. The direct actiomsis 'among Negro lead "rs were taking jover Rep. Adam Clavlon Povvell. jD-N Y.. was predicting riots in •the streets of \Vaslvngton, D (' •lip was telling radio audiences at home and abroad that (ho bat• tle for civil rights was just about lover because the while man was iscarcd. ! Children Used ' Negro children also were injected into the ronti ovorsv 'adults sent thr grade --choolcis i|U n the streets 10 crm'len'.'.e local police power. A misplav then A 1 ilh a gun. a dog 01 a night "f t i c k rruild h-ue triggered •bloods violence in most si reel; of •everv major I,' S. cilv It hasn't •happened that wav vet Rut it •could. . All of this is some measure - thu! not all of the measure -o' ihe ,cr,sis lhr> Kennetlv b-o'hrrs nmv Jrlearlv see and which thev now Jserl.- |o control \\itb more fr>c'"r:»l Jlf cislaiion Their objective is to •speed-up 'he process of making T'fec'ivp the civil rights convivi- 'rnents of the cons;not ^11. of the »!nws and even of ihe Democratic >p<-i''Iv platform. President K n "nrdv re s'ated •his purpose in his Mav R news : Municipal Court ket alternative will keep the civil a good indication that market rights controversy in and off the streets. the courts performance will be excellent. waterfront program conducted by : Capitol Kill Commentary Lawrence Bleiberg of Bache & Co. believes selectivity is the kcv- note to profitable investing at this si-ate of the market. J Thomson £• McKinnon says investor confidence is being sup- perted by "increasing proof that Obituaries 1 1 Gary Shcrrod Gary Sherro'd, 23, of 701 N. Zimmer died in an Abilene Hospital at 4 p.m. Tuesday. Mr. Sherrod was born .Ume 10. 1939 in Pampa. and was a mem- Thc camp also offers a complete, equipped rifle range for .22 caliber target practice and trap shooting. A special program of instruction on cooking and camping skills is under the direction of Fred Swanson, District Execute e from Per- rvton. group. .lim Doutlnt. president of Pl.T, will be seen as "Charles" in this interesting comedy. He will' por- Ladies, interested in howling in forthcoming production of Noel trav the proper Fn^li^h h Coward's "Blithe Spirit." whose first wife appears This "improbable force" was selected hv .Mm Terroll. director, for the early summer production of Pampa's amateur theatrical a summer league, are invited to attend an organizational meeting at 7 30 p.m. in Friday vester Bowl. the Har- as a omplicate his life. The but lon':-s'ii'f"ring spr. will be played b<' Bar- Visitor's night at the camp on Friday's and begins with By JOHN J. MEEHAN ; United Press International ' LONDON (UP1)—The velvet j gloves appear to be off in the; new Middle East crisis, and it looks as though they will not be pui back on again without some dramatic changes in the area. A possible signal for thf nip- i lure between President Gamal Abdcl Nasser of the United Arab Republic and the Baathist-domi- naied governments of Iraq and Syria—the three countries which uere to have formed the new I nitcd Arab Republic—came predictably from Cairo's government controlled "voice of the Arabs" radio station. In a commentary that matched any in its history (or savagery, the radio bluntly warned Iraq 1 and Syria this week that unless the;, refomed they would "meet the same destiny as Kassem, in spite of the ostensible power in their hands." Abdel Karim Kassem was the Iraqi dictator who died in the flaming ruins of his defense minis! rv in supply can be readily absorbed" her of the First Baptist Church meal for the visitors served despite skepticism over the mar- here. ket being near its all-time high only a year after the coil-apse. He is survived by his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Leon R. is a in the dining hall at 6 p.m.. provided reservations are made in advance. Reservations mav he (Harris of P-ampa; two sisters, sent to Camp Director, Camp Ki- Hoffa (Continued From Page 1) told, the grand iury said that $2 million in loan funds was used to build a North Miami hospital whereas a "substantial portion" of Ihe money was diverted to other uses. The indictment said Hoffa used "fraud, deceit, misrepresentation" to obtain approval of the loans by the seven other union and eight management representatives who ntn the pension fund. Others named in the indictment were: of Pampa and an uncle. Tracy D. Cary of Pampa. Services will be held al 10 a.m. tomorrow in the Duenkcl - Carmichael Chapel with the Rev. E. Dougl-:is Carver, pastor of t h e First Baptist Church officiating. Interment will be in Fairview Cemetery under the direction of Duenkcl - Carmichael Funeral Home President The Alexander Hamilton Insti- Mrs. Dawrence Rice Jr. of Dumas owa. Canadian, lute feels that periods of profit- and Miss Heidi Jo Kolb of Pam- taking and consolidation following pa: grandmother. Mrs. C. E, Gary the market's seven - month advance appear normal, paraicular- Iv. with prices of top grade securities close lo or above their levels of last year. (Continued From Page I) chairman of the mayors conference to attend the session. Benjamin Dranow. 56 former Baghdad during the coup owner of the John \V Thomas Dethe Doc!: H \V fined •Buckler. fp'-'Ci'mg gii'lty, •_$!' • Lur.ter R* tn. 511 Crawford, no •operator s license, jju.Ity fined M a g- guilty, '. Din-aid D Hast ngs 701 Inolia, muffler violation, ;fmed $l'i. • Eli/abclh Emerson, 321 F.. l ; i in- vis, failure tn h.tve aut i mspcc- •lion sticker, guilty, fined $1. " Wavne Puisles. I'lOl Chiisiy. .speeding, guilty, fined $10. Mike W. Now ton, 7 fill Magnolia. .racing, guilty, fined $10 | Kenneth 1 . F.dwards. WO Tignor, •speeding, guilty, fined $15 Doris Slater! SOI N \V e 1 I s, 'speeding, guilty, fined $10. ' Douglas R. Locke. 110! Charles, speeding, guilty, (mod $10. Starter Stolen Theft of a starter from a Ford truck parked near the Sims Elec- ;tnc Co. 547 Huff Rd., was reported lo police yesterday. • Officials of the electric concern 'said the starter had been taken. last Feb. S which brought Baath Party to power The reforms which Cairo demands are that the Syrian and Iraqi Baath governments abandon their one-parly rule and form coalition governments with the Nas- sente elements in those 1 w o countries Won't Accept Demands Both Baghdad and Damascus have made it clear they will not accept ibis demand. In bitter attacks on the Iraqi Nassenles who allegedly tried lo stage an anii-Baathist coup d'etat last weekend, Baghdad Radio has announced that "the days of Nas- serism are gone." Damascus Radio, making clear that it was referring to Nasser, -aid this week that the struggle lor Arab unity was now being waged "not so much againsl elements known to he reactionary as again-1 those who claim to be in the ranks of the revolution." Though no diplomat or observer on the scone will predict the outcome of the new crisis there is v;Mii'i' iitv.n'miH' tha' the present sitiianon cannot com nine for long, and that .some iliamatic move aimed ai victory for one side or the other ran be p.voerted Chords. Negotiations Reported 'Ihnu-ih no confirmation is available one rumor circulating is i hat ihe B.iaih are presently engaged in negotiations with Jordan's K'tig Hussein. j .According lo this report Husi sfti has anreed in return for i IS'ii'lusi support for his throne, lo the iiT'alla'.ion of a Baathist r'oveniment in Jordan following l|-lo plprl|rii<; i^ue ll'.erP Jlllv 6. Th° Bv^h is understood lo feel '!••" if i' rin nb'-iin the adherence of Jordan to ihe exisrng Sv i ian-!''.1111 avs it will have gone, Inr to countering the Fgyptian cia ins that il has deliberately ' wiecked the prospects of tn- pariue unilv. j The formation of a union—how- • ever loose—between Syria. Iraq and Jordan would come very j i lose lo the old British idea of a ' "fertile crescent" in ihe Middle 1 Fast, embracing a major portion of ihe Arab world and leaving • Fgvpt outside. ! Cairo has always bitterly attacked ibis scheme, and the pro- Nasser elements in>ide Jordan, ' al least, would be cerium to op- ! pose any move toward il. Pro Egyptian circles claim that this alleged Haathist plan is receiving the covert support of both Washington and London. Both, it is aliered. would welcome a sirong Baalhist grouping as a counter-balance to the immense prestige r:f Nasser. partment Store Minneapolis. Minn . now in prison for mail fraud and income tax evasion. Abe T Wemblait. fiT. reired .Miami Beach. Fin , businessman and former associate of Dranow: S. Cieor-je Burns, fio. New York City accountant who was a stock- bolder in Sun Valle\ Inc.. his son. Herbert G Burns, 41. New ^'ork City attorney. Samuel Human. 6fl. Miami Beach, a real estate operator who refurbished Iwo large old Kev West hotels: Calvin Kovens, 39. Miami Beach builder who was convicted of a housing loan fraud last year, and Zach- arv A. Straie Jr., 4.1. New Orleans builder and real estate man. Franklin Carrol Young Riles are pending for Franklin Carrol Young, a retired carpenter, who died at 4:35 a.m. today in a local hospiial. He was bor n July IS. ISM in Wise County and on Der. 19, 1917 was married to Nettie Perry in Cuney. Okla. He was a member of the Central Baptist Church and Woodmen of the World Survivors are his wife. Nettie of the home. 1115 Riplev four daughters, Mrs. Winnie Flowers. Mrs. Trocia Smith. Mrs. Fvilvn Parnsh, all of Pampa. M r s Dorothv (iardina of Ashb'. . Miss.: 'Jl grandchildren and foui great- grandchildren. Anangements will he announced In Duenkel - Carmichael Funeral Home. Fidel Resumes Blasts on U.S. HAVANA (UPII — Premier Fidel Castro, sporting Soviet medals picked up during his 37-day tour of Russia, said Tuesday mghl L' S -Cuban relations can be "normalized" — if ihe Americans will deal on Communist terms In a n'-j-hour telecast. Castro denounced "clowns and tlemo- gogues" m the United States who msiM thai his revolutionary regime must break with Russia as a prelude to negotiations with Washington. Mosi of his speech was devoted to praise of Russia and Premier Nikita Khrushchev. Mrs. Nettie Lorraine Caughey Mrs. Nettie Lorraine Caughey. 923 E. Denver died in Highland General Hospital at 5: 10 a.m. today. Mrs. Caughey was born Dec. 26. IflOO in Nebraska. Survivors include six daughters. Mrs. Virgie Wilder and Mrs. Madeline Cam. both of Amanllo Mrs. Alcie McGlothilm of Hobbs. N.M . Mrs. Dons Riley of Luhbock, Mrs. Helen Robinson of Wichita Falls and Mrs. Glendora Freeman of High W.come. England, two sons, Eugene of Brnomfield, Coin . and Averv. of Wichita Falls two brothers: Kay Quig of Ovford, Neb. and Durwood Quig of Oxford. Neb. one sister. Mrs Ruth SIvMI'er of Alma. Neb., and 3S grandchildren. Funeral arrangements are pending. The President's departure was delayed five minutes. mosiK because of a reluctant fare-well from his 2-sear-old son. .lohn Jr.. who accompanied him 10 the airfield anil apparently didn't want to get oil ihe plane. The President'-; first stop on his extender! trip was Colorado Springs Colo., where he arranged to visit the Air Force Ac-ademy and the headquarters of the North American Helen"-" (.omnicincl (NGRAD). 1- rom Colorado Springs the President planned to go to New- Mexico for a missile demonstration at the White Sands missile range and Holloman Air Force Base. He wa? to spend the night a: El Paso. Tex , before continuing to California Thursday Flying westward with the President were Air Eoice Secretary Eugene Xucken. chairman Richard 1! Russell. D-Ga.. of the Senale Armed Service- Committee. Sir Hugh Frasi-r. British secre- t.'irv of state for air. and Sen. Ralph Yarhorough. D-Tex. Four Democratic congressmen also were making today's trip with Kennedy — Wayne Aspinall and Byron Rogers of Colorado and Thomas Morris and Joseph Montova of New Mexico. Mrs. ,1. L. Youngberg, MS S. Cuyler, Bob and .lim Arthur have returned from Austin, where they picked up .lohn Arthur, who is a student at the University of Tex- av F.moute home thev spent a few days at Buchanan Dam and also visited with the E. I.. Her- rods in Lovington, N.M Top o' Texas Coin Club will meet Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the Citizens' Hospitality Room for a regular meeting, which will include door prize-, aurtion and library facilities, according to Harold Dougherty, secretary - treasurer. Mrs. Rny Tinsley will be hostess to Ihe Worthwhile Home Demonstration f'lub on Friday al '1 V.) p.m. in her home. 200) Christine. town 600 S. Cuyler.* Marilyn Kay Steele of Pampa was amoni; fill senior honor graduates who received degrees in spring enmmence.nv:nt at N o r I h Texas Slate University I-riday night. Miss Steele is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Dudley Steele, 1 !)l)l Dogwood. For the best steaks in visit your IGA Food Liner. Pampa Girl To Attend Dimes Teenage Rally A 'our of a world famous biological research center will be the highlight of a group of teenagers from \Vest Texas who will be attending a March of Dimes Tr-en- ag» Rally in Dallas, .fune 10-11' Representing Gray Countv will bo Mary Ann Mack, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Mack, 1116 S Barnes. "Mary Ann will bf: visiting with a group of teenagers at the University of Texas M e d i c a I School." .1. C. Roberts, chairman. Gray County Chapter. National Foundation-March of Dimes, said "The only difference between our local teenager and those thai she is visiting is that the hosts are severely crippled with rheumatoid innum. Admission A golden spike, driven at Ogden Utah in ISOft. marked the completion of the first trans-con- tinental railuav. SPEED AKRON. Ohm (L'PI) — In testing its auto ' 'u-ing tires, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has "dn\en" them at speeds of more than 600 miles an hour in its laboratory. Tar Pot Fire Is Extinguished The Pampa Fire Department was called oui at 9: 111 th.s morning lo (•••.-tingu'sh •". t n put Pro at 611 S. Russell. The tar p o t was being used lo rui; the building, owned by Si Bowers. No . damage wa.-. i eported. Viking ships must have been sturdy and seaworthy. An exact copy of a typical .small \var vessel was built in the 1890s and after sailing across the Atlantic was displayed at the Chicago Exh ; bition. • Thousands (Continued From Page 1) during an open air Mass Monday night as the pontiff lay dying in his Vatican apartment above the square, and again Tuesday when his body was borne in solemn procession to St. Peter's. Cardinals Take Charge The cardinals of the church to- dav went about the work of arranging the Pope's entombment and (he selection of his successor. A general congregation of cardinals discussed the nine days of official funeral services thai will follow the entombment Thursday. The conclave to select the new pontiff, under church rules, must meet 15 to 18 days after the Pope's death. It was expected to assemble about June IS. All 82 members of the College of Cardinals able to attend will remain walled and locked inside a section of the Vatican until the secret proceedings end with the naming of the new Pope Open All .\ight In an action unprecedented in modern times, the Vatican ordered the chuich opened all night tonight to allow the crowds to file past the bod\ of the peasant's son who captured the world's affection and admiration in (us reign ol scarcely four and one- half years Ihe Pope's bod\ will remain on view continuously until 5 p m 112 p m . EOT) Thursday. "Ihen Vatican guards will clear all outsiders from the basilica and the Pope's remains will be interred temporarily in a vault in the ancient grottoes below the church. Ihe body will be removed for permanent burial in the Basilica of Si John Lateran. arthritis," Roberts continued. These 1 teenagers will also tour the laboratories of Dr . Morris /.iff. world renowned rheumatoid arthritis research scientist, as he (ells of new developments and progress made through N F. rc- scarch grants in the treatment of patients stricken by the nation's number one cnppler. whose ghost to c perplexed ond wife bara Turnbo, a newcomer to L i( tie Theatre audience*. Others ap- pearin', 1 in the cast are Edith. the maid-Pain Fudenuoi Madame Arcati, the niedi'im Marie Jones: Elvira, the ghostlv fir-t wif(?-Nan- cv 1m ^1. Mrs Bradrnan. the diy> tor's vifc-Carolvn Smith Director .lim Terrell will doub'p in duties as \\f as-umps 'he role of Dr. Bradman. Dale Walker is Production Manager and K directinc activities conrerned with technical problems of the production Committee chairmen and as-istants who are working with Walker mc'ude Mr. rtnd Mrs. 1-nmk Hatcher. Bill and Howard Sims C H Worley. Buck Worlcv. Mr and Mr- r,|enn Me- Connell, Georgia Mack. Don Pope, lerrv Douthu. Homer Krueger. Chlen Worley. Pam Ludi'man, Ed Willis and Chuck I ockhart. Production dates are ,!une 13. M. and l.i. The plav will he presented at the lli-.'.h Schoo' audt- pnr^s are *1 rents for stu- be purrhased of the theatre for adults and T'i dent 1 -. Tirkfts may from any member group Pamoa Man Fined On Check Charge E R. Hcthcock. 1120 W. Buckler entered a plea of guilty in county The N.F. teenage program for court this morning, to a charge of the State of Texas raised nearly swindling with worthless checks. $55.000 in the 1963 March of Dimes campaign. Gray County's t e e n- agers raised over S200 of this amount This ITIOIT?'. research and direct for those under l r l who have arthritis. is used for patient care vcars of ace as well as Hethcock was tined S5 and costs, and made restitution on a S3.75 check riven to Alcock Package Store February S. those who have birth defects polio," Roberts said Negro (Continued From Page I) Miss., where at least X' demonstrators were arrested Tuesday to boost the number of such arrests within the past week to around ,iOO. Federal Judge Sidney Mize of Biloxi, Miss.. Tuesday formally ordered the admission of McDowell, 'Jl, to the "Die M:- ' law school. McDowell joins Meredith as the only Nesro students at the university at Oxford, where 300 >oki:crs still guard again.-.! any possible v.-nlence to Meredith. More than 25,000 federal troops were sent to the Oxford area last October to restore order afrer Meredith's admission to "Ole Miss" touched off noting thai claimed two lives and injured scores of persons. Now Open SMART'S ' CAFE MEXICAN FOOD OUR SPECIALTY ALSO • STEAKS • SEA FOOD • LUNCHES • SHORT ORDERS HOIKS Mo". Thru Ttiurs. 5 a m to 10 p.m. Fn. »nd Sat. 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. CORNER BORGER HIGHWAY & PRICE ROAD Martha Washington, wife of President George Washington nas previously married to Danid Parke Curtis. Crush-Proof Collar Shirt laundry ColJar Points Lie Flat BoB U37 N. Hobart NO MONEY DOWN $? WIIKIY i-diomond cluster IplaU 'A coral in this man J ring in 10K yellow gold ^j"C^ECE F=J S 107 N. Cuyler ZALE'S DIRECT IMPORT LUSTROUS CULTUR PEARLS BY HERITAGE $ 45 00 YOUR CHOICE...UNIFORM OR GRADUATED NO MONEY DOWN ... $1 WEEKLY Real jewel lavishment of lustrous, luxunous cut- ed pearls by Heritage . uniform or graduated sttand .\ith 14K solid gold peail clasp ... yours for only $45 plus ta*. Open Thurs. Till 9 p.m. For June Brides & Annucrsaries IZALE f S J07 N. Cuyler MO 4-3377 Monthly News [jj JUNE, 1963 A MESSAGE TO BABY SITTERS. Everyone of you are important people You are entrus-ed with the most precious jewel any family possesses . . . then children. BE WORTHY OF YOUR TRUST. You are chosen because sou are deemed reliable, love to take care of children and are capable of following instruct.ons. WHAT BABY SITTERS MUST KNOW. 1. How to regulate :ne heat, or a.r conditioner Where and hov to change a fuse. The loca lion of f-.rst-a'd suppl cs 2 The phone number of the police, fire depart men! and nearest relative o: friend :n case an emergency occ,:i s 3. If you are expected to change a diaper or feed the cii.ldrt'ii a-.K m»;h<." 10 show you where ev e: v tn.iv ^ ' n expi.i.11 how -1. Keep medic.nes aiui il.tngei jus objects a\va\ from ch.lili'''ii WHAT PARENTS MUST K.NOW. 1 Never use a n,ir>'. -. :ter t cn.'uli'en ar; 2. Ri-lore in.ike ceita.n vioois and windows are locked aivi instruct sitter bow to liar It-lev .si,ill c 3 II impossible u ihe s.tiei anil c^c i:: 'HM PHONE OUR PHARMACY IE WE CAN HELP If an eiiie/grik \ <.",<-•; nccurs and a physician is unavailable perhaj)s v\i- can adv i>e you temporal i,v : II we iocaie a pnv--.c.nn for you. We hope the dbovt.' iiitoniiat.oii .3 useful. Save it for fu- uue reieii-nce. SAFKTY — INTtXiHITV — SERVICE MILLER-HOOD PHARMACY For Good Health BETTER DRUG SERMCE For Good Living IT™ ALCIK K S1BKKT Dial MO 4-84G9 —\\> Deliver— 1 Lulu' A. "i.iui excessive noise. reK.-ii at pioniocd tune, phone home .1 hour is lat m

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